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••••••>For minimal risks hire professional appraisers E & O Insurance and take Bu y/Sell Agreement Insurance Author: Louise Smith

Errors and omissions insurance (E & O) and the linked buy sell agreement insurance is one cover that no one should neglect if you have to include complete security in your real estate deals. This is the only realistic way of slashing your risks in these otherwise highly risky deals! The world of today is full of uncertainties in spite of the high degree of professionalism. As our activities increase the risk factor enhances and in many cases we have to encounter the unforeseen! This is where the need arises of a specialist insurance cover that will safeguard our interests and errors or omissions. Our transactions are also on the increase in a rapidly developing affluent world and we do not have the time to evaluate everything we do. This may result in forgetting certain imperative clauses that need to be considered when buying or selling items and services or making agreements in a legal sense. The enhanced risk factor requires our presence of mind but it requires more than ever the services of an expert agency that is capable of handling our legal and litigation affairs. Once we hire suitable E & O insurance agencies or take safeguards by procuring various buy sell agreement insurance cover, the transactions become safe and conducive to secure business ethics and practices. One should realize that not only real estate companies or agents require such cover but also other professions that buy or sell services against specific agreements. One simple fault or point overlooked can sound a panic button leading to litigations and law suits. It is necessary therefore to ensure cover against a variety of misgivings such as errors, misrepresentations, omissions and negligence. To be on the safe side all business persons and entities need to be fully aware of the negative side of carrying out their business and take the much needed E & O insurance or enhancing your security by procuring the available buy sell agreement insurance from reputable firms. The consulting agents you retain for advising you on various legal issues must be fully aware of this aspect of legal procedures in order to provide for your safeguards.

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