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MARCH 15, 2018

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n Council endorses new downhill trails

n Eureka Springs juvenile arrested

n Does Eureka need a third taxi service?

Agrees to draft resolution acknowledging benefactor

Student allegedly threatened another middle school student

Council denies application for additional service in town

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You can work up quite an appetite hiding all those goodies, (and finding them too!) Luckily, the solution isn’t hard to find:

Easter Sunday Buffet

11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The Best Keeps Getting Better Roast Leg of Lamb ~ Stuffed Pork Loin Roast Beef ~ Pineapple Glazed Ham Omelet Station ~ Fresh Fruit and Salad Bar Assorted Desserts ~ Much, Much More!

MAKE YOUR PLANS TODAY Inn of the Ozarks Hwy. 62 W. Eureka Springs


March 5 12:26 a.m. — Officers responded to an area hotel for a report of theft. A guest had some items taken from his room. A report was taken. 10:01 a.m. — An officer responded to an alarm at an area business. The front door was open, but the building was secure. No report was needed. March 7 1:48 p.m. — An officer initiated a stop for a traffic violation and arrested a subject for driving on a revoked license. 2:34 p.m. — A facility administrator requested an officer to remove a discharged patient and two family members from the facility. The patient was served a warrant out of the Berryville Police Department and released with a court date. All the parties involved were escorted off the property without further incident. 5:30 p.m. — An officer responded to a report of a dispute between neighbors. An officer spoke to the caller, and information was taken. 5:52 p.m. — An officer responded to a report of speeding vehicles but was unable to locate them. March 8 10:52 a.m. — The animal control officer responded to multiple calls about two large dogs running loose on the historic loop. The ACO made contact with the dog owner and advised them of the leash laws. 3:31 p.m. — An officer responded to a report of a meter needing to be repaired. The meter was repaired. 4:34 p.m. — An officer responded to a report of two male subjects playing music on a bench in front of an area business. The officer advised the subject to move on.

By Kelby Newcomb

March 9 1:08 p.m. — A caller advised of a male subject living in a van in a parking lot who has been keeping two large dogs locked up in the van. She advised he had been there for several days. A second complaint was received concerning the welfare of the dogs locked up in the van. Officers checked the welfare of the animals and attempted to make contact with the owner. Maybe he should move his van to a different spot — like down by the river! 5:08 p.m. — Officers spoke to a female subject about a possible violation of a protection order. A report was taken. 11:43 p.m. — Officers responded to a report of a reckless driver and monitored traffic. They did not see a vehicle matching the description given. March 10 4:28 p.m. — An officer responded to a report of a possible erratic driver but was unable to locate the vehicle. March 11 12:12 a.m. — EMS requested assistance with a medical call at an area bar. Officers responded, and everything was under control upon arrival. 12:56 a.m. — A traffic stop resulted in the arrest of a subject for driving while intoxicated, implied consent and careless and prohibited driving. 4:25 a.m. — An officer responded to a report of suspicious activity at an area residence and checked the area. All was well. March 12 1:47 a.m. — An officer responded to an alarm at an area business and checked the building and property. The building was secure, and nothing suspicious was found.

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March 15, 2018 – Lovely County Citizen – Page

Council endorses downhill mountain bike trails at Lake Leatherwood By Samantha Jones

The Eureka Springs City Council was all about parks Monday night. The council’s regular meeting kicked off with a presentation from parks director Justin Huss on the new downhill mountain bike trails at Lake Leatherwood City Park, a project funded by the Northwest Arkansas Trailblazers on behalf of Tom Walton. Huss apologized for not communicating with the council when the project came to fruition late last year, saying he knows it was a quick process. “The recent project developments have progressed at an unparalleled pace, and we have not been as effective as we believed we were being in regard to communications,” Huss said. “This is the result of the pace of the project, not any intentional withholding of information.” He was first contacted about the project on Sept. 29, Huss said, and learned how serious the interest was on Oct. 2. The commission approved a cooperative agreement with Walton to build the downhill feature on Nov. 21, also agreeing to complete a heritage inventory at Lake Leatherwood. Huss said the commission is always thinking about the environmental impact on the city’s resources. “A key component from the beginning was the ecological impact,” Huss said. The initial plan had its challenges, Huss said, including the need to purchase part of the property on Miner’s Rock Trail. Today, he said, $600,000 worth of property has been purchased for the project, and the commission has paid nothing for that. Once the project is done, Huss said, 35 acres of land will be donated to the city of Eureka Springs. “Our commission believes we have reacted to an opportunity that has tremendous benefits to our town,” Huss

said. “We’re excited about this partnership. We firmly believe this partnership will continue to grow and offer benefits to our community.” Alderman David Mitchell thanked Huss for speaking to the council and said he’d like to thank Walton for helping with the project. “I think we should acknowledge the benefactor and we should be appreciative of that,” Mitchell said. He moved to draft a resolution acknowledging Walton, and alderman Terry McClung asked if Mitchell wanted to take the resolution a step further and endorse the project. Alderwoman Kristi Kendrick thanked Huss for discussing the project but said she still didn’t know the details of it. “I have no idea what this project is. I don’t know where the trails are going,” Kendrick said. “It would be nice to see drawings. There is so much about this project I don’t know.” Mitchell said he just wanted to thank Walton, and Kendrick said she was referring to McClung’s suggestion to endorse the project. McClung stood by that. “I don’t know how you can have one without the other,” McClung said. “It ties in with the tourism and it’s green and it’s low impact. It’s a great fit for us, and I think we need to get behind it 100 percent. I still don’t understand what the resolution is to accomplish.” “My motion was … to acknowledge that benefactor in a positive manner that supported that person in donating this money which will then lead to all that will come from these trails,” Mitchell said. “Is that not also an endorsement of the project?” Mayor Butch Berry asked. McClung moved to amend the motion to endorse the project, and everyone voted in favor of the amended motion except Kendrick. The council moved on to public comments, where more than

15 citizens asked the council to continue to support the parks commission. Later on, Kendrick read a lengthy statement criticizing the parks commission, saying her constituents have told her the downhill trails are being built without proper environmental review and public input. “The parks commission is acting beyond its scope of authority, and not solely in constructing these trails,” Kendrick said. The commission’s legislation says the commission has the authority only over revenues derived from the operation of parks, Kendrick said, requiring the commission to submit quarterly reports and an annual audit to the council. That hasn’t happened recently, she said. The Lake Leatherwood City Park sales tax, renewed last year by voters, had the wrong ordinance number on the ballot, Kendrick said. “This anomaly invalidates the entire tax. This is a very serious error which may require the rebate of all sales tax collected after the initial sunset date,” Kendrick said. She hasn’t been able to find an approved Lake Leatherwood Master Plan, Kendrick said, which dictates how the tax money should be spent. Kendrick said the commission has been taken in a dangerous direction by chairman Bill Featherstone, who serves on the Eureka Springs Community Center Foundation as well. She said the parks commission recently diverted a grant for the Dairy Hollow Trail to build a fitness trail at the community center, saying the commission is using its resources for the community center’s greenhouse program, too. “Mr. Featherstone has not recognized the parks commission’s statutory responsibilities to report to the mayor and city council,” Kendrick said. “He has taken the parks commission beyond its authority and jurisdiction. I believe


that there is good cause to remove Mr. Featherstone from the parks commission.” Alderwoman Mickey Schneider said she supports how the parks commission has been operating. “They do their thing. We don’t micro-manage, because they’re the specialists. We’re not,” Schneider said. “I will never agree to micro-manage, that’s for sure.” City attorney Tim Weaver said he spoke with the Arkansas Municipal League about the error on the ballot for the sales tax, saying that’s a problem that can easily be fixed with a resolution acknowledging the correct ordinance number. So far, Weaver said, he’s seen no inappropriate behavior from the parks commission. Mitchell moved to refer Kendrick’s statement to Weaver for review, and the council agreed to do so. Mitchell addressed the commission’s relationship to the community center foundation, asking to hear from Huss about the greenhouse project. Huss said the commission had saved $7,500 to built its own greenhouse before the community center received a grant for a greenhouse program. The commission will only staff the greenhouse, Huss said, with the city gardener stopping in for a few minutes each day to check on everything. “We’re starting out with $7,500 savings there,” Huss said. “When you start compounding plant sales, I think that weighs out pretty well.” Mitchell recalled a motion the council approved earlier this year suspending all engagement with the community center foundation until the city could see all financial documents and said this applies to the parks commission too. McClung moved to allow Huss to negotiate with the community center foundation so long as he doesn’t sign any agreement, and the council agreed to do so.

Page 4 – Lovely County Citizen – March 15, 2018

Elite Company Highlanders’ Cross earns all-state honors as junior By Ty Loftis The Citizen is published weekly on Thursdays in Eureka Springs, Arkansas by Rust Publishing MOAR L.L.C. Copyright 2018 This paper is printed with soy ink on recycled paper. Subscription rate: $57.50/year MANAGING EDITOR: Scott Loftis ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Samantha Jones EDITORIAL STAFF: Kelby Newcomb PHOTOGRAPHERS: David Bell, Tavi Ellis ACCOUNT REPRESENTATIVES: Karen Horst, Jim Sexton, Diane Newcomb, Jason Waldon CLASSIFIEDS/RECEPTIONIST: Cindy Worley CONTRIBUTORS: Jim Fain, Beth Bartlett CIRCULATION: Rhonda Worrall Cover Photo by Tavi Ellis OFFICE HOURS: Monday–Tuesday 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Wednesday 9 a.m.–1 p.m. Thursday–Friday 9 a.m.–Noon Closed Saturday & Sunday

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Eureka Springs junior Garrett Cross has joined elite company, as he has joined Reggie Sanchez and Nick Bower as the third Highlander player to become a Class 2A all-state basketball player as a junior. “It’s very special,” Cross said. “My teammates and my coaches helped me through it all, which made it much easier for me.” Cross led the Highlanders in points and assists. He was also the second-leading rebounder on the team. Eureka Springs coach Brian Rambo said Cross had a tremendous season. “I don’t know how many times coaches came up to me and raved about how well he handles the game,” Rambo said. “A perfect example is when we got knocked out of the regional tournament. The team that we would have played called and asked me about Jacksonville Lighthouse, but he made sure to say No. 10 is tremendous. They raved about how he never turned the ball over. How he controlled the tempo of the basketball game. We have been fortunate enough to have guys in our program who can score, shoot and pass, but Garrett’s understanding of the game is tremendous. He is an extension of me on the court and that is a tremendous asset to have.” While the award is given to the individual player, Cross knows it wouldn’t have been possible without his teammates. “I got my teammates involved and assisted well,” Cross said. “But one of my main focuses was scoring when we needed it most.” The Highlanders lost in the first round of the 2A West/Central regional tournament. Cross has higher expectations than that next year. “We need to get better offensively and find a way to put the ball in the hole,” Cross said. “We have some kids that are coming up who can help us do that and we just need to work together as a unit.” Rambo believes Cross can help the team get better offensively heading into his

Charles Chappell / /CCImages

Eureka Springs’ Garrett Cross attempts to save a loose ball from going out of bounds in a game against Green Forest. Cross earned all-state honors as a junior this season.

senior season as well. “We were on an elite level defensively,” Rambo said. “We only gave up 40.8 points per game. That was second in Class 2A behind Marked Tree. But our Achilles’ was we didn’t shoot the ball at a high level and we are going to address that in the offseason. We are going to shoot the ball all we can. Garrett understands that he is a big point guard, 6-4, 190 pounds. But his Achilles’ is he doesn’t shoot at a high percentage. If guys come out and have to guard him, he can use his strength to go by you and create for himself and others. That’s when the whole thing opens up.” Despite the disappointing loss at the end of the year, Cross said there were plenty of special moments to look back on. He had a

triple-double against Alpena and scored 36 points against St. Paul. “Coach told me I was the first player he had ever coached who got a triple-double,” Cross said. “That St. Paul game was pretty fun. And the Berryville and Green Forest games are always a pretty special rivalry. I love playing against those teams.” Cross hopes he can make the list once again next year, along with some of his teammates as well. “I am going to have to get better at my ball-handling and shooting,” Cross said. “I’m going to have to improve my athleticism. Jump higher. Get stronger and shoot the ball better. I think my dribbling is better, but I still need to work on that. Defense, too, in terms of lateral quickness.”

March 15, 2018 – Lovely County Citizen – Page

What do


Citizen Opinion by Cindy Worley

Do you think the Eureka Springs City Council is effective?

Stephen Rodgers “Stevie” Yes.

Michael Shulman “Mickey”

Tom Sinclair


Pretty much.

No, they do not promote the city’s business properly.


Joseph Steinman “Joey”

Yes, considering No. it is a city council visiting from the planet Zergon.

“Zam the Wizard”

Bruce Plummer “Bruce” No.

Citizen Survey Do you think the Eureka Springs City Council is effective? m Yes m No m I’m not sure Go to and weigh in. Vote by 9 a.m. Wednesday

From the EDITOR


Samantha Jones is associate editor for Carroll County Newspapers. Her email address is

Happy birthday, Melody!

ast year on March 17, I went shopping with a friend in downtown Eureka Springs for Melody Rust’s birthday. She turned 42 that day. By that time, we had been close friends for a year. We met in 2016 when I took over day-to-day operations at Lovely County Citizen, where she worked on page design in the back room. She was so talented, and she constantly encouraged me to do my very best. She was the kind of person who brought the best out of everyone. When we lost her last Thanksgiving, I felt as if my heart had been ripped out. All her loved ones know that feeling. She was such a warm, kind person. She lit up the whole world. Over the past few months, my world has been noticeably bleaker without her in it. I miss her, to say the least. I miss her laugh and her effortless affection. I miss talking to her on the porch, watching her play with her dog and hearing her curse with abandon. Her life was full of adventure. She embodied adventure. She’s the only person who could convince me to jump off a cliff. When you were around her, you just knew everything would be OK. She knew how to comfort. She cared about people like no other. She’d be 43 this Saturday, but my mind is stuck on March 17, 2017. I picked out a pair of earrings and some colorful socks for her at a shop downtown. Then, we bought two birthday cards and a cupcake. I called her around 3 p.m. asking if we could drop by. She sounded so excited to see us. I could hear her smiling through the phone. About 30 minutes later, we pulled up to her house and saw her sitting on the porch. Images of her doing everyday things like that are burned into my memory: her sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette, her ambling into the office at 7:30 a.m. and her standing at the refrigerator in mismatched pajamas asking if we’d like


anything to drink. She always answered the phone with an emphatic “Hey, you!” and ended the call with a little laugh. “Love you,” she’d say. “OK, bye-bye.” On her birthday last year, she greeted us with her patented “Hey, you!” We handed her gifts over, and she said it was the birthday of cupcakes. She’d already been given some cupcakes by her family, she said. I’ll never forget sitting on a bench near the kitchen window Samantha Jones and watching her eyes light up as she saw what was in the bag we gave her. Her daughter would probably steal the socks, Melody said, because she loved colorful socks. She loved her daughter so much, and she was the best mom. Every time I’d compliment her art or singing or design work, Melody would say her daughter was much better than her. She was so proud of her. She once told me she felt so lucky not just to be a mom, but to be a mom to her kid. I’d say her daughter was pretty lucky, too. This Saturday, I’d give anything to sit on the porch with her again. We wouldn’t have to do anything. Just being with her would be enough. She could calm you through her presence alone. Like the rest of her loved ones, I’ve been missing her calming spirit these past four months. I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing her. Happy birthday, Melody! I miss you every day, and I’m awe-struck at how lucky I was to be your friend. You’re still with me — with everyone you loved — every single day. Love you. OK, bye-bye.

80 votes cast

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m No: 97.5% (78 votes)


Page 6 – Lovely County Citizen – March 15, 2018

CALENDAR of events Send calendar entries to Kelby Newcomb at The calendar is reserved for events sponsored by non-profit entities, benefits for non-profits and free events. First priority will be given to organizations providing a public service, such as rural fire departments, schools, churches, hospital auxiliaries and services for senior citizens or veterans. Submissions should be timely. Calendar listings should not be more than 30 days in advance of the event. The calendar is sometimes edited to fit the available space in the print edition. See the full calendar online at

March 17: Community Fun Fair

The Eureka Springs Community Center has announced a Highlander Alumni Community Fun Fair to be held from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, March 17, at 44 Kings Highway. The event will kick off spring break week and will include games such as wiffle ball, tic tac toe, bean bag toss, bocce, washers and a soccer game on the lawn. The fair will also be a fundraiser for the community center, and an admission will be charged at the gate. A silent auction will be set up in the gym with donations from local stores.

March 18: EUUF Service

Rabbi Rob Lennick will present “Why the Right Despises the Idea of Utopia, and Why the Left Better Take Heed” at the Eureka Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (EUUF) at 11 a.m. Sunday, March 18, at 17 Elk St.

March 19: Metafizzies Meeting

The Eureka Springs Metaphysical Society (Metafizzies) meeting will feature a group discussion on spiritual topics at 7 p.m. Monday, March 19, at the Heart of Many Ways at 68 Mountain St. All are welcome.

March 19: Transfiguration Study Group

The Transfiguration Study Group

meets from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Mondays at the OM Sanctuary at 266 CR 3027, starting on Monday, March 19. Transfiguration is the embodiment of light and love, and the group will work to understand the current initiation and transfiguration Mother Earth is undergoing and how they can add their assistance to this process. For more information, call Maya Costley at 802-244-0650.

Vietnam veteran Vela Giri will speak about his radio program “Soldier’s Heart” on KPSQ 97.3, which discusses issues of veterans who suffer from PTSD, depression or reintegration problems, at 11 a.m. Sunday, March 25, at 17 Elk St. The program airs at 3 p.m. every Saturday.

March 22: Issues on Aging

March 27: HI Fire Department Auxiliary

Eureka Springs First Methodist Church will sponsor an Issues on Aging event at 1 p.m. Thursday, March 22, in the fellowship hall. This free workshop will be presented by Circle of Life Hospice and feature their Five Wishes booklet on how to complete a living will. A free booklet will be given to everyone who attends.

March 24: Kite Festival

KaleidoKites of Eureka Springs will sponsor the 28th annual Kite Festival from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 24, at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Enjoy high-flying fun for the whole family at this free event. Bring your own kite or make one onsite with the experts at KaleidoKites. There will be food vendors, music, games, giveaways and more. Standard admission applies to tour the Refuge. For more information, call 479-253-5841 or visit

Green Acre LodGe Assisted & Independent Living

More Than a Place to Live... We’re a

Jo Ann Clark, Agent

PLAce For LivinG

802 W Trimble Avenue Berryville, AR 72616 Bus: 870-423-3443 State Farm, Bloomington, IL 1211999

479-253-6553 • 89 Hillside Drive • Holiday Island, AR

March 25: EUUF Service

The Holiday Island Fire Department Auxiliary will hold its luncheon and business meeting at noon Tuesday, March 27, at the Clubhouse ballroom at 1 Country Club Drive. The doors will open at 11:30 a.m. for social visiting, and lunch will be served at noon. The cost is $8 for lunch and $12 for dues. Reservations must be made by Friday, March 23, by calling Mary Ingelhart at 479-981-1887.

March 27: Kings River Watershed Partnership

The Kings River Watershed Partnership will hold its annual general meeting at the community room of Carroll Electric Cooperative in Berryville at 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 27. The meeting is open to all who have an interest in maintaining the health, safety and beauty of the Kings River as it flows through Madison and Carroll counties. Jon Stein, an

aquatic biologist for Game and Fish, will be the speaker. Ray Warren will update attendees on water testing efforts and the annual river clean-ups scheduled for this year. Refreshments will be served. All are welcome. For more information call 438-5537.

March 28: Ladies of Faith

The Ladies of Faith will meet at 10 a.m. Wednesday, March 28, at the Kings Hill Pioneer Church at 63 Kings Hill on Highway 62, half a mile west of Kings River bridge. Lorie Blackburn, formerly one of the pound sisters, will be the guest speaker and share her testimony on what God has done for her. For more information, contact Margo Pryor at 870423-9399.

March 30: Passover Seder Meal

The First Christian Church at 763 Passion Play Road in Eureka Springs will hold a Passover Seder Meal at 6 p.m. Friday, March 30, and the public is invited to attend. The evening will be full of awesome food and good education about Passover. There is no charge, but there will be a free will offering taken to defray the cost of the Seder foods. The church asks that guests RSVP by calling 479-253-8015 to let them know how many will be attending.

March 15, 2018 – Lovely County Citizen – Page

Juvenile arrested over alleged threat Congratulations By Scott Loftis and Samantha Jones

A male juvenile was taken into custody last week after an investigation into an alleged threat at Eureka Springs Middle School. Chief Deputy Maj. George Frye of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office said the juvenile was arrested after a CCSO investigation. The investigation began after the middle school requested an officer

to report a threat made over Facebook on Friday, Feb. 23, according to the Eureka Springs Police Department. “We conducted our investigation, and as a result of that investigation obtained a warrant for the juvenile,” Frye said. Frye added that the juvenile appeared before Carroll County Circuit Judge Scott Jackson and was released on house arrest. Eureka Springs Superintendent Bryan Pruitt said earlier that the school contact-

ed the Eureka Springs Police Department after one student threatened another on social media. The threat was not against the school itself, Pruitt said. “This was not a threat directed toward the school, but we still wanted to do an investigation,” Pruitt said. “We include the police on that, because it was a threat from one person to another. In this day and age, you can’t ever leave any loose ends.”

Peachtree Residents and Staff Resident of the Month: January February Fred


St. Patrick’s Day Parade to roll Saturday

The 25th Annual Eureka Springs St. Patrick’s Day Parade will roll through downtown at 2 p.m. Saturday, March 17. The parade will feature the Krewe of Barkus, the Eureka Springs All Star Kazoo and Free Form Marching Band and many more Eureka Springs characters. Everyone in green is welcome! Floats, trucks, groups and walkers are invited. Interested parade participants can fill

out the entry form at The Eureka Springs Kaptains Klub will step out as the Krewe of Blarney and host the parade. This year, the Krewe of Blarney has selected Green Forest Mayor Charles B. Reece as 2018 Grand Marshal. This year, the Krewe of Blarney has selected Elizabeth Loudermilk as the 2018 Eureka Springs Colleen. Louder-

milk is a senior at Eureka Springs High School. She is president of the Rotary Interact Club, a member of the drama department, an ECHO volunteer and a lifelong musician. This year she discovered a love for sports and joined the soccer and volleyball teams. In May, she will join three generations of Eureka Springs graduates and celebrate by attending college to study medicine.

Always smiling Never complains Humble and joyful Married 75 years A man of character!

Much loved Helpful and kind Welcoming Loving, happy grin Talented Artist

Employee of the Month: January February Joshua


Your Taxes,

Professionally Done Let us look for deductions that are unique to your situation. We are up-to-date and will not leave extra money that is due to you on the table. We will provide year-round service, someone with the education and skill to accurately prepare your return and help you plan for the next year’s.

A bright light! Kind and patient Respectful Helpful Great initiative

Compassionate Respectful Helpful Devoted Giving

Full service tax preparation, consultations and evaluations Contact partner,

Stephen Ellison, EA 479-363-4769

115 E Van Buren, Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Phone: (479) 253-7892 Also located in Harrison,AR, Springfield and Branson, MO

5 Park Drive Holiday Island, AR 72631 479-253-9933


Page 8 – Lovely County Citizen – March 15, 2018

Cocktails for a Cause

Photos by Tavi Ellis

Main Street Eureka Springs hosted Cocktails for a Cause benefiting Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge on Thursday, March 8, at the Cathouse Lounge.

Dennis Alexander and Penny Sullivan smile for a sweet snapshot.

Bethen Campbell serves up cocktails benefiting the big cats this community loves so much.

At the Cathouse Lounge, Mark Ingram, Steve Holifield, Jim Holt and Kenn Woodard get ready to order another round.

These Eureka women all support the refuge, Cocktails for a Cause and Main Street Eureka Springs.

Miranda Smith, Turpentine Creek’s hospitality coordinator, thanks everyone for coming and invites the community to attend the upcoming 28th Annual ‘Art with an Altitude’ Kite Festival, held at the refuge.

March 15, 2018 – Lovely County Citizen – Page

Clear Spring School’s Open House


Photos by Tavi Ellis

Clear Spring School held its Open House on Saturday, March 10.

First- through third-grade teacher Rigdon Irvin is excited to meet potential new students and their families.

Students Clyde Hutchison (center), Riley Mounsey and Arah Diggs perform a ‘Talk Show’ of their own making, all about daily life at Clear Spring School.

Welcome to Clear Spring School’s Open House event.

Fourth- through sixth-grade teacher Jenny Oogle welcomes parents into her classroom during Open House.

Some enthusiastic fun with floor cushions causes Riley to wear her earmuffs as eyewear.

Visitors Trenton and Savanna Ross test out Staff members Pamela Bolerjack and Pam Greenway set out the playground equipment. a lovely spread of healthy snacks.

Page 10 – Lovely County Citizen – March 15, 2018

Council denies application for third taxi service in town By Samantha Jones

The Eureka Springs City Council doesn’t see a need for another taxi service in the city. On Monday night, the council heard from Billy Deathridge of Ambassador Transportation Services about his desire to operate a taxi in Eureka Springs. Deathridge said he’d only want to put one car in the city, saying he’d hire a local person for the job. Alderwoman Mickey Schneider asked him how thoroughly he researched the city before coming to the meeting. “Well, I really haven’t,” Deathridge said, saying he grew up in Berryville and is familiar with the area. “Running Ambassador four years now, I’ve had numerous calls asking for a taxi service, for someone to come pick them up here.” Alderwoman Kristi Kendrick said she’s opposed to monopolies and would vote in favor of the additional service. Schneider said she’d like to hear from David White and Anthony McBridge, who run the two existing taxi services. Mayor Butch Berry said the council was just focused on hearing Deathridge’s application. Alderman Bob Thomas asked city attorney Tim Weaver why the council was asked to decide on this, saying the council doesn’t have to approve all business licenses. It’s because the council needs to issue a certificate of need for an additional taxi service, Weaver said. Alderman Terry McClung recalled when McBride submitted his application and said the council approved it even though White said there wasn’t a need for it. “I don’t think we can say no to this one on

that same basis,” McClung said. “If there’s not a need, then they won’t hang around. That’s just kind of how that goes.” Alderman David Mitchell said he’s opposed to monopolies but doesn’t see a need for another taxi service in town. Kendrick said the application itself presumes there is a need. It’s up to White and McBridge to show up at the meeting and speak up, Kendrick said, and they hadn’t done that. Schneider pointed out that McBride spoke during public comments at the beginning of the meeting and said both men were present. The council agreed to hear from them, starting with White. “I think the repercussions of having another one … it’s been bad for the town,” White said. “This ain’t worth it. It doesn’t create good will. It doesn’t make your cab driver the best member of the chamber of commerce when you don’t treat them with the respect they’ve earned.” “I agree 100 percent,” McBride said. “The business, to me, isn’t there for a third taxi service.” Schneider moved to deny the application, and everyone agreed except Kendrick and Melissa Greene. Also at the meeting, the council voted to draw up an assessment of what it would cost to renovate the downstairs area of The Auditorium for a permanent city meeting space. “Any plans we have for the gym would be ADA-accessible,” Thomas said. The council’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday, March 26, at The Auditorium.


Great supplement

Published by MedScape, an educational service for family practice doctors, is a report clearing the safety of supplemental calcium. Not just one, but two large-scale studies clearly show no connection between supplementing with common calcium and heart attack in either women or men. Please feel assured and at ease with these findings. I didn’t believe the reporting or the science that set off a scare a few years ago that supplemental calcium could cause harm. But, some medical practitioners were uncomfortable in recommending calcium after a published study linked supplementation to an increase in heart disease. Be assured that even Dr. Oz (a cardiologist) saw the benefit of common calcium as long as it was done properly. Looks like I was in good company. There is an uncommon type of calcium that will reduce the usual daily dosage and increase absorption by about 65 percent. Think about how that could change your bone density! From across the Pacific Ocean comes a medical article that boldly says there is a change in how we should supplement with calcium. A second published article goes on to say there is a specialized calcium that increases bone mineral density, prevents fractures, appears to inhibit

spinal deformity and decreases body fat content. The calcium Jim Fain written about is active absorbable algal calcium, aka AAAcalcium, and commercially branded as AdvaCal which is available in your supplement store. This special calcium is made by heating cleaned oyster shell to 800 degrees under reduced pressure and mixing it with similarly heated seaweed (Cystophyllum fusiforme). There likely is a link to the reduction of ailments due to aging (blood pressure, memory loss, hardening of the arteries, etc.) by increasing the absorption of calcium. This has to do with your parathyroid gland. The dose of this special calcium taken each day is less than ordinary calcium. With this type of calcium the added nutrients magnesium, vitamin D, K and six others in AdvaCal are not necessary for the benefit of bone building, fracture prevention and reduction of body fat content but are a nice extra, especially the vitamin K. Most people expect that vitamin D, at least, is required with calcium so Lane Medical adds it to make it easier to sell. This is one great supplement.

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Charles “Rusty” Windle e-mail:

Put our many years of experience to work for you. Call for a free consultation to see what we can do together.

WINDLE & ASSOCIATES Certified Public Accountants

3148 East Van Buren

(Next to Ozark Mountain Hoe Down & Across from Pig Trail Kart & Golf) Eureka Springs, AR •


March 15, 2018 – Lovely County Citizen – Page

ES board considers hiring resource officer By Kelby Newcomb

The Eureka Springs School Board is considering hiring a school resource officer (SRO). Superintendent Bryan Pruitt said the board began discussion on the subject at its Monday meeting in light of the recent school shooting in Florida and the arrest of a Eureka Springs student over alleged threats. The Eureka Springs School District does not currently have a SRO and has relied on patrols and support from the Eureka Springs Police Department (ESPD). “The city has been really gracious and helped us out a lot, but we’re looking into adding a SRO,” Pruitt said. “We’ve been fortunate and want to give a lot of thanks to the ESPD because they’ve been really gracious and watched over us.” He continued, “But we feel like maybe

at this point in time we need to pitch in and do our part as well. The board really just took this as a first reading, and we will have that on the agenda next month to act on it. We’re discussing adding a SRO to enhance our security.” Also at the meeting, the board voted to approve the Licensed Personnel Policy, Classified Personnel Policy and Board Policy. “Those are recommendations from the Arkansas School Board Association,” Pruitt said. “They send out a template of recommendations for those polices each year, so we just approved those to be added into our policy.” The board also voted to accept the resignation of Roseanna Dodrill, effective at the end of the school year. The board’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Monday, April 16, at the administration building.

Willo Mancifoot Rehearsal

Photo by Tavi Ellis

Rehearsals for Valerie Damon’s highly anticipated Willo Mancifoot musical are underway. The entire cast, including director Larry Horn and music director and composer Catherine Yoder, held a meeting for parents and participants at Main Stage on Monday, March 5, to discuss details of upcoming rehearsals. Willo Mancifoot The Musical’s World Premiere is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. May 5, at The Eureka Springs City Auditorium.

Open Thurs & Sun 5pm • Fri & Sat 11am Local craft beer, locally roasted Arsaga’s coffee, wine and small fare


Mar 16

Jessaymann Orchard 7 pm


Mar 17

Camptown Ladies 7 pm

Mar 18

Trivia 7 pm

82 Armstrong, Eureka Springs


Mar 22 Typsy Gypsy 7 pm Mar 20 Johai Kafa Duo 6 pm Mar 21

LOS ROSCOES Tues 5-7pm

Matchsellers 6 pm

Mar 22 Jimmy & Marilyn of Typsy Gypsy 6 pm Mar 22 Eureka Pride Dinner 6 pm Mar 23 Sad Daddy 7 pm Mar 24 Jesse Dean Mar 25 Trivia 7 pm Mar 26 Manouche Jam


TRICK BAG Sat 8-11pm


Saturdays & Sundays • 8am-2pm

Mar 28 “Paint On” 5 pm

2 Pine St., Eureka Springs Arkansas (479) 244-0878


WEEKEND DRAG EVENTS Friday & Saturday Come Early We Have Eureka’s



DRAG EVENT #1 Friday 3/16 9pm $10 Cover

ST PATRICKS DAY DRAG EVENT Saturday 3/17 9pm $10 Cover

35 1/2 N. Main • Eureka Springs • 479-253-7020

Page 12 – Lovely County Citizen – March 15, 2018 Cost is $8.00 per insertion for the first 20 words. Additional words are 25¢ each. Deadline for classifieds is Tuesday by noon.


Classifieds Help Wanted

RAZORBACK GIFT SHOP Is looking to hire someone to work from 10am-6:30pm. Must be able to work weekends, able to help with freight and light cleaning. A love of animals is a must-we have cats and dogs at work. Please apply in store at 579 W. Van Buren, ES.

FLORA ROJA COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTURE & APOTHECARY- providing affordable healthcare for the whole community. Sliding scale fee. $15-$35 per treatment with an additional $15 paperwork fee the first visit only. You decide what you can afford to pay! Francesca Garcia Giri, L.Ac, 479-253-4968. 119 Wall Street. THE EUREKA SPRINGS FARMERS MARKET **We are accepting applications for new vendors. Come visit us for fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh baked goods, soaps, jellies, meats, and hot breakfast! In addition, the Saturday Market will now have beef, pork, turkey, chicken and eggs! We have some great vendors here, come on down. Winter Schedule: Thursdays & Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., The Community Center, 44 Kingshighway. (location of old High School) THE GOOD SHEPHERD HUMANE SOCIETY Will hold its monthly board meeting on the 4th Wednesday of the month. For the months of March, June and September the meetings will be held at 5:30 pm. The location will be at the Good Shepherd Humane Society Meet and Greet room .

Help Wanted

Best Western Inn of the Ozarks is accepting applications for the following;

Housekeeping Staff Prep Cook • Hostess

All Positions Full Time With Year Round Job Opportunities Please apply at: Best Western Inn of the ozarks 207 West Van Buren, eureka springs Phone: 479-253-9768 or send resume to

Inn of the Ozarks ARE YOU GOOD With People? Can you sell? Are you good with your hands? Do you show up for work? If so, I may need your help. New Business Downtown, The Sandcastle, text RBW 479-244-7829 BLUE SPRING HERITAGE CENTER Now hiring Gift Shop Attendants & Garden laborers. Dependable people please call (479) 244-6418 CAN-U-CANOE RIVERVIEW CABINS Part-time and Full-time Housekeeping positions available. Great place to work, flexible hours/schedules. Must have cell phone/transportation. $12/hr. 479-253-5966 COOK WANTED FOR IMMEDIATE Hire. Previous experience a plus. Please apply in person at New Delhi Cafe, 2 N. Main

Help Wanted

NOW HIRING Crescent Hotel Front Desk • Bellman Bartenders • Catering

Well groomed, friendly Individuals of good character may apply

Basin Park Hotel

Line Cook • Dishwasher PT Banquet Set-up Weekend Massage Therapist Busser • Server

Team players of good character may apply

THE EUREKA SPRINGS SCHOOL OF THE ARTS Is seeking a part-time Iron and Wood Studio Coordinator who is flexible, dependable, knowledgeable and safety oriented. Paid Position. Full job description and instructions to apply at

Real Estate for Sale FOR SALE: 3BR/2BA with open floor plan in Holiday Island, AR. Large fenced yard with detached 1,500 sq.ft. shop and 2 car garage. Call Kevin 318-347-0553

Commercial for Sale CENTER OF OLD DOWNTOWN 3,800 sq.ft. 4 rental spaces on 3 levels. Located between Spring St. & Main St. 479-253-8700 OWN SOME EUREKA Excellent Opportunity. Turnkey Restaurant/Bar. Great Location and Parking. Unlimited Potential, Under $100K. Owner Financing, WAC. 479-903-0699

Services Offered

Apply in person at either hotel GREEN ACRE LODGE Has Immediate Openings for a CNA and Housekeeper. Call 479-530-3779 or bring resume to 89 Hillside Dr., Holiday Island. LAKE SHORE CABINS At 2174 Mundell Rd. is looking for a dependable experienced part-time Housekeeper. Open year round, good pay, year end bonus, vacation pay. Call Donna 479-244-5091 or Apply at office between 9am-5pm daily. PART-TIME/FULL-TIME CUSTOMER Service, Sales and general store duties. Baking experience a real plus. Must be available weekends. Apply at 5 Spring St. Ellen's Patisserie. IMMEDIATE HIRE! PART-TIME/ON CALL EVENT STAFF AT THE AUDITORIUM The AUD is now accepting applications for the following positions: Ushers, Ticket Takers, Door Guards, Security, Concessions, Housekeeping, Stage Hands. The work is on call/part-time as needed. No guarantee of a minimum work schedule. For application form and more information, please visit www.TheAud.Org Or call 479-253-7333


Classifieds work! Call the Lovely County Citizen today and place your ad. (479) 253-0070.

ANDY STEWART/OZARK PAINT COMPANY: Specializing in interior painting. Also exterior, decks and pressure washing services available. Call 479-253-3764. DEBRA REID, LCSW Psychotherapy. Most insurances accepted. Call for appointment 479-244-7784. Sliding scale fee for cash payments. HANDYWOMAN. Veteran Owned. Inside & out. Repairs, renew, cleanup, hauling, lawns, more. References 479-253-7147/870-505-6570. Visa/MC/Paypal. FB/@handymanservicesarkansas. HOMETOWN CARPET CLEANING Professional Residential/Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Pet Odor Removal & more! 479-418-3406

To place a classified ad in the CITIZEN, stop by the office, call 479-253-0070, or e-mail us at

Services Offered CHIMNEY WORKS - Complete chimney services: sweeps, repairs, relining, and installation. Call Bob Messer. 479-253-2284 FANNING'S TREE SERVICE Bucket Truck 65' reach. Professional trimming, stump grinding topping, removal, chipper. Free estimates. Licensed, Insured. 870-423-6780, 870-423-8305 HANDYMAN HOME REPAIRS & REMODELING Carpentry, drywall, decks, tile. One call does it all. We do small jobs. Bonded. Serving NWA since 1977. Bob Bowman. 479-640-5353 TOM HEARST Professional Painting and Carpentry Painting & Wood Finishing Trim & Repair Carpentry Drywall Repair & Texturing Pressure Washing 479-244-7096 TREE WORK - Skilled tree care: trimming, deadwooding and removals. Conscientious, professional arborist and sawmiller, Bob Messer 479-253-2284 SIMPLICITY COUNSELING LICENSED Respectful Therapist with 30 dynamic success yrs. Depression, Anxiety, Trauma/Grief, Addictions, Sleep, Moods, etc. Effective Couples Therapy also. That real therapy that will improve your experience from now on. "It's your time" Call today (479) 244-5181

For Rent 1BR/1.5BA COZY FURNISHED Cottage on 10 acres near Beaver Dam. $650/mo includes water. Shared electricity, Wi-fi. Washer/dryer. References, first/deposit. 479-981-2777 1BR FURNISHED APARTMENT. Clean, Quiet, shared laundry, all non-smoking, Bills paid, $600/mo.+deposit. 479-696-9299. 1-BR NEW REMODEL Available. See facebook Mountain View Apartments Eureka Springs photos. Call/text 479-244-5440 between 10am-6pm. Deposit same as first month. Utilities included. Pets ok. 4B LEATHERWOOD DUPLEX 2BR, $550/mo.+utilities. Available April 1st. References. No pets. 262-496-5025 or Don 479-253-7255

NEED HELP? CALL BILLY! Commercial or Residential. Deck Refinishing, Power-washing, Leaf removal, Carpentry, Painting, Light construction, Gutter cleaning, Yard clean-ups, etc. 479-244-5827

DOWNTOWN EUREKA 2BR HOUSE $1,200/mo+deposits including ALL utilities, private entrance, patio, off-street parking. 479-981-2507 No pets/smoking. Available April 15th

RIKARD PLUMBING, LLC - 50 years plus experience. Licensed in Arkansas. We do remodels, new construction, and service calls. 417-271-0345 after 5:30p.m. 417-271-6623

HOLIDAY ISLAND APARTMENTS 1BR From $520/mo. $500/deposit. Available immediately. Small pet OK w/extra deposit. Call Don 479-244-5527

March 15, 2018 – Lovely County Citizen – Page

For Rent


HOUSE FOR RENT HI 2BR/2BA, garage, storage shed, stone fireplace. Close to all amenities. $800/mo. Security and cleaning deposit required. No smoking/pets. 479-253-8893/479-981-1055

Casual, comfortable, just like home. No Reservations Required OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 5-9 PM

PEACEFUL & LOVELY 2BR Furnished or Unfurnished Cottage/Townhome. $750/mo.+water & electric. Text/cell 479-981-1245 ROOMS FOR RENT $600/includes utilities/WiFi, (woman, long term/temp) and/or $450 for skilled help with some renovations and odd jobs, temporary. 479-244-5743 SENIOR HOUSING 1BR For seniors age 62 and up. Quiet neighborhoods, CH/CA, refrigerator, range, grab bars in bath. Water/trash paid. Community room/laundry on site. Rent based on income. Berryville: 870-423-6860 or 870-423-2156. Green Forest: 870-438-6558 or The Area Agency on Aging at 1-800-432-9721. Equal Opportunity Housing Developments.

Arkansas Times 2016 Readers Choice

OUR 27th YEAR In Eureka Springs Smoke Free • FREE Parking Wheelchair Accessible Ramp 26 White St. on the Upper Historic Loop


UNIQUE STUDIO APARTMENT in Eureka Springs. Available Now. Utilities included. New hardwood floors & paint. Pet friendly. Mountain/forest view, W/D on premises. References, Background check. Call/Leave Message 479-981-3449 10am-6pm

Commercial for Rent 533 SQ.FT. SPLIT SPACE In New Orleans Hotel. Ideal for small retail. Great foot traffic past building and through lobby. All utilities paid. First/Last Required. 479-253-8630, Ask for Lee DOWNTOWN COMMERCIAL: 814sq.ft., on Main St., next to rainbow stairway, 2 entrances, private bath, outside deck. Newly Remodeled. 479-253-8700 RETAIL SPACE FOR LEASE 1,100 sq.ft. Open floor plan. Downtown, right across from Basin Park. First/Last/Deposit. 479-253-1608

Pet of the Week


HOLIDAY ISLAND TOWN HOUSE 2 Bedroom, 1 & 1/2 Bath w/Spa tub, Fireplace, Bay Window, Private Deck, $650-$700/mo. 479-253-4385

Gluten Free

Roscoe (No. C17-0026) is a 3-year-old male, pit mix. He is a fun-loving doggie. He walks well on a leash and knows how to sit. He wants a big yard to run in, but hopes you’ll put him inside when it’s time to mow the lawn as he’s not a fan of lawn mowers. He is neutered and has his shots. He’s available for adoption at the Good Shepherd Animal Shelter on Highway 62 east of Eureka Springs. The shelter is open from noon to 5 p.m. every day but Tuesday and Wednesday. For more information, call 479-253-9188.

Citizen of the Week

Come check out our Authentic Italian creations at ‘Fresh: The Italian Family Bistro’. Chef owned and operated.

Open 6 Days a Week (Closed Tues.)

Syama Barden is this week’s Citizen of the Week. Barden recently built and installed the Little Free Pantry at the Eureka Springs Community Center. It’s a covered box where people can drop off non-perishable food to help their neighbors, and people who need help with food can get what they need. Barden did this as his Eagle Scout project with the help of other scouts and other helpful people from the community. Little Free Pantry was an idea that began when a Fayetteville woman built one and put the plans on her website for anyone who would like to replicate it in their community. For more information, visit To nominate somebody for Citizen of the Week, email Samantha Jones at

Mon., Wed., Thurs. 6:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Fri. 6:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. • Sat. 6:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Sun. 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. • Sunday Brunch

479-253-9300 • 179 N. Main St., Eureka Springs

Myrtie Mae’

It’s Love At First Bite At

Myrtie Mae’s!

Garage Sale

Garage Sale New Items Every Week

Saturday 9-4 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Holiday Island Shopping Center behind the Gas Station


Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Daily Don’t miss our famous Sunday Brunch In Best Western Inn of the Ozarks Hwy. 62 West, Eureka Springs, AR



FEATURING Chef Jeff Clements THURSDAYS LOCALS NIGHT $14.95 $16.95 Specials

LunchServing 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Thurs., Fri. & Sat. Dinner Nightly Dinner Nightly p.m. pm Seating from 5:005-9 – 9:00 37 N. Main • 479-253-6756 • RESERVATIONS SUGGESTED

Page 14 – Lovely County Citizen – March 15, 2018

LOOKING BACK Photo courtesy of Eureka Springs Historical Museum

This iconic museum holds a special place in my heart, as I remember spending so much of my childhood there. Unfortunately others only know this as the ‘vacant building across from the Razorback Gift Shop.’ But in the past, it was affectionately known as Miles Musical Museum. Floyd Miles brought his wife, Martha, and daughters Joni and Marlene to Eureka Springs in 1946, after leaving a career at General Electric in Chicago as head auditor and personnel manager. Eureka was suffering from the depression and World War II at the time. Miles started making his mark on the failing tourist town almost immediately. Not knowing what he was going to do, Floyd first entered the real estate market, and opened one of the first gift shops in Eureka Springs. He got involved in other ventures as well, such as re-opening

Onyx Cave, and the purchase of the old hospital building. Later he opened another gift shop on U.S. Highway 62, now known as the Razorback Gift Shop. The Dairy D’Sert, where Bombadil’s is now located, was another of his many business ventures. Sometime in the mid-1950s, Floyd began collecting musical instruments, just as a hobby, and by 1960, he figured he might as well open a museum. There were two rooms to start, but as Floyd’s collection grew three more rooms were added in 1968, 1975 and 1983. Items in his vast collection included a variety of string and brass instruments, drums, organs, standard and player pianos, music boxes and calliopes and many, many other items. His most beloved was a Circus Calliope, which was always the grand finale of every Eureka Springs parade. Miles Musical Museum was one of seven museums written up in 1995,

Essential Oils • Healthy Snacks • Natural Foods • Medical Supplies • Fresh Eggs • Skin Care • Vitamins

Buying Drugs has never been easier! Renew prescriptions online or call in your orders then Drive thru to pick them up! M-F 9-6, Sat 8:30-3

133 E.Van Buren Eureka Springs, AR 72632

479-253-9175 Antique Drugstore Memorabelia Collection

Essential Oils • Healthy Snacks • Natural Foods • Medical Supplies • Fresh Eggs • Skin Care • Vitamins

Welcome to all Medical Park customers!

ing with the ladies touring his museum.’ His most beloved Circus Calliope led his funeral procession. Unfortunately, his collection could not stay together, and was auctioned off in 1997. But the family kept Floyd’s Circus Calliope, and the building still is owned by the Miles family. — Stephanie Stodden, Museum Operations Manager

Highlander Alumni Community Fun Fair slated for March 17

Antique Drugstore Memorabelia Collection

Eureka’s #1 Drug Dealer!

in the 25th Anniversary issue of The Smithsonian. The museum was chosen from several hundred considered by the publication. When Floyd Miles passed away in August of 1995 at the age of 88, the Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce newsletter eulogized him this way: ‘Many of us will always keep the image of the white-haired Mr. Miles dancing and smil-


Quality Herbs, Vitamins & Supplements

Home Furnishing Decor Design

Jim Fain PhD • Jim Preslan Robin & Mary Nell 99 Spring Street, Eureka Springs Next to the Post Office


The Eureka Springs Community Center will host a community-wide fun fair as a kickoff to Arkansas’ spring break week from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, March 17. The fun fair will include games such as wiffle ball, tic tac toe, bean bag toss, bocce, washers and a soccer game on the lawn. Food, drinks, games and the silent auction begin at 4 p.m., followed by a show-

120 North Main Eureka Springs



ing of the film Coco at 6 p.m. and a showing of Justice League at 8 p.m. The fun fair is a fundraiser for the community center, so a modest admission will be charged at the gate. The silent auction will be set up in the gym foyer with multiple different donations from local stores and Eureka Springs alumni available for bid.

March 15, 2018 – Lovely County Citizen – Page

Hwy 62 West Eureka Springs, AR

Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 10 p.m. • 7-Days A Week

Phone: 1-479-253-9561 We guarantee all sales or your money will be cheerfully refunded if not satisfied. We reserve the right to limit subject to market availability.





We Ship Via UPS Search for Harts Family Center OFFICIAL FOOD STAMP STORE




Page 16 – Lovely County Citizen – March 15, 2018




453 Lakeview Drive, Eureka Springs, AR 72631 Modern Lakeview Home perfect for family lake house or full time residence. Great year round lake view of Beautiful Beaver Lake, only minutes to Starkey Marina. Native Stone fireplace keeps this home cozy in the winter, as well as a large party deck for the summer. Master Suite on main level and guest area is upstairs. Oversized 2 car garage is attached with a breezeway to home for any weather protection. Move in ready for this season’s fun at the lake. Furnishings are available for an additional price.



8 Wedgewood Lane, Holiday Island, AR 72631 Great single level condo with covered carport and storage. This end-unit features nice landscaping, great deck, large windows and wood-burning fireplace. Clean and fresh with new wood floors and updated master bath. Holiday Island POA $676/yr. Wedgewood association fees $468/qtr (includes ext maintenance, grounds maintenance, termite, cable tv, insurance)



1172 County Road 1160, Eureka Springs, AR 72631 This lovely home sets off the road with a circle drive. Landscaping to the front porch is wonderful. Plenty of privacy and plenty of wildlife. New roof and gutters put on last year. It has a whole house Generac generator. Large room at the back of the garage could be a great man cave or hobby room. The interior is freshly painted. Gorgeous kitchen with beautiful cabinetry & a big walk in pantry. Gas drop in stove top and separate wall oven. Wonderful back deck covered with lattice and a lovely view.



176 Spring Street, Eureka Springs, AR 72632 Delightful Victorian home Exceptionally well kept. Newly insulated walls, attic, washer dryer hook ups, new exterior siding, heating and air. This home is located on the quiet end of Spring street so you are able to walk to all the events in town while maintaining a sense of peace and quiet. Property is in COMMERCIAL district zoned C 3. close to library. Trolly close by. Back of home could be a fabulos private garden.





3 Dogwood, Eureka Springs, AR 72632

32 Kingshighway #1,2,3,4, Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Currently being used as retail space, and broken up into office space. None of the walls go to the ceiling which will make it easy to remodel. Nice location on US 62 with exceptional visibility. There are several additional lots with a retaining wall already in place that could be rental cabins or sold off to cover note. This area of US 62 has seen more activity the last couple years and is one of the first retail spaces from west, There is plenty of land with the extra lot for expansion or additional parking.

Unique investment opportunity. Four two bedroom apartments with one parking space for each unit. Private decks for each unit. Two up and two down. Within walking distance to Eureka’s historic downtown. Units are easy to rent. Roof is only three years old. 2 newer heating systems and four new hot water heaters. Some newer appliances. This type of property is rarely available in Eureka Springs.

Eureka Springs Office: 479.253.7321 170 West Van Buren Street, Eureka Springs, AR 72632 Beaver Lake Office 479.253.3154 324 Mundell Road

Lovely County Citizen Mar. 15, 2018  

Eureka Springs Free Weekly Newspaper

Lovely County Citizen Mar. 15, 2018  

Eureka Springs Free Weekly Newspaper