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Definition Ovarian cyst: a collection of fluid, surrounded by a thin wall, within an ovary

Ovaries Good understanding of the ovaries ď‚ž Ovaries:

2 small, bean-shaped organs that are part of the female reproductive system.

Ovarian Cyst What happens to the body? A cyst grows on a woman’s ovary.

What part of the body is affected? The ovaries

Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian Cyst

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Risk factors Woman’s child bearing years  Early periods (eleven years or younger)  Infertility  Hypothyroidism  History of ovarian cysts  Increased upper body fat 

Is it genetic? Yes, it is genetic.

Symptoms and Diagnosis Symptoms Fullness or heaviness in the abdomen.  Pressure on the rectum or bladder.  Pelvic pain  Irregular periods  Infertility 

Diagnosis Size  Composition 

Test Pregnancy Test  Hormone Level Test  Blood Test  Ultrasound 

Treatments Watchful waiting  Birth control pills  Surgery 

Is it curable? 

It is curable

New treatments being studied  supplementing the kidneys while

simultaneously quickening the blood and transforming stasis.

Preventive Care


There is no exact way of preventing ovarian cyst, but regular pelvic examinations are recommended.

Distribution and Stats  Who

are more at risk of getting ovarian cyst?

Functional ovarian cysts happen during childbearing years. Women who are past menopause with ovarian cysts have a risk of ovarian cancer.

Is it common? It’s very common  17% of the population have ovarian cysts. 

Scientific Journal By reducing the cyst size, its better to do intra abdominal space than laparoscopic surgery because there are less chances of injuring the abdominal organs. ď‚ž During laparoscopy for a cyst with a diameter of 10 centimeters, it is hard to identify the organs. ď‚ž In conclusion, laparoscopy surgery is better for small ovarian cyst. ď‚ž

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Ovarian cyst  

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