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Shop Equipment Menswear Inspired Women's Clothing Fashion is having a masculine moment. Menswear-inspired pieces, sent down several fall runways, are heading into stores with looks that lend a feminine twist to traditionally male vests, trousers, blazers and accessories. "The menswear trend gives an empowering edge to women. There's something sexy about a women in a well-tailored suit. The look is strong, yet still feminine, with clean and simple lines." celebrity stylist Joey Tierney said. Traditional menswear pieces can look great on a woman, especially waistcoats, high-waisted trousers and the double-breasted blazer. "Not some tiny girls' poly-blend blazer thing,”. "Thank heavens for legends like the late Alexander McQueen and even Coco Chanel, who have taught us that, when executed well, it can result in a chic, sophisticated finish. But the best brand when it comes to menswear inspired women’s clothing is Equipment. Equipment introduce button down shirts in the 1970’s and on that time, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t own an Equipment shirt. Their collection is to die for so Shop Equipment shirts today. Here are some tips on how to wear the menswear trend and still look like a lady. In fact, you’ll look like a lady at your best. Suiting Up: • "Make sure that your jacket fits you well, otherwise it could create a boxy silhouette," Tierney says. "Women should make sure of the fit when practicing this trend. You want to keep it sexy and make sure that the clothing you are wearing accentuates your body and doesn't hide it. Just because the trend is called menswear doesn't mean you have to dress like a man. It means you create a feminine classy look with well-tailored lines." • "Fit is fashion," Mai agrees. "Even in a boyfriend blazer, shoulder seams should be aligned with your own and darting should fall along your bust line appropriately." Add Girlie Touches: • "To give a softer touch to menswear, mix it with sheer fabrics and lace," says Tierney. "Color is always a great way to mix in your own personal style through your accessories and accent garments." • "I prefer accents of the menswear trend," Mai says. "A newsboy cap with a pencil skirt and a button up is a chic touch, or add penny loafers to your trousers with a feminine soft blouse. Heels

are always a good touch to sass up menswear, and also add height to lengthen the look when necessary." Looks that Work: • "On a casual day, a simple vintage blue work pant and a fisherman's knit sweater or cotton (sweater)," Rubinstein says. "All a few sizes up, of course. For a cold autumnal or winter evening, a gray chalk stripe flannel double-breasted suit with gray wool Birkenstocks, rag wool socks, and a fedora." • "Women should look for a well-tailored pencil skirt, fitted blazer and tailored button up shirt," Tierney says, adding that oxford shoes, such as the styles from Marc Jacobs, are great footwear choices. Accessorizing It: • "I always add cuff links to my favorite blazers, especially antiques I've collected from my grandfathers and their fathers," Mai says. "I recently found an unbelievable old pocket watch that hardly works, but it works when I leave the chain dangling out of my front pocket. Really there's no wrong way to wear menswear." Shop Equipment shirts today and experience menswear inspired women’s clothing. It is definitely the best so make sure that you check it out first before anything else.

Shop Equipment Menswear Inspired Women's Clothing