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I-Yun Chen’s Portfolio Product Design / Graphic Design / Brand Design

Design is so fun, and life is too. Design is just like your life that can be enjoyed and experenced. Life is just like Design that can be beautified. They are worth pursueing with whole your life and they’re all so fun.

Product Design / Graphic Design / Visual Identity Design

陳逸芸 Lillian Chen 1988/11/25 Taipei 0935202260


Design is so fun and life is too

Educational Background and Experienc 2007 Taipei First Girls’ High School 台北市立第一女子高級中學 畢業 2010 Geisai #14 14屆日本東京藝祭 參展 2011 「設計已然,防患未然」創意新銳設計競賽 入選 國立新竹美學館創意新銳設計展 參展 國立彰化美學館創意新銳設計展 參展 2012 Young Designers’ Exhibition # 31 31屆新一代設計展 參展 Shih Chien University Industrial Design 實踐大學工業產品設計學系 畢業

Fly Crostrail 飛行卡駱斯瑞爾 Luggage Design Fabric, Plastic, Leather 500 x 350 x 230 mm


About Crocs Odor resistant 防臭 Ergonomic 符合人體工學 Lightweight 輕巧 Comfortable 舒適 Anti micrabia 抗菌   crocs™的三位美國創辦人眼見市場上 缺乏適合划艇運動的功能鞋,因此決定開創先河 ,製作出專為划艇和戶外運動而設的鞋類產品。 三位創辦人擁有共同理想,希望將時尚和玩味的 元素,貫注入最舒適的鞋子中。除了深受划艇人 士歡迎,亦獲得醫生、廚師、運動員、熱愛戶外 活動人士、名人和家庭青睞。 crocs™的鞋子別樹一格,所有crocs™產品均 採用已獲專利的croslite®物料製造,能隨著體 溫軟化,順貼足部線條。此外,crocs™產品亦 採用富歐洲風格的矯型學設計鞋跟,加上內置拱 型支撐和防滑及不脫色鞋底,令足部舒適健康。 獲得美國人體工學學會認可的鞋類產品,證明穿 上crocs™產品,可較赤腳站立省力62%。 croslite®更具有抗菌功能,達到防臭效果。

Concept   Fly Crostrial是一款crocs™型李登機箱, 使用專利的croslite®軟橡膠材質,輕巧、防臭 以及防水,還能符合人體工學,讓行李箱不僅好 拿而且裝得多。 行李箱上的孔洞符合crocs™的風格還能有收納 的作用,可以利用鞋扣將裝飾品、行李吊牌、化 妝包等固定在上頭。有背帶設計的行李廂平時可 以固定箱蓋,遇到水坑或階梯時即可輕鬆將杯帶 往後翻轉背起,整個行李箱就成為背包了。



White-Eyes’ Fruit Tree Outdoor Design Glass, Metal, Wood 240 x 240 x 500 mm



  針綠繡眼是台灣都市最多的鳥類之一,雜食 性,喜愛吃水果尤其是木瓜,但現在都市空氣汙 染嚴重,綠色樹木變少,綠繡眼的食物及乾淨的 飲水也跟著減少。 為了增加人和大自然的互動,設計了”綠繡眼的 水果樹”,為都市鳥類提供乾淨的食物和飲水, 也提供人類欣賞可愛鳥兒的機會。

How to Use




1, 將環與繩子固定於樹枝 2, 把水果叉在鋁製樹枝上 並把水放入容器內 3, 把整組餵食器掛到繩子上 4, 調整繩子控制升降 5, 將繩子尾端固動重物

Mr. Trekker Backpack Design Canvas, Plastic, Leather 500 x 400 x 200 mm



  當背包客幾乎是每個都市人的夢想,繁忙生 活過後,一用自己身體、心靈構築成的旅行總是 令人難忘。而自助旅行者的最佳夥伴當然就是背 包。目前背包客旅行大多使用登山包,內部為單 一桶狀空間,材質多為尼龍布等軟性材質。但自 助旅行的時間長度遠大於登山或一般的野外活動 ,對於背包內的行李拿取頻率增加,需求也不同 了。所以針對〝背包客〞重新設計一款背包。在 空間上有不同的隔間結構,可以伸縮擴充容量, 並設計了兩款不同功能可以拆卸的子背包,讓旅 者在定點活動時機動性增加,因為自助旅行會接 觸許多人且需長時間的移動,所以外殼使用硬性 的PC材質能防壓、防盜。   It is almost the dream of everyone living in the city to become a backpacker; in our busy lives, hardly anyone of us can forget a travel completed with our body and soul. The best travel partner of a backpacker is of course his backpack. What most backpackers carry to travel now is the mountaineering bag, the inside of which is one barrel-shaped space, made from soft materials such as nylon. The time length of backpack traveling however is much greater than that of hiking and of other outdoor activities; the frequency to acquire items from the backpack increases, thus leading to the change of demands of backpacks. I therefore wanted to redesign a backpack for the “backpackers”. The new backpack provides different compartments that can be used to extend the volume for storage; two smaller backpacks of different functions that can be disassembled are also designed to allow more mobility of travelers in designated activities. As backpackers would encounter a great number of people on their ways and would spend a long time moving, a hard PC material is used for the cover of the backpack to prevent the backpack from deformation and thieves.

Scale and 3-Dimentional Diagrams

Scale between the backpack and the user

Storsge space

旅行先生的容量為35公升,擴充後可達50公升 ,子背包的容量為10公升,適合平地或城市為 主的背包客旅行。收納部分除了背包本身以外 ,在背帶上附有手機、像機袋和許多吊掛的空 間,背部有空間可放置旅遊書和地圖。 With a capacity of 35L, 50L after expansion, and a external 10L pack, Mr. Trekker is primarily aimed at the urban backpacker. Besides the main compartment itself, it also has several multi-functional compartments and attachment points on the straps for items such as cellphones and cameras. There is also a quick access back pouch to store travel guides maps.

How to Use

Removable externalpack to increase mobility

Expandable main compartment for flexibility in capacity

Removable External Pack - The Basic

使用者為城市間旅行的背包客,時常移動穿 梭,對於機動性和便利性需求大。到定點後 ,如旅館、車站可以放下母背包,將隨身物 品裝入可拆式的子背包,即可輕鬆旅遊。 The users are meant to be urban backpackers, potentially moving around crowds and tight spaces, whose primary concerns are mobility and convenience. For example, after reaching their destination, such as hotels or train stations, they can leave the main pack, carrying their personal items in the removable external pack for increased mobility and a better travel experience.


Fasteners / Corner Protecting / Back view

Mr. Trekker - The Picnic Outdoor Design Canvas, Plastic, Leather 300 x 230 x 70 mm



  針對戶外野餐的使用情境而設計的背包,可 以與原本自助旅行背包上的基本款子背包替換, 在內部收納空間做了特別的規畫,能整齊放置食 物和各種器具,內含三件鍋具、四套碗盤及叉子 湯匙、生火用具和餐墊,野餐會使用到的基本器 具都包含在裡頭,讓戶外野餐變得更輕鬆。   I have designed a removable external pack specifically for outdoor picnic use; it can be used to replace the basic style backpacks on the original traveler’s backpack, and is planned especially in its internal storage space so that food and utensils can be placed in order. It comes with the basic utensils needed for a picnic, including three pans, four sets of tableware, tools to make a fire and dining pads; outdoor picnic is made simpler with the backpack.

How to Use 1. Taking off the removable external picnic pack / 2. Opening it / 3. Seeing dinnerwares inside neatly / 4.Store food in the back space / 5. Unfolding the placement

Contents and Size Pots: 17x17x5,16x16x4,15x15x3 / Plates: 14x14x1 / Bowls: 8x8x3.5 / Placemat: 150x150 / Gas: 10x10x10 / Stove: 7x6x5 (cm)

Control Panel transparent solar board

telescopic structure

warning light

(Stove Cross-section) stove Coating magnetic metal

Induction coil

Hot Paper Household Appliances Design Metal, Plastic, Fabric 250 x 80 x 80 mm

NOMEX can bare the temperatureup to 700 degrees.


Sketches and 3D Models

  以行動智能概念設計Hot Paper這個產品。 Hot Paper是一個可攜帶式的太陽能電磁爐,主 要是為野外旅遊所設計的,以往在戶外烹飪必須 攜帶爐子、瓦斯罐,鍋具等站體積又笨重的東西 ,Hot Paper體積小,爐面為可撓式的就像紙一 樣,用投影幕的結構收縮為滾筒狀,並且將磁性 金屬塗佈在感應線圈上頭,使原本需要金屬鍋具 產生渦電流的電磁爐不必使用鍋具即可直接在上 頭烹煮食物,以太陽能做為電力來源,產品外包 覆一層透明可撓式太陽能板,不僅環保並且省去 攜帶備用電池的困擾。 不管是出門在外或是在家裡頭,烹飪都變成一件 非常簡單的事情,再也不必準備大量的工具,只 需要一台輕巧的Hot Paper。   The concept of Hot Paper is basic on intellgent mobility.Hot Paper is a portable solar stove,design for the outside users.People had to carry the stove,gas can and cookwares when they cooked outside.It is too heavy. Hot Paper is very small.The stove is flexible like papers,using the telescopic structure to make the stove become drum-shaped.Coating magnetic metal on induction coil.That you can cook food on the stove directly and dont need the cookwares.The power is from solar energy,wrapping a flexible transparent solar board.You dont need the standby battery and this product is good for the environment.Even outside or staying at home,cooking become an easy thing.We dont prepare lots of tools before cooking,just need a Hot Paper.

How to Use

pulling the stove

putting the food on stove, and the transparent solar board absorbing the energy.

controling the temperature and time.

發電體 USB hub



Power Cycle Future 3C Design Plastic, Metal 150 x 150 x 70 mm


Sketches and 3D Models

  Power Cycle是一個發電及蓄電的系統,發 電單元結合不同裝置可連結不同交通工具,運用 同一蓄電單元儲存產生的電力,在生活中處處蒐 集電力達到環保的目的。 把發電體結合不同的機構如強力磁鐵或扣環,使 其能適用於不同交通工具,利用汽車及腳踏車行 進間所產生的風帶動裝置內的扇葉來發電,並將 電力儲存於發電單元中。蓄電單元為軟膠材質, 以USB連接發電裝置,可串接成為手環並累積電 量。   Power Cycle is a system of generating and saving electricity. Generate electricity unit can connect with vehicle and save energy to saving units. You can storage energy around life and make it more ecofriendly.

How to Use


使用扣環將發電單元和自行車連結 saving energy and reusing !

蓄電單元可串接 為手環隨身攜帶

Scid & Kedo Co-Op Projects Brochure Design 150 x 150 mm

Concept   欲呈現產業的專業度結合學生的活力,因此 使用較為沉穩的色彩,另加上手繪的線條呈現活 潑的感覺。利用跨頁的色塊指引使用者的閱讀方 向,封面及封底使用較多手繪性的線條讓視覺性 提升,但在內文介紹的部份為了使閱讀性以及辨 識性提高,所以排列較工整在字體的選擇上也使 用閱讀性較高的字體。

字體使用: Cambria Math / 華康儷細黑體使用有襯的字體。方便閱讀 有嚴謹的感覺。 Helvetica Roman – 在標籤的地方使用閱讀性較高的字體 首頁翻開後進入了小書的前導頁(左)由小標籤分 類指引閱讀者。

Mr. Trekker - The Picnic Cover and Poster Design

Concept   專輯用一種娓娓道來的口吻述說一 切愛的、恨的,有所謂的、無所謂的, 微笑的、啜泣的,各種人生各階段中最 細膩之私密情緒,陳小霞用樂音帶我們 回頭看她走過的路,曾經年輕過、曾經 愛過,十二年了,她以淡淡的無奈幽幽 的唱出以追不回的青春歲月。 整體視覺以淺色調為主,並做出斑駁暈 染的效果。文字則使用手寫搭配有襯的 印刷字營造書信的感覺。


This is I Yun Chen's portfolio.About product esign, brand design and graphic design.

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