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How to Transfer Playlists from iPod to Computer? It's a nightmare to lose all data of iPod when reformat iPod by mistake. If so, all song, movie, photo, book, TV show, etc. may never return if you have made a backup files of iPod in advance. Here we will tell you how to back up iPod files and keep them on computer. Let's take how to transfer playlists from iPod to computer as the example. First of all, we need to choose a professional iPod transfer to help us. iPod Music to Computer Transfer is just the nice software which can easily get video, book, photo, playlist and any other files of iPod to computer. What the more excited thing is it can also be used to iPad and iPhone. Here comes a simple tutorial and you may free download this stunning software to follow the guide step-by-step.

Tutorial: How to Transfer Playlists from iPod to Computer? Step 1: Install the downloaded iPod transfer to your computer and then link the iPod device with computer as well. Just run it and the software will list the information of iPod on its interface.

Step 2: You can go to the "Playlists" folder to mark all playlists you need. Then mark them.

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Step 3: Once you have finished steps above, just hit the

to start the whole

project. This software is so easy to handle that you needn't worry about how to use it. With this practical software, you will not be puzzled by how to transfer playlists from iPod to computer. Just free download iPod to Computer Transfer to transfer photos, music, video, etc. from iPod to computer within the same steps.

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Transfer Playlists from iPod to Computer  

If you have a iPod Music to Computer Transfer, you may transfer playlists from iPod to computer with ease. This software is very easy to use...

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