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Shattering the Digital Identity Mold The Internet connects everyone to everything, improving the way companies do business, but also exposing them to unprecedented levels of digital vulnerability. Weak digital identities are the root cause of the vast majority of security breaches and the lack of accountability in digital networks. Most companies do not have an enterprisewide strategy for managing identities. Up to now, the solutions available to them have been point solutions, securing one application or server at a time. Or, they have required massive and expensive integrations that disrupt their organizations. Encentuate was founded to answer a simple question: How do I move my enterprise to strong digital identities without disrupting my business? We leapfrog traditional single sign-on (SSO) solutions that are cumbersome, expensive and prone to security breaches. We drive down support costs and increase adoption with technology that is easy to implement and easy to use. We offer: Incremental transition to strong digital identity at your own pace, with no business interruption Breakthrough simplicity and productivity for users Your choice of protection using basic, two-factor, or certificate-based authentication, or a combination Eliminate single point-of-failure and single point-of-attack

“I'm pulled in different directions. I have to safeguard our information systems without stifling productivity.”

Superior ROI, up to a 75% reduction in password support costs

Business Continuity Cost Savings IT Staff

“Intellectual property is 80% of the value of my company. A single security breach could eliminate our competitive advantage overnight.”

Chief Legal Counsel

“I have more than 15 logins and passwords. If only I could consolidate them, my job and life would be much easier.”


Incremental Transition to Strong Digital Identity Securing the Future with

Breakthrough Architecture Traditional solutions use weak authentication methods that leave applications and systems vulnerable to attack. Many of them require “Big Bang” implementations, which have proven too risky and disruptive. Ask any seasoned CIO who's been there. TM

Tomorrow Starts Today “Digital identity in the year 2010 will be amazingly simple and mundane. Encentuate is getting there today, one innovation at a time.” Peng T. Ong Chairman and CEO Encentuate

Encentuate’s patent-pending Transparent Crypto-Identity architecture addresses security, usability and migration issues head on. From the users’ perspective, nothing could be simpler. Our agent-based technology understands and mimics their behavior. There’s no need for people to memorize and change passwords – Encentuate does this automatically. And, for applications that support standard (x.509) certificate-based authentication, Encentuate is directly compatible. Encentuate delivers a revolutionary solution that is secure, convenient and global: Secure – Provides the strongest form of fortified single sign-on and certificate-based authentication using hardware or software keys Convenient – Delivers a superior user experience, can be implemented system-by-system and user-by-user Global – Scalable across the largest enterprises, providing central enforcement of policies, audits and deprovisioning without involving end-users With Encentuate as your partner, you get the best weapon for protecting your enterprise's critical information and applications.

Secure, Convenient and Global Leading the Market with

Vision and Experience Encentuate was founded by Peng T. Ong, the entrepreneur who started Interwoven, Inc. (NASDAQ: IWOV), and turned it into one of the biggest names in enterprise content management. His approach in high-tech business is well known – identify a problem, study it deeply and assemble the best talent to bring solutions to market. Today, Encentuate is focused on developing the industry's best and most cost-effective solution for strong digital identity. Visit to download product brochures and whitepapers. Learn how you can implement strong digital identity in your enterprise easily and cost-effectively.


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