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College’s Fight tillbig thenight end Spring Awards success Chichester College students Councillor speaks outfor over Little London’s future

Dean Adams Susanna Reid Managing Editor Reporter

CHICHESTER Collegein students stole the A LIB DEM candidate the county council show at the FEMay Sussex Springout Awards last elections this has come fighting on week. glittering event, at Brighton’s behalfThe of Chichester's local held traders currently famous Hilton Metropole hotel, business. provided under threat from big corporate a plush forthe theLib high profile and for Johnsetting Illenden, Dem candidate celebratory occasion. Division in which Little the North Chichester The annual awards ceremony forcause the of London Walk falls, is taking up the Sussex colleges’ retailers. was full to the brim with its independent excited families the representing PMBstudents Holdingsand of London, freeholder, Sussex’s This included worthy does not finest. want the small shopsfour to thrive or Chichester College winners, all delighted indeed remain. with It their has aachievements. reason for that in reportedly The night certainly tounderstood the wanting to put a singlebelonged giant unit, students from start to selling finish, with Cityand to be a TK Maxx store luggage College Brighton and Hove welcoming the clothing, there instead.

guests and ensuring the smooth running John told the Chichester Herald: "An of the arrival arrangements. overwhelming 88 per cent ofChichester people in College’s Furniture department provided Chichester are in favour of keeping the a fantastic exhibition, providing a wonderful independent shops inside the arcade of

intendexpect to carry I(I)didn’t to on wintrading for many more years, with this award outsupport of the entire the help and of our nominee’s; it’s still customers and the sinking people in of Chichester

insight into the quality craftsmanship and skill its students’ are working Little London Walk. In a survey (byat.a rival Northbrook’s Performing newspaper - the Observer),Arts onlystudents 12 percent were the ceremony’s were tasked against.with Thatproviding seems pretty substantial entertainment during the awards interval, to me. just"Chichester before a delicious threefor course dinner is renowned its small, was served byshops their giving Hospitality and choice Catering independent immense students. and variety to shoppers. Long may it be so! Continued Continued on Page page 3

Seven sentenced following Duo going the distance for Butlins charitydisturbance


Students fromWalk Chichester College Little London is fighting for itsstole futurethe show at the awards

Children Archbishop of Universitymeet presents Canterbury generous community donations to Foodbank

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University expert aims to CFT announce 2013 line-up boost local tourism


2 Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013

er! Happy Eacasllstov er

We are taking so the holiday weekend uss give us a call to disc art this great part time d to class. Looking forwar speaking soon! Kind regards Liz

Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013 3

Local News

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Seven sentenced following Butlins disturbance Olivier Award SEVEN men have been sentenced following a disturbance at a Sussex holiday resort. At around 12.20am on Saturday 5 November, 2011, police were called to Butlins in Bognor Regis following the incident which resulted in six people being taken to hospital. Craigh Whittam, 28, of Brittannia Drive, Gravesend, received three months' imprisonment suspended for two years, was ordered to carry out 120 hours' unpaid work and pay £650 costs for an offence of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour. Andrew Wood, 29, of Portland Avenue, Gravesend, received four months' imprisonment suspended for two years, was ordered to carry out 150 hours' unpaid work and pay £750 costs for an offence of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour. Daniel Asbury, 28, of Marks Square, Northfleet, received four months' imprisonment suspended for two years, was ordered to carry out 150 hours' unpaid work and pay £750 costs for an offence of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour. Scott Robinson, 29, of York Road, Northfleet, was sentenced to eight months' imprisonment for an offence of assault and eight months' imprisonment for an offence of affray to run concurrently.

James Green, 35, of Stanley Crescent, Gravesend, received three years' imprisonment for an offence of causing grievous bodily harm and nine months' imprisonment for an offence of affray to run concurrently. Sam Hedges, 28, of Lime Avenue, Northfleet, was sentenced to four months' imprisonment suspended for two years, was ordered to carry out 150 hours unpaid work and pay £750 costs for an offence of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour. Farai Mutepfa, 28, of Childs Crescent, Swanscombe, was sentenced to three months' imprisonment suspended for two years, ordered to carry out 120 hours' unpaid work and pay £650 costs for an offence of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour. They all pleaded guilty to the offences at previous hearings and were sentenced at Hove Crown Court on Thursday 21 March. They had all been staying at Butlins together when a disagreement between them

Continued from page 1 First up to accept his award was former Chichester College student James Budd. A talented and creative Hairdresser, James studied Level 3 Diploma Women’s Hairdressing with the College and was a very worthy winner of the City & Guilds Learner of the Year. Alex Toy, a former Peter Jones Enterprise Student from the College won the award for the Pearson BTEC Learner of the Year a little later in the evening. A mature student, Alex’s family were delighted to be able to witness his award acceptation, after supporting him both financially and emotionally throughout his studies. Marking a change of direction for Alex, he said: “I had to work hard to get where I am. I didn’t expect to win this award out of the entire nominee’s; it’s still sinking in!” Another worthy winner from Chichester College was Theresa Earle, who scooped the Hospitality Student of the Year Runner Up Award; she leapt to the stage to collect her prize presented by the Hilton Metropole, the hosts of the evening’s proceedings. Studying a Professional Cookery Apprenticeship with employers Butlin’s in Bognor Regis, Theresa

worked hard to overcome her initial fears of going back into education but was focussed on gaining the catering qualifications she’d had her heart set on. Celebrating in style and accompanied by her mother and Hospitality Curriculum Team Manager Liz Taylor, Theresa shared her experience of the awards as “Thrilling! I am so pleased to be here, I really didn’t expect that I would be. I couldn’t have done this without the help of my tutors!” Chichester College’s Edward Harringman celebrated in style with his friends and Furniture Lecturer, Christian Notley at the FE Spring Awards too. A dedicated student, Woody travelled over 120 miles each day to reach the College in order to study his Furniture Design and Making course. The evening was hosted by FE Sussex Chief Executive Officer, Tim Strickland, who said of the event, “Each year there are 83,000 learners studying at FE colleges and sixth form colleges in Sussex. To win an award means you are truly exceptional.”

nominations for Chichester Festival Theatre

led to group being ejected from a nightclub at the resort. A fight then broke out between the men. During the fight security staff at the resort were assaulted while trying to separate the men. One of the security staff received serious, but not life-threatening, internal injuries as a result of the incident. Detective Constable Della Squires of West Sussex CID said: "While trying to carry out their jobs and maintain peace at the resort several security staff were assaulted, including one who received serious injuries. "The seriousness of the offences is reflected in the sentences that were handed to the men by the court." Tel: 01243 773297 Mobile: 07983548459

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Anorak Corner Did you know? A taster of Chichester facts and figures... During the Second World War there were 3 bombing raids on Chichester. Bombs were dropped on Basin Road in 1941, on Chapel Street and St Martins Street in 1943 and on Arndale and Green Roads in 1944

CHICHESTER Festival Theatre has received a total of 13 Olivier Award 2013 nominations, announced this week. The production of Sweeney Todd leads the way with six nominations for Best Actor and Best Actress in a Musical (Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton), Best Musical Revival, Best Lighting Design (Mark Henderson), Best Sound (Paul Groothuis) and Best Costume Design (Anthony Ward). Kiss Me, Kate receives five nominations for Best Actor and Best Actress in a Musical (Alex Bourne and Hannah Waddingham), Best Performance in a Supporting Role in a Musical (Adam Garcia), Best Musical Revival and Best Theatre Choreographer (Stephen Mear). The Judas Kiss, a Chichester Festival Theare co-production, receives a Best Actor nomination (Rupert Everett) and Goodnight Mister Tom is nominated in the Best Entertainment and Family category. The winners will be announced at the Royal Opera House on 28 April.

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4 Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013

Tweets of the Week! All tweets are from Chichester people or about the area. (Some tweets may contain errors)

@VisitBritain If a town ends in -cester, -chester or -caster it has Roman roots. Chichester is one example @montezumas Less than a week to go until the Children on the Edge Easter egg event in Chichester. @WealddownMuseum Sheep taking a trip to Chichester, with @TheNovium. Also part of our ‘Sheep and Shepherding’ exhibition after Easter @AlCutting Women (and men) wearing stoles for the Chrism Service at Chichester for the first time. Allelu... Oh, not yet @musicalbethan 08:01 from Chichester to Portsmouth harbour @ SouthernRailUK explain yourselves! ‘Due to a fault that cannot be rectified’ isn’t enough!

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Has anyone round here ever won anything? THE BEAST OF CHICHESTER Monday’s sighting of a gorilla in Dorchester reminds me about the Orang Utang which lived in the tree tops around Chichester in the late eighties. If you know anyone who knows about this legend I’d like to buy them a pint and get the low down. It’s intriguing. MERITZ That brilliant shop that sells only interesting stuff, Meritz, in North St, is adapting and moving entirely online. I hope the owner, the outstanding Melzie Smith, will be better off. The High Streets of Chichester will certainly be poorer. TOO COLD Try to breathe through your mouth if you don’t want to get a dew drop on the end of your nose: it’s not a runny nose, it’s condensation – pure diluted water, the stuff we used to put in the car battery back in the days when cars wouldn’t start in the cold. MODERN CARS Seriously, compared to the “good old days”, cars just hardly ever break down like they used to. THE LOTTERY I’m always getting held up in my convenience store by people buying their lottery tickets. Has anyone round here ever

Tommy Boyd

NHS, a bowel cancer testing kit. Intriguingly, as I remember, the instructions say that if you can’t do it yourself, get a family member or neighbour to help. I’ve annoyed my neighbours enough without asking them to help me smear 3 days’ worth of my “youknow-what” onto cellophane windows in a bespoke wallet and pop it into the mailbox.

won anything worth shouting about? No. It always seems to be a bloke in Essex.

THAT SAID… I’m in awe of the NHS’s determination for me, and you, and our children to live as long as possible, and as well as possible.

LOTTERY USA Some American garage forecourt guy won $330m dollars this week, but after taxes he gets about $160m, as I understand it. Why don’t we do the same and tax the winnings? Instead of some guy in Essex getting £6m he gets $3m and the Treasury gets £3m. Would there be anybody saying; “No! I want to give all my ticket money entirely to a bloke in Essex, not half of it to a nurse.” GOOD FRIDAY Why do they call it “Good”? I turned 60 last year and it always seems to me that nailing people to planks should be called “Bad”. MANY HAPPY RETURNS On your sixtieth birthday you get an unexpected gift among your cards, from the


JOKE Bill is out walking when he comes across a big hole in the ground. Intrigued he drops a pebble down it, but doesn’t hear it hit the bottom. Looking for something bigger he finds a railway sleeper, hauls it over and throws it down. He’s listening hard when he sees a goat running towards him at full tilt. Jumping out of the way he watches the goat throw itself down the hole. A few moments later the farmer appears, and asks “Have you seen my goat?” Bill says “Yes, he ran at me then jumped down that hole.” The farmer replies “That’s impossible. I tied him to a railway sleeper.”

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6 Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013

Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013 7

County Council considers ways to accelerate Traffic Regulation Orders WEST Sussex County Council is aiming to increase the number of Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) it delivers each year. TROs are legal orders which road users have to obey, such as one-way systems, speed limits and waiting restrictions. Officers are working on plans to accelerate the time taken to approve a TRO. They are also considering increasing the number of TROs that County Local Committee’s in West Sussex can approve each year – from three to five.

County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, Pieter Montyn, said: “Under the old system, in some cases it has taken several years for TROs to be enacted. “This new process would also involve greater consultation to try and reduce the wait between a member proposing it, a County Local Committee approving it, and it becoming legally enforceable, to six months or a year. “We are looking at staff resources and working on ways to revise this process.”

Roads affected by Midhurst Market Square works to open for Easter ROADS through Midhurst town centre will be re-opened to traffic over the Easter weekend. West Sussex County Council has started work on a £376,000 scheme to rejuvenate Market Square and Church Hill. West Street, between Red Lion Street and Church Hill, will remain shut to traffic until Thursday, March 28. Church Hill, in front of The Swan Public House, will also remain shut to traffic until Thursday, March 28. Work on Red Lion Street has been completed and is now open to traffic. West Street and Church Hill will be re-opened for the Easter weekend.

Children meet Archbishop of Canterbury “MEET AND GREET” is part of the daily routine at Great Ballard School, but this was a “meet and greet” with a difference when children met the Archbishop of Canterbury in Chichester. Children at Great Ballard School had an exciting day in Chichester on Tuesday 19th March when they met the new Archbishop of Canterbury. Form 2’s trip to Chichester had been planned weeks ago, before it was announced that the Archbishop would be visiting Chichester as one of the cities on his tour around the country and they were thrilled when they found out that he would be visiting at the same time! Their day started with a walk up North Street looking above the shops to see what evidence of old buildings they could find. They then joined the Cathedral Education team to dress up and act out the story of St Richard which culminated with a prayer at his shrine. The children then waited with anticipation in West Street and were thrilled when the Bishop of Chichester and the Archbishop came over to speak to them! Returning to the Cathedral, they took part in activities in the Children’s Prayer area and they met and spoke to the Most Reverend Justin Welby who asked them

questions about their school. The activities were based around the story of Zaccheus and for one activity, the children had to imagine that Jesus was going to visit their house and they wrote questions they would ask him on a paper plate and hung it in a window. To finish the day, the children took a stroll through the Bishop’s gardens in the spring sunshine. It truly was a memorable day for the children and accompanying adults.

The White Horse Pub in Chilgrove is open again from the 6th, for a very welcoming discount on all you can taste call 01243 519444 today

8 Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013

Funds available to help communities act fast on flooding A £1.25M fund has been made available by West Sussex County Council to encourage communities to act against flooding. The Operation Watershed Active Communities Fund is part of the County Council’s initiative to tackle problems caused by severe weather. Its purpose is to support people in their local communities who want to work with the County Council to become more prepared for floods. It is also for people who want to help reduce the likelihood of highways or neighbouring land flooding. Local groups, including Community Flood Wardens and Local Flood Action Groups, are encouraged to apply for funding to finance schemes and projects of all sizes as a way of achieving this. For example, the fund could be used for: • Start-up costs to support the clearing of neglected ditches; • Buying or hiring equipment such as shovels, waders or diggers for communities to use; • Developing of community flood plans; and • Making small scale ‘find and fix’ improvements on the highway. Full details of the process required to apply for funding will be released in due course.

Louise Goldsmith, County Council Leader, said: “With climate change predicted to bring about more frequent outbursts of sudden, heavy rainfall, everyone has to be more prepared for when flooding occurs. “Creating this fund will help us respond quickly to what communities feel they need. “Where a solution or helpful tool to combat a flooding issue is identified, we will make funds available to resource it in a timely fashion.” Lionel Barnard, Cabinet Member for Communities, Environment and Enterprise, said: “Where it is appropriate we want to help communities help themselves against flooding. “By making this fund available for towns and parishes to apply for, it will do just that.”

University expert aims to boost local tourism A UNIVERSITY of Chichester lecturer and tourism expert has been assisting the development and promotion of the local area. Dr Andy Clegg has drafted the destination management plans for Chichester District and the Manhood Peninsula, and is in the process of relaunching the official tourism website of the Chichester District. Andy, who is Programme Co-ordinator for Tourism Management at the University, has used the opportunity to share and involve his students in the experience. He said: “I am in a rather unique position in that I am an academic running a real business – this affords a fantastic perspective and I have been able to pass on the practical aspects of my experience to my students thus reinforcing the very applied approach to learning and teaching that we support at the University.” Visit Chichester is the private sector organisation responsible for marketing the District. Andy took over as Chairman in June 2012, and has since been working on the redevelopment of the website, which provides information on tourism

in the local area, including places to stay, attractions to visit, local events and food and drink. In addition to increasing tourism into the area, Andy hopes that the new website will encourage local people to further explore their surroundings. He said: “I am very keen that local residents appreciate the fantastic tourism offer that they have on their doorstep, and use our website as a starting point for exploring the local area – whether it be cycling down the Salterns Way, exploring the arts and heritage in Chichester or walking in the South Downs.” To find out more about Visit Chichester, go to Alternatively, you can follow them on Twitter @Discover_ Chi, Facebook (Discover Chichester) and Pinterest (VisitChichester).

Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013 9

Let’s talk Cosmetic Surgery. Thinking of Cosmetic Surgery? Mr Simon Heppell, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, will be holding FREE One to One discussions on Thursday 18 April. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and seek advice if you are thinking of a Breast Reduction / Uplift / Augmentation; Abdominal Reduction and Abdominoplasty; Gynaecomastia correction (Male Breast Reduction); Liposuction and Skin Redundance Excision after weight loss.

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10 Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013

Nit Picky Networking SOCIAL NETWORKING sites. Like everything they have their bonuses and they have their negatives. For teenagers everywhere they provide a basis for celebrity stalking, posting attention seeking updates and notifying the world with every minor detail of their lives. For grown-ups they are said to be used for ‘staying in contact’ with friends and families but really they just provide confusion and a place for embarrassing posts that don’t truly reflect their ages and shame their children. For most people, they are harmless. But for the people that abuse them, someone can end up really getting hurt. In my opinion cyber-bullying is an extremely weak thing to do but unfortunately it is becoming more and more common. Posting abuse and harassing someone online for everyone to see and get involved in sounds perfect to a bully and social networks give the perfect stage for them to act out on. Whether it be celebrities or children that get targeted, it marks everything that’s wrong with social networking websites. And even if it doesn’t go as far as bullying, social networking sites just add petrol to fire. I can speak from experience that sending out a snide tweet when in an argument with a friend is something you will grow to regret. And it is really just petty. Talking things out in private is a much more mature thing to do. And it keeps timelines clear. But let’s face it, for a lot of teenagers

Gracie Cliffe social networks are just a bit of addictive fun, alerting everyone about insignificant parts of their lives. However, if this is you, please remember that some of us don’t care about what song you’re currently listening to nor do we wish to see pictures of your food. Really we would just prefer it if our timelines weren’t clogged up with that inconsequential rubbish. Or maybe I’m just being too snobby for the online world. Oh but who can blame me when I’ve got to put up with those who excessively add hash tags to every word just for the hell of it. Annoying? Yes. But is it a crime? Maybe just against society. But where do you stand? Do you think they are a good thing or are they over rated? Do you share my angst or are you an obsessive updater? Well I have just one piece of advice for everyone online - Not every thought is a pot of gold, and nothing can be taken back. Always think before you post online. Let us know what you think


More cash for community projects in the new financial year WEST Sussex County Council’s network of County Local Committees (CLCs) will have more cash to support local community projects in the 2013/14 financial year. Each CLC currently has £4,000 per committee member to distribute as part of the Community Initiative Fund scheme (CIF). However, as a result of a decision taken on Friday (22 Mar) by the full Council this will now be increased to £6,000. In total it means that £426,000 will be available to support worthy causes in the next financial year - an increase of £113,300. CIF has provided vital funds to community groups and organisations across West Sussex since it was started in 2006. Over this time more than £1.2 million has been awarded to over 450 organisations. County Council Leader, Louise Goldsmith said: “Supporting strong, active communities is really important, and this funding stream has helped all sorts of projects organised by local people for their local community from helping to run an event for local people to purchasing equipment for a local organisation or supporting a food bank. “In these difficult times supporting local communities has become more important than ever, and I am delighted we have found

this extra money to have even more impact.” Last week’s decision also brings more flexibility to the CIF funding scheme. At present, applications for grants have to come from community groups but in future County Councillors will also be allowed to identify local projects they feel would benefit from CIF and submit an application. The County Council has 14 CLCs, each made-up of County Councillors from local electoral divisions. Full details of the criteria for the CIF scheme and how to apply can be found on the County Local Committee pages of www. There is more good grants news for 2013/14 with Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources, Michael Brown, confirming that £300,000 will be available in both a fund to support Social Enterprises and the Members’ Big Society Fund, which allows councillors to bid on behalf of community projects. In the current financial year the Social Enterprise Fund supported a wide range of schemes from a painting and decorating social enterprise to support for the West Sussex Credit Union. The Big Society fund supported 31 schemes ranging from improving community buildings to a football based training scheme aimed at young people not in any form of education, employment or training.

 

                                  to build their confidence and self esteem 


to provide financial and strategic management to ensure financial viability of Home-Start Chichester & District prepare annual budgets present management accounts at monthly Board meetings ensure completion and submission of all statutory charity reports and accounts. oversee financial procedures and records including outsourced payroll. would ideally suit a qualified accountant or person with experience of charity funds accounting

The honorary treasurer will have a seat on the board of Trustees. You will be supported by the staff team which includes a part time Finance Assistant. The charity uses Excel spreadsheets and Sage accounts software and is currently in receipt of a 3 year core funding grant from The Big Lottery and other project funding including Sussex Community Foundation.

Information packs available from Home-Start Chichester & District, Chichester Nursery School Children & Family Centre, St James Road, Chichester PO19 7AB Tel: 01243 773477 or e-mail:

Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013 11

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3 Windows 5 Windows 7 Windows WEATHER PERFORMANCE 9 Windows SECURITY PERFORMANCE 11 Windows

£2295 £3275 £4295 £5275


YALE INSURANCE Rehau Frames APPROVED | Shootbolt Locking Planitherm Sealed Units


3 Vertical Sliding Windows 5 Vertical Sliding Windows Standard   7 Vertical Sliding Windows 2 £1275 Composite 9 Vertical Sliding Windows £1995 Doors (Front & Back) 11 Vertical Sliding Windows £2975

including VAT C &Rated Installation

£1499 £995

£3795 £4675

including VAT & Installation

A Rated


Energy Saving

£1575 £2625 £3675 £4725 £5775

£1725 £2875 £4025 £5175 £6325

Joseph James windows PVCu French Doors or Patio Doors in white also supply Aluminium windows and doors, including VAT PVCu and Aluminium & Installation Bi Fold Doors. TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY

Tel: 01243 Composite Doors 782828 Vertical Sliding 10 Year Showroom: Manor Nursery, Pagham Road, Runcton, Windows White PVCu Chichester, West Sussex. PO20 1LJ Email:


B Rated

1 Composite Front Door Including Sash Horns, Tilt facility for cleaning, vat and installation. 10 year Insurance Back Guarantee

12 Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013

Chloe: The stuff of my dreams! Spirit FM is raising money to help 17-year-old Chloe Humphrey from Chichester have a life-changing spinal operation. Hi everyone! Here’s my first weekly diary. First I want to thank everyone who has donated. You’ve helped me so much and I can’t thank you enough. Because of you I’ll be getting my dream of ‘New Legs’. Well, I don’t think I’ve ever had such a fantastic week! On Thursday 14th March it was karaoke at the General Henrys pub in Littlehampton. The Spirit FM girls got me on the stage with them and we were all amazing! As for my sister Laura – girl, you rocked that stage with your version of ‘Wanna Be’! On Saturday there was a Zumbathon at the Girls High School, which I did in my wheelchair. It was exhausting, but so worth it to see my uncle and stepdad trying to keep up! On Sunday I was a judge at the Chi Factor, along with Erin from Spirit FM, at the Old Cross pub in Chichester, which was another brilliant night. Between all this I’ve been at Chichester College and studying at home for a Level Two Diploma in Sports at Chichester College. I also

saw my physiotherapist. She’s banned me from playing wheelchair basketball until after my operation in case I injure myself. I’ve not been able to play much this year because of injury and I’m really looking forward to getting back in the team after my operation. I’ve had a lot of trouble sleeping this week. My cerebral palsy makes legs restless and painful at night. I get really tired just doing ordinary things, so I really need my sleep. But that’s not the only thing that kept me awake this week! Wednesday was the best day – ever! Sally Austin and Milly Luxford from Spirit FM, are doing the ‘777 Girls on the Run’ challenge – running 7k in 7 days in 7 countries to raise money for me. When Sally announced on air that they had reached their £10,000 target I couldn’t stop crying, shaking and smiling like an idiot. It made me realise that it really was possible for me have my operation. It’s amazing and overwhelming. You might have guessed by now that I’m saving the best for last. Wednesday evening was the stuff of my dreams!! I went to see The Script at the Brighton Centre. The lovely Mark Chivers at Spirit FM got me back stage to meet them and Danny O’Donoghue kissed me! And I got to touch his chest where Jessie J shaved it for Comic Relief! I was the happiest girl in the world. Did I tell you I’ve got the date for my

Spirit FM staff with Chloe Humphrey

operation? It’s on the 7th of May. And did you know that March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month? I hope that my campaign raises awareness of Cerebral Palsy and how difficult life can be when you are a teenager with disabilities. See you next week! Love Chloe x Chloe’s Guide: fundraising events taking place in the next week or two: • Do something good on Good Friday! Chloe’s Charity Car Boot Sale - Good Friday 29th March • Whiteways cafe car park, just off the roundabout on the A29 on Bury Hill. 8am for sellers, 9am for buyers. Pitch fees: car £5, van £10 (No caterers). All pitch fees donated to Chloe’s New legs. More info: 01798 831892/

• Live music in Midhurst for Chloe - Good Friday 29th March At the Half Moon Pub in Midhurst. The Wide Eyes will be performing live from 9pm. Fantastic covers (60s to the present day0; entry by donation. Book for a delicious fish supper. More details at www. • Magic & More - Wednesday 3rd April @ Westgate Leisure, Chichester. Shows at 11am & 2pm. A fantastic one-and-a-half hour magic show and disco with everyone’s favourite children’s entertainer Nick Clark! Tickets £3.00 per child (accompanying adults & under 2s free). Booking essential. PLUS! Photography sessions with Cherished Images Photography and pottery painting with Garage Ceramics. Bookings on 01243 785651 (option 5) or via (registration required) • Fabulous Art Auction – Thursday 4th April, with Christopher Timothy. Old Court House (Assembly Rooms), North Street Chichester. Buck fizz, coffee, cake and pre-view and some sales 11am to 1pm. The Mayor, Mrs Anne Scicluna will be there at 11:30. The auction starts at 1.30pm with the actor Christopher Timothy as the auctioneer. Your chance to bid for a Chris May, Mandy Shepherd, Annie Timothy and many local artists. Sealed bids accepted on line and on the day. View the catalogue at www. More information on events can be found at

prove your to your life and im e nc re ffe di a e April for just t to mak u. Join anytime in yo If you really wan r fo r fe of c ti ve a fantas 2013! wellbeing, we ha ly fee until 1 May th on m no y pa d £15 an Westgate Leisure Chichester our Premier+ membership includes:

Westgate Leisure Bourne offer includes:

• Unlimited use of the gym facilities, sauna, steam, spa’s, swimming, fitness classes and racket sports at Westgate Leisure Chichester

• Unlimited use of gym facilities and tennis courts

• Unlimited use of gym facilities, fitness classes and tennis at Westgate Leisure Bourne • Free parking

• All fitness classes including yoga, pilates and aerobics • No contractual tie-ins Membership from as little as £24.20 per month

• No contractual tie-ins Membership from £38.00 per month

t ll: 01243 785651 or visi For more information ca our website www.westg

Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013 13

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chichester Terminus Road, po19 8zz Tel: 01243 380636 Mon to Sat - 10.00am-6.00pm, Sun - 11.00am-4.00pm

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The Guinea Pig Village THE ALDINGBOURNE Trust has teamed up with Spirit FM with a very unique community project – let’s build a model village for guinea pigs! Not only is this a very different and unique project it is built with model houses all based on West Sussex landmarks. Spirit FM have kindly organised and delivered this community appeal since early this year and took the first step by asking all their listeners to come up with designs based on local landmarks for the buildings in the village. There were many entries and the judges found it exceptionally hard to choose the final nine which would form the village. After much deliberation the final winning designs were: Arundel Castle - Sefton Jones; Chichester Cathedral – Malcolm Galloway; Halnaker Windmill – Isla Sturrock ; Chichester Theatre – Rosa Guariglia; Spirit FM Radio Station – Joint winners Leah Moore and Rosie Chappell; Goodwood House – Paul Bennell; Selsey Lifeboat – Lily Collyer; Fontwell Racecourse – Jeremy Thomas and Weald and Downland Timber framed Tudor house – Jessica Gowing. All winners are invited to a V.I.P launch of the Guinea Pig Village this coming Easter Saturday at the Aldingbourne Country Centres Family Fun Day 12 noon.

Stage two, involved Malcolm and Liz Galloway from Caldotec Design Ltd in East Preston, they kindly offered to draw up architectural drawings of each of the winning buildings so they could be replicated and built as miniature life like models of their West Sussex landmark. Caldotec have been serving homeowners, developers and commercial clients since 1988, designing for lifestyle and business needs across the South East of England. Malcolm said: “All of us at Caldotec were glad we could help. We had some great fun with this project, learnt loads and met some very nice people.” Phase three was for Spirit FM to source all the materials required in order to build and paint the model village; many local companies and organisations got behind the project and kindly donated materials, paint and labour which has been very much appreciated by the Aldingbourne Trust. Sue Livett – Managing Director of the Trust said: “It has been overwhelming how much support we have received; I would like to personally thank everyone who has been involved in helping to build the best (if not only) Guinea Pig village in West Sussex.” The Trust wish to thank South Coast Contractors; KSA Contractors; Covers; Eazylay Flooring; Affordable Roofing;

Hawthorne Building Supplies; HomeBase; Brewers; ISS Facility Services & Landscaping; South Coast Skips; Bognor Models, The Beneficial Foundation; B&Q; Knight Fencing; C&M Trophies; Express Printing and Newlife Paints for their kind donations and everyone who has helped with the build and preparation, making this project a success. Finally all was left was for team Spirit to work alongside clients of Aldingbourne in teams and build, paint and varnish all nine buildings as close to their design brief as possible. Marie Allen, Media Consultant at Spirit FM said: “The Guinea Pig Village was a successful project that involved Team

Spirit, our listeners and local businesses. It was quirky, creative and fun, but most of all a practical and positive contribution to the Aldingbourne Trust.” If you want to know more about this project or you have an idea for future projects please contact Enterprise and Development Manager - Michelle McKinley Bell on 01243 544607 for more information. Lastly, Michelle added: “A vast amount of hard work has been put in to pull this project together and on behalf of all our Guinea Pigs I would like to say a big thank you to everyone and inform you that all our Guinea Pigs are very impressed with their new home!”

Egg-cellent chocolate donation for local charity • Easter egg amnesty at Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centre Chichester in aid of The Sussex Snowdrop Trust..

NUFFIELD HEALTH Fitness & Wellbeing Centre Chichester invite you to bring in your unwanted eggs this Easter any day from Good Friday 29th March to Sunday 7th April. The team will exchange your chocolate eggs for a free 1 day visit to the club whilst giving you the opportunity to get behind the local community. All eggs will be donated to The Sussex Snowdrop Trust. The club are keen to support the work of the organisation, who provide care at home for terminally ill children and children with life threatening illnesses.The Trust also offers emotional and financial support through their families

providing a team of community nurses & support workers for their care at home intitiave. Lisa Wilson, Sales & Marketing Manager at the club says “Easter is a perfect time for us to help people keep to their goals, maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay on track for summer. We all enjoy a little chocolate at Easter but a little can become a lot, throwing your routine out of the window. If you need help turning down that extra Easter egg, drop in and we’ll provide you with a free day pass and free health advice. You’ll also be helping to make sure that everyone in the

community, specifically those children at The Snowdrop Trust has an Easter egg and is able to enjoy some chocolate goodness this year.” The Fitness and Wellbeing Centre, part of the UK’s largest healthcare charity, Nuffield Health, is taking its quest to integrate healthcare, and fitness even further by offering free monthly support sessions called Meet Our Experts. These events will give you the opportunity to speak to various healthcare experts, including physiotherapists, physiologists and nutritionists. The next event in your area will be on Wednesday 17th April at the club and will focus on helping

you get fit for summer the Nuffield Health way – no crash diets, just adaptations to ensure a fit and healthy lifestyle. For further information please call the club on: 01243 788678 or go to: Nuffield Health Chichester, Chichester Gate. Chichester.PO198EL. The Sussex Snowdrop Trust is a registered charity. Reg: 1096622. See

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Fusion: A weekend of creativity for everyone WEST DEAN is excited to present a new event for 2013 - Fusion: a weekend of creativity for everyone (22 & 23 June), bringing together the best of what happens at West Dean, in its vibrant art and crafts College, out-ofdoors and into the sensational setting of its award-winning Gardens. So if you want to get creative then join in the fun at this jam-packed weekend of arts, crafts and entertainment. At the heart of this weekend event will be over a hundred different workshops for all ages, taking place in themed tents in the grounds, run by passionate and creative artists and craftsmen. There’ll be live demos from West Dean’s own tutors and conservators, free family drop-in workshops, as well as a full programme of live music and performance, cooking demos, food and drink stalls and unusual arts and crafts stalls. Pre book your tickets online and qualify for Early Bird entry, only £8.60 for Adults and just .90p for children or buy them on the door. Included in your ticket will be: • Free family drop-in workshops (1,400 places) in printmaking, drawing, crochet, automata, stop motion animation and sewing. • Demos by makers, cooks, conservators and artists • Live music and performances in the Cabaret Tent on the Picnic Lawn • Gardens tours from experts (Saturday only) • West Dean House - a rare chance to visit the

impressive state rooms (Sunday only) • Shed Trail – take a peek inside six unusual garden sheds and get involved with activities going on inside • Vintage hall of mirrors and inflatable children’s play area • Market place stalls selling original arts and craft • Delicious food and drink (don’t miss the Graffiti bar!) Guarantee your place, pre-book onto extra workshops online (some places will be available on the day) • 1000 age 12+ workshop places (£8 – 90 mins) in art, textiles, photography, pottery, animation, automata, jewellery, wire sculpture and willow work. • 450 child (aged 5 – 12) workshop places (£5 – 45 mins) in drawing, sculpting animals, glass decoration, kite making, food, willow weaving, pottery and making bead jewellery. Prices and booking information: Book your ticket in advance for the day or the whole weekend. Take advantage of early bird prices, book by 15 June. Early bird: Day tickets: Adult £8.60 Child from £0.90. Weekend pass: Adult from £13.10 Child from £1.35. Full price: Day tickets: Adult from £10.40 Child from £0.90. Weekend pass: Adult from £14.50 Child from £1.50. Book online at: www.

Chichester man takes on 50 mile charity challenge AN EMPLOYEE from the Chichester branch of Covers Timber & Builders Merchants has got his boots on ready to walk 50 miles in 24 hours. The challenge is part of Trek50 and will raise much needed funds for MedEquip4Kids. Alastair Dymock will be joining colleagues from the Alresford branch and the team are hoping to raise £2,000 for the charity. The 24 hour walk, taking place between 22nd and 23rd June, will take the team around the Pennines on the Lancashire and Yorkshire border achieving a height gain equivalent to climbing Mount Snowdon or Ben Nevis. Alastair Dymock commented: “I’m really up for the challenge and the team is training hard. MedEquip4Kids is a fantastic charity and, at the outset, I’d like to thank everyone who shows their support and helps us to reach our target.” Established in 1985, children’s charity, MedEquip4Kids, raises money to provide paediatric medical equipment and facilities for hospitals and community health teams. Entirely reliant on donations from the public, to date the charity has raised more than £12 million. Henry Green, Commercial Director at Covers commented: “At Covers, we have a great team of staff who are always doing something to support different charities

or community organisations and we are delighted to be able to offer them as much support as possible. Everyone wishes Alastair and the team the very best of luck.” Covers has a dedicated Trek50 Just Giving page where donations can be made directly to the campaign –

The Ship Hotel teams up with Boots to help Macmillan Cancer Support THE SHIP HOTEL, Chichester is teaming up with Boots the chemist in North Street to raise vital funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. The Ship Hotel has donated the top prize for the raffle at Boots annual spring gala to be held on Wednesday 3rd of April. For just a £1 a ticket visitors to Boots from the 27th March will have the chance to win a nights stay in the Ship’s luxurious and exclusive ‘Number One Chichester’. The lucky winners will also have dinner in the Ship’s AA rosetted restaurant cooked for them by Head Chef Jon Lander and of course breakfast served to them in the cottage the following morning. General Manager Patrick Burfield, said: “We are very pleased to be partnering with Boots to try and help raise a significant amount of money for the fantastic and essential work carried out by Macmillan Cancer Support. It is often forgotten that is not only the people who are diagnosed with cancer that suffer but also their families, friends and carers. Macmillan really helps with the psychological side of this illness in

Take the stress out of employing staff with South Coast HR Your people are the most important part of your business, and without them you can’t succeed. Your employees can also create big headaches when it comes to employment law compliance, underperformance, absence and making sure you recruit the right person for the job. For a small business having your own HR Manager is often a complete luxury that most just make do, and do without.

their amazing professional support and care. He added: “Boots always organise a fantastic evening with lots of things happening in store and is very well supported by many local companies entrance to the Gala night costs just £5 all proceeds from the evening and the raffle will go to Macmillan Cancer Support.”

Now that luxury can become an affordable reality with South Coast HR. We become your HR Manager and take care of all your people needs leaving you free to get on with running your business.

Let us take care of: • Drafting / issuing employee contracts • Drafting policies and keeping these up to date • Dealing with any maternity leave & flexible working requests • Monitoring and dealing with employee sickness • Dealing with any staff complaints • Interviewing potential staff • Advising on disciplinary situations and con ducting those difficult meetings • Advising on how to make any redundancies • Training and development • On site HR administration • Plus much, much more

South Coast HR are friendly and approachable and will take time to get to know you and your business – providing you with honest, practical advice when you need it most. Either pay for what you need as and when you need us, or budget for your needs from as little as just 4 hours a month. @SouthCoastHR

Call: 01243 717693 Email:

16 Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013

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The Croods (3D) (U)

FOUR out of Five stars

Running time: 98 mins Director: Kirk DeMicco, Chris Sanders Starring: Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Cloris Leachman, Clark Duke, Randy Thom, Chris Sanders

the creatures the family encounter, many of which (croco-puppies, walking whales, flying piranha birds) are a gift to the film’s merchandising department and could be seen as a fairly subtle dig, considering the anti-evolutionary fervour espoused by certain elements in America. Similarly, a lot of thought has obviously gone into the way the characters think and behave, which pays strong comic dividends.

Enjoyable, colourfully animated and frequently funny comedy with a witty script, some inventive ideas, impressive 3D work, a strong message and strong comic performances from a talented vocal cast. What’s it all about? Directed by Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders, The Croods is an animated adventure starring Nicolas Cage as prehistoric caveman Grug Crood, who protects his family – rebellious daughter Eep (Emma Stone), mother Ugga (Catherine Keener), feral baby Sandy (Randy Thom), panicky pre-teen Thunk (Clark Duke) and sassy Gran (Chloris Leachman) - by insisting that they never leave the safety of their cave after dark. However, when Eep (Emma Stone) sneaks out in search of adventure, she meets slightly more evolved caveman Guy (Ryan Reynolds), who has learned the secret of fire and who warns her

Sky Diary - April 2013 By Peter Littlejohns

JUPITER is still dominating the south-west sky and can be spotted before the evening gets properly dark. It will set around mid-night in the west and be past its best next month. The Moon will be very close to this giant planet on the 14th of April. The lovely ringed Planet Saturn is now on full show between the constellations of Libra and Virgo in the south-east, being in a good observing position mid-month from 22:00hrs onward. Comet L4 PanSTARRS unfortunately fades away towards the end of March and the start of April in the north-western part of the sky and will need binoculars to resolve its image. It is thought to originate from a spherical cloud surrounding the Solar System containing many billions of comets called the Oort cloud. These comets are relatively small bodies composed of rock, dust

that danger is coming. Sure enough, when Guy’s predicted seismic activity destroys their cave, the Croods are forced to flee to safety as their valley collapses around them. With Guy leading the way, Grug has to confront his fear of change and adapt to his new surroundings if he’s going to keep his family safe. The Good The vocal performances are excellent: Cage is very funny as Grug and there’s strong

and ice which get nudged out of their orbits either by collisions or gravitational influence and some get drawn towards the Sun. As they get closer to the Sun the ice particles sublimate into gas which we see as the head and tail. This tail can reach several million km. in length and is blown away by the solar wind, so always points away from the Sun. The comet's brightness is notoriously difficult to predict. There are two meteor showers from Virgo (SSE) on the 12th with around 5 shooting stars an hour each. The April Lyrids (NE) occurs on the 22/23rd with a rate of 15+ an hour but the almost full Moon will interfere with the dimmer shooting stars. There will be a partial eclipse of the Moon on the 25th starting at 20:51 very low down on the SE horizon. Only a very small, barely discernible, portion of the Moon's north polar region will slide into the umbral shadow of the Earth, ending at 21:23hrs.

Planetarium Shows and Dates - April 2013 Monday 01 3.30pm The Night Sky This Easter Wednesday 03 3.30pm Seven Wonders of the Solar System Friday 05 7.30pm The Stars This Month Sunday 07 3.30pm Hubble’s Glorious Universe Tuesday 09 3.30pm The Northern Lights Thursday 11 3.30pm Prepare for Blast-off! Friday 12 7.30pm The Northern Lights Sunday 14 3.30pm The Hunt for Earth-like Planets Friday 26 7.30pm The Stars This Month Sunday 28 3.30pm Saturn, Lord of the Rings Tickets: Adults £6.00, Children £4.00. Tickets are available to callers at the The Novium, Chapel Street, Chichester. Alternatively, please phone 01243 774400 or ticket hotline 07818 297292 to reserve your tickets. Payment by cash or cheque only, on the day. A map showing our location can be found at: www.

comic support from Stone (whose character even looks a bit like her), Reynolds (completely reigning in his sarcastic screen persona, to winning effect) and Duke, while director Sanders puts in a scenestealing turn as Guy’s sloth sidekick Belt (‘Ta-daaaaa!’). In addition, De Micco and Sanders maintain a decent pace throughout and the film is packed with great gags, both verbal and visual. On top of that, the script delivers a strong message and there are several inventive ideas, not least in the character designs for

The Great The animation is lively and colourful throughout, with strong attention paid to the various landscapes. The film also features some of the best 3D work of recent years and it’s good to see animators fully embracing the gimmicky aspects and actually using 3D to have things fly around in front of your face again. Worth seeing? The Croods (3D) is a thoroughly enjoyable animated adventure with likeable characters and a sharply observed, frequently funny script. There’s also definite franchise potential here and on the evidence of the first film, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. Bring on The Croods 2: More Croods.


A. EASY A B. EASY B C. EASY C Send your answer, and include your full name, address and a contact phone number to One lucky winner will be selected at random. Closing time is Tuesday 2nd April 2013 at midday - The winner will be notified later on that day. • Last weeks winner is Janet Smith from Pagham Chichester Herald competition terms and conditions apply.

Cineworld Chichester Chichester Gate, Chichester, PO19 8EL - 0871 200 2000

Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013 17

Sheep return to Chichester Market Cross after 150 years AFTER almost 150 years sheep will return to the historic Market Cross in Chichester for a one-off event. A flock of Southdown sheep will be at the Market Cross on Saturday 6 April as part of a week of wool-themed events at The Novium. Events will run from Saturday 6 to Sunday 14 April. Sheep would have been among the animals sold in the city centre in the past. The last recorded instance of this was in May 1870, before the busy animal market was relocated to just south of Eastgate Square. In 1314, Chichester was one of only 12 cities in England given a charter to trade wool, which has always been one of Chichester’s most thriving industries. Ebenezer Prior’s Woolstaplers, which once stood on the site of The Novium, was one of the city’s most influential employers. The traditional Southdown sheep returning to the city centre marks the city’s commercial origins. The event is being run in conjunction with the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum at Singleton, as part of its Sheep and Shepherding on the South Downs exhibition which runs at the museum from 7-11 April. South Downs Folk Singers and Ann Feloy and Sam Hare will also be performing by the Market Cross during the early afternoon. The Novium will be hosting a variety of

activities as part of its Week of Woolly Wonder including: • traditional wool spinning; yarn bombing; pompom Sheep, in support of HRH Prince Charles’ campaign for wool; stuff a sack time trial challenge; andcraft activities to create sheep masks and Bo Peep bonnets. Other wool related events and activities include: • a film archives afternoon entitled Rural Life on Friday 22 March from 2-4pm at The Novium; • a talk entitled Chichester Woolstapling on Thursday 11 April from 4-5.30pm at The Novium; • a walk entitled Market Traders on Saturday 13 April from 11.30am to 1pm; and • craft activities. Councillor Eileen Lintill, Chichester District Council’s Cabinet Member for Leisure, Wellbeing and Community Services, says: “The abundance of Southdown sheep led to a long and affluent wool industry in Chichester. We are delighted to be able to celebrate this piece of local history in this special week of events. We are also pleased to be teaming up with the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum at Singleton during this week for an event.” Pre-booking is required for the film archives afternoon, walk and talk.

This week at New Park Cinema Nicole Kidman stars in two films this week: ‘Stoker’ and ‘The Paperboy’

01243 786 650

Fri 29 Mar 13.30 I Give it a Year (15) 97m, 16.00 Broken City (15) 109m, 18.30 Robot & Frank (12A) 90m, 20.45 The Paperboy 107m Sat 30 Mar 13.45 Jiro Dreams of Sushi (U) 81m, 15.45 The Paperboy, 18.15 Broken City, 20.45 Stoker 98m Sun 31 Mar 13.00 Underground (U) 84m, 15.00 Ballet: Esmeralda, 18.15 I Give it a Year, 20.30 The Paperboy

Mon 1 Apr 13.30 I Give it a Year, 16.00 Robot & Frank, 18.15 Stoker, 20.45 Broken City Tue 2 Apr 13.30 Broken City, 16.00 The Paperboy, 18.30 Robot & Frank, 20.45 I Give it a Year Wed 3 Apr 13.45 I Give it a Year, 16.15 Jiro Dreams of Sushi, 18.15 Broken City, 20.45 Robot & Frank Thu 4 Apr 13.30 Robot & Frank, 15.45 I Give it a Year, 18.15 I Give it a Year, 20.45 Stoker

West Dean presents

22–23 June, 10:30am–6:00pm

Arts, crafts and entertainment in a sensational setting BOOK NOW! Early bird prices from 90p children, £8.60 adults. Quote FUSADV

West Dean, Near Chichester, PO18 0RX

@westdeanejf #fusioncreate

18 Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013


Jenna-Louise Coleman Jenna-Louise Doctor Who Coleman BBC1, 6.15pm Doctor If you’reWho a Doctor Who fan, BBC1, 2013 is6.15pm going to be a big Ifyear. you’re a Doctor23rd Who fan, November 2013 going to anniversary be a big marksisthe 50th year. of theNovember show, and23rd the Beeb marks theout 50th is pulling allanniversary the stops to of the show, Beeb celebrate it. and But the we have iseight pulling out alltothe months waitstops untilto celebrate But we we see theit.fruits of have their eight months waitwe’ll until labours. Untilto then, we seetothe fruits their have make doof with the labours. Untilofthen, we’ll second half season have to which make do seven, willwith see the second half of Colman season Jenna-Louise seven, willas see reprisewhich her role Clara, Jenna-Louise who turns up Colman this time in reprise her role as Clara, modern-day London to help who turns up this time the Doctor defeat wi-fi-in modern-day London help dwelling villains whotosteal the Doctorsouls. defeat people’s Hewi-fithen dwelling villains whothe steal thinks she’d make people’s souls. He then perfect companion. thinks she’d make the perfect companion.

Donald Campbell Donald Campbell: Campbell Speed Donald King Donald Campbell: Speed BBC2, 8pm King When it comes to BBC2, 8pmfew are as daredevils, When it comes to celebrated as Donald daredevils, few are Campbell. While theaslikes of celebrated Donald grab the Evel Knievelasmay Campbell. the likes of attention, While Campbell retains Evel Knievel the a place in themay UKgrab public’s attention, Campbell hearts thanks to hisretains good place in the UK aold-fashioned stiffpublic’s upper lip, hearts thanks toand hisambition. good determination old-fashioned stiffin upper His story is retold this lip, determination and ambition. gripping documentary, from His is retold in this his story childhood when he gripping documentary, from would witness his father his childhood when he Malcolm’s daredevil would witness his father attempts to break land and Malcolm’s daredevil water speed records during attempts toand break land and the 1920s 1930s, to his water speedand records during own career eventual the 1920s and 1930s, toin his death at Coniston Water own career and eventual 1967. death at Coniston Water in 1967.

BBC2 ITV CHANNEL 4 CHANNEL 5 6.10 The Hoobs. (R) 6.35 The 6.00 This Is BBC Two. 7.00 Great 6.00 Milkshake! 10.10 Power 6.00 CITV: Mickey Mouse BBC2 ITV CHANNEL 4 CHANNEL 5 Hoobs. (R) 7.00 British Rallycross. British Menu. (R) 8.00 Great British Rangers Samurai. (R) 10.45 Clubhouse. 6.25 The Hive. (R) 6.35

6.00 Breakfast. 10.00 Saturday Kitchen Live. 11.30 Nigel Slater’s Simple Cooking. (R) 12.00 BBC 6.00 Breakfast. News; Regional10.00 News;Saturday Weather. Kitchen Live. 11.30 Nigel Slater’s 12.15 Football Focus. 1.00 Bargain Simple Cooking. (R) 12.00 BBC Hunt. (R) 2.00 Richard Hammond’s News; Regional News; Weather. Secret Service. 2.40 Film: Freaky 12.15 1.00Score. Bargain Friday.Football (2003) Focus. 4.10 Final Hunt. (R) 2.00 Richard Hammond’s 5.10 Pointless Celebrities. (R) 5.55 Secret Service. 2.40 Film: BBC News; Regional News;Freaky Friday. (2003) 4.10 Final Score. Weather. 5.10 Pointless Celebrities. (R) 5.55 6.15News; Doctor Who. The Time Lord BBC Regional News; returns for eight new Weather. adventures, the first of which 6.15 Doctor Who. The new Time Lord sees him joining returns for eight companion Claranew to tackle a adventures, of which wi-fi menacetheinfirst London. Matt sees him joining new Smith and Jenna-Louise companion Clara to tackle a Coleman star. wi-fi menace in London. Matt 7.00 Smith The Voice UK. New series. and Jenna-Louise Holly Willoughby and Reggie Coleman star. Yates return with the all7.00 The Voice UK. New series. singing, chair-spinning talent Holly Willoughby and Reggie contest, with coaches Tom Yates return with the allJones, Jessie J, singing, chair-spinning talent and Danny O’Donoghue. contest, with coaches Tom 8.35 Jones, The National Lottery: Who Jessie J, Dares Wins. Nick Knowles and Danny O’Donoghue. hosts the game show in 8.35 The National Lottery: Who which two pairs of strangers Dares Wins. Knowles team up, eachNick battling to hosts in as outdothe thegame othershow by listing which two pairs of strangers much as they know about a team each battling to givenup, subject. outdo the other by listing as 9.25 much Casualty. Tom helpsabout a young as they know a man with a troubled home given subject. life, while Jamie treats a 9.25 Casualty. Tomwho helps a young junior boxer reminds man troubledpast. home him with of hisa difficult Tom life, while Jamie becomes jealoustreats whena junior boxer who reminds another doctor asks Sam him out.of his difficult past. Tom becomes jealous when 10.15another BBC News; Weather. doctor asks Sam 10.30out. Match of the Day. Including highlights Sunderland v 10.15 BBC News;ofWeather. Manchester United; National 10.30 Match of the Day. Lottery Update. Including highlights of Sunderland v 12.05Manchester The FootballUnited; LeagueNational Show. 2.25 Film: (BST) The Uninvited. Lottery Update. (2009) 3.50 Weatherview. 3.55 12.05 The Football League Show. BBC News. 2.25 Film: (BST) The Uninvited. (2009) 3.50 Weatherview. 3.55 BBC News.

Menu. (R) 9.00 Great British Menu. 6.00 This IsABBC Two.of7.00 Great (R) 10.00 History Britain by British (R)(R) 8.00 GreatMeet British SimonMenu. Schama. 11.00 the Menu. (R) 9.00 Great British Menu. Ancestors. (R) 11.30 Map Man. (R) (R) 10.00 A History of Britain by 12.00 Country Show Cook Off. (R) Simon (R) 11.00 the 12.30 Schama. Country Show CookMeet Off. (R) Ancestors. (R)Show 11.30Cook Map Off. Man.(R) (R) 1.00 Country 12.00 CountryShow ShowCook CookOff. Off.(R) (R) 1.30 Country 12.30 CountryShow ShowCook CookOff. Off.(R) (R) 2.00 Country 1.00 Show(R) Cook Off. (R) 2.30Country Mastermind. 3.00 1.30 Country Show Cook University Challenge. (R) Off. 3.30(R) Flog 2.00 Country Show Cook Off. Bake (R) It! (R) 4.15 The Great British 2.30 Mastermind. (R) 3.00 Off Easter Masterclass. (R) 5.15 University Challenge. 3.30from Flog Easter from King’s. A(R) service It! 4.15 of TheKing’s GreatCollege, British Bake the(R) Chapel Off Easter Masterclass. (R) 5.15 Cambridge. Easter from King’s. A service from 6.30 The of Good Life. Margo’s new the Chapel King’s College, windbreak causes problems Cambridge. for Tom and Barbara. (R) 6.30 The Good Life. Margo’s new 7.00 windbreak Richard Briers: Tribute. causesA problems Friends and Barbara. colleagues for Tom and (R) celebrate the life of the actor, 7.00 Richard A Tribute. who diedBriers: last month and Friends and colleagues whose 50-year career celebrate the lifeTV, of stage, the actor, encompassed film who died last month and and radio. Ever Decreasing whose 50-year career Circles and the documentary encompassed stage, All About The TV, Good Life film can and radio.tomorrow Ever Decreasing be seen from Circles and the documentary 6.30pm. All About The Good Life can 8.00 be Bach: Passionate Life. seenAtomorrow from John Eliot Gardiner examines 6.30pm. the life of the German 8.00 Bach: A Passionate Life.he composer, discovering John Gardiner examines was aEliot complex artist, a warm the of the German andlife convivial family man and composer, discovering he a rebellious spirit. was a complex artist, a warm 9.30 and QI. convivial With Juliafamily Zemiro, Sue man and andspirit. Ross Noble. (R) aPerkins rebellious 10.00 Life’s Too Short Special. 9.30 QI. With Julia Zemiro, Sue One-offand edition the spoof Perkins RossofNoble. (R) documentary, starring 10.00 Life’s Too Short Special. Warwick Davis. One-off edition of the spoof 11.00documentary, Film: Anita &starring Me. (2002) Comedy Davis. drama, starring Warwick Chandeep Uppal. 11.00 Film: Anita & Me. (2002) 12.30Comedy Film: Brooklyn drama, Rules. starring (2007)Chandeep 3.00 (BST) This Is BBC Uppal. Two. 12.30 Film: Brooklyn Rules. (2007) 3.00 (BST) This Is BBC Two.

6.00 Breakfast. 8.15 Match of the Day. (R) 10.00 Live Easter Sunday from Paisley Abbey. 11.00 Urbi et 6.00 8.15 Match the Orbi.Breakfast. 11.35 Countryfile. (R)of12.30 Day. 10.00 Live Easter BBC(R) News; Weather. 12.40Sunday Bargain from Abbey. 11.00 Urbi et Hunt.Paisley (R) 1.25 Escape to the Orbi. 11.35 Countryfile. (R) 12.30 Country. 1.55 Film: Madagascar. BBC News; (2005) 3.15Weather. The Boat12.40 RaceBargain 2013. Hunt. (R) 1.25 5.25 Songs of Escape Praise. to the Country. 1.55 Film: Madagascar. 6.00 Deadly 60Boat on aRace Mission. (2005) 3.15 The 2013. SteveofBackshall 5.25 Songs Praise. searches for lethal animals in Mexico, 6.00 Deadly 60 on aa Mission. encountering bull shark, Steve Backshall searches for the speedy sailfish, an army lethal animals in of predatory batsMexico, and a dark encountering a bull shark, cave of hanging serpents. the speedy sailfish, an army 6.30 ofBBC News; Regional predatory bats and aNews; dark Weather. cave of hanging serpents. 7.00 BBC Countryfile. Ellie Harrison 6.30 News; Regional News;is at St Michael’s Mount in Weather. Cornwall, where spring 7.00 Countryfile. comes early,Ellie andHarrison presentsis atarchive St Michael’s Mount in items including Cornwall, spring searches where for ancient comes early, presents orchards andand Britain’s largest archive items including land mammal. searches for ancient 8.00 orchards Antiquesand Roadshow. Fiona Britain’s largest Bruce and the experts visit land mammal. Newstead Abbey in 8.00 Antiques Roadshow. Fiona Nottinghamshire, where Bruce the experts visitdog items and include a Victorian Newstead Abbey collar, early royalinrelics and a Nottinghamshire, where painting of a Second World items includeRed a Victorian War battle. button dog collar, early royal relics viewers can play alongand by a painting a Second World guessingofthe valuations. War battle. Red button 9.00 viewers The Village. Newalong series. can play by Epic drama life in an guessing thecharting valuations. English village across 100 9.00 The Village. series. years as seenNew through the Epic in an eyesdrama of onecharting residentlife living English village across 100 from boyhood to old age. years as seen through the 10.00eyes BBCof News; Regionalliving News; one resident Weather. from boyhood to old age. 10.25BBC Match of the Day 2. News; Aston 10.00 News; Regional Villa v Liverpool. Weather. 11.15Match Regional Programme. 10.25 of the Day 2. Aston 11.45Villa Film:v Liverpool. House of Sand and Fog. (2003) 11.15 Regional Programme. 1.45 Weatherview. BBC News. 11.45 Film: House of1.50 Sand and Fog. (2003) 1.45 Weatherview. 1.50 BBC News.

6.00 This Is BBC Two. 6.05 Film: Journey into Fear. (1943) 7.15 Film: One of Our Dinosaurs Is 6.00 This (1975) Is BBC 8.45 Two. Gardeners’ 6.05 Film: Missing. Journey into9.15 Fear.The (1943) World. (R) A to 7.15 Z of TV Film: One of10.00 Our Dinosaurs Gardening. Saturday Is Kitchen Missing. (1975) 8.45 Gardeners’ Best Bites. 11.30 Paul Hollywood’s World. (R) 9.15 The A to Z of Bread. (R) 12.00 Great BritishTV Gardening. 10.00Great Saturday Kitchen Menu. (R) 1.00 British Menu. Best Bites.EastEnders. 11.30 Paul (R) Hollywood’s (R) 2.00 3.55 Bread. (R) 12.00 Great British Secrets of Our Living Planet. (R) Menu. (R) 1.00 Great British Menu. 4.55 Film: Galaxy Quest. (1999) (R) 2.00 EastEnders. (R) 3.55 6.30 Ever Decreasing Circles. Secrets of Our Living Planet. (R) Martin’s cricket team is a 4.55 Film: Galaxy Quest. (1999) man short. (R) 6.30 Ever Decreasing Circles. 7.00 Martin’s All About The Good cricket team Life. is a The story the 1970s man short.of(R) sitcom about a couple who 7.00 All About Good Life. opted outThe of the rat race The oftheir the 1970s andstory turned suburban sitcom about into a couple back garden a who opted out of the(R) rat race smallholding. and turned their suburban 8.00 back Donald Campbell: garden into a Speed King. Profile of smallholding. (R)the man who set eight world speed 8.00 Donald Campbell: Speed records on water and land in King. Profileand of 1960s, the manusing who the 1950s set eight world speed rare archive footage and records on testimonies water and land first-hand of in the 1950s 1960s, those whoand knew him. using rare archive footage and 9.00 first-hand Toughest testimonies Place to Be of a Bus Driverwho – The Return. those knew him. London bus driver Josh West goes 9.00 Toughest Place to Be a Busof back to the chaotic streets Driver London Manila–inThe theReturn. Philippines, bus driver Josh West goes where he spent a fortnight back to the streets of learning tochaotic drive a “jeepney” Manila in the Philippines, two years ago. where he spent a fortnight 10.00learning Mock the Week Back to drive aLooks “jeepney” at Law and Order. A two years ago. selection from the show’s 10.00 Mock the on Week archives the Looks theme Back of law atand Law and Order. A order. selection from the show’s 10.30archives It’s Kevin. on An theattempt theme ofis law made to change the course and order. of history. 10.30 It’s Kevin. An attempt is 11.00made Film:to Enigma. change(2001) the course 12.50ofSign Zone: A Very British history. Wedding. 1.50 Holby City. (R) 11.00 Film:(R) Enigma. (2001) 2.50 This Is BBC Two. 12.50 Sign Zone: A Very British Wedding. (R) 1.50 Holby City. (R) 2.50 This Is BBC Two.



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The Hive. (R) 6.45 Dino Dan. (R) 6.00 Mickey 7.00CITV: Dino Dan. (R)Mouse 7.10 Canimals. Clubhouse. 6.25 The(R) Hive. (R) 6.35 (R) 7.20 Canimals. 7.25 The Hive. (R) 6.45 Dino Dan. (R) Bookaboo. 7.40 Matt Hatter 7.00 Dino Dan. 7.10 Canimals. Chronicles. (R)(R) 8.05 Ultimate (R) 7.20 Canimals. (R) 7.25 9.00 Spider-Man. 8.30 Victorious. Bookaboo. 7.40 Hatter Jessie. 9.25 ITVMatt News. 9.30 The Chronicles. 8.05USA. Ultimate Jeremy Kyle(R) Show (R) 10.25 Spider-Man. 8.30 Victorious. My Tasty Travels with Lynda 9.00 Jessie. 9.25 ITV News. 9.30 The Bellingham. (R) 11.25 Dinner Date. Jeremy KyleITV Show USA. (R) 10.25 (R) 12.25 News; Weather. My Tasty Travels with Lynda 12.40 Countrywise. (R) 12.55 Bellingham. 11.25 Dinner Date. Film: March(R) of the Penguins. (R) 12.25 ITVThe News; Weather. (2005) 2.20 Chase. 3.20 Film: 12.40 Countrywise. 12.55 The Incredible Hulk.(R) (2008) 5.30 Film: March of the Penguins. Regional Programme; (2005) 2.20 The Film: Weather.5.45 ITVChase. News;3.20 Weather. The Incredible Hulk. (2008) 5.30 6.00 You’ve Been Framed! Harry Regional Programme; Hill narrates a selection of Weather.5.45 ITV News; Weather. comical clips filmed by 6.00 You’ve Been Framed! Harry viewers on their camcorders Hill a selection of andnarrates mobile phones, featuring comical clipswith filmed by of its a quad bike a mind viewers theirPan camcorders own andonPeter taking a and mobile tumble. (R)phones, featuring a quad bike with a mind of its 7.00 own Ant & Dec’s Night and PeterSaturday Pan taking a Takeaway. tumble. (R) The Geordie duo recruit Simon Cowell to play 7.00 Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night an undercover prank on Takeaway. The and Geordie duo Piers Morgan, Michael recruit Simon Cowell playof Buble performs at thetoend an prank on theundercover show. Piers Morgan, and Michael 8.20 Buble The Cube. A legal secretary performs at the end of from Essex and a young the show. Welsh father try to complete 8.20 The Cube. legal secretary a series of Aincreasingly from Essex andinathe young difficult tasks hope of Welsh father try to of complete winning a jackpot a£250,000. series of increasingly difficult tasks in the hope of 9.20 winning The Jonathan Ross a jackpot of Show. With James Nesbitt and £250,000. Depeche Mode. 9.20 The Jonathan Ross Show. 10.20With ITV News; JamesWeather. Nesbitt and 10.35Depeche Film: 300. (2006) Fantasy Mode. adventure, starring Gerard 10.20 ITV News; Weather. Butler. 10.35 Film: 300. (2006) Fantasy 12.40adventure, Jackpot247. 4.00 (BST) starring Gerard Ladette to Lady: Australia. (R) 4.50 Butler. ITV Nightscreen. 12.40 Jackpot247. 4.00 (BST) Ladette to Lady: Australia. (R) 4.50 ITV Nightscreen.


6.00 CITV: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 6.25 The Hive. (R) 6.35 The Hive. (R) 6.45 Dino Dan. (R) 6.00 Mickey 7.00CITV: Dino Dan. (R)Mouse 7.10 Canimals. Clubhouse. 6.25 The(R) Hive. (R) 6.35 (R) 7.20 Canimals. 7.25 The Hive. (R) 6.45 Dino Dan. (R) Bookaboo. 7.40 Matt Hatter 7.00 Dino Dan. 7.10 Chronicles. (R)(R) 8.05 KickCanimals. Buttowski (R) 7.20 Canimals. (R) 7.25 – Suburban Daredevil. 8.15 Kick Bookaboo. 7.40 Matt Hatter Buttowski – Suburban Daredevil. Chronicles. 8.05 Animals. Kick Buttowski 8.30 Almost(R) Naked (R) –8.45 Suburban 8.15 Kick AlmostDaredevil. Naked Animals. (R) Buttowski – Suburban Daredevil. 9.00 The Aquabats Super Show. 8.30 Almost Naked Animals. (R) 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA. 8.45 AlmostDickinson’s Naked Animals. (R) (R) 10.15 Real Deal. 9.00 The Aquabats Super Fortunes. Show. (R) 11.15 All Star Family 9.25 The Jeremy KyleWeather. Show USA. (R) 12.00 ITV News; (R) 10.15 Dickinson’s Real Deal. 12.10 Film: King Ralph. (1991) (R) 11.15 Star Family Fortunes. 2.00 Doc All Martin. (R) 3.00 Food (R) 12.00Food. ITV News; Weather. Glorious (R) 4.00 Film: The 12.10 Film: KingofRalph. (1991) Mummy: Tomb the Dragon 2.00 Doc Martin. (R) 3.00 Food Emperor. (2008) Glorious Food. (R) 4.00 Film: The 6.05 Regional Mummy: Tomb ofProgramme; the Dragon Weather. Emperor. (2008) 6.15 Regional ITV News;Programme; Weather. 6.05 6.30 Weather. Andrew Lloyd Webber: 40 Musical Michael Ball 6.15 ITV News;Years. Weather. hosts an entertainment 6.30 Andrew Lloyd Webber: special in which stars 40 Musical Ball includingYears. NicoleMichael Scherzinger, hosts an entertainment Kimberley Walsh, Melanie C, special starsKlass Il Divo in andwhich Myleene including Nicole Scherzinger, perform the composer’s Kimberley Walsh, Melanie C, greatest hits. Il Divo and Myleene Klass 8.00 perform Foyle’s War. The detective’s the composer’s investigation greatest hits. into the death of a nameless Russian leads 8.00 Foyle’s War. Themilitary detective’s to a mysterious investigation the death facility run byinto a respected ofcolonel a nameless Russian leads with an impeccable towar a mysterious record. military facility run by a respected 10.00colonel Perspectives: with an Sheila impeccable Hancock war record.– The Brilliant Bronte Sisters. The actress 10.00 Perspectives: Sheila explores the work of the Hancock – Theliterary Brilliant 19th-century family. Bronte Sisters. The actress 11.00explores ITV News; theWeather. work of the 11.1519th-century Premiershipliterary Rugby family. Union. 12.15ITV TheNews; Store.Weather. 2.15 Monk. (R) 11.00 3.00 ITV Nightscreen. 5.05Union. The 11.15 Premiership Rugby Jeremy Kyle Show. (R) 12.15 The Store. 2.15 Monk. (R) 3.00 ITV Nightscreen. 5.05 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R)

7.25 The Grid. 7.55 The Morning 6.10 (R) 6.35 The Line.The 8.55Hoobs. Everybody Loves Hoobs. (R) 7.00 British Rallycross. Raymond. (R) 9.25 Everybody 7.25 The Grid. 7.55 Morning Loves Raymond. (R)The 9.50 Frasier. Line. 8.55 Everybody (R) 10.20 Frasier. (R)Loves 10.50 The Raymond. (R) 9.25 Everybody Big Bang Theory. (R) 11.20 The Big Loves Raymond. 9.50The Frasier. Bang Theory. (R)(R) 11.45 (R) 10.20 Frasier. (R) 10.50 Simpsons. (R) 12.15 The The Big Bang Theory. (R) 11.20 The Big Simpsons. (R) 12.45 Undercover Bang 11.45 The 4 BossTheory. USA. (R)(R)1.45 Channel Simpsons. (R)Come 12.15Dine The with Me. Racing. 4.00 Simpsons. 12.45 4.25 Come(R) Dine withUndercover Me. 4.55 Boss 1.45 4 ComeUSA. Dine(R) with Me.Channel 5.20 Come Racing. 4.00 Come Dine with4Me. Dine with Me. 5.50 Channel 4.25 Come with Me. 4.55 Racing: TheDine Dubai World Cup. Come Dine with Me. 5.20 Come 6.35 Channel 4 News. Dine with Me. 5.50 Channel 4 6.55 Easter EggsWorld Live. Cup. Mark Racing: The Dubai Evans presents 6.35 Channel 4 News.a week of live programmes following the 6.55 Easter EggsofLive. Markof hatchings a variety Evans presents a week of live creatures. programmes following the 7.00 hatchings Sarah Beeny’s Selling of a variety of Houses. Three people in creatures. Wandsworth, south London, 7.00 Sarah Beeny’s Selling who are eager to attract Houses. Three in buyers for theirpeople flats, look Wandsworth, south London, around one another’s who are eager attract properties for to improvement buyers ideas. for their flats, look around one another’s 8.00 properties Walking Through History. for improvement New series. Tony Robinson ideas. embarks on expeditions 8.00 Walking History. through Through some of Britain’s New Tony Robinson mostseries. historic landscapes, embarks on expeditions starting with a 40-mile walk through of Britain’s along thesome Derwent Valley in most historic landscapes, the Peak District. starting with a 40-mile walk 9.00 along Labyrinth. A modern-day the Derwent Valley in PhDPeak graduate and a 17-yearthe District. old from the 13th century 9.00 Labyrinth. experienceAanmodern-day adventure that PhD graduatetheir andlives. a 17-yearintertwines old from the 13th century Concludes tomorrow. experience an adventure that 11.05intertwines Big Fat Quiztheir of the 80s. lives. Jimmy Carrtomorrow. grills five Concludes celebrities on the 1980s. (R) 11.05 Big Fat Quiz of the 80s. 12.40Jimmy Film: Happy, Happy. Carr grills five (2010) 3.10 (BST) Hollyoaks. celebrities on the5.15 1980s. (R) Countdown. (R) 12.40 Film: Happy, Happy. (2010) 3.10 (BST) Hollyoaks. 5.15 Countdown. (R)


6.00 The Treacle People. (R) 6.10 The Hoobs. (R) 6.35 The Hoobs. (R) 7.00 Film: Barnyard. (2006) 6.00 The Treacle People. (R)voice 6.10 of Animated comedy, with the The Hoobs. (R)8.30 6.35Frasier. The Hoobs. Kevin James. (R) 9.00 (R) 7.00(R) Film: Barnyard. Frasier. 9.30 Sunday(2006) Brunch. Animated the voice 12.00 Thecomedy, Big Bangwith Theory. (R) of Kevin James. 8.30 Frasier. (R)(R) 9.00 12.20 The Big Bang Theory. Frasier. (R) Simpsons. 9.30 Sunday 12.45 The (R)Brunch. 1.15 The 12.00 The Big (R) Grit. Simpsons. (R)Bang 1.45Theory. Film: True 12.20 Big Bang Theory. (R) (1969)The Western, starring John 12.45 The Simpsons. (R)Deal. 1.155.20 The Wayne. 4.15 Deal or No Simpsons. (R) 1.45 Film: True Grit. Channel 4 News. 5.45 (1969) Western, starring John 5.50 Film: The Chronicles of Wayne. Deal or of Nothe Deal. 5.20 Narnia:4.15 The Voyage Dawn Channel 4 News. 5.45 Treader. (2010) Premiere. Fantasy 5.50 Film: The of adventure, withChronicles Georgie Henley. Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn 8.00 Easter Eggs Live. In the first Treader. (2010) Premiere. Fantasy of two hour-long adventure, with Georgie editions Henley. over the Easter weekend, 8.00 Easter Eggs Live. In the the first Mark Evans follows ofhatchings two hour-long editions of a variety of over the Easter weekend, creatures the programme Mark Evans follows the has been following for the hatchings past week.of a variety of creatures the programme 9.00 has Labyrinth. Conclusion. been following for the Ancient and modern-day past week. conspiracies are unearthed 9.00 Labyrinth. Conclusion. revolving around three Ancient and modern-day hidden books that hold the conspiracies are unearthed secret of the Holy Grail. revolving around three 11.05hidden Film: 28 Weeks books thatLater. hold the (2007)ofBritain is repopulated secret the Holy Grail. after a virus that turns 11.05 Film: 28 Weeks Later. everyone into bloodthirsty (2007) Britain repopulated killers dies out,is only for the after a virus turns infection to that return. Horror everyone into bloodthirsty sequel, with Robert Carlyle killers diesByrne. out, only for the and Rose infection to return. Horror 12.55sequel, Film: The Pool. (2007) with Robert Carlyle Premiere. Drama, starring and Rose Byrne. Venkatesh Chavan. 2.30 Southland. 12.55 Thestarring Pool. (2007) PoliceFilm: drama, Benjamin Premiere. starring McKenzie.Drama, (R) 3.10 Come Dine Venkatesh Chavan. 2.30 Southland. with Me. Dinner party challenge Police drama, starring Benjamin from Wakefield. (R) 4.05 Deal or McKenzie. (R) 3.10 Come game Dine No Deal. Beat-the-banker with Me. Dinner party challenge show. (R) 5.00 Countdown. With from Wakefield. or Richard Arnold.(R) (R)4.05 5.45Deal Baking No Deal. game Mad withBeat-the-banker Eric Lanlard. The patissier show. 5.00 Countdown. With opens(R) a pop-up shop in a bar. (R) Richard Arnold. (R) 5.45 Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard. The patissier opens a pop-up shop in a bar. (R)

Batman: The Brave and the Bold. 6.00 Milkshake! 10.10 Power 11.10 Inside Hollywood. 11.15 The Rangers Samurai. (R) Special. 10.45 (R) Gadget Show: Future Batman: The Brave and the Bold. 12.15 Whale Adventure with Nigel 11.10 Inside 11.15 The Marven. (R) Hollywood. 1.15 Robson’s Gadget Show: Future Special. (R) Extreme Fishing Challenge. (R) 12.15 WhaleThe Adventure with Nigel 2.15 Film: Big Country. (1958) Marven. (R)Guns 1.15 of Robson’s 5.30 Film: the Magnificent Extreme Fishing Challenge. (R) Seven. (1969) 2.15 Film: The Big Country. (1958) 7.25Film: 5 News 5.30 GunsWeekend. of the Magnificent 7.30 CSI: NY. Stella, Flack and Seven. (1969) Lindsay suspect 7.25 5 News Weekend.a joke-shop owner known as Laughing 7.30 CSI: Stella, Flack and LarryNY. was somehow Lindsay suspect a joke-shop complicit in the death of an owner knowninternet as Laughing extravagant Larry was somehow entrepreneur killed by an complicit the death explodingincigar. (R) of an extravagant internet 8.15 entrepreneur NCIS. Part two of killedtwo. by anAgent Callen goes undercover, Tony exploding cigar. (R) questions Ziva’s loyalty to the 8.15 NCIS. of two. Agent team, Part and atwo psychologist Callen goesthe undercover, uncovers truth aboutTony the questions Ziva’s loyaltyGibbs to the relationship between team, and a psychologist and Agent Macy. (R) uncovers the truth about the 9.15 relationship NCIS. The team works between Gibbs alongside the FBI(R) to catch the and Agent Macy. killer of an Immigration and 9.15 NCIS. TheEnforcement team works agent Customs alongside the FBI to catch who was murdered duringthe a killer an Immigration and pokerofgame at the Secretary Customs Enforcement agent of the Navy’s house. (R) who was murdered during a 10.15poker Law &game Order: Special at the Secretary A mutilated ofVictims the Navy’s (R) corpse is found in a park. 10.15 Law & Order: Special 11.10Victims Law & Order: Unit. ACriminal mutilated Intent.isThe teaminisa park. faced corpse found with a lengthy list of potential 11.10 Law & Order: Criminal suspects while investigating Intent. The team is faced the murder of a magazine with a lengthy list his of potential editor known for abrasive suspects while investigating personality. the murder of a magazine 12.10editor SuperCasino. 4.00 known for his (BST) abrasive Nick’spersonality. Quest. (R) 4.25 Nick’s Quest. (R) 4.50 County Secrets. (R) 5.00 12.10 Hana’sSuperCasino. Helpline. (R)4.00 5.10(BST) The Nick’s Quest.Show. (R) 4.25 Quest. Milkshake! (R) Nick’s 5.35 Thomas (R) 4.50 County Secrets. (R) & Friends. (R) 5.50 Roary the5.00 Hana’s RacingHelpline. Car. (R) (R) 5.10 The Milkshake! Show. (R) 5.35 Thomas & Friends. (R) 5.50 Roary the Racing Car. (R)


6.00 Milkshake!: Peppa Pig. 6.05 Mio Mao. (R) 6.10 Fifi and the Flowertots. (R) 6.20 Bert and 6.00 Milkshake!: Peppa Pig. Ernie’s Great Adventures. (R)6.05 6.25 Mio (R)Show. 6.10 Fifi theOlive TheMao. Mr Men (R)and 6.40 Flowertots. (R) 6.20 Bert and the Ostrich. (R) 6.45 Abby’s Flying Ernie’s Great Adventures. (R) 6.25 Fairy School. (R) 6.55 Roobarb and The Mr Men (R) Bananas 6.40 Olivein Custard Too.Show. (R) 7.00 the Ostrich. (R) 6.45 Abby’s Flying Pyjamas. (R) 7.15 Animal Antics. Fairy School. (R)in6.55 Roobarb (R) 7.20 Noddy Toyland. (R) and Custard Too.Princess. (R) 7.00(R) Bananas 7.30 Little 7.45 in Pyjamas. 7.15 Animal Antics. Thomas &(R)Friends. (R) 9.00 Ben (R) Noddy Toyland. (R) and7.20 Holly’s LittleinKingdom. (R) 7.30 Little Princess. (R) 7.45 9.15 Toby’s Travelling Circus. 9.30 Thomas & Racing Friends.Car. (R)(R) 9.009.45 Ben Roary the and (R) JellyHolly’s Jamm.Little (R) Kingdom. 10.00 Power 9.15 Toby’s Travelling Rangers Samurai. (R)Circus. 10.35 9.30 Roary theThe Racing Car. (R)the 9.45 Batman: Brave and Bold. Jelly Jamm. (R)Builders. 10.00 Power 11.00 Cowboy (R) 12.00 Rangers Samurai. (R) 10.35 Film: Tinker Bell. (2008) 1.30 Film: Batman: The Brave and3.40 the Film: Bold. The Goonies. (1985) 11.00 Cowboy Builders. (R)5.50 12.00 Miss Congeniality. (2000) 5 Film: Bell. 5.55 (2008) 1.30Wild Film: NewsTinker Weekend. Film: The Goonies. (1985) 3.40 Film: Wild West. (1999) Miss Congeniality. (2000) 5.50 5 7.55 Weekend. Film: Ghost Rider. News 5.55 Film:(2007) Wild A curse(1999) turns a motorcycle Wild West. stuntman into a demonic 7.55 Film: Ghost (2007)take A skeletal bikerRider. who must curse turnstoa Hell. motorcycle evil souls Fantasy stuntman into on a demonic thriller based the comicskeletal biker who mustCage take book, starring Nicolas evil souls to Hell. and Eva Mendes.Fantasy thriller based on the comic10.00book, Person of Interest. Reese starring Nicolas Cageis reminded of his final mission and Eva Mendes. for the CIA when an 10.00 Person of Interest. Reesetois undercover assignment reminded of his final mission protect a security guard for thean CIAunexpected when an turn. takes undercover assignment to 10.55protect Film: SWAT. (2003) A a security guard disgraced cop redeems takes an unexpected turn. himself by joining an elite 10.55 Film: SWAT. (2003) A unit charged with guarding a disgraced redeems notoriouscop prisoner. Action himself by joining an elite thriller, with Samuel L unit charged with guarding a Jackson. notorious prisoner. Action 1.10 SuperCasino. 4.00 Nick’s thriller, with Samuel L Quest.Jackson. (R) 4.50 County Secrets. (R) 5.00 Hana’s Helpline. (R) 5.10 1.10 SuperCasino. 4.00(R) Nick’s The Milkshake! Show. 5.35 Quest. (R)&4.50 County Thomas Friends. (R) Secrets. 5.50 Roary (R) 5.00 Hana’s Helpline. (R) 5.10 the Racing Car. (R) The Milkshake! Show. (R) 5.35 Thomas & Friends. (R) 5.50 Roary the Racing Car. (R)

ES -2 12-2 4 4



Listings supplied by Press Association

BBC Three 7.00 Great Movie Mistakes 2011: Not in 3D 7.15 Dragons: Gift of the BBC Three Night Fury 7.35 Shrek: Once Upon a 7.00 Great Mistakes Time 8.35 Movie Film: Shrek the 2011: Third Not in 3D10.00 7.15Live Dragons: of the (2007) at theGift Apollo Night Fury 7.35 Shrek: Once Upon a 11.05 Family Guy 11.45 American Time Dad!8.35 Film: Shrek the Third (2007) 10.00 Live at the Apollo BBC Four 11.05 Family Guy 11.45 American 7.00 The Kimbolton Cabinet 7.30 Dad! The Art BBC Fourof the Vikings: Secret Knowledge 8.00 Carved with Love: 7.00 The Kimbolton 7.30 The Genius of BritishCabinet Woodwork The of the Albums Vikings:9.50 Secret 9.00ArtClassic Film: The Knowledge 8.00 Carved with Secret in Their Eyes (2009) Love: The Genius of British Woodwork ITV2Classic Albums 9.50 Film: The 9.00 4.10 Film: Back to the Future (1985) Secret in Their Eyes (2009) 6.30 Film: Mr Magorium’s Wonder ITV2 Emporium (2007) 8.20 Film: Uncle 4.10 Back to the Future Juice: (1985) BuckFilm: (1989) 10.20 Celebrity 6.30 Film: Mr Magorium’s Wonder The Big Reunion Special 11.05 Plebs Emporium (2007) 8.20 Film: Uncle ITV3(1989) 10.20 Celebrity Juice: Buck 2.35Big Film: On the Buses11.05 (1971)Plebs 4.25 The Reunion Special Film: Mutiny on the Buses (1972) ITV3 6.10 Film: Holiday On the Buses 2.35 Film: OnRosemary the Buses&(1971) (1973) 8.00 Thyme4.25 Film: on the Buses11.05 (1972)A 9.00 Mutiny Midsomer Murders 6.10 Film: Holiday On the Buses Touch of Frost (1973) 8.00 Rosemary & Thyme ITV4Midsomer Murders 11.05 A 9.00 1.20 Film: For Whom the Bell Tolls Touch of Frost (1943) 4.30 Film: The Way West ITV4 (1967) 7.00 TT Legends Review 1.20 Whom 9.00 the Bell Tolls 8.00Film: RiverFor Monsters Film: (1943) 4.30 Film: The Way West Universal Soldier: Regeneration (1967) TTFilm: Legends ReviewBelow (2009)7.00 11.00 Fire Down 8.00 River Monsters 9.00 Film: (1997) Universal Soldier: Regeneration E4 11.00 Film: Fire Down Below (2009) 3.05 Film: Alvin and the Chipmunks: (1997) The Squeakquel (2009) 5.00 E4 Youngers 5.30 The Mindy Project 3.05 Alvin andTheory the Chipmunks: 6.00Film: The Big Bang 7.00 The Squeakquel (2009)8.00 5.00How I Rules of Engagement Youngers 5.30 The Mindy Project Met Your Mother 8.30 2 Broke Girls 6.00 Big BangPlastic TheorySurgery 7.00 9.00The 50 Greatest Rules of Engagement 8.00 Theory How I Shockers 11.15 Big Bang Met Your Mother 8.30 2 Broke Girls Film4 9.00 50 Greatest Plastic Surgery 3.05 The 11.15 Spy Next Shockers BigDoor Bang(2010) Theory4.55 My Neighbour Totoro (1988) 6.45 Film4 Entrapment (1999) 9.00 GI Joe: The 3.05 Spy Next Door (2010) Rise The of Cobra (2009) 11.15 The4.55 Girl My Totoro (1988) 6.45 withNeighbour the Dragon Tattoo (2009) Entrapment (1999) 9.00 GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) 11.15 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009)


BBC Three 7.00 The Voice UK 8.35 Film: Shrek Forever After (2010) 10.00 In BBC Three the Flesh 11.00 Family Guy 7.00 The Voice UK 8.35 Film: BBC Four Shrek Forever After (2010) 10.00 In 7.00 Film: The Family Road: AGuy Story of the Flesh 11.00 Life and BBC FourDeath (2012) 8.15 Top of the Pops: The Story of 1978 9.05 7.00 Film: TheatRoad: A Story Motor Racing the BBC: Thatof Life andEmotion Death (2012) 8.15 Top of Petrol 9.35 Michael the Pops: The of 1978 Jackson: Bad Story 25 11.45 Nile 9.05 Motor Racing the BBC: That Rodgers: TheatHitmaker Petrol Emotion 9.35 Michael ITV2 Bad 25 11.45 Nile Jackson: 3.45 You’ve Framed! Calendar Rodgers: TheBeen Hitmaker Special 4.45 You’ve Been Framed! ITV2 Kids 5.30 Film: Peter Pan (2003) 3.45 BeentoFramed! Calendar 7.40You’ve Film: Back the Future Part Special 4.45 You’ve Been III (1990) 10.00 Only WayFramed! Is Essex Kids 5.30 Film: Peter Pan (2003) 10.50 Big Rich Texas 11.50 7.40 Film:Juice: Back The to the Part Celebrity BigFuture Reunion III (1990) 10.00 Only Way Is Essex Special 10.50 Big Rich Texas 11.50 ITV3 Juice: The Big Reunion Celebrity 2.25 Film: Blue Murder at St Special Trinian’s (1957) 4.15 Film: The ITV3 Pure Hell of St Trinian’s (1960) 6.05 2.25 Blue Murder at StTrain Film:Film: The Great St Trinian’s Trinian’s Robbery(1957) (1966)4.15 8.00Film: Film:The Pure Hell of Cruelty St Trinian’s (1960) 6.05 Intolerable (2003) 10.00 A Film: Great St Trinian’s Train TouchThe of Frost Robbery (1966) 8.00 Film: ITV4 Intolerable Cruelty (2003) 10.00 A 10.45ofLive British Touring Car Touch Frost Championship 6.00 The ITV4 Professionals 7.00 World of Sport: 10.45 TouringRugby Car 1970sLive 8.00British Premiership Championship The with Billy Union 9.00 An6.00 Audience Professionals 7.00 World Connolly 10.10 Film: BornoftoSport: Raise 1970s 8.00 Premiership Rugby Hell (2010) Union 9.00 An Audience with Billy E4 Connolly 10.10 Film: Born to Raise 4.00(2010) Revenge 5.00 New Girl 5.30 Hell The Mindy Project 6.00 The Big E4 Bang Theory 7.00 Film: Grease 4.00 Revenge 5.00Blade: New Girl 5.30 (1978) 9.15 Film: Trinity The Mindy Project Big (2004) 11.30 The 6.00 BodyThe Shocking Bang ShowTheory 7.00 Film: Grease (1978) 9.15 Film: Blade: Trinity Film4 11.30 The Body Shocking (2004) 3.20 Big Business (1988) 5.15 Show Arrietty (2010) 7.10 City of Ember Film4 (2008) 9.00 The Day the Earth 3.20 BigStill Business 5.15Girl Stood (2008) (1988) 11.00 The Arrietty (2010) 7.10 of Ember Who Played with FireCity (2009) (2008) 9.00 The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) 11.00 The Girl Who Played with Fire (2009)


Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013 19






6.00 Breakfast. 9.15 Heir Hunters. (R) 6.00 Breakfast. 9.15 Heir Hunters. (R) 6.00 Breakfast. 9.15 Heir Hunters. (R) 6.00 Breakfast. 9.15 Heir Hunters. 6.00 Breakfast. 9.00 Heir Hunters. (R) BBC1 10.00 BBC1 9.45 Homes Under the Hammer. (R) BBC1 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer. Homes Under the Hammer. BBC1 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer. (R) BBC1 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer.

10.45 You’ve Been Scammed. 11.15 Real Rescues. 12.00 Bargain Hunt. (R) 1.00 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Regional News; Weather. 1.25 Escape to the Country. 2.15 Perfection. (R) 3.00 Flog It! (R) 3.30 Film: Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. (1993) Comedy sequel, starring Whoopi Goldberg. 5.15 Pointless. 6.00 BBC News; Weather. 6.15 Regional News Programmes; Weather. 6.30 The One Show. 7.00 Africa: The Greatest Show on Earth. 8.00 EastEnders. 8.30 Jonathan Creek: “The Clue of the Savant’s Thumb”. New feature-length special. A body vanishes from a locked study. 10.00 BBC News. 10.15 Regional News; Weather. 10.20 Neighbourhood Watched. 11.05 The Football League Show. 12.25 Film: Underclassman. (2005) Comedy, starring Nick Cannon. 1.55 Weatherview. 2.00 BBC News.

11.00 You’ve Been Scammed. 11.30 Real Rescues. 12.15 Bargain Hunt. 1.00 BBC News; Weather. 1.30 Regional News; Weather. 1.45 Doctors. 2.15 Escape to the Country. (R) 3.00 Perfection. (R) 3.45 Countryside 999. 4.30 Antiques Road Trip. (R) 5.15 Pointless. 6.00 BBC News;Weather. 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather. 7.00 The One Show. 7.30 EastEnders; BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 Holby City. Tara struggles to accept her career is over. 9.00 The Syndicate. Rose receives an unwelcome caller. 10.00 BBC News. 10.25 Regional News;Weather.; National Lottery Update. 10.35 The Matt Lucas Awards. With Dave Gorman, Ruby Wax and Alex Horne. 11.05 Cuckoo. 11.35 Live at the Apollo. (R) 12.20 Film: Poltergeist. (1982) Horror, starring JoBeth Williams. 2.10 Weatherview. 2.15 BBC News.

6.00 This Is BBC Two. 6.45 Real BBC2 Rescues. (R) 7.30 You’ve Been BBC2 6.00 This Is BBC Two. 6.10 Homes Under the Hammer. (R) 7.10 Real Scammed. (R) 8.00 Bargain Hunt. (R) 9.00 Talking

Pictures. 9.40 Film: Citizen Kane. (1941) 11.40 Film: The Magnificent Ambersons. (1942) Period drama, with Joseph Cotten. 1.05 Country Show Cook Off. 1.35 The Great British Bake Off. (R) 2.35 The Great British Bake Off. (R) 3.35 Countryside 999. 4.20 The Blue Planet. (R) 5.15 Antiques Road Trip. (R) 6.00 Eggheads. (R) 6.30 Helicopter Heroes Down Under. 7.00 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British. 8.00 University Challenge. 8.30 Paul Hollywood’s Bread. 9.00 The Other Pompeii: Life and Death in Herculaneum. 10.00 Film: A Bunch of Amateurs. (2008) 11.35 Life’s Too Short Special. (R) 12.35 Sign Zone: The Mary Berry Story. (R) 1.35 This Is BBC Two.


6.00 Daybreak. 8.30 Lorraine. 9.25 Film: The Great Outdoors. (1988) Comedy, starring John Candy. 11.00 Cook Me the Money! 12.00 Live FA Cup Football. Chelsea v Manchester United (Kick-off 12.30pm). 2.45 All Star Family Fortunes. (R) 3.30 Cornwall with Caroline Quentin. (R) 4.00 Ade in Britain. 5.00 The Chase. (R) 6.00 ITV News London; Weather. 6.15 ITV News; Weather. 6.30 You’ve Been Framed: Top 100 Animals. (R) 7.00 Emmerdale. 7.30 Coronation Street. 8.00 James Nesbitt’s Ireland. 8.30 Coronation Street. 9.00 Broadchurch. 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather. 10.15 FA Cup Highlights. 11.00 The Cube. (R) 12.00 Monk. (R) 12.50 Jackpot247. 3.00 Champions League Weekly. 3.25 ITV Nightscreen. 5.05 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R)

Channel 4

6.10 The Hoobs. (R) 6.35 The Hoobs. (R) 7.00 Film: Dr Dolittle: Tail to the Chief. (2008) Premiere. Comedy, starring Kyla Pratt. 8.30 Frasier. (R) 9.00 Frasier. (R) 9.30 Frasier. (R) 10.05 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 10.35 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 11.00 Undercover Boss Australia. (R) 12.00 Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals. (R) 12.35 What’s Cooking? 1.45 SuperScrimpers’ Challenge. 2.45 Countdown. 3.30 The Common Denominator. 4.00 Deal or No Deal. 5.00 Come Dine with Me. (R) 6.00 The Simpsons. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks. 7.00 Channel 4 News. 7.25 7.30 SuperScrimpers. 8.00 Easter Eggs Live. 9.00 Embarrassing Bodies. 10.00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA. 11.05 Random Acts. 11.10 Alan Carr: Chatty Man. (R) 12.10 Shameless. (R) 1.10 Film: Beauty. (2011) Premiere. Drama, starring Deon Lotz. 2.55 How to Look Good Naked. (R) 3.50 Come Dine with Me. (R) 4.50 Deal or No Deal. (R) 5.45 Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard. (R) 6.00 Milkshake! 9.15 The Channel 5 Wright Stuff. 11.10 Andrea

Bocelli: Live at iTunes Festival 2012. (R) 11.45 David Garrett: Music – Live in Concert. 12.15 Home and Away. 12.45 Neighbours. 1.15 Film: Doctor Who and the Daleks. (1965) Sci-fi adventure, starring Peter Cushing. 2.55 Film: The Golden Voyage of Sinbad. (1974) 5.00 5 News at 5. 5.30 Neighbours. (R) 6.00 Home and Away. (R) 6.30 Ultimate Police Interceptors. (R) 6.55 The Gadget Show: Bank Holiday Special; 5 News Update. 8.00 Bermuda Triangle: The Mystery Revealed; (R) 5 News at 9. 9.00 Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge. 10.00 Film: Executive Decision. (1996) 12.45 Bomb Patrol. 1.40 SuperCasino. 4.00 House Doctor. (R) 4.45 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. (R) 5.35 Wildlife SOS. (R)

Rescues. (R) 7.55 You’ve Been Scammed. (R) 8.25 Sign Zone: Heir Hunters. (R) 9.10 Great British Menu. (R) 9.40 Countryfile. (R) 10.35 HARDtalk. (R) 11.00 BBC News. 11.30 BBC World News. 12.00 Film: Macbeth. (1948) 1.45 Animal Park. (R) 2.15 How We Won the War. (R) 2.45 Country Show Cook Off. 3.15 The Great British Bake Off. (R) 4.15 The Blue Planet. (R) 5.15 Vintage Antiques Roadshow. (R) 6.00 Eggheads. (R) 6.30 Helicopter Heroes Down Under. 7.00 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British. 8.00 The Great British Sewing Bee. 9.00 Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day. 10.00 Heading Out. 10.30 Newsnight; Weather. 11.20 The Other Pompeii: Life and Death in Herculaneum. (R) 12.20 Sign Zone: The Railway: Keeping Britain on Track. (R) 1.20 This Is BBC Two.


6.00 Daybreak. 8.30 Lorraine. 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 10.30 This Morning. 12.30 Loose Women. 1.30 ITV News; Weather. 1.55 ITV News London; Weather. 2.00 Cook Me the Money! 3.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. (R) 3.59 ITV London Weather. 4.00 Ade in Britain. 5.00 The Chase. (R) 6.00 ITV News London; Weather. 6.30 ITV News; Weather. 7.00 Emmerdale. 7.30 UEFA Champions League Live. Paris SaintGermain v Barcelona (Kick-off 7.45pm). 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather. 10.30 ITV News London; Weather. 10.35 UEFA Champions League: Extra Time. 11.35 Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Britt Ekland. (R) 12.30 Jackpot247. 3.00 Loose Women. (R) 3.45 ITV Nightscreen. 5.05 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R)

Channel 4

6.10 The Hoobs. (R) 6.35 The Hoobs. (R) 7.05 According to Jim. (R) 7.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 7.55 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 8.25 Frasier. (R) 8.55 Frasier. (R) 9.30 Frasier. (R) 10.00 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 10.30 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 11.00 Undercover Boss Australia. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 12.05 Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals. (R) 12.35 What’s Cooking? 1.45 SuperScrimpers’ Challenge. 2.45 Countdown. 3.30 The Common Denominator. 4.00 Deal or No Deal. 5.00 Come Dine with Me. (R) 6.00 The Simpsons. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks. 7.00 Channel 4 News. 7.55 8.00 Bedtime Live. 9.00 16 Kids and Counting. 10.00 Shameless. 11.05 Gogglebox. (R) 11.55 Random Acts. 12.00 European Poker Tour. 12.55 KOTV Boxing Weekly. 1.25 Sailing: America’s Cup Discovered. 1.50 The Grid. (R) 2.20 British Rallycross. (R) 2.45 Great Migrations. 3.40 Come Dine with Me. (R) 4.35 Deal or No Deal. (R) 5.30 Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard. (R)

Channel 5

6.00 Milkshake! 9.15 The Wright Stuff. 11.10 Trisha. 12.00 Looney Tunes. (R) 12.05 5 News Lunchtime. 12.15 Rory & Will – Champions of the World. (R) 1.15 Home and Away. 1.45 Neighbours. 2.15 NCIS. (R) 3.10 Film: A Nanny’s Secret. (2009) 5.00 5 News at 5. 5.30 Neighbours. (R) 6.00 Home and Away. (R) 6.30 5 News at 6.30. 7.00 Cowboy Builders; (R) 5 News Update. 8.00 Whale Adventure with Nigel Marven; 5 News at 9. 9.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. 10.00 CSI: NY. (R) 10.55 Dallas. 11.55 CSI: Miami. (R) 12.50 SuperCasino. 3.55 House Doctor. (R)

11.00 You’ve Been Scammed. 11.30 Real Rescues. 12.15 Bargain Hunt. (R) 1.00 BBC News; Weather. 1.30 Regional News; Weather. 1.45 Doctors. 2.15 Escape to the Country. 3.00 Perfection. (R) 3.45 Countryside 999. 4.30 Antiques Road Trip. (R) 5.15 Pointless. 6.00 BBC News;Weather. 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather. 7.00 The One Show; BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 MasterChef. 9.00 Motorway Cops. The growing problem of car theft. 10.00 BBC News. 10.25 Regional News; Weather; National Lottery Update. 10.35 A Question of Sport. With Kelly Sotherton, Michael Vaughan, Mark Selby and Austin Healey. 11.05 Film: Insomnia. (2002) Thriller, starring Al Pacino. 1.00 Weatherview. 1.05 BBC News. 6.00 Homes Under the Hammer. (R) BBC2 7.00 Real Rescues. (R) 7.45 You’ve

Been Scammed. (R) 8.15 Sign Zone: Heir Hunters. (R) 9.00 Great British Menu. (R) 9.30 Great British Menu. (R) 10.00 Food & Drink. (R) 10.30 See Hear. 11.00 BBC News. 11.30 BBC World News. 12.00 Film: Darby O’Gill and the Little People. (1959) 1.30 The Super League Show. (R) 2.15 How We Won the War. (R) 2.45 Country Show Cook Off. 3.15 The Great British Bake Off. (R) 4.15 The Blue Planet. (R) 5.15 Vintage Antiques Roadshow. (R) 6.00 Eggheads. (R) 6.30 Helicopter Heroes Down Under. 7.00 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British. 8.00 Coast. 9.00 Hillsborough: Never Forgotten. 10.00 James May’s Things You Need to Know. (R) 10.30 Newsnight; Weather. 11.20 Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day. (R) 12.20 Horizon: The Truth About Taste. (R) 1.20 Sign Zone: See Hear. (R) 1.50 This Is BBC Two.


6.00 Daybreak. 8.30 Lorraine. 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 10.30 This Morning. 12.30 Loose Women. 1.30 ITV News; Weather. 1.55 ITV News London; Weather. 2.00 Cook Me the Money! 3.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. (R) 3.59 ITV London Weather. 4.00 Ade in Britain. 5.00 The Chase. (R) 6.00 ITV News London; Weather. 6.30 ITV News; Weather. 7.00 Emmerdale. 7.30 Coronation Street. 8.00 Food Glorious Food. 9.00 Scott & Bailey. 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather. 10.30 ITV News London; Weather. 10.35 Ronnie O’Sullivan: Sports Life Stories. 11.35 The Dales. (R) 12.05 Jackpot247. 3.00 British Touring Car Championship Highlights. 4.15 ITV Nightscreen. 5.05 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R)

Channel 4

6.00 The Treacle People. (R) 6.10 The Hoobs. (R) 6.35 The Hoobs. (R) 7.05 According to Jim. (R) 7.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 7.55 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 8.25 Frasier. (R) 8.55 Frasier. (R) 9.30 Frasier. (R) 10.00 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 10.30 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 11.00 Undercover Boss Australia. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 12.05 Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals. (R) 12.35 What’s Cooking? 1.45 SuperScrimpers’ Challenge. 2.45 Countdown. 3.30 The Common Denominator. 4.00 Deal or No Deal. 5.00 Come Dine with Me. (R) 6.00 The Simpsons. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks. 7.00 Channel 4 News. 7.55 8.00 Phil Spencer: Secret Agent. 9.00 One Born Every Minute. 10.00 The Mimic. 10.35 Anna & Katy. 11.05 8 Out of 10 Cats Uncut. 11.55 Random Acts. 12.00 The Last Leg. (R) 12.30 The New Normal. 12.55 Revenge. 1.45 Film: And When Did You Last See Your Father? (2007) 3.20 Come Dine with Me. (R) 4.15 Deal or No Deal. (R) 5.10 Countdown. (R) 5.55 Kirstie’s Handmade Treasures. (R) Milkshake! 9.15 The Channel 5 6.00 Wright Stuff. 11.10 Trisha.

12.00 Looney Tunes. (R) 12.05 5 News Lunchtime. 12.15 Dangerous Adventures for Boys. (R) 1.15 Home and Away. 1.45 Neighbours. 2.15 NCIS. (R) 3.15 Looney Tunes. (R) 3.25 Film: Backyard Wedding. (2010) 5.00 5 News. 5.30 Neighbours. (R) 6.00 Home and Away. (R) 6.30 5 News at 6.30. 7.00 Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge; (R) 5 News. 8.00 Rolf’s Animal Clinic; (R) 5 News. 9.00 NCIS. 10.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. (R) 10.55 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. (R) 11.50 The Aussie Millions Poker Championship. 12.50 SuperCasino. 4.00 House Doctor. (R)

11.00 You’ve Been Scammed. 11.30 Real Rescues. 12.15 Bargain Hunt. (R) 1.00 BBC News; Weather. 1.30 Regional News; Weather. 1.45 Doctors. 2.15 Escape to the Country. (R) 3.00 Perfection. (R) 3.45 Countryside 999. 4.30 Antiques Road Trip. (R) 5.15 Pointless. 6.00 BBC News;Weather. 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather. 7.00 The One Show. 7.30 EastEnders; BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 MasterChef.The second of this week's heats, with recipes including seafood chowder and soda bread. 9.00 Prisoners’ Wives. 10.00 BBC News. 10.25 Regional News; Weather. 10.35 David Bowie: Cracked Actor – An Imagine Special. (R) 11.30 Film: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. (2004) Comedy drama, starring Bill Murray. 1.25 Holiday Weatherview. 1.30 BBC News. This Is BBC Two. 6.05 Homes BBC2 6.00 Under the Hammer. (R) 7.05 Real

Rescues. (R) 7.50 You’ve Been Scammed. (R) 8.20 Sign Zone: Heir Hunters. (R) 9.05 Great British Menu. (R) 9.35 Great British Menu. (R) 10.05 Great British Railway Journeys. (R) 10.35 HARDtalk. (R) 11.00 BBC News. 11.30 BBC World News. 12.00 Film: Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure. (2011) 1.30 Weakest Link. (R) 2.15 How We Won the War. (R) 2.45 Country Show Cook Off. 3.15 The Great British Bake Off. (R) 4.15 The Blue Planet. (R) 5.15 Vintage Antiques Roadshow. (R) 6.00 Eggheads. (R) 6.30 Helicopter Heroes Down Under. 7.00 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British. 8.00 James May’s Man Lab. 9.00 Horizon: The Age of Big Data. 10.00 How TV Ruined Your Life. (R) 10.30 Newsnight; Weather. 11.20 Ancient Egypt: Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings. (R) 12.20 Sign Zone: A History of Syria with Dan Snow. (R) 1.20 This Is BBC Two.


6.00 Daybreak. 8.30 Lorraine. 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 10.30 This Morning. 12.30 Loose Women. 1.30 ITV News; Weather. 1.55 ITV News London; Weather. 2.00 Cook Me the Money! 3.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. (R) 3.59 ITV London Weather. 4.00 Ade in Britain. 5.00 The Chase. (R) 6.00 ITV News London; Weather. 6.15 ITV News; Weather. 6.45 Emmerdale. 7.45 Live UEFA Europa League Football. Tottenham Hotspur v FC Basel (Kick-off 8.05pm). 10.10 ITV News;Weather. 10.40 ITV News London;Weather. 10.45 UEFA Europa League: Extra Time. 11.45 The Jonathan Ross Show. (R) 12.45 Jackpot247. 3.00 River Monsters. (R) 3.50 ITV Nightscreen. 5.05 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R)

Channel 4

6.10 The Hoobs. (R) 6.35 The Hoobs. (R) 7.05 According to Jim. (R) 7.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 7.55 The Morning Line. 8.55 Frasier. (R) 9.25 Frasier. (R) 10.00 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 10.30 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 11.00 Undercover Boss Australia. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 12.05 Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals. (R) 12.35 What’s Cooking? 1.30 Channel 4 Racing. Live coverage of the opening day of the Grand National meeting. 4.30 Deal or No Deal. 5.15 Come Dine with Me. 6.00 The Simpsons. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks. 7.00 Channel 4 News. 7.55 8.00 Secret Eaters. 9.00 The Intern. 10.00 Dogging Tales. 11.15 Random Acts. 11.20 Embarrassing Bodies. (R) 12.25 40 Year Old Virgins. (R) 1.20 Bank of Dave: Fighting the Fat Cats. (R) 2.15 Hugh’s Fish Fight: Save Our Seas. (R) 3.10 Nelson’s Hospital: A Time Team Special. (R) 4.05 Deal or No Deal. (R) 5.00 Countdown. (R) 5.45 Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard. (R) Milkshake! 9.15 The Channel 5 6.00 Wright Stuff. 11.10 Trisha.

12.00 Looney Tunes. (R) 12.05 5 News Lunchtime. 12.15 Dangerous Adventures for Boys. (R) 1.15 Home and Away. 1.45 Neighbours. 2.15 NCIS. (R) 3.15 Film: Jane Doe: Vanishing Act. (2005) Mystery, starring Lea Thompson. 5.00 5 News at 5. 5.30 Neighbours. (R) 6.00 Home and Away. (R) 6.30 5 News at 6.30. 7.00 Whale Adventure with Nigel Marven; (R) 5 News Update. 8.00 Cowboy Builders; 5 News at 9. 9.00 Killers Behind Bars: Anthony Hardy. 10.00 Jodie Marsh: Bullied. 11.00 Film: Ghost Rider. (2007) Fantasy thriller, starring Nicolas Cage. 1.10 SuperCasino. 3.55 House Doctor. (R) 4.45 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. (R)

11.00 You’ve Been Scammed. 11.30 Real Rescues. 12.15 Bargain Hunt. (R) 1.00 BBC News; Weather. 1.30 Regional News; Weather. 1.45 Doctors. 2.15 Escape to the Country. 3.00 Perfection. (R) 3.45 Countryside 999. 4.30 Antiques Road Trip. (R) 5.15 Pointless. 6.00 BBC News; Weather. 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather. 7.00 The One Show. 7.30 A Question of Sport; (R) BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 EastEnders. 8.30 MasterChef. 9.00 Have I Got News for You. 9.30 Not Going Out. 10.00 BBC News. 10.25 Regional News; Weather; National Lottery Update. 10.35 The Graham Norton Show. 11.25 The Matt Lucas Awards. (R) 11.55 Film: The Disappearance of Alice Creed. (2009) 1.30 Weatherview. 1.35 BBC News. 6.00 Homes Under the Hammer. (R) BBC2 7.00 Real Rescues. (R) 7.45 You’ve

Been Scammed. (R) 8.15 Sign Zone: Heir Hunters. (R) 9.00 Holiday Hit Squad. (R) 10.00 Animal Park. (R) 11.00 BBC News. 11.30 BBC World News. 12.00 Film: Skyrunners. (2009) Sci-fi adventure, starring Joey Pollari. 1.30 Weakest Link. (R) 2.15 Britain’s First Photo Album. (R) 2.45 Country Show Cook Off. 3.15 The Great British Bake Off. (R) 4.15 The Blue Planet. (R) 5.15 Vintage Antiques Roadshow. (R) 6.00 Eggheads. (R) 6.30 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British. 7.30 Mastermind. 8.30 Gardeners’ World. 9.00 The Road to El Alamein: Churchill’s Desert Campaign. (R) 10.30 Newsnight. 11.00 Weather. 11.05 Film: Breaking and Entering. (2006) 12.55 Sign Zone: Flight of the Rhino: Natural World. (R) 1.55 This Is BBC Two.


6.00 Daybreak. 8.30 Lorraine. 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 10.30 This Morning. 12.30 Loose Women. 1.30 ITV News; Weather. 1.55 ITV News London; Weather. 2.00 Cook Me the Money! 3.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. (R) 3.59 ITV London Weather. 4.00 Ade in Britain. 5.00 The Chase. (R) 6.00 ITV News London; Weather. 6.30 ITV News; Weather. 7.00 Emmerdale. 7.30 Coronation Street. 8.00 The Martin Lewis Money Show. 8.30 Coronation Street. 9.00 Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Karren Brady. 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather. 10.35 Film: King Kong. (2005) Fantasy adventure remake, starring Naomi Watts. 1.45 Jackpot247. 3.00 Film: Columbo: Death Lends a Hand. (1971) Detective drama, starring Peter Falk and Ray Milland. 4.15 ITV Nightscreen.

Channel 4

6.10 The Hoobs. (R) 6.35 The Hoobs. (R) 7.05 According to Jim. (R) 7.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 7.55 The Morning Line. 8.55 Frasier. (R) 9.30 Frasier. (R) 10.00 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 10.30 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 11.00 Undercover Boss Australia. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Midday Summary. 12.05 Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals. (R) 12.35 What’s Cooking? 1.30 Channel 4 Racing. Live coverage of the second day of the Grand National meeting. 4.30 Deal or No Deal. 5.15 Come Dine with Me. 6.00 The Simpsons. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks. 7.00 Channel 4 News. 7.55 8.00 How to Win the Grand National. 9.00 Alan Carr’s Grand National Specstacular. 10.35 Lee Evans: Roadrunner. (R) 11.45 Rude Tube: Ultimate Stunts. (R) 12.45 Random Acts. 12.50 Film: Choke. (2008) Comedy drama, starring Sam Rockwell. 2.25 Happy Endings. (R) 2.50 St Elsewhere. (R) 3.35 Come Dine with Me. (R) 4.30 Deal or No Deal. (R) 5.25 Countdown. (R)

Channel 5

6.00 Milkshake! 9.15 The Wright Stuff. 11.10 Trisha. 12.00 Looney Tunes. (R) 12.05 5 News Lunchtime. 12.15 Dangerous Adventures for Boys. (R) 1.15 Home and Away. 1.45 Neighbours. 2.15 The Mentalist. (R) 3.15 Film: McBride: Anybody Here Murder Marty? (2005) 5.00 5 News at 5. 5.30 Neighbours. (R) 6.00 Home and Away. (R) 6.30 5 News at 6.30. 7.00 Bermuda Triangle: The Mystery Revealed; (R) 5 News Update. 8.00 Ice Road Truckers; 5 News at 9. 9.00 The Mentalist. The team goes after Lorelei Martins. 10.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. DB investigates a serial killer with a fetish for women's hair. (R) 10.55 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. (R) 11.55 Inside Hollywood. 12.00 SuperCasino. 3.55 Motorsport Mundial. 4.25 House Doctor. (R) 4.45 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. (R) 5.35 Wildlife SOS. (R)

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Hidden salt 'present in popular restaurant meals'

A SURVEY of nearly 700 popular meals served in celebrity chef and High Street restaurants found half were high in salt equivalent to a red traffic light label on a supermarket product. From their research, Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash) discovered that the 13 saltiest main meals contained more than the maximum recommended daily intake of 6g of salt. Fast food outlets were also analysed. Charities are urging chefs to use less salt in their food. The survey measured the salt content of 664 main meals from 29 popular High Street

and celebrity restaurants, fast food and cafes chains. Analysis showed that 347 meals had more than 2.4g of salt per portion, which would earn them a red traffic light label for salt content. A selection of main meals from six celebrity chef restaurants were analysed for their salt content including Brasserie Blanc (Raymond Blanc), Dinner (Heston Blumenthal), Frankies (Marco Pierre White), Jamie’s Italian (Jamie Oliver), Fifteen (Jamie Oliver) and Savoy Grill (Gordon Ramsay). From the celebrity chef restaurants tested, on average Jamie’s Italian had the highest level of salt in their three dishes while Heston’s Dinner was shown to have the lowest values of salt, all below 1.5g of salt per dish. Celebrity chef restaurants and High Street chain restaurants both came out higher for salt content than cafes and fast food chains,

partly due to the larger portion sizes. In the fast food category, meals from McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut and Dominos were all analysed as part of the survey. Pizza Hut fared worst with 93% of their dishes analysed containing more than 2.4g of salt. Subway fared best with less than one in five meals getting a red traffic light label for salt, although their portions were smaller. In the 20 saltiest meals from fast food outlets, a regular BBQ meat feast pizza from Pizza Hut was found to contain 6.36g of salt while Domino’s pepperoni passion pizza contained 4.8g. The survey found an average of 3.1g salt per meal - half a person’s daily recommended amount of salt. Alongside the analysis of dishes, Cash undertook a survey of public opinion on salt which found that 54% of 1,100 people surveyed found restaurant meals too salty, and nine out of 10 people believed that restaurants and cafes should let them choose if they want to add salt to their meal or not. The Department of Health has previously said that reducing salt intake by just 1g per day - a pinch of salt - would save 4,147 preventable deaths and £288m to the NHS every year. A high salt diet has been linked to a

number of other serious health conditions such as stomach cancer, osteoporosis and kidney disease. Tracy Parker, dietitian at the British Heart Foundation, said: “We’re all eating too much salt and with one in six meals being eaten out of the home, it’s important to keep an eye on our salt intake all the time. “It’s vital restaurants provide clear menu labelling showing us how much salt is our dinner, but chefs should ideally be cutting back on the salt they use and giving the diner the choice. "Until then, using information on restaurants' websites before you go out can help you eat more healthily when eating out." Graham MacGregor, professor of cardiovascular medicine at The Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, Queen Mary University and chairman of Cash, said that too much salt is harmful. "Salt puts up our blood pressure, and as a result, thousands of people die unnecessarily each year from strokes, heart attacks and heart failure. "Whilst efforts have been made by foods in supermarkets to use less salt, chefs' preference for saltier foods is preventing further progress. It's clear from our survey that some chefs are not listening to their customers."

Tesco named as one of Britain’s Top Employers WEDDINGS at Chichester Park Hotel

To make sure your wedding is memorable for all the right reasons, it pays not to leave anything to chance, including your search for wedding venues. Chichester is a magnet for brides and grooms; The city’s historic centre, the South Downs National Park and south coast all combine to create the perfect wedding location. Visit our website for more information on why Chichester Park Hotel is the right venue for your big day.

Having your wedding in a hotel can make the event comfortable and convenient for both you and your guests; after the big day, you can quickly retreat to our honeymoon suite! Our hotel is suitable for either large celebrations or intimate gatherings and a bespoke menu can be designed just for you. And we can provide pre-wedding pampering sessions thanks to our Retreat Beauty Spa. So what are you waiting for? Chichester Park Hotel is the perfect venue for your wedding day!

Chichester Park Hotel | Madgwick Lane | Westhampnett | CHICHESTER | PO19 7QL

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THE UK’S biggest retailer has been named as one of the top employers in Britain. Tesco is one of the few companies to have received Britain’s Top Employers 2013 certification from the Corporate Research Foundation (CRF) Institute, based on a survey of the key benefits, training schemes and opportunities for career development open to colleagues. Minister for Employment, Mark Hoban MP, congratulated Tesco, saying: “Tesco is a business whose commitment to creating UK jobs, and investing in the education and skills of its people, has not waivered despite the difficult economic climate. Through their Regeneration Partnership stores, they have led the way in supporting the long-term unemployed back into work, and this recognition as one of Britain’s Top Employers is well deserved.” Tesco was particularly noted for its excellent employee benefits and strong company culture. The company is one of the few FTSE 100 companies still to offer a defined benefit pension scheme, and last year won the top award for Pension Scheme of the Year at the ‘Professional Pensions’ awards. In 2012, Tesco announced a £1bn turnaround programme in the UK and investment in ‘Service and Staff’ was one of the six points in that plan. Since then,

more than 8,000 new colleagues have joined the company, and half-a-million hours of customer service training have taken place in stores. Through its Regeneration Partnership schemes, Tesco has also helped 800 longterm unemployed people back into work over the past year alone, taking the total number employed through the scheme to more than 5,000. Last year, the retailer also promised to offer 10,000 places for colleagues to build their skills through its Apprenticeship programme by 2014, and is well on the way to achieving that. Judith Nelson, Personnel Director for the UK, said “For me, working for Tesco is all about opportunity. It doesn’t matter at what level you join the business, you always have a chance to get on. That’s why so many people stay and build their careers with us, and I’m thrilled that Tesco has been recognised as one of Britain’s Top Employers.” In 2010, Tesco colleague Matthew Barlow decided against going to university and joined Tesco’s Trainee Management Programme in stores instead. He said “I chose Tesco because it actively looks to develop young people and is well known for launching hugely successful careers. Tesco also looks after its people well and has a really good pension scheme, which is important to me as I want to plan for my future.”

Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013 21

Health & Beauty

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Repairing and regenerating

LACK OF SLEEP has devastating effects on your beauty and your health. Once your evening meal is digested your body diverts its energy towards cleansing and repairing each and every cell to keep you functioning at your best. This all happens while you are catching some z’s and ideally it should be for eight uninterrupted hours between 10 and 6 am. This is why its so important that you finishing eating at least 3 hours before going to sleep. Your body needs that precious time (and energy) to get through a long list of inner chores. When your sleep is cut short, your body doesn’t have time to complete the phases needed for cellular repair such as memory, muscular repair, hormone regulation, stability of metabolism etc. Take a good look at your sleep habits and your bedroom. For optimum recharge you want to sleep in a quiet and slightly cool environment, preferably with fresh air circulating the room slightly from an open window (if possible). If your bedroom resembles a storage unit, tidy it up! Make it neat, clean, sassy and sexy! Paint it with nontoxic colours and remove electricals, including the TV if you dare! Sleep in total darkness as light affects your pineal glands production of melatonin and serotonin, the two chemicals

Nutritional Yeast

Denise Kelly that promote slumber. If your purse allows, update your pillows and bedding. Take some time to research chemical free mattress companies as inhaling flame-retardants for eight hours a night really isn’t the best option! Add some plants to your room for natures best air purifier and make your room a beautiful peaceful palace for this very precious regenerating time. Everyone has an internal clock, but over time because of stress, inflexible work schedules and other interferences we lose the ability to self-wake. Napping isn’t such a crazy idea either. You have probably noticed that you may feel a dip in your energy and alertness in the afternoon between about 1.00 and 3.00 even if you are well rested. That’s perfectly normal. Its siesta time! I just want to give each and every one of you permission to nap for 20 minutes if you really feel you need it. Find an

20 minutes siesta time could perk you up!

empty conference room, go to your car, sit in the garden (if it ever gets warm enough) or go lay on your own bed! I don’t care where you do it, it’s your life, but if you need it, make that choice to take 10 – 20 minutes out of your day to stop feeling like a wilted plant and turn yourself into an energised bunny. Denise Kelly is a BANT (British association of Nutritional therapists) registered Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. She writes Nutrition Programs for a variety of organisations and has a private practise in Chichester, West Sussex and is the founder of K4 Fit Kidz. Tel: 01243 528040 www.

Nutritional Yeast is a good source of protein and many brands are fortified with Vitamin B12. Add it to your food such as home made popcorn, salads, pasta or veggies! You name it, and you can add it! Nutritional yeast is found in bulk food or the supplement section of most good health food stores and it adds flavor and goodness to your food! Enjoy!

Improve your running on a rainy day UNFORTUNATELY the British weather is notorious for throwing a spanner in the works of even the best laid training plans. Whilst you can hit the treadmill, after a few days of rain this can become a little tedious, not to mention expensive if you don’t have a gym membership. However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom when the rain starts to fall as there is plenty of useful training you can do from the comfort of your own living room as Greg Sellar, one of the world’s leading fitness experts, explains… Greg Sellar has worked in the fitness industry around the globe for over 17 years, acting as an instructor, trainer and presenter for some of the largest fitness brands on the planet. Greg uses effective training methods and fitness techniques across multiple disciplines and has picked up a whole host of accolades on the way. Greg’s top tips for keeping things moving indoors are… 1. Keep your body loose – Use the time to keep your body loose. Missing out on training time can leave your body feeling tight. Yoga and other stretching exercises are great ways to relieve these tensions, and can also help improve your gait (the pattern of movement of the limbs) making you a more efficient runner. If you have access to a foam roller, definitely hit those pressure points in your legs, glutes and lower back – something you can do in front of the TV!

2. Your home can be your gym - Use what’s around you, our homes are full of useful objects that can be easily added in to our exercise routines. For example a simple wheeled chair presents a couple of great opportunities: Try the Bulgarian Split Lunge. Face away from the chair with your back foot on it and allow yourself to fall into a lunge position, with your back foot elevated to the height of the chair. You could also drive the chair backwards as you dropped into a front leg lunge. It’s a tough exercise. 3. Hydrate and refuel - Your body loses fluid at a rapid rate when running, so you need to replace the water, electrolytes and salt on your ‘off’ days as well. Every 1% of fluid loss can further reduce your running performance, so stay hydrated all week. It’s much easier to remain hydrated than to try and play catch-up with dehydration. Take on more calories through increased consumption of fruit and vegetables to replace valuable vitamins and minerals lost through your runs. 4. Strengthen your core – Core stability and strength is vital to a runner. A runner with poor core control and the resulting postural problems, will experience all sorts of issues relating to the lower back, hips and knees. Using your wheeling chair at home once more, you can use it as a part of plank exercise. Put your elbows on the chair and

slowly roll it away from you, using your core body muscles try to bring it back to the start position – you’ll feel this one in the morning! 5. Update and plan – If you’re using any kind of GPS navigation to track your runs, or programmes such as Google Maps or Nike+, use your recovery days to update the programmes and change your running routes. Not only will this alleviate boredom for longer runs, but it will also allow for more

accurate tracking when it comes to time and distance. These tools are great for measuring pace and calculating overall distance covered and can be a real help to novice runners trying to stick to a pre-designed plan. If you’re inspired by Greg’s ideas, or the rain is continuing to fall and you need more exercises, he has helped compile a number of workout DVDs for fitness fx. For more details, visit

22 Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013

Fashion & Lifestyle Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe Follow us on Twitter @chiherald

A CAPSULE wardrobe is a small selection of clothes - normally 10-15 pieces - mixed and matched to create a range of seasonallyliterate looks, allowing you to quickly pull together an outfit for every eventuality. Core pieces that you can build entire outfits around. One jacket, two pairs of jeans, three dresses... and so on. Think of these pieces as the main ingredients in your spring style pie. You may want to pop in a few new flavours here and there but as long as

your main ingredients are in the mix, you know the end result will turn out well. When creating this new spring wardrobe, consider practicality and function. Keep focused and don’t be tempted to slip into a flurry of uncomplimentary garments that may then require two or even three more pieces to ‘work’. Be clear about the wardrobe you wish to achieve this year. As researchers have demonstrated, when we have too many choices, we become almost numb and our

decision-making skills are decreased. It’s never fun to stress about what to wear on a Monday morning! Remember to choose styles that flatter your assets, celebrate your feminine figure and are colours that flatter your skin tone and hair colour. Always include a good selection of basics in neutral colours that work well with others; black, white, ivory, camel, grey, brown and navy and then add one or two accent colours that work for you. Get the basics right and you can treat yourself to some killer statement pieces too! Choose garments that can be easily layered over one another, to keep up with our varying temperatures. Consider your materials. Breathable linen by 120% Lino,

soft cotton/silk mixes by Rosemunde and fine cashmere by Joseph all sold here at Stephen Lawrence Ladies Wear, provide the perfect all-weather solution for our confused climate! If you are feeling that perhaps you need a little assistance with planning your spring wardrobe, pop in to see us, as we can offer helpful advice and demonstrations of what will suit you, and what colours and shapes go well together. Remember, one of the wonderful benefits of creating a quality spring capsule is that you can waltz into your wardrobe, knowing you have something that will work perfectly for whatever your day is going to bring and enjoy the occasion without fretting about your outfit. Now get planning!

Weaning - Let your baby lead the way

By Becky Edwards (Children’s Centre Co-ordinator) and Nicki Graham (Family Outreach Work) THERE is always a debate about every part of parenting, and weaning is no exception. Parents often worry about how much food to give a baby and when, as well as being overwhelmed by ever changing guidelines and nutritional advice. How well your baby eats is often a very emotive subject- as mums and dads, we want to be assured that our children are eating and growing well. Many of us begin weaning using the traditional pureed foods, however, in recent years ‘Baby Led Weaning’ has grown in popularity. Being ‘baby led’ means encouraging your baby to explore their food and allowing them to decide what to eat and how much. This takes out a lot of the guess work for parents and also counteracts the problems that can come with traditional weaning for example, introducing lumpy food to a baby who is used to smooth puree.

Babies who self-feed learn to eat by reaching out to pick up food and bring it to their mouth, eventually progressing to enjoy a wide range of meals. Typically, this begins around 6 months although as with everything else, all babies differ. Self-feeding not only allows babies to regulate their own food intake, it also helps them to develop essential motor skills and encourages good hand eye coordination. The chewing of food also helps develop the mouth muscles needed for speech. Despite its advantages, some parents decide that Baby Led weaning isn’t for them. Baby led mealtimes can be time consuming and messy and some parents are anxious about their babies ‘choking’. Babies who selffeed have a natural gag reflux which clears food if it goes too far back in the mouth- this is totally normal, but for some seeing it in action can cause alarm. In addition, Baby Led Weaning is not always possible- some children have disabilities which prevent self-feeding or particular dietary needs which

Letting the baby take control

mean that food intake needs to be measured. However you wean, rest assured that we will all come across similar issues-fussy eaters and food throwers are common challenges! If you would like to give Baby Led weaning a go, or are just looking for some more information, the weaning café at Chichester Nursery School, Children and family centre

is always on hand to give friendly advice and information. Why not give it a try! For more information or support with parenting visit Chichester Nursery School, Children and Family Centre. Or phone: 01243 642950. Website:

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Dare to Flare: Wide leg trousers are making a stylish comeback MOVE over skinny jeans – flared and wide leg trousers are back and are the biggest style hit of the spring summer season, says department store Debenhams. No longer banished to fashion history books and seen only on the likes of Elvis and John Travolta, flares have returned to glory and are the best way to cut a fine fashion figure as we move into the warmer months of 2013. As new lines hit down, Debenhams has seen customers react fantastically to the return of flares, with early styles selling more than 57% versus the same time last year. Celebs including Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes, Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss and Rachel Zoe have already put their skinnies away and dared to rock a pair of flares. With the shape being so flattering it’s no wonder. Says Debenhams spokesperson, Michelle Dowdall: “With jean and trouser styles getting narrower and skinnier over recent years, I suppose there was nowhere to go but out! “We often find that as soon as a celebrity picks up a new trend, it’s not long before customers react and follow suit. We’re backing wider leg and flared trousers to be one of the season’s big hits, and have a fantastic range of styles available in anything from crisp white to denim, and even some floral and printed styles for women wanting

to make a bold style statement.” The look is also a hit on the runways, with Betsey Johnson, Alice + Olivia and Anna Sui all showing models walk in wide leg or flared trousers in their shows. Even queen of the skinny jeans herself, Victoria Beckham, has been spotted wearing flared jeans with a pair of towering heels as a chic day look. Worn in bold, block colours or denim and teamed with a cute printed tee or cropped top, the trouser shape hailing from the soulful 70’s will see you through the summer. The flare is one of summer’s most versatile shapes, and can be worn with anything from blouses to jackets or even sweatshirts.

Brunettes are marriage material, but blondes? BRUNETTES make better wives and girlfriends than blondes, according to new research. The study of 1,000 men shows that they would rather step out with the likes of Kelly Brook or Kate Middleton on their arm, than blondes such as Holly Willoughby or Fearne Cotton. And when it comes to marriage, men admit they think women with brown hair will be more sensible, dependable and are more likely to share their dreams for the future. Men also believe brunettes make better cooks, and will be better at keeping the house clean. Other ‘wifely’ attributes men think brunettes are likely to excel at include being more experimental in the bedroom, taking good care of their appearance and having better personalities. Ladies with dark tresses are also believed to be better with money, are more focussed and will get on better with the lads, the poll by Superdrug found. And men also believe that girls with brown hair will show more of an interest in their partner’s day to day life, would like football and be more organised. Sarah Sharp, Senior Buyer of Haircare at Superdrug said: “Men obviously have their opinions about the colour of women’s hair, but our sales tell us that when it comes to hair dye women are more likely to change their shade when they see a celebrity switch shade than any other reason. “This research turns our hair stereotypes

on their heads. But we don’t think we need to worry about British blondes just yet – while 37% of men claim brunettes are simply more attractive, we think 100 per cent of blondes, and all brunettes, would hope that men would rather see their partner with a hair colour that suits them.” The study shows 54% of men would choose a brunette to be their wife, 16% would opt for a lady with fair hair, while 30% of men didn’t have a preference. And when it comes to getting a girlfriend, 48% chose girls with brown hair, a quarter chose blonde and 27% said neither. However, it’s not all bad news for blondes, the study shows men do believe that blondes are more likely to be more outgoing and bubbly than brunettes. Blokes also claim blondes are less likely to mind if others flirt with them – but perhaps this is why they don’t want them as a girlfriend. Men find brunettes make more intelligent girlfriends, are more laid back, and have more confidence.

This week’s crossword - Clues Sudoku


s - both

Across 7. Exaggeration (13) 8. Sham (8) 9. Relieve (4) 10. Afternoon nap (6) 12. Avaricious (6)


14. 16. 18. 20. 22.

Babe (6) Modest (6) Conspire (4) Sail a ship (8) Thought (13)

sn’t (8)

Down 1. Dislike (8) 2. Free (6) 3. Daze (4) 4. Power (8) 5. Hinder (6) 6. Burden (4)

11. 13. 15. 17. 19. 21.

Self-government (8) Swelling (8) Shrewd (6) Powerful (6) Plunder (4) Wicked (4)

s around


Last week’s solution

of mis-






a ques-

ction? (6)

Quick Clues:

y shop-


eds to


7. Exaggeration (13)

1. Dislike (8)

yet made

8. Sham (8)

2. Free (6)


9. Relieve (4)


n in off-

on (4-4)

ure? (6)

10. Afternoon nap (6) 12. Avaricious (6)

ing fea-

14. Babe (6)


16. Modest (6)


sh (4)

18. Conspire (4) 20. Sail a ship (8)

every column, every row and each of the 3x3 boxes contains all the digits from 1 to 9.

3. Daze (4) 4. Power (8) 5. Hinder (6) 6. Burden (4) 11. Self-government (8) 13. Swelling (8) 15. Shrewd (6) 17. Powerful (6) 19. Plunder (4)

22. Thought C H I C H(13) E S T E R ’ S L A R G21. E SWicked T I N D(4) E P E N D E N T LY

LAST WEEK’S CROSSWORD SOLUTIONS: CRYPTIC - Across: 1 Epee; 8 Cradle song; 9 Schooner; 10 Arcs; 12 Scotch; 14 Mishap; 15 Colour; 17 Benign; 18 Asti; 19 Amenable; 21 Tree-doctor; 22 Edge. Down: 2 Precocious; 3 Echo; 4 Launch; 5 Alarum; 6 Assassin; 7 Ages; 11 Changeling; 13 Two-timer; 16 Reason; 17 Breath; 18 Ants; 20 Acre. QUICK - Across: 1 Trip; 8 Abominable; 9 Spirited; 10 Exit; 12 Scarce; 14 Exempt; 15 Linger; 17 Custom; 18 Tell; 19 Calendar; 21 Distribute; 22 Deep. Down: 2 Respective; 3 Pair; 4 Bottle; 5 Middle; 6 CareFind us on twitter less; 7 Sent; 11 Improbable; 13 Regulate; 16 Recoil; 17 Colour; 18 Tidy; 20 Need. O W N E D N E W S PA P E R


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24 Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013

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Property Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013 25

Find your perfect property

In Chichester & the surrounding areas

Fea t

Ald ure P wic r k ba oper t y es tat y: e




A detached chalet house situated in the Aldwick Bay private marine estate around 200 yards from the private beach. The specification which would benefit from some modernisation includes g.f.h., u.P.V.C. double glazing, fitted carpets, a spacious entrance hall, a cloakroom, a dual aspect living room, a double glazed conservatory, a ground floor bedroom/dining room, a kitchen/breakfast room, two good sized first floor bedrooms,a large bathroom, an integral garage and West facing rear garden. ENERGY RATING: D

For more information, contact Coastguards Estate Agents on

01243 267026

Inside: Local sales and rentals | Coastguards | Whitlocks | Feature Properties

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the ship chichester

FOOD & DRINK the ship chichester

ACCOMODATION The brasserie style restaurant offers fresh, house made, a la carte and prix fixe menus. We believe in providing the highest quality and value for money dishes with a good mixture of traditional and modern British classics. Our well stocked cellar includes an excellent variety of house red, white and rose wines available by the glass or bottle. A large array of soft drinks and coffees of every kind join our range of bitters, lagers and cider.

The hotel has 36 superbly appointed bedrooms with comfortable double and twin beds with Egyptian cotton sheets with flat screen TV’s, tea and coffee facilities, free wifi and ensuite bathrooms in every room. All rooms are decorated in a contemporary style whilst maintaining many original features.

the ship chichester

MEETINGS, OCCASIONS & CELEBRATIONS Our two function suites are approved for civil weddings and partnerships and are also extremely popular for private dining, special occasions, conferences, wakes and events. Functions can be tailor made by our experienced managers to meet your exact requirements.

For more information, or to book a room or table tel: 01243 778000 The Ship Hotel, 57 North Street, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1NH

NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to Section 65 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976, that Chichester District Council intends to increase the rates of fares charged by Hackney Carriages for distance, waiting time, and extras in accordance with the tariff set out below. This proposed rate shall take effect from Monday 22nd April 2013 subject to no objections being received. A copy of this Notice will be available for public inspection on any weekday during usual office hours at the below address. Any objections to the proposed variations can be made in writing to the undersigned within 14 days of the publication of this Notice or by email to Daytime Tariff (06.00hrs to 23.00hrs) If the distance does not exceed 1760yds. (one mile) for the whole distance (Flag Fall) £4.00 Unit of measurement or increment thereafter 167.61908 yds at £00.20p per unit Running mile cost £2.10 Nighttime Tariff (23.00hrs to 06.00hrs) If the distance does not exceed 667.58621yds ( a little under 4/10 mile) for the whole distance (Flag Fall) £4.00 Unit of measurement or increment thereafter 121.37931yds at £00.20p per unit Running mile cost £2.90p

Public and Bank Holiday Tariff (excluding Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day) Daytime tariff with an additional £1.00 on the Flag Fall Christmas Day (00.00hrs to 23.59hrs), Boxing Day and New Years Day (00.00hrs to 06.00hrs) Daytime tariff plus 100% Christmas Eve and New Years Eve (18.00hrs to 00.00hrs), Boxing Day and New Years Day (06.00hrs to 00.00hrs) Nighttime Tariff shall apply Waiting Time For each period of 30 seconds or uncompleted part thereof £0.10 Extra Charges For each person beyond one £0.30 For each bicycle (carried at driver’s discretion) £1.20 For the total luggage carried £0.30 Fuel surcharge £0.30 (applicable only where the local cost of diesel rises to £1.55 or over) Mr M China Assistant Director Health Protection and Environmental Management Chichester District Council East Pallant Chichester West Sussex PO19 1TY. 28th March 2013

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Three and four bedroom homes at Bysshop Meadow.



Three, four and five bedroom homes at Willows Edge.



PART-EXCHANGE The Government-backed 95% mortgage scheme

You buy ours, we’ll buy yours.

Pay only 80% now with FirstBuy.

DEPOSIT PAID We’ll pay towards your deposit.











Imagery for illustration purposes only. *Available on all plots and developments in England, on homes worth up to £500,000. Subject to status, terms and conditions. Charles Church cannot advise you on a mortgage. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE OR ANY DEBT SECURED ON IT. Full details available on request. FirstBuy is available on selected plots at selected developments, subject to status, terms and conditions. FirstBuy cannot be used in conjunction with any other scheme and is not available in Wales and Scotland. Eligible applicants will be offered an equity loan of up to a maximum of 20% of the purchase price (based on the open market value). FirstBuy customers are required to fund at least 80% of the purchase price by means of a conventional mortgage, savings and any deposit where required. FirstBuy customers must obtain their conventional mortgage from a Qualified Lending Institution. For the fi rst five years there is no interest charged on the equity loan component. From the start of year six a monthly interest fee will be charged. This charge on an annual basis will be 1.75% of the market value of the property at the time the loan is entered into multiplied by the outstanding percentage under the equity loan. This annual fee will be uplifted in future years at a rate of (RPI + 1% p.a). The equity loan is provided by the Homes and Communities Agency and developer as a second charge. It is advisable, for a swift, smooth transaction that an IFA/Solicitor advised by Charles Church is used. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE AND/OR YOUR EQUITY LOAN. Full details available on request. Part-exchange or 5% deposit paid is available on selected plots, subject to status, terms and conditions. A professional legal adviser is required to carry out the legal formalities of buying the Home and to represent your interests. Charles Church can provide you with a list of recommended solicitors and/or fi nancial advisers as necessary. Full details available on request. Offers are subject to full asking price and offers are not available in conjunction with any other scheme. †Calls cost 5p per minute from a BT landline. Mobile providers and other networks may vary. Details correct at time of going to press.

28 Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013

Bognor Regis | £224,950 Georgian Style House Four Bedrooms Lounge / Diner Contemporary Fitted Kitchen Fitted Bathroom and Ground Floor WC Enclosed Rear Garden

Rose Green | £249,500 Detached Character Chalet Property Built Circa 1926 Three Bedrooms Extended Dining Room With Open Fire Fitted Kitchen and Bathroom Front Aspect Lounge With Fireplace Central Village Location

Pagham | £560,000 Versatile Detached Chalet Style Family Home 5 / 6 Bedrooms 2 / 3 Reception Rooms 3 Bathrooms (One Ground Floor and One En-Suite) Modern Kitchen Tandem Length Garage

Rose Green | £415,000 Two Double Bedroom Detached Bungalow with Two Double Bedroom Annexe Bungalow and Annexe Fully Refurbished To A Very High Standard Principle Bedrooms With En-Suites Annexe With Private Entrance Ideal Secondary Income Remote Control Gated Access

Kings Drive | £340,000 Exclusive Development of 12 Luxury Homes Four Bedroom End Of Terrace House Lounge / Dining Room, Family Bathroom, Two En-Suites and WC Home Office and Carport Easily Accessible to Pagham Beach and Nature Reserve Catchment Area of Rose Green Infant School and Primary School Cathedral Town of Chichester 7.5 Miles Historic Town of Arundel 13.7 Miles £1,000 Reservation Fee Required (Non Refundable)

Nyetimber Mill | £64,950 First Floor Apartment Age Restricted 55+ Double Bedroom With Built-In Wardrobes Newly Fitted Kitchen Newly Fitted Bathroom New Flooring Throughout Communal Laundry Room, Lounge and Parking

Pagham | £205,000 Two Double Bedroom Staggered Terraced Bungalow Modern Fitted Kitchen and Bathroom UPVC Double Glazed Conservatory Gas Fired Central Heating / UPVC Double Glazing Close To Local Amenities and Beach Garage

Pagham | OIRO £364,950 Four Bedroom Detached House Extended Kitchen / Dining Room Room For Further Improvements Close To Sea and Local Amenities Gas Fired Central Heating Approximately 1/3 Acre Plot Ideal Paddock

Nyetimber | £130,000 Detached Residential Park Home Two Double Bedrooms - Two Reception Rooms UPVC Double Glazing and Gas Fired Central Heating Outdoor Store and Maintained Garden Walking Distance To All Local Amenities and Bus Links Off Road Parking For Two Vehicles No Forward Chain

Nyetimber | £295,950 Detached Four Bedroom House Two Receptions Residential Close Gas Fired Central Heating / UPVC Double Glazing En-Suite To Master Bedroom Garage

Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013 29



An exceptional five bedroom det house situated in a cul-de-sac of just four similar properties, located within half a mile of shopping facilities at Rose Green & a little over half a mile to the beach. The current owners have carried out a comprehensive programme of refitting the property with an extensive range of high quality bespoke furniture. G.F.H., u.P.V.C. double glazing, cloakroom, a dual aspect living room with feature Art Deco style cabinets, a superb kitchen/dining room fitted with an extensive range of handbuilt solid Beech units and an imaginative display/storage unit in the style of a castle, good sized utility rm fitted with matching handbuilt furniture, gr fl bedrm, master bedrm with extensive handbuilt furniture & en suite shower rm, bedrm two (currently utilised as an office with handmade furniture throughout), 2 further bedrms, bathrm, double garage & landscaped gardens including a South Westerly rear. EPC Rating D.







A superbly presented ‘New England’ style detached family house situated on a good sized plot less than half a mile from local shopping facilities and the beach. The current owners have made the property the subject of a comprehensive programme of refurbishment and modernisation over the course of the last 3 years. G.F.H., u.P.V.C. dble glazing, replacement wiring, plumbing & sanitary ware etc., a cloakrm, a triple aspect lounge, spacious kit/dining rm, utility rm, study/tv room, an impressive master bedrm suite with vaulted dressing rm & luxury en suite bathrm, 3 further bedrms, family bathrm, an integral garage & well maintained gardens to the front and rear. EPC rating is E

A detached chalet style house on a corner plot in private marine estate within 500 yards of the private beach. G.F.H.,u.P.V.C. double glazing, conservatory/entrance, entrance hall, dual aspect ‘L’ shaped living room, dining room, ground floor bedroom/study, kit/breakfast room, ground floor shower room, two good size first floor bedrooms and a second bathroom, garage with carport, a workshop/office and a West facing rear garden. EPC rating is D

An extended and refurbished individual four bedroom family house situated on a corner plot within a quarter of a mile of shops, around half a mile from schools and the beach. G.F.H., u.P.V.C. dble glazing, u.P.V.C. fascias, cloakroom, dual aspect lounge, dual aspect family room, dual aspect kit/dining room, en suite shower room, sep. bathroom, detached garage and South Westerly rear garden. EPC RATING C.





An extended and stylish semi-detached bungalow situated in a quiet cul-de-sac. The property has been made the subject of a programme of extension and remodelling for the current owner. G.F.H., u.P.V.C. d/glazing, fascias & soffits, lounge, dining rm, fitted kitchen with breakfast rm, utility rm, two double bedrms, shower rm, large double length garage & delightful easily maintained hard landscaped gardens including a West facing rear. EPC rating is C


A stylishly presented two bedroom first floor apartment situated approx. 400 yards from the beach. The specification includes g.f.h., delightful dual aspect living rm, fitted kitchen, bathroom, separate w.c./cloakroom, single garage with additional parking for several vehicles, use of the landscaped communal gardens and storage area beneth the main building. Residents of The Grange have access to a private beach via gate in nearby Waters Edge. EPC rating is D


A one bedroom close care apartment in the grounds of the Royal Bay care home, purpose buiilt to be ‘elderly user friendly’ with many safety features and the availability of any level of assistance from the care home, gas c.h., double glazed, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, personal patio area. EPC rating C.

30 Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013



Sponsored by Panther Truck Rental 01243 778109

Rally Ho! Peugeot dealership hosts first electric car rally

CAR cars HIRE Celebrate British at new Gaydon ‘The BMC and VAN Leyland Show’ HIRE

Daily rates start at just £30.00 + Vat, include insurance Hire for a minimum of one week and pay just £1

All sizes available with Transit vans starting at just £ Hire a Transit for a minimum of one week and pay just Comprehensive range of vehicles from Berlingo vans u

THE HERITAGE MOTOR CENTRE is Not many people know that we can also supply and fit launching a new show on Sunday 7 July to of tyres for both car and commercial. Contact us for a fr TYRES Van Tyres 185 x 14 / 195 x 14 £45.00 + Vat. 185 x 15 / celebrate a host of British cars including the iconic Mini. ‘The BMC and Leyland Show’ has been launched to incorporate Call us now and find out why we are The Areas vehicles manufactured by the British Motor Corporation, British Leyland and FAMILY RUN BUSIN Competitive Rates All Year Round Rover including commercial and military Discounts On all Weekly Rentals QUARRY LANE Mini In but vehicles. The show is expected to attract Insurance Included All other Rates fantastic British marques. The Unlimited Mileage all Rentals showOnhas something for everyone and will be up to 80 different marques made over a certain to evoke plenty of memories!” 100 year period including names such as The HMC will be accepting club entries Daimler, Alvis, Wolsley, Austin, Morris, from marque registers as opposed to local Riley Standard MG and Land Rover. branches of the owners clubs, individuals As well as up to 800 models on show, are also welcome and there will be space for there will be a large Autojumble and a small number of BMW Mini’s to attend. motoring related trade stands. A show Please see for highlight will be the opportunity for more information. visitors to see 12 different vehicles from Advance tickets cost £6 for the driver the HMC reserve collection that aren’t of the registered show vehicle and £8 per normally on display in the Museum. person for any additional passengers. The This new show will incorporate the costs on the day will be £12 for adults, £8 for former Gaydon Mini Show and feature the children and £34 for a family ticket. Camping traditional Mini Concours and Show ‘n’ is available on Saturday 6 July. Shine competition with a £250 cash prize The BMC and Leyland Show is just one of for the winner. many exciting and unique motoring events Tom Caren, the new Show Manager held at the Heritage Motor Centre in 2013. at the Heritage Motor Centre stated To find out more information please visit the “The BMC and Leyland Show will be an website at or enthusiast’s show aimed at enthusiasts clubs; it will not only celebrate the iconic


ELECTRIC CARS across Cornwall recently hit the roads and ventured across the South West to take part in one of the country’s first ever electric car rallies. Over 40 ‘green’ vehicles assembled at Truro’s Lemon Quay and made their way across the county, passing by Trelissick Gardens and boarding the iconic King Harry Ferry, before finishing up the 26 mile circuit at the Cornwall Hotel in St Austell. The event helped raise the awareness of electric vehicles in Cornwall and was organised by Hawkins Motors, which has Peugeot Dealerships in Hayle, Penryn and St. Austell, and supported by Ecodrive, one of the UK’s leading independent advisors on

electric vehicle infrastructure. Johnny Hawkins, Director of Hawkins Motors, said: “The event demonstrated a real passion for electric motors throughout the county. This first event brought together environmentally friendly car owners and enthusiasts and helped to raise the profile and change people’s perspectives when it comes to alternative travel. “With commitment from the Government to cover up to 75 per cent of the cost of installing charging points for electric vehicles in garages and driveways, the UK is set to become global leaders for low-carbon motoring, and Cornwall is certainly ahead of the game.”





£25.00 + Vat For 1 Day

£60.00 + Vat For 3 Days

Group A Car

£99.00 + Vat For 7 Days


West Sussex Trading Standards Buy With Confidence Approved Trader



CHICHESTER 01243 778109

30 Love Brighton Friday, October 28, 2011

Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013 31


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Love Brighton proud to be supporting

Sussex County Cricket Clu

Sport BBC Sussex Sport Bridcutt City held by Wombles Bagpipes for 30 Love Brighton Friday, October 28, 2011

Straight from the commentary box Fixtu Love Brighton proud to be supporti


Sussex County Cricket C Saturday,

BBC Sussex Sport

Npower C

CHICHESTER City Ladies have been hampered all season with the weather conditions so were desperate to ensure last weekend's clash with MK Dons Ladies went ahead regardless of the numerous cancellations up and down the country. Off the back of a 5-2 victory against Luton Town Ladies, Chichester had managed to find their winning ways once more in the third tier of English football but had to settle for a draw against MK Dons. The Dons started the better of the two sides and dominated possession in the first half. For all of their efforts MK Dons struggled to create many goal scoring opportunities with Chi Ladies looking strong defensively but couldn't string more than two passes together when they had the ball. On 43 minutes the Dons pressure paid off as they managed to slot the ball home neatly from a sloppy mistake in the Chi defence. This truly was a game of two halves as

OFTEN teams face a big week that

Chichester Ladiesthe came out fighting, determines fate of their season. And often havingitfound passing ways it was comestheir in January. now all pressure MKof goal. Neat However,on bythe a quirk the fixtures link upcomputer play between and the Wride and TVFowlie scheduling Albion face 3 massive games in a week, each for saw lots possession in behind the MK different right back and reasons. several crosses were Liverpool wednesday : The game against finding their way into the box where Liverpool in the Carling Cup has the drama Challen came close on several occassions. and the history. The Reds have Steven On 76 minutes the dynamic Widdowson found herself in space on the edge of the box and drove a shot low and hard, the keeper managed to save the effort but the ever present Willett followed up to tap the equaliser home. Willett, having recently lost a close member of her family, stated 'that one was for Mr Gregory'. Chichester continued to push forward and MK Dons also broke and threatened once again. Gerard back for the first time since march, The entertaining match finished 1-1. straight of the back of a spanking from Spurs. Chichester will host Ebbsfleet this Vicente may well get his first outing against a week atclub Oaklands 3pm with kick-off, all Noone the he beat when Valencia. support would welcome. roofer is abe story well documented aswell. Gus

Gus Poyet marks 100 games in charge just to add another twist. If the game emulates clashes in the 80s and 91 we could be in for a cracker

an international • Barnsley v if Liverpool win but after Fix debut • Birmingh the defeatfor onBrighton saturday and Hovewill Albion Saturd • Crystal Pa the faithful be hoping Npowe midfielder Liam confidence isn’t dented • Derby v P • Barns OFTEN teams face a big week that if Liverpool win but after Bridcutt. TheIpswich, pitch especially with • Doncaster • Birmi determines the fate of their season. And often the defeat on saturday West was draining but the • Crysta it comes in January. the faithful will be hoping • Millwall v confidence isn’t dented However, by a quirk of the fixtures • Derby Ham and mini dynamo Seagulls especially with Ipswich, computer and TV scheduling the Albion • Nott’m Fo • Donca Birmingham gave a creditable West face 3 massive games in a week, each for • Millw • Southamp allperformance on the Ham and different reasons. • Nott’m Birmingham Liverpool wednesday : The game against • Watford v horizon. • South all on the in the Carling Cup good has the drama alongside teammates who were relative I Liverpool WAS NEVER any at geography at It has to be said though, Watfo horizon. every time Gus and the history. The Reds have Steven •West•Ham school. Apparently Serbia and Montenegro strangers. It has to betested said though, every •West H Poyet and his team have been since hetime Gus • Burnley v Poyet and immense his team have been tested since he “Bridcutt has looked so far was a country in the Balkans, created from Gus Poyet marks 100 • Burnl took over, he seems to apply the midas touch in Poyet marks 100 games in charge just to add took over, he seems to apply the midas touch Poyet marks 100 games in charge just to add this game” was from 23-year-old the two remaining games in charge just emulates to of Yugoslavia. andcall they pass withthe colours. another twist. game emulates clashes they pass withinthe flying colours. Itflying may be It may be another twist. If the republics game clashes inIf theand Sunda 3 the most high profilepays week ofoff his fledgling the 80s of and 91 we could be inhe foris a cracker. and proof that hard work in the Sunday, In football add another twist. the the most high profile week of his fledgling the 80s and 91spheres we couldIfthis be inweek for amost cracker. Npowe managerial career, and, like Albion fans, he Leeds friday : 3 points on offer. 3 points Npower C end. Albion willand, no have tothefend the English press were ruminating on 3 points onmanagerial career, like Albion fans, Leeds friday : 3 points on offer. • Leeds will doubt be hoping that after 7he daysoff and 3 game emulates clashes in 3onpoints offer. offer. games, it’s passage Palace tuesday : 3will points but from also athat beyeshoping after the 7safe days andtoincreases 3the last 16 and 6 • Leeds v C offer. points offer. interest others as his profile aon game of3 and two halves between the 80s 91onwe could England fierce, if sometimes misunderstood rivalry. The points in the bag. Tuesda games, it’s safe passage the last 16 and 6 to :(and 3 points but also a Roy and awareness of histotalent continues and Montenegro theyes inability firstof clash between the two sides at the Amex. bePalace in fortuesday a cracker Npowe Glenn Murray returns to his former club. points in the bag. fierce, if sometimes misunderstood rivalry. The grow. Hodgson’s side to hold onto a lead) in a Tuesday, • Barns Gerard back for the first time since march, Whenever you look at games in isolation they Listen to Johnny Cantor and BBC first clash between the two sides at the Amex. • Burnl World Cup qualifier. Sussex Sport for all your sports straight of the back of a spanking from Spurs. have a certain significance but when you look Npower C Glenn Murray returns to his former club. • Crysta coverage of Brighton & Hove Albion Vicente may well get his first outing against a at the 7 days and 3 games together this period Follow Albion home and away on BBC Meanwhile Serbia was the venue for • Barnsley football club and Sussex County clubWhenever he beat whenyou withlook Valencia. Noone the could become point in the • Doncav Listen toseason. Johnny Cantor and BBC at games in isolation theya pivotal Sussex Sport Cricket Club. another Scotland defeat. It also roofer is a story well documented aswell. Gus marked No-one (not Noone) would be suprised • Millw • Burnley v Sussex Sport for all your sports have a certain significance but when you look • Nott’m • Crystal Pa coverage of Brighton & Hove Albion at the 7 days and 3 games together this period • South Follow them Follow themononTwitter twitter football club and Sussex County could become a pivotal point in the season. • Doncaster • Watfo @BBCSussexsport @sussexsport Cricket Club. No-one (not Noone) would be suprised • West H @johnnycburger • Millwall v

Johnny Cantor

Johnny Cantor

• Nott’m Fo

• Southamp

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Championship Table 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

Championship Table 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 A GD PTS 12 22 55 6213 36 34 6214 51 17 61 15 44 25 59 16 25 47 58 17 52 31 57 18 40 40 54 19 50 32 53 52 9 5020 62 5 4821 55 16 4522 56 -1 4023 59 12 3924 58 -13 38 57 -14 38 79 -26 38 63 -18 31 71 -26 30 84 -37 28 84 -39 27 102 -68 12 112 -81 8

P GD PTS Team 13 14 27 Southampton 13 12 24 West Ham 24 Middlesbrough 13 8 23 Crystal Palace 13 6 21 12 6 Leeds 21 13 1 Derby 21 12 1 Hull 20 13 4 Cardiff 20 13 -2 Ipswich 19 13 4 Peterborough DIVISION 2 19 13 3 Blackpool Team 19 13 1 Brighton NEWHAVEN 13 1 19 Leicester LITTLEHAMPTON 17 10 4TOWN Birmingham EASTBOURNE UNITED AFC 17 13 1 Reading MIDHURST & EASEBOURNE 15 13 0 Portsmouth BROADBRIDGE HEATH 15 12 -1 Burnley LITTLE COMMON 15 13 -2 Barnsley WESTFIELD 13 -9 14 Nott’m Forest BEXHILL UNITED 12 Millwall LOXWOOD 13 -4 11 -6 13 Coventry MILE OAK 10 -12 13 Watford STORRINGTON 13 -14 8 Doncaster STEYNING TOWN 13 -16 6 Bristol City TOWN SEAFORD SOUTHWICK WICK RUSTINGTON OAKWOOD SALTDEAN UNITED


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Team Southampton West Ham Middlesbrough Crystal Palace Leeds Derby Hull Cardiff Ipswich Peterborough Blackpool Brighton Leicester Birmingham Reading Portsmouth Burnley Barnsley Nott’m Forest Millwall Coventry Watford Doncaster Bristol City

P 13 13 13 13 12 13 12 13 13 13 13 13 13 10 13 13 12 13 13 13 13 13 13 13

GD 14 12 8 6 6 1 1 4 -2 4 3 1 1 4 1 0 -1 -2 -9 -4 -6 -12 -14 -16

PTS 27 24 24 23 21 21 21 20 20 19 19 19 19 17 17 15 15 15 14 12 11 10 8 6

DIVISION 3 P 26 23 25 25 25 24 25 25 24 26 27 24 24 25 23 25 24 26

W 18 17 15 13 14 14 11 10 10 9 9 8 7 7 7 5 4 1

D 4 4 4 7 4 3 7 8 6 8 5 6 5 3 3 5 5 1

L 4 2 6 5 7 7 7 7 8 9 13 10 12 15 13 15 15 24

F 70 65 74 69 63 69 49 53 44 47 38 48 33 45 35 41 38 28

A 40 16 42 46 41 29 37 51 38 43 56 46 45 59 54 63 68 135

GD PTS 30 58 49 55 32 49 23 46 22 46 40 45 12 40 2 38 6 36 4 35 -18 32 2 30 -12 26 -14 24 -19 24 -22 20 -30 17 -107 4


P 18 14 12 11 16 16 14 14 16 13 17 15

W D L F 11 2 5 59 11 2 1 52 9 2 1 35 8 1 2 30 7 3 6 30 7 3 6 35 5 3 6 28 5 3 6 27 4 3 9 18 4 2 7 26 3 1 13 21 1 1 13 10

A 24 19 9 15 24 40 28 28 28 34 65 57

GD PTS 35 35 33 35 26 29 15 25 6 24 -5 *21 0 18 -1 18 -10 15 -8 14 -44 10 -47 4

• Watford v

• West Ham

32 Chichester Herald Thursday 28 March, 2013

make Russells your Easter destination for yummy food, quality furniture and stylish coastal gardening

Russells garden centre and boutique deli - birdham Find us on the road to West Wittering beach

Chichester Herald Issue 81 28th March 2013  

Chichester Herald Issue 81 28th March 2013

Chichester Herald Issue 81 28th March 2013  

Chichester Herald Issue 81 28th March 2013