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Private portfolio gallery websites using Google Picasa API private work This is an Ajax interactive portfolio gallery using google Picasa data api. It is access to a public albums of administrator’s Picasa account and organize menu, thumbnails and views automatically and comprise of thumbnails view and photo view. It is developed by Javascript, jQuery, HTML and CSS, and never use any images for design. Most of all, there are dynamic motion effect and transition which are interact with user’s action, and using History.js to make proper HTML5 History feature without reload a web page. It is compatible with most mayor browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE 10 except old IE because developed based on W3C standard. Naturally, iPad and Android tablet are also good to browse this portfolio gallery. >Demo1 >Demo2

Ajax Portfolio Gallery site 08. 2012 02. 2013

Multi-Screen Interactive wall and Management Applications for Smart Gallery, Samsung Gumi Complex, Korea Samsung Gumi Complex is the centre of the manufacture of various electronic products and mobile devices, such as the Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab and digital cameras in Korea. There is a pavilion called the ‘Smart Gallery’ which shows product information and history of Samsung’s Gumi Complex. It’s composed of several zones and I was in charge of the ‘Welcome Zone’ in the entrance of the Smart Gallery. There are two parts that welcome visitors. One is an interactive wall that comprises a 6 by 3 LFD TV and one camera. The camera detects people and shows a pixilated shape image on an LFD TV. I developed a server module and client content for LFD TV. The Server module made use of UDP Socket protocol. The detection camera module was made by Sogang University in Seoul. The other work is also an interactive wall that shows a greeting message with a greeting video of staff in Samsung’s Gumi complex on a 3 by 3 LFD screen. It is composed of an admin application and client content. The admin application made use of TCP/IP Socket protocol and it could change a message, queue, video and image files. All of these works used Adobe Air. >Video1, >Video2, >Video3, >Photos

Interactive wall 1 (3X3 LFD TV, 3 client pc & 1 server) Interactive wall 2 (6X3 LFD TV, 6 client pc & 1 server) 01. 2011, Gumi, Korea

Interactive wall Projection for Samsung Pavilion Guangzhou Asian Game 2010 This interactive work is made for Samsung Pavilion at Guangzhou Asian Games, 2010. It consists of a media table and an interactive wall. When visitors draw a shape on the media table the shape moves to an object on the interactive wall. The meaning of this work is convergence that syncs among various Samsung electronic products like TVs, appliances, mobile phones etc. I developed the interactive wall but the media table was built by my colleague (Eeung Design). The Interactive wall sync data and event was possible using socket network (TCP/IP, UDP) with media table. This project was made with Flash AS3 and Air. >Video, >Photos

Wall Projection 10. 2010, Ghangzhou, China

Interactive Touch Kiosk Content for Samsung Smart TV promotion tour in Europe Samsung conducted a Smart TV promotion in European countries, such as the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. Promotion aimed to understand the strength of Samsung Smart TVs and experience them. There was touch kiosk that provided information and a usage guide about several features of Samsung Smart TVs, such as Internet, Apps Store and wireless sync. I developed that kiosk content using Flash AS3. My major role in the project was motion design and development, and I also discussed project schedule and design style with client as PL. >Video, >Photos, >Samsung Blog(Korean)

Touch Kiosk 09. 2010, Europe

Interactive Textile Wall Projection for exhibition in the Leeum museum ‘Memories of Future’ This project was developed for Leeum Museum in Seoul. Leeum museum held an exhibition on 'Memories of Future' from Sep. 2010 to Feb. 2011. This interactive wall's goal is to feel the vibe of the exhibition by interacting with the audience. TSANG Kin-Wah is one of the artists of the exhibition. His text drawing work covered an outer wall of the museum and this interactive wall project idea was taken from his work. The first idea was an interactive text textile made by the audience, but final design was inspired from TSANG Kin-Wah's work. Appraisal of this interactive work was great from both the audience and the museum. Many of the museum staff enjoyed this work with pleasure. This project was made by Flash AS3 (LocalConnection and SharedObject) without complex DB and Server technology. >Video, >Photos, >Samsung Blog(Korean)

Wall Projection 08. 2010, Seoul, Korea

Flash Social UI ‘LiveSquare’ for LG feature phone ‘LiveSquare’ is a brand of LG social UI theme for featured mobile phones. My colleague, GUI designer, had the primitive idea and TF team for the LiveSquare project included me project. I was the leader of the TF team and I also conducted the development. When the user received or sent any call or message, an avatar of people appeared on the homescreen so user can see recent communication log. Avatar has various features and cute graphics. L04-A and L06A, a Japanese model, were the first model that applied LiveSquare UI in LG. And it spread out in models in Europe, America etc. Therefore LiveSquare was being a representative social UI of LGE. I led the whole process for first model of LiveSquare from concept building to development. >Video

Flash mobile touch UI 2009, Seoul, Korea

Flash Touch UI for LG PRADA phone LG Prada phone, the worlds first touch mobile phone, applied Flash touch UI technology. The Prada phone has pressure-sensitive touch. I developed many parts of UI such as idle, top/sub menu, widgets, mp3 player, calendar, dial pad, keypad etc. They were made by Flash Lite and I was involved in the whole process from prototype to optimization, as well as Quality-Management. During the develop of Flash mobile UI, I considered not only the build up required features, but also protocol between OS layer and Flash player. Moreover, I had to fine tune the touch control of flash UI alongside the performance of touch LCD. I won a LG R&D Award and iF Communication Design Award Digital Media Interface for the Prada project. >Video

Flash mobile touch UI 2006, Seoul, Korea

Samsung mobile phone SPH-Z107 promotion microsite

Samsung SCH-Z107 mobile phone project in 2005 launched a promotion website. One of the important features of the Z-107 model is 3G video calls and the client wanted to expand on that. I proposed a client ‘Sync Plane’ spatial concept of two interactive pop-up windows. A story of a man and a woman was shown in 2 pop-up windows and motion effects and navigation were synced between them both. At the same time, the two pop-ups were sync scaled and positioned. The project was a big issue in Korea and overseas and affected many other designers’ work. My role was PL of the concept building, flash motion and development. Javascript used to control for two popup windows and I co-worked alongside a web developer.

Flash Website 2005, Seoul, Korea

STX Cyber Yard Tour website

The concept of STX Cyber Yard Tour is simple. It allows visitors to see and experience a realistic guided tour of STX yard. We decided make use of 3D sequence images but the problem is the very big size of resource images. Many big image files cause delay of loading and initialization of the site. So I had to find the solution and finally I could make 3D tour without any loading bar or loading page. There was in-motion effect on the site during the loading of necessary resources, step by step, in the background. It was very clever way because everyone thought that a flash site needed a loading bar at that time. My role was flash development and I was co-working with 3D animators. I won a FlashForward NY 2003, 3D category. >Journal(Korean), >FWA

Flash Website 2003, Seoul, Korea

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