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Our world is characterized for its variety of cultures, its have different rites and traditions. Also we have the ethnic or small groups of people who not have a specific country to life but, practice the same costumes, believers and ways of life, the Kwanzaa is one. Kwanzaa is similar to thanksgiving, except that afro-American culture they celebrate black heritage and unity. In a week with a lot of celebrations, it features activities such as lighting a candle holder whit seven candles and that culminates in a feast and gift-giving. The name Kwanzaa comes from a Swahili phrase “matunda ya Kwanzaa” that means first fruits of the harvest. The chaise of Swahili, an east African as a symbol of pan-africanism. All the seven days of celebrations, they make a big dinner and table with the different symbols of kwanzaa like the kente, specially the wearing of kaftans and the fresh fruits. This kind of celebrations are too important because makes the people happy and more religious. In that one all is happiness; people singing at the streets using colorful clothes because they wants’ to express freedom and the colors whit specific means. It is a nice celebration who everybody needs to know.


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Mental Health Healthy environment at work


Having good mental health, makes our life more satisfying, in addition we will be more sure of what we do and the people around us. There are two aspects that are motivated, for anyone to have a good mental health and help him in every area of your ​ life to be full, meaningful and rewarding. To begin I have to say that it begins with ourselves and with ourselves, most of all by what we give, like love toward other people, to express it and show it; also step into the shoes of others and to feel pain or joy that others feel in different circumstances in which people are months that will make us sensitive and will judge people whoever they are. The other objective is to be well with others. Since trying to be happy and making people happy around me have a quieter life, be with family, partner or with friends, if we carry them happy we have an environment of empathy and sense of belonging also to the things happen and that can be obtained by mutual effort. One of the great virtues of the person with good mental health is to know that despite the many problems that can happen in life, each of these the may terminate at the right time and with better posture, character and the best ideas, not only him or herself, but also for those around you. A person with good mental health is also marked projects that will make your life an adventure and that projects are medium to long term, will make each day a challenge and a new experience, to get what they have set for achieve this project or goal, it will be spinning, weaving, little by little until the doors are opened in time, to reach those who proposed in his heart.

I think everyone is very capable and full of many virtues and values that ​ help them succeed in middle of each life project, which is sometimes lacking in balance and to wait, to get the goals, knowing that in the way of life will have errors and often have some weaknesses, but we can move forward and take the road again, there are people, family and friends are always there to shake hands and support in difficult times and rejoice with us as we go through the sweetness of victory.



Healthy environment at work by Johanna Delgado P.

Learn how to run a company with a safety and security environment is a really important matter. Not only because you need to give to employees the best environment to develop an excellent job, although because applying good work practices you save money. If a successful company runs with more than 10 employees, is really important to organize a occupational health department, this way they can help with the proper equipment to use, depending on the needs and the type of product or service that the company is specialized. There is very important to have an industrial engineer as well, this two professional can work together to make the company more safe and productive. Trying to give the best environment at work is a tool to get happiest and efficient people, lest stress, lest sick and having lest work accidents can avoid hiring and training new people to cover positions. Perhaps, you can think that all this can be a waste of resources and time, but if you balance the benefits against the inversion that probably you have to make, you will see the differences having a happy person that works always motivated and safe. Also you need to train everybody, as well needs to follow the rules and known the properly use of the safety equipment to avoid another kind of accidents, hanging banners with the basic rules in a common places like the dinner room in everybody can see it, helps a lot. Using graphics and images that people can easily understand is another way that helps to improve the changes. On time you will see the benefits that you can have in a company that worried about the most important resource that have‌ HUMAN RESOURCE!


∗Addictions. ∗In our own experience. 8



by Natasha Mendez Our world is constantly changing, everything happens very fast, all the things are easier than before. Families aren´t the  exceptions, before my family take the dinner together now we practically   never see it, because all the things we do,  happen the same with friends, relationships, girlfriends or boyfriend, and because of this some people don´t  get use to  it and comes the problems. Some of the problems that can lead people to an addiction are lack of communication, social insecure or pressure and  physical problems, all this problems can get the people addicted to the different treatments they need to tried to solve  the affection, the addicted people to anything think , “if I do this, this is going to help me”, but they don´t see the  addiction is increasing and never going to be enough. There are different types of addiction, in my personal opinion the top ten addictions of this century are consumption of  drugs, smoking, alcohol, videogames, computers, cell phones, work, TV, shop and food. Usually addicts don´t know  they are addicted, probably they became addicts because they have an unsolved situation and they think the addiction  will give them the peace they need, the time alone they need to his problems, is difficult detecting and addiction  because start like something natural and the people think is normal, always are the persons around who notice this. Another very common problem is the stress, let´s remember the addiction is the problem unsolved, but the stress is the  problem itself; is when a situation became very difficult and isn´t handled of a better way, the people get used to a  difficult situation and search help when is to late, and people needs different pills or medication to treat the problem.  Some thinks to help with this situations are the activities outdoors, going out with friends, family, coworkers, they have to  do recreational activities where mind it´s busy doing different things, practicing games and have a good  communication, is important for all the people who live on planet earth to live in harmony, tried to be ok with all the  people around, live in peace, get a good communication it´s a bible commitment to. Addictions and stress are very  complicated problems but with the good help and support, this problems can have the best solutions.


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I have to say that having an addiction is not an easy problem for anybody. I have to seen a lot of friends get through this situation and that even past away because they couldn’t control those terrible actions, especially for drug addictions. I would like to believe that an addiction is a disease something that people can control by them. But in my personal opinion is a lack of control and character to change and face the problems. I have no doubt that some people could have this kind of behavior for genetically reasons, but based on my own experience I can said that people need, first of all, believe more in God and having him in your heart, and secondly believe in who you really are, and third family support. Of course there are a lot of external factors that can make this process more complicated such as self stem, background, social status and in some cases depression or been through a really hard situation of life. We discovered a few months ago that my youngest brother, who is only 14 years old, was addicted to marihuana. To accept that you have this situation on your house with people that you’re really loved is terribly hard. For all of us it was an experience that we never thought that we have to go through. Our life wasn’t easy since the beginning but we always tried to take out all things that do not help and take just the ones. So, for us was hard to understand why our littlest brother who has everything and a lot of opportunities was going for that wrong path. Even when we wanted to kill him we supported him as much as we could. He was tree months in IAFA fallowing a strong program with a lot of rules hard to fallow. The employees of IAFA gave us once a week advises to help my brother to get well. It wasn’t easy is hard to trust him now because he say so many lies every time that he wants to go out with his friends. We can stop thinking that he probably will fall into drugs once again. In the IAFA, they made a lot of psychological and medical test to my brother founded that he has a disease and strong addiction to marihuana. Now he has to take medications everyday and go to therapy once a week. We learned that besides communication, love and trust you need to have strong rules as well because in other side those things can be missing understanding if those are not in a good balance. I have to say that for now on, I am proud of my brother Mike because I can see and feel that he has change.



To succeed 12

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By reading this article you will understand how can improve yourself to be a better professional every day fallowing a simple rules or habits. I have to say that I agree with proactively and to have a vision to see what can happen to avoid any future situation that can make you feeling stressful or make a mistake. Of course mistakes help you to learn and improve as well, but if you try to prevent unnecessary negative situations in advance you can be more organize and be more efficient with all the projects that you manage. I have been through some situations because I couldn’t control myself and obviously my behavior, so after a period of time I learned to control myself, I have to say that I saw a really good results with that little change. It Is so important to control your feelings and have a positive behavior and not let any situation to control you. Organizing activities and priorities can help to make your responsibilities easier to handle. Scheduling tasks in a priority order is fundamental to achieve goals on time. Also, you can decide to delegate some of the tasks to co-workers if they are properly trained to do it, but never forget that even when you delegate to then it will be your responsibility at the end. It is really interesting to know about this “tips” and put them into practice, being creative and working with your co-workers like a team will result in company success. Perhaps you may feel that put this little habits could be hard, but if you go little by little you will see big changes. Aldo, to achieve this habits you need to have company support, from bosses and the company itself because sometimes you need the right tools as a complement . right resources helps a lot. Always think positively, be kind, understand your colleagues, be organized, proactive and listen to every single word about you having an open mind to be great leader learning from your own mistakes.

Habits to success by Johanna Delgado P.


Strategies of success by Henr y Castillo  


When we are in the process of becoming better people and better professionals, it always good to identify some of the areas in which our lives have underdeveloped. We develop habits that help us move forward better otherwise we will get to a dead end unable to move. These habits will guide us and will define some aspects to change in order achieve success in our life and most importantly, even the relationships we have with people around us. On of the things that caught my attention is that it very important not to lose focus of what is really relevant. I reinforced the habits and I am glad that one of the things I have applied my life is there and being present, to have a synergy and cooperation with people. I have always know I can not do things alone and often need the skills of others in addition to having a team of friends or colleagues. It is always encouraging to word in a team so that we can complement and appreciate the resources that each on has. In addition acknowledging team member has that you have to build many of these habits, I can improve as a person, so the principle of self-renewal, can help me such as, it you eat well, sleep well and do some exercises you will have a better physical health, so will the spiritual, social and mental renewal and that. I may make a person more valuable, appreciating the people around you and that is strengthened in a higher being as God is. I can make a person more interested with topic to discuss and share with that people having either of the habits for personal development and helping others to improve is very good, because we could be better and so appreciate not only what we have around, but also the people and the world around us appreciate things more because we would care about resources, we would love more of our loved ones and ourselves, nature and the good things in this world, in spite of the positive things that we would receive and the direction that our thoughts would be well directed to perform our projects and goals in life.

Seven habits of highly effective people by Natasha Mendez 

The world is constantly changing, it is becoming more competitive and demanding. Effective people can have a bright future, because they usually know and what they want and how to get it, the article give very good pieces of advices on how to be highly effective people these days; however, not necessarily if follows these tips will be totally effective in every area of his life, because depends of the attitude of the person.

The habits presented in the article are very well-explained, I wouldn´t change any because give a new way of thinking and depends of the person a very different attitude to the life, maybe what I do is give more emphasis in the attitude of the person, because if the attitude doesn´t change the tips who are describe in the article don´t worse it.

As I said before the article is very good at explaining all the habits, but the habit call my attention was number fifth, sometimes it is easier for us to make people understand our opinion or our point of view before tried to understand the other person, I think it is a very good habit to tried to head the other person and understand him/her.

This habits are very important because the give us a new perspective of life, and new opportunities in our jobs, studies, career including our lives. This article change our way of thinking, by giving us a new direction, I think it advises us on how to reach our future goals, develop leadership, prioritize situations and have more discipline. I think is a very interesting article that everyone should read. 15


As we are a country that aspires to make carbon neutral, it is extremely important that can be taken  into account the effort made by these companies with the addition of car models that do not pollute  the air, which are one hundred percent plus electric modern in every respect, comfortable and taste  of each client.  It's nice to know that many of the best brands make cars around the world, are determined to bring  their creations and the latest models of non-polluting electric cars into the country, to display and  create interest in people who want to help nature and prices that will make available to buyers who  want more from the comfortable, to pay a reasonable price that will positive  , this is an excellent    and economic car  and with a  few  interest to pay, to be eligible for one of them. The saddest thing is that despite the efforts made by the companies and the great demand worldwide  ​ for these cars that are in vogue, for the great help they give to the environment, as well as cheap or  competitive may be, the same, in comparison to others who use diesel or gasoline, in the Legislative  Assembly  who is the governing body  to has to support these ideas, re putting many obstacles and  many things are preventing people from acquiring these means of transport modern and sustainable  environment, imposing new taxes, which will be reflected in the new fiscal package approved this to  days.

http:// Henry Castillo




To the Readers For me English is one of the most beautiful languages in the world, I love English since I remember, that’s why for me learned it, it’s always a great experience. In this course a have learned important things to me, like how to use in a proper way pronouns, Transitions and Connectors, Punctuation and paragraph structure. So now in sure I’ll keep practicing those to improve my writing skills every day. I have to say that I wished to have more time to give more in every project, but because my job I couldn’t, even though, I tried to give my best effort in everything I did. I know that for some people this course was really hard but I believe that when you have the passion for something you can do whatever you want no matter what. Perhaps, we need to do an extra effort to achieve our languages goals because is not easy do to it if we are not doing our best. I know that my next step will be to practice a lot. I need to talk so much more to improve myself, because that’s the only way that I feel I can be closer to be fluent in English like I always dream it.

By Johanna Delgado Porras

By Natasha Mendez

By Henry Castillo


The information we write in the newspaper is very useful and necessary is help you to learn about different things who improve your life, how be efficient in a competitive world, how be successful in all the things we do and how what standard base our goals and made it happen, you can learn about different traditions happen in the world, and all the preparations involve this celebrations, all the manners and why the people celebrate this kind of things, and what they remember and would pay tribute, this will open your mind to different situations happens in the world, the article help to handle difficult things; as are the different types of addictions, how to know an addiction in any friend, family or coworker an what we can do about it, I hope the information in the newspaper will help you to improve your personal life and to help others to improve their own lives.

Despite to have a course so tough, definitely at the end we learned a lot, due to the effort that everyone have given to put into this awesome and universal language like English. I am sure that each project and work will give us a reward when we finished but the most important reward is the knowledge that we have now, definitely we are better than we started. With this project, we present some of the activities that we like most on time, this allows us to approach you and get to know us more, what we want others to know and also to put into practice at some point in her life. Thanks to every chance that we have to make new friends, to fellowship and to be able to laugh and grow together. Thanks to the teacher who gave us freedom in different opportunities to express ourselves and be ourselves. Hope you like our work and that will be useful, to your knowledge or your friends, family or coworkers.

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Love Be +  

Things that can help you to be positive

Love Be +  

Things that can help you to be positive