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Meat Grinder one of the most graphic gore films ever passed ‘uncut’ by the BBFC.

Issue 2 and double the fun, guts, blood and gore. Anyone for seconds?

What’s in store this month

As we had hoped, the first edition of our newsletter went down really well. The readership is already growing, and it has been a really positive experience for us all at Love Horror. First off, we have had a lot of interest from people in the horror industry. This has been great because more people are noticing us, and that means that we get even more opportunities. That means more films to review and more content for the site. Secondly and most importantly, the horror lovers and review readers out there are enjoying the newsletter too. We hoped that you guys would be hungry for more of our content - perhaps not quite satisfied with the amount that you get from the web - and now you have it. A newsletter that is 4 pages now instead of just two. And who knows, if we go on like this, there might be 30 pages this time next year (eek).

So, what did we fill the extra two pages with? Well to be honest it has been a tight squeeze fitting it all in. We have features on a couple of our big release over the next month or so, not to mention news on an event or two that should tickle your fancy. We also have an exclusive newsletter competition, courtesy of our friends at which is NOT available on our site. So the only way that you can win is to receive the newsletter. If you’re reading this now, you’re half way there!

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We have been trying hard to give you at least one tasty morsel of horror information every day, be it news, a feature or a review. And the competitions have been as popular as ever, one of which is running for the whole of August. We’re also encouraging more feedback from you guys, so GET INVOLVED!

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Syfy Highlights: This month, watch the full feature ‘War Wolves’ FREE on the Syfy website: War Wolves

By now we hope that you will have noticed some of the changes to the site. We have already created a few new pages that should already be helping you to track down the content that you’re after.

If you like horror and have ever fancied yourself as a movie reviewer, then we could have use for you. Love Horror is always on the look out for contributors, whether that’s writing features, news items or full reviews. And if you join our team, you too could get to watch exclusive releases and even attend the odd preview screening in order that you can write up your experiences in a creative and engaging way. If you’d like to submit some content just let us know.

Meat Grinder Thanks for the offer but I’ve lost my appetite.

What are we most looking forward to at Frightfest 2010? 1. The Final Partly because we’re friends with the producers and partly because this film looks great, The Final is first on our ‘must see’ list. Teen outcasts exact bloody revenge on their tormentors in this high school shocker.

Horror hors d'oeuvre As another blood soaked horror feature heads to your small screens, Love Horror reviewers Mad Woman in the Attic and Jonesy the Cat give you a sneak preview of two forthcoming DVD releases.

Don’t mince your words The trailer for Meat Grinder really drew me in – so completely different to the ‘tell you everything’ approach of US horror film trailers (or just many Hollywood films in general). It seemed almost abstract, disconcerting, affective and hinted at lots of highly physicalised violence. As such, it gives a fairly accurate impression of the experience of watching the film, which is nothing if not disconcerting, shocking, at times deeply repulsive, but also quite gripping. I won’t go into details of the narrative, partly because after only one viewing I have to admit to not being entirely sure what was happening. The short version is that is elliptical, puzzling, very violent and definitely not for the squeamish. Meat Grinder seems to be determined to keep you on the wrong foot, turn you around and generally assault the viewer on all angles: visually, aurally and narratively. I spent a lot of the film flinching, squirming and crying out in disgust at the onscreen events – it is not at all slick, nor does it attempt to involve the viewer or make them collude in it through humour or energetic presentation.

Talking trash Trash Humpers opens with a series of images depicting three deranged pensioners humping, groping and fellating garbage

cans and foliage alike. Through the grim mirk of VHS static these characters are lent a nightmare quality that is only amplified by each of their artificial and equally monstrous looking faces. And yet, as one of them systematically suckles on a tree branch whilst tenderly fondling its imaginary balls, one cannot help but laugh. This duality, of the disturbing and the humorous, is a signature only one man could pull off so effectively.

Harmony Korine’s Gummo was a minor triumph of alternative cinema, nonchalantly dealing with drugs, homelessness, disabilities, mental illness and more in one daring and all encompassing film. By contrast, Trash Humpers is a lo-fi sketch book of perverse vignettes and spiritually closer to his 1999 feature, Julien Donkey Boy. Shot as if it were an amateur home video and with no particular narrative or moral to be drawn from it, Trash Humpers stands as a perplexing yet mesmerising instillation of pure feeling and sociopathic humour. The full reviews of these films will be published on the Love Horror site in due course. Meat Grinder is out on DVD on August 23rd, courtesy fo 4Digital Media. Trash Humpers is out on 20th September courtesy of O’ Salvation and Alcove Entertainment

2. A Serbian Film Tipped by many to be the most controversial film of the festival, this Eastern European feature is said to have scenes which take torture horror to new unparalleled levels. 3.The Dead This African zombie tale has been getting lots of attention, not least on Love Horror where our ‘behind the scenes’ video diaries of the production have been very popular. 4. Burning Bright We’re trying not to go on about it too much, but two people stuck in a house with a killer tiger?! So many questions need to be answered. Plus, there is no CGI, this is 100% real tiger! 5. Damned by Dawn This great looking Aussie horror was a late entry to the festival (replacing another which was withdrawn) but in fact looks to be one of the highlights of the festival. 6. Primal Re-edit of After Dusk They Come.

Film Club Monday the 16th August saw the latest of the Alibi Film Club’s free retro movie screenings - the gore filled classic Bay of Blood . The club is small, but great fun and there are more events planned, so if you want to join (it’s great fun), sign up to their Facebook group:

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Blood River

Burning Bright

Trash Humpers

Vengeful angel of death walks desert roads hoping to hitch a ride and bring a bit of pain and ‘absolution’ to anyone unlucky enough to pick him up.

Cute girl + young autistic boy + giant killer tiger = a movie that we’re really looking forward to seeing. One of the great films that’s set to debut at Frightfest.

Old people get freaky with inanimate objects and generally leave us feeling very disturbed in this strangely ‘mesmerising’ movie.

Ghost Stories



Love Horror takes a momentary screen break to head to London and watch the theatrical performance of Ghost Stories. We were not disappointed.

Frightfest itself is THE horror event of the year for us, which is why we go on about it so much. We hope to have lots of coverage of the event.

Three teens get stuck on a ski lift and end up spending a weekend suspended in the freezing cold. Quite how this happens we’re yet to find out.

Funny Games

The FInal

Cherry Tree Lane

Love Horror reviewers celebrated the Blu Ray release of Funny Games (2007) by sitting through all the horrendous torture again.

We’re finally going to be able to see it. The Final is one movie that we have been backing since its release in the US.

Home invasion has never been so horrible (Home Alone eat your heart out) as an axe weilding killer comes to tea.

Frightfest - Controversy, carnage, cannibalism, chills and a clutch of classy special guests As previously announced Adam Green’s HATCHET II will open the festival on Thursday 26th at 6.30pm and Daniel Stamm’s THE LAST EXORCISM will bring the curtain down Monday 30th at 9.30pm. Adam will be attending alongside the main cast – Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder & Tony Todd. Daniel will be attending, alongside producer Eli Roth. This year there are eight British films in the main programme (another record) including MONSTERS, Gareth Edwards’ sensational post-Apocalyptic debut, The Ford Brothers’ Cannes-hyped African Zombie flick THE DEAD (zombies most welcome to the screening) and Johannes Roberts F – in which a school gets a lesson in horror! Other home-grown titles are East-End gangsters meet Eastern European vampires in DEAD CERT, nasty gangland horror ISLE OF DOGS, Paul Andrew Williams’ harrowing CHERRY TREE LANE and werewolf thriller 13HRS. Plus, Jake West will be presenting his in-depth documentary VIDEO NASTIES: MORAL PANIC, CENSORSHIP AND VIDEOTAPE, which will be followed by a Q & A panel discussion.

The Q & A with director Srdjan Spasojevic should be rather lively as FrightFest is screening the UK premiere of his hot button movie, A SERBIAN FILM. Not far behind in the controversy stakes is the unrated remake of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, which will receive its European premiere. Other high-voltage shockers include Simon Rumley’s harrowing psychosexual drama RED WHITE & BLUE, the taut horror western RED HILL, the visceral pulse-setter PRIMAL, Robert Lieberman’s twisty thriller THE TORTURED, and stylishly sick Aussie pic THE LOVED ONES. There are plenty of bodies on the menu in WE ARE WHAT WE ARE, acclaimed at Cannes as “the Mexican ‘Let The Right One In’” and meal-times get the Gallic touch in Franck Richard’s dark debut feature THE PACK. The undead are also unleashed in The Krypto Brothers’ DAMNED BY DAWN, making it four films from ‘down under’ in the festival this year – another record. 2010 sees the welcome return of highcalibre Asian fare and three to savour are DREAM HOME, (‘Friday 13th’ meets ‘Location, Location, Location’ Hong Kong style), the beguiling BEDEVILLED, from new South Korean kid on the block Jang Cheol-soo and the high-kicking, splatterfest, ALIEN VS NINJA.

This year on Friday 27th, in partnership with Total Film Magazine, the festival celebrates the career of a living legend – our first ‘Total Icon’ - TOBE HOOPER. As well as showing Hooper’s 1974 masterpiece THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE at 1.00pm we will be unveiling his rarely seen, restored and remastered 1969 debut EGGSHELLS at 11.00am. In the UK for the first time in 18 years, Hooper will be interviewed at 3.00pm on stage by Jamie Graham, deputy editor of Total Film Magazine. FrightFest Discovery is back by popular demand, where nine new films will be screening including the European premiere of controversial Kiwi-shocker WOUND, directed by David Blyth. There are also UK premieres for serial-killerthemed CHRISTOPHER ROTH directed by ‘Switchblade Romance’ cinematographer Maxime Alexandre, supernatural cult shocker FINALE and OUTCAST, a gripping nomadic tale starring James Nesbitt. There is also the chance to see the artful masterpiece AMER - especially selected for those who were unable to see it at FrightFest Glasgow earlier this year. Finally, on Sunday 29th welcome to ANDY NYMAN’S QUIZ FROM HELL, hosted by DEAD SET & GHOST STORIES actor Andy Nyman. This is a chance to pit your wits in a mind-bending and interactive test of horror knowledge.

This month it’s COMPETITIONS GALORE with too!

As you may have already noticed we currently have an excellent month-long competition running with If you visit their online store via one of our Love Horror links (banner adverts etc) then you will be entered into a draw to win £50 worth of vouchers. It’s great because, if you’re shopping on Play anyway, you have that added chance of getting something extra out of it. Full details can be found here.

In addition to this, the kind people at Play have offered another prize, just because they like our new e-newsletter so much! Plus, this competition won’t appear on the site, it’s only for you newsletter readers. For your chance to win a copy of 5 star winning Drag me to Hell on region 2 DVD and Danny Dyer’s Doghouse on Blu Ray, follow this link to enter our exclusive e newsletter competition: e-newsletter competition

Take a terrifying trip to’s Horror Store 2 months ‘til Halloween! To any horror fan Halloween is like Christmas except much nastier and much more fun. Look at the similarities, instead of Christmas decorations you put up Halloween decorations. Instead of a turkey dinner with all the trimmings followed by Christmas pudding its pumpkin soup followed by pumpkin risotto followed by pumpkin pie. Instead of yule glogg and mulled wine its Hobgoblin beer and brain hemorrhages. And most importantly instead of reruns of old movies and terrible Xmas specials of unfunny sitcoms on TV its blood, guts, murder and mayhem - WOOHOO! Here at LoveHorror we think its time things changed. We love Halloween and we love getting gifts, so this year we are launching a campaign to get every horror fan to give the gift of horror to those that they love. Our friends at agree and have set up a one stop ‘Horror Store’ packed with gory gifts, spooky soundtracks and devilishly good DVD’s

DVDs that please is one place that you will find a whole horde of killer celluloid. As well as the majority of movies we have reviewed on our site you can also get your blood soaked mitts on some great box-sets and some bargain bin priced classics that all horror fans should own. The Alien Quadrilogy is a must have for any sci-fi horror fan and comes with a mammoth amount of extras along with all four films repackaged, retransferred and in Alien 3’s case re-imagined with a special directors cut which transforms this so-so sci-fi thriller into a much better movie. If you love fast zombie’s then the 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later double pack is perfect for you and on Play at under a

fiver, it’s cheaper than an undead all-youcan-eat buffet. Finally one of the masters of horror, John Carpenter, has a 7 movie box set exploding with horrifying classics. The Fog, They Live, Prince of Darkness, The Thing and the ultimate Halloween movie Halloween are all included, with Escape from New York and Assault on Precinct 13 thrown in for added cinematic satisfaction.

Creepy bought cheaply Lastly comes a trio of terror’s for under three pounds including Stephen King’s killer clown classic It, the original and still spooky The Haunting, and most impressive of all An American Werewolf In London two disc edition which has been digitally remastered and loaded with bonus features (including an all-new feature-length retrospective documentary).

High Definition Horror Finally onto some ball-breakingly beautiful Blu-ray business and at Play you can pick up a whole host of unholy horrors in high-def. The five star reviewed Zombieland gets the visual detail it deserves on Blu-ray, coming through packed with features including an exclusive "Beyond the Graveyard" behind the scenes Picture-inPicture track. Next up are the remakes of The Wolfman and A Nightmare on Elm Street, the first an extended cut which comes in a limited edition Steelbook and the second which includes the intriguingly named Triple Play Edition. Cleverly realising that most people watch movies on a multitude of devices the Nightmare on Elm Street disc comes in Blu-ray, DVD and as a Digital Copy so you can enjoy Freddy from your TV, laptop and even your iPod.

On our want list: Rec 2 The high scoring Spanish scarer is now available to buy. Question is, do you really have the guts to watch it in the confines of your own home?!

Case 39 Troubled child, possessed little person or evil offspring? It’s a tough call in this twisted psychological shocker starring Renee Zelwegger. You can buy it on DVD now give your official diagnosis later.

Saw VII (3D) Possibly THE biggest horror release of 2010 will be Saw VII, or Saw 3D as it may widely be known (because it’s going to be in 3D). It’s Due out in cinemas at the end of October and you can bet that there will be lots of Saw-related bargains available on as a result.

The Horror - August 2010  
The Horror - August 2010  

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