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Transfer Audiobook from iPod to Mac I found it many iPod users like to read audiobook and there are a lot of audiobook in their iPod devices. However, what if your friends want to share them together with you on Mac? Do you know how to transfer audiobook from iPod to Mac? Don't worry about that, now we recommend an Audiobook to Mac Transfer - Best iPod to Mac Transfer Software to help you solve this problem. The tool can help you to transfer iPod audiobook to Mac easily within a very short time. Seeing is believing, if you want to export audiobook from iPod to Mac, just download the tool to your Mac and follow the guide below, you will know the skills of transferring iPod audiobook to Mac soon.

Guide: How to export Audiobook from iPod to Mac? Step 1: Download, install, run and connect First you need to download the iMac iPod to Mac Transfer to your Mac computer for free. Then launch the software and connect your iPod to your Mac.

Step 2: Settings Click "Books" from the left of your iPod list. There will be the list of your iPod audiobook. Mark the audiobook files you want to transfer from the list on the right of

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Step 3: Save audiobook files to your Mac Choose a folder from your Mac as the destination route, then hit "Save" to finish the exporting. You need to select "OK" when all the transferring process are done. Well, now you can share the audiobook on your Mac with your friends together, happy or not? Download it now and to have fun!

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How to Transfer Audiobook from iPod to Mac  

Do you have many iPod audiobook? Want to transfer audiobook to your Mac computer and read them together with your friends? Just follow this...

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