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I am truly blessed to be a part of such a great team. With the hard work of Melo, Reggie Belfort, Cedric Hall, and M. from New York, the first issue of Love 360: The Magazine has been seen by nearly 7,000 people in 9 different countries with the numbers increasing everyday! It is beyond humbling to know that so many people care to understand love just as we here do at Love 360. And with that, we will continue our quest to answer the question “What Is Love?” With our heavy hitters Melo and M. from New York stepping back to the plate, I’m assured that this issue will be another homerun! So let’s get to it and get ready to play ball, shall we? Signed, H.D. Campbell Editor In Chief


Love 360: The Magazine








Love 360: The Magazine







DO WE LOVE? 24 WHY Melo helps to answer the

question through her own experiences

10 WORST KISSES 28 TOP Here are some kisses that may lead to nightnames.



AND MONEY 33 LOVE Can we ask aquestion that

challenges the idea that “Money Can’t Buy Me Love”?

HEARTS 36 VUNERABLE Why has “The New Single” become so restricting on your heart?


46 Time to cut lose, “Daddy”!




Here’s a love story for the ages.




As You Wish To Seem.� - Socrates

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What Is Love?

We ran across a few quotes about love that we felt were quite interesting. As we continue to search for our answer to the question above, check out these quotes to see if they fit your personal definition... 10

Love 360: The Magazine

Quotes On Love... “Being deeply lov ed by someone g ives you strength while loving som , eone deeply give s you courage.” - Lao Tzu

because p e le s a ll a f ’t n en you ca h w e v lo in e “You know you’r r dreams.” ou y n a th r e Dr. Seuss tt e b y ll a n fi is reality

“Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be obtained.” - C.S. Lewis

“Tis better to ha ve loved and lost Than never to h ave loved at all.” - Alfred Lord Te nnyson, In Memor iam


Quotes On Love... “When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

“Love doesn’t just sit there, like a s tone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the tim e, made new.” - Ursula K. Le G uin, The Lathe of Heaven “What Is Love? I have met in the streets a very poor young man who was in love. His hat was old, his coat worn, the water passed through his shoes and the stars through his soul”

Do You Know What Is Love?

- Victor Hugo

“And and the

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Love 360: The Magazine

, hope h it a f : in a m e r e now these thre love. But is love.” e s e h t f o t s e t grea 13:13, - 1 Corinthians Version l a n io t a n r e t In New The Holy Bible:

! e M r o m Hu

While acclaimed author C.S. Lewis is best known for The Chronicles of Narnia here in the United States, Not many here are familiar with his poetic skills. We have featured some of his poetry here but we believe that Zenpencils did an excellent job illustrating one of our favorite quotes from him Completing it with the quote “To love is to be vulnerable.�

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Here’s A


Hey everyone! Since I can stay anonymous, I can say that I’ve been rejected by someone I’ve been talking to for more than a month. Instead of focusing on “why didn’t she want me”, I just want to know what would be the best way to get over her? It’s easy to cut the physical ties (no phone calls, erase pics, etc.) but not so easy to cut the emotional ones. Do you have any suggestions?

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Love 360: The Magazine


Top 10




The Right “Moves” At The Right Time

Bold In Bed?

Still In Love?

Most men may think so but after reading this article you may see that they are afraid to ask for 9 things in the bed. Curious to see how brave he may be? Check out this link to see for yourself.

Ladies, we understand that your man may not say that he loves you all the time but their actions may speak louder than his words. Redbook agrees. If he do these 8 things, he may be MADLY in love with you.

Do you find it hard to flirt or to know who’s flirting with you? It may not be so obvious now but after watching this, it may be as bright as day.

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Love 360: The Magazine

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But How Do You REALLY Feel?

This Is Your Brain....

Like Forever, Ever...Forever, Ever?

When the both of you are together, your friends may smile in your face but what are they really thinking when they see your partner? It may not be so pleasant. If you don’t believe us, you can

...and this your brain in love? Any questions? If you ever wondered how your brain reacts when you are in love, Helen Fisher and her team has studied the effects and presented their findings in a TED talk. You can watch her speak about the results by

So how do you know that a relationship will last? Is it the usual telltale signs we all recognize? Not really according to this MSN article. If you and your partner have your pet after one of the Golden Girls, you may be in a long lasting relationship.

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Only In Horseshoes and Grenades?

So Why Do Happy People Cheat?

So You’ve Been Cheated On. Now What?

In a world where it’s both easier and harder to cheat on a significant other, one woman refuses the urge and is remorseful about ALMOST doing it. Responses to her posts are pretty interesting as they range from one side of the spectrum to the other. Would you feel guilty about it?

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Love 360: The Magazine

In continuation of #4, is there a reason why someone would cheat even though they are in a happy relationship? Is it really about not being love with their significant other anymore? It may not be that simple. Esther Perel in speaks about this in this video at Ted Talk.

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Being cheated on sucks. There are different ways people deal with it and somethings the advice “to get over someone, you need to get under someone” doesn’t always work. Here is one story about a woman who is now dealing with this predicament and trying to figure out why the husband cheated and why her body rejects sex.

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Top 10


Can Divorce Be Predicted? According to Dr. John Gottman, Ph.D, It can be.. After many years of researching couples who did not stay together, he found a common pattern that all these relationships follow which lead to the predictor of divorces? Curious to know what it is?

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Love 360: The Magazine


Why Do We Love? By: Melisa “Melo” Pellerano


Love 360: The Magazine

hy do we all desire love? Why do we long for companionship, sexual relationships or marriage even after all of the pain, despair, hardship, financial distress and emotional roller-coaster? These are questions that only a spiritual connection, whether this is God or the Universe can explain.


not scattered or thinking past destruction, we can allow another in. I know this is easier said than done. After being single for many years, I have just started finding myself and learning increasingly more about me each day. One thing I have learned is that I am NOT ready yet. Even if I crave attention and a man’s desired touch, I am a wreck! I admit it and I want to change and be the best I can be so when he comes, he gets all of me! Even with all I have been through, I will not be bias. Women are not the only ones getting hurt. Men can be emotional wrecks as well but just show it differently. Being afraid to LOVE is normal but we can break the cycle.

Even after all of the pain, heartache and disappointment, we desire LOVE. We all want someone to wake up with, laugh, hold when sick or sad, kiss goodnight, share scary movies with and have babies with. We do all desire that affection and no matter what anyone says or thinks they believe, this is true. Think of those friends There are several books, “What can we do to or family members that studies, and even surveys still find that special jump from relationship to you can fill out and comrelationship. Why do they someone to share plete but only if you truly do it? If they really truly answer honestly with any of this life, our secrets, don’t want anyone, why these things work. I have our children and have someone even temtried them all, read horoporary? I remember telling dreams with? How scopes, met with therapists my friend once how I say I thinking that I am bipolar do we know we are don’t want to marry again or just an anxiety attack ready for love?” after two failed attempts waiting to happen but it yet I honestly don’t want to all boils down to the same be alone either. As of this writing, she is going thing: YOU! through a divorce herself and sees no desire to ever marry again. WHAT DO YOU WANT? But what is the alternative? What can we do to still find that special someone to share this life, our secrets, our children and dreams with? How do we know we are ready for love? I believe that the answers are within ourselves and only we know when it is time. We must be prepared for love in our lives mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Once we are well balanced in our daily lives and our minds are

Love is our strongest emotion and love is why we are here to experience all of its power and joys it brings. Yes, along with good comes some bad but these are more lessons to learn. If we never had heartbreaks or bad situations, we couldn’t appreciate when LOVE happens. It hurts us, stings worst than lemon juice on an open wound, leaves bruises and scars where only we can see at times. Even so, my thoughts are that the ultimate reason we LOVE is we are all connected spiritually. To be loved is to feel LOVE.



Love 360: The Magazine

In this new world of searching for love and finding oneself, one woman tells her story of navigating through the jungle known as “The World of Dating”. Read about Melo’s journey to find happiness (as well as her survival of horrible dates) here at Heart 2 Heart w/ Melo.

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Love 360: The Magazine

Top 10 Worst Kisses (And for the record... none of the kisses comes remotely as as romantic as this... Seriously.) By: Melisa “Melo� Pellerano


Top 10 Worst Kisses










With this kiss, tongue and mouth go different directions so fast their teeth hit yours and you feel your bones cringe.

Here’s one where there is too much spit and they are using their tongue like a lost puppy waiting for a treat.



Love 360: The Magazine

And with this kiss, the mouth suctions onto your face and as you try to pull away the air causes your cheeks to vibrate.

This kiss shows a complete lack of skill and can cause emotion scarring. When the other person sticks out their tongue while barely their mouth, then wiggling their tongue back and forth waiting for you to kiss back.

Much like Dracula going for your neck, the person grabs your lip with their tongue like their life depends on your blood for survival, bites down while twisting your nipple.











This is borderline molestation and person should seek help. They kiss you while holding your face so tight, you can’t breathe and turning your head only makes them kiss your harder and faster.

This kiss gives you a reason to run away and lose this person’s number. Smacking lips on yours while wiggling their tongue side to side then grabs a boob.

Shoot me now! This kiss still haunts me today. This is when a drooling kisser that sticks their tongue in your mouth without moving it and moans while they drool inside of your mouth!!! Why?



They give little This one will peck kisses like make you cry, I a cat, doesn’t know I did. This open their kisser grabs mouth and your face with barely puckers both hands, up. It is more sticks their entire like kissing a tongue down doll or your your throat own hand. Give while opening it up please! their mouth like a horse. Then one hand moves to your ass and they start humping in the air as you are trying to escape. *Please note this has actually happened to me on a first date. Amazing.


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Love 360: The Magazine

Love &

MONEY Can Money Buy You Love?

By: H.D. Campbell


Love & Money


oney can’t buy you

even after marriage and because of

from relationship experts, some of the


You hear

this lack of conversation, it could one

stories I’ve heard from others proves

that saying all the

of the major reasons that leads to di-

the articles right. Unfortunately, the

time but is it true?

vorce. YourTango wrote a great article

stories aren’t from people listened to

Perhaps, the question that should be

about the ten surprising reasons for

their advice. To give storytellers the

asked is “how huge a role does mo-

high divorce rates in which finances

benefit of the doubt, many of these

ney play in your choice of an signifi-

play a key reason while CHEATING

articles wasn’t as available as they are

cant other?” After some observation,

DOES NOT! You can check out the

today when they got into their rela-

I would say that it doesn’t for idealist

article here for more details. Finances

tionships although the saying “Money

who follows the saying to the letter

in relationships have become such a

Can’t Buy You Love” has been around

but it does for the majority of pragma-

major concern that Time magazine

for as long as I can remember. Many

tists today. Is this to say that the prag-

has a blog dedicated to this subject

of the stories have the same theme

matists are in a sense “golddiggers”?

aptly called “Love and Money”. It’s a

in which I call the “Golden Cage Pre-

Nope. Rather, the lesson seems to be

worthwhile read so whenever you get

dicament”. So basically, she marries

“find a suitable financial partner”. In-

some time, tap here to read some of

either a rich or financially stable man

deed. Many couple hate discussing

the good advice it provides.

with her finances not equal to his even

money with their significant other

As well as reading from these articles

though they are equals in everything else. All is good at first when he wines, dines, and spends time with her. They get hitched by either marriage or by


Love 360: The Magazine

this subject with one friend who isn’t on the wealthy side and she mentioned that she wouldn’t mind being with a guy if he helped pay his share of the bills. I can agree. The price of everything is going up but the income is staying stagnant for many working class people. I honestly can’t blame her. As for the women whom are with well to do significant others, neither of them have left the Golden Cage yet nor have they found a happy conclusion with their partner. With both moving in with one another. He then

life itself? She then begins to believe

begins taking her for granted and

that maybe she did overreact about

expecting her to remain the same lo-

“such a small thing” and he does work

ving woman he fell in love with while

hard to provide for them. Afterwards,

he distances himself away from her in

she convinces herself to stay even if

some way or another by not spending

it may feel a bit subservient. He is a

the time with her she was once accus-

“good” guy and it’s not like he’s chea-


ting on her or anything. In the end,

This is where the predicament begins.

she stays...and this train of thought is

She finally has enough of this and

what the guy was counting on the en-

approaches him about it. An argu-

tire time. The cycle continues with no

ment ensues. Even though she makes

one in the relationship actually happy

valid points, he won’t give in becau-

yet the couple puts up this facade that

se he believes as the breadwinner,

fools everyone and no one. So what

he sets the rules. Then the ultima-

do you do?

tum comes and it usually goes some

My answer isr to the gain sovereignty

in the nature of this: If you don’t like

to your heart and finances. Figure out

the ways things are, then you can lea-

what you really want. Let me repeat

ve. While this argument is true, in the

that in all caps:

sides of the spectrum, I have never asked if this is what they really want. If it is, then own up to it and proceed. All I ask is that you understand the repercussions of your decision. At the end of the day, life is too short to be unhappy. As for those who haven’t found their significant other yet, maybe it’s not a bad idea to ask what their credit score is during a date conversation. Unromantic? Yes. Unimportant? Depends. After reading this New York Times article “Perfect 10? Never Mind That. Ask Her for Her Credit Score”, it’s becoming the new norm (tap here to read it yourself). If you don’t believe that money plays a huge role in your choice of an significant other, don’t

back of her mind she’s thinking that all


the time and investment she has put


into building a life with her significant

For those who are already in the re-

other will go to waste. Or worse...even

lationship, the question you should

if she is more than willing to leave

ask is ‘Do my love has a price?” While

him, how can she afford it? Everything

many may feel that this question is an

is so expensive. So is it worth the time

automatic “NO” but consider thinking

and trouble trying to build a new life

more deeply than your knee jerk re-

from ground zero when she has alre-

action. We all can sometimes consi-

ady built a “comfortable” life with this

der that the grass is greener is on the

guy whom she once loved more than

other side. I remember discussing

ask. Just keep in mind of the stories mentioned earlier, dear Idealist. For the practical seeker, take a good look at the links mentioned above to get ready for that next date. Be warned... if you are seeking a partner with a 850 credit score, make sure that your credit score is on point and your money is straight as well or in the Golden Cage you go.


e l b a r e n

u arts e



By: H.D. Campbell 36

Love 360: The Magazine


hy are so many she went back to an ex and tried people afraid to to make it work...she then rejected fall in love? The him as well when things started to question was a bit unbelievable become serious again. And for when I was in a relationship a few the cherry on top, she meets her months back. I mean who wouldn’t compliment. This guy wasn’t what want to be in love, right? Yet after she asked for yet he complements being single these past couple her in their goals in life and was of months, I can see why such a of the same mind and spirit from fear is apparent in today’s dating my perspective. She would talk scene. I nearly got to a point to me ear off on how they would talk believe that most single people deep into the night and how it today who claim to be looking for all felt “right”. So when he came love is full of shit. There. I said it. to her about becoming more After taking a step serious about their back and looking relationship, she I nearly got back objectively at rejected him too. I to a point to this, it’s not more so was dumbfounded. believe that that many of today’s When I asked her, most single “Why not? You just singles are full of shit but rather they people today told me that it felt don’t want to get right!” She couldn’t who claim hurt again. to be looking give me a straight Many of them have answer for that parfor love is vulnerable hearts. ticular guy. She did full of shit. The fact of them answer me eventuThere. have vulnerable ally. The answer was I said it. hearts do help to similar to the one explain some of the she gave me about decisions that they the three guys bemake even if they seem downright fore him. illogical. Case in point, I person“I just don’t to be hurt again.” ally watched one person find the At first I thought she was just an person they say they were looking abnormality. Yet, after hearing for...then rejected that person stories from both men and womwhen things started getting serien, the impact of their past relaous. Then went for another person tionship shook them at the core. It who was a complete opposite of shook them so bad that it wouldn’t the person they were looking for... provide a steady foundation for rejected that person. Afterwards, a new relationship to take root.


This effect can start early in life. During my college years, I remember a woman telling me that we would have be together she would have met me first. At the time, I found this confusing. We were both single at the time so I was like “screw the past, let’s build a future.” She never took that jump together. I haven’t spoken to her in years nor are we friends on social media so I don’t even know if she has gotten married or not. Even so, during that time I thought it was BS. Now, I’m not so sure. It’s easy to say “screw the past, let’s build a future” when you’ve never given your heart and soul to a relationship. Once you have and things go sour, you may be a bit reluctant to jump into a relationship again. The sad part is that there is no time limit to when


Love 360: The Magazine

someone is ready for another relationship. I’ve seen some people jump from one relationship to another in a matter of weeks. Others have been burned so bad that they have not been in a relationship in years. To each their own and always do you. Just keep in mind that you may miss the person you were meant for and was meant for you trying to heal your heart by yourself. This is not so say to indiscriminately open your heart and let the next person in to help heal. Some stories are so bad that I wonder, “why in the hell you would ever want to be with another person?” All I’m saying is that if

you get into a situation in which you meet your “compliment”, PLEASE consider letting them in and helping you heal your heart. Your heart is vulnerable. It is as vulnerable as the prospect’s heart whom is trying the capture yours as they give theirs to you. To quote C.S. Lewis again (the acclaimed author is quote before in the Humor Me section): To love is to be vulnerable. So don’t be so afraid. If you know it’s right, don’t talk yourself out of it. Just jump.

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Love 360: The Magazine

ex S y l Week ons i Posit

This selection of positions is brought to you by Position Sex Bible: More Positions than You Can Possibly Imagine Trying by Randi Fox. Here are 4 Positions for your pleasure. All we ask is if you wouldn’t mind ranking them from best to worst. So let’s get started...

Week 1

The Piked Awakening The woman throws her raised legs back in a pike position and lifts her vagina, allowing for full and deep penetration. For better control, she can hold her calves with her hands. (A pillow under her lower back also helps) The man, who is on top, relies mostly on upperbody

strength and can lie or kneel over the woman.

Week 2

The Climbing Ivy The man kneels while facing his lover who lies on her back. She raises her legs and wraps them around his neck, allowing for deep penetration. He can take hold of her thighs and guide himself into her.


Week 3 The Inverted Wheelbarrow A variation of the Climbing Ivy, the woman is almost upside-down, with only her head and neck on the bed. Her legs are on either side of her lover’s head, and her lower back andbuttocks are in the air. She may want to hold onto his thighs for support, and he will have to hold her legs while inside of her.

Week 4 The Wrapped Crab The man crouches on the balls of his feet, and the woman lies on her back. He takes a more dominating role by straddling her while kneeling, allowing for deep penetration as she wraps her legs over his thighs.

Make Sure That You Rank Your Favorite Positions At Or You Can Tap Here To Get Started!!! 42

Love 360: The Magazine

re out mo k c e h want c han the four u o y f I t sitions sex po own, you can sh se purcha More s y a w l a ble: Sex Bi ou Can n o i t i Pos nY ns tha gine o i t i s o P ly Ima Possib zon by a m A from ! Trying HERE



Rankings For The Weekly Sex Positions of Love 360: The Magazine Issue #1

1. The Spinner 2. Pelvic Thrusts 3. Jackknifed Splits 4. The Back Scratcher d, e t o V y d a e r ho Al W s r e d a e R e s o h T r o * For The F tion! a p i c i t r a P Your r If o F . n s e k p n a O l l Th i t Are S s l l o P e h ’t, T n e v oura Y H s n o o h i t W i s o he P T t u O t s e oT T t n And a y t W r a u o P Y e h oin T J , m e h T k an self And R Tap Here!



Love 360: The Magazine


Confessions. Sometimes A Story Is Too Good To Keep To Yourself...


Mas Papi By: M. from New York City


Love 360: The Magazine


n Friday night, I was on the bus coming home when

and it took me a bit to get used to it. Perhaps because

I got a text from a guy I had hooked up with over

of his Dominican roots, he wanted me to call him either

the snowstorm weekend. It was the first I had

“Papi” or “Daddy” in which both of which felt dirty to me

heard from him in a week and if he hadn’t contact-

in a non-enjoyable way. As it turns out however, whenever

ed me then I was surely going to contact him. He was an especially

I’m on my knees and begging for dick, I don’t much mind

fun and enthusiastic partner the first time around and it was clear

what I call you as long as I get what I want.

that he was only going to be more impressive this time around. I suggested we meet up that night and told him I was on the bus and

As I stood in front of his full-length mirror, he stood right

could be at his place within the hour. He took me up on my offer

behind me. With his arms wrapped around me, he began

and told me to stop at home first. His request: put on a pair of sexy

unbuttoning the front of my shirt to expose my black bra

panties, bring whatever bondage equipment I might have (which is

with hot pink lace trim. Standing behind me, he

not much) and be at his place by 10:30pm. I showed up at his door

ran his hands over my waist, then

precisely then.

up my tight stomach making

He told me that one of the patient’s he worked with had just passed away and he was looking to get high, talk a bit, and release some tension by having angry/frustrated sex with me. I had exactly zero problems with this scenario. We hung out for a bit and talked, smoked some weed, and got high eventually. I’ve had a lot of sex in my life with a good number of different partners so there isn’t a whole lot that surprises me or that is new to me, therefore I’m always impressed when a guy has something new he can teach me. This guy had a ton of new positions that I had never seen anyone attempt before and I’m guessing this can be attributed to his high energy level and his young, flexible body. I particularly like this guy because of his tendency to dominate and make me feel even dirtier than I thought was possible. The thing that will always stand out the most about this guy is what he wanted me to call him. Most guys when they dominate have a preferred surname, or whatnot, but this guy crossed some lines


his path up towards my breasts, grabbing

my lips with his fingertips, he

ter feeling my inner walls pulsating

both as we watch ourselves in the mirror.

plunges his tongue several

on depth defying tongue, he finally

After a few moments spent caressing me,

inches deep inside me and

makes his way to my clit and begins

his hands begins its path to my pants as his

begins fucking me with it. Af-

the perfect balance of alternately

nimble fingers unbutton them with ease. He then picks me up and carries me to the couch while I did everything humanly possible to pull off my too tight jeans. My pants came off finally and revealed the hot pink lace

He told me that one of the patient’s he worked with had just passed away and he was looking to get high, talk a bit, and release some tension by having angry/frustrated sex with me.

held my legs up and open wide. I knew that his tongue and lips were working their magic because I could feel my moans vibrating though my entire body...let alone hearing them. I felt his hand on my inner thigh as

panties with black trim mirroring my bra

his fingers rubbed over my dripping

perfectly. Once we finally arrived to the

wetness. I felt two fingers sliding

couch, he lightly tosses me on my back.

inside me and begin pumping in and

As I lie back propping up on my elbows, he

out as his tongue swirled around

kneels over me and pulls my panties off. He

my clit. As the heat gradually built, he suddenly stopped

forcibly spreads my legs while he looks me


sucking and licking as he

in the eye momentarily. He finally break eye

what he’s doing and

contact and begins to kiss my chest slowly

locked his graze into

moving his lips down my body with light

my eyes. He suddenly

kisses until he reaches the top of my deep,

down and spits on

dark brown pubic hair. He locks eyes with

my pussy. A look of

me one more time before he begins kissing

shock crossed my

around the edges of my lower lips. Parting

face. He then rose and

Love 360: The Magazine

stood over me, placing one hand under

hips in an alternating clockwise and

to get fucked, not to make love. He

my shoulder and the other at the base

counterclockwise motion then up

definitely obliged. He grabbed my

of his penis to ensure swift entry into

and down his long thick shaft. After

hips and pulled me up and down on

my tight, pink hole. Maneuvering both

a couple moments of this ecstasy,

his dick as he fucked me increasing-

of his arms under mine now, he pulled

he puts his arms under my thighs

ly harder. I’m already an extremely

me closer, as he put his entre weight

and quickly picks me up to carry me

vocal woman and he needed little

on me and thrust rapidly in and out of

across the room to his bed. I landed

encouragement from me to know

my pussy while holding me secure. The

gently on my back when he threw

how much pleasure I was receiving.

moan I gave before was getting louder

me down. The gentleness ended

Never being one to not put forth the

as I felt him deep inside me. Throughout

there. He suddenly flips me over

extra effort, I decide to let him know

this time we never broke eye contact.

with both his hands under my hips

that I was just as enthusiastic as he

Holding our gaze, I started to grind my

to lift my ass into the air. He quickly

is during this fuck session. While he

hips circularly against him as he contin-

begins to thrust himself deep inside

was fucking me as hard and as fast as

ues to thrust. Still looking in my eyes,

me. While he is fucking me, I have my

I’ve ever seen him, I started scream-

he suddenly spit in my face. It took me

hands just above my pubic bone, so

ing “mas Papi mas!” This exclamation

by surprise as it landed in my eyelashes

I can feel the head of his dick ram-

kicked him into overdrive. The more

and fell partially down my cheek. The

ming the inside of me. He asks me

I begged for his cock the harder he

final shock came when he exited me as

if I want to make love or if I wanted

gave it to me. He pounded into me so

I wiped his spit off my face. This guy is

it rough. I told him that I came over

hard that I have no control; the best

full of surprises. We finally took a break

I can do is hold on and enjoy the ride.

from all of the intensity.

So I keep moaning louder and louder

Some water and a joint later, it was time

and hearing my voice repeat, “more

for Round 2. As he sat in this computer

Daddy more!!!” and ”Mas Papi mas!!!”

chair, I turn to face him and lift my leg

This only encouraged him to hold me

so I can easily straddle him. Once our

tighter and fuck harder. After such

bodies connected, I began moving my

an intense round, our bodies finally gave out once we both climaxed. With Round 2 concluded, we rested.


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“After such an intense round, our bodies finally gave out once we both climaxed. With Round 2 concluded, we rested.”


Since we had planned to get high

then dropped down to my knees

golden brown hair tight around his

together and make a night of this,

and took his penis in my hand. I

hand that gave him complete control

we took a break for some party fa-

begin stroking that beautiful dick

of the speed and placement of my

vors. During this time, a though ran

of his slowly. As I began to take

mouth against his penis. He used his

through my mind. “What is it with

him into my mouth, he jerks his hip

fist full of my hair to guide my mouth

lonely guys in this city who have

a little bit causing me to miss and

and throat up and down his long,

access to a ton of coke and cock

his dick to slap my cheek. After a

thick shaft to increase speeds and

yet they can’t get a girl to join in? “,

few more tries, I finally got him in

pulled it vigorously enough to help

I thought, “There’s nothing I can see

my mouth and began flicking my

me keep up with what the motion

that is wrong with these guys.” Oh

tongue around the tip focusing on

he desires. He stopped me by pulling

well, more for me (the guys, not the

the very underside of the head.

out of my mouth and demanded that


Doing this made me smile to my-

I spit on his dick, lick it off , then con-

self every time he flinched uncon-

tinue sucking. After a few moments

I was well rested so initiated Round

trollably. After a few moments of

of feeling his throbbing cock slip

3. Seeking my prey, I noticed him is

this, I opened my throat to swal-

in and out of my mouth, he quickly

sitting on the edge of the bed leaned

low him deep. As I pleasured him

pulled me up, turned me on my left

back on his elbows. I approached him

orally, he wrapped my hip-length,

side with one arm wrapped around

Love 360: The Magazine

my waist just under my breasts, and

ing two fingers inside my mouth and

occasionally for added lubrication. I

spooned me from behind. With the

motioning for me to open. He then

climaxed much faster than I expect-

other arm, he clamped my wrists to-

proceeds to spit in my mouth.

ed. Upon seeing me bring myself to

gether and began pushing his pelvis

orgasm, he jumped up and rushed

into me so that the head of his pe-

“Do you like that?” he roared, “And

across the room to me. He grabbed

nis slid between my legs as it gently

what are you?”

my hips and flipped me over posi-

rubbed against my wet pussy lips

“Yes, I like it.” I answered, “I’m a dirty

tioning himself to take me doggy

smearing my juices along its path. As

little slut.”

style. His hard throbbing cock slid

he starts to push himself inside me, he tells me to call him “Daddy.”

easily inside me although my mus“And who’s dirty little slut are you?”

cles were still tense from previous orgasm and tightly squeezed his pe-

“Daddy,” I say, following his orders.

Not missing a beat, I replied, “I’m

nis. I felt him growing larger. I knew

Daddy’s dirty little slut!”

he was close. I then reached my hand

Smiling, he tells me to say, “Daddy, I’m a dirty little slut.”

between my legs and began to gently “Good girl!” He said as he abrupt-

rubbing his balls from underneath as

ly pulled out of me. He then be-

they slap against me just as he be-

I reply loudly, “Yes, Daddy, I’m, a dirty

gan walking across the room to roll

gins to orgasm. Pulling out, he turns

little slut!”

a joint. Lying on my back with my

me around to face him just as cum

He then told me to

legs spread open exposed for him

starts flowing, he aimed so it will

spit in his mouth.

to watch, I spread my lips open with

land on my face. I held my hair back

After spitting in his

my left hand. After spitting on my

to minimize the mess that was about

mouth, he grabbed

middle finger, began to rub my clit.

to come (pun intended). He told me

my jaw, stick-

As he finished rolling the joint, he

to open my mouth as he sprayed his

turned in his chair to watch my fin-

jizz between my tongue and my face.

gers dart quickly between my clit and

Once he finished, he handed me a

the inside of my pussy, sometimes

towel and we cleaned ourselves up.

licking and spitting on my fingers

The rest of the night ended in a blur yet we both confirmed we were still sore many days afterwards. It was worth it.


Happily Ever

After Stories To Remind Us That Love Still Exist In This World.


Love 360: The Magazine

Relationship Goal: ‘Til Death Do Us Part. In a world where infidelity and divorce are commonplace, it’s refreshing to hear about long lasting love in this day and age. While the story of Domingo and Ana Maria Chavez’s 55-year marriage is a great story in itself, it’s their final hours that really touched our hearts. Forgive us for not telling you what happened but the Independent provides a heartfelt story that you must read to believe.





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Love 360: The Magazine

Love 360 :The Magazine Issue 2  

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Love 360 :The Magazine Issue 2  

Continuing our quest to answer the question "What Is Love?", Beryllium Media presents the 2 Issue of Love 360: The Magazine! Don't forget t...