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Mobile Review: Samsung Ace The Samsung Ace and the Ace Plus have been around for a while, and these silent spectators are fast gaining importance in the Galaxy and the Android world. Here is a brief review of the Samsung Ace. The Samsung Galaxy series has many models, and the Samsung has a nice price tag, along with all the features and services that a hardcore Android user would love. It also works well as a beginner’s Android phone, because of its price range. The Samsung Ace is a slim phone, and follows the form features of the more expensive phones like the Samsung Note or the Samsung Galaxy. It has a metallic feel to it. The form factor makes it somewhat palm sized, so it is not as bulky as a Samsung Note, and it not too small to have a screen that does not show everything that it should. It has a larger screen than other phones that are available in the price range – it is about eight centimeters. Though the screen is not HD, it provides a great experience to the viewer. The fonts are sharp, the colors crisp and this validates the few dollars more that it one has to pay to buy this device, as compared to the Samsung Fit. The Samsung Ace comes with an 832 MHz processor, and gives a solid performance. It also comes with a GPU, one of the few that are available at this price. It also has 3G, GPS, WiFi and 3.0 Bluetooth, making it quite a robust phone when it comes to its price range. The higher processor allows the phone to work much faster, and the fact that it has a dedicated GPU keeps its running even better, without straining the actual processor. The Ace has an Adreno 200 GPU, which is quite good when it comes to playing mobile games. The game play quality is better than many other mobile phones in the price range. With a faster processor, it is also easier to switch between apps, and keeping two or even three apps working in the sidelines. The phone gave some problems when we installed live wallpaper, but that can be about the wallpaper and not the phone in itself. The Ace also makes some kind of presence felt in the looks market, by giving a white back jacket free. The black jacket, the default one, has a rubbery feel to it, while the white jacket has a marble type feel to it. The white jacket, though having a marble feel to it is not smooth enough to keep dust and marks off it, so we would suggest that you keep the black, default jacket on, as that will keep your phone looking brighter and smarter. In fact, the phone is quite similar in looks to the Samsung SII, and if you do not keep the white jacket, the uninitiated may think that it is a smaller version of the SII or something, if you want to bask in that kind of light – that is. The Samsung Ace came out in 2011, and since then there is the Ace Plus, which is a bit pricier, but it has better hardware specifications than the Ace, though the form factor is more or less the same.

Overall, the Samsung Ace is a good second phone for the hardcore Android user, is a very good phone for those who want to look at how an Android phone will benefit them. Of course, to use this phone, like any other Android phone, one should have a working GPRS connection, preferably an unlimited GPRS connection. References:

Mobile Review: Samsung Ace  

Samsung Ace

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