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Your official guide to this year’s GOBO EVENTS

Great Ozarkan Beard Off The

Ove r $3 in c ,500 and ash priz es!

Nov. 29 - Dec. 1, 2013

Benefitting the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation

Welcome to GOBO! The Lovely County Citizen, the GOBO Board, and all the event sponsors say thanks for coming!

Pied Piper Pub/Cathouse Lounge invites you to the

Sat. Nov. 30


3 pm to close

No Cover Charge ages 21+ only

Hosted by Mother’s Brewing

Come check out new brews from Mother’s Brewing’s beer truck, get your GOBO Card stamped to earn prizes, and stick around for the Great Ozarkan Beard Off’s

“Grizzly Adams of the Ozarks”

contest beginning at 9 pm! $1,000 grand prize package!


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Sat., Nov. 30 Starting at 5:00 p.m.

Best Sideburns & Partial Beard Freestyle Contests

Official Get your GOBOGOBO card Sponsor stamped here!

37 Spring St. • (479) 253-2219 2 | GOBO | 2013

The Lovely County citizen is proud to be an official hosting sponsor of the Great Ozarkan Beard Off 2013! Check us out at or

reetings from the Great Ozarkan Beard Off Board of Directors, the GOBO sponsors, and the staff of hosting sponsor the Lovely County Citizen! This Friday, Nov. 29 kicks off the Great Ozarkan Beard Off, which will award more than $3,500 in cash and prize packages to winners in 15 different categories of facial hair competitions for men — and women, if they care to don a fake beard for that contest on Saturday. In fact, our prize packages – including the grand prize award of $1,000 in cash and gift certificates – are comparable to national competitions and demonstrate the remarkable support of our local businesses. For that, we are eternally grateful. So how did GOBO come to be, and why is the Citizen involved? About four months ago, recent Eureka transplant Hillary Fogerty – who I’d met last year when she was visiting here – was brainstorming with a friend at Chelsea’s Corner Cafe & Bar. She said they wanted to have a festival for facial hair. At that time, it was a fresh idea — less than an hour old, I gathered — and I immediately said, “The Lovely County Citizen would sponsor that.” We at the Citizen believe it is our role and our duty to bring you the latest breaking news and features about noteworthy people, places and things in our area. But we also believe it is our duty to be a leader in the community and a benefactor to the people of Eureka Springs. In other words, we are beholden to you to help give you the tools you need to – simply put – make life better. One way we have chosen to do that is to support, promote and donate to GOBO

in an effort to help ensure that our friends and neighbors know about prostate cancer and take the necessary and recommended steps to avoid it and/or catch it early on so it can be treated successfully. Another way is to support the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation, which spends all its resources within the state, helping Arkansans who are stricken with the disease learn to cope with their new, terrible realities. As you will read on pages 10-11, the fight against prostate cancer still has a long way to go, as does the uphill battle to educate men about its dangers and the need for preventive measures. If you are new to town and are looking for information on things to do, pick up a copy of The Visitor publication, distributed all over town for free. It will give you some great insight into where to go, things to do, where to eat and the like. Want information on entertainment options in town, or just want to see what kind of news and events go on in Eureka Springs? Then we encourage you to check out the Lovely County Citizen, or visit our website at, and click on Kristal’s Northwest Arkansas Live Music Blog / Lively Entertainment blog in particular for a list of after-dark entertainment options. We hope you have a grand visit while you’re here, and we – and the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation – are grateful for your GOBO participation and support! — Kristal Kuykendall Editor Lovely County Citizen & The GOBO Guide

GOBO presents a new kind of

Follicular Fun Great Ozarkan Beard Off celebrates the Ozarks’ bearded landscape for a good cause


ince moving to the Ozarks, Hillary Fogerty has noticed that healthy beards are part of the landscape. She has even met a man who, when he shaves off his beard, mounts it on the wall like a hunting trophy. Now she is asking men of the Ozarks to put their best face forward. Fogerty and her trusty crew of volunteers are organizing the Great Ozarkan Beard Off of Eureka Springs to celebrate the region’s signature male facial feature — the beard — and to raise money and awareness for the fight against prostate cancer. Scheduled for the weekend after Thanksgiving, the three-day festival encourages men who don’t have beards to grow them and men who do have beards to flaunt them. “It’s a great way to celebrate something uniquely Ozarkan for a good cause, the Arkansas Prostate Cancer

Foundation,” Fogerty said. The Beard Off, nicknamed “GOBO” for short, is set for Nov. 29 through Dec. 1, and it consists of beard contests at local pubs and businesses, with prizes for the top winners in a number of facial-hair competitions, including full beard, partial beard, sideburns and mustache. Group awards will go to “Most Bearded Workplace,” and there also is a contest pitting the region’s college campuses against each other to win a roving trophy for Most Bearded Campus. The Beard Off is attracting interest from everyday folks as well as from contestants who travel the competitive bearding circuit, said GOBO board members, and the Beard Parade — set for Saturday, Nov. 30 at 2 p.m. starting at Chelsea’s Corner Cafe & Bar and heading down Spring and then Main to the Pied Piper Pub — will feature some

well-known characters from the television show “Whisker Wars.” Also planned: Live music including major concerts Friday night and Sunday afternoon; a Mother’s Brewing Co. Beer & Beard Garden Saturday from 3 to 11 p.m. at Pied Piper; and various holiday shopping specials for the bearded and their significant others who are also in town. And the GOBO events all aim to raise money for prostate cancer awareness and prevention and outreach support

groups for those stricken by the disease. “The goal is to raise $10,000 for the state foundation,” Fogerty explained. “The Ozarks really does have the best facial hair, and this is a fun way to celebrate that and bring awareness to an illness that gets very little attention.” She notes that while breast cancer strikes one in eight American women and raises nearly $1 billion in donations every year, prostate cancer is more comSee GOBO, page 12

GOBO: A ‘love letter’ to Eureka Springs


ometimes, there’s a great idea out there that comes all at once in a moment of clarity, a fully formed and terrific possibility, an “inspired idea.” Such has been the reception of the Great Ozarkan Beard Off from the first time I mentioned it: Everyone has agreed that was a great idea. Competitive bearding? It’s perfectly fitting for Eureka Springs. Thus, from the very beginning, our little first year festival has been met with humor, broad interest, and tremendous support. From the moment of conception, GOBOEureka’s mission with our “Beard Off” was clear: to initiate an annual festival in Eureka Springs that would support local and regional businesses, encourage tourism, educate and entertain the com-

munity, demonstrate the uniquely hairy style of the Ozark region, and raise money for a worthy cause (the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation). Planning a festival that would fulfill our stated mission was, from the get go, remarkably ambitious. Planning a festival of this scope and size — being held across three days and at eight venues — within four month’s time has often seen us verging into the ridiculous trying to get the work done. Importantly, none of it would happen without the tremendous dedication, energy, creativity, and resources of many individuals and businesses. Our managing board includes myself, Josh Cook, Keith Weitzman, Latigo Treuer, and Kristal Kuykendall. Josh, of Mudstomp Records, dropped

in on an early meeting and said “What can I do? Put me to work.” Mudstomp’s contributions, as well as Josh’s generosity of spirit, have been extraorHillary Fogerty dinarily welcome. Thanks to him, I believe our booth is going to be beautiful. Keith, local entrepreneur, chef, and a manager at Chelsea’s, was immediately invested once he heard about the festival. His work in generating contributions for

prize packages and facilitating broad community involvement is what will make our contests possible. Latigo, of Pied Piper Pub and the adjoined Cathouse Lounge, has worked remarkably hard and with consistent good humor to make this festival a success. His tireless work in organizing the beer garden, helping to manage our money, seeking community support, facilitating region-wide advertising and outreach, calling in favors and contacts, and serving as a sounding board is why the festival is going to be functional. Kristal, editor of the Lovely County Citizen, was the first person I proposed the idea to: she offered to help and sponsor immediately, enthusiastically proclaiming See Love Letter, page 11

2013 | GOBO | 3

The Areas Newest and Widest Selection of

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Boxed Gift Items Available Find us on Facebook

870-437-COLD Plan your Eastward trip to include a stop On The Curve in Alpena! 4 | GOBO | 2013

Friday, Nov. 30 4 to 7 p.m.

Info & registration booth open in parking lot of The Auditorium

6 p.m. Grandpa/Elder Beard competition, concurrent with the Chamber’s Santa in the Park, held at Basin Park. Kids will be judging, so kids should bring their Grandpas and enter them to win! 9 p.m. KICKOFF PARTY featuring Mountain Sprout at Chelsea’s Corner Cafe & Bar; judges sworn in

Saturday, Nov. 31 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Info & registration booth open in parking lot of The Auditorium

3 to 10 p.m. Beer & Beard Garden open at Pied Piper. Come sample Mother’s brews and knock out a few stamps on your GOBO Card at once! Admission is free. Must be 21 and older. 4 p.m.

5 p.m. Sideburns and Partial Beard/Freestyle competitions, held at Jack’s Place 6 p.m. Full Beard/Natural with styled mustache competition, held at New Dehli Cafe 7 p.m.

11 a.m. No Shave November competition and Partial Beard/Natural, held at Rowdy Beaver Den Noon Fake Beard and Full Beard/Freestyle competitions, held at New Delhi Cafe 1 p.m. Full Beard/Natural competition, held at Chelsea’s Corner Cafe & Bar 2 p.m. The Beard Parade, which will begin at Chelsea’s, proceed up Mountain to Spring, and then down Spring and Main to the Beer & Beard Garden outside Pied Piper Pub / Cathouse Lounge. Watch for celebrity appearances from the stars of the “Whisker Wars” television show! 2:45 p.m. Group picture being taken at Pied Piper. GOBO organizers will take a gigantic group photo of all the bearded participants of the event, so everyone can be in the “official” group photograph!

Mustache/Groomed-Natural, Mustache/ Styled and Mustache/Freestyle competitions, held at Voulez-Vous Lounge

Most Bearded Workplace and Most Bearded Campus competitions, hosted by the Lovely County Citizen, held at Lucky 7 atop the Basin Park Hotel

7 to 10 p.m. Info & registration booth open at Pied Piper Pub/Cathouse Lounge 9 p.m. The Grizzly Adams of the Ozarks competition, held at 9 p.m. at the Cathouse Lounge / Pied Piper Pub

Sunday, Dec. 1 Noon to 3 p.m.

Info & registration booth open at Chelsea’s Corner Cafe & Bar

1 p.m.

Announcement of all winners and donation total announcement, held at Chelsea’s Corner

2 p.m.

“Beard Church” with Brian Martin performing live at Chelsea’s Corner

‘Whisker Wars’ comes to town


Stars of TV’s hit docu-comedy-reality show attending GOBO everal stars of television’s hit docu-comedy-reality show “Whisker Wars” will be in attendance at this weekend’s Great Ozarkan Beard Off — and some of them may even be competing in GOBO competitions. After all, that’s what these guys do; the show, which airs on cable channel IFC, follows a diverse group of men as they travel the country and the globe in search of top honors in a host of facial hair competitions, from the National Beard and Mustache Championship in Bend, Ore., to the World Competition in Norway. The series’ personalities that will attend this weekend are Miletus Callahan-Barile and Allen Demling of the Austin Facial Hair Club and Myk O’Connor of the Gotham City Beard Alliance in New York City. In the first two seasons of “Whisker Wars,” with Germany as the reigning world champion, more than 80 local U.S. chapters attempt to come together to form Beard Team USA, and what unfolds is riveting and, at times, hilarious entertainment, indeed. In the last season, Team USA failed to dethrone Germany at the World Championships. Two-time world champion, USA’s Jack Passion, lost his grasp on the coveted Full Beard Natural title. Team USA also imploded as the Austin Facial Hair Club seceded from the “union” to establish their own internationally recognized team. In the third year of the show, which premiered last Friday on IFC, it is every man for himself as tensions reach an alltime high with each competitor vying to put themselves in the best position to take home gold at this year’s premiere international event, the German National Championship. The Austin Facial Hair Club, led by Callahan-Barile, Demling, Bryan Nelson, and Alex LaRoche, crafts an ambitious plan to establish themselves and their beards at the top of the competitive circuit. Former world champion Jack Passion finds himself at a crossroads and must decide whether to stand alone and fight his way back to the top or step back from the pressures of competitive bearding for good. Players Aarne

Melitus Callahan-Berile Bielefeldt and Myk O’Connor re-emerge and shake things up to take another stab at earning follicular glory. Callahan-Barile and his beard-mates will arrive in Eureka Springs on Friday, Nov. 29, but it’s anyone’s guess whether the cameras will be rolling while they’re here. Don’t be surprised if they are, though; Callahan-Barile told the Lovely County Citizen that some of the group plans to compete, and he is considering doing so as well. Since that is the premise of the group’s television show, well… why wouldn’t they film?! “We plan to be a part of GOBO of course; some of the boys with us are going to compete,” explained the 36-year-old Austin native. “I haven’t decided if I’m going to actually compete, though. I wanna show my non-Arkansan friends the beauty of Arkansas — and especially Eureka Springs.” Callahan-Barile — who typically competes in the Partial Beard category and sports a style of facial hair referred to as “The Alaskan Whaler” — is no stranger to Northwest Arkansas, having attended college at University of Arkansas, and he says he loves Eureka in particular. “If I can have an excuse to come up there, I’m going to take it!” Callahan-Barile explained when asked why the group was coming. “I’ve had a lot of fun in Eu-

reka Springs over the years.” His last visit here was about 10 years ago. The jolly-looking young man lists some

of his favorite places – Chelsea’s is one of them – and then recounts a “magical” experience that he said was one of his most important, and inspiring, trips here, sometime around the year 2000. Callahan-Barile was hanging out downtown with a guy he knew from Fayetteville, and the gentleman told him: “The bottle guy is back.” “Who is the bottle guy?” he replied. Callahan-Barile’s buddy explained that the bottle guy had been working at the Palace Hotel for the last 30 years and had collected bottles every night, which he had used to create a large “bottle garden” filled with structures built exclusively with bottles. After getting some vague directions that included finding a secret foot path — “across from a dilapidated Victorian home that had the wood siding pulled off it” — Callahan-Barile set out to find the magical See ‘Wars’ on Page 11

2013 | GOBO | 5

Enter One of GOBO’s 15 Hairy Categories! Sign up and compete to win a chunk of GOBO’s $3,500 in cash and prizes! Following are descriptions and explanations of each competition of the Great Ozarkan Beard Off:

and groomed partial beard styles from goatees to Amish Beards. No aids allowed.

1. Grandpa/Elder Beard: all partial and full natural beards, with mustache, which are predominately white or grey. No aids allowed.

7. Partial Beard, Freestyle: free design and styling of the beard. All partial beards that do not qualify in other categories may compete in this category. There must be a clean shaven space of at least 4 cm (the width of a razor) on either the cheek, the chin, or between the head hair and the beard. Aids allowed.

2. Natural Mustache: the mustache as it grows naturally, it may be groomed and shaped, but no aids allowed. 3. Styled Mustache: this category encompasses known styles (Wild West, English, Dali). Aids allowed. 4.

Freestyle Mustache: free design and styling of the mustache. Aids allowed.

5. Sideburns: natural sideburn, with no shaven gap below the ear. Chin is shaven and upper lip hair optional. No aids allowed. 6. Partial Beard, Natural: this category includes all natural, shaped,

6 | GOBO | 2013


Full Beard, Natural with Styled Mustache: the mustache should be prominent and styled; aids are allowed. The beard should be presented as it grows naturally.

9. Full Beard, Natural: the full beard as it grows and left natural. The mustache may not be highlighted. No aids allowed. 10. Full Beard, Freestyle: free design and styling of the beard. All full beards which do not qualify in other

categories may compete here. Aids allowed. 11. Grand Prize Category: Grizzly Adams of the Ozarks for Best Overall Hair: all facial hair and head hair will be considered; for ranking contestants, shirts will be optional. Grooming and styling encouraged; no aids allowed. 12. Best Fake Beard: all aids, extensions, materials, and use of creative license is encouraged. Women, men, and children are encouraged to enter and show their 13. No-Shave November: this category is for the “most growth” in November. Participating contestants must have photographic evidence of a shaven face from Nov. 1 or later. 14. Most Bearded Workplace: This category will recognize “most” to mean most registered participants employed by the named workplace; all facial hair categories – excluding fake beard – qualify for participa-

tion. A photograph, or photographic evidence, must be presented for all non-attending participants. One registered contestant must be present to compete. Given the event of a tie, measurements may be required. 15. Most Bearded Campus: this category will recognize “most” to mean most registered participants who are currently students of, faculty and staff at, or alumni from, a given campus in the region. All facial hair categories – excluding fake beard – qualify for participation. A photograph, or photographic evidence, must be presented for all non-attending participants. One registered contestant must be present to compete. Given the event of a tie, measurements may be required. *Allowable aids include only wax, hair spray, and other hair cosmetics. In all categories, except “Best Fake Beard,” hair extensions and false facial hair are prohibited.

*For schedule of events in date format, see Page 4. 1. Rowdy Beaver Den 45 Spring St. / 479-363-6444 n Saturday, Nov. 30 • 11 a.m. – No Shave November (Most Growth) & Partial Beard-Natural contests


2. New Delhi Cafe

4 1 5 6 2 8 9

2 N. Main St. / 479-253-2525 n Saturday, Nov. 30 • Noon – Full Beard-Freestyle & Fake Beard contests • 6 p.m. – Full Beard-Natural with Styled Mustache contest 3. Chelsea’s Corner Cafe & Bar 10 Mountain St. / 479-2536723 n Friday, Nov. 29 • 8 p.m. – GOBO Judges sworn in • 9 p.m. – Kickoff Party with Mountain Sprout n Saturday, Nov. 30 • 1 p.m. – Full Beard-Natural contest • 2 p.m. – Beard Parade – Departs from Chelsea’s, travels up Mountain to Spring, then down Spring & Main to Pied Piper Pub n Sunday, Dec. 1 • Noon to 3 p.m. – GOBO / APCF Information Booth Open • 1 p.m. – ANNOUNCEMENT OF ALL WINNERS 2 p.m. – Beard Church featuring Brian Martin 4. Voulez-Vous Lounge


63 Spring St. / 479-363-6595 n Saturday, Nov. 30 • 4 p.m. – Mustache competitions (all three categories)

6. Lucky 7 at Basin Park Hot 12 Spring St. / 479-253-7837 n Saturday, Nov. 30 • 7 p.m. – The Citizen’s Most Bearded Campus & Most Bearded Workplace contests 7. Pied Piper Pub / Cathouse Lounge 82 Armstrong St. (north end of Main) / 479-363-9976 n Saturday, Nov. 30 • 2:45 p.m. – GOBO’s Group Beard Photo! Come join the crowd! • 3 to 11 p.m. – Mother’s Beer & Beard Garden open. No admission charge. 21 and up. • 7 p.m. to close – GOBO Information/Registration Booth Open • 9 p.m. – Grizzly Adams of the Ozarks competition 8. Basin Park Spring Street at Main n Friday, Nov. 29 • 6 p.m. – Grandpa/Elder Beard Contest & the Chamber’s Santa in the Park! Bring the kids! 9. The Auditorium (parking lot) 36 S. Main St. GOBO Info & Registration booth open - enter here! Info booth for Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation n Friday, Nov. 29, 4 to 7 p.m. n Saturday, Nov. 30, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

5. Jack’s Place 37 Spring St. / 479-253-2219 n Saturday, Nov. 30 • 5 p.m. – Sideburns & Partial Beard-Freestyle contests

2013 | GOBO | 7

By The

Numbers in The number of men who will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime. That figure among African-Americans jumps to 1 in 3.

in The number of women in the U.S. who will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

238,590 Number of American men who are forecast to be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year

$898 million The amount of federal money spent annually on breast cancer research

$399 million The amount of federal money spent annually on prostate cancer research. Though not as many men die of prostate cancer in Arkansas as women die of breast cancer, the survival rate for breast cancer is notably higher than the survival rate for prostate cancer.


2.6 M

The number of minutes that pass between each American male death from prostate cancer.

The number of American men living with a history of prostate cancer.


8 | HIlights | Winter | 2013


ver the past four months, we at GOBO have consistently been asked the same questions: why are you throwing a fundraiser for prostate cancer? And why are you hosting it in Eureka Springs, Arkansas? These are fair questions. Importantly, no one on our board has familial or personal experience with prostate cancer. We aren’t medical professionals or wealthy patronesses. So why throw a fundraiser for prostate cancer?  We live in a wedding capital. Locals are proud of saying that Eureka Springs issues more marriage licenses than any city in the United States with the exception of Las Vegas, and hosts more weddings than any location in the south. Couples come here in love, visit here in love, and leave here married. Thus, a whole lot of men are in love and have wedding nights in Eureka Springs: men’s sexual health seems necessary to their marital satisfaction and bliss. Prostate cancer threatens men’s sexual health; by extension, prostate cancer threatens the health of Eureka Springs.  The more I have learned about prostate cancer, the more I have recognized that an unafraid ideas people like the ones in Eureka Springs — who support men’s sexual health and advocate greater awareness of their challenges — are perhaps exactly the

right people, in the right place, at the right time, to start changing perception and start increasing awareness.   Across the United States, one in six men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime. (Among African-American men, the numbers are worse: one in three.) Thus one in six American men will have to face a dizzying array of choices as to waiting and watching or treating their cancer. ALL men who undergo the current treatments available will face the devastating consequences. As a woman who supports the health and happiness of all persons, I have been shocked to find how little is agreed upon about preventing and treating prostate cancer, how stigmatized it is, and how little it is funded. Generationally, men in my age bracket — those over 40 — are precisely the population who need to begin getting tested and who need to be aware.  During September a political attack ad ran nationwide, using a prostate exam as a scare tactic and a joke: during National Prostate Cancer Awareness month. Uncle Sam, with gloved fingers, was menacing the viewer. During September, I saw nary a blue ribbon nor heard about 5K runs benefitting prostate cancer. At the national level, I only saw fear and stigmatization. Prostate cancer — including the exams necessary for early detection — is not a joke, and

Come on in to Chelsea’s!

shouldn’t be treated as one. Thus, GOBOEureka’s approach to Contrastively, during October the pink outreach and awareness — from the beribbons everywhere — from bank win- ginning — has been about finding men’s dows to realty offices, from bottles of comfort zones, rather than asking them hard lemonade to bagels to step outside of them, in — demonstrated the marthe effort to support their velous success of breast health. cancer awareness and The duplicitous pur“We’re hoping pose fundraising campaigns. of my Bingo style Though proportionally that participants game card and beer merfewer women are affectchandise? Forcing every and attendees attendee and participant to ed by breast cancer (one in eight American wom- cotton to an idea: visit the Arkansas Prostate en), the cause raises more Cancer Foundation’s infunds (as much as three ‘A Little Humility formation booth to learn times as many funds in an for Virility.” It’s more. average year) and is expoWe’re hoping that para shift in nentially more successful ticipants and attendees with outreach.  cotton to an idea: “A Little perspective.” So, why is fundraising Humility for Virility.” It’s for prostate cancer chala shift in perspective, realHillary Fogerty, lenging? Well, I agree with ly, from overblown fear to GOBO Founder Dan Zenka, vice president momentary humility. It’s of communications for the helpful, and necessary. Prostate Cancer FoundaAsking men to drink tion: men don’t go out and run 5Ks; men beer and grow beards as a way of raisdon’t wear blue ribbons; men don’t talk ing funds to support men’s sexual health easily about their health; men have a hard makes sense to me. Asking them to do it in time discussing the devastating conse- Eureka Springs makes even more sense. quences of prostate cancer.  We’re hoping the community comes out However, it occurred to me that men in support of men’s health: we’re known might drink beer. They might also be for our healing, hereabouts. competitive about their hair: nature’s most — Hillary Fogerty evident demonstration of vitality. GOBO Founder, President

December Live Music Schedule: Dec. 1 Dec. 2 Dec. 3 Dec. 5 Dec. 6 Dec. 8 Dec. 9 Dec. 10 Dec. 13 Dec. 14 Dec. 16 Dec. 17 Dec. 19 Dec. 20 Dec. 21 Dec. 23 Dec. 24 Dec. 27 Dec. 28 Dec. 29 Dec. 30 Dec. 31

Great Ozarkan Beard Off party featuring Brian Martin, 2 pm Springbilly open mic Chelsea’s Speakeasy party SxRex Ratliff Dean Springbilly open mic Stephen Neeper and the Wild Hearts Lily and the Highlifers Springbilly Open mic Chelsea’s Christmas Party, 5 pm Whistle Pigs Earl and Them Springbilly Open mic Chucky Waggs and Company Foleys Van Ratliff Dean Springbilly New Year’s Eve Party featuring Fossils of Ancient Robots

Eureka Springs’ premier music venue is

going non-smoking for good on

THANKSGIVING DAY! Come enjoy the view from our

Beautiful New Deck

Then come out and hear the great bands over the next month

Chelsea’s Corner Cafe & Bar

10 Mountain Street, Eureka Springs Cafe: 479-253-8231 Bar: 479-253-6723 2013 | GOBO | 9

Mother’s Love:

Helping those who strive to make a difference

Lola Van Ella Burlesque! PRESENTS:

November 29th & 30th at 8:30 p.m.

Tickets $20 at

GOBO MUSTACHE CONTEST begins at 4 pm Saturday Nov 30! No admission charge! Get your GOBO Game Card stamped here!

63A Spring St. | Eureka Springs | 479.363.6595

Saturday, November 30th

3 – 10 pm, Ages 21 & Up

Great Ozarkan Beard Off Beer & Beard Garden LIVE MUSIC • NO COVER


other’s Brewing Co., based in Springfield, Mo., is a growing family that’s all about heady craft beers. The big bang of an idea that led to Mother’s? Jeff Schrag realized the coasts weren’t the only places to create flavorful craft beers. He knew that he, with a little help, could brew perfection right in downtown Springfield. After 15-plus years helping build the community, Springfield’s beloved carouser wanted to launch a Midwest brewing company. He just needed the team to make it happen. Thankfully, serendipity did her thing and united the people who then became the Mother’s family. Finding the perfect building for a brewery in downtown Springfield wasn’t easy. After looking closely at 10 buildings, having architectural work done on five, and actually buying and quickly selling one other, Jeff found Mother’s home just north of Walnut Street, at the corner of Grant and old Route 66 — America’s Mother Road. Mother’s Brewing Co. brought the building full circle to bottling, its original purpose. Constructed around 1902, the building’s history runs deep. It has housed many businesses, starting with Star Bottling Works. In 1926, the Mueller Baking Co. bought it to open a bakery, which grew

The Coolest Place in Town

and changed hands repeatedly during the 20th century. In 1983, the facility’s production peaked when Interstate Brands was baking $10-15 million worth of Holsum & Butternut bread per year. Interstate Brands faced bankruptcy during the early 2000s, and the Springfield bakery closed in 2009, taking many jobs with it. In 2010, Jeff deemed the place perfect for Mother’s brewery and began the renovation process. To-

day, Mother’s provides good jobs for Springfield and great beers for the Midwest and beyond. They’re also providing good feelings around the Midwest and beyond. Since they first began brewing beer, the Mother’s family has been committed to giving back to the communities in which they sell beer. Even part of their mission statement states that they strive to give back to their co-workers and the

Meteorites Make Great Christmas Gifts!!!

$5 & Up

communities that sell their beer. To formalize this commitment, they’ve even created the Mother’s LOVE program. Mother’s LOVE is all about helping those who strive to make a difference in the cities that sell their beer. Mother’s staff feels privileged to call the Ozarks home and lucky they can give back to the people who make the world so much better! Any time they can put Mother’s LOVE to work by sponsoring an event or donating beer or merchandise to various non-profits, they do their best to make it happen. When they heard about GOBO Eureka, it seemed like a perfect fit. Mother’s just recently started selling beer in the NW Arkansas market so to have an opportunity to work with such a cool event, and for a great cause, seemed like a no brainer. Mother’s has a long history of working with local “Beard Federations.” Each year they sponsor Springfield’s Queen City Beard Federation competition, and host the group’s monthly meetings at the brewery. “Being able to give back and get involved with such great causes and great people is extremely rewarding,” said Jeremy Wicks, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Working in the craft beer world is a lot of fun. Being able to work with other passionate people who continually strive to help others and make this world a better place make our job that much better.”

Phone (479) 253-7689 Fax (479) 253-5485

• Try New Brews from The CATHOUSE LOUNGE. • Earn Stamps for your Gobo Card • Qualify for Great Prizes 479-363-9976 82 Armstrong Eureka Springs

10 | GOBO | 2013

Open Daily By Chance or Appointment

Meet Proprietor

STEVE ARNOLD Star Of Meteorite Men TV Series


185 N. Main at Mill Hollow Rd. Eureka Springs 918-633-8033

28 ½ Spring Street • Eureka Springs 479-244-5999

Office Hours by Appointment

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“That is happening!” Her collaboration led to ideas such as the Grizzly Adams of the Ozarks award, and her skills with graphic design, press releases, and community outreach have been inordinately valuable. Without Kristal’s assistance and support — and the extraordinary support of the entire staff at the Lovely County Citizen, including Karen (Ma Dank) Horst, Margo Elliott, and Melody Rust — the festival would not be happening. At the state level, the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation has been receptive, flexible, helpful, and kind to us from first time we spoke. It’s one thing to have a good idea: it’s another to have the beneficiary thank you, profusely, and commit themselves to making sure it happens. Our goal has always been to raise money to support men’s health, and the folks at APCF believed in it with us. Regionally, Mother’s Brewing Co. of Springfield, Mo., was an early supporter. Even before they began selling beer in Arkansas this summer, they were interested in being involved in our venture. Jeremy Wicks and Kelly Spencer have been generous with time and help. Arkansas Craft Distributors, who distribute Mother’s beer in the state, has also been a huge boon to our festival. Without beer, it would be rather hard to throw this party. Local business owners and managers — especially those from our hosting venues — have been supportive, flexible, and good humored. I would like to especially thank the folks at Chelsea’s and Pied Pip-

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garden he’d heard about. He found what he was looking for, and then some, he says. “We found the path and walked up it, and lo and behold, about 1 to 2 acres of the hidden part of this hill was covered in bottles — not thrown on the ground but designed in beautiful scenes,” he recalled. “There were nothing but Dom Perignon bottles to the left of us forming a sort of lake, then there was a wall of glass Coke bottles, and pillars made of different types of bottles,” mostly liquor bottles.

er for offering staff-wide support in both the planning stages and during the festival itself. You believed in my idea from the beginning and that has made all the difference. Further, I am grateful for Bill of New Delhi, Sharon of Rowdy Beaver, Jack of Jack’s Place, Leslie of Voulez Vous, Bill at the Crescent, and many others for seeing our potential and taking a risk on us. A collaborative enterprise meant to support both businesses and the community only works when business is on board. Local business folk came on board to support us, despite this being our first year, and we cannot thank them enough. Beyond our managing board and businesses, there are essential folk in local infrastructure who have made this idea a reality. Thus we thank every city official, all the staff at the Chamber of Commerce, and the folks from the Eureka Springs Downtown Network for seeing our potential and supporting us.    Most importantly, at present there are more than 50 Ozarkans who have volunteered, donated time and resources, and signed on to help with judging, with our parade, and with event organization. The amount of work I know they are going to do with me (paint party!) and for this festival over the next week is astonishing: I wish I had the space and time to explain how deeply grateful I am for each and every person who is helping make this festival happen. Several volunteers deserve special recognition. Fred Mayer, of Musical Elegance, was an early sponsor and has been a constant source of support. He helped to arrange our theme song and then went

about getting it recorded, Ted Snow, Anna Horton, and Jeff Gray helped make that happen. The talented KD Zelt designed the initial image that became the official GOBO logo, appearing on everything from our pint glasses to letterhead. Sophie Star Thames and Shaman Hill generously contributed their skill and handicraft to our beard parade. Finally, I do not have adequate praise to thank local artist Caitlin Cantele, our official artist, for contributing her skills to our poster, our T-shirts, and our exquisite hand drawn game card. Her beautiful bearded image was striking, and set our tone from the beginning: playful, quirky, uniquely Eurekan. Caitlin’s art, soon to be showcased at her new business, the Eureka Springs Tattoo Company, is one of my favorite elements of this project. Her talent has made us look good from the very beginning. As the primary organizer of the festival, I know I’m leaving folks out. I’m certain there are names I’ve forgotten. However, I hope one thing is clear: festivals happen in Eureka because Eurekans are amazing. I knew I wanted to move to Eureka Springs the first time I visited the town; I knew I wanted to live here and be a part of this community.  I am hoping folks understand this effort to throw a beard festival, complete with a parade down Main Street to celebrate men’s sexual health, as a giant love letter of thanks to the people and possibility of this wonderful town. Thank you so much for helping me write it. — Hillary Fogerty GOBO Founder & President

“It was clearly an obsession and took a long, long time; there were thousands of bottles,” Callahan-Barile said. “It was the wildest secret I’d ever come across.” He says he went back several times, but after a months, the entire display disappeared. “We got up there and it was all gone — it had been completely taken away. There were a handful of bottles lying around but that was the only clue it was there.” Callahan-Barile says the garden, for him at least, was a perfect illustration of what draws many people to Eureka Springs, including himself.

“That’s the kind of energy and magic and history that Eureka Springs has that keeps me coming back,” he explains. “There is this special kind of awesomeness — and at the same time, this sort of blindness to the awesomeness. A lot of people could really exploit Eureka Springs — such as charging admission to something magical and secret like the bottle garden or the springs — but luckily a lot of people who would do that don’t know about it. It’s a very special, special town and it’s always been a special place, history tells us.” — By Kristal Kuykendall


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mon — striking one in just six U.S. men annually — yet efforts to combat the often-deadly disease garner less than half that amount in donations a year. And there are no nationwide Race-For-TheCure-type events to bring more attention to prostate cancer; men don’t wear blue ribbons and talk openly about prostate exams, know about newly developed blood tests, or recognize the devastating sexual side effects that accompany a prostate cancer diagnosis. Fogerty and the GOBO Board of Directors, which includes Latigo Treuer, Keith Weitzman, Kristal Kuykendall and Joshua Cook, believe that getting men and their significant others talking about prostate cancer and its effects — and hopefully prompting more preventive tests — is long overdue. The Beard Off has grown into a partnership among many local and regional businesses aimed at increasing tourism in Eureka Springs on a weekend that historically is not very busy. Local spon-

sors are Mother’s Brewing Co. based in Springfield, Mo., and Eureka Springs’ Lovely County Citizen. Other sponsors include Chelsea’s Corner Cafe & Bar, Pied Piper Pub / Cathouse Lounge, the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Basin Park Hotel, New Delhi Cafe, Rowdy Beaver Den, Jack’s Place, Grand Hotel/Grand Taverne, Musical Elegance, Storage Solutions, Voulez-Vous Lounge, The Nuthouse, Bella Paradiso Condominiums, Benton Place Inn, Olden Days Carriage Services, Mud Street Cafe. Fogerty recalls that she was inspired to start a beard festival when she and a friend, Dee Elle, were sitting in Chelsea’s and noticed that Blayne Thibaud, a Eureka Springs fiddle player and member of Mountain Sprout, looked “more kempt” than usual. Realizing that he had trimmed his beard — long considered by local music fans to be the standard-bearer of the “wild hillbilly” look — Fogerty thought: “We have to have a contest.” “It occurred to me as an idea that would work almost instantly,” Fogerty said of a beard fest. “Within an hour, I had two sponsors.”


All GOBO contests will be judged by the beardless, i.e. women, she said. The grand prize: the “Grizzly Adams of the Ozarks” award for best overall hair. Shirts are optional in this competition, Fogerty explained, noting that in one such contest held in another state, a man tipped the scales with a high “Presentation” score, which he boosted dramatically by taking off his shirt during judging. Fogerty, who has a doctorate in medieval and renaissance literature, hopes to form a theater company in Eureka Springs and stage Shakespeare productions from a feminist perspective. The Beard Off is a way to introduce herself to the community since moving here earlier in 2013. “There were beards before Shakespeare,” she quipped, “and there will be Shakespeare after beards.”  ••• This article, written by Lovely County Citizen reporter Jennifer Jackson, is excerpted from the original article published in the October-November edition of Currents magazine.

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The Lovely County Citizen's complete guide to the Great Ozarkan Beard Off in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Nov. 29 - Dec. 1, 2013