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LOVE CUNNINGHAM Interview by Cynthia Lam

Can you tell us about how the band came to be? The band actually started as an acoustic project. Wayne was doing some local shows when he met Teddy back in 08. The rest of us came on board as the project developed. Were there any local bands who have influenced you in a big way? Not any local bands per-se, however, we do live pretty close to a few of the guys in Anberlin. We've been told that we have similar styles so I guess you could say they were a local influence. Since the band's formation almost three years ago, would you say that you have grown musically? Absolutely. When we started we were indiefolk which kind of evolved into the pop rock sound that we have now. Did you ever expect to be at the point where you are now when the band first started? We all worked pretty hard from the get go so we knew that something would happen eventually, even though we're no where near where we want to be. However, we are continually impressed with how much support we receive from our fans. They're seriously the best in the world.

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Could you describe the band's sound, members, and music in one word? I guess you could say 'Fun'. We strive to make every show an experience for the audience. We realize that we are there to entertain and thats what we try our best to do

You released a new album called She Dreams In Color in May of 2010. Were you happy with the result that you've gotten from it? Definitely. That album got some decent radio play and was substantial in spreading our fan base You guys are currently working on your new release that should be out this summer. How the process going? We spent WAY more time in the studio then we initially anticipated. We ended up recording at 4 or 5 different locations. Its in post production now and we are on target to release it sometime in August. Have you encountered any new challenges while writing and recording this EP? We have a tendency to write a song and then completely re-write it in the studio. It can be a costly/timely habit. Hopefully it makes for a better record in the end

As a band what would you say your biggest challenge that you've had to overcome was? Probably coming from an area that doesn't have a huge scene. We are from a REALLY small town that doesn't house too many venues. With that being said, our hometown fans are super committed and have been with us through thick and thin so its worked out for the best What can fans expect from this new EP? A lot of diversity. Its still fun/poppy LoveCunningham, but its definitely matured a lot Is there a message that you'd like to send through music? We just want people to be happy and enjoy themselves despite their circumstances. The fact that people come to our shows or listen to our music to escape their problems means the world to us What can we expect from Love, Cunningham in the future? We plan on touring quite a bit in support of this new EP. There are a few other things in the works right now but we're waiting until all the details are worked out before we make any announcements

LoveCunningham Interview  
LoveCunningham Interview  

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