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Summary The UK is a world leader in the arts and creative industries, with our brilliant home-grown creative workforce reinforced by an international labour pool keen to contribute to our exciting, open-minded, multicultural country. Talent and skills are fundamental to the UK’s creative success. It is vital we continue to cultivate our own talent as well as to attract the best and brightest from around the world. International staff drive innovation, plug skills gaps and provide competitive advantage by offering expert insight into foreign markets for architecture, design, fashion and beyond. Restricting movement risks compromising creative and commercial success. But a revamp of our immigration and visa rules provides an opportunity to understand the specific needs of the creative industries where the value of the brilliant cellist or early-stage app designer is not necessarily commensurate with salary. In addition, freelancers provide important skills. Widespread skills shortages exist in a number of creative disciplines, notably animation, visual effects and video games. These will need to be accommodated in any new system. Freedom of movement enjoyed in recent decades has benefited film and TV production and festivals as well as touring companies, such as bands, orchestras and dance and theatre companies. Cheap and easy access to Europe has helped develop audiences for young talent and provided revenues that, in some cases, subsidise UK performances. Leaving the EU will also have a major impact on higher education with lost income from an anticipated fall in the numbers of EU nationals. Losing access to EU funding, such as Horizon 2020 grants (which account for a quarter of all public investment in UK research), could further tarnish the attractiveness of the UK as a place to study for other international students. The need to foster British talent presents an incentive to create an education system fit for the 21st century. Instead of marginalising creative subjects, we should provide young people with the mix of creative and technical skills required for success.


Brexit Report

Creative Industries Federation: Brexit report