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Button down shirts are a building block in tons of looks. They're a fantastic way to clean up your look -- or even dress it down a bit if you're working with a really fancy ensemble. Whatever way you decide to wear yours, one thing's for sure: You can easily nail the look by pairing your button downs and heels with the right skirt. With button down shirts, the styling is endless. You can look preppy, sophisticated, at home, and many more. So read on and know exactly what the skirts that would perfectly match your button downs are. Enjoy. Daytime Chic During the day, try your button-up and heels with a flowy skirt. Maxi skirts are incredibly pretty with a button-up. If you're looking for a different length, try a midi skirt that hits a little bit under the knee. Since it's daytime, try a sandal during the summer and a cute wedge to give you great height without dressing up your look too much. Wedges come in sandals and as booties, so you can wear one year-round. Pencil Skirt Wear your button-up to work with a pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are generally very conservative, but they can be super-fashionable -- so you'll look perfectly appropriate for the office while still looking fab. Finish off your look by slipping on a pair of pumps; they'll lengthen you while still keeping your look on trend for the workplace. Miniskirt

Miniskirts are a fantastic way to show off your legs. But, if you don't want to put too much of your body on display, button-up shirts do just the trick. They create a cool juxtaposition between a more sultry look-at-me skirt and a clean, crisp blouse, which in turn makes your look all the more interesting. Tons of different heels look awesome here, so try sandals, pumps or even booties to edge up your look. Getting Really Fancy We've established that miniskirts look cool with button-up blouses because they're so different. Take this one step further and throw on a super dressy skirt. Think sequined or otherwise sparkly bottoms or really fancy maxi skirts. Now you've got a really big aesthetic difference, throwing on a fancy piece with a more casual one. A simple white button-up looks fab. Now just add your favorite heel and you've got a trendy look that works amazingly for a night out. If you are moved by our article and want to shop for button down shirts right now, I recommend you shop at Equipment. Christian Restoin introduced men's shirts into women's wardrobes with the launch of his brand equipment - transforming a men's classic into a item of women's clothing with glam appeal. straightforward yet innovative, equipment, characterized by its refined tailoring and timeless appeal, quickly became a recognized name amongst the fashion elite. Today, it still stands as the best brand when it comes to menswear inspired women’s clothing especially button down shirts. So it is the only place you need to buy yours.

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