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The Evening’s Agenda Rosary

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

3:40 p.m.


St. Mary’s Catholic Church

4:00 p.m.

Silent Auction and Social Hour

Lourdes Central Catholic High School

Dinner Service Begins Grand Auction

(please be seated by 7:00)

Candace Rehmeier, Auctioneer

In this Book . . . Welcome Special Projects Raffles Special Libations Menu Auction Rules Class Projects Super Silent Auction Items Grand Auction Items Our Donors Whose Who at LCC Event Chairpersons Tonight’s Runners Lourdes Event Sponsors Silent Auction Rooms For the Pine”Apple” of Your Eye For You and Your Cabana Let’s Flamingle and Have Some Fun

Bidding Ends

5:15-6:45 p.m. 7:15 p.m. 8:00 p.m.


9:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m.

2 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 12 18 20 21 22 23

8:00 p.m. 8:20 p.m. 8:40 p.m.

Insert Insert Insert

7:00 p.m.

Printed books including Silent Auction item descriptions are available on-line at the school website and in print the evening of the event. 1

Welcome! Dear Friends of Lourdes Central Catholic School, Welcome to our Annual Lourdes Event. I hope you enjoy your “Escape the to Tropics” evening! At the beginning of the school year, Bishop Conley announced the theme for the Diocese of Lincoln as “Love Made Visible.” This evening, the generosity of our sponsors, donors and volunteers demonstrates their love, made visible, to the young people at Lourdes. Through your stewardship you allow our community to give witness to the face of Jesus Christ and his love to future generations. God Bless,

Fr. Mark Cyza President

Special Project Science is fun, or so science teachers, Mrs. Caitlin Falcone and Ms. Ellen Wulf promise! This year our special project is the upgrading of the science/lab equipment for the science program at Lourdes! Please take a moment to consider some of the needs listed below and be generous during the bidding on this very special project which will affect the education of our students for years to come. Mrs. Falcone’s wish list includes: 

 

Microscopes with Wifi Camera - Allows students to share pictures/videos of what they are viewing under the microscope. Currently the number of microscopes is inadequate. These microscopes connect to the students’ iPads and allow lab partners to view the same object at one time. Stereomicroscopes - Stereomicroscopes allow students to view thicker structures. Vernier Biology Probes

Ms. Wulf’s wish list includes:    


Eye-Wash Station for the Chemistry Lab LabQuest 2 - LabQuest 2 is a data-collection device that helps to enhance student learning in STEM* by providing hands-on science in the classroom or in the field. LabQuest 2 Software - A one time purchase that gives the school and students access to the software necessary to utilize LabQuest 2 (the app for the iPad and a program for a PC). Electronic Scales - Current electronic scales only measure to the first decimal place which causes difficulties when measuring chemical compounds. In addition to the lack of accuracy there are not enough to share one per lab bench. Having additional electronic scales would help to make time spent in the lab much more efficient and practical for students.

Raffles and Fun! Last Table Standing At the beginning of dinner, you will have the option to purchase as a table a $100 raffle ticket ($10 per person at your table). During dinner we will start eliminating tables until we have a winner! There will be a 60/40 split of the coffer. The winning table takes home 60% of the total and 40% goes to the school. If all tables participate, you have a chance to win $2,400 for your table, that’s $240 per person!! If any table does not wish to participate - you can buy their raffle ticket! If you are the only person at your table who wants to participate, you pay the total table fee of $100. If your table wins YOU get the pot. Good Luck!

Envelope Raffle Here’s a chance to win a lot for a little! 120 people will have the opportunity to purchase an envelope for $20 and take a chance on the win of the evening! If your envelope has a card inside reading “You’ve Won!” you may select one silent auction item of your choice! Class projects and Super-Silent auction items are excluded from this raffle. Just imagine the possibilities. All envelopes must be sold for this raffle to apply. Envelopes MUST NOT be opened until the auctioneer announces the end of the raffle at 7:00 p.m. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase at the door.

Tropical Vacation Raffle Enjoy an 8-day, 7-night stay for two adults in sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! The winner of this raffle will enjoy deluxe accommodations among the jungled landscapes of the Sierra Madre Mountains, world -class golf, white sand beaches, plus abundant shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Includes airfare voucher. Reservations must be made 60 days in advance. Tickets will be sold by our students during the social hour and dinner. The drawing will take place right before the Grand Auction begins! Only $50 could win you the vacation of a lifetime!


Special Libations Be the highest bidder and all the fixin’s for the drinks will be brought to your table for your guests to enjoy.

Spring Buzz

Create your own spring cocktail with this basket. Includes vodka, rose lemonade, orange juice and cranberry juice.

Donated by Hope and Duane Weninger

Pineapple Upside Down

Everyone’s favorite dessert in a drink! Crown Royal vanilla, pineapple juice, cherries, and grenadine - along with the directions on how to concoct this delicious drink!

Donated by The Vineyard, Todd and Missy Marth

Big Red Margarita

All you Husker fans get ready! This Husker themed drink basket includes all the mixings for margaritas and a “Frost-y” rimmed glass!

Donated by Joe and Brooke Chaney

Cha Cha Rum Chata

Ladies, here is a bottle of everyone’s favorite drink and some glasses to start the evening’s cha cha cha! Comes with root beer.

Donated by Hope and Duane Weninger

Crown and Coke

For that select whiskey connoisseur only a bottle of the best will do. Crown Royal and classic Coke accompany adorable Coke glasses.

Donated by The Vineyard, Todd and Missy Marth

Special thanks to Robyn Gay, cocktail artist, for creating our special libations!


Menu Appetizers Beef Satay Coconut Shrimp Meatballs Cheese Platter Mains Dinner Salad Pork Loin with Pineapple Salsa Jerk Chicken with Hawaiian BBQ Sauce Boursin Mashed Potatoes Julienne Vegetables Hawaiian Dinner Rolls

Dessert Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Catering provided by “Yes Chef!�, Lincoln, NE 5

General Finance and Auction Rules All general rules apply to the Grand Auction and Silent Auction. 1. Use only the bid number assigned to you. You are responsible for any bids made with your number. 2. Payments for any item may be made immediately upon the sale of that item. Payment may be made with CASH, CHECK, and MASTERCARD or VISA. PAYMENT THE EVENING OF THE LOURDES EVENT 2018 IS MANDATORY. (Any auction item purchased by a group must be paid for with one credit card or check at the time of purchase.) 3. Items may be removed the evening of Lourdes Event 2018 and may be picked up from the rooms upon presentation of your receipt. Please make your payments at the bank which is located in the music room. 4. ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. 5. UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED, ALL AUCTION ITEMS AND SERVICES MUST BE USED BY April 8, 2019.

Grand Auction Rules 1. The GRAND AUCTION will begin immediately following dinner and continue until all items have been sold. 2. Each auction item is numbered. The emcee will introduce the numbered item. Bidders can accept a bid called by the auctioneer by raising their bid card. The successful bidder will receive one copy of the receipt to be presented to the cashier for payment of the item. At the time of payment, the cashier will mark “PAID” on the copy presented and will keep one copy. 3. Some items may have a bid minimum assigned. No bid less than the minimum bid will be accepted.

Super Silent and Silent Auction Rules 1. Each item in the Silent Auction has a bid sheet attached to the table on which it is displayed. Persons desiring to place a bid may do so by writing their bid number, along with the amount they’re bidding, on the bid sheet. 2. Each item is assigned an opening bid amount. No bid less than this assigned amount will be accepted. 3. Each item is assigned a minimum raise amount. Each new bid must exceed the previous bid by at least the minimum raise amount in order to constitute a valid bid. Bids must be written on the topmost blank line available on the bid sheet. 4. The Silent Auction rooms will be open for bidding at 5:15 and close at the preset times. No bids will be ac-

cepted after the Silent Auction room closes. In the event that an item has more than one bidder at the table at closing time, those bidders present may continue to bid until the highest bidder wins. Runners will be available throughout the evening to assist our guests in placing Silent Auction Bids.

5. Every attempt will be made to notify the winning bidder of each item at his/her dining table. Items may be paid for at any time prior to the end of the evening by visiting the cashier’s station located in the music room. The cashier will provide the bidder with a white bid receipt upon payment. All items will be brought to your table by the end of the evening . The bidder should retain the white receipt as a record of their charitable contribution.

Consultation with a tax advisor is encouraged. Retain your receipt to determine the amount of your charitable contribution. Thank you for generously bidding on our Silent and Grand Auction items.

Payment may be made on the main level in the music room.


Class Projects 501.

Kindergarten: Alphabet Poster The entire Kindergarten class has posed for letters A-Z and with the expert help of Mary Pargett Photography, the alphabet has come to life! This traditional Kindergarten ABC poster is matted and framed and will be a great keepsake! Class Project Chairs: Mrs. Michelle Kreifels, Tara Bennett, and Darci Travis Special thanks to Mary Pargett Photography


1st Grade: Add Some Color to your Garden! First Grade has crafted a colorful Garden Door with handprint flowers - courtesy of our first grade students. Four flower pots and a gift certificate to fill them with your favorite flowers is also included! The Garden Door is an actual door with a polyurethane finish, so you can display it outdoors! Class Project Chairs: Mrs. Kathy Gawart and Jill Yost


2nd Grade: Family Faith Basket and Advent Calendar This basket is filled with over 25 items to help your whole family grow in their faith. From devotionals for mom, dad, and the kids to faith-based games and toys, this basket has something for everyone. This basket includes holy water, a medal of Mary, a rosary with metal box from the miraculous grotto at Lourdes, France, and a stone from the Holy Land with St. Padre Pio’s quote “Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry” engraved on it. The students have embellished a beautiful wooden Advent Calendar box with pull out drawers to help your family prepare their hearts for the coming of Christ during the Advent season. Your family is sure to increase their spiritual life with this awesome Family Faith Basket and Advent Calendar! Class Project Chairs: Danica Babusis, Ann Beccard and Suzanne Moody


3rd Grade: Outdoor Nativity Scene Get a head start on Christmas with this beautiful outdoor Nativity Scene and Handmade Christmas Cards, compliments of the 3rd grade! The metal Nativity Scene, depicting the Holy Family, is perfect for your yard. It is wind-resistant and has ground stakes for easy set up! The Christmas kit is complete with an outdoor spotlight, extension cord, and high watt bulbs. The students also created 22 Christmas cards to send Christmas wishes to your friends and family or to thank them for the perfect gift! Class Project Chairs: Jaclyn Kreifels and Kate Roberts; special thanks to Matt Beccard for his beautiful metal work!


4th Grade: Family Date Night In! Enjoy a night in with the family with this basket which includes a table top popcorn popper, games for all ages, and a couple family-friendly movies. We didn’t forget the snacks or popcorn! To top it off, the 4th Graders personalized a bowl for your family night in treats!! Class Project Chairs: Tammy Bando, Tara Bennett and Kris Moser


5th Grade: HANDmade Ceramic Bowls Our fifth grade stdents all lent a hand (literally) to make these one of a kind ceramic bowls. This package includes two ceramic handprint bowls made with the help of artist Debi Baumert. Class Chairs: Mrs. Beth Box, Lori Martin and Jamie Matson Special Thanks to Debi Baumert, Colour Art Studio 7


6th Grade: Love Made Visible Painting The 6th grade students have created a work of art using just their thumbprints and based around our school’s theme for this year, “Love Made Visible.” Class Project Chairs: Tina Dia and Carissa Phillips


7th Grade: Escape Room Adventure Join Fr. Morin and see if you can get out of a real life escape room! Crack the codes. Solve the riddles. Do you have what it takes to get out in time? Package includes an Escape experience of your choice for 6-7 people in the Old Market at “Get Out Omaha.” If your group is lucky enough to “make it out alive” you can enjoy drinks, appetizers, or dinner with your group at a restaurant or pub of your choice with $125 to help pay the bill. This package is compliments of the 7th grade parents and can be redeemed on your choice of dates. Class Project Chair: Kim Esser


8th Grade Project on the Live Auction! Class Project Chairs: Adam and Jennifer Howard


9th Grade: "GO BIG BLUE! GO BIG BLUE!" Take Lourdes spirit with you wherever you go! This package includes his/hers high quality stadium seats personalized with Lourdes logos, Lourdes rolling cooler, small Lourdes cooler, Lourdes activity pass for the 2018/2019 school year and more. Class Project Chair: Debi Baumert


10th Grade Basket “Take a Shot at your Luck” Do you feel lucky?? Enjoy some liquid courage while you test your luck at some Nebraska Lottery scratch-offs. Don’t forget us if you win big! Class Project Chair: Tammy Bando


11th Grade: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!” Shot Basket Just like Wayne Gretsky said, you won’t miss an opportunity to take a shot with this basket! Whether you need to add to you existing bar or are setting up a new bar we have you covered. This basket includes 16 “shot” minis. Then it is filled with full size bottles to complete your “shot” bar. So many choices - even a bottle of Chardonnay! Donated by the Parents of the Junior Class. Class Project Chairs: Sally DuBois and Mary Wright


12th Grade: Date Night Grab your favorite person for a fantastic date night! This package includes two tickets to the Tony Award Winning Broadway Musical “Wicked” at the Orpheum on Friday, May 25, 2018 at 8pm. Also included is a $100 gift certificate for dinner at the Flat Iron Cafe and an overnight stay at the luxury, boutique Magnolia Hotel. All the planning and work is done, just show up for the fun! Class Project Chairs: Joel and Cheryl Wichman


Super-Silent Auction 401.

Go Glamping! This Glam Camp Stay Package includes a one night stay at Oak Haven Vineyard near Plattsmouth for two. You’ll also be treated to dinner, s’mores, and breakfast. Donated by Oak Haven Vineyard, Herb and Joyce McCaulla


Chiefs vs. Bengals Football Game Enjoy a Kansas City Chiefs vs Cincinnati Bengals Football Game with four (4) End Zone tickets at Arrowhead Stadium. The date of this game is not yet announced. Donated by Anonymous

403. Knights Pop-A-Shot This basketball arcade game features a customized Lourdes Knights backboard with two hoops and 10 games, from the classic 1-on-1 competition to individual skill challenges. Sturdy construction, wheels for mobility and a heavy-duty nylon ball ramp make it durable and extension tubes allow you to tailor the height of the game. It folds up for storage and would be great for any basketball fans! Donated by Joe and Kristin Tynon 404.

Fore for four! 18 holes of golf for four with cart at TableCreek Golf Course. Donated by TableCreek Golf Course and Restaurant, Skip and Monica Welsh


One of a Kind Metal Art Print This beautiful photo taken by Matthew Gress features a dramatic sunset with lone tree. The metal print is 24” x 16” with two metal brackets on back to secure evenly to any wall. A true testament of beauty displayed in any home or office. Donated by Matt Gress Photography, Mike and Janelle Gress


Lied Lodge Get-a-Way Take time to getaway from every day and relax in nature-inspired surroundings at Lied Lodge and Conference Center with this overnight stay and breakfast for two. Donated by Lied Lodge and Conference Center


Pioneer Seed Corn or Soybeans. Your choice of two bags of Pioneer seed corn or five bags of treated Pioneer soybeans. Donated by Mike Lyons, Lyons Enterprises


Private Beaver Lake Pool and Beach Party! A great venue for a birthday party or gathering with family and friends. Your group will have all-day access to the sandy beach/lake and pool and exclusive use with a lifeguard on duty from 7pm-9pm. There is a volley ball court, children's play set, fishing dock and bbq grills ready for you use. Bring in your food and drinks for a fun day at the lake! Donated by Brad and Cathy Kassube



El Portal Gift Certificates “Escape to Mexico” with great food and drinks at El Portal. Enjoy a free lunch, dinner, or drinks with friends once a month for a whole year, not to exceed $20 per visit. 409a. El Portal, Nebraska City 409b. El Portal, Auburn Donated by El Portal


Get Biking! Check out this sweet ride! These 7-speed medium sized bikes feature a rust-free chain and airless tires make it maintenance free! 410a. Men’s Bike 410b. Women’s Bike Donated by Thurman’s Bike and Sport


Cedar Adirondack Chairs and Table Beautiful, handmade cedar Adirondack chairs and table have a clear-coat finish to show off the beautiful hand picked wood. The table even has a live edge. Simply stunning. Made by LCC Senior, Tristian Peter


Best of Jamaica This Jamaica Irie Basket celebrates the “Best of Jamaica” with an Usain Bolt autographed poster, Jamaica Beach Tote, Jewelry from Fallmouth, Jamaica, Jamaican Jerk Seasonings, Jamaican Rum, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, and Red Stripe Beer. Donated by Nebraska City Physical Therapy


KC Chiefs Autographed Football Will Shields autographed KC Chiefs Football. Will was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2015 and won the Outland Trophy during his time with the Huskers. He played for the Huskers from 1989-1992 and then the Chiefs from 1993-2006. Donated by Brian Kochanowicz


Make your own island! The Aqua Lily Pad creates a buoyant on-water portable floating island where you can rest, kick-back, or for your favorite water activities like skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, stand-up, paddle boarding and fishing. The Aqua Lily Pad is the ideal water accessory for all ages. Includes a 6' x 17' pad, two straps to keep it rolled, and a lanyard to attach to a boat, dock, or anything else. Donated by Derek and Taylor McGinnis



Mosaic Sacred Shrine Always popular, this beautiful mosaic piece is handmade by artist Kathy Florence. Donated by Kathy Florence, HisHandmaidArt


Complete Camping Adventure Kit! This kit has a tent, camp chairs, fishing rods and tackle, blankets, mugs, and all the camp accessories needed for your next adventure. Donated by Ambassador Nebraska City


Spiritual Retreat Your choice of one Weekend Couples Spiritual Retreat at BroomTree Retreat and Conference Center in Irene, SD Donated by BroomTree Retreat and Conference Center


The Ultimate Nebraska Volleyball Fan Set. Two tickets to a Husker Volleyball game and all the Husker Volleyball accessories you need to look like the ultimate Husker Volleyball fan: two National Championship Volleyball shirts, two stainless steel insulated tumblers, clear cross-body purse, drawstring backpack, four coasters, and "Dream Like A Champion" book written and autographed by John Cook. Donated by Kent and Cindy McGinnis


The Other White Meat! This hog is raised on the Roberts Family Farm, without antibiotics and not fed any animal by-products. The hog will be ready in July and processed at Pelican Meats in Johnson, Nebraska! 419a. Half Hog 419b. Half Hog Donated by Dave and Kate Roberts with the help of farmhands Ethan, Ryan, Margaret, and Joseph


Easter Lily Wooden Cross This stunning wooden cross This Easter Lily Cross was designed and hand crafted by local craftsman Christopher Boyd of Percival Woodcrafts using five different types of wood and finished with just a clear sealer to enhance the natural color and beauty wood. Donated by Drs. Tyler and Kelli Mason, Arbor Vitae Chiropractic


Mandy Hall Photography Gift Certificate Senior pictures are just around the corner for many upcoming graduates! How about a professionally done photo for next year’s Christmas card? Here is a $300 gift certificate to be used toward your next photography session at Mandy Hall Photography in Auburn. Donated by Mandy Hall Photography, Auburn


All American Landscaping Add a maple tree to your landscape! This tree will be professionally planted by All American Landscaping, within a 30-mile radius of Nebraska City. This two inch diameter tree is a $400 value and a beautiful addition to any yard. Tree will be planted this spring to mid-June (2018) only. Donated by Ryan and Mickala Sjulin, All American Landscaping


Shrimp Boil and Pool Party You won’t even have to leave town for the beach with this night of fun for you and your crew! The families on Whispering Pines Drive will host up to 10 adults for a swim party with drinks and a shrimp boil at the home of Tom and Cindy Gude. Must use in the summer of 2018, excludes 4th of July. Donated by Tom and Cindy Gude, Daren and Beth Box, Dan and Kay DeFreece, Bryan and Kelly Bequette, Evert and Lisa Whitten


Reserved Seating for 12 and Tour of Lights for Lourdes 2018 Christmas Concert Enjoy reserved seating for 12 at the 2018 Lourdes Christmas Concert. Then hop on the provided transportation for a tour of Nebraska City’s holiday lights (either before or after). Includes warm drinks and treats. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Grand Auction 1. Pizza and a Movie for a Year! It’s back again! For those evenings where supper just isn’t coming together like you had planned, it’s Valentino’s pizza to the rescue! One large Valentino’s pizza per month for a year will give the head chef a little more down time. After you have eaten your fill, head on over to the Pioneer 3 Movie Theater and enjoy a movie on the big screen. This family pass allows up to four people to enjoy unlimited movies for a full year! Now that is entertainment at its best!! Donated by Valentino’s, Nile and Mary Farris and The Pioneer 3 Theater

2. Fitness for the Family at the Ambassador Wellness Center You don’t have to wait until next January to start on your health goals. The whole family will enjoy a one-year membership at the Ambassador Wellness Center in Nebraska City. The Ambassador Wellness Center makes it fun to stay fit with a swimming pool, weight training and cardio equipment, racquetball court, full size gym, and fitness classes for adults and kids. There’s even childcare where the little ones can play while you exercise. Motivation is your best accessory and to help you stay on track use this Fitbit Alta - a customizable fitness tracker designed to fit your personal style. Stay motivated by tracking all day activity like steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes, and get credit for your workouts with SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition. At night, track your sleep and set a silent alarm to wake better and get your best rest. No matter where you’re headed, the easy to read OLED screen keeps your goals in focus with time and calendar notifications and get your phone call or text notifications. Donated by The Ambassador Wellness Center and Walmart 12

3. Colorado Log Cabin Stay near Breckenridge, Colorado

Vacation any season in paradise! Spend 4 nights, 5 days at Pinecone Mountain Cabin just south of Breckenridge, Colorado. It is in the hear t of the South Centr al Color ado Rocky Mountains and has almost every outdoor activity imaginable to offer its visitors. This spectacular 3 bedroom/3 bath full Log Home sleeps 10 and has all the amenities you can imagine. It is located on a secluded 10 acre property that is densely wooded with pine, spruce, and aspen trees. The home also has mountain views from the large deck, living room and loft. The ceilings are high and vaulted with full logs and chinking visible throughout the home both inside and out. Whatever season you choose to vacation, this home will offer you comfort, luxury and memories that will last a lifetime. Please note that Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks may not be available. Please make arrangements with donor 60 days in advance. Donated by RockCreek Swine, Dave and Debbie Heng, Patrick Heng


A Suite Experience: Game Day at Memorial Stadium for the Huskers vs Troy State on September 15, 2018

Cheer on the Huskers with four tickets in premium seating in the North Skyline Skybox Suites and enjoy food and beverages to make your exper ience complete! This will be a fun group to watch Scott Frost and the new Coaching Staff in their first season. Enjoy convenient parking in Lot 8, adjacent to Memorial Stadium. Donated by Jerry and Patti Gress, Joe and Marliss Miller, Scott and Kristin Miller, and Nebraska City Red



Get Ready for Summer Grilling!

Here’s the Beef! This Boxed side of beef includes a variety of steaks, roasts, flat round, knuckle sirloin, rib eye, ground beef, and more for all your favorite recipes! 168lbs of beef will be cut, trimmed and wrapped to your preference by the experts at Fareway Meat Market. Please redeem by May 2, 2018 at Fareway in Nebraska City. Grill up your beef on this Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRUInfrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill. Per fect for tailgating, camping, picnics, and parties.

Donated by Fareway Market, Nebraska City; Grill donated by Husker Rehab, Nebraska City

6. Riverboat Cruise and Dinner for 10 with Bishop Conley Jerry and Patti Gress will host ten lucky guests for dinner and drinks with Bishop Conley at their Riverfront Condo overlooking the Missouri River. The fun doesn’t stop there. You can soak in the scenery of the Missouri River and Omaha Skyline on the River City Star Riverboat Cruise. Must be arranged on a mutually agreed upon date. Donated by Jerry and Patti Gress. Special thanks to Bishop Conley for sharing his time with us!

7. Omaha Craft Brew tour for 10 Grab your friends and family and get ready to discover the Omaha Craft Beer scene. You’ll enjoy a four-hour guided tour visiting two Omaha area breweries and The Casual Pint Craft Beer Market. Sample beers along the way with a flight of 4 4oz beers and a pint at the brewery tour stop. Enjoy snacks and water on the bus and use of a gigantic cooler to store all the beer you buy along the way (or bring with you!). LCC will make sure you get there and back safely with transportation to and from the tour. Donated by the parents of the Class of 2022 14

8. Lake Superior Getaway, Fjord Cottage at Cove Point Lodge Enjoy a 4 night, 5 day stay in this beautiful cottage on the North Shore of Lake Superior at Beaver Bay with awesome views of the lake and passing ships from the cottage dock. The Fjord Northwood Cottage sleeps 6 and features expansive views of Lake Superior from all rooms. The cottage has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Each bedroom has a queen bed and views of Lake Superior. There are flat screen televisions in each main floor bedroom and in the living room, however, the real entertainment is just out the sliding glass door to the deck overlooking Lake Superior, the waves, and the ships that go by. There are fabulous attractions just a few miles from the cottage: Split Rock Lighthouse, Gooseberry Falls, Several State Parks, Lutsen Ski Area or visit the nearby villages and cities; Grand Marais, Grand Portage, and Duluth, Minnesota. Aside from the spectacular views of the area you can enjoy hiking, fishing, downhill skiing, snowmobiling, X-County skiing, photography, and much more at various times throughout the year! Please note that Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks may not be available. Please make arrangements with donor 60 days in advance. Donated by RockCreek Swine, Dave and Debbie Heng, Patrick Heng

9. See Elton John’s Farewell Tour with Fr. Ventre! Sir Elton John tours one last time on his “Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour” and you can see him with Fr. Ventre at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 8pm. Fr . Ventr e will tr eat four guests to sing-a-longs with Elton John in great seats in the lower bowl. Donated by Fr. Michael Ventre

10. Holy Justice Golf Outing for 8 Join Fr. McCabe and Judge Funke for golf at Wildwood Golf Course. The Rehmeiers and this “Holy Justice” dynamic duo will host your group of eight for 18 holes of golf with cart followed by burgers and beer on their deck overlooking the course after your golf outing. Donated by Judge Randall and Candace Rehmeier


11. “Escape to Italy” with Fr. Morin and Fr. Mills Fr. Jim Morin and Fr. Steve Mills will treat ten lucky guest to a private Mass and dinner at the beautiful Newman Center in Lincoln. The full-fledged Italian Dinner is complete with Apertivi (before dinner drinks), Antipasto (appetizers), Primo (pasta), Secondo (main course), Dolce (dessert), and Digestivi (after dinner drinks). Fr. Morin promises fantastic wine and singing. Donated by Fr. Jim Morin and Fr. Steve Mills

12. A VIP experience to see Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo! Recognized all over the world, Cirque du Soleil has constantly sought to evoke imagination, invoke senses and provoke emotions. Cirque du Soleil is a theatrical performance you have to see to believe. Children and adults will enjoy the highly creative and artistic “Corteo” show from Cirque du Soleil. This package includes 10 tickets in a Suite to the 7:30pm performance at Pinnacle Bank Arena on Saturday, May 19, 2018. You will enjoy bottomless popcorn in your Suite experience! No need to stress about parking - three VIP parking passes are included.

Donated by Craig and Marge Buescher and John and Pat Miller

13. Family Getaway in Kansas City Enjoy a two-night stay at Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City with waterpark passes included. You can also choose your adventure at Union Station with a $150 gift card to visit Science City, see a world-class special exhibit, catch a movie, visit the planetarium, or enjoy delicious treats! New Year’s Eve is the only blackout date with this package. Donated by Ryan and Ann Beccard

14. Grillin’ and Chillin’ Grill Package Looking for a grill that grills AND smokes? This amazing Daniel Boone Model Green Mountain Grill uses pellets as it’s heat sour ce, which makes food so much more flavorful than charcoal or gas. The grill has a peaked lid for standup chicken/rib racks, a meat probe with digital readout of food temps, venturestyle firebox for cyclone combustions, Sense-Mate thermal sensor, “turbo” mode circuit board for even smoking/grilling in very cold weather. Pellets, grilling baskets, stainless steel utensils with case, hot pads, and meat tray are included to get you “gr illin”. Bever age tub and can cooler s ar e included so you can be “chillin” while your grillin… Donated by Kent and Cindy McGinnis 16

15. That’s Right! There’s TWO Chances at a Suite Experience A second game day at Memorial Stadium for the Huskers vs. Troy State on September 15, 2018! This package includes four tickets in the luxury east stadium suite. Exclusive access to the suite level, climate controlled, covered/heated outdoor stadium seating as well as indoor seating with 6 big screen TVs and private bathroom. Enjoy a pre-game tailgate in the popular parking lot 12, just outside the doors of the east stadium. Tailgate includes a gathering under a shaded tent to get you started sharing food and beverages, with additional dining far e and nonalcoholic drinks during the game while enjoying the suite. A commemorative game book and tickets to help you remember the amazing views and unique experience while cheering the Huskers on! Donated by J. Joe Ricketts and the Ricketts Family

16. Take Me Out to the Ball Game! Four field box tickets to a 2018 r egular season Chicago Cubs home game at Wrigley Field! Celebrate the Cubs Win with a $100 gift card at Brickhouse Tavern next to Wrigley Field after the game. Enjoy a two night stay at the nearby Hilton Hotel to complete your weekend in the Windy City. Go Cubs, Go! Please note that Opening Day, St. Louis Cardinals, marquee and Inter-League games are not available.

Cubs tickets donated by Governor Pete Ricketts and First Lady Susanne Shore. Hotel stay and Brickhouse Tavern gift card donated by Mike Borns and Gynae Bantz.

17. Sweet Three-Peat! Our Senior Boys of the history making Class D1 “3-peat” State Championship team posed for Mar y Par gett Photogr aphy with trophies from the 2016, 2017, and 2018 State Championships. This photo is matted and framed and comes with an autographed ball. A tr easur e for any Knights Fan! Donated by Mary Pargett Photography, Blum’s Custom Framing, and Sam Baumert, Brandon Fredrichs, Jack Funke, Ben Miller, Daniel Perdomo, Thomas Ragland, and Quinten Vasa. 17

Our Donors A special thank you to our Presenting Sponsors Bernard Real Estate and Premier Bank LeRoy and Valerie Able All American Landscaping Sheryl Allen Shane and Amy Allgood Amazing Pizza Machine Ambassador Nebraska City Ambassador Wellness Center American National Bank Andrea's Cut Above Appearances Arbor Bank Arbor Country Cleaning and Restoration Arbor Outdoor Power Arbor Valley Animal Clinic Arbor Vitae Chiropractic Auburn Chiropractic Tammy Bando Gynae Bantz Debi Baumert BCDM Ryan and Ann Beccard Bellevue Berry Farm and Pumpkin Patch Bellevue Little Theater Bryan and Kelly Bequette Bernard Real Estate Mr. and Mrs. George Blazek Blum’s Custom Frames Dianne Bohlken Michael Borns Daren and Beth Box Broom Tree Retreat and Conference Center Brownville Concert Hall Lacie Bruns-Morris and Family Craig and Marge Buescher Pat Calvert Casey's Catholic Daughters of the Americas Champions Fun Center Joe and Brooke Chaney Lucy Chaney Chesterman Coca Cola CHI -St. Mary’s, Margaret’s Gift Shop The Cleaners, Auburn Commercial State Bank Bishop James D. Conley Creative Hair and Nails Creighton University Curl Up and Dye Salon and Spa Dairy Sweet Dr. Dan and Kay DeFreece The Depot Restaurant Jesse and Kim Dorman Laurence and Sally DuBois 18

Durham Western Heritage Museum Dotti Easter Douglas Tire Ryan and Janie Ebmeier El Portal, Auburn and Nebraska City Josh and Pam Epp Don and Anne Erftmier Jason and Kim Esser Nick Esser Fabric Fairy Family Dentistry Fareway Nile and Mary Farris Curt and Nikki Feilmeier Wilber and Marlene Fey First Class Flowers and Gifts Franciscan Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother Terry and Misy Fulton John and Kathy Gawart Brett and Robyn Gay Dr. Jim and Tammi Gigstad Gloria Deo Great Wolf Lodge Mike and Janelle Gress Jerry and Patti Gress Ron and MaryBeth Grundman Gude Mortuary Tom and Cindy Gude Hank Handmade, Audra Rutt Larry and Mary Henderson Dave and Debbie Heng Pat Heng Henry Doorly Zoo HisHandmaidArt, Kathy Florence Husker Rehab Physical Therapy Linda Isaacson Joy and Theresa Johnson Joslyn Art Museum JT’s Crafts, JoElla Travis Kansas City Royals Brad and Cathy Kassube The Keeping Room Knights of Columbus Brian Kochanowicz Dale Kreifels Krog Family Grant and Shana Lackey Lied Center for Performing Arts Lied Lodge and Conference Center Lifetime Vision, Auburn Lincoln Children's Museum Little Ted's Pub and Grill Lofte Community Theatre

Our Donors Lost In Fun Lourdes Librarians Lyons Enterprises, Mike Lyons Main Street Theaters Mandy Hall Photography Clint and Lori Martin Jerry and Suzi Martin Mary Pargett Photography Drs. Tyler and Kelli Mason Brad and Jamie Matson Matt Gress Photography Fr. Michael McCabe Ruth McCabe Herb and Joyce McCaulla Kent and Cindy McGinnis Derek and Taylor McGinnis Dr. Molly McNeely, D.D.S. Mercer's Do It Best Merritt’s Quality Cabinets Merz Ink Dr. Brett and Emily Meyer Paul and Connie Meyer Miller Family Dentistry Dr. Duane Miller, D.D.S. Joe and Marliss Miller John and Pat Miller Scott and Kristin Miller Fr. Steven Mills Fr. Jim Morin Morton Place Senior Living Don and Eileen Mousel Robert Moyer NAPA Auto Parts Nebraska City Chiropractic Nebraska City Dental Nebraska City Medical Clinic Nebraska City Nutrition Nebraska City Physical Therapy Nebraska City News Press Oak Haven Vineyard Omaha Community Playhouse Omaha Symphony Dr. Scott and Jan O'Neil DDS Ottemann Photography Papio Fun Park Elaine Parde Tammy Partsch Pathfinder Wealth Advisors Tristian Peter Pinnacle Bank Arena Pioneer 3 Theatre Premier Bank Professional Mortgage Services Jim and Mary Ann Pudenz Randall and Candace Rehmeier J. Joe Ricketts and the Ricketts Family Governor Pete Ricketts and Susanne Shore

Dave and Kate Roberts RockCreek Swine S Systems Schlitterbahn Buck and Amber Shawhan Family Ryan and Mickala Sjulin Lisa Snyder Southeast Plumbing and Heating Spirit of Brownville St. Francis Gift and Thrift State Farm Insurance Fr. Michael Stec Duane and Shelli Stuhr Super Suds, Auburn and Nebraska City TableCreek Golf Course and Restaurant Thurmans Bike and Sport The Toddy Shop Joe and Kristin Tynon U-Save Pharmacy Vala's Pumpkin Patch Valentino's Vanderveen and Goracke Fr. Michael Ventre Village Designs The Vineyard, Plattsmouth Walmart Supercenter Todd and Theresa Walton Chris Webster Skip and Monica Welsh The Weninger Family Kory and Julia White Evert and Lisa Whitten Gerry Wirth Woodland Hills Golf World Auto Sales Bob and Patrice Wulf Yes Chef! Todd and Jill Yost A BIG THANK YOU... to all the Lourdes Central Catholic parents for their donations to the class projects and your continued support. GO KNIGHTS!


The Lourdes Family Fr. Mark Cyza

Mr. Curt H. Feilmeier



FACULTY AND STAFF Mike Alex Sheryl Allen Kathy Aultz Heather Bakula Katie Bebout Richard Blobaum Dianne Bohlken Beth Box Lacie Bruns Morris Clayton Carlton Laura Carlton Brooke Chaney Kay DeFreece Tina Dia Thomas Dinville Jennifer Dirksen Kim Dorman Kim Esser Caitlin Falcone Dorothy Funke

Kathy Gawart Nancy Giles Lesley Gould Connie Gress Marybeth Grundman Ron Grundman Dana Gunderson Diana Harris Noreen Harris Kylie Hein Linda Hogeland Sr. Kathleen Kilp Michelle Kreifels Mary Liesemeyer Mark Madison Julie Martinosky Taylor McGinnis Mary Mills Cindy Monson Fr. James Morin

Matt Novak Michael Parde Tammy Partsch Roxann Penfield Gabe Rohde Fr. Jerel Scholl Theresa Smith Sr. Ana Marie Solis Cathy Thomas Joe Tynon Fr. Michael Ventre Victoria Watkins Carolyn Whitney Lisa Whitten Tom Wigington Linda Willson Emily Wolken Mary Wright Ellen Wulf Patrice Wulf Sr. Cynthia Young

SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS Mike Alex Ann Beccard Fr. Mark Cyza Jason Esser Curt Feilmeier Jeff Funke Fr. Michael Houlihan

Brad Kassube Brad Kreifels Fr. Michael McCabe Emily Meyer Fr. Karl Millis Nicole Schnitzer

Fr. Jerel Scholl Stena Seamann Laurie Stukenholtz Joe Tynon Lisa Whitten Carole Winscot Fr. Michael Ventre

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE Mike Alex Heather Bakula Bryan Bequette Mike Borns Brooke Chaney Fr. Mark Cyza


Dan DeFreece Kay DeFreece Jesse Dorman Curt Feilmeier Jerry Gress Michael Koslosky Christine Koslosky

Herb Lavigne Fr. Michael McCabe Emily Meyer Brett Meyer Deanna Sands Bob Wulf Patrice Wulf

Event Committees Each year so many of you give of your time and talents. We would like each of the recipients of this catalog to note just how many people it takes to prepare for this evening. Many of the people listed here are volunteers and devote a year of their time to the Event! We truly thank each and every one of you, and those that pop in to help at the very end, for the part you play in the success of the Event. If we missed your name, please forgive us and know that your efforts do not go unnoticed! Event Coordinator

Brooke Chaney

Publishing and Support

Patrice Wulf


Candace Rehmeier


8th Grade Parents


Melanie Schnitzer and Tara Bennett, Co-Chairs Jessica Crunk, Taylor McGinnis, Suzanne Moody, Kelly O’Donnell, Audra Rutt, Amanda Schulz, Darci Travis, Jill Yost


Hope Weninger, Chair Noreen Harris, Robin Heng, Amber Shawhan

Bar Setup/Servers

Knights of Columbus


Laura Box and Leah DeFreece, Lourdes Alumni

Mass Coordinator

Kate Roberts

Silent Auction Acquisitions

Hope Weninger, Chair Rachelle Ragland, Jill Yost

Silent Auction Basket Set-Up

Janie Ebmeier

Silent Auction Room Host/Hostess

Clay Carlton, Tina Dia, Tom Dinville, Julie Martinosky

Silent Auction Set-Up

Kim Esser, Silent Auction Chair Kathy Aultz, Nancy Baragary, Kay DeFreece, Sally DuBois, Kathy Gawart, Tammie Gigstad, Dana Gunderson, Diana Harris, Noreen Harris, Michelle Kreifels, MaryAnn Liesemeyer, Linda Monahan, Michael Parde, Roxann Penfield, Shelli Stuhr, Cathy Thomas, Lisa Whitten, Mary Wright

Special Libations Basket Designs

Robyn Gay

Raffle Ticket Sales

Theresa Walton, Lindsay Krog, Ann Beccard, Rachel Hamling, Tanya Lee

Dinner Wine Provided By

Kimmel Orchard and Arbor Day Farm

Special Thank You to:    

Ron Grundman, Dianne Bohlken, Richard Blobaum, and Tom Wigington for all their extra efforts with the Lourdes Event! The Knights of Columbus for providing our beverages at the Tiki Bars this evening! Grant and Shana Lackey for donating all the paper for the invitations and catalogs for the Lourdes Event. St. Francis Gift and Thrift for donating baskets to display our silent auction items.


Student Assistants Drew Aldana

Jacey Kreifels

Ashley Allgood

Cade Lee

Macey Allgood

James Mason

Logan Bakula

Ben Miller

Sam Baumert

Piper Monson

Libby Baumert

Tyler Mucha

Renee Box

Karinne Olson

Thomas Carpenter

Luke Partsch

Grant Chance

Daniel Perdomo

Addie DeFreece

Jasmine Pineda

Chloe DuBois

Ethan Roberts

Will Eppert

Leticia Rodriguez

Ainsley Esser

Heaven Rush

Izzie Fedoris

Carlos Serna

Colter Fulton

Reagan Stanley

Jack Funke

Paige Stones

Althea Gay

Alivia Stuhr

Anna Gigstad

Neilas Tamosiunas

Nicole Green

Quinten Vasa

Nate Harmel

Brittni Watkins

Johnny Heng

Cristian Watkins

Colby Howard

Halli Whitten

Lidia Janer

Gabbi Wichman

Josie Kassube

Josephine Wigington

Jimmy Kearney

Natalie Wright

Tanner Kochanowicz


“Serving the pharmaceutical and medical equipment needs of Southeast Nebraska with a hometown touch.”

1821 S 11th ST


412 Central Ave Nebraska City

Jessica Hopper Branch Manager NMLS#1602369

920 Central Ave Nebraska City, NE 68410

Phone 402-873-3338 • Fax 402-873-7294 • Cell 402-209-3303





We deeply regret any errors or omissions that may have occurred. Your shining example of generosity is appreciated. We hope you had a wonderful evening. 27




Ted Bernard 402-274-7333

Nebraska City


Heidi Bernard 402-269-7478



Catalog 2018  

Lourdes Event 2018 Auction Catalog

Catalog 2018  

Lourdes Event 2018 Auction Catalog