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Cashless Catering – The new way to pay Barnsley College will operate a cashless catering system from 21st September 2011. It will allow students to pay for food and drinks without carrying cash around. Instead, students can pay for meals using their own student card. All students will be given a unique student card when they enrol. This is a smart card with a computer chip that stores basic information. Money can be loaded onto the cards and used to pay for items in the refectories and coffee shops across College. Registering the card for use All students will be sent an email to their College account from this will give a unique password. The email will be sent by a company called ‘Counter Solutions’, it is important that this email is saved. The password is only for use when uploading cash via the web link. Students will need to take their card to a Service Point. They should insert their card into the magnetic service point reader, the reader will then ask them to type in their student number. Once this has been done the card is ready for use. How is money added to a student’s account? The cards need to be credited in advance to be able to purchase anything. Money can be loaded onto the card using a number of different methods.

Money can be added to the card through the College website using a credit / debit card.

Parents can also upload money. However, they will need their own account. This can be done by logging onto the website and register with your son or daughter’s College e-mail address.

Use the loading machines located in the refectory of the brand new building. The loading machine takes coins and notes up to £20.

What happens at the till? The student card is put onto a reader. The catering assistant will be able to check the details, enter the cost of the meal through the till and the cost will be taken off the student card. The balance will then be shown on the card reader. What are the benefits? With less need to carry cash, risk of it being lost or stolen is reduced and it is much faster to get served. Keeping the card Safe All Barnsley College students are required to wear their ID badge around their neck at all times for identity purposes and to gain access to the buildings. If the card is lost or stolen, it needs to be reported to the MIS department or Student Services. This will allow staff to block the card so it cannot be used. The card will be replaced and the balance from the time of reporting the card lost will appear on the new card. There will be a ÂŁ2 charge for replacement cards. Reporting a fault If there is a fault with the card it can be reported to any of the following department general offices CMEI, EYC, Construction, Sports, Eastgate, Wigfield Farm and also Student Services, who will assist to resolve the problem. If there is a fault with the balance on the card, this will be passed to the College Finance department to trace errors on the card and they will endeavour to resolve the problem within 24 hours. Card balances If there is a balance left on the card at the end of the academic year contact the finance department within 4 weeks. They will arrange for the balance to be credited if the value exceeds ÂŁ5.00. Contact details If you have any problems with the card or loading you can contact the following for support: Barnsley College Student Services Tel 01226 216 267 / 114 Barnsley College IT Help Desk Tel 01226 216 111 Counter Solutions Tel 01773 713 663 Alternatively you can contact the students departmental Admin Officer by contacting Barnsley College switch board on 01226 216216 and ask for the relevant department.


Student Services Barnsley College Tel 01226 216 114/267

Cashless FAQs Q What is the Web address? A Q What would my login details be? A Your College email address and the unique password sent by Counter Solutions Q Where can I use the card? A New Building Café Zest, Coffee Pod, Crumbs Café. Eastgate Coffee Shop SciTech Coffee Shop Construction Snack Stop Q Are there any restrictions i.e. time? A None Q What is the minimum amount I can load onto my card? A There isn’t a minimum when using the cash loaders; however there is a £10 minimum when using the internet Q What method of payment can I use to put money on the card and where? A Cash when using the cash up loader at College, Credit / Debit card over the internet Q What can I buy with it? A Any food and drink from any of the College Catering outlets Q Why is it better than cash? A It’s much quicker, and it’s safer than carrying cash around Q What if I lose my card? A Report the card as being lost straight away, College staff will then block the card and transfer the balance onto the new card. Please note there will be a small charge for lost cards. Q What if I leave College and haven’t spent all the money? A The College will give you 4 weeks to either use the balance or request a refund, please note College will only make a refund if the balance exceeds £5.00. Q What would happen if I forgot my card? A Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about that, however Student Services are there to help in extreme circumstances Q How long does it take for the money to appear on my card? A When using the cash loaders it will show straight away. When using the internet you will need to draw down the money using any of the service points around College, the money will then be credited straight away. Q I don’t have a credit or debit card? A Cash can still be used using the cash up loader Q Is there an additional cost if I use a credit / debit card? A No Q What if I get to the till and there isn’t enough money on my card? A You can still use cash to pay the difference

Cashless Lunch Card  

How to use your student card for your lunch

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