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Special Edition featuring discounts, vouchers, competitions and health and wellbeing tips. Approximately £500 worth of savings inside Free vitamins from Right Medicine Pharamacy

Offers inside from Aurora Hotels • Bedworld • Brea • Café Continental Head Over Heels Dance Fitness • Knock Castle • Michael Duff Lawyers Paparazzi • Right Medicine Pharmacy and many more..


a place where great service comes naturally... KNOCK CASTLE HOTEL AND SPA, YOUR LUXURY HOTEL IN PERTHSHIRE AFFORDABLE LUXURY WITHOUT COMPROMISE - IN THE HEART OF SCOTLAND If you are looking for great Scottish hospitality, award-winning food, stunning countryside and a luxurious country retreat, Knock Castle has it all. You could be in search of a quiet meal out together, a weekend break in the heart of Scotland, an unrivaled wedding venue or a great place for business - you’ll find we offer exactly what you require and real value for money.


Knock Castle Hotel and Spa, Drummond Terrace, Crieff, Perthshire PH7 4AN Tel: 01764 650088 Fax: 01764 655659




The Yoga Tree Lovely Yoga studio in the Stirling Arcade

Welcome to 2014 and welcome to Love Local’s special savings edition. This mini edition features everything you need to kick start your year. Watch out for our first full magazine in March.

Different Classes. Different Teachers. Different Vibe. www.theyogatreestirling.co.uk

The Yoga Tree Stirling



25B Stirling Arcade

The Loft Restaurant Review

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Beef and Winter Vegetable Casserole Recipe

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Tim’s Top 10 Fitness Tips

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Visual Stress in Dyslexia

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Quit Smoking with Right Medicine Pharmacy

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Network Marketing

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Money Matters, as a single parent

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Rent your home for the Ryder Cup

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Phone: 07427 486722 email – info@theyogatreestirling.co.uk

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Simple. Seasonal. Fresh. Vegetarian café in the heart of Stirling! 27 Stirling Arcade FK8 1AX Roots Stirling

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Review of the

Loft Restaurant by LOVE LOCAL

On the day we decided to pop into the Loft Restaurant in Friars Street for a late lunch it was by then relatively quiet. Which is a pity, because it’s worth a visit. The Loft’s blackboards, prominently displayed outside, tempt passersby into its intimate and rustic interior, where the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. The open kitchen allows the diner to witness everything being freshly prepared to order from the interesting and extensive menu. Whilst the Loft specialise in char-grill burgers, steaks and hot dogs (hence the logo on the door) everything from an imaginative sandwich menu to a three course lunch is catered for. We mixed and matched our choices from separate menus. For starters the West Coast King Scallops were cooked to perfection whist the Dark Chocolate Chilli, comprising a trio of chilli con carne, cardamom rice and a tomato and coriander salsa accompanied with homemade tortilla chips was delicious in its variety of flavours and textures. For our main we had to try one of the enticing burgers, plumping for the ‘Spanish’ which, not surprisingly featured chorizo and manchego cheese, and a cherry tomato and

red pepper salsa. Superb hand cut chips and a side salad completed the dish. Our only minor complaint was that the top of the burger bun had been a little over grilled, but otherwise a great burger. The Loft offers a good choice of Vegetarian and Gluten free dishes and for our other main we tried the veggie Lasagne from the specials menu. With too many ingredients to list here it’s easier to say that this is a dish packed with flavour. Our overall impression of the Loft is of owners who are passionate and imaginative about the food they cook. This is a restaurant that perhaps suffers from not being on the main thoroughfare, but don’t let that put you off. Take a short walk around to Friars Street in the centre of Stirling Old Town and give them a try. Love Local will be back.

Win a £30 voucher for The Loft and enjoy your own delicious meal. Enter online at lovelocalmag.com *Full T&C’s can be found online at lovelocalmag.com



RED LEMON Event Catering

RED LEMON is the new outside catering arm from two of Stirlings’ favourite & most imaginative restaurants… Gabes’ Diner Bistro and The Loft. Why not let us pair our experience with your ideas to create your perfect event? For events, weddings, private functions or parties give us a call…




Tender succulent slow braised, red wine beef and winter vegetable stew by Hugh McArthur, owner of Gabe’s Diner and The Loft

Serves 4 Ingredients 4 x 8oz chunk steak (or feather steak) 2 x medium sweet potatoes (cut one into small pieces to allow it to form part of the sauce, and the second into bite size pieces.) 2 x carrots 1 x leek (chopped) 1 x medium onion (diced) 1 x tin chopped tomatoes 100g tomato puree 250ml x good red wine ½ teaspoon cumin 2 x beef stock cubes 3 x garlic cloves (finely chopped) 1 x bay leaf 1 x whole stem fresh rosemary 1 x tablespoon redcurrant jelly 100ml x fresh orange juice

Method 1. Sweat onions in olive oil, then add 100ml of the red wine, tomato puree, cumin, stock cubes, garlic, bay leaf, rosemary, redcurrant jelly and orange juice. Stir until it forms a paste. 2. Add carrots, sweet potatoes, leeks and chopped tomatoes to mixture. 3. Heat a little olive oil a separate pan, and dust steaks with flour. Caramelise all sides of the steak in the pan. 4. Remove steak and add to casserole mixture, ensuring meat is covered with the juices (add a little water if needed.) 5. Use remaining red wine to deglaze hot pan, and add this juice to casserole. 6. Cover with a lid or tin foil, and cook in a preheated oven (150 degrees) for 2.5 hours. Check after 1 hour for seasoning.

Dish is ready once meat is tender. Indulge further by serving with suet dumplings. LOVELOCAL | 7


Are you feeling that

“New Year,

New You”

pressure? January Sale at MTM Boot Camp! MTM Boot Camp is offering you the chance to join for HALF PRICE for the whole of January! You will get unlimited access to all 14 weekly classes at either of our Bridge of Allan or Alloa venues, full nutritional plans and dietary support for just £22.50 instead of £45. MTM Boot Camp is the number one indoor fitness and fat loss workout program designed to help you burn fat and get in the best shape of your life in the shortest time possible.

Indigoflow Wellbeing recognises how difficult it can be to fit exercise regimes into already busy lives. That’s why we specialise in workplace yoga sessions. Yoga gives you the opportunity to approach your wellbeing differently, both at home and at work. Willpower and determination can take you far. Practising yoga can take you further. “I can’t do yoga because I’m not bendy” is not a reason not to try it. If you can breathe you can do yoga. What benefits can you gain from this ancient, holistic practice?

The classes really are for everyone, our current members range from those who have never worked out before to those who lead a very active lifestyle. The best part is you work at your own level and the group atmosphere helps encourage you to reach your maximum potential.

ü Improving flexibility and strength helps relieve physical tension. ü Gentle twists help to purge toxins and promote good digestion. ü Breathing exercises, which have been developed over thousands of years, help calm busy minds bringing focus and creativity.

Check out www.mtmbootcamp.com for full details of this offer

Bring yoga into your life. Your body and your mind will thank you. Contact Gail Wilson for more information on 07545 939920 or email gail@indigoflowwellbeing.co.uk


Tim’s 10 Top Tips for a

fit and healthy 2014! by tim meadows, personal trainer and nutritional consultant

1. Ditch the scales – Scales do not have the ability to differentiate between fat (brown or white), muscle & water. A simple and effective way to measure and track your fat loss, not weight loss pursuit, is by body measurements and photos of yourself. 2. Get lifting – Weight training is key to being lean, toned, healthy & stronger for everyday activities. It burns more kcals for longer after your training session compared to typical cardio workouts. 3. Drink more water - Our bodies are composed of 60% water and it constitutes 75% of our muscle tissue so lack of adequate water intake will lead to weakness, fatigue, dizziness, and electrolyte imbalance. 4. Avoid celeb diets – So you’re looking for some health and fitness advice. Should you go to a gossip magazine whose prime intention is to sell with outlandish claims? Need your car fixed, do you see a mechanic or dentist? 5. Peri workout nutrition – Along with breakfast, peri workout nutrition is vital for health and fitness. What we eat and drink before, during and after training can have a significant effect on achieving your goals. Think simple carbs, quick digesting protein and fluids.

7. S ingle ingredient food buying – When you arrive at the till have a look at your choice of food, check the ingredient label. If it looks like a chemical student’s midterm paper, then stick it back and make a better food choice. Less chemicals, preservatives & chemical warfare for your body. Food, not chemicals is what we’re meant to eat. 8. Consistency – I am realistic and 1 bad meal in every 10 will not ruin your goals, so if it happens do not feel guilty just focus on the next normal meal. Make eating well and lifting a habit and lifestyle. 9. Don’t compare yourself to others – Susie eats X and she lost Y in Z weeks. That’s nice, but you and Susie are different. Different eating histories & tolerances, different body types and different daily circumstances. Comparing yourself to others is not productive. 10. Sleep – This is when you and your body recharge. It’s downtime and a chance to let your neuromuscular system take a much needed break. Getting adequate sleep will not only help fat loss but also improve your mood and help prevent cancers developing.

6. R ealistic & achievable goal setting – Make lots of short term goals that are realistic and achievable, this will breed positivity and confidence which will make the end goal a reality.



Why would you visit a herbalist? by Nikki biddiss, botanical healing Whether you are looking for a new solution to an existing health concern, you are interested in trying more ‘natural’ medicines, or you are stressed and exhausted and looking to get back your zest for life, then Nikki Biddiss, a new herbalist working in the Stirling area, offers professional guidance on what herbal remedies are right for you. DID YOU KNOW? • World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 80% of the World’s population use herbal medicines • Plants continue to be tested for modern cures • A growing number of people are finding herbal medicine offers them a safe, reliable solution to a variety of common health problems.

TOP 5 BENEFITS OF VISITING A MEDICAL HERBALIST! • In-depth 1-hour health consultation • Full review of your health and wellbeing • Expert advice on which herbs can safely be used alongside orthodox medicines • Prescription tailored to your specific needs • Nutrition and Lifestyle advice

WANT TO KNOW MORE? For a FREE, no obligation discussion call Nikki Biddiss BSc(Hons), MNIMH Medical Herbalist on 07528341206 or visit www.botanicalhealing.co.uk Evening appointments available. Other therapies offered: Stress Management, Aromatherapy Massage, Group Talks

Welcome to One Allan Park On the 30th November, One Allan Park was officially opened by Judy Murray. Situated in the heart of Stirling, One Allan Park have a wealth of Therapists and Counsellors dedicated to making a difference to people’s health and their lives. Judy had this to say about the new business, “I’ve really loved seeing round this amazing clinic. It’s exactly the sort of place I will enjoy using. When you reach a certain age you need to look more closely at how you care for your body. One Allan Park offers so many options to help people better understand the importance of wellbeing. Not just the body but the mind too. If you want your


body to work you need to understand what to put into it, how to activate it through exercise and look after it. If your body works well so does your mind.” For more information please visit our website www.oneallanpark.co.uk


Visual Stress in Dyslexia by Mairie mccurrach harper FBDO CL DipSpLD Meares-Irlen Syndrome, commonly called Visual Stress, affects many individuals with dyslexia, dyspraxia, migraine, dystonia and autism amongst other conditions. It can also exist on its own. Visual Stress is not a focussing problem which means that normal spectacles alone do not correct it. It makes text on a page appear jumbled, moving, shaking, swirling or just blurred. Text is sometimes overshadowed by the spaces between words forming ‘rivers’ down the page. Visual Stress can also cause headaches, migraines, sore eyes and eye muscles. Signs of the condition include closing the eyes or looking away often while reading, rubbing the eyes, red or watery eyes, rapidly becoming tired, losing the place easily or skipping words or whole lines of text. It’s thought that in Visual Stress the message that’s going through to the brain is not picked up in quite the right area. If a coloured filter is introduced it shifts

the message to a slightly different area where it can be correctly interpreted. The colour must be very precisely chosen so that the shift is accurate. The instrument used to identify the precise colour, called the ‘Intuitive Colorimeter’, presents environments of different colours and the correct tint, which is individual to each person, can then be used in glasses to create that environment which can improve or remove symptoms.

DYSLEXIA SERVICES • Dyslexia Assessment • Identification & Reporting • Reading Help • Dyslexia Aids

One of these instruments has just become available in Stirling. Optician and Specialist Dyslexia Consultant Mairie Harper has opened a new practice in Stirling dealing with Visual Stress identification and treatment, as well as full Dyslexia Assessment in addition to spectacle and contact lens supply.


COLORIMETER SERVICES For Dyslexia, Migraine & other Visual Stress conditions • Coloured Overlay Assessment • Intuitive Colorimeter Assessment • Precision Tinted Spectacles • Precision Tinted Contact Lenses • All types of Contact Lens Fitting • Contact Lens Aftercare • Contact Lens Supply • Orders taken by phone • Delivery service available • Internet prices SPECTACLE SUPPLY SERVICE • Full Spectacle Fitting & Supply • Internet Prices

Mairie McCurrach Harper - Contact Lens Optician & Specialist Dyslexia Consultant Tel: 07808 349589

Dyslexia Vision Dyslexia && Vision



“Bringing value and service to the local community”

Why not let us look after your prescriptions too. We deliver to most areas in and around Forth Valley. Bannockburn | Fallin | Cowie | Stirling Uni | Carronshore

www.rightmedicinepharmacy.co.uk 12 | LOVELOCAL


A new you in the

New Year

by Noel Wicks, Pharmacist at Right Medicine Pharmacy It’s going to be 2014 before we know it and probably the start of New Year resolutions for many across Forth valley. At Right Medicine Pharmacy we know that many people will have resolved to stop smoking in 2014 and we are here to help make that happen. There are very few things that are as harmful to our bodies as smoking with over 4,000 chemicals in your average cigarette. The side effects of these chemicals include increasing your blood pressure, skin damage, cancer, respiratory disease and even impotence. Whilst we all know there are health risks associated with smoking anyone who has ever been a smoker (myself included) will know just how difficult it is to give up smoking. In my experience there are two main parts to quitting smoking. The first is dealing with the nicotine cravings. The second is dealing with the psychological side of smoking and by this I mean the “habit” of smoking. It’s been shown that going “cold turkey” makes for the least successful attempts. This involves completely ditching cigarettes (and the nicotine they provide) and hoping you can tough it out. It does work for a small number of quitters but many people find that tackling both the nicotine addiction and the habit of smoking at the same time is too much and they start smoking again.

It’s much more likely for someone to successfully quit if they do it one stage at a time using nicotine replacement therapy than if they quit abruptly. Getting good advice and being started on the right level of nicotine replacement therapy also improves your chances of quitting successfully. In the pharmacy you will be able to access specialist advice from well trained staff as well as the option to get nicotine replacement therapy free of charge on the NHS twelve week stop smoking program. There is a huge range of nicotine replacement products available ranging from gums and lozenges through to patches, sprays and even inhalators that work a little like a fake cigarette. These products (unlike electronic cigarettes) are safe and licensed medical products. So whether you are on your first or your twenty first quit attempt make sure you give yourself the best chance of success and call into your pharmacy today.

What has been shown to be more successful is to substitute the nicotine from the harmful cigarette with medical nicotine from one of the many different options such as gum or patches. In this way people can break the habit of smoking before moving on to reducing their nicotine intake.



HALF PRICE NEW XLS-MEDICAL CARB BLOCKER 9 Clinically proven to reduce calories absorbed from dietary carbohydrates 9 Suitable for those with carb-rich diets 9 Can be used alongside XLS-Medical Fat Binder


0.00 - NOW £15.00

£5 OFF

The UK’s No. 1 Weight Loss Tablet* *Source: IRI Worldwide, Slimming Aids, All Outlets, Value Sales, 52 w/e 13th July 2013

Whilst stocks last. Offer valid until 28th Febuary 2014. Not valid with any other offer.

Why not let us look after your prescriptions too. We deliver to most areas in and around Forth Valley. Bannockburn | Fallin | Cowie | Stirling Uni | Carronshore

www.rightmedicinepharmacy.co.uk 14 | LOVELOCAL












Network Marketing Are you feeling the pinch after Christmas? Would you like to earn additional income, or start your own home based business? Starting a Network Marketing business may be the answer. Network Marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing is thought to have been created as early as the 1920’s. It is a marketing strategy whereby the sales force each become consultants for the company; this often involves a consultancy fee which provides you with a starter pack. Each sales person is compensated not only for the sales they personally generate through direct selling to customers, but also for the sales of the other people they recruit. This recruited sales force is often referred to as the consultant’s “downline”, and provides multiple levels of compensation.

Most notable Network Marketing companies include Avon, Kleeneze, Herbalife, Arbonne, Forever Living and ViSaslus. However do not be fooled, like any business, network marketing requires a lot of determination, focus and commitment and it certainly won’t be your route to making “a quick fortune”.


North America’s #1 Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge has arrived in the UK. Be part of history in the making!


For more information contact Carrie-Anne Williams T: 07584291639 E: carriewilliams@myarbonne.co.uk www.carriewilliams.myarbonne.co.uk

New Year New You New Health New Wealth Get with the fast moving trend now! Call Anne-Margaret: 0141 416 5050 or a-m@healthadvocate.co.uk



WE ARE RECRUITING! ILS provides rewarding employment opportunities in your local area at many levels from home carers/support workers to management roles, with excellent career development opportunities and employee benefits.  

ILS provides high-quality community based care services across Scotland. Our staff are dedicated to supporting individuals to live as independently as possible. Headquartered in Alva, with offices across Scotland, ILS has worked within local communities for over 10 years helping to make a real difference to peoples lives.

We provide care to over 3,000 service users every day and have devoted staff of over 1,400 people who operate to the highest possible standards. Offering a person-centred approach ILS provides a range of support services depending upon the individuals needs with care provided for Children & Families, Adults with support needs and care for Older People.

For more information on our services or to apply for work Please contact Head Office on 01259 768 600 or Recruitment Hotline on 0800 055 6219 Web: www.ilsscotland.com Email – enquiries@ilsscotland.com Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Money matters,

especially as a Single Parent by Jennifer Tervit Mcdonald, singled-up

As a single parent it is extremely hard to make ends meet, the cost of food is going up, kids are always growing and need new clothes, and childcare costs are always a problem. So do you have new goals for the New Year to help with these problems? Perhaps to get a new job that suits your circumstances better? Get into further education to get that dream job you have always wanted? Or start your own business to gain a better work/life balance?

and Clackmannanshire. There is a lot of useful information from essay writing fact sheets to interesting Guest Blogs. Plus great links to other organisations that can help and guide you through your journey into the world of work. You can also join our Facebook Community pages for each area at: Stirling - www.facebook.com/ SingledUpLtdStirling

At www.singledup.co.uk we provide all the information you need for “How to” do all of the above. We cover Stirling, Falkirk





Bathroom Planet Stirling




www.bathroomplanet.co.uk Tel: 01786 472227

E l eg a nt Pai nted I vor y & B lu e

Smooth painted Shaker, available in eight fashionable colours. Please see pages 10 - 13 for more options.

Bathroom Planet (Stirling) Ltd 10 Munro Road Stirling Stirlingshire FK7 7UU

Shown with handle suite 203






NEW SHOWROOM NOW OPEN CASTLE ROAD, CAUSEWAYHEAD Call Jim MacDiarmid on 01786 460228 or 07810 818459 Qualified Master Fitter C.S.C.S NICF NVQ2


HOME, SWEET, HOME g lt tin LE g Sa vel 9 ut ND Icin Sho 19.9 key c BU e - w £ R e D no ICE ard TE hit g S PR tand IN W din R s W ium Fol OU on r E em te 0 RE Pr Win 30.0 EF + £ ON P RR GET E ON


What we do 17 Upper Craigs, Stirling FK8 2DG Tel: 01786 470 740 Mob: 0754 597 1104 (available 24hrs) Opening Hours: Mon-Thur 9am - 5:00pm Friday 9am - 3:30pm Saturday 10am - 3:00pm


Key cutting 24hr locksmith Photos to canvas 50% OFF Number plates Tool and knife sharpening Car key replacements Glass engraving Cut to code keys Passport photos Trophies engraving Watch strap and batteries Dedicated British standard lock supplier


DB Maintenance Solutions are a local FM company with fully qualified engineers providing Eletrical & Heating repairs and maintenance on commerical and domestic systems. We can provide the following services:

• • • • • • • • • •

Commercial Heating & ventilation services B Facilities maintenance & management ur Fire alarm and associated equipment O Building management controls (BMS) g is Grass and Grounds Maintenance. din Air Conditioning Services uil Access/security services rB u Electrical services Yo Lighting controls Landlord Safety Certs



in us


DOMESTIC GAS BOILER SPECIAL - FULL SERVICE ONLY £65 Contact us now for any requirements you may have . 07795 323 625 or email info@db-maint.co.uk www.db-maint.co.uk LOVELOCAL | 25




Rent out your home for the RYDER CUP by Alasdair devine, devine property The Ryder Cup which is being held at Gleneagles in September 2014 promises to be one of the highlights of the Golfing calendar. As well as a fantastic spectacle it represents an opportunity for local homeowners to generate revenue by renting out their property. With most Hotels in Central Scotland fully booked and a shortage of availability close to the venue there is a growing demand for properties within easy reach of the venue via Park & Ride and local transport links. Many Golfing enthusiasts are willing to pay a premium for the right property with some opting to stay longer to enjoy the many other attractions nearby. However, there are pitfalls associated

with short term lets and it is recommended that owners seek advice in arranging the right type of agreement, insurance, inventory checks & many other aspects which are crucial to ensure the short term let doesn’t turn into a long term nightmare. Devine Property offer a bespoke full management service or a tenant finding only service. We are based in Stirling and provide a 24 hour service to ensure any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. If you are interested in marketing your property for this prestigious event please call Devine Property on 01786 358 127 or drop by the office at 51 Baker Street Stirling to arrange a no obligation marketing appraisal of your property.

Have you considered renting out your property during the Ryder Cup 2014 which is being held in Gleneagles during September 23rd – 28th Devine Property urgently require all types of properties in your area to accommodate visitors within 1 hours travelling distance of the venue. If this is of interest and you would like to discuss marketing your property for this event please contact Allan or Alasdair on 01786 358127 for an initial no obligation discussion.

Call: 01786 358127

Email: info@devineproperty.co.uk www.devineproperty.co.uk







9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9

Caravan Repairs & Services Motorhome Habitation - MOTs & Services Insurance Work Accepted Motor Movers Supplied & Fitted Window Replacement Caravan Storage Full Service From £130 Truma and CITO trained engineers

Fully seasoned firewood logs & kindling. Delivered in bags or bulk. Best prices guaranteed.

Contact Andrew to order: m: 07793 158817 t: 01360 660911 e: andrew@lomondlogs.co.uk

The Yard, Sauchenford, Plean, FK7 8AP TEL: 01786 489022 or 07776 438147 EMAIL: www.stirlingshirecaravans1@gmail.com WEBSITE: www.stirlingshirecaravans.co.uk


TARTAN TIMBER Supplying firewood logs, and kindling direct to your door.

Call Dawn on 07795 966 514 www.tartantimber.com tartantimber@hotmail.com

9 9 9 9 9 9

Professional Chimney Sweeping Can be done in any weather No Mess Part of ICS Stove Insulation CCTV Inspections

Single Story from £45 Two - Story from £55 Call Dawn on 07795 966 514 www.tartantimber.com tartantimber@hotmail.com



10% OFF everything in stock


or 8mm Underlay

When you spend over ÂŁ199



XTREME COMBAT COMPETITION WIN combat for 4 people (at Newbridge) worth £80 Ages 8+ Battle your way through a range of adrenaline packed missions, purposely designed for your group! A typical “game” includes 6 missions, lasting approx 90 minutes in 2000m2 all-weather combat arena (featuring a range of bases, barricades, vehicles and obstacles!) Using state of the art MP5 guns that fire a harmless infra-red beam (with incredible accuracy), hits are detected by sensors allowing an incredibly realistic game, whilst ensuring it’s painless and exciting. Everyone receives a full safety briefing before playing, allowing you to familiarise yourself with your MP5 weapon, listen to the mission, discuss tactics with your team then it’s GO, GO, GO!!!! Plus, there is no need to buy costly refills, as Xtreme Combat will provide you with all the ammunition you should need! Enter online at lovelocalmag.com Closing date 30th January 2013 Terms & Conditions: This competition is being run by Xtreme Karting, Newbridge. The competition provider is responsible for the provision of the offer or prizes and KST Marketing Ltd will not be responsible for or have any liability for the provision of those offers or prizes. Details of all entries will be kept on a database and will be passed to third parties to allow the processing of the competition and prize fulfillment unless you specifically otherwise. The competition provider may use your details to contact you with future offers/information they deem suitable.

3 LUCKY WINNERS CAN WIN A BODY BY VI NUTRITIONAL WEIGHT LOSS SHAKE TASTER PACK containing 6 shakes Taste what all the BUZZ is about! BodyByVi is the number one fitness and weight loss platform in the US and Canada and has just launched in the UK. BodyByVi is the “shake mix that tastes like a cake mix”. Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix offers a convenient, perfectly balanced meal that can save you money while providing nutrition. Enter online at lovelocalmag.Com Terms & Conditions: This competition is being run by Pam Khan, Independent Distributer for Body by Vi. The competition provider is responsible for the provision of the offer or prizes and KST Marketing Ltd will not be responsible for or have any liability for the provision of those offers or prizes. Details of all entries will be kept on a database and will be passed to third parties to allow the processing of the competition and prize fulfillment unless you specifically otherwise. The competition provider may use your details to contact you with future offers/information they deem suitable.


COMING SOON! Love Local are launching powerful, new opportunities to help you build your business and connect with the Stirling community.

If you are reading this, then so are your potential advertisers. With 31,000 circulation and door to door delivery with Royal Mail, Love Local is guaranteed to reach your target audience. BUSINESS DIRECTORY


Love Local will be launching an invaluable business directory both in our magazine and online. Space will be limited and starts from only £30 per month.

Love Local will also be launching a comprehensive events guide on our brand new website launching in March to coincide with our first full magazine of the year. List your charity or community event FREE by emailing Karen@lovelocalmag.com

circulated to


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Free magazine the only MAGAZINE distributed every

covering all of Stirling, Bridge of Allan and Dunblane


two months by

Royal Mail

We want to hear about your engagement or wedding stories – email Karen@LoveLocalMag.com and your story might be printed in our March/April magazine.

GET IN TOUCH Karen@lovelocalmag.com lovelocalmag lovelocalmag.com @lovelocalmag Look out for Love Local’s stickers displayed in shop windows across Stirling. Order your free window stickers by emailing karen@lovelocalmag.com