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Friday 7th February 2014

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After a couple of pints, I go to the fridge!

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Selsey man jailed for life Phillip Brown killed Deborah Levey with a cushion after failed romance

Dean Adams

A JILTED lover has been told he must serve a minimum of 15 years in prison for murdering his ex after failing to rekindle their romance. Sentencing Phillip Brown to life in prison, a judge told the 46-yearold he had committed a “dreadful crime” by smothering Deborah Levey, 44, with a cushion at her country cottage near Chichester, West Sussex. After killing her, Brown then tried to eliminate suspicions of foul play, including sending her bogus text messages expressing false concern about her whereabouts. Brown was “possessive and

controlling” of twice-married mother-of-one Ms Levey, who told friends he had a “Jekyll and Hyde” character, jurors heard. At Lewes Crown Court last week, Brown, of Selsey, West Sussex, was convicted of murder following seven hours of deliberation at the end of a four-week trial. Sentencing him on Monday, Judge Anthony Scott-Gall told him: “This was a dreadful crime where you killed a decent, hard-working, loving mother and valued member of society. “You have not shown a flicker of remorse. The tears that we have seen you shed were crocodile tears replete with self-pity.” Police search the scene of the murder in January 2013

County alert over danger products that could choke or strangle children


Chichester car park is chosen as the tenth best in the world


Chichester MP visits local Free School

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Phillip Brown killed Deborah Levey with a cushion after failed romance “The jury has convicted you on the most compelling evidence of the murder of Deborah Levey. “The jury saw through the web of deceit and lies that you embarked upon during the course of your defence.” The judge said that Ms Levey, a care scheme manager, was a “vulnerable” woman who had wanted to be in love with someone. “However, you were not the caring, loving man that Deborah wished for,” the judge said. “Your relationship began in early 2012 and at first it went well but then cracks began to appear.” The judge described Brown as “jealous” and that when he failed to rekindle their relationship he “flipped” by smothering her with a cushion. The body of Ms Levey was found just after 7.15am on January 28 last year by a colleague who called on her as they were meant to travel to London for work. Prosecutor Mark Dennis QC told the trial that at first glance there was nothing to indicate her death

was suspicious, with no obvious signs of injury, no break-in at her home and no suggestions that the property had been burgled. But Mr Dennis said there were three features about the scene which raised questions. One was the way in which Ms Levey was found dead on her sofa covered by a blanket up to her neck. There were also fresh love bites found on her neck, and Ms Levey’s mobile phone was found dumped at the bottom of a fish tank near the sofa on which she was found dead. A post-mortem examination was unable to find evidence that Ms Levey died from natural causes, but it did rule out suggestions she may have self-harmed or overdosed, and there were “tell-tale signs” that death was by asphyxia. By suffocating Ms Levey’s mouth, death would have occurred within 60 seconds and left minimal outward signs of injury. Brown had denied murdering Ms Levey, saying he “loved her to bits” and that he was not at her

house on the day she died. But he did admit to sending hurtful messages to her, including ones in which he called her a “slut” and had “hoped she would die”. He said there was “no excuse” for sending the texts to her, saying they were the “worst thing I could have ever done”. In mitigation, defence counsel Sam Stein QC said Brown was of previously good character who had not been in trouble for more than 20 years.

An unrelated charge of attempted rape that Brown had faced, dating back to 2001, was ordered to lie on file. After the sentencing, Detective Superintendent Ian Pollard, of the Surrey and Sussex major crime team, said: “This was a complex and painstaking investigation. “We worked very closely with forensic scientists and the pathologist, as well as with the Crown Prosecution Service and our counsel, Mark Dennis QC, to

show that Brown’s claim never to have been in Debbie’s home on the day of her death was a lie. “He evidently thought he could mask his evil act of smothering Debbie with a string of distractions, false clues and stories. “But we were eventually able to show, to the satisfaction of the jury, that he was indeed the killer, and justice has now been done for Debbie and her family.” Let us know what you think


County alert over danger products that could choke or strangle children TRADING Standards Officers have issued a countywide alert for two products which could strangle or choke young children. They fear one or both could find their way into homes in West Sussex. Jelly mini-cups sweets labelled ‘New Choice Tropical' and ‘New Choice Taro' Mini Fruity Gels have recently been found on sale in London. They contain a number of banned additives which pose a choking hazard. “Jelly mini-cups are sold to be eaten in a single bite by squeezing the cup to force the sweet into the mouth,” said Philip Lipscomb, Trading Standards Operations Manager. “There are several ingredients which harden the jelly and increase the risk of choking.

That is why they’re banned.” He advised anyone who has these sweets not to eat them, and tell Trading Standards where they were bought. Some children’s hats with tassels or cords that tie under the chin are also potentially dangerous. Counterfeit versions showing children’s characters such as Hello Kitty, Minions from Despicable Me, and Sponge Bob Square Pants have been found on sale elsewhere. “Hats with long tassels could strangle a child if the cord gets caught, for example in playground equipment or on a bicycle,” continued Philip. “The cords on legitimate products will break when pulled too hard. However cheap copies and counterfeits won’t

Anorak Corner Interesting snippets of information about Chichester!

snap, and could become tangled around a child’s neck.” Lionel Barnard, the County Council Cabinet Member who oversees Trading Standards, said: “Our officers will be visiting retailers in West Sussex to offer advice and deal with any counterfeit or dangerous children’s hats found. One of our top priorities is to help ensure that items on sale are safe to use.” Anyone with information about retailers in West Sussex selling children’s hats like the brands above, and which have under-chin ties or long tassels, is asked to contact Trading Standards through the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 08454 040506.

At the end of Chichester’s East street once stood a Roman cemetery containing cremated remains in burial urns. The famous cross country road from London to Chichester known as Stane Street was also once part of this site which is now the home to Unicorn House

Well known in the area for providing a high level of care, Westhampnett House is set on 3.5 acres of West Sussex's finest parkland, on the outskirts of the historic city of Chichester. Boasting its own listed Dovecote, Pond, Apple Orchard, and Stunning Gardens, the handsome Grade II listed Georgian building together with later additions provide an idyllic setting for the nursing and recovery of the 32 residents that our Home caters for. We promise good, warm, old-fashioned care and hospitality. Come and visit us, to experience this. We offer: Full Nursing Care, Respite & Short Stays.

Westhampnett House, Stane Street, Chichester, PO18 0NT Tel: 01243 782986 Fax: 01243 778935

4 Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014

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Keith Richards buys #WestWittering beach hut for £60,000. Shame! That would have made a lovely dog kennel.

Chichester not just internationally-renowned for theatre, Avenue de Chartres car park makes Guardian top ten car parks

@markpatton1 Ships arriving at Chichester in the 2nd Century AD were greeted by a colossal statue of Trajan.

@3SussexWriters Shakespeare Week at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Chichester, West Sussex, 17th March

@Sussex_News Dean of Chichester bows out with Freedom of the City: HUNDREDS flocked to #Chichester

@Berkeley_Bosham We’re serving food from 12-3 & 6-9 today. Come & find out what all the 5 star reviews are about! Lovely open fires & friendly staff!

Legendary TV and radio personality

Cuddly toy monkey FOUND near Chichester station. He’s having fun but wants to go home.

@HypoxiChi #littlethankyous to all our followers! We’re on Facebook too, Check our Valentine offers & Comp. #Chichester #Hypoxi #ValentinesDay

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@Fatcatsilver Have just restocked The Carousel #Chichester with more Fat Cat goodies. Lovely shop - well worth a trip to The Hornet

After a couple of pints, I go to the fridge!

@thefarmshop “Defiant customers eating their lunches as water swashed about their feet” at the Anchor Bleu, Bosham!

FACEBOOK Facebook is ten years old this week. It’ll always be an internet legend, but experts agree it’s on its way out. They reckon Facebook’s decline is because mums and grans have picked up on it, and it’s not cool when mum shows up at your party. I disagree; the reason Facebook is dying is that the new generation of kids associate it with people in their twenties. Dinosaurs. GENERATIONAL CHANGE The world is speeding up, obviously. Our grandparents say that most things stayed the same for decades. My granddad told me that for 30 years the most complicated piece of technology in his house was the mangle. Most of the stuff we buy today, especially if it has a plug, will be heading for the tip in about 2 years. THROWING AWAY FOOD They don’t want us to be obese, nor throw away food. Most evenings in our house there are leftovers. A cold potato, a cup of cabbage, a sausage; into the fridge, under clingfilm. Next day a small bowl of pasta, two meatballs and a bit of sauce. Clingfilm, fridge. Two senile carrots lie under a cellophane bag of rotting spinach, coughing their guts at the futility of it all. On Friday night, after a couple of pints, I go to the fridge, and feast my eyes; what a mélange of flavours!

And phone a takeaway.

damp. UKIP is purifying its seriously dodgy elements. Labour claiming to do the same with its unionistas. The Lib Dems are purifying too, in their traditional way: Wiki the private life of Gladstone if you want to know what I mean.

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHES A TV set is now a fashion statement. If you haven’t got an 8 foot HD 3D Smart flatscreen bolted where the fireplace used to be you’re a loser. GENERATIONAL CHANGE In America “generational change” is what they call old people bulk-dying. And with them die their values. It’s particularly noticeable with the Republican party, whose core supporters are white and who are dying in greater numbers, and earlier, than Hispanics who support the Democrats (US National Centre For Health Statistics). Soon America will be Spanish. Bye-bye Malvinas.

MICHAEL PORTILLO I recorded this week’s Michael Portillo Brighton to Chichester train journey, very disappointed. Xavier (that is his real name) was in Chichester for 90 seconds. He went “Look; a quite nice Cathedral and a Roman street layout.” Then he was off to Goodwood. I deleted and taped an excellent Sienfeld. NAMES If my name was Xavier there is no way I’d opt for Michael.

PARTY PURIFICATION America is witnessing the “purification” of their political parties. There’s no-one in the Republican Party who is remotely liberal, noone in the Democrats with a whiff of conservativism. They were both broad churches, once.

JOKE A US College coach had to fire a quarter back because he failed his maths. He gathered the squad and said “Randy, there’s a chance I can get you back: what’s two plus two?” Randy thought about it, then replied; “Four, coach.” The whole squad started shouting and screaming and yelling, it lasted for 10 minutes. When there was hush the coach said to the squad “Thank you for your support.” The team captain stood up and yelled “Support hell coach, we were yelling give him another chance!”

UK PURIFICATION Purification could happen here. The Conservatives are eating each other again, as they routinely do. 98 of their MP’s don’t want power, just to purge their Parliamentary party of anyone Contact Tommy: Follow Tommy on @TheTommyBoyd

Twitter: @chiherald

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INCLUDES A FREE BANDANA! “In the UK almost 5,000 people lose their lives to a brain tumour every year.” LET’S HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


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Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014 7

Chichester car park is chosen Curfew for Midhurst as the tenth best in the world man who pleaded

guilty to benefit fraud

A CHICHESTER car park has been chosen as one of the best in the world by The Guardian newspaper. The Avenue de Chartres car park, built and run by Chichester District Council, featured as the tenth best car park in the world. Others on the list included a converted theatre in Detroit, a ‘sinking ship’ in Seattle and a ‘mountain’ in Copenhagen. The Avenue de Chartres car park was included for its ‘bold attempt to tame the beast of parking in

the context of a historic city’. The Guardian adds that the car park ‘makes the access stairs into castlelike towers, arranged something resembling a city walls which also helps define one of the approach routes into the city. A brick footbridge then flies improbably across the road, in the direction of the city’s cathedral.’ The car park, which was designed by Birds Portchmouth Russam Architects, was built in 1991.


“This has to be one of the most unusual articles that we have ever featured in,” says Cllr Myles Cullen, Cabinet Member for Commercial Services at Chichester District Council. “However, it’s pleasing to see that Chichester is being recognised for its high standard of architecture in a historic city. Hopefully, even more visitors will be encouraged to come and discover what our beautiful city has to offer.”

A MIDHURST man fraudulently received over £7,000 in benefits after failing to reveal he had a second job. Gary Coleman (49) of June Lane, admitted two charges of failing to notify the council he had an additional job and was in receipt of more earnings when he appeared before Worthing Magistrates last Tuesday (28 January). He was sentenced to a six week curfew order and ordered to pay £85 towards costs. The case was brought by Chichester District Council following an investigation that discovered that Mr Coleman was working approximately 25 hours per week in a local pub. The offence came to light following anonymous information. The council found evidence to support the allegation. As a result, he was overpaid £6,217.09 in housing benefit

*Subject to availability

Business Development Consultancy

Based in Chichester, Kaliko Consultancy offers personal business development services to small and medium sized businesses in the local area.

Services include:

• Lead generation • Localised sales and marketing • Client representation

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and £973.39 in council tax benefit between September 2011 and April 2013. Chichester District Council will seek to recover all the overpaid benefit. Councillor Tony Dignum, Cabinet Member for Finance at Chichester District Council, says: “The vast majority of benefit claimants are honest. However, there are a few people determined to cheat the system. That's why we always take action when we can prove that claimants have deliberately broken the law. This conviction shows there’s no hiding place for benefit cheats who rip off our honest taxpayers.” If you suspect anyone of committing benefit fraud you can contact the council’s investigation team on a confidential 24 hour fraud hotline number on 01243 534590, or you can report it online.

• Strategic planning • Market analysis • Content writing • Business consultancy

Contact Kaliko Consultancy fo ra FREE consulta tion*

8 Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014

Wittering man sentenced for fraud A MAN from West Wittering has been sentenced for fraud. Rene Coutts, 39, from Summerfield Road, West Wittering pleaded guilty to three counts of fraud by false representation at Worthing Magistrates Court on January 16 was sentenced. In January 2013, Coutts who is unemployed, visited a neighbour and told her that his baby daughter was in intensive care and did not have the money to get to the hospital to see her. The victim gave him £20. He then told the victim that his baby took a turn for the worse and the baby was transferred to another hospital and he needed money to get there and took another £20 from the victim. After a couple of weeks he has again gone to victim and told her that there was a taxi outside and he was taking his mother to see the baby before the life support machine was turned off. The victim has again lent him £20. After a couple of weeks Coutts has turned up at the victims address again and has told her that his mother suffered a massive heart attack and had died and he needed more money. This time he was lent £20. On February 25 last year, Coutts

attended a local butcher where he knew someone who worked there and told him there that his baby has just died and he needed money for a suit. He was given £30. On March 18 and 23 last year Coutts attended a another butchers in East Wittering where he pretended to know his own business and took products worth more than £400 but never paid for them. PC Dave Lyons said: "Coutts exploited these people by spinning a sob story and preying on people's compassion for terrible situations he was in, situations he had completed concocted. He does not own his own business and both his mother and daughter are alive and well. "He lied to these people with the sole intention of taking money for himself, while leading them to believe they were lending him the money in his time of need. Coutts has been punished for his deceitful behaviour and rightly so." He has been given a nine month community order with six months supervision on each charge to run concurrently. He will also pay back the money he took, £80 compensation to his first victim, £30 to the second and £472.02 to the final victim.

Friends in Mind

Selsey woman tricked by bogus workmen AN 84-YEAR-OLD Selsey woman was tricked and her purse stolen by bogus workmen. She was approached by two men on 29 January who offered to assess her roof while a woman took down some details. Another man arrived at her home the next day to assess the work and offered to mend a loose slab. It is believed that while she talking to the man another entered the house through a back door and stole her purse. The men were described as in their 20s, two were wearing woolly hats and blue or grey jackets, the third was smartly dressed with grey

trousers and dark blue overcoat. The woman had blonde hair. A police spokesman said: "This is a despicable crime. I would urge people not to deal with cold callers and keep doors locked and windows secure at all times. "Bogus callers can turn up as builders or gardeners and try and trick you into paying for unnecessary work; or pretend to be dealers offering to buy antiques. Chances are they are trying to trick you out of your money or distract you so they can steal. "Residents are more aware and cautious of people knocking

on their doors. Stop and think if you were expecting someone and ask who they are. If you choose to open the door put on the chain and keep it on while you talk to the doorstep caller. "If you suspect a bogus caller is at your door call police immediately. "If anyone recognises the people in this recent incident or has any information they should contact police on 101 or or through the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."

Father robbed in front of his son in Bognor Regis POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a father was robbed in front of his eightyear-old son on the seafront in Bognor Regis. The 40-year-old was walking in Marine Drive West next to the

beach at 4.45pm on Thursday (30 January) when a man approached him and threatened him. He handed over his watch and the thief ran off towards Silverston Avenue. The robber was white, 5' 8"

or 5' 9", aged 30 to 35, thin and unshaven. He had an Eastern European accent and was wearing a black waist-length jacket zipped up to the chin, grey tracksuitstyle trousers and a close fitting black hat.

Valentine’s night special

Events for people with an early stage dementia

A planned programme of different and stimulating regular events, recognising the needs of those people living with an early/moderate stage dementia who feel their social life may be slipping away. Carers also welcome.

February 2014 programme

Thursday 20 February – Evening theatre trip.

By coach to the Kings Theatre, Southsea to see Beyond the Barricade. Enjoy a selection of hit songs from the musicals inc: Miss Saigon, The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story and The Jersey Boys, featuring past principal performers of Les Miserables. £6.50 per person. Early booking advisable. Friday 28 February 1.30pm – Sing with IMM.

St Pancras Church Hall, Tozer Way, Chichester (opposite the Newell Centre). Join us for a singing session led by Charlie. After a break for tea and cake, he will play and sing solo for us. £3.00 per person. For further details, or if you would like to attend, phone Rayner on 07507 164859, or email ourcafé An initiative of the Chichester and Bognor Dementia Care Forum. Supported by the Healthier Chichester Partnership, Coastal West Sussex Mind, Carers Support West Sussex, Alzheimer’s Society and the people of Chichester.

CHICHESTER HERALD columnist and nutritionist Denise Kelly and her friend and party organiser, Sophie Robins are planning a Valentine’s Cocktail Party, on Friday 14 February, 8.00-1.00 at La Havana Bar, 3 Little London, Chichester. All proceeds are going towards Editor Dean Adams’ and Denise’s London marathon fundraising which they are running in aid of ‘Save the Children’ and ‘NSPCC’ this April. Dean has already completed the Marathon in 2011

and will accompany Denise on her first ever marathon run for April 2014. Denise explains: “The London Marathon has always been on my list of things to do and I am very scared, but excited at the same time. I worked out in Lithuania with the charity ‘Save the children’ and it’s very close to my heart. Rather than just asking people for money, we thought we would throw a party to celebrate and raise money at the same time. I think we are going to have lots of fun in the process!” You will be served pink

bubbles on arrival, with canapés served all evening. The evening includes live music, auction and raffle and promises to be a fun and romantic evening for couples, groups or singles! Come along and share the fundraising fun. Tickets are only £20 each and selling out fast. Contact Denise on 07730671436 or Sophie on 07919191406 to avoid disappointment! All donations are greatly welcome to denise-kelly1

Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014 9

Get back to doing what you love Joint Injury Information Evening, with Mr Billy Jowett and Mr Andy Cossey, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons. Come along to Chichester Rugby Club for a free talk and have all your questions answered. When: Tuesday 25th February 2014 Time:


Where: Chichester Rugby Club, Oaklands Park, Wellington Road, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 6BB To book call 01243 887578

or email

10 Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014

Cabinet backs proposals for small council tax increase A SMALL increase in council tax of just 5p per week for the average home is being proposed by Chichester District Council's Cabinet in order to protect frontline services. The council has balanced its budget through a savings plan approved last year, despite a reduction in government funding of £637,000 for 2014-15. The council’s Cabinet met on Tuesday and voted unanimously to raise its portion of the council tax by no more than £2.62 for the average home (Band D property) – amounting to a 5p increase per week. Their proposal will now be discussed at the Full Council meeting on 4 March 2014 where a final decision will be made. Chichester District Council charges one of the lowest council tax rates in the country due to the amount of efficiencies it has made over the past few years. Although the council collects the council tax, this is then distributed to a number of public services. The council’s share amounts to around 9% of the amount paid each year. The rest goes to West Sussex County Council (79%), Sussex Police (9%), and parish councils (3% on average). Each authority makes its

own decisions about its council tax increases independently. Currently, the highest charging district / borough in Sussex charges the average taxpayer £5.27 a week – which is almost double what Chichester District charges (£2.66 a week). If the proposals are approved, the average rate will rise to about £2.71 a week. Councillor Tony Dignum, Cabinet Member for Finance at Chichester District Council, says: “This has been a tough year but we have met it with some very robust forward planning that has allowed us to ease the pressures on front line services and for those in our community who face financial difficulties. “We have so far placed the interests of service users, and the more vulnerable in society ahead of national policy. The proposed draft budget continues to protect services for a very modest increase in council tax of just 5p per week (for a band D property). This has been achieved through a range of efficiency measures totalling some £1.5 million while protecting valuable services. Among the savings are £300,000 from a senior management restructure.

Valentine’s Lament IT’S almost Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day makes me want to vomit. It really wouldn’t matter to me whether I was in a relationship or not, I wouldn’t make a deal out of it. I do not care about whether other people are in love or not. I do not care whether I am in love or not. Why do these things matter? It’s nice if they happen and we can all have a good laugh about it any day of the week, so why dedicate one day a year to its cause? It baffles me. To be fair, I’m a massive saddo. I am the genius who came up with ‘Secret Valentine’. This is where my friends and I each pull a name out of a hat and send this person an anonymous Valentine’s card and a small gift. This will genuinely highlight my day. Somehow this plan escalated and now my friend is having a party called ‘Who Needs a Boyfriend’ on February 14th. Although it’s a joke, I guarantee that at least one person will end up puking into a sink whilst crying to the group of concerned people around them going ‘I’VE TRIED EVERYTHING AND STILL NOBODY LOVES ME’. (Just to be clear that person won’t be me. I am usually the comforter who ends up with other peoples’ sick on their new clothes. Instead of buying all these dresses for parties I should just get some Febreeze or

Mia Edwards something). So why has Valentine’s Day not yet been banned? It upsets so many people for no reason whatsoever. Just because on Valentine’s Day you’re not with anyone doesn’t mean that you won’t be the next day, or the next month, or the next year, or the next decade. And all it means is that you think more about what you’re missing, even if before you were perfectly content with what you had. Plus, let’s be honest, who sends Valentine’s for real? Never have I come across a case when someone has received an anonymous Valentine that was genuine, which is sad because that would actually be quite cute (and it takes a lot for me to say something is cute, ask any dog). If this ever happens to you and you are above the age of five then please share, because I need some February 14th hope. So to all you couples, happy luvin’, but sorry you cannot come to our Valentine’s Day Party because it is exclusive and cool.

"We know people are continuing to dig deep to cope and we are demonstrating key efficiencies to help ease that pain. “We have always managed our taxpayers’ money wisely. This includes making major savings, in order to respond to cuts in Government funding. Our council tax charges will remain amongst the lowest in the country. It is clear that government funding will continue to reduce in the future, and we are concerned that the impact on our taxpayers could be far greater further down the line if we do not make moderate increases now.

“By limiting the increase for the average taxpayer’s bill by 5p a week, it will help us to continue to protect the most vulnerable in the district; protect key services; and invest the New Homes Bonus into areas where new developments are built in the district. We have also promised to continue to protect parish councils from the budget implications of the revised Council Tax Support Scheme in the next financial year. “If the council agrees to this proposal, we will still be offering one of the lowest district / borough council tax rates in Sussex and excellent value for money. We know

that times are hard for everyone, but we believe that our taxpayers will understand why we are proposing this modest increase. This will both strengthen our finances and help us to protect our services at a time of great uncertainty.” Chichester District Council provides over 80 services, which are delivered over a 24-hour period. It empties bins, checks food hygiene standards, cleans the streets, looks after the coastline, cares for parks and open spaces and provides support and reassurance to the vulnerable – to name just a few services.


Luscious long haired Cats AT THE Centre we have lots of lovely long haired cats looking for homes. But caring for long haired cats can be more involved then caring for a shorthaired cat. They require regular grooming to keep their coat looking nice and matt free. Also long haired cats can be more prone to fur balls due to them taking in more hair when they groom themselves. This is not usually a problem if they are groomed quite regularly. Yeshi and chi are big handsome tabby and white male brothers. They were rehomed from the Centre back in 2006 when they were kittens, but had to be returned on the 23rd November 2013 due to their owner’s personal circumstances. They are now 7 years old and looking for their forever home. They are really friendly boys that love to be groomed. They are always cuddled up together and would love to find their new home together. Valerie is a beautiful 2 year old black female fluffy cat. She arrived with us on the 3rd December 2013

because her owners could no longer keep her. She is a very sweet lady looking for a quiet home with lots of love. Hundreds of cats and kittens are waiting for homes now. The Rescue asks for a minimum donation of £45 for each neutered cat or older kitten which includes vaccination, flea and worm preventative treatment, microchipping and Free PetPlan vet insurance for 4 weeks.

An un-neutered younger kitten is £70 including a free neutering voucher (to be neutered at The Centre) for when the kitten is old enough. Homing by appointment 7 days a week. Cat and Rabbit Rescue Centre, Holborow Lodge, Chalder Lane, Sidlesham, Chichester, PO20 7RJ. www. Tel: 01243 641409.

Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014 11

Door to Door UK and Continental Coach Tours

Just a small selection of over 150 destinations available in 2014

Rhine Valley

Coach Operator of the Year


Kylemore Abbey

Rhine in Flames River Cruise

Galway & County Cork

The Dordogne and The Vézère

Take this tour on board the excellent MS Gerard Schmitter and enjoy a relaxing full board cruise along the Rhine visiting Strasbourg, Koblenz and Rüdesheim. Cruise through a landscape of renowned vineyards, fairytale castles and quaint villages and experience an evening like no other as the river around you is lit by the spectacular Rhine in Flames! On certain magical summer nights an ever-changing kaleidoscope of lights erupts above the river and shimmering cascades of colour plunge into the romantic Rhine Valley. From the deck of your Croisi Europe ship you enjoy an unrivalled view of this magnificent sight.

With our twin centred tour we explore the regions of County Galway staying at the 4-star Galway Bay Hotel on Salthill Promenade and County Cork staying at the3-star Midleton Park in East Cork. We will visit historic towns, picturesque villages, dramatic castles and glorious gardens. The lush green countryside and dramatic Atlantic coastline make each day a feast for the eyes and the cuisine, whiskey and Guinness are a treat for the senses.

The Dordogne is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt regions of France, rich in history and scattered with castles and picturesque villages. A plethora of magnificent landscapes awaits you: massive cliffs topped by golden chateaux, meandering rivers lined with honey-coloured medieval villages, lush vegetation and dark oak forests. The climate is excellent in October and the quality of the food and wine available is renowned throughout France. Our base in Le Bugue is perfect for exploration of The Dordogne and Vézère Valleys.

Price Includes: • Luxury Coach Travel • Door to Door Service • Full Board & Drinks on MS Gerard Schmitter • Half Board at Overnight Hotels • Welcome Cocktail

2 July 2014 7 Days

South Wales Easter

Price includes: • Luxury Coach Travel • Door to Door Service • Half Board • Galway City Tour • Corrib Cruise • Kylemore Abbey • Bunratty Castle & Folk Park • Queenstown Story • Excursions as Listed in our Brochure

Lancashire Coast & Country

Cardiff Castle

Royal International Air Tattoo

Gawthorpe Hall

5 May 2014 - 5 Days

Price Includes: • Luxury Coach Travel • Door to Door Service • Half Board • Donkey Sanctuary • Seaton Tramway • Excursions as Listed in our Brochure

Isles of Scilly (By Air) Our customers return to these beautiful isles again and again, to enjoy the warm hospitality of the team at The Atlantic Hotel, the fantastic guided walks, and a climate that attracts rare birds, dolphins and seals, and all year round exotic plants and flowers thrive. Price Includes: • Luxury Coach Travel • Door to Door Service • Half Board • Welcome Drink • Tresco Abbey Gardens • Guided Tours of St Mary’s, Tresco, St Agnes and/or St Martins

Price Includes: • Luxury Coach Travel • Door to Door Service • Half Board • Blue Badge Doc Martin Tour • Excursions as Listed in our Brochure

Port Isaac

7 August 2014 - 6 Days

01 June 13 Sept 2014 5 Days 6 Days


The Cornish coastline is a dramatic mix of rocky cliff sides, sandy beaches, hidden harbours and delightful fishing villages. This tour explores some of its wonders including the mythical site of Tintagel and the pretty harbour villages of Mevagissey, St Ives and Port Isaac – setting for the TV drama series Doc Martin.

Price Includes: • Luxury Coach Travel • Door to Door Service • Half Board • Royal International Air Tattoo • Tewkesbury Guided Tour • Excursions as Listed in our Brochure

11 July 2014 - 4 Days

This beautiful, unspoilt regency town overlooking the waters of Lyme Bay has managed to preserve much of its old world charm. This tour gives you time to enjoy the regency town as well as sightseeing along the coast, a tram ride at Seaton and a day on Dartmoor.

Doc Martin & The Cornish Coast

We are happy to offer this opportunity to experience the amazing Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire. We visit on the Sunday and have a whole day to marvel at the UK’s longest flying display, including the Red Arrows, who will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary!

Red Arrows

Sidmouth, Seaton & Dartmoor

Price Includes: • Luxury Coach Travel • Door to Door Service • Half Board • Gawthorpe Hall • Ribble Valley Guided Tour • Scones/Tea at Owd Nell’s • Excursions as Listed in our Brochure

Price includes: • Luxury Coach Travel • Door to Door Service • Half Board • Museum of Welsh Life • Brecon Mountain Railway • Guided Tour of Cardiff Bay • Excursions as Listed in our Brochure

27 September 2014 8 Days

Price includes: • Luxury Coach Travel• Door to Door Service • Half Board • Welcome Drink • Guided Tour in Périgueux • Wine Tasting • Excursions as Listed in our Brochure

This tour through the historic county of Lancashire takes in sweeping moorland and spectacular coastline, delves into the Ribble Valley and Pendle Witch country. As well as the coastal resorts of Blackpool, Morecombe and elegant St Annes, we visit Gawthorpe Hall and have tea in Owd Nell’s Tavern.

This Easter tour explores some of the wild and wonderful scenery of South Wales including the Brecon Beacons National Park. We visit the Museum of Welsh Life, take a ride on the Brecon Mountain Railway, have a guided tour of Cardiff Bay and free time to explore the city for yourself.

17 April 2014 - 5 Days

7 September 2014 9 Days

4 October 2014 - 7 Days

St Agnes

Brochure Hotline 01243 871666 Information & Bookings

01243 868080

Park Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex. PO21 2PX

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12 Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014

Chichester MP visits local Free School

CHICHESTER MP Andrew Tyrie joined pupils at Chichester Free School to find out how the Spring Term is progressing. Mr Tyrie spent time with Year 7 and 8 pupils answering questions about his role as an MP. He also discussed with pupils what they liked and disliked about the school. The MP was then taken on a tour and was most impressed with what he saw finding classes to be full of ‘exciting vim and energy’. He has promised to return at a later date to take lunch with the students. Guy Martyn, Principal of Chichester Free School, said: “We welcomed Andrew to the school for his first visit since we opened. Mr

Tyrie has been a very strong supporter and friend of the school since its earliest days. “A group of Year 7 and 8 students discussed their views of the school with Mr Tyrie and in exchange he responded to questions about life as an MP, featuring several stories of lunches with Prime Ministers and what it was like having Boris Johnson in the office next door.” Andrew Tyrie, MP for Chichester, said: “Project Lead Helen Humphry and Principal Guy Martyn are leading a highly motived team, dedicated to an exciting project, developing Chichester Free School. I saw the progress for myself and it was a great pleasure to meet many of the pupils.”

Guy Martyn, Principal of Chichester Free School (left)and Andrew Tyrie, MP for Chichester (right), with Year 7 & 8 pupils

A delicious way to support St Wilfrid’s A CHICHESTER restaurant has come up with a recipe for success to help a charity skydiver who is raising money for St Wilfrid’s Hospice. The manager of Brasserie Blanc, David Gillard was approached by Hospice trustee, Peter Stoakley who was asking for its support of the Leap for Love he is doing as part of the first Love Your Hospice

Week being held by St Wilfrid’s. The restaurant is promoting special desserts and asking customers to add an extra pound to support Peter, who will be completing the tandem 10,000 feet jump on Saturday, 8th February at Old Sarum Airfield, in Salisbury. Peter said: “My wife thought I should do the Leap for Love for St Wilfrid’s, and also to celebrate my

70th birthday. I live about 40 yards away from Brasserie Blanc, it’s one of the friendliest restaurants in town, with delightful French cuisine, and it’s very supportive of the local community. I’m a regular customer of theirs and I approached them to see if they could help, and this is a wonderful initiative by David, Alex and Michael in the management team.

“I’m very excited about the Leap for Love, it’s never far from my thoughts! I’d like to say good luck to everyone taking part, it’s going to be a wonderful day. We have 31 people taking to the skies for the Hospice which is fantastic. Every day we look after 200 people across the community and fundraising like this helps us to continue providing free, bespoke


ou are invited to a night of fun and fundraising at a Charity Valentine’s cocktail Party on Friday 14th February 8.00pm-1.00am at La Havana Bar, Little London, Chichester. The dress code will be ‘Gorgeous and Red’ and is in aid of ‘Save the Children’ and the ‘NSPCC’. Both Chichester Herald colleagues Denise Kelly and Dean Adams are running the London Marathon in April 2014 with ALL the money raised going to these two amazing charities. You will be served pink bubbles on arrival with canapés provided throughout the evening that includes live music, auction, raffle and more… Price per ticket is £20.00. Tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis, and as this is a charity event full payment will be required prior to the event to secure your place. Venue: La Havana Bar, 3 Little London,Town Centre, Chichester PO19 1PH (01243 771771) Date: Friday 14 February 2014, 8pm-1am Dress code: Gorgeous and Red

TO BOOK YOUR TICKETS CALL: Denise Kelly on 01243 528040 or 07730 671436; Sophie Robins 01243 774610 or 07919 191406

care to patients with all lifelimiting illnesses and their families and close friends.” Asked whether he was tempted by Brasserie Blanc’s desserts he added: “I’ve been on a weightloss programme recently, so I’m off puddings, but my wife and I have promised to pop in to try one!” Support Peter at

Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014 13

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14 Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014

From quashed murder convictions to no kiss and tell SIXTEEN YEARS ago the child murderer Mary Bell was controversially paid £50,000 to tell her story. This week we learned that if you want the chance to earn the current equivalent in royalties you either want to have your conviction for murder overturned or else be jilted by a head of state. We heard Amanda Knox telling ITV’s Lorraine Kelly from her home in the US that she sold her story in a £2.3 million book deal. Knox and her ex-boyfriend and co-accused Raffaele Sollecito - who also has an autobiography out - have again been found guilty of murdering Knox’s British housemate, Meredith Kercher, in Perugia, six years ago, but the conviction still needs to be ratified by the Italian courts. Meanwhile half a world away in India, Valérie Trierweiler put distance and baby photo opportunities between herself and her ex, the French president. Nor did Valérie rule out writing a book. Go Valérie go! It’s payback time for the Paris Match journalist, who unwittingly took part in an Eastenders-style plot at the Élysée Palace, with the embarrassment of the split played out on the world

Allis Moss Writer and broadcaster

stage. When the film comes out, she can ask the Other Woman, actress Julie Gayet, just nominated for a Caesar for a supporting role (all puns intended) to play her. What a waste One feels despair at the news that a 19-year old Irish student has died needlessly after jumping into a river after drinking. Just so the young sports fan could put the video up on Facebook. The teenager’s brother, who nearly drowned trying to save him, said the youngster loved curling and football, and revealed that another who’d said no to the website dare, had been branded a coward by his peers. It’s a kind of bullying, says the family. It is a fatal combination of bravado and bullying, on a mass scale. What happens when your mates all

around you are whispering? How do you stop kids from doing what nearly every other kid is doing? If Facebook were quicker to react to such pages they’d just migrate somewhere else. But social media networks are too tardy and too passive on all forms of bullying and we need to bully them to sharpen their act up. Cold comfort The week has passed in a haze of microbes and manuka honey. It seems a harsh punishment for supporting a friend in his slightly off-key version of Snow White in a panto in Bognor. Had to sit next to someone sniffing and clutching a handkerchief. If there is only one person with a streaming cold in the audience, why are they always next to you? Since then I have occasionally ventured out disguised as the Michelin man in diverse layers and scarves. You can’t afford a cold these days. A box of tissues unless you get Sainsbury’s Basics - costs more than an Iceland pizza. Tesco did away with their original Value box of tissues costing some 25 pence about two colds ago. It

was a genuine loss leader as I really would go there to buy boxes in bulk ready for the next panto and would always come out with an armful of comfort purchases like DVDs and tubs of double chocolate muffins. From within the chrysalis of fleecy socks and thermals, from which I am hoping to emerge as myself again, I’ve been reading Mad About The Boy. Bridget Jones’ third volume has been largely panned by critics. I’m enjoying it! It’s perfect brain candy for sufferers of head colds who need fluffy TLC and has had me laughing (then coughing). It’s true I could do without so many references to sick and farting, the jokes about Twitter are a bit tired and the effect of Mark Darcy’s life and demise on Bridget could have been more convincing. Author Helen Fielding split up from the father of her two children. She said she was writing about life being unexpected to explain the loss of Darcy, much to fans’ chagrin. I once argued with someone, fiercely, that bereavement couldn’t really be compared to divorce. The other person was equally insistent that Contact Allis:

it could, was worse even, in some ways. Doubtless Fielding was drawing on her own experience. Games Game of Thrones Season III goes on sale at HMV in Chichester on February 17th. I’ve held off buying it from either HBO, who makes it, or Blinkbox, and was hoping to segue seamlessly into the box set from BBC 4’s gripping but bleak Scandinavian crime drama, The Bridge II. In between there’s Mad About The Boy. It’s quite a culture shock. But there again, I was highly put out when Lord Stark of Winterfell, played in the series by Sean Bean, was done away with. And finally Black elderberry syrup is the best thing I’ve just found for a cold. Delicious and full of antioxidants. You can feel it doing you good with just a spoonful. Pukka also make a lovely soothing, fruity tea of it, which tastes even better than the gorgeous box looks. Steep covered for 5 minutes then drink good and hot with an escapist DVD or book.

Sport Relief Mile is back in Chichester CHICHESTER is set to host its third Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile on Sunday 23 March and needs local people to come together and show their support by entering now. The event is one of the UK’s biggest fundraising schemes with events taking place across the country. Chichester District Council is organising a route takes you through the University of Chichester’s campus to leafy Graylingwell Park. People are encouraged to get involved and show their support by completing

the mile in any way they choose – fancy dress is optional. From small children with their families to super sprinters, the challenge is suitable for all. Participants don’t have to be sporty to take part and people can complete one, three or six miles in any way they choose. Councillor Eileen Lintill, Cabinet Member for Wellbeing and Community Services at Chichester District Council, says: “Absolutely anyone can take part from grandparents to teens and tots – it really is an event for all the family to join in and have some

fun. It is a great way to get active and raise money for Comic Relief to help transform lives here in the UK and across the world's poorest countries. There's something for everyone as you can walk, run or jog. So what are you waiting for pull your Sport Relief socks up, enter the Mile and do something amazing!” Those running the three and six mile events will set off at 9.30am and those running the mile events start at 11am and 11.30am in two bands. By being sponsored and raising money entrants will be

helping to change lives in the UK and across the world in some of the poorest countries. To take part people can enter now at or through the council’s website at and type in ‘Sport Relief 2014’. As well as the run there will also be some taster sessions show casing the new Netball and MulitSports Saturday morning clubs taking place at the University. All coaches are fully qualified and DBS checked for child safety. Please visit for more

information. Also featuring at the event will be Westgate Leisure Activities and the Councils own Wellbeing Team. The Spirit FM Roadshow will be providing the music and Fitjoy will be delivering a mass warm up! Every competitor will receive a Sport Relief medal when they cross the Global Scaffolding finish line. For more information or to sign up go to www.chichester., or contact the Sport and Leisure Team at Chichester District Council on 01243 534857 or email

Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014 15

Open Monday - Saturday 10am to 6pm Sunday 11am - 4pm

Unit 15 Castlegrove Business Park, Durban Road, Bognor Regis PO22 9QT

01243 863363

16 Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014

Coffee, Condoms and Cameron

Dean Adams Broadcast Journalist I DON’T know about you, but I love watching people. Especially when I am sitting outside Macari’s having a coffee in Chichester’s North Street. I could sit there all day and watch

people walk by. Now, and you may be one of them, but crikey there are some odd characters in Chichester. Within 15 minutes on Tuesday I saw bum scratchers, nut scratchers and somebody picking his nose and looking at it. I heard one elderly couple (must have been in their late 80’s) saying they wished the other was dead and I also heard one man on his phone saying he might be gay but fancied another woman – work that one out! As for the coffee, it was nice. Let us know what you think

Dave Hyland @DrumheadDave Feb 3 2014 Loving these blue plaques in #chichester.This one outside the railway station (north side)


Moaning about the weather I’VE JUST watched the news. It wasn’t exciting but there was one woman who must have taken stupid pills for dinner. The wind had damaged her house and garden on Tuesday night this week and she said, in her own words, “Something has to be done about the weather. It can’t go on getting

worse. What are the government going to do about it?” Now, call me stupid too if I am wrong, but what can David Cameron do about the windy weather? I also can’t believe the TV producers filmed and aired that clip of her saying this. But very amusing it was.

YOU KNOW our weather is getting bad when the birds move in. My local farmer’s fields are so under water on the Pagham Road in Lagness that the swans have

taken up residence. I’d imagine this is also David Cameron’s fault. But I love swans and they brighten up a dreary flood. It was the perfect picture moment.

Swans move in Condoms in the veg! I WAS in my local supermarket again yesterday. I am a pretty fussy shopper and this time I was searching for top notch carrots. Yes my life is exciting on a Thursday. But this was a shop with a shock! As I searched for some carrots, hands deep within, I saw a shiny packet of…

condoms! They weren’t open but I found it odd and amusing to see them in with the carrots. Reminded me of some video I watched back when I was… actually, forget that. I left the packet in the carrots for your information. It will amuse somebody else…

Chichester Herald, in partnership with Murrays, is giving away a fabulous meal for two people – every week! The Chichester Herald will be running a 'Where am I?' photo competition sponsored by Murrays in North Street, Chichester every week where you have to guess the location of the photo. For your chance to win this amazing prize for two people, please answer the following photo question:

Can you guess where this picture was taken within the Chichester area? For your chance to win this week's competition, email your answer, name, address and contact number to:

North Street, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1NH Tel: +44 (0)1243 778000 Email: Entries close on Wednesday 12 February 2014 at midday. The competition is for one winner, who wins a 3 course meal for two from the Prix Fixe menu. There is no cash alternative. A winner will be announced by Murrays every Wednesday. Entry details may be kept on file. Last week's answer was: Emsworth Town Centre

Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014 17

National News

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A major part of Brighton's A 33-year-old man has ruined West Pier has been charged with the collapsed after being murder of a prison officer battered by winds of up to 70mph and rough seas

David Black

A NUMBER of its main supports on the eastern side appear to have been washed away, splitting the former pavilion into two sections. The pier, which is not maintained and was shut in 1975 after being deemed unsafe, burnt down in 2003. On Tuesday, Brighton's Seatown Rockers tweeted "The West Pier is going. Lost a significant part of

supporting legs." Part of the derelict Grade I listed pier's eastern side crumbled into the sea in January 2013, following cold weather conditions. Solent Coastguard has urged people to stay away from the shoreline and coastal structures such as piers and sea walls during the stormy weather

DAVID BLACK, a 52-year-old father of two, was shot dead on the M1 in County Armagh as he went to work at Maghaberry Prison in November 2012. Sean McVeigh from Victoria Street, Lurgan, County Armagh, has appeared in court in Craigavon charged with murder. He is also charged with having an AK47 rifle with intent to endanger life. Mr Black was the 31st

member of the prison service to be killed in Northern Ireland. It was the first such murder in almost 20 years. The accused nodded to indicate that he understood the charges. A detective told the court that he believed he could connect him to the charges. Mr McVeigh's friends and family were reprimanded by the magistrate for applauding and shouting as he was led away.

Woman urged to stop horsing around

A WOMAN is being investigated by police after she rode into a supermarket on horseback apparently taking part in an

online game. The woman was filmed riding into a Tesco store in Bishop Auckland, County Durham,

and downing a Pepsi Max. She later told the Northern Echo newspaper it was part of a NekNomination challenge. D u r h a m Police said it would be arranging for those involved to attend their local station. Ch Insp Sue Robinson said it was a "senseless and foolish thing to do". F o o t a g e on Youtube shows the woman enter the shop on her horse. She is confronted by a security guard and an announcement can then be heard calling for the duty

manager. She then turns to the camera and nominates friends of hers to complete their own challenge, as well as the security guard, before leaving the shop on horseback. NekNomination is a drinking game on social media, believed to have begun in Australia. The concept of the game has been described as 'neck your drink, nominate another'. At least one death in Ireland has been linked to the craze and the Public Health Agency there condemned the game as "highly dangerous" Facebook and Twitter users who receive a "NekNomination" are challenged to down a drink in one go, within 24 hours They post a video of themselves completing the challenge and nominate friends to do the same. "NekNominees" who refuse and break the chain are subject to online ridicule.

News in Brief • A sinkhole measuring 30ft (9m) deep has opened up on the driveway of a house in High Wycombe and swallowed a car. Nobody was inside the VW Lupo when the ground on Main Road in Walter’s Ash gave way. The vehicle is still at the bottom covered in rubble.

• Ten people have been injured in a gas explosion that “flattened” two houses on a street in Clacton, Essex. A man in his 70s was flown to hospital with life-threatening injuries and a woman in her 50s was badly burnt in the fire that followed. Eyewitnesses described the street, Cloes Lane, “shaking” at the explosion, while Essex assistant chief fire officer Paul Hill said the power of the blast was “extraordinary”. A third house was also badly damaged.

• Parts of Britain are being hit by a powerful storm which has washed away a stretch of railway line and left thousands of homes without electricity. The Environment Agency says around 328 homes have been flooded since Friday evening with more heavy rain forecast into the weekend. A section of the sea wall in Dawlish, Devon, collapsed and left the main railway line suspended in mid-air. David Cameron has announced an extra £100m for flood works.

• A man suspected of murdering a west London sex worker and attacking another has been arrested. The body of Maria Duque-Tunjano, 48, was in a flat in Earl’s Court in west London for several days before it was found on 31 January. Police said Robert Richard Fraser was held in a shop in Leicester Square, central London, on Tuesday night. He is also wanted in connection with another attack on a sex worker in Paddington, west London, on 18 January. The woman, aged in her 20s, was assaulted and robbed by a man. She was not seriously injured.

18 Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014

Chichester Business

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Montezuma's Valentine's Day 2014 MONTEZUMA'S the British chocolate makers are very excited to reveal their 2014 Valentine's range. The packaging for this year's range has beautifully delicate images of flowers hearts and peacocks, in reds, greens and pinks. This year there are four fantastic products in the Valentine's range. Starting with a delectably delicate milk chocolate heart flavoured with essential oil of lime and vanilla, retailing at £3.99 for 65g of the famous milk chocolate beautifully packaged in a romantic box with large heart shaped window revealing the delicious chocolate. There are two delicious heart shaped truffles made exclusively for Valentines. The first is the ridiculously moreish milk chocolate with a maple syrup ganache and a white chocolate with a sumptuously fruity strawberry ganache. These truffles are available in three different options including a bag containing 120g of truffles,

finished off with a small tag and tied together with a ribbon, and a decadent looking truffle box in medium and large. Also in the range is a fantastic Valentine's hamper. Exclusive to

Montezuma’s shops and website it features a Small Heart from the range and also Strawberry Champers Truffles, Peeling Amorous, Apple Crumble 100g Bars and finally the NEW

Dollops - English Peppermint retailing at £24.99. All the range is available at the five shops (Brighton, Chichester, Winchester, Kingston upon Thames and

Spitalfields Market in London) or on the website montezumas., as well as John Lewis, Debenhams, and all good independent fine food stores nationwide.

Fancy balls and gracious dining al

Writer and broadcast journalist ALLIS MOSS takes in a cruise to Hamburg. IF A CHANGE is as good as a rest, a short break away on the fabulous

Queen Elizabeth can be the perfect antidote to sloughing off the old year. It’s perfect if you enjoy getting there as well as the destination. What better way to sample a little luxury in January, setting off from

Southampton—convenient for most of us in Chichester—on a short cruise to Hamburg. At 92,000 tonnes, the QE sits cleanly in the water and would, I soon found, make light work of the

voyage across the North Sea. I was interested to be going by ship to Hamburg, the third busiest port in Europe and Germany’s largest. One strand of my family, my paternal grandmother’s, had fled the pogroms of Odessa on the Black Sea to come to London in 1910, travelling overland to set sail from the North Sea port. A century later, I was making the return journey in very different circumstances, on Cunard’s newest ocean liner. I had travelled with Cunard before, on QE’s big sister ship, Queen Mary 2, from New York to Southampton. Lazing on deck that time, I had spotted a whale, then, on the last night, napped for two hours after watching friends at the roulette wheel until 3am, as I was due on a dawn radio show to talk about our arrival in what turned out to be a very blearyeyed conversation. This newest Queen’s appeal is easy to appreciate. Her gleaming interior of polished wood with large centrepiece posters of Hollywood stars like Spencer Tracy and John Mills overlooking the plush central staircase at each level, are all part of the liner’s nostalgic, reminiscing décor harking back to Cunard’s imperial maritime past.

And we haven’t even got to the food. Like something at one of several eateries? Have it twice— such as the freshly-baked scones with jam and whipped cream, part of the daily self-service at the Lido restaurant. Or to really live it up, take a balconied suite for accommodation and dine a la carte with panoramic views in the Princess Grill. For a treat, I sampled French cuisine at the Verandah on Deck 2. The coup de grace was an unexpected titbit; a champagne sorbet to refresh the palette in between courses called ‘in the deep blue sea.’ There is always a sense of excitement arriving in a new port but as the Queen Elizabeth docked in Hamburg, it was, disappointingly, bucketing down. Fortified with grilled kippers, we were ready to explore in the downpour but the cloud rolled back and a coach took us the 15-minute ride into town. In the harbour you are very close to a city that was devastated in the war with so much having to be rebuilt. Some of the fine old buildings remain like the impressive City Hall and gracious old houses and shops lining the canals. There was another strand of the city’s past that I felt bound

Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014 19

Chichester Business

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Chichester College brought ‘The Only Way is Essex’ glamour to Chichester with a Hair and Beauty Fair

THE ONLY WAY was Chichester for TOWIE star Maria Fowler as she opened the Chichester College Hair and Beauty Fair. The event was officially launched on Wednesday 5 February at the College in conjunction with promoting Maria’s new tanning products ‘Amazing Tan’. By 10am, the corridors and stairwell were flocked with students and members of the

public eagerly awaiting the arrival of the TOWIE star. The well-known face of reality TV soon arrived and was greeted with an applauding audience as she cut the ribbon to officially open the event. 16 – 18 year olds came from far and wide bearing camera phones for their chance to grab a snap with Maria. Many were star-struck when they met their

favourite celebrity and left with an autograph and a smile. Alongside the TOWIE star, many other exhibitors attended to promote their products and give advice to Chichester College students on potential career paths and educational courses, such as Spray Tanning, that could add flare to their CVs. Other companies included Paul Mitchell Hair Products, Mavala

Nail care, Tropica skincare & make up, Herbal life, Sally’s Hair & Beauty Supplies, Babyliss Hair care and Clarins. Maria Fowler said: “I love visiting Colleges to not only promote my new tanning product, but because they are the younger generation who will soon be in the beauty industry themselves. They could be freelancing, working as a Beauty

Therapist, or running their own company.” A student from Chichester College said: “It was amazing to meet Maria and learn about her tanning products. I think it is important for us students to get the chance to meet a range of Beauty Therapists, whether they are famous or not, and this Hair and Beauty Fair is an amazing opportunity.”

ll the way to Hamburg - and back to inspect on an excursion to Neuengamme concentration camp on the outskirts. It wasn’t a death camp but a place where you were simply worked to death, as our guide, the grandson of an ethnic Danish inmate, told us. It was shocking to learn that prisoners had their eyelashes plucked, as well as being shaved, on arrival. Their time was spent pushing carts of bricks until they expired from their labours. When Frank’s granddad was rescued by the Swedish Red Cross, a grown man, he’d weighed just over four stone. Leaving Neuengamme’s memorial site, Frank kept up an engaging banter, as the coach took us on a grand tour, past the red light district, cheek by jowl with the Scandinavian seamen’s missions and churches. Back on board, the good ship Queen Lizzie’s horn announced our departure as she navigated the River Elbe. We made for open water, the night sky pierced with stars away from the lights of the city. On the other side of the headland, to the east of the Jutland Peninsular, lay the Baltic Sea. For some, the glitz and glamour of a ball with the resident band on a day at sea was a highlight.

For me, it was a bracing walk on deck or as then, as we headed north, seated by the library, nursing a liqueur coffee, dreaming of further travel, as the cocktail pianist, one of three resident piano players, played the blues. All too soon, there was another delicious hot English breakfast. The ship takes on fresh food whenever it comes into port and the scrambled egg on little round toasted baps were among the best presented I have seen. We’re back in Southampton and it’s time to disembark. I felt invigorated and refreshed. It felt as if we had been away for longer than four days. Still, I felt a stab of envy for those who were cruising on, as the captain made his announcement.

“Ladies and gentlemen, for those doing the 102-night world cruise—next stop, New York. Then on to Florida.” Doh! Oh well, next year, perhaps. Queen Elizabeth offers a two-

night Southampton to Hamburg trip (9 - 11 May) which has fares from £349 and includes return flight. Queen Mary 2 offers a fournight trip from Southampton to Hamburg and back (20- 24 June) from £399 each.

A four-night cruise on Queen Elizabeth from Southampton to Amsterdam and back (4 - 8 June) costs from £449. Reservations on 0843 374 0000, or through your local travel agent.

20 Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014

Arts & Entertainment

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Now showing at Cineworld Chichester

Have you ever had ‘That Awkward Moment’? That Awkward Moment (15) Running time: 94 mins Director: Tom Gormican Starring: Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, Imogen Poots

Enjoyable romantic comedy with likeable performances, a snappy, sharply observed script and central relationships that feel a bit more real than the usual formulaic nonsense, though it’s never quite laughout-loud funny and it rather overdoes the toilet jokes. What’s it all about? Written and directed by Tom Gormican, That Awkward Moment is set in present-day New York and stars Zac Efron and Miles Teller as twenty-something best friends Jason and Daniel, who make a three-way pact to stay single after their married friend Mikey

(Michael B Jordan) announces that his wife Vera (Jessica Lucas) has left him and is sleeping with her lawyer. However, with typically terrible timing, Jason finds himself falling for Ellie (Imogen Poots), despite an embarrassing morningafter moment where he mistakenly thinks she is a hooker. Meanwhile, wise-cracking Daniel finds himself increasingly attracted to his friend Chelsea

(Mackenzie Davis), who usually acts as his wing-woman in pick-up situations, while Mikey discovers his relationship with his wife unexpectedly rekindled once they spend some time apart. With all three friends hiding the full extent of their romantic situations from one another, things eventually come to a head and they each have to decide where their various relationships are going.

The Good Efron and Teller have engaging, likeable chemistry as best friends and there’s strong support from both Poots (nailing the American accent once again) and Jordan, though Lucas is rather underdeveloped as Vera. However, the stand-out performance belongs to Mackenzie Davis (Breathe In), who’s both charming and funny as Chelsea, matching filthy wisecracks with Teller’s character and generating a convincing chemistry. Gormican’s sharply observed script crackles with snappy dialogue (highlight: a line about Jason’s job as a designer of book jackets) and at least feels like it has something to say about both male friendships and commitment-phobic twentysomethings. Similarly, the two main relationships (Mikey’s is too under-developed to count) feel much more realistic than the usual formulaic nonsense, largely because the characters are believably flawed.

The Bad That said, the film’s never quite as laugh-out-loud funny as it thinks it is - there are too many toilet/rude jokes for one thing - and a number of the gags fall flat, though it is at least consistently amusing. Similarly, for everything that the film gets right, there are a handful of key moments that fail to convince, such as Jason deciding not to accompany Ellie to a family funeral, because that would mean they were dating, or his choice of costume for what he thinks is a fancy dress party (admittedly a good sight gag, but inconsistent with what we’ve seen from Jason as a character). Worth seeing? Despite its flaws, That Awkward Moment is an entertaining romcom enlivened by a sharply observed script and likeable performances from a talented cast. As date movies go, you could do a lot worse. Worth seeing.

Sky Diary February 2014 By Peter Littlejohns The first week of February will be the last chance for a few months to spot the fading Mercury, being low down in the SW in the evening twilight with the Moon just above it on the 1st. Venus is now a beacon in the E rising a couple of hours before the Sun and changing from a thin crescent shape to nearly half phase through the month, with the Moon being very close by on the 26th. Mars rises in the E around 23:00 just a few degrees to the left of Virgo's brightest star Spica. In the S the brilliant Jupiter is just moving into the stars of the Milky Way and setting at 05:30. It is worth a look even in modest binoculars. Saturn in the constellation of Libra now rises around 01:00.

Uranus sets after 21:00 in Pisces, with the Moon very close on the 3rd as a guide to this distant gas giant on the limit of naked eye visibility. There is a broad peak of the meteor shower from Auriga from the 6th to 9th which is almost over-head, and although only 10 meteors an hour are predicted, they can be relatively slow and bright. The sunspot activity is livening up at last sending streams of charged particles out in all directions. When they get fired towards us, the Earth's magnetic field channels them into the polar regions, energizing the atoms in the upper atmosphere and producing a colourful display called the Aurora or Northern Lights. It is sometimes possible to see this amazing show from the southern England, so look to the N on a clear night and you may be in for a treat.

Planetarium Shows and Dates February 2014 Friday 07 Sunday 09 Friday 14 Sunday 16 Sunday 16 Monday 17 Tuesday 18 Wednesday 19

7.30pm 3.30pm 7.30pm 1.30pm 3.30pm 3.30pm 3.30pm 3.30pm

Wintertime Stars, Moon and Planets Stars on Frosty Winter Nights Stars on Frosty Winter Nights The Hunt for Earth-like Planets and Life Giant Jupiter, King of the Planets All Aboard - a Tour of the Planets Stars on Frosty Winter Nights Prepare for Blast-off

Tickets: Adults £6.00, Children £4.00 Tickets are available to callers at the The Novium, Tower Street, Chichester. Alternatively, please phone 01243 774400 or ticket hotline 07818 297292 to reserve your tickets. Payment by cash or cheque only, on the day. A map showing our location can be found at:


A. THE FACULTY B. HANNAH MONTANA C. HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL Send your answer, and include your full name, address and a contact phone number to competition@ One lucky winner will be selected at random. Closing time is Tuesday 11th February 2014 at midday - The winner will be notified later on that day. Last weeks winner was Steve Pawsey from Barnham. Chichester Herald competition terms and conditions apply.

Cineworld Chichester Chichester Gate, Chichester, PO19 8EL 0871 200 2000

Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014 21

Lots to do in the Chichester District during half term THERE ARE A VARIETY of fun events and activities for children and young people to enjoy this half term in the Chichester District, to help keep the whole family entertained. Activities include: • Rugby in the Community holiday course – at Swanfield Park, Chichester with Chichester Rugby Club and Driving Force Rugby Coaching Ltd on Monday 17 February; • Chi Sport Camps – at the University of Chichester on Monday 17, Tuesday 18, Wednesday 19, Thursday 20 and Friday 21 February. Choose from a range of sports including basketball, racquet sport, netball, and multisport camps; and • Football in the Community holiday courses – at the University of Chichester with Brighton and Hove Albion FC on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 February. These courses are open to boys and girls aged 6 to 15 (school year 2-10) of all abilities. There’s a focus on all-round player development,

different training drills as well as games and tournaments, but most importantly the sessions are about having fun! All coaches are fully qualified and DBS/CRB checked. The cost is £7.50 per child per day or £5 for any tenants of the activities’ funding partners. To book a place on a course please contact the council’s Sport and Leisure team on 01243 534799 or Funding to run the courses is provided by the following local housing associations: Home, Affinity Sutton, A2 Dominion Group, Hyde Martlet and Raglan Housing Association. Activities at The Novium museum include: • Museum Without Walls – a temporary exhibition displaying fashion items created by fashion students from Chichester College inspired by the museum. From Monday 17 February. • Dress for success – Novium style – Saturday 15 to Sunday 23 February from 10am to 1pm.

• You are invited to a night of fun and fundraising at a Charity Valentine’s cocktail Party on Friday 14th February 8.00pm1.00am at La Havana Bar, Little London, Chichester. The dress code will be ‘Gorgeous and Red’ and is in aid of ‘Save the Children’ and the ‘NSPCC’. You will be served pink bubbles on arrival with canapés provided throughout the evening that includes live music, auction, raffle and more… Price per ticket is £20.00. Tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis, and as this is a charity event full payment will be required prior to the event to secure your place. Event: Charity Valentine’s Cocktail Party Venue: La Havana Bar, 3 Little London, Town Centre, Chichester PO19 1PH (01243 771771) Date: Friday 14 February 2014, 8pm-1am. Dress code: Gorgeous and Red. To book your tickets call Denise Kelly on 01243 528040 or 07730 671436; Sophie Robins 01243 774610 or 07919 191406.

• Creations Hair in Chichester are putting on an event for charity: The Hearts and Diamonds Black Tie Ball. Starting at 7:30 at Rowlands Castle Golf Club on the 15 February, tickets are £40 with dinner, entertainment, dancing, the chance to win some amazing prizes in the raffle and brilliant auction prizes to bid on! Tickets are on sale now at Creations or call Emma on 07502225965. • Concorde is a social club which provides friendship and companionship for single people. It is not a dating club but any members who form relationships or marry remain members. It meets every Tuesday at the Walnut Tree, Runcton, and holds a variety of events throughout the year. New members are very welcome. Anyone who would like more information can visit www. or phone 01243 575083 or 01243 604715. • CHICHESTER PICKERS (The

Suitable for children aged 5 years and up. Free with museum admission; • Museum make-overs – Saturday 15 to Sunday 23 February from 10am to 1pm. Make your own Roman style make-up using a pestle and mortar, create Celtic warrior art, badges and brooches, beaded bracelets, spoon puppets and peg doll parades. Free with museum admission. • Finger-knitted flower rosettes – on Wednesday 19 February from 2-3.30pm drop-in for a workshop for children aged 5+. £3 per child. Please book in advance. For more information contact The Novium on 01243 775888, email thenovium@chichester. or visit the website at Westgate Leisure, Chichester will be running a daily Burst holiday club from Monday 17 to Friday 21 February from 8.30am to 5.30pm. The club is for children aged six to 16 years old and can be booked for the whole day or half

day. Activities include: • arts and crafts; • baminton; • dance; • inflatable swim; • table tennis; • trampolining; • team sports; and • bouncy castle and soft play. The cost per child is £16 for half day and £22 for full day. Book before Monday 10 February and receive an ‘early bird’ discount. To book a place please email or call Westgate Leisure Chichester on 01243 785651. Westgate Leisure Bourne will be offering £1 per person on all

racket sports throughout the school holiday between 9am -5pm, subject to availability. To book call reception on 01243 376101. Councillor Eileen Lintill, Cabinet Member for Wellbeing and Community Services at Chichester District Council, says: “An exciting and diverse series of fun activities and events have been compiled to keep children entertained and active during the school break, whatever their interests may be. There really is something for everyone and I am sure families from all communities will enjoy what looks set to be a jam-packed week of fun."

Chichester Acoustic Music Club) invites all who would like to sing/ play their own choice of music and those who would like to enjoy local musicians performing in an intimate and friendly gathering. We have players at varying levels but we are not judgemental. We meet every second and fourth Thursday in the skittle alley of the Gribble Inn, Gribble Lane, Oving PO20 2BP More details from Andrew@ or 01243776391. • Chichester Art Society’s new programme of workshops for early 2014 offers great opportunities to local artists. There is a relaunch of the popular Figures & Faces Workshops on Tuesdays 1.30 4.30pm, starting January 7 for 12 weeks to March 25th. Portrait and Life Study alternate, starting with Portrait Study. You can work alongside local artist Lucie Cookson who will be overseeing the poses and offering an overview of work during the session. (Non-members: £11 per session or £10 if three or

more booked). Limited to 20 but enquiries about availability can be made up to 10am on the day by contacting the Secretary (see below). The Society’s full programme of meetings and workshops for 2014 is on the website: All workshops are at Bassil Shippam Centre, Tozer Way, St Pancras, Chichester PO19 7LG (parking and easy access). Prices include refreshments but not materials. Further details from the Secretary on 01243 602360 or email jean. text message 07831 666451.

• Monthly meetings, carried out partially in Welsh, rest in English-all levels of Welsh welcome- meetings in members’ houses- contact Geoffrey on 07968 215 256 or gbthompson@ If you would like a non-profit or profit to charity event listed, then send 70 words to events@ All listings are subject to change without notice and mentioned here as supplied and in good faith. Chichester Herald cannot be held responsible for any changes occurring after publication.

22 Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014

Food & Drink

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Sublime French cuisine in the heart of Chichester

Fine dining and excellent service; the perfect way to spend an evening SINCE opening their doors in 2011, Brasserie Blanc in Chichester has been highly regarded for its quality French cuisine gaining positive feedback from locals and a Certificate of Excellence in 2013 on TripAdvisor. The interior is cosy with warm autumnal shades and continental character. An open plan kitchen means you can see your food being prepared while you sit and sample the many wines on the menu. There is also a display in the centre of the restaurant offering Brasserie Blanc produce that can be bought and enjoyed at home. As well as their delicious food, the other notable attribute to the restaurant is their staff and service. From recommending wine to compliment meal choices, to giving detailed descriptions of specials; the friendly, attentive and professional service make it clear that quality and level of service is something highly regarded at Brasserie Blanc. Head chef, Somu Amala Dass, and

his team go to great lengths and meticulous detail to ensure each dish reaches the table with perfection for both taste and presentation. To start, we tried the tender and succulent Burgundian snails with garlic and parsley butter served with sour dough bread as well as Maman Blanc’s miscellany of salads featuring delicately seasoned creamy celeriac remoulade, crème fraiche dill and cucumber, velvety carrot vinaigrette, waldorf salad, chicory with peppery blue cheese and balsamic beetroot. Both were a delicious start to the meal, complimented by the light and rounded Chateau Montcabrier Sauvignon Blanc- Semillon with its floral notes or the Picpoul de Pinet with its accents of green apple. All wine is imported directly from France. For main course, the whole spiced baby turbot with roast vegetables and crushed spring potatoes is simply stunning. A perfectly cooked whole turbot, light and fluffy in texture infused with cosmopolitan

spices and delicate seasoning. Star anis, lemon, garlic and seasonal vegetable flavours make it a truly irresistible dish not to be missed washed down perfectly with the Brasserie Blanc house red. The Onglet steak is a thin rib cut of meat full of flavour and particularly delicious served medium rare with a large coin of harissa butter for extra punch. Served with fries, grilled tomato and extra greens to suit this takes simple steak frites to a new level. For dessert we fully enjoyed the fine apple tart which really was ‘fine’ by name and nature. A delicate disc of thin sweet pastry covered in delicately sliced apple and salted caramel ice cream. For chocoholics, the rich and creamy chocolate tart from the specials board is an absolute must. Whether choosing from the standard or set menu, every dish is thoughtfully put together offering stunning flavours for every course. To celebrate Valentine’s Day,

Brasserie Blanc are offering a special menu for the weekend of 14th and 15th February only. Featuring Scottish salmon, lobster, tender rack of lamb, beef wellington, assiette de chocolat and crepe suzette, it promises to be a taste sensation. To book your table or for further information, contact the team on 01243 534 200 or email chichester@

Food and Restaurant Review

Portion size: Sa tisfactory Service: Second to none Value for mon ey: Delicious fo od, honestly priced . Set menus gr eat value for mon ey. Ambiance: Fo rmal yet relaxe d with a cosy co ntinental feel

Study finds fast-food deregulation fuelling obesity epidemic

GOVERNMENTS could slow or even reverse the growing obesity epidemic if they introduced more regulation into the global market for fast foods such as burgers, chips and fizzy drinks, researchers said on Monday. A study published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organisation (WHO) suggested that

if governments took firmer action, they could start to prevent people becoming overweight and obese - conditions with serious longterm consequences such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. “ U n l e s s governments take steps to regulate their economies, the invisible hand of the market will continue to promote obesity worldwide with disastrous consequences for future public health and economic productivity,” said Roberto De Vogli of the University of California, Davis, in the United States, who led the study. The WHO is urging governments

to do more to try to prevent obesity happening in the first place, rather than risking the high human and economic costs when it does. Suggested policies include economic incentives for growers to sell healthy, fresh foods; disincentives for industries to sell ultra-processed foods and soft drinks; cutting subsidies to growers and companies who use large amounts of fertilisers, pesticides, chemicals and antibiotics; and tighter regulation of fast-food advertising, especially to children. The research analysed the effect on obesity of deregulation in the economy over time, including in the agriculture and food sectors, and the resulting increase in so-called “fast food transactions” - in other words, the number of times people bought fast food. The researchers compared the

number of fast food transactions with body mass index (BMI) in 25 high-income countries between 1999 and 2008. They found that, as the average number of annual fast food transactions increased from 26.61 to 32.76 per person, average BMI increased from 25.8 to 26.4. Someone with a BMI of 25 or more is overweight, while a BMI of 30 or more is considered obese. Vogli said that, while the research was based on data from wealthy countries, its findings were also relevant to developing countries. “Virtually all nations have undergone a process of market deregulation and globalisation especially in the last three decades,” he said. The average number of fast food transactions per person increased in all 25 countries. The sharpest

gains were in Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand, while the lowest were in countries with more stringent market regulation - such as Italy, the Netherlands, Greece and Belgium. Francesco Branca, director of the WHO’s Department of Nutrition for Health and Development, said the findings showed how important public policies were in addressing obesity. “Policies targeting food and nutrition are needed across several sectors including agriculture, industry, health, social welfare and education,” he said. “Countries where the diet is transitioning from one that is high in cereals to one that is high in fat, sugar and processed foods need to take action to align the food supply with the health needs of the population.”

Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014 23

Health & Beauty

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Why are some of us more motivated than others? AS MANY of you know, I do a lot of work within corporate companies around nutrition, motivation and stress management, but it never ceases to amaze me how some people I meet are so self motivated and focused. The passion and the drive within them is so apparent they are literally just bursting at the seams! Motivating people to do their best in life, has been an enduring challenge for executives and managers and people in general all over the world. Even understanding what constitutes human motivation has been a centuries old puzzle. So why are some of us more motivated than others? Or are we all motivated given the right environment? Apparently the things that make people satisfied and motivated are different from the things that make them dissatisfied. For example if you ask people what makes them unhappy at work, you’ll hear them talk about insufficient pay or an uncomfortable work environment, or strict regulations and policies

Denise Kelly Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist that are restraining, or the lack of job flexibility and freedom. Most people I meet are motivated by interesting work, challenge, and increasing responsibility. Naturally people have a deep-seated need for growth and achievement in life in general. What do we mean by motivation? It’s been defined as a predisposition to behave in a purposeful manner to achieve specific, unmet needs and the will to achieve, and the inner force that drives individuals to accomplish personal and organizational goals. The reason we need motivation was originally about survival. Is this why sometimes those who had very difficult or complex childhoods become the most successful? John Lennon is a great example of this.

Motivation comes from wanting to do something of one’s own free will. The secret to high performance is that unseen intrinsic drive - the drive to do something because it is meaningful. I believe true motivation comes down to three elements: 1. Autonomy, the desire to direct our own lives. 2. Mastery, the desire to continually improve at something that matters to us. 3. Purpose, the desire to do things in service of something larger than ourselves. What about the emotional drive behind motivation? It’s a lot to do with the drive to acquire scarce material things, including financial compensation, to make us feel better. It’s also about the drive to develop strong bonds of love, caring and belonging in our communities and places of work. It’s also about the drive to comprehend - to make sense of our world so we can take the right actions. And finally the drive to defend - defending our property, ourselves and our accomplishments

are an important part of our needs as a human being. However it is important to remember that most successful people have a culture based on

friendship, mutual reliance, collaboration and sharing and build trust and openness with everyone. That is the key to great success in all aspects of life.

For a full consultation and Asyra Medical Test with Denise and to find out just what’s going on in your body, please contact her on or 01243 528040. Denise Kelly is a BANT (British association of Nutritional therapists) registered Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. She writes Nutrition Programs for a variety of organisations and has a private practise in Chichester, West Sussex. @DkNutrition

Plastic Surgery is 'Booming' in Chichester & West Sussex - economy & procedures on the Up? THERE HAS BEEN a dramatic increase in the popularity of plastic surgery in Chichester & West Sussex which is a sign that the economy is growing! The biggest boom across the UK is in the popularity of liposuction which is up by 41%. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) says it’s “the most impressive rise in demand” since the recession in 2008. There were 50,122 cosmetic procedures in 2013 with the most popular procedures of breast augmentation, liposuction & nose jobs for men & women, and eyelid surgery all up on the previous year. Kim Way, Owner of local aesthetic and well-being clinic, Changes Clinic of Excellence based at Lakeside in Cosham, is noticing an uplift in both surgical and non-surgical enquiries. “In the last couple of weeks since Xmas, we’ve seen a significant lift in the number of enquiries for all forms of procedure, including non-invasive procedures such as fat loss treaments as well as anti-ageing injectables. Much of our thoughts are around how we feel about ourselves? How we look? Are we going to be fit & healthy? If we look better we seem to feel better, so many people feel it’s worth the outlay. “There are clearly a lot of us who

want to make a few tweaks to and are finding the funds to take up a procedure! And there are more men coming forward than before,” says Kim. “Guys are a little more shy than us girls but they too want to look the best they can. And why not?” Kim recommends some top tips to help you make your decision when it comes to invasive procedures: 1. Research, research, research! Ensure your clinic is CQC registered. Make sure the Consultants and Practitioners are qualified and registered here in the UK and have a proven history in performing a certain procedure. 2. Check your surgeon’s credentials and meet them prior to surgery! It sounds like a given, but many of us don’t even meet our surgeon prior to the day of surgery! Ensure the surgeon is on the specialist register with the General Medical Council. Look for a surgeon who is a member of BAAPS or BAPRAS. Ask to talk to one of the surgeon’s past patients. Will he be around for your after care? 3. Take your time A good surgeon will give you time after your initial consultation so that you can thoroughly consider your options. He/she will also tell you the risks as well as the benefits.

Take the stress out of employing staff with South Coast HR

4. Get a price in writing that includes the package The Clinic should offer a fixed price package that includes hospital fees, surgeon’s fees, anaesthetist’s fees, (implant costs where appropriate) and all aftercare visits. Make sure there are no hidden after care costs to be incurred. 5. Ongoing support & aftercare Find out what kind of aftercare is on offer. Make sure your follow up care involves another appointment/s with your surgeon. Ask what happens if you are unhappy with the results or if things don’t go to plan. All your questions answered at Changes Clinic of Excellence 02392 382000 or

Your people are the most important part of your business, and without them you can’t succeed. Your employees can also create big headaches when it comes to employment law compliance, underperformance, absence and making sure you recruit the right person for the job. For a small business having your own HR Manager is often a complete luxury that most just make do, and do without. Now that luxury can become an affordable reality with South Coast HR. We become your HR Manager and take care of all your people needs leaving you free to get on with running your business.

Let us take care of: • Drafting / issuing employee contracts • Drafting policies and keeping these up to date • Dealing with any maternity leave & flexible working requests • Monitoring and dealing with employee sickness • Dealing with any staff complaints • Interviewing potential staff • Advising on disciplinary situations and conducting those difficult meetings • Advising on how to make any redundancies • Training and development • On site HR administration • Plus much, much more

South Coast HR are friendly and approachable and will take time to get to know you and your business – providing you with honest, practical advice when you need it most. Either pay for what you need as and when you need us, or budget for your needs from as little as just 4 hours a month.


Call: 01243 717693 Email:

24 Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014

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Half of adults have an ‘uneven’ work-life balance

ONE IN TWO adults feels they have an uneven work-life balance, new research has shown. A study into the health and happiness of 2,000 men and women revealed four in ten were unable to describe themselves as happy, as working long hours, eating a poor diet and lack of sleep take a toll on their day to day well-being.

Worryingly, more than half said their stress and anxiety levels had risen in the last 12 months amid a struggle to find the right balance between work and family life. Results showed one third of people were consumed by thoughts of work from the minute they woke up, while one in four said they only stop thinking about work last thing

at night. The inability to switch off is having repercussions, with over half the study saying their work life has impacted upon their personal relationships and in some cases led to poor health. The research, commissioned by Tilda to launch its online Goodness Guide, showed that not eating

well is a big contributor to feelings of discontent – many workers regularly skipped meals, while one in five often cobbled together their evening meal after 9pm. Camilla Sheeley, Senior Brand & Innovation Manager for Tilda said: “To feel happy and content we must take a holistic approach to our lifestyle choices, this includes giving consideration to what we eat, how much we sleep and how we use our leisure time. “Worryingly, the research shows that nearly 40% of women and just over a third of men heavily rely on high sugar and caffeinated drinks to get them through the day. Whilst long working hours and the desire to fill every spare minute, has resulted in the majority of us spending on average less than 20 minutes preparing our weekday meals. “Nearly three-quarters of women and over a third of men are aware that their diet has a direct impact on their outlook on life.” The study also found 57% of people had seen their personal life affected because of putting in too many hours at work. This most commonly surfaced in arguments with the other half or a decline in the quality of their diet (47%), while nearly a third spent less time playing with their children. The level of mental fatigue experienced is also on the rise,

with the average person questioned getting just over six and a half hours sleep during a typical evening, along with having to cope with disturbed sleep at least once a week. To help set a better balance most Brits cited less time at work, more exercise and eating healthy food as the biggest factors in restoring a better outlook. Brits also struggle significantly to maintain good levels of nutrition as just 86% of the 2,000 polled admited to not eating enough fruit and vegetables. Six in ten also felt their overall happiness would improve if they could adjust their eating pattern and day to day food intake, whilst 30% said they feel helpless to change their current work-life balance. Dhruv Baker, Master Chef 2010 winner added: “We have forgotten that happiness is not a finite experience, we can all achieve it if we do simple things. “We should aim to use our time wisely and introduce basic healthy elements into our routines, such as exercise and eating more fresh fruit and veg along with wholegrain foods that serve to keep our energy levels consistent.” The Goodness Guide was written by Dhruv Baker, MasterChef 2010 winner, Dr Sarah Schenker and Carol Ann Rice, and is a manual for the modern person who struggles with poor diet.

7th - 13th February

Horoscopes from Kimi Aries 21 March – 20 April Feeling uncomfortable with group dynamics? This could be colleagues or friends who are making you feel this way. You don’t like the gossip, leg pulling or perhaps even bullying. Speak up; they may not realize they have gone too far. An unexpected invite to the theatre, a concert or the cinema is on its way. Taurus 21 April – 21 May Now you could have got it wrong, on the other hand you may not. You are suspicious about what is being said to you, by someone close to you. Does this person have an ulterior motive you ask yourself? Trust your instinct but listen too, you may have misunderstood. Good week for kissing and making up! Gemini 22 May – 21 June Stop looking over your shoulder or under the bed for that matter. I speak metaphorically of course. No one is

really out to get you. Dare I say it but this paranoia smacks a little of insecurity. You are doing fine, in fact better than fine. If you have a little faith in yourself, others will have it too! Cancer 22 June – 22 July Things are beginning to move in the right direction on both the domestic and career fronts. There is only one fly in the ointment and that is your tendency to dwell on prior conflict or difficulties. Don’t let things that happened in your past overshadow what should be a joyful week, if not period, in your life! Have fun! Leo 23 July – 22 Aug You are exhausting at times. Why do you mentally pull things apart, dissect, analyze, reanalyze and then still end up confused? Sometimes you can just over think things. This is one such time. Try and go with the flow a little this week, you will be surprised by what happiness is in store if you do.

Virgo 23 Aug – 23 Sept Now it’s time to really open up to your nearest and dearest. There is something that has been playing on either your mind or perhaps the mind of a partner or loved one. The issue could be around family or children. Just talk it over, it won’t go away. Once out in the open it won’t seem half so bad. Libra 24 Sept – 23 Oct Wow is there anyone who won’t be captured by your magnetism this week! You are on great form. Whether you are chairing a meeting, speaking at a conference or simply giving forth at the pub, everyone is listening to you. And it’s not just your verbal skills that are attracting them; you are giving off some great sexual chemistry. Scorpio 24 Oct – 22 Nov You may be feeling emotionally turbulent this week, not quite insecure

but bordering on it. Now if you allow those feelings their head you could find yourself in hot water, either on the domestic front or at work. Stay calm and remember that what you are feeling is more of a perceived problem than a real one. Sagittarius 23 Nov – 21 Dec More clarity this week than last but you still have your suspicions. That’s ok, best to be prepared, just don’t let those suspicions spill over into your home life or things could get rocky. Try to stay positive and get out; your partner will appreciate the change and if single you may get the fling you have been waiting for! Capricorn 22 Dec – 20 Jan Well you were having such a good spell and now you seem to be thwarted at every turn. People just don’t seem to get you! Truth is your family and friends may be feeling a little out of the loop.

Time to catch up with them and let them know how important they are to you, particularly parents or siblings. Aquarius 21 Jan – 19 Feb You have been focusing a little too much on the financial and physical recently and forgetting to have fun. You are looking great and feeling well; and you have been shown a new appreciation at work so why not let your hair down a little. Don’t turn down any invitations to party this week whatever the temptation. Work can wait! Pisces 20 Feb – 20 March You may be looking at plans and drawings this week. Do you have some ongoing building project that needs your attention or perhaps you are thinking of redesigning your garden? Checking every little detail may be time consuming but trust me it will be cost effective! Someone close to you is skeptical with regard to your intentions, reassure them!

Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014 25

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Walk and cycle off the winter weight MORE THAN 77 per cent of people who make New Year’s resolutions have already failed by the last day of January. So for anyone who is committed to getting fitter, try something new or travel more in 2014; Macs Adventure has three ideas for Spring breaks to get people back on track: Trossachs Trail Perfect for some healthy exercise and a blast of Spring air, the Trossachs Trail is a three-day break covering around 30 - 40km through some of Scotland’s most spectacular sights. It’s a great way to walk off the winter weight through lochs, glens and mountains of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. The four-day, three-night trip is available to book from April 2014 and prices start from £285 per person, including accommodation in hand-picked guesthouses and small hotels, door-to-door baggage transfer, route plan, maps and information pack.

Classic Danube Cycle Path This is a recommended trip for anyone new to cycling trips as it’s a gentle, downhill daily workout that is relatively easy going but with lots to see along the way. The Danube Cycle Path runs from Passau, Germany, to the Austrian capital of Vienna alongside the Blue Danube. It is completely traffic free so an idyllic way to see the Spring meadows, mountains and forests. The eight-day, seven night trip is available to book from mid April 2014 and prices start from £415 per person, which includes accommodation in hand-picked inns and small hotels, breakfast, daily luggage transfer to the next hotel, route plan, maps and information pack. Flights to Passau not included. The Heart of Holland With relatively short cycling distances over flat terrain, this trip is perfect for anyone trying a cycling holiday for the first time.


In spring, Holland is covered in a carpet of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths and this route takes cyclists through the heart of this riot of colour. Keukenhof, the world’s largest flower garden, is made up of more than seven million bulbs and is open from late March to late May and a highlight on day two. The seven-day, six-night trip

is available to book from April 2014 and prices start from £560 per person, which includes accommodation in hand-picked hotels, breakfast, daily luggage transfer to the next hotel, route plan, maps and information pack. Flights to Amsterdam not included. For more information or to book, visit




£41 per person

£60 per person

8 APRIL 2014

VIKINGS: LIFE AND LEGEND is the first major exhibition on Vikings at the British Museum for over 30 years. It features many new archaeological discoveries and objects never seen before in the UK, alongside important Viking Age artefacts from the British Museum’s own collection and elsewhere in Britain and Ireland. Pick ups in Chichester, Rose Green, North Bersted, Bognor, Felpham, Littlehampton & Rustington

Park Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 2PX

13 MARCH 2014

The Mountbatten Festival of Music features the Massed Bands of Her Majesty's Royal Marines performing a wide variety of music, encompassing traditional military marches and fanfares, a classical overture and music from stage and screen. With over 120 musicians on stage, augmented by the Corps of Drums and Ceremonial Fanfare Trumpeters, this is the showpiece event of one of the World's finest military bands. Seats in Arena on evening performance. Pick ups in Chichester, Rose Green, North Bersted, Bognor, Felpham, Littlehampton & Rustington

Park Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 2PX

Travel For Valentine's follow Victor Hugo’s romantic journey in Jersey

‘OF THE FOUR Channel Islands Jersey is the prettiest’, according to Victor Hugo who began writing his epic novel Les Misérables during his exile to the island in 1853. Jersey’s dramatic 45-mile shoreline with its stormlashed caves and rugged cliff paths, its dolmens and Druidic monuments, served as inspiration for Hugo’s classic love story. Let Jersey inspire the romantic in you with some help from Longueville Manor, the Channel Islands’ only Relais & Châteaux property and AA 5 Red Star hotel. Longueville’s two-night Valentine’s Break costs from £220 per night (2 sharing) and includes accommodation, car hire and pink Champagne and chocolates on arrival. Also included are full English breakfast each day, Longueville’s seven-course Discovery menu on one evening and a three-course à la carte dinner on the other. And in case you forgot, the hotel will arrange for a dozen red roses to be waiting in the room on Valentine’s night. Longueville Manor is the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. The 14th century manor house is a secluded haven on the edge of St Saviour, and the ambience strikes a note of elegance and relaxation: deep sofas around an open fire, inviting gardens with wooden bridges and fountains. Good food and wine, and exemplary service, complete the perfect Valentine’s escape. Victor Hugo said it best: ‘You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.’ Longueville’s Valentine’s Break is valid for two nights between Thursday February 13 and Saturday February 15 2014. The price quoted is based on two sharing for a minimum of two nights, subject to availability; a 10% discount is offered if payment is made in full at the time of booking. Reservations:

26 Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014

Brain Gym Brain Gym


Each number in the grid represents a different letter of the alphabet and every letter of the alphabet is used. Use the given letter(s) to the right of the main grid to start you off.




























Last week’s solutions:


































Wordsquare Wordsquare


Last week’s solutions:

CRYPTIC - Across: 7 Arable; 8 Dotage; 10 Strange; 11 Solid; 12 Gait; 13 Avoid; 17 Cross; 18 Scar; 22 Edict; 23 Fortune; 24 Slaves; 25 Sparta. Down: 1 Passage; 2 Hair-pin; 3 Plane; 4 Corsair; 5 Sally; 6 Wends; 9 Leaves off; 14 Brother; 15 Acquire; 16 Arsenal; 19 Beast; 20 Vicar; 21 Crops. QUICK Across: 7 Travel; 8 Barter; 10 Mariner; 11 Naive; 12 Note; 13 Inter; 17 Tepid; 18 Whet; 22 Title; 23 Attempt; 24 Grieve; 25 Recent. Down: 1 Stamina; 2 Narrate; 3 Meant; 4 Painter; 5 Attic; 6 Order; 9 Principal; 14 Deceive; 15 Whimper; 16 Statute; 19 Stage; 20 Strip; 21 Strew.

Choose either quick or cryptic clues.

Cryptic Clues:

Codeword Crossword


Double Crossword Double Crossword



1. Amend list and take down when corrected (9) 8. Some very expensive kind of whisky (3) 9. Give hand signals? (11) 11. Having arrived to stage the show (7) 12. An advance, we hear, without friendly support (5) 13. Bird noises ruin the speech (6) 15. Establish the limits of French judicial punishment (6) 17. Mishandles earpieces (5) 18. Unfriendly crowd before the prophet returns (7) 20. Fresh confirmation about secure policy (11) 22. Begone! I must be seen inside (3) 23. A startling revelation for one who wakes up (3-6)

2. Passion shown in their exasperation (3) 3. Nearly everything I have is charged with electricity (5) 4. Mocks at relative in back-street (6) 5. Come from a wild manatee (7) 6. You’ll find more point in giving forewarning (11) 7. One who gives in easily won’t manage to do this (9) 10. Did the Greeks regard it as a capital Quick Clues: Across investment? (5,2,4) 11. Kind of ice slippers 1. Loss of power of action for beasts of burden (9) (4-5) 8. Possess (3) 14. Extract from a book in which a fool is 9. Cast down (11) taken in by a young 11. Kitchen sideboard (7) attendant (7) 12. Foreign (5) 16. Unsullied, but 13. Come back (6) almost subject to 15. Ebb (6) punishment (6) 19. Expose this kind of 17. Rank (5) cartoon (5) 18. Mean (7) 21. This hint would 20. Bright (11) be about right to 22. In error (3) produce a remedy 23. Without stopping (9) (3)

Kakuro Kakura 10
















6 24





10 22


Last week’s solutions:

25 words - average; 35 words - good; 45 words - very good; 60 or more - excellent.

acne, cairn, cancer, cane, caner, chain, chance, chancery, chancier, chancre, chancy, chicane, chicanery, chin, china, chine, cinch, crane, cyan, cyanic, cynic, earn, enrich, henry, hernia, hyena, inch, nacre, nary, near, nice, nicer, niche, rain, rainy, ranch, rani, rein, yarn, yearn.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 10. 11. 14. 16. 19. 21.

Melody (3) Water-lily (5) Flight of steps (6) Recover (7) Thoughtful (11) Deceitful (9) Contingency (11) Guidance (9) Favour (7) Wan (6) Banish (5) Nothing (3)

Fill in the white squares with numbers 1 to 9. Each horizontal block must add up to the number in the shaded square to its left, and each vertical block to the number above. Numbers may be used once in each block. Last week’s solutions:
















3 4 5 2 1 5 6 1 7 1 6 3 5 7 9 8 9 3 5 1 8 3 2 6 7 9 8 4 3 7 9 8 7 4

4 2 3 9 8 1 7 3 7 6 8 2 9 8 5 2 1 5 3 6 6

Alphamuddle Alphamuddle

Rearrange the letters in the grid B to make five words that read both across and down. Five letters have been placed to start you off.

6 5


4 7


9 4


Sudoku Sudoku Fill in the grids below so that every column, every row and each of the 3x3 boxes contains all the digits from 1 to 9.


X L E T I O M L A ? G I S O H Y I L S Last week’s solutions: The letter represented by the question mark is B. Bulgaria, Belarus, Albania, all Eastern European countries.

27 32 11

How you rate:


Scribble pad


Give yourself ten minutes to find as many words as possible using the letters in the grid. Each word must use the central letter and at least 3 others, and letters may be used only once. You cannot use plurals, foreign words or proper nouns, but verb forms ending in ‘s’ are permitted. There is one 9-letter word to be found.

Circlegram Circlegram

Replace the question mark with a letter so that the letters within each circle can be arranged to form words on a common theme. What are the three words, and the letter represented by the question mark?


Last week’s solutions: >


From top to bottom Simple, Intermediate, Difficult









Last week’s solutions: Scale, Cocoa, Actor, Loose, Eared.

The Sound of Silence

Chichester Herald is the area’s largest This just might be what independently owned newspaper, written you are looking for and put together by local people, reaching

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01243 200999

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an audience of up local to 75,000 every week at Boots, your pharmacy


Tel: Email:

Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014 27

Find your perfect property

In Chichester & the surrounding areas




Well presented modern detached house situated in private marine estate around 200 yards from the beach. Large South facing lounge, spacious dining room, versatile dual aspect study, kit/breakfast room, utility room, an unusual curved staircase and landing, master bedroom with en suite bathroom and balcony, three further bedrooms, family bathroom, detached double garage and gardens including a South facing rear. EPC Rating: D For more information, contact Coastguards Estate Agents on

01243 267026

Inside: Local sales and rentals | Coastguards | Charles Church | Feature Properties

28 Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014



A three/four bedroom detached house situated on a private estate approx. 300 yards from the private beach. The property would benefit from some internal modernisation. Shower room, spacious triple aspect living room, a kitchen/breakfast room, ground floor bedroom/sitting room, thee double bedrooms, bathroom, garage, carport, gardens. EPC Rating: E







An unusual detached property situated in a secluded position within 200 yards of the private beach. The very well presented property includes a spacious entrance hall, cloakrm, a living rm, good sized conservatory/dining rm, kit/ breakfast rm, utility rm, gr fl bedrm with en suite bathrm, further gr fl bedrm/study, first floor bedrm with en suite shower rm, family bathrm, detached dble garage with study/office over, secluded Southerly gardens. EPC Rating: C

A very well presented first floor apartment situated in a small development approx. 150 yards from the private marine estate. The apartment has been made the subject of a programme of refurbishment and modernisation and includes g.f.h., u.P.V.C. dble glazing, dual aspect living rm with windows to South and West, attractive kit/breakfast rm, two bedrms, fully tiled shower rm, garage in nearby compound and use of landscaped communal gardens. EPC RATING: C

A ground floor flat situated in a small development in private marine estate approx. 150 yards from the private beach. The property has been made the subject of a programme of refurbishment and modernisation and includes g.f.h., u.P.V.C. dble glazing, dual aspect living room with doors opening to the West facing area of garden, fitted kitchen & bathrm, three bedrooms, garage and the use of the South facing communal gardens. EPC RATING: C





A two bedroom ground floor flat situated in a private road within three hundred yards of the beach. G.F.H., u.P.V.C. double glazing, a 17’ triple aspect living room, two double bedrooms, a refitted kitchen, refitted bathroom, a garage and a private South West facing rear garden. EPC Rating: E


A well presented two bedroom first floor apartment situated in a private marine estate with 150 yards of the gated access to the beach. G.F.H., u.P.V.C. dble glazing, attractive living room combining the lounge & kitchen with doors to South facing balcony, bathroom, allocated parking, South facing communal gardens. NO FORWARD CHAIN. EPC RATING: B


A one bedroom close care apartment in the grounds of the Royal Bay care and nursing home, purpose built to be ‘elderly user friendly’ with many safety features and the availability of any level of assistance from the care home. The property has been recently refurbished with new carpets, replacement shower room, refurbished kitchen and an internal redecoration. Gas c.h., double glazing, living room and a communal laundry room EPC rating is C


Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014 29

West Sussex Trading Standards Buy With Confidence

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Renault makes electric ZOE even more attractive CAR HIRE

Daily rates start at just £30.00 + Vat, include insurance and are unlimited mileage. Hire for a minimum of one week and pay just £18.43 per day + Vat.


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Not many people know that we can also supply and fit all makes and all sizes of tyres for both car and commercial. Contact us for a free, no obligation, quote.

TYRES RENAULT’S flagship electric the it’s a+ no-compromise, roadside assistance and routine Van Tyres 185 x 14fact / 195that x 14 £45.00 Vat. 185 x 15 / 195 x 15 £50.00 + Vat. vehicle, ZOE, has already made quite stylish supermini, it just happens servicing (4 years/48,000 miles). a splash since it hit the UK’s streets to be electric. It’s unsurprising then Plus, from this month, now andback find out why are TheupAreas Company. lastCall Now, on the of the that itwe also stacks well onNo cost1 Rental the creative automaker is Government’s exciting Go Ultra Low versus fossil-fuelled small cars. For also enticing car buyers with FAMILY RUN BUSINESS - ESTABLISHED 1987 campaign Europe’s electric example, not only does it cost only Selections 500. The new customer Competitive Rates Allleading Year Round Discounts On all Weekly Rentals QUARRY LANE INDUSTRIAL ESTATE vehicle manufacturer is going to be pence per mile to run, from £13,995 loyalty incentive, which includes Insurance Included In All Rates sparking even more interest on-the-road it also undercuts the ZOE, guarantees £500 as a partUnlimited Mileage On all Rentals in its striking supermini with a series of comparable diesel version of the exchange bonus towards a new customer and marketing initiatives. country’s best-selling Ford Fiesta, Renault model at the end of a Renault ZOE – the costin 5-door Style TDCi 75 guise, in customer’s finance contract. effective alternative to fossilterms of upfront cost, by £300, even Unlike some rivals who require fuelled superminis with a superior level of standard users to shell out hundreds of ZOE is already one of the UK’s equipment. pounds on a charging solution, most affordable electric cars, but Now, it’s leading the charge of Renault also includes a 7kW single to make it even more enticing, vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions Wallbox, which charges ZOE in three Renault has launched a brand with a brand new retail finance to four hours, for free at domestic new battery hire option for lower offer. The new package sees the properties in the UK*. Add all of mileage retail customers. Available stylish ZOE Dynamique available, these savings up and a typical ZOE with all new ZOE orders, from only until 31st March 2014, on Renault buyer could be over £2,500 better £45 per month, when taken over Selections PCP from £189 per off, even before taking into account a three-year term, based on 3,000 month, with a deposit of just £1,720, the associated Benefit-in-Kind, road miles per year, it offers a real costincluding a £1,000 customer deposit tax and congestion charge benefits effective alternative tailored to contribution. That’s on top of its of running an electric vehicle. those doing shorter journeys on a comprehensive Renault 4+ package, Making the switch to electric regular basis. worth over £1,000, which includes motoring does not have to be tricky. Much of ZOE’s appeal stems from 4 years/100,000 miles warranty, In fact, one of the greatest benefits

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7 DAYS CAR HIRE AT JUST £99.00 + VAT (£118.80 INC)

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points is growing by the day. For full details, see chargemap. Building on the current success of the ZOE Scalextric viral video which has already attracted over 400,000 views, plus its small screen appearances as part of Renault’s exciting design-led ‘Animal Attraction’ sponsorship of the Jonathan Ross Show, the company’s flagship electric vehicle will also be taking to the virtual world shortly, through tie-ups with MSN, mumsnet and T3 to name but a few.




of choosing a ZOE is peace-of-mind. The battery hire contract includes a battery performance guarantee, whereby if, for any reason, its operation falls below 75% of its original capacity, it will simply be repaired or replaced, regardless of the vehicle’s age or mileage. In the unlikely event that a customer runs out of charge, cover is also included to take them to a chargepoint. Renault has a national network of EV-ready dealerships, every one of which has charging solutions, and the national network of charging



CHICHESTER 01243 778109

30 Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014

Herald Recruitment About Us Chichester Herald provides businesses with an unrivalled, targeted and cost-effective advertising solution across the City with a newspaper readership of 83,000. The newspaper is available for self-selected pickup across the city of Chichester and surrounding areas in a wide variety of locations every Friday. We also deliver thousands of newspapers to homes across the area every week. As well as this, over 1000 businesses in our area will also get at least one newspaper delivered to them whether they are in the City Centre, a town or village, an industrial business park or a lone café on a country road. We have 422 newspaper stands across the district which is located as far north as Midhurst, south to Selsey, the Witterings and Pagham, east to Arundel and west to Bosham. What better way to advertise your vacancy to thousands of people starting from £25 + vat per week.

Boxes available at £25 per week plus VAT


GREAT BALLARD – IAPS Co! y a D n u F y t i r a educational Day and Boarding 2 13 h C y l i m Fa

• Teaching Assistant

Saturday 6th October

Required to join our Pre-Prep team, working in the Reception class and also running the after school club.

- 3.00pm Ideally you will have NVQ 11.00am level 3 childcare together with E.Y.F.S. Ready Steady Cook experience and reporting to the Head of Pre-Prep.

For further details and an application Football form, please call 01243 814236 or email: Tournament Applications to Mr E Bryan, Head of Pre-Prep, Great Ballard School, Eartham, Nr Chichester PO18 0LR. Treasure Hunt

Wellie Wanging Wheelchair Sports To advertise here call 01243 200999 or email Stalls Tombola Target Golf Aerobic Sessions David’s Diner for brunch and lunch! Spirit FM Live Broadcast THE COMPLETE TRAVEL SERVICE

Great Ballard School, Eartham House, Eartham PO18 0LR


(between Chichester & Arundel)


SATURDAY 17 MAY 2014 £48 per person

Come Together and experience the iconic music of The Beatles with LET IT BE, the spectacular concert jam-packed with over 40 of The Beatles greatest hits! Direct from the West End, this international hit show celebrates the legacy of the world’s greatest rock 'n' roll band.

Tel: 01243 814236 Email: at Chichester Park Hotel Paws Animal Sanctuary Findon






To make sure your wedding is memorable all the PAWS AnimalforSanctuary & Enable Me right reasons, it pays not to leave anything to chance, including your search for wedding venues. IAPS co-educational day and boarding school for children aged from 2 to 13

Discover more @

Seats in Mid Stalls on matinee performance Pick ups in Chichester, Rose Green, North Bersted, Bognor, Felpham, Littlehampton & Rustington

Park Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, PO21 2PX

Chichester is a magnet for brides and grooms; The city’s historic centre, the South Downs National Park and south coast all combine to create the perfect wedding location. Visit our website for more information on why Chichester Park Hotel is the right venue for your big day.

Having your wedding in a hotel can make the event comfortable and convenient for both you and your guests; after the big day, you can quickly retreat to our honeymoon suite! Our hotel is suitable for either large celebrations or intimate gatherings and a bespoke menu can be designed just for you. And we can provide pre-wedding pampering sessions thanks to our Retreat Beauty Spa. So what are you waiting for? Chichester Park Hotel is the perfect venue for your wedding day!

Chichester Park Hotel | Madgwick Lane | Westhampnett | CHICHESTER | PO19 7QL

Tel: 01243


Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014 31


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Six of the best for City Football

Sussex County Football League Tables

Division One Team EAST PRESTON

20 54



21 44







22 33



22 32



22 30

4 5

LAST Sunday finally saw Chichester City Ladies in action for the first time this year as they played their much anticipated FA cup round two game away at Enfield at the fourth time of asking. The tie had originally been due to take place at Oaklands Park on the 19 January however the game had to be postponed twice due to the weather meaning the venue was reversed, with the Enfield pitch unplayable the following weekend it meant the game had to be played or it would again be reversed back to Chichester. Fortunately the ground staff at Enfield did a fantastic job throughout the week and a pitch inspection on Saturday afternoon confirmed the game would be on. The game kicked off and it was evident Chichester had not played for almost six weeks as they struggled to find a rhythm early on. After a while the away side began to get into their stride and a good break down the right lead to a good challenge putting the ball behind for a corner but the resulting set piece was cleared by the home defence. Shortly after this Enfield won a free kick 35 yards from goal, the effort on target was easily caught by McNamara. Enfield continued to look dangerous when in

possession and some good build up play from down the right lead to a long range effort that sailed over the bar. Although enjoying some early possession the home team were struggling to create any clear cut chances. Sensing the danger from Enfield, Chichester knew they must start taking control of the game or risk falling behind. The midfield duo of Willett and Widdowson began running the middle of the park and were playing some excellent passes forward getting Chichester’s attacking players running at the home defence. A cross from Fowlie found Cheshire in the box and although her volley was hit cleanly the effort went wide. More great work from the Chichester wide areas allowed Kally Ambler to open the scoring, a fantastic first time finish past the keeper, Chichester getting rewarded for their spell of dominance. The away side were now beginning to create further chances with the Enfield keeper making a fine save from Ambler and the rebound going narrowly over from Cheshire. It wasn’t long however before Cheshire did get herself on the scoresheet and what a way to do it. Another cross from Fowlie found her unmarked at

the back post and she unleashed a stunning first time volley back across goal into the roof of the net. Chichester went into the break two goals to the good knowing that they couldn’t take their foot of the gas as Enfield were bound to come out looking to regain the impetus in this tie. The home side indeed did show renewed vigour in the opening stages of the second with their midfield seeing large amounts of the ball but with McGlashan and Alexandre in such fine form they were unable find their forwards in any sort of space. A mistake from the Enfield keeper allowed Chichester to grab their third goal of the game as a cross from the left was slipped through her hands leaving Ambler with the simplest of finishes into an empty net. It was an uncharacteristic error from the home goalkeeper and shortly after she made amends when she saved brilliantly to deny Cheshire a second from close range. Enfield continued to create chances but they were restricted to mainly long range efforts due the organisation and work rate when Chichester were out of possession. The green army were now looking to put this tie to bed however some great work from the home keeper was keeping them at bay. Shrubb

was put through one on one with a great ball from midfield only to see her effort tipped wide of the post for a corner. Shrubb herself took the corner and looked to have scored directly, although she may have to convince Kirtsy Willett who is adamant she got a fleeting head to the ball. Chichester’s fifth goal came after a superb team move lead to Hollie Wride stroking the ball into the back of the net. The move was started by impressive debutant Jodie Greenway who played an inch perfect through ball to Shrubb who in turn squared the ball to Wride on the edge of the area, Wride then played a one two with Cheshire and applied the finish. Wride then completed the scoring shortly after with a beautifully curled shot from the edge of the area into the top corner of Enfield’s goal leaving the keeper rooted. The tie finished 6-0 to Chichester, a fantastic result against opposition who play in the equivalent league in the south east to the green army. The win has set up a dream tie away to Durham WFC. Durham have been selected to be part of this season’s Super League competition. The game will be played on Sunday the 9 February.




21 29


22 29


22 27


22 26


19 24


20 24


19 23


22 22


19 14


19 13


20 5

Division Two P PTS



19 48



20 45



21 44



18 38



22 35



21 33



17 30



18 28



18 26


18 *26


18 25


21 17


17 15


20 14


22 13


19 12


17 10



1 2


11 21



12 19



11 18



9 16



10 16



12 14



13 13



10 13


8 22

11 11 11 6

32 Chichester Herald Friday, February 7 2014

Chichester Herald Issue 125 7th February 2014  

Chichester Herald Issue 125 7th February 2014

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