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About Jersey

Jersey heritage

With its unspoilt landscape and unique blend

At Jersey Heritage, we bring to life the rich history

of British and French influences, Jersey really

and culture of this beautiful Island. By hiring

is a place where you can get away from it all.

a Jersey Heritage venue for a private function,

Relax and enjoy the famed hospitality of its people,

wedding or holiday let, you can become a part of

and lose yourself in the Island’s winding lanes

the Island’s history, sharing in and enjoying the

or on its breath-taking coast. Culture vultures

iconic backdrops that have shaped our way of life.

will discover history at every turn, walkers will be captivated by the Island’s stunning natural beauty and families can relax without a care on its pristine beaches. Jersey is the ideal place to clear your head, indulge in some exhilarating outdoor sports, or simply live the life! The Island’s official language is English and the currency is sterling, yet the streets are named in French. So, one way or another, Jersey feels reassuringly familiar to visitors from either side of the Channel.

To find out more about Jersey visit www.jersey.com St Ouen’s Bay

Discover Jersey Museum and the Maritime Museum, explore Mont Orgueil Castle and Elizabeth Castle, and enjoy the picturesque surroundings of Hamptonne Country Life Museum and the ancient grounds of La Hougue Bie. There is a Jersey Heritage venue for everyone and to suit every occasion.

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Corporate & Private Hire Jersey Heritage has a choice of fascinating and

Some of these sites have been at the heart of Island

unique heritage sites available for hire. Whether it

life for 3,000 years; in choosing to hold your event

is for a large dinner or ball at a castle, a drinks

with us you are helping to preserve Jersey’s culture

reception in a farmhouse or a breakfast meeting

and heritage for future generations.

at a museum, we can offer an exceptional, memorable venue and plan an event or a day of activities specifically catered to your budget and requirements. Animating each of our sites is our living history

Along with our fascinating sites we have a choice of excellent caterers and suppliers to use for your event. For further information on this and our prices, availability and packages please contact the Jersey Heritage Venues Team.

re-enactment team. From Victorian housekeepers to musket-wielding Militiamen, they bring the history of the sites to life and ensure an unforgettable experience for all guests. Our Jersey Heritage Venues Team will discuss your requirements with you prior to your event.

01534 633312 01534 633301 venuehire@jerseyheritage.org www.jerseyheritage.org

Make your event an historic occasion.

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Mont Orgueil Castle Standing majestically over the fishing village of Gorey, Mont Orgueil Castle provides a dramatic backdrop to any event. Built in the 13th century to protect the Island against the French, this jewel in Jersey’s crown is one of the best-preserved castles in Britain and one of the most photographed sites in the Island.

The Medieval Great Hall

The Lower Ward

Standing high up in the heart of the building,

This area offers easy access for all guests and an

this hall is the oldest part of the medieval castle

unrivalled view of Jersey’s east coast. Guests can

and is believed to have been the site of grand

enjoy spectacular views of the castle and sea,

celebrations and ceremonies. With a beaten

whilst having drinks before dinner in a marquee.

earth floor, vaulted roof and arched windows

In the summer months the Lower Ward can

looking down to the sea and across to the coast

also be hired for BBQs and drinks functions.

of France, it offers an impressive location for dinners, drinks parties and presentations. Dinner




Drinks / buffet




Drinks / buffet




The Grand Battery

The Tudor Chamber

This was originally a 16th century gun battery

This room boasts an oak floor, high ceiling and

dominates the North Eastern part of the castle and

leaded windows and was used by the Governors

offers superb views of Jersey’s east coast and across

of Jersey in the 16th Century. It can now be

the sea to France. It is the perfect location for a

used for functions and parties with portraits of

summer’s evening drinks function before either

Queen Elizabeth I and II presiding over events.

entering the castle for dinner or going back down

and is now a sweeping lawned platform that

to the lower ward for a function in a marquee. Dinner


Drinks / buffet






The Herb Garden This is a recreation of a 17th century formal garden. It is an idyllic sheltered spot and excellent for pre-dinner drinks with exceptional, uninterrupted views out to sea.

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The Castle Green This is a superb site for large marquee functions. The green has excellent views across the bay to St Helier and St Aubin.



The Governor’s House and Terrace Built in the 14th century, The Governor’s House was once home to Charles II and Sir Walter Raleigh. This beautiful building, with a large outside terrace, is located near the top of the castle and has fantastic views. The house boasts two original granite fireplaces and wooden floors. It is available for daytime and evening hire for dinner parties, lunches, presentations or a summer drinks reception on the terrace.



Drinks / buffet


Elizabeth Castle Jersey has been protected for 300 years by this fortification built on an islet in St Aubin’s Bay. Twice a day this imposing castle is surrounded by the rising tide making it a truly spectacular venue. Due to the unique location of the castle, access is very dependent on the tide and weather. The castle ferry can operate at all times except when the tide is high and the wind is strong creating a rough sea. Please take advice from our staff when booking your function. For certain types of event only specific dates will be available.

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Hamptonne country life museum Located in the heart of Jersey’s countryside, Hamptonne is a beautifully restored farm with a collection of thatched granite houses, stables and meadows. It is an idyllic rural site, offering a traditional and memorable setting for any occasion.

Hamptonne House

Le Pressoir – The Press House

Restored to how it would have looked in the

With its traditional press and granite apple

1640s, the house provides an atmospheric setting

crusher, this is a special venue for a drinks

for your event. Filled with candles, with open fires

function or buffet. It is particularly popular

and a Jacobean banqueting table, this house is a

in the winter months for candlelit receptions

special venue for a dinner or drinks reception.

with mulled cider and bean crock.


Drinks / buffet


Drinks / buffet



The Courtyard

The whole site

This area is available in the evenings for an

The whole farm can be hired for the evening.

outdoor drinks reception surrounded by the

All the buildings remain open and guests are

restored farm buildings with thatched roofs,

free to explore the farm. Drinks, with stories

which create a beautiful backdrop.

from our Goodwyf and other living history characters, can be taken in the courtyard or the cider barn, before a dinner in Hamptonne House

Drinks Reception


or a stroll through the archway and past the herb garden to a marquee overlooking the meadow.



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Whole Museum Hire

The large ground floor Concourse at Jersey

The whole museum is available for hire in the

Museum is an excellent setting for an

evenings with all exhibition rooms, the Merchant’s

evening drinks reception, award ceremonies

House and the art gallery open for up to 250

and launches for up to 150 guests.

guests to explore.

Ouless Room

Drinks Reception


The Ouless room is situated in a quiet area of the

The Merchant’s House No 9 Pier Road adjoins Jersey Museum and is one of the finest examples of a 19th century town house in Jersey. It has been fully restored to how

Museum. Delegates will pass through the Barreau Le Maistre art gallery on their way to this bright, modern meeting room. With full wheelchair access and air-conditioning, the room is ideal for meetings, presentations, workshops and courses.

it would have looked in 1861 when it was home to a prosperous family in Victorian St Helier. Dinner and drinks receptions can be held in the beautiful gas-lit drawing room and functions can incorporate a guided tour of the house or art gallery.







The Concourse Theatre The theatre is located on the ground floor adjacent to the Concourse and can be hired



Drinks Reception


for events such as presentations, launches and awards evenings. Accommodating up to 50 guests this can be used in conjunction with a drinks reception in the Museum concourse. It is also available for early morning presentations with breakfast in the Brasserie or Concourse.

Jersey museum The Jersey Museum explains the traditions and culture of the Island and is a peaceful refuge in the heart of St Helier. Easily accessible, the site has a number of areas for hire and is ideal for meetings, workshops, launches or social events, with the benefit of an on-site brasserie that boasts an award-winning al fresco dining area.

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La Hougue Bie 2,000 years older than the Pyramids, La Hougue Bie has dominated Jersey’s landscape for 6,000 years. The impressive mound is topped by a medieval chapel and surrounded by mature trees. The site has seen many changes over the years and today this peaceful site offers a unique insight into the lives of our distant ancestors and is a superb venue for an evening function.

Maritime museum Set in the old harbour area of St Helier and housed in historic granite warehouses, the award winning Maritime Museum in an ideal venue for a special function. Events such as drinks receptions, presentations, award ceremonies, and product and press launches can be held here. The Museum is very convenient for local businesses as it is only a 10-minute walk from the town centre and ample public parking is available nearby.

The Globe Room

The Occupation Tapestry Gallery

tranquil and impressive venue for receptions,

The centrepiece of the Museum is the Globe

The gallery houses 12 vibrant and emotive

parties, balls, meetings and presentations.

Room. This fascinating space is filled with

tapestries documenting the German

interactive exhibits and is an impressive

Occupation of Jersey. It is a popular

and memorable venue for any function.

space for presentations and tours.

A marquee under the mature trees, in the gardens at the base of the mound, offers a



Drinks / buffet


Drinks Reception


Drinks Reception


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Jersey Archive

Living History

The Jersey Archive was built in 1993 to collect and preserve the records of the Island. As well as collecting records, the Jersey Archive is committed to making the Island’s records widely available to the public.

Our Living History team brings the Jersey Heritage sites to life with entertainment tailored to your requirements. Offering everything from guided tours and storytelling to musket wielding Militiamen, the team will ensure a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. To find out more about character availability and prices, speak to our Jersey Heritage Venues Team.

Meetings The Louise Rose Room This bright, airy and comfortable meeting room with modern facilities and equipment is housed in the Archive building in a quiet part of St Helier. The room is fully wheelchair accessible, with an adjoining kitchen and on-site parking. The room is an excellent venue for courses, presentations or workshop sessions.







Heritage Weddings • Page 17

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Jersey Heritage has a choice of beautiful and

Our service

captivating wedding venues, from imposing castles to a Victorian merchant’s house, from

We are here to help with the plans for your

a 17th century farmhouse to a picturesque

wedding day. Our Jersey Heritage Wedding

medieval chapel on a hill. Your wedding will

Assistant will show you around the venue,

be made even more memorable set against

advise on plans and arrangements and

the backdrop of one of these historic sites.

be on site throughout your special day

Whether you plan to have a simple, intimate

to ensure everything runs smoothly.

ceremony or the elaborate wedding of your dreams we have the perfect venue for you.

01534 633312 01534 633318 weddings@jerseyheritage.org www.jerseyheritage.org

‘We had a wonderful and extremely memorable day. It most definitely exceeded all expectations and you even made the sun shine for us – amazing!’

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Mont Orgueil Castle Mont Orgueil Castle is one of the best-preserved castles in Britain and one of the most striking and attractive sites in the Island. Built in the 13th century to protect the Island against the French, this dramatic castle towers over the harbour at Gorey. With spectacular views of the Island’s east coast and across the sea to France, it makes the perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony or reception. Civil ceremonies are held in the candlelit Medieval Great Hall at the very top of the Castle with views across to France. Religious ceremonies can take place inside the Chapel of St George or at an outside altar at the heart of the castle that creates the most

Fact File Civil and religious ceremonies Civil Partnerships Ceremony capacity 100 Wedding receptions Marquee capacity 130 Reception for up to 60 inside the castle Choice of outside areas for drinks Receptions on site until 1.00am Stunning views Only one wedding on site at a time

stunning and unique venue for a ceremony. Choice of caterers After your ceremony, drinks can be held in a number of beautiful locations such as the de Carteret

‘Our wedding at Mont Orgueil Castle was simply magical and could not have been better.’

Garden, the Middle Ward or the Grand Battery whilst your guests are entertained by a dramatic

Bride’s changing room Wedding Co-ordinator

firing of the cannon or a display of sword fighting.

Music licence

Wedding receptions can be held in a marquee in the

Biodegradable confetti permitted

lower castle or in a choice of rooms inside the castle.

Fireworks permitted Red wine permitted Stiletto heels permitted Re-enactors available

Heritage Weddings • Page 21

Fact File Civil ceremonies Civil Partnerships

Heritage Weddings • Page 22

Elizabeth Castle Elizabeth Castle in St Aubin’s Bay defended the Island

Ceremony capacity 100 Choice of outside areas for drinks Only one wedding on site at a time Choice of caterers

from attack for 300 years. Civil wedding ceremonies are held in the Governor’s House, which was built in the 1590s. Sir Walter Raleigh was its first resident and it was where Charles II lived during his short stay in the 1640s. This beautiful building has a large terrace, perfect for drinks after your ceremony and is located

Bride’s changing room

near the top of the castle where the views are fantastic.

Guest accommodation

The Castle Ferry will take you and your guests to and

Stunning views Wedding Co-ordinator Music licence

from the castle and members of the 1781 Jersey Militia can mark your marriage with a musket salute or cannon firing. Due to the unique location of the castle, access is very dependent on the tide and weather. The castle ferry

Wheelchair access Biodegradable confetti permitted Fireworks permitted Red wine permitted Stiletto heels permitted Re-enactors available

can operate at all times except when the tide is high and the wind is strong creating a rough sea. Please take advice from our staff when booking your function. For certain types of event only specific dates will be available.

‘…everything was perfect and beyond what we imagined. It’s amazing how the Governor’s House is transformed when full of people. It was definitely an unforgettable day for us and all our guests.’

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Hamptonne country life museum Hamptonne is a collection of fine traditional Jersey farmhouses dating back to the 17th century, which have been restored to their original beauty. Located in the heart of the Island’s countryside, it is an idyllic site. The Langlois House is the perfect venue for a civil wedding ceremony and boasts some of the oldest

‘It really couldn’t have been more beautiful or magical’

Fact File Civil ceremony capacity 120 Civil Partnerships Choice of 4 ceremony areas Marquee capacity 130 Inside reception rooms, capacity 20 Receptions on site until 1.00am Choice of outside areas for drinks

architectural features in the Island, along with an open fire and original beams. There is also a choice of other charming ceremony spaces at the site. After your ceremony, drinks can be taken in one

Parking Only one wedding on site at a time Choice of caterers

of the courtyards, the orchard or Le Pressoir where they are served on the original cider press.

Wedding Co-ordinator

Wedding receptions can be held in a marquee

Music licence

overlooking the meadow or an intimate dinner for up to 20 can be held in Hamptonne House.

Wheelchair access Biodegradable confetti permitted Red wine permitted Stiletto heels permitted Re-enactors available

Heritage Weddings • Page 25

Fact File Civil ceremony capacity 60 Civil Partnerships Wedding receptions

Heritage Weddings • Page 26

Jersey Museum No 9 Pier Road adjoins Jersey Museum and is one

Inside reception rooms, capacity 30 Receptions on site until 1.00am

of the finest examples of a 19th century townhouse in Jersey. It has been fully restored to how it would have looked in 1861 when it was home to

Choice of four ceremony areas

a prosperous family in Victorian St Helier.

Choice of outside areas for drinks

Civil marriage ceremonies are held in the beautiful

Only one wedding on site at a time Choice of caterers Bride’s changing room Wedding Co-ordinator Music licence

gas-lit Victorian drawing room. Following your ceremony you can have drinks in the museum courtyard and gardens whilst the drawing room is transformed into an intimate reception space where dinners can be held for up to 30 guests. The Museum Brasserie is also an ideal location for wedding receptions. In the summer the walled courtyard, adorned with lavender and vines, is a

Wheelchair access Biodegradable confetti permitted Red wine permitted Stiletto heels permitted

beautiful and peaceful refuge in the heart of St Helier. There is also a choice of four other ceremony venues at Jersey Museum.

‘The ceremony in the drawing room was just so beautiful; it was brilliant seeing all our friends and family together in that amazing room’

Heritage Weddings • Page 27

Heritage Weddings • Page 28

‘We had the most perfect day’

‘Thank you for helping make our day such a special one’

Fact File

Fact File

Civil ceremonies

Civil ceremony capacity 100

Civil Partnerships

Civil Partnerships Chapel ceremony capacity 25

Great Hall ceremony capacity 385

La Hougue Bie


The ancient site has beautiful and peaceful grounds

Dating from 1852, the main college building is a fine

that are dominated by a grassed hill topped by the

example of Gothic Revival architecture and is an

picturesque 12th Century chapel of Notre Dame

iconic St Helier landmark. Civil wedding and

de la Clarté, where small religious ceremonies

partnership ceremonies for up to 385 guests can be

Wedding Co-ordinator

can take place.

held in the majestic Great Hall or more intimate

Music licence

Civil ceremonies can be held on the beautiful

Marquee reception capacity 130 Receptions on site until 1.00am Choice of outdoor areas for drinks Only one wedding on site at a time Choice of caterers

Wheelchair access Biodegradable confetti permitted Red wine permitted Stiletto heels permitted

rose covered veranda in the grounds at the base of the hill. Wedding receptions can be held in a marquee in the shade of mature trees in the grounds.

ceremonies for up to 60 in the panelled De Quetteville Library. After your ceremony, drinks receptions can be held on the sweeping lawn in front of the college with

De Quetteville Library ceremony capacity 60 Choice of outdoor areas for drinks Receptions on site until 1.00am Panoramic views across St Helier Parking Only one wedding on site at a time Wedding Co-ordinator Music licence

panoramic views over St. Helier, whilst the hall is transformed into an impressive and elegant reception venue for up to 250 guests.

Biodegradable confetti permitted Red wine permitted Stiletto heels permitted

Heritage Holiday Lets • Page 29

Heritage Holiday Lets • Page 30

Holiday LETS By hiring a heritage holiday let you can discover,

Sleeping from four to thirty people, some

from the inside-out, some of Jersey’s finest forts,

properties are fully furnished with Egyptian

castles, towers and follies. From self-catering

cotton linen and power-showers; others are

apartments to basic coastal tower accommodation

basic coastal towers with bunks and logs for the

these landmarks are available to book all

fire. Whatever their differences, each property

year round.

has been taken from the brink of decay and

These properties are not only remarkable for

lovingly and sympathetically restored.

their architecture, history or wonderful location,

By staying at a Jersey Heritage property you not

but all are really special places to stay.

only guarantee that these and other historic

Whether you stay for a fortnight, a week

buildings will be protected for years to come,

or a weekend, you’ll enjoy the unique

but your support will help Jersey Heritage to

experience of staying in some of Jersey’s

promote Jersey’s rich and distinct heritage.

most iconic, historic landmarks.

For further information, for details of prices and availability or to make a booking, please visit our website or contact the Jersey Heritage

Remarkable Heritage Holiday Lets

Lets Team using the details below.

01534 633304 01534 633301 heritagelets@jerseyheritage.org www.jerseyheritage.org

Barge Aground

Heritage Holiday Lets • Page 31

Heritage Holiday Lets • Page 32

The Radio Tower

Barge aground

Corbière, St Brelade

St Ouen’s Bay, St Ouen


Sleeps up to six people in three double beds.


Sleeps up to six in four adult size bunk beds and one double sofa bed.

Set on a cliff top overlooking Corbière lighthouse

their own adjacent shower room / WC. A fitted

This boat-shaped seaside folly built in the 1930s is

The décor has a 1930s theme, with walnut

on Jersey’s south-west tip, the Radio Tower is

kitchen and additional toilet occupy the fifth

currently the only self-catering accommodation

wooden floors and some original 1930s furniture.

a striking observation tower built during the

floor where a winding spiral staircase leads up

property with direct access to the beautiful five

Adult twin bunk rooms are located in the ‘stern’

Second World War. Restored in the German

to the lounge/diner with spectacular views.

mile bay of St Ouen. Barge Aground sits in the

of the property; the kitchen and bathroom

rugged landscape of the dunes in Jersey’s only

leads off the large lounge / diner, which has a

national park, close to the nature reserve.

double sofa bed in the ‘prow’. Double doors open

In early summer a walk will take you through

onto a large terrace that overlooks the bay.

modernist Bauhaus style, the tower is over six floors and boasts a 360-degree view from the panoramic windows in the lounge/diner. The tower has three identical double bedrooms, all with fitted wardrobes, handmade beds and

The Radio Tower is close to Corbière lighthouse. During periods of very poor visibility the lighthouse foghorn will sound at regular intervals.

the field of native orchids and throughout the year the area teems with birdlife – watch out for the Marsh Harriers who live in the area.

Barge Aground is close to many beachfront cafés and restaurants. The Jersey surf school is close by and two golf courses are a short distance away.

Heritage Holiday Lets • Page 33

Heritage Holiday Lets • Page 34

La Crête Fort Bonne Nuit, St John

Fort Leicester Bouley Bay, Trinity

4 +1

Sleeps up to four adults plus one child

Set on the headland at the end of a track this

La Crête Fort comprises a double or twin bedroom,

tranquil property is found on Jersey’s rugged north

a single bunk room and spacious shower room

coast, surrounded on three sides by the sea. The

and large lounge/diner with sofa bed. A flight of

property dates from 1830 but sits on a site that

stone steps will take you up to a large granite room

was first militarised in the 16th century. There are

with a vaulted ceiling with access to a secluded

breathtaking views from the fort that looks out

private garden sheltered by granite walls.

over open seas to Guernsey, Sark and the coast of France. A secluded beach is close by, popular with local bathers and surfers. Wonderful sunsets can be enjoyed while sitting out in the walled garden.

Due to its location there is no TV reception in the property.

Sleeps up to eight people

8 This magnificent 19th century fort sits above the

Fort Leicester can be adapted to sleep eight guests.

picturesque harbour of Bouley Bay. Built to

The master bedroom has a double bed with two

defend Jersey against French invasion, the fort

additional single beds, there is a double sofa

is split across three levels with a large private

bed in the lounge and a bunk room with adult

garden and terrace. A fully fitted kitchen and

size bunks. Patio doors open from the lounge/

lounge/diner is on the first level, on the second

kitchen diner onto a terrace with stunning views

level a separate twin bunk bedroom and bathroom

across the bay. A pub, a beach café and a popular

and on the third, a very large bedroom with a

diving school are located in Bouley Bay.

wood burning stove. All rooms, including the bathroom, are housed in separate buildings and guests will need to go outside to move from one to the other.

Due to its location there is no TV reception in the property.

Heritage Holiday Lets • Page 35

Heritage Holiday Lets • Page 36

Elizabeth Castle Apartment

L’Etacquerel Fort Trinity

St Aubin’s Bay, St Helier

Sleeps up to six people

6 Set on an islet in the sea, in the grounds of a

during castle opening hours, 9.30am to 5.30pm,

castle, and cut off by the tide every 12 hours,

an amphibious vehicle runs at high and low tide

there is nowhere better for a secluded holiday.

every 30 minutes. At the time of your booking

When the castle gates close, you’ll have the

please discuss your travel arrangements with

whole castle to yourselves, making this one

a member of Jersey Heritage staff. They will

of the most exclusive properties in Jersey.

be able to advise you on tide times and the

The apartment sits within one of Jersey’s most

amphibious vehicle service to the castle.

historic locations. Jersey’s capital St Helier is

Two members of Jersey Heritage staff live at the

named after the hermit who lived on the islet in

castle in a separate apartment. Elizabeth Castle

the 6th century. The castle was built during the

opens as an attraction to the public from April

reign of Queen Elizabeth I and served as a military

through to November. All trips on the amphibious

base until 1924. Over two floors, the apartment is

vehicle are free of charge to Jersey Heritage holiday

in the old barrack block off the parade ground.

guests. The amphibious vehicle service runs from

The main bedroom can sleep up to four people

April through to November but the service may

and the large lounge has a double sofa bed.

be cancelled in extreme weather conditions.

Due to its location the apartment is only accessible by foot at low tide (a 15 minute walk);

An on-site café is open during castle opening hours.


Can accommodate 30 overnight guests in sleeping bags in the guardhouse and 60 guests in daylight hours

L’Etacquerel Fort was built in the mid-18th

well (water not fit for human consumption).

century on a cliff side on the north coast of

This coastal tower accommodation is not connected

Jersey. Situated along a steep coastal path, access

to any utilities, however there are composting toilets.

is across the dry moat on a high wooden bridge. This property offers complete peace and quiet, ideal for families or get-togethers with friends. The property has space for 60 people (inside and outside) but local regulations insist that only 30 people can sleep in the main guardhouse overnight. This back to basics property has basic tables and benches in the guardhouse where there is also a large fireplace for which logs are provided. A fixed BBQ is found outside near the

Local regulations insist that there should be no tents erected on site. Guests must bring their own sleeping bags. A sign informing the public that the fort is in use should be fixed on the bridge during your stay. All rubbish should be cleared from the fort on your departure. Please do not leave rubbish in the car park as there is no collection service from this remote location.

Heritage Holiday Lets • Page 37

Heritage Holiday Lets • Page 38

Lewis’s Tower St Ouen’s Bay, St Ouen

Seymour Tower Royal Bay of Grouville, Grouville

7 10

Can accommodate 10 overnight guests in sleeping bags and 20 guests in daylight hours.

Built in 1835 to help fortify Jersey’s coast, Lewis’s

and makes a perfect base for an active beach trip.

Tower is one of many Martello towers, or gun

Lewis’s Tower is close to many beachfront cafes

towers, built around St Ouen’s Bay at that time.

and restaurants. The Jersey surf school is close-by

Split over three levels, this granite tower is basic

and two golf courses are a short distance away.

coastal tower accommodation with electricity and lighting, but is not connected to any utilities. Public toilets (open 24 hours) are located close by. There is access by ladder to the roof, which is ideal for sunbathing or looking at the view across the bay. Lewis’s Tower sits in the rugged landscape of the dunes in Jersey’s only national park, close to the nature reserve. The Tower has direct beach access

Barge Aground, one of Jersey Heritage’s selfcatering properties, is just a hundred yards away and can be rented in tandem with Lewis’s Tower. Local regulations insist that there should be no tents erected on site or in the surrounding area. Guests must bring their own sleeping bags. Rubbish must be cleared and removed from the tower.

Can accommodate up to seven guests on bunks with an additional sleeping area for the Seymour Tower guide.

Seymour Tower sits two miles offshore on one

Seymour Tower is perfect for anyone wanting

of the largest inter-tidal reefs in the world. Built

an adventure. Use it as a base for low water

as part of Jersey’s coastal defences, this square

fishing, guided walks at low tide, bird watching

tower dates from the 18th century. Seymour

and fishing. Completely isolated, a stay in the

Tower’s isolated location means access is

tower is a unique experience –you’ll see the

dependent on tidal conditions and all guests

force of the incoming tide and experience

must be accompanied by an accredited Seymour

Jersey’s marine wilderness first hand.

Tower Guide (more information available from Jersey Heritage) who will guide your trip to and from the tower and stay with you overnight.

Guests must carry all of their own food, clothes and sleeping bags out to the tower for their stay. In addition all waste (including

The accommodation in this coastal tower is spread

bagged toilet waste) will need to be brought

over two floors; solar panels on the roof generate

back and disposed of on shore.

enough power for lighting and a fridge. A gas stove for cooking, basic crockery and cutlery are provided. Bunk beds accommodate seven guests (sleeping bags not provided). Seymour Tower has no running water, but drinking water is provided along with logs for the wood burning stove.

Please note the tower is only available to rent when tidal conditions allow safe and manageable access by foot and guests are limited to one overnight stay.

Heritage Holiday Lets • Page 39

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Archirondel Tower

La Tour Cârrée

Archirondel Beach, St Martin

St Ouen’s Bay, St Ouen


Sleeps up to ten people in sleeping bags.


Sleeps up to eight in sleeping bags.

Archirondel Tower was built on a rocky outcrop

There is no running water or toilet facilities at

La Tour Cârrée sits amongst the sand dunes close

There are no utilities or toilet facilities at

in St Catherine’s Bay in 1792 and was used as a

Archirondel Tower, however there is a beach

to Jersey’s only national park and close to the

La Tour Cârrée. Guests will need to bring

garrison for artillery soldiers. This red and white

café 100 yards away with 24 hour access to toilets

nature reserve at St Ouen’s pond. The square

their own sleeping bags and equipment.

tower is now linked to the shore by the abandoned

and showers. Guests will need to bring their own

tower overlooks the sea; just above the sea wall,

southern arm of St Catherine’s Breakwater.

sleeping bags. The tower has electricity and lighting.

it has direct beach access. It’s a perfect place for

Close to St Catherine’s woods, the impressive St Catherine’s Breakwater and secluded beaches, Archirondel Tower provides a perfect venue to stay while you explore Jersey’s eastern tip.

Local regulations insist that there should be no tents erected on site or in the surrounding area. Rubbish must be cleared and removed from the tower.

surfers, kite surfers, wind surfers or people just wanting to spend time on one of Jersey’s best beaches. La Tour Cârrée is close to many beachfront cafés and restaurants. The Jersey surf school is close by and two golf courses are a short distance away.

Barge Aground, one of Jersey Heritage’s self-catering properties, is close by, as is another coastal tower – Lewis’s Tower. Local regulations insist that there should be no tents erected on site or in the surrounding area. Rubbish must be cleared and removed from the tower.

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La Rocco Tower

Kempt Tower St Ouen’s Bay, St Ouen

St Ouen’s Bay, St Brelade


Can accommodate up to seven guests on bunks with an additional sleeping area for the guide.


The Tower sleeps up to 12 guests in an open plan bunk area.

This tower is a striking landmark in the Bay of

base for fishing, bird watching and exploring

Kempt Tower in St Ouen’s Bay on the west coast of

up to 12 guests. The basement houses a fully

St. Ouen. Dating from 1800, La Rocco Tower

Jersey’s marine wilderness at low tide.

the Island was built in 1834 as a defensive tower

appointed kitchen and shower rooms. The

against possible French invasion. Constructed

middle floor is a spacious and comfortable

with Jersey granite, the ground floor was used to

contemporary reception and open plan sleeping

store weapons and ammunition whilst the upper

area with an open fire. The easily accessed roof

floor housed ten troops and their commanding

provides a unique view of the sweeping bay of

officer. A cannon was fixed to a rotating

St. Ouen and is the perfect spot to enjoy evening

platform on the roof. It is a Martello Tower and

drinks, dinner or a barbecue as the sun sets.

was the last coastal tower in Jersey to be built following the Conway design. It comprises a fortified central tower with large surrounding gun platform, built in an elevated position on top of an offshore rocky outcrop, and was built as part of the Island’s extensive coastal defence system. A stay in this property is a truly unique experience. Completely surrounded by sea twice a day, La Rocco Tower offers a fantastic

The Tower has been sensitively restored to provide basic bunk accommodation for up to seven guests. The offshore location means access is dependent on tidal conditions and all guests must be accompanied by an accredited guide. La Rocco Tower is only available to rent when the tide allows safe and manageable access on foot.

the only one of its kind surviving in Jersey.

The Tower sleeps up to 12 guests in an open plan

The Tower has been sensitively restored to create

bunk area and is available for rent throughout

a stunning, unique self-catering property for

the year. Parking is available close by.

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Fisherman’s cottage Havre des Pas Beach, St Helier

Hamptonne apartments Stable Apartment & Cider Barn Apartment St Lawrence

4 4

Sleeps up to four people.

Stable Apartment: Sleeps up to 4 people in a double bed and a twin bunk.

Hamptonne is a beautifully restored farm

and kitchen, along with a shower room.

The Cottage benefits from its own private

stables and meadows. It is an idyllic rural site,

between 1740 – 1760 and overlooks the bay of La

garden, which overlooks the coast. One

offering a traditional and memorable setting for

Greve D’Azette. It has been sensitively

parking space is provided for guests.

a relaxing family break or romantic getaway.

The cottage sleeps a maximum of 4 guests

Two well-appointed, comfortable self-catering

and is available for rent throughout the year.

apartments have been created amongst the thatch

It is just a ten minute walk from the town

and granite of Hamptonne’s historic architecture.

complete with one double bedroom, an open plan lounge/kitchen with sofa bed and shower room.

centre and there are shops and restaurants close by, along with a safe swimming beach.

Sleeps up to 6 people in 2 double beds and a twin bunk.

and has a cosy open plan reception room

Fisherman’s Cottage in St. Helier dates from

comfortable well-appointed self-catering cottage,


Located in the heart of Jersey’s countryside, with a collection of thatched granite houses,

restored to a very high standard to create a

Cider Barn Apartment:

The Stable Apartment sleeps up to four guests in a double bedroom and twin bunk room

The Cider Barn Apartment sleeps up to six guests in two double bedrooms and one twin bunkroom and has an open plan kitchen/reception room, a shower room and toilet and additional cloakroom. There is ample adjacent parking. Hamptonne operates as a visitor attraction and the public will be on-site during opening hours. Evening events may also be held at the site.

Andy Le Gresley Photography An experienced documentary wedding photographer, Andy brings a fresh and creative approach to wedding photography. His style is natural, discreet and informal. He will capture more than the events of your wedding – he will tell your story, as it unfolds. The series of images he will produce will keep alive the beauty, the emotion and those special moments of your day. “It is my goal to tell the story of your wedding, not dictate it for you. I am very passionate about providing authentic documentary images within a luxury album that you can treasure for the rest of your lifetime”.

Carol’s Florist - Flowers by Lucie Whether you dream of a fairy wintery or a bright summery wedding, Lucie can help you with every aspect of floral decoration. If you are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a ball or having any type of function, we can work around your special event. You will receive all the advice you need about floral arrangements from bouquets to centre pieces and many more. If you work within a budget or a theme, a large or an intimate event, we can take care of it all. You will be in the hands of our qualified and experienced florists taking care of every detail.

Aurum of Jersey Aurum of Jersey is a local family business with over 40 years’ experience and an enviable reputation in fine jewellery design and manufacture, with exclusive in-house designs using rare precious metals and gemstones. In addition to exquisite bespoke jewellery, Aurum’s team of craftsmen offer objets d’art with an exclusive Jersey theme in solid sterling silver, hand crafted and designed on the premises. Our newest range celebrates Jersey landmarks, including several Jersey Heritage sites. Presented upon a base of agate, granite or wood, models of Seymour Tower, Jersey Round Towers, La Rocco Tower, Mont Orgueil, La Hougue Bie, Gronez and Fort William make an original gift to commemorate and recapture happy memories of a special occasion.

07797 787 128 andy@andylegresley.com www.andylegresley.com

(01534) 732 037 carolsflorist@googlemail.com St Saviour’s Road, JE2 4LA Search Carol’s Florist – Flowers by Lucie

Also offered within our Genuine Jersey silver range are our modern interpretation of traditional parish crest spoons, our Jersey Crapaud range of cufflinks, pendants and bracelets, Jersey interlocking pendants inspired by historical granite date-stones, and the spectacular limited edition Bailiwick chess set, depicting the friendly rivalry between Guernsey and Jersey and island characters from history.

(01534) 736 182 georgie@aurumjewellers.co.uk www.aurumjewellers.co.uk www.facebook.com/ aurumofjersey

2 Charing Cross, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3RP | www.aurumjewellers.co.uk | +44 (0) 1534 736182

Aurum of Jersey 2 Charing Cross St Helier, JE2 3RP

Classic Catering Classic Catering provides unrivalled personal service combined with stunning, mouth-watering food for your special day. Our fantastic team are full of inspirational ideas, with a choice of bespoke menus and beverage packages tailored to suit all budgets and requirements. Our chefs have experience of creating food with passion and flair and offer the very best in modern British cuisine. We provide an unparalleled flexible Wedding Catering Service within the Island for a maximum of 200 people at the venue of your choice.

(01534) 854 717 07700 331 553 info@classiccatering.je www.classiccatering.je Toneham Lodge, La Route De La Hougue Bie, St Saviour, JE2 7UX

Colin Cruickshank Photography Let Colin Cruickshank tell the story of your special day by capturing all the fun and emotion that makes your wedding day a special and unique occasion. Colin’s unique approach of reportage and creative photography, together with his unobtrusive style and keen eye for detail, will provide you with stunning images for you to treasure for years to come that will reflect your true personalities. Colin has a wide range of wedding photography packages available and would love to hear from you to discuss your big day in more detail.

07797 717 583 colin@ccpimages.co.uk www.ccpimages.co.uk

Delta Production Services

Jersey Prestige

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a party or a more intimate private celebration, Delta will work with you to design a beautiful bespoke event which is truly memorable.

Jersey Prestige is a proud catering partner to Jersey Heritage and operates hospitality facilities at Mont Orgueil Castle, Elizabeth Castle and Hamptonne Country Life Museum. As a family run service, Jersey Prestige feels best placed to offer quality hospitality for weddings and other special events that call for fresh local ingredients prepared on-site by experienced chefs. We like to showcase the best of Jersey, for example when providing meals at Mont Orgueil Castle we love to include herbs grown in the Castle Herb Garden. We believe that our 25 years’ experience in hospitality provides added value to your special day.

The Delta team is highly experienced and passionately proud of the outstanding events they create. No matter the size, no matter the budget, no matter how complicated the brief - breathtaking is what they do best. Take a look at some of the exceptional events Delta has designed at www.delta-av.com

(01534) 865 885 info@delta-av.com www.delta-av.com

(01534) 280159 07797 712843 empire@localdial.com www.empirejersey.co.uk

Unit 4, Springside, Trinity, JE3 5DG

La Collette, St Helier JE2 3NX www.facebook.com/ empireprestige

Marquee Solutions Whether you are holding a garden party, a wedding or a corporate function, the Marquee Solutions team will ensure that your needs are dealt with in a professional and enthusiastic manner. The distinctive style of our marquees is complimented by our wide range of interiors that reflect and enhance the atmosphere and image of the occasion, creating an unforgettable experience for guests and hosts alike. We can turn your ideas into reality – perfect from start to finish and totally problem free.

Setareh Yurts Setareh Yurts offer beautiful, handmade, organic structures for celebrations, special occasions, weekend getaways and events. They provide simple yet sustainable spaces that complement everything from weddings to weekend retreats. Their interiors can be custom-designed and are naturally conducive to starry skies and healing breaths. Setareh Yurts can combine the unique qualities of an overnight yurt escape with adventure activities like kayaking, coasteering, and bush walks, as well as offering holistic therapies, wild food menus and personallytailored excursions. Experience Jersey from the wild side with Setareh Yurts.

The Merchant House Brasserie The Merchant House at Jersey Museum offers diners traditional and robust British dishes served in relaxed, modern surroundings. Fresh produce is always used to create a varied seasonal menu offering imaginative and delicious cuisine, with an extensive wine list available ensuring perfect combinations. The Merchant House can offer a special and unique venue for your wedding or event working in conjunction with Jersey Museum. In the summer you can celebrate in the walled alfresco courtyard and during the winter you can celebrate in the intimate surroundings of our restaurant. You are also able to extend your function into the Jersey Museum Concourse creating an unusual party venue. For your special day, you can bring a little Jersey history to your wedding with a civil ceremony in the drawing room of the 19th century Merchant’s House followed by reception drinks in the courtyard and wedding breakfast in the restaurant.

(01534) 861005 yourevent@marqueesolutions.je www.marqueesolutions.je The Hi Ho Barn, La Rue de Bel Au Vent, St Lawrence, JE3 1NE

(01534) 780 720 07797 905 193 setarehyurts@gmail.com www.setarehyurts.com

(01534) 510069 merchanthouse@dolanhotels.com www.merchanthousebrasserie.co.uk

Merchant House Brasserie Jersey Museum, The Weighbridge, St Helier, JE2 3NF

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Sue’s Fudge Sue has been producing her award winning Genuine Jersey fudges for many years and her wedding favours each contain five delicious pieces. With many flavours to choose from, the most popular are Vanilla, Jersey Black Butter and Rich Chocolate. Sue also runs her own chocolate shop, The Chocolate Bar, so can offer even more choices for your favours, including chocolate hearts, truffles, mini chocolate cupcakes and much more. Contact Sue on (01534) 730094 or call in and see her extensive range at The Chocolate Bar, 10 Conway Street, St Helier.

Vibert Marquees Ltd Vibert Marquees has been the premier marquee hire company for over 30 years. We have created a multitude of events and stock a whole host of marquees to suit any occasion, along with colour accessories for full interior linings.

WeddingsJersey.com Welcome to WEDDINGSJERSEY & JERSEYWOWPHOTOS.COM If you are going to have a WOW! wedding, you are going to need a photographer who is as passionate about your photographs as you are about each other.

We offer a range of sites across the island and a tailor made service of the highest standard. We also have equipment and furniture to hire throughout the year.

Photography packages start from £100 for a small romantic wedding, with large society weddings at prices you can afford.

Nothing is too much trouble and we are here to help and offer advice every step of the way.

All supplied with a printable CD. Free use of wedding car included.

We Heart Pictures Hello, we are Hector and Charlie, a husband and wife photography team. We shoot weddings in a reportage style, documenting your day in a creative, unique and fresh way. We are passionate about photography, telling stories with our images and documenting those real moments. The moments that are important to you and the ones you love. As a preferred photographer of Jersey Heritage we have had the pleasure of shooting at their beautiful locations on the island. Please visit our website to view our portfolios.


(01534) 730 094 info@suesfudge.co.uk www.suesfudge.co.uk www.thechocolatebarjersey.co.uk The Chocolate Bar, 10 Conway Street, St Helier.

(01534) 482 970 vibmarq@localdial.com www.vibertmarquees.com The Shed, Beau Pre Farm St Ouen, JE3 2DR

Robert D. Mitchell L.B.I.P.P. Photographers (01534) 483 563 robertmitchell@localdial.com www.weddingsjersey.com

07763 845 716 contact@weheartpictures.com www.weheartpictures.com @weheartpicture

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Seymour Tower

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Hamptonne Country Life Museum

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Elizabeth Castle Apartment


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Heritage in Jersey


Become a member As a member of Jersey Heritage, you are able to enjoy year-round benefits, that cover the cost of your initial membership many times over. To say a big thank you for supporting your heritage and for helping us protect it for future generations, we also offer a number of exclusive offers to our members: • 15% discount on Jersey Heritage Holiday Lets (November to March only) and 25% discount on Jersey Heritage Coastal Tower accommodation.

• Free entry to Jersey Heritage Discovery Days

• 15% off wedding venue hire

• Booklet of more than 40 vouchers* to use at Jersey Heritage sites and partner organisations

• Free/discounted entry to all Jersey Heritage sites, events and exhibitions

• Exclusive member-only events and activities

• Free guest passes to use at Jersey Heritage sites Minimum 12 month contract. *Available to Students, Adults & Seniors

As a charity, Jersey Heritage needs to raise more than £2 million per year and over 15,000 voluntary hours to nurture, protect and animate the Island’s heritage. Your support helps us to protect this legacy, ensuring our heritage is passed on for future generations.

You can apply online at: www.jerseyheritage.org/memberships

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Brochure photography: Jersey Tourism, Natalie Mayer, Stuart McAlister and ckpweddings.com

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Jersey Heritage Ultimate Venue Hire Guide  

A definitive guide to hiring Jersey Heritage venues for private functions, weddings and holiday lets.

Jersey Heritage Ultimate Venue Hire Guide  

A definitive guide to hiring Jersey Heritage venues for private functions, weddings and holiday lets.