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FREEDOM BANDI ISAAC Editor’s Note! Todays human life is connected with ‘relationships’. This bonding is outward appearance. There is a law of Government behind this relation but there is an indirect law behind this, that is God’s law. By faith this law of government to people and the one who maintain this God’s law is direct. These two types of direct and indirect laws are bonded with people, in such case, do we have any freedom or not?. When there is a presence of ‘Law’ shall we call it freedom or not? The Law by default give freedom or keep us away from it?. In fact, there is a freedom even when there is law; the freedom is bonded with law and rules. Freedom does allow what ought to be done and the law enforces what ought not be done. In this way man and society will be away from crime. This will allow man to have freedom like a bird in the sky enjoying everywhere within the boundaries of law, in living without fear.



This type of freedom and law, the creator of the universe gave to Adam and Eve, by giving the law of freedom to eat and not to eat. As the time pass by in freedom to eat what ought to be eaten means; to do what ought to be done but the man astride from this and ate what should not be eaten according to the law. He does it with the freedom given by Almighty.

As such, he broke the law and became culprit and also lost the divine bonding, freedom, peace with the Almighty Lord. In such condition he was frightened to the call of God, unable to show his face to God in nakedness, which means being ashamed and aware of his transgression he hidden himself .

Transgression makes a man to feel guilty in the heart; it’s like how one feels being naked. Though he has freedom, he was unable to face and respond to the call of God because he ‘broke the law’ by exercising his freedom but could not enjoy the freedom and lost the peace of mind. Therefore with realization repentance, confession by correcting himself, leaving that ought to be left, leaving that old nature through Christ will gain the peace accord with the Lord. This Change will give Peace and Freedom to humanity.




Editor's note by BANDI ISAAC

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