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LOVE ADDICTION Love addiction stands alone, and co-dependency is only one of several fundamental personality disorders. The inner selfabandonment constantly grounds the cavernous pain of stumpy selfworth, making one dependent upon others for the sense of worth. Our society is a love-addicted and approval-addicted society. Our satisfactoriness, adorability and confidence of self-image and selfesteem derive from others preference and appreciation. Throughout the relationship and once it has ended lack of ability to work with personal elicit which unavoidably arise in cherished relationships and be short of the nimbleness to cope our trigger ultimately results in the addictive, obsessive-compulsive quality to our brain chemistry, our feelings and sometimes our conduct too. Love or approval addicted people handed their inner child away for acceptance and become dependable on other folks for their feelings, instead of learning to take responsibility for own happiness by loving and approving themselves. The depressing thing about love is that it is the most copious thing in the cosmos. Love addiction and approval addiction are far more extensive than any other general idea or progression obsession. Such people spend a lot of time alone and do daydreaming and making up fantasies in head that make them feel better. It gives them a feel like they are treasured or as if they are in love, which has a sexual element. What turn out is they get high off the fancy. So long as people who are trapped in love addiction make others foundation of their mental peace, spiritual joy and happiness and handle the throbbing pain, especially the pain of condemnation, refusal, rejection, the pain of being exclude - the pain of isolation and loneliness in real life. One have to work with the addictive process, the disagreement that protects the daydream, the withdrawal from the fake hopes, the medicating helps in withdrawal and returning to the relationship or spinning off and doing it with someone else helps one to travel from a place of insecurity and low self-esteem and try desperately to hold on to the people they are addicted to use co-

dependent behaviour. This includes enabling, rescuing, caretaking, passive-aggressive controlling, and accepting neglect or abuse. s


We provide an intimate, sober setting for women to take an in depth look at core relationship challenges with self and others

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