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Author:  Lousie smith

The acronym SEO is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization”. It’s a term coined by webmasters who optimize their sites and projects for themselves or on behalf of their clients. This is done to improve page ‘rankings’ in search engine results. Optimizers can offer this service as standalone or as a part of a bigger advertising or marketing campaign. SEO involves the editing and even changing of the HTML source code, thus it may include an alteration in the ‘look and feel’ of a site as well. To make a website ‘search engine friendly’ an SEO can change the design, content, menus, media and other such elements within the site so as to optimize it more maximum search engine exposure. New York City currently holds the record for the most successful number of SEO companies. A NYC SEO Company consists of some of the brightest and dedicated minds to help make a site better for its clients and also the visitors. A reputed NYC SEO, or any other SEO for that matter, works on the procedure of enhancing the visibility and rankings of a certain webpage or site by the natural/un-paid/organic/algorithmic search results. One may also opt for paid listings which focus on particular areas or fields. The SEO firms follow a simple mantra—the higher up a site is on the search page, the more hits or frequent visits will it receive. More hits mean more visitors which in turn mean more revenue. Web presence of a site is thus improved by optimizing the different types of searches made—image, video, local, regional, industry-specific etc. The exposure of the site is thus increased by optimizing particular search phrases or ‘keywords’ which both the visitor is searching for and is present on the site. Thus an improvement ensures frequent visits thus helping locate more prospects and produce additional sales. SEO firms claim that the process itself is very affordable and cheap compared to the returns it generates. Most websites launched in the past 10-15 years did not include SEO in their designs. Thus, a person invests a lot of time, money and energy and receives only part of it in the form of revenue. However, the SEO trend is fast catching up and people have already started employing leading firms the immediate process of optimization. One might just think that with so many players on the track what kind of a race is it going to be. The internet is the venue; the search engine is the track, the visitor the prize and the dash for the prize is on! For more information, please visit website:

Create your website search engine friendly  

The acronym SEO is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization”. It’s a term coined by webmasters who optimize their sites and projects...

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