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My English family

I love my English family, it’s nice, amazing funny… I know Chantelle from the exchange in Spain, I like her very much because she’s amazing, funny, and intelligent and we enjoy the same things. Her sister Chloe is so nice too. She speaks very fast but I can understand what she wants to say. She’s funny. Her mum, Sarah is

lovely, she tries to speak Spanish and it’s so nice. Finally the last member of the family, Leo, the cat!!! He’s cute. I love this family; I think it’s the best English family!!! Marina Martinez Huerta 3AX

My English house

My house is quite rural. It is just 15 or 20 minutes from the school. The house is a little small but I really like it. I have a room just for me (Libby's room). It has a TV and lots of photos of Libby and her friends. Inside the house it is always hot and I have to put my coat out.

María José Cánovas Muñoz 3BX

Breakfast Meals: Lunch Dinner

For breakfast I always have milk with cereals, they have a lot of types of cereals. For lunch I always have a sandwich of ham with cheese and all types of snacks. One day I had for dinner spaghetti with tomato and onion, and another day I ate chicken with carrots, bread and other vegetables. Bel茅n L贸pez Egea 3BX

The Weather

The first two days it was sunny and cold. The two following days it was raining and colder. The 4th day it snowed, it was amazing. The two following days it was cold but it didn’t rain. And the last day in Dorchester it was foggy in the morning but then it was sunny. Angela Iniesta PÊrez 3BX

Day 1: Departure & London panorama

This day has been really nice. I'm really afraid about planes but I love them at the same time. When we arrived in London it was really cold. I loved London. I haven't been to London before so it was my first time. It was full of people. When we came to Dorchester I was really nervous about meeting my new family but then it was really nice. María José Cánovas Muñoz 3BX

Day 2: Dorchester

We have had classes at the High School. I have had P.E, maths, and costumes. Then we have gone to Dorchester that is a small city. There are a lot of shops and one of them has everything at 1 pound !! Ana MarĂ­a MartĂ­ Balsalobre 3AX

Day 2: Dorchester

Dorchester is a small city in the south of England. I go shopping with my friends. The High School is very big. It’s called `Thomas Hardye School´. My school, Mariano Baquero Goyanes, is much smaller. I spent 3 hours in the school and attended some lessons there. Miriam Sánchez González 3AX

Day 3: Bath

In Bath we saw the Roman Baths, it was very interesting. I think that the principal place was the swimming pool. It’s very similar to “El Patio de los Leones” in Granada. Then we went shopping in the center of the city, and Yolanda and I bought a pair of earrings to do a false dilatation. In the afternoon we stayed in the house because we were very tired and at night we went to a pub to have dinner. María Patiño García 3AX

Day 4:

Day out with my family

On Saturday we went to London by train in the morning. The train broke and we had to get another. When we arrived we went out in front of The London Eye. We took a ferry that carried us down the river Thames. Then, we got on a bus up to The National Art Gallery. We visited China Town and had lunch there. After, we went to Buckingham Palace. Finally, we came home by train. Esther Nicol谩s L贸pez 3BX

Day 5:

Day out with my family

Today it's snowing! This morning we went to the forest to walk and to see Tomas Hardye's house. It was a wonderful experience. In the afternoon we watched a film and then we went to Sophie's house to have dinner with their parents and exchangers. Pilar Fernรกndez Aguado 3BX

Day 6: Stonehenge & Salisbury

I liked Stonehenge, it was very nice. The place was beautiful, but I preferred Salisbury. Salisbury Cathedral was amazing. It was very tall and the visit was very interesting. Paula SĂĄnchez MorlesĂ­n 3AX

Day 6: Stonehenge & Salisbury

When we arrived at Stonehenge and we came close to the stone circle I could appreciate the big and important monument it is. There were a lot of people from many different countries there, it was amazing. Then, we went to Salisbury. I have no words to describe the cathedral: it is the most beautiful cathedral in the world! Yolanda Leal Cifuentes 3AX

Day 7: Weymouth

I loved Weymouth because I found a bar called Antonio’s Cafe !! I bought a lot of souvenirs for my family and friends there. In the afternoon, back in Dorchester, we went to a restaurant and we met our English partners and said goodbye to all of them. Antonio León Belando 3AX

Day 8: Return

I woke up early to finish packing the suitcase. I felt so sad because we were going to leave UK. We went to the school at 9 and most people cried. It has been a really wonderful time and we didn't want to finish it but well, we had lots of fun! We went to the airport at 11 o'clock and we flew back to Alicante. Then, we went to the bus and all of our families and friends were waiting for us in the school! Pilar Fernรกndez Aguado 3BX


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