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“Prayer is nothing but that oneness with Christ. As scripture says in St. Paul, ‘I live no longer but Christ lives in me.’ Christ prays in me, Christ thinks in me, Christ looks through my eyes, Christ speaks through my words, Christ works with my hands, Christ walks with my feet, Christ loves with my heart.” St. Teresa of Calcutta

The Evening’s Agenda ROSARY


3:40 P.M.



4:00 P.M.


7:15 P.M.


8:00 P.M.




2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 BIDDING CLOSES

8:15 P.M. 8:35 P.M. 8:50 P.M. 9:20 P.M. 9:35 P.M.

12 19 26 29 38




45 46 48 1

Dear Parents and Friends of Lourdes Central Catholic School, Looking back in our school’s history, it WAS the FABULOUS 50’s for the now present day Lourdes Central Catholic School. Just a couple of examples include the opening of our St. Benedict’s Campus in 1951, and in 1958, the announcement to build the current high school building, which ultimately opened in 1960. Since those Fabulous 50’s, TREMENDOUS events have occurred that have continued our school’s mission to assist parents in the development of their children by providing a Christ-centered environment which promotes spiritual, academic and social growth in order to prepare students for active participation in the Church, in their families and in society. With your attendance, along with those who have donated items and volunteered their time to this evening, the TREMENDOUS tradition of The Lourdes Event in keep tuition affordable for all families who want a Catholic education is taking place. With your financial support of both our silent and live auctions, you further give our students the TREMENDOUS opportunity to identify, develop and share their God-given talents and gifts, to take advantage of opportunities that come before them and ultimately allow them to be prepared for a Catholic life. As blessed members of the Lourdes Family, let’s make history, just as those individuals did in the 1950’s which propelled our school to what it is today. Let’s make tonight TREMENDOUS so in 50+ years from now, when those in the future celebrate our school’s mission, they will look back and say it was the TREMENDOUS 2010’s in the on -going history of your Lourdes Central Catholic School. Our Lady of Lourdes…Pray for Us! Curt H. Feilmeier Principal


Sally DuBois Event Coordinator

A big thanks to our Lourdes family SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS Ann Beccard Fr. Mark Cyza Sally DuBois Curt Feilmeier Jeff Funke Fr. Loras Grell Brad Kassube

Brad Kreifels Fr. Michael McCabe Cindy McGinnis Emily Meyer Fr. Christopher Miller Fr. Karl Millis

Nicole Schnitzer Fr. Jerel Scholl Stena Seamann Laurie Stukenholtz Joe Tynon Lisa Whitten Carole Winscot

Fr. Mark Cyza President

FACULTY AND STAFF Mr. Curt H. Feilmeier, K-12 Principal

Mike Alex Sheryl Allen Kathy Aultz Heather Bakula Katie Bebout Richard Blobaum Beth Box Lacie Bruns-Morris Clayton Carlton Laura Carlton Kay DeFreece Tina Dia Tom Dinville Kim Dorman Sally DuBois Kim Esser Caitlin Falcone Dorothy Funke Kathy Gawart Nancy Giles

Lesley Gould Connie Gress Marybeth Grundman Ron Grundman Dana Gunderson Taylor Gude Rachel Hamling Diana Harris Noreen Harris Cheryl Hauptman Linda Hogeland Michelle Kreifels MaryAnn Liesemeyer Mark Madison Julie Martinosky Cindy Monson Fr. Christopher Miller Mary Mills Matt Novak Michael Parde

Tammy Partsch Roxann Penfield Sr. Ana Maria Solis Sr. Kathleen Kilp Sr. Cynthia Young Fr. Jerel Scholl Jenna Shepherd Cathy Thomas Joe Tynon Fr. Michael Ventre Adam Vogt Victoria Watkins Carolyn Whitney Lisa Whitten Tom Wigington Linda Willson Emily Wolken Mary Wright Patrice Wulf


2017 Special Projects On your table you will find envelopes with “projects” that are needed every year at Lourdes Central Catholic School. We pride ourselves in keeping our tuition low and affordable for all students in Southeast Nebraska. We find that, along with many families, rising costs make it hard to meet our budget needs. We ask that you prayerfully consider donating to one of these “line items.” If you cannot afford the full amount we would gladly accept any partial amount. You may place a check in the envelope or put your bid number on the outside envelope with your name. Runners will collect these envelopes at the end of the night.

Raffles and Fun! Last Table Standing At the beginning of dinner, you will have the option to purchase as a table a $100 raffle ticket ($10 per person at your table). During dinner we will start eliminating tables until we have a winner! There will be a 60/40 split of the coffer. The winning table takes home 60% of the total and 40% goes to the school. If all tables participate, you have a chance to win $2,100 for your table, that’s $210 per person!! If any table does not wish to participate - you can buy their raffle ticket! If you are the only person at your table who wants to participate, you pay the total table fee of $100. If your table wins - YOU get the pot. Good Luck!

Envelope Raffle Here’s a chance to win a lot for a little! 100 people will have the opportunity to purchase an envelope for $20 and take a chance on the win of the evening! If your envelope has a card inside reading “You’ve Won!” you may select one silent auction item of your choice! Class projects are excluded from this raffle. Just imagine the possibilities. All envelopes must be sold for this raffle to apply. Envelopes MUST NOT be opened until the auctioneer announces the end of the raffle at 7:00 p.m. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase at the door.

Emerald Jewelry Raffle You’ll be all set for St. Patrick’s day when you wear this beautiful man made emerald and diamond ring, earrings and pendant all in 14K gold settings – a stunning addition to your jewelry collection. The perfect gift for that someone special in your life! Only 100 raffle tickets will be sold for this jewelry set. The luck of the Irish could be on your side tonight so purchase your raffle tickets for only $20 each! Tickets available at the door.


Event Committees Each year so many of you give of your time and talents. We would like each of the recipients of this catalog to note just how many people it takes to prepare for this evening. Everyone listed here is a volunteer and devotes a year of their time to the Event! We truly thank each and every one of you for the part you play in the success of the Event and if we missed your name, please forgive us and know that your efforts do not go unnoticed! Event Coordinator

Sally DuBois

Catalog & Invitation Design and Publishing, Computer Support

Patrice Wulf

Advertising Sales

Patrice Wulf

Auction Clerks

Sean and Maureen Chance


Ted Bernard


8th Grade Parents

Decorations Chair

Melanie Schnitzer and Tara Bennett - Co-Chair

Decorations Assistants

Kayleen and Chris Harmel, Rachel Hamling, Beth Box, Anne Beccard, Connie Griepenstroh, Janie and Ryan Ebmeier, Brooke Chaney, Victoria Watkins, Stacy Sheldon, Aric Bennett, Brett Schnitzer, Kelly O’Donnell, Kilee Olson, Maureen Gygi

Dinner Wine Donation

Whiskey Run Creek

Bank Chair

Hope Weninger

Bank Assistants

Grand Auction Acquisitions

Noreen Harris, Sheryl Allen, Robin Heng, Tom Dinville, Emily Wolken, Josie Kassube, Johnny Heng, Dylan Paap, Anna Heng, Cristian Watkins, Cloey Allgood, Brittni Watkins Knights of Columbus, Clay Carlton, Adam Vogt, Matt Novak, Steven Francois Sally DuBois

Grand Auction Set-Up

Michelle Kreifels


Madeline DuBois and Kaitlyn Stanley, Class of 2014 Andrew Fedoris, Class of 2010, Madison Daly, Class of 2017

Mass Coordinator

Kate Roberts

Silent Auction Acquisitions Chair

Hope Weninger

Silent Auction Acquistion Assistants Silent Auction Basket Set-Up

Kay DeFreece, Janelle Gress, Carol Stehlik, Ann Beccard, Brooke Chaney, Kate Roberts, Theresa Walton Rosie Marcotte, Kim Dorman, Tammy Bando

Silent Auction Room Host/Hostess

Julie Martinosky

Silent Auction Set-Up

Kim Esser, Chair

Bar Setup/Servers

Sheryl Allen, Heather Bakula, Kay DeFreece, Kathy Gawart, Dana Gunderson, Diana Harris, Noreen Harris, Cathy Thomas, Shelli Stuhr 5

Special Evening Libations! Feeling like a special cocktail this evening? Check out the specials on the front table! Be the highest bidder and all the fixin’s for the drinks will be brought to your table for your guests to enjoy. Cha Cha Rum Chata Ladies, here is a bottle of everyone’s favorite drink and some glasses to start the evening’s cha cha cha!

Donated by Hope and Duane Weninger

Crown and Coke For that select whiskey connoisseur only a bottle of the best will do. Crown Royal and classic Coke accompany adorable Coke glasses.

Donated by Hope and Duane Weninger

Cherry Bombs! Your table can enjoy Dr. McGillicuddy’s cherry liqueur with red bull. Shot glasses included.

Donated by Jason and Kim Esser

Fruity Cocktail! Ruby Red Grapefruit Smirnoff Vodka, grapefruit juice and tonic water makes this a fruity favorite!

Donated by Jason and Kim Esser


How would you like someone to fetch your drinks for you tonight? Engage in enlightening conversation? Shower you with compliments? Get your dinner for you?

Photo Booth provided by Otteman Photography

The CELEBRITY WAITER is not a stranger to Lourdes Central Catholic School. This person has walked the halls, sat in our classrooms, laughed with us, cried with us and prayed with us. Our CELEBRITY WAITER will be auctioned off at the beginning of dinner. They might even have some “special libations� for your table.

Grab your closest friends and head on over to the photo booth for some fun! Add some props and smile for the camera!

Your picture will be available immediately after your session for a Free Will Donation.


General Finance and Auction Rules All general rules apply to the Grand Auction and Silent Auction. 1. Use only the bid number assigned to you. You are responsible for any bids made with your number. 2. Payments for any item may be made immediately upon the sale of that item. Payment may be made with CASH, CHECK, and MASTERCARD or VISA. PAYMENT THE EVENING OF THE LOURDES EVENT 2017 IS MANDATORY. (Any auction item purchased by a group must be paid for with one credit card or check at the time of purchase.) 3. Items may be removed the evening of Lourdes Event 2017 and will be brought to your table. Please make your payments at the bank which is located in the music room. 4. ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS. THE DONORS OF ALL LOURDES EVENT ITEMS WILL NOT ACCEPT PURCHASED AUCTION ITEMS IN EXCHANGE FOR OTHER ITEMS. 5. UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED, ALL AUCTION ITEMS AND SERVICES MUST BE USED BY April 2, 2018.

Grand Auction Rules 1. The GRAND AUCTION will begin immediately following dinner and continue until all items have been sold. 2. Each auction item is numbered. The emcee will introduce the numbered item. Bidders can accept a bid called by the auctioneer by raising their bid card. The successful bidder will receive one copy of the receipt to be presented to the cashier for payment of the item. At the time of payment, the cashier will mark “PAID” on the copy presented and will keep one copy. 3. Some items may have a bid minimum assigned. No bid less than the minimum bid will be accepted.

Silent Auction Rules 1. Each item in the Silent Auction has a bid sheet attached to the table on which it is displayed. Persons desiring to place a bid may do so by writing their bid number, along with the amount they’re bidding, on the bid sheet. 2. Each item is assigned an opening bid amount. No bid less than this assigned amount will be accepted. 3. Each item is assigned a minimum raise amount. Each new bid must exceed the previous bid by at least the minimum raise amount in order to constitute a valid bid. Bids must be written on the topmost blank line available on the bid sheet. 4. The Silent Auction rooms will be open for bidding at 5:15 and close at the preset times (see index). No bids will be accepted after the Silent Auction room closes. In the event

that an item has more than one bidder at the table at closing time, those bidders present may continue to bid until the highest bidder wins. Runners will be available throughout the evening to assist our guests in placing Silent Auction Bids.

5. Every attempt will be made to notify the winning bidder of each item at his/her dining ta8

ble. Items may be paid for at any time prior to the end of the evening by visiting the cashier’s station located in the music room. The cashier will provide the bidder with a white bid receipt upon payment. All items will be brought to your table by the end of the evening . The bidder should retain the white receipt as a record of their charitable contribution.

Consultation with a tax advisor is encouraged. Retain your receipt to determine the amount of your charitable contribution. Thank you for generously bidding on our Silent and Grand Auction items.

Payment may be made on the main level.


SALADS ........................... Green Goddess Salad

MAIN ....... Beef Strips in Port Wine Reduction .................. Pan Seared Herb Chicken ............................... Sirloin Meat Loaf

SIDES .............. Parsley Red Roasted Potatoes ................................ Cheesy Potatoes ............. Seasonal Roasted Vegetables .................... Green Beans Almandine

DESSERT ................. Chocolate Raspberry Torte .............................. Carrot Cake Torte .... Cinnamon Rum Chata Cheesecake All meals served with roll and butter, tea and water Buffet Service Annette’s Catering, Weeping Water


Coordinator’s Kudos 

To all the parents who helped make the classroom baskets/projects this year: Thank you! They rock!


To Ron Grundman, Tom Wigington and Richard Blobaum, thank you for staying late every night and talking to me. Also thank you for all the set up and clean up. We appreciate all you do!


Knights of Columbus Council #3152 for their generosity of not only providing the entire bar but staffing it too! Thank you.


Thank you to Lana Fulton and St. Francis Thrift Store in Auburn for your generosity in helping us find “1950’s” décor!


To the Toddy Shop in Nebraska City for their generous donation towards our bar.


To Melanie Schnitzer, Tara Bennett and their Decorating Committee: You took the idea and created an amazing 1950’s Diner atmosphere on a shoestring budget! Thank you so much for all your work this year and this summer. The “meetings” were fun too!


To Hope Weninger: Thank you for keeping all the acquisitions in order and for being such an organized person! I love working with you! Your help and friendship is irreplaceable.


To Patrice Wulf. You did it ALL this year! Thank you for finishing all of my sentences!


To Alex Gress for being the best TA this school has ever seen! I am going to truly miss you! It has been two years of lots of laughter and me yelling!!


Thank you to Matt Martin (2014) for making the Power Point! Your creativity is outstanding!


To the eighth grade parents, thank you for coming tomorrow and helping clean up. Many hands make light work!


To Heidi Bernard, you have done so much this year! I appreciate your generosity and your emotional support!


To Grant and Shana Lackey, thank you for providing all of our catalog printing needs!


Thank you to the Faculty and Staff at Lourdes Central Catholic for constantly striving toward excellence in education with every student who passes through our doors.


Most importantly, thank you to my husband Laurence. Thank you for providing the music for tonight’s dance! Thanks for sticking around for another year of craziness and fun! Feel free to bid on the Tim McGraw package for us!!

To anyone whose name was misspelled or omitted, please be assured that it was a slip of the finger on the keyboard and not the heart. Your shining example of generosity is appreciated. We hope you had a wonderful evening. - Sally DuBois, Event Coordinator



Just for fun! Sports, Leisure, Toys

Bidding on this section closes at 8:15 p.m. 101.

One Year of Tanning Start early for summer with this certificate good for one year of tanning at Appearances! Donated by Appearances


Four Tickets to Schlitterbahn Water Park Enjoy one of the hottest water parks in the Midwest - Schlitterbahn in Kansas City! Includes four day passes. Expires September 4, 2017. Donated by Schlitterbahn


Two Woodland Hills VIP Golf Cards Two VIP unlimited use cards good for 50% off green fees, $10 off individual lessons, 20% off green fees outside of VIP times, and after the completion of 20 rounds of golf (18 holes each) you receive four free rounds! Expires 12/13/2017. Donated by Woodland Hills Golf Course


Husker Sweatshirt Support the Huskers in this fleece lined Nebraska Husker, long sleeve, size large sweatshirt. Donated by Lu and Arvon Marcotte


Husker Blanket Too chilly to show up in your new Husker sweatshirt (see above), wrap up in this 50”x60” Nebraska Collegiate blanket throw. Silky to the touch; great for home or at the game! Donated by Herb Lavigne and Donna Barry


Creighton University Sweatshirt Not a Husker fan? How about the Creighton Bluejays? Show your team spirit in this long sleeve, size medium, grey sweatshirt with the Creighton logo on the front. Donated by Creighton University


Hanging Plant Light This solar powered hanging plant light collects sunlight and can hold up to 20 pounds. Includes rechargeable batteries. Donated by Ron and Marybeth Grundman


Limited Edition 95th Anniversary Harley Davidson Monopoly Unopened, 1998 Harley Davidson Monopoly game by Parker Brothers. This is the 95th Anniversary Collector’s edition. Ages 8 to adult. Donated by Mary Mills


Plaid Carry-On Bag Bold and beautiful plaid print overnight bag great for traveling. Eco-friendly with vegan leather handles, zipper opening and removable cross-body strap. Water resistant lining; 18”x14”x7” in size. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Razor E150 Electric Scooter This blue electric Razor E150 is for ages 8 and up; has a chain-driven motor; includes two 12V lead acid batteries with a run time of about 40 minutes. Top speed of 10mph. Donated by Daren and Beth Box



Turtle and Hare Yard Décor Who will get there first? This metal art décor is a turtle with the hare poised on the top! Donated by Rosie Marcotte


Plush Soft-Sided Nativity Set Bible Toys passion is to help children learn important Bible lessons through play. This soft-sided Nativity set comes with 4” soft figurines just great for little hands. Donated by Dave and Kate Roberts


200 Piece Building Brick Nativity Set Celebrate the miracle of Christ’s birth with this NEW nativity set from COBI. COBI blocks are 100% compatible with all leading brands of building blocks. Includes baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, three Wise Men, and two animals. Donated by Dave and Kate Roberts


Children’s Christmas Manger This manger creates a festive holiday scene with its brightly colored pieces. Includes nine pieces and is for children ages 1½ and up. Donated by Dave and Kate Roberts


Wooden Train Set This 40-piece, real wood train set is made for ages 3 and up. Compatible with BRIO, Thomas and Friends and other train sets made from hardwood, it measures 41”x17.25”. Donated by Daren and Beth Box


“Isabelle” American Girl Doll Isabelle has sparkling hazel eyes, and long blond hair styled in double twists – all ready for her dance class. This 18” doll comes in a sequined ballerina tee, metallic denim pants and includes the American Girl “Isabelle” book. Donated by the American Girl Doll Company


Fishing Reel This new Zebco 888 Magnum Drive Spincast reel, continuous anti-reverse, spool drag system, comes pre-spooled with 25lb. built in bite alert! Donated by Paap’s Fishing Shop


Radio Flyer Little red toy wagon – the original Radio Flyer in classic miniature size. Perfect addition to your 18” doll collection or fun as a sandbox toy! Ages 3 and up. Donated by Wenzel Hardware


Dog Basket for Small Dog Your small dog will be so happy with all the goodies included in this basket: dog bed, Nerf ball, rubber dog toy, premium brand dog treats, five foot leash and much more! Donated by Shane and Amy Allgood

Opening April 29, 2017 Located in Nebraska City Seasonal Hours Terry and Misy Fulton Family independent dealer

Let it sno! 13


Kan Jam The original Kan Jam game is played with a flying disc and two cans in which you deflect the disc. Play at the beach, park or in your own back yard. Donated by Dan and Kay DeFreece


Mini Kan Jam Small enough for tabletop play! Play on any table, pool table, or bench. Great fun for the whole family! Donated by Dan and Kay DeFreece


63-Piece Socket Set Channel Lock 63-piece socket set in chrome vanadium steel. Makes a great addition to any toolbox. Donated by Mercer’s Do It Best


Two Papio Fun Park Activity Wristbands Get ready for some fun! These two wristband packages include unlimited Spaceball and Jumpshot. In addition, the wearer can choose two rounds from the following activities: Lazer Runner, miniature golf or go-karts. Expires 7/4/2018. Donated by Papio Fun Park


Night Runner Shoe Lights Stay safe running at night with these shoe lights that fasten securely to your shoelaces. Features 270 degrees of visibility and two red taillights. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Metal Windmill Stake This metal windmill garden stake is 52” tall and multi-colored. It will become a cherished part of your garden display. Donated by Orscheln Farm and Home


Bird Feeder Butterfly Bliss bird feeder provides breakfast for every one of your feathered friends. Outdoor use only. Donated by Orscheln Farm and Home


Coach Devaney “He Built It” Framed Print A tribute to Bob Devaney who built the Husker football program into what it is today, this print is signed by Bob Devaney himself! Limited edition print with certificate of authenticity is 24”x35”. Donated by Joe and Marliss Miller


Light Up Garden Lighthouse This metal lighthouse actually lights up! At 44” tall, it will be the most amazing garden accent. Donated by Bryan and Shawn Stukenholtz



Youth Board Games “Things that Go” Bingo game and Race Track puzzle that includes an actual wind-up car will keep your little ones entertained on a rainy day! Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Girl’s Craft Basket Have a fun night in with this basket of craft kits and games including a friendship bracelet kit, fashion origami and a girls’ night of games. Donated by Our Friendly Librarians, Kim Esser and Dorothy Funke


Fitbit Alta One of the most popular activity trackers on the market, the Fitbit Alta will track your daily activity and sleep patterns helping you attain all your fitness goals. Size small adult, comes in black but can be exchanged at Wal-Mart for another color and size if unopened. Donated by Wal-Mart and the Weninger Family


St. Michael the Archangel Statue This bronze colored resin statue is a majestic 36” tall with an amazing wingspan. Let St. Michael watch over your garden or grotto! Donated by Mike and Chris Koslosky


Star Wars Phonics Basket This basket has ten Star Wars phonics books as well as several other workbooks. This is a chance for your prekindergarten or kindergarten student to get a jump on their reading! Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Hover Target Game Five challenging targets float on a cushion of air making this a challenging game! Cordless with an AC adapter. Donated by Laurence and Sally DuBois


Oil Change This certificate is good for one oil change at Henry Motors Service Center. Expires 8/6/2017. Donated by Henry Motors Service Center


Flower Yard Art Floral design metal and wood welded yard art made to beautify your garden! Donated by Bryan and Shawn Stukenholtz


TREK 20 Bicycle Be ready for some cross-town trips on this TREK 20 black and lime green bicycle. Perfect for your child’s next birthday or just for summer fun. Donated by Phil and Maureen Gygi



Hanging Chaise Lounge This orange chaise lounge chair hangs from its own stand (included) and will be perfect for “hanging” out this summer. Comes with a foam cushion, it holds up to 265 pounds and has a 46” canopy to protect you from the sun. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Wet Dry Vac Get a head start on your spring cleaning with this 2.5 gallon wet-dry shop vac. Donated by Sack Lumber, Auburn


Weeknight Stay at the Bungalows Spend some well-deserved quiet time with a loved one at Slattery Vintage Estates in Nehawka. Includes one night stay and a wine tasting for two couples, Sunday through Thursday night only. Expires 11/1/2017. Donated by Slattery Vintage Estates


Lego Table What fun this will be for your child or grandchild while it corrals all those little blocks! This Lego table is painted blue and white, is 4’x3’ in size and sure to provide hours of construction for your family! Legos included! Donated by Grant and Shana Lackey


Basket of Fitness Summer is just around the corner so meet those fitness goals now with this basket of weights, ropes and more! Donated by Nebraska City Medical Clinic


Car Detailing Is it time to do a little spring cleaning in your car? Get that winter grime off your car and have the inside freshened with this certificate good for one car detailing. Donated by Peterson Detailing and Peterson Mortuary


Attention Royals Fans! Enjoy two KC Royals ticket vouchers good for a Monday-Thursday 2017 regular season game. Excludes: Opening Day 4/10/17 and August 7-8, 2017. KC Royals Ball Cap and XL “Let’s Go Royals” t-shirt is included in this package. Expires 8/30/2017. Donated by Kansas City Royals Baseball, Hat donated by Melanie Schniter, Shirt donated by Jason and Kim Esser


Golf for Four at Pine Lake Golf Enjoy golf for four (4) at Pine Lake Golf and Tennis Club in Lincoln, Nebraska. Two gift cards for four people, NO carts included. Donated by Pine Lake Golf and Tennis Club


Alex Gordon Autographed Baseball This is a 2015 World Series baseball autographed by Alex Gordon. Comes with an Alex Gordon World Series display case and certificate of authenticity. Donated by Brian Kochanowicz


Day of Food and Golf Treat yourself and three of your friends to a day of unlimited golf with a cart at Table Creek Golf Course and lunch (includes tea or lemonade beverages only). Good for four people total; must call for a tee time. Donated by Table Creek Golf Course


Dinner Cruise for Two This certificate is for a dinner cruise for two on the Spirit of Brownville! The cruise begins in Brownville and gently takes you down the Missouri River as you dine among the scenery. Donated by The Spirit of Brownville


Knight’s Poker Chips and Case Get ready for poker night with this set of poker chips in a signature “Knights” case. The wooden box is carved by Blum’s Custom Framing. A true keepsake. Donated by Blum’s Custom Framing



Pioneer Theater and El Portal Gift Certificates Start the evening with dinner at El Portal with this $50 gift certificate, courtesy of Duane and Hope Weninger. Then enjoy a movie with this $100 gift card to the Pioneer Theater courtesy of Benefiel Trucking. Throw in seasoned babysitter, Olivia Weninger, for four hours of free babysitting and your evening is complete! Donated by Benefiel Trucking and Olivia Weninger, Duane and Hope Weninger


Kid’s Picnic Table This children’s picnic table folds flat for storage and is a fun bright green color! Donated by Duane and Hope Weninger


Family Game Night Basket This basket will keep the family occupied for many weekends ahead! Included are: SORRY!, Apples to Apples, MAD GAB, Twister, Knights checkers and Jenga with some munchies for hours of fun. Donated by Lisa Whitten, Heidi Bernard, Julia White, Hope Weninger, Debi Baumert


Large Adidas Duffel Bag Gear up for spring sports with this large Adidas “Lourdes” blue duffel bag. Donated by Thurman’s Bike and Sport


Collapsible Red Cooler Great for any sporting event, this collapsible red cooler comes filled with a 12-pack of Coke and a 12-pack of Diet Coke. Donated by Arvon and Lu Marcotte


Hunter Décor Basket Decorate the man cave with this deer scene lazy susan, a Terry Redlin mug, ceramic owl wall décor and a nostalgic tin deer thermometer. Donated by Leroy and Valerie Able


Noah’s Ark Floor Puzzle Wee Believer’s 2-in-1 Noah’s Ark Floor Puzzle has 48 jumbo pieces and measures 28” round when complete. Ages 3 and up. Donated by Dave and Kate Roberts


Traeger Grill Accessories Gift Certificate This $100 gift certificate is from Mead Lumber and is to be used for Traeger Grill accessories. Donated by Mead Lumber


Child’s Golf Clinic One child’s golf clinic at Wildwood Golf Course with PGA professional, Jon Casey. Good for the week of May 30-June 2, 2017. Donated by Wildwood Golf Course

Hair - Tanning - Waxing Tigi, Kenra, Matrix, Redken Products Andrea Cowles Owner-Stylist

Natalie Scharp Color Specialist

402-873-3534 Open 9:00 a.m. Tues-Sat 102 S. 12th St. Nebraska City, NE








Tune Ups

1315 Central Ave - Nebraska City 17


Going Places Basket This basket contains a Thirty-One “Going Places” thermal bag and RTIC cup to keep your drink cold. Donated by Chris and Tammy Bando


Striker Live Feed Drone Explore and record with this World Tech Striker Live Feed Drone. The body is durable and conveniently light weight, it has four channel control so you can fly in every direction! Donated by SAAP Brothers


Gym Bag and Football Head to the field with this Nike football and navy blue small size gym bag. Donated by Chad and Jenny Bassinger


Tic Tac Toe Table and Chairs Adorable sunflower table with matching toadstool chairs has ladybug markers to play tic-tac-toe on the tabletop! Donated by Bryan and Shawn Stukenholtz


Lourdes Sports Photo Collages and More! These photo collages are multi-picture frames filled with photo memories from the 2016-2017 seasons of football or basketball. This is the perfect gift for a senior or for that athlete who wants to remember a special season. Also included with each framed collage is a flash drive filled with other photos taken throughout the seasons. Donated by John and Allysyn Paap 164A. 164B. 164C.

Football Photo Collage and Flash Drive of Photos Boys Basketball Photo Collage and Flash Drive of Photos Girls Basketball Photo Collage and Flash Drive of Photos


Wrench and Screwdriver Sets Includes a 10-piece screwdriver set and an 8-piece metric reversible combination ratcheting wrench set. Donated by NAPA Auto Parts, Nebraska City and Joy and Teresa Johnson


75 Piece Socket and Rachet Set This 75-piece socket and rachet set is by Fury tools and includes a case for storage. Donated by NAPA Auto Parts, Nebraska City and Joy and Teresa Johnson


Signed MLB Baseball and Signed Darin Erstad Baseball Card Darin played with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim from 1996-2006, catching the last out of the game when they won the 2002 World Series. He is the current head baseball coach at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Darin was a two-time MLB All-Star and a three-time Golden Glove Award recipient. Includes two tickets to each of the following games: Nebraska vs. Creighton on 4/4/2017 at 6:35 p.m. and Nebraska vs. Iowa 4/16/2017 at 1:05 p.m. Donated by Nebraska City Physical Therapy, Brett and Tina Smith


Summer Fun Package Your family will be ready for some summer fun when you purchase this package. Included is a portable charcoal grill, cooler, folding chaise lounge chair and several outdoor yard games! This is a great package! Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Corn Hole Yard Game These homemade corn hole games will have you in your backyard before the sun is up! Complete with handmade bean bags! Let he tournaments begin! Donated by Todd and Terry Smith


Bouquet a Month for a Year Make someone’s day a little brighter with this gift certificate good for one floral arrangement per month valued at $25 each. No special orders allowed and arrangements will be made from a selection of what is available in the cooler at the time ordered. Take home the display at the entryway tonight! Donated by Snapdragon Floral and Gifts



Jewelry and Art Bidding on this section closes at 8:35 p.m.


Two tickets to Omaha Community Playhouse Enjoy the opening weekend of “Leading Ladies” April 14-15, 2017 at the Omaha Community Playhouse. Donated by The Omaha Community Playhouse


Four Reserved Seats for the “The Little Mermaid” Enjoy great seats to the 2017 Lourdes’ Musical, “The Little Mermaid.” Good for reserved seats; reservations must be made in advance. Musical dates are May 5-7, 2017. Donated by Lourdes’ Musical Department


Rose Theater Tickets Enjoy four tickets to a “non-premium” show at The Rose Theatre in Omaha. Expires 5/6/2018. Donated by The Rose Theatre


Four Tickets to Masterworks Omaha Four tickets to a Masterworks concert of your choice; 2016-2017 season only. Donated by Omaha Symphony


Turquoise Cross Earrings Sterling silver cross dangle earrings will complement any outfit you choose! Donated by Kent and Cindy McGinnis


Multi-Stone Earrings This dangle earring set has turquoise beads with silver casings. Lovely with any outfit. Donated by Kent and Cindy McGinnis


Two Tickets to the Lied Center for Performing Arts Enjoy two tickets to the Momix “Opix Cactus,” a visual journey into the mysteries and hidden secrets of the southwestern desert, through illusionist style dancing. Fire dancers, slithering lizards and more! Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. show. Donated by The Lied Center for the Performing Arts


Two Knights Bracelets Hit the stands with these two leather “KNIGHT” bracelets in blue and silver rhinestones. GO KNIGHTS! Donated by Appearances


Black Leather Shoulder Bag This leather shoulder bag has plenty of pockets inside and zippers outside to hold all of your items! Donated by Brown’s Shoe Fit


Columbian Leather Wallet This ladies’ red leather wallet is handmade in Columbia with cloth inserts and gold stitching. Beautiful handwork. Donated by Anonymous


Porcelain Jesus Statue This beautiful statue is 12 inches tall and sits on a round wooden base. A wonderful blessing for your home! Donated by Dave and Kate Roberts


Luella Bag Luella for Target graffiti tote bag is perfect for getting everything you need together for the day. Luella Bartley is an English fashion designer, magazine editor and formal journalist in the United Kingdom. Doanted by Lu and Arvon Marcotte 19


Classic Navy “The Sak” Shoulder Bag This bag is all about style, comfort and class! Cambria crochet in navy cord with gold zipper and embellishments. Shoulder strap is adjustable. Donated by Anonymous


Rustic Cuff - “Haley” - Double Metallic Set Wrap your wrist with this entire set of Haley double wraps. This set includes six metallic colors: silver, gold, gunmetal, bronze, blue and red. Includes a gold magnetic closure. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Large Poppy and Turquoise Floral Scarf Pretty 79”x40” scarf done in turquoise with poppy autumn foliage - a great accent for fall. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Summer Flower and Butterfly Scarf Perfect for a spring outfit, this 79”x40” scarf has a blue background and is printed with florals and butterflies! Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Silver Serenity Prayer Cuff Bracelet This sterling silver cuff bracelet is from and is engraved with the “Serenity” prayer - a beautiful gift for you or that someone special. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Nebraska Necklace Show your love for Nebraska with this silver necklace with Nebraska and gold heart charms; by Cents of Style. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Whimsical Santa Wall Hanging This canvas, 26” wall hanging was created to brighten your home. By artist Tracy Pesche, who made her place as an artist by creating whimsical art! Donated by Laurence and Sally DuBois


Mauve Paisley Scarf with Crochet Adornment This lightweight pastel, paisley printed scarf is adorned with cotton lace. It will be a beautiful addition to your scarf collection. Donated by Anonymous


Wooden Wall Cross Handmade by an artisan in Athens (Alabama!), this 23” wall cross with galvanized nails is a reminder of the sacrifice our Savior made for us! Donated by Laurence and Sally DuBuois


Rustic Cuff - “Jenni” - Red “Go Huskers” Make a statement at the next Husker game with this standout addition to your attire. The faceted quartz beads with matching stainless steel and enameled “RC” logo is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Donated by Friends of Lourdes



Turquoise Necklace Turquoise and silver necklace with a sterling silver chain - a great addition to your spring wardrobe. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Rustic Cuff - “Monique” - Python The “Monique” cuff is genuine python on a signature polished brass cuff. Done in Lourdes blue, it will make you stand out at any game! Donated by Rustic Cuff


Kate Spade Shore Street Rosebud Travel Tote This Kate Spade travel tote has a leather handle, inside zip and slip pockets. Done in Shore Street Margareta Rosebud Pink, it is 11.5” tall. Perfect to carry all your day to day items or for that weekend trip. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Sherman Rosary H.J. Sherman has set the standards for religious jewelry and gifts for over 63 years. This crystal rosary with Mary medallion is beautiful and sure to become a family heirloom. Donated by Margaret’s Gifts and CHI St. Mary’s Gift Shop


Ginger Snap Bracelet Start your collection now! One of the hottest crazes out there, this Ginger Snap bracelet has three silver and turquoise “snaps.” Donated by Margaret’s Gifts and CHI St. Mary’s Gift Shop


Arrow Accent Necklace This silver and copper elongated, round ring necklace is accented with an arrow inside the ring. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Faith Wall Hanging This wooden, 24”x12” plaque is done in shades of green and pink and quotes the verse from 1 Corintians 13:13. Donated by Margaret’s Gifts and CHI St. Mary’s Gift Shop


Kate Spade Clear Gold Earring Jackets Bring on the sparkle with these earrings from the Lady Marmalade Collection. Shiny, 12-Karat gold plated details with dazzling crystals will easily grab all the attention when you walk into the room. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Kate Spade Light Pink Gum Drop Earrings Fun and flirty, these light pink crystal earrings feature 12-Karat gold plated metal on 14-Karat gold filled posts. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Kate Spade Gold and Cream Earrings These glass pearl earrings are sure to add just the right touch of whimsy to your ensemble. Feature faux pearls with 14-Karat posts. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Kate Spade Mini Bow Earrings These dainty, bow-shaped stud earrings are the definition of flirty and feminine. Featured in shiny colored enamel, this pair is perfect for day or evening. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Tickets to Lofte Community Theater Enjoy two (2) tickets to a performance at The Lofte Community Theater in Manley. Expires 12/31/2017. Donated by The Lofte Community Theater


Tickets to Bellevue Little Theater Tickets for four (4) adults to choose from one of five shows from the 2016-2017 season only. You must call for reservations. Donated by Bellevue Little Theater 21


Kate Spade “Kick Up Your Heels” Tote Handbag A fiesta of fabulous fashion awaits you when you carry this handbag. Made of printed, pebbled faux leather, it has a top zip closure, flat base and interior pockets. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Fenton Glass Basket Founded in 1905 by brothers Frank and John Fenton, the Fenton Art Glass Company ranks among the world’s foremost producers of handmade glassware. This piece is hand painted and signed. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Tickets to Joslyn Art Museum Come explore the beauty of the artwork at the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha with these two tickets. Expires 12/31/2017. Donated by Joslyn Art Museum


Barn Owl Art Painted on a barn board, this rustic painting of a Barn Owl is and original by Katy Haberman and 11”x17” in size. Donated by Leroy and Valerie Able


Youth Wall Plaque This 11”x14” watercolor, “Youth is wasted on the Young,” by Boynton, is framed and ready to hang. Donated by Arvon and Lu Marcotte


Mary Garden Statue Beautiful copper Mary statue has a lovely patina and would be a great addition to your garden. Donated by Scott and Julie Martinosky


Handmade Multi-Colored Rosary This rosary is adorned with beautiful, multi-colored beads and includes a carrying case. Donated by Jennifer Briley, J Lynn Creations


Handmade Rosary in Lourdes Blue Lourdes blue sapphire crystals with an Our Lady of Lourdes medallion; includes a carrying case. Donated by Jennifer Briley, J Lynn Creations


Handmade Pink Crystal Rosary Beautifully hand crafted in pink crystal rhinestones and clear crystal beads; includes a carrying case. Donated by Jennifer Briley, J Lynn Creations


Earthen Necklace Hand crafted by Lourdes graduate, Gabby Ragland, this necklace with a turquoise turtle pendant and earth-colored beads on leather is the perfect addition to your outfit. Donated by Gabby Ragland (2016)



Moon and Star Necklace This earth-toned, bead necklace is adorned with a gold rhinestone moon and a silver rhinestone star. Done on leather. Donated by Gabby Ragland (2016)


Knights Pendant with Two Chains This adorable “Knights” pendant comes complete with a blue or silver chain. Show your Knight Pride by wearing this necklace! Donated by Mike and Janelle Gress


Large Wall Cross Painted wooden wall cross with decorative vintage center piece – perfect for your den! Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Painted Feathers This matted and framed intricate artwork of an eagle is hand painted on feathers by Lourdes alumni Erin Stukenholtz! A unique piece of artwork. Donated by Erin Stukenholtz-Bolender (2009)


Religious Mosaic Beautiful handmade mosaic by designer Kathy Florence has a Eucharistic theme and is sure to enhance your home. Made of stained glass and ceramic pieces, you must see this to appreciate its beauty. Donated by HIS Handmaid Art, Kathy Florence


St. Joseph the Worker Statue This 22” statue depicts St. Joseph the Worker and is done in dark brown alabaster; perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Donated by Mike and Patty Alex


Psalm 42:1 Wooden Plaque “As a deer longs for streams of water…so my soul longs for you.” Psalm 42:1 is engraved on an embellished wooden plaque. Handmade, you must see it to appreciate its uniqueness. Donated by Shawn Stukenholtz


Set of Two Framed Florals These two beautiful L. Noble floral prints are framed in gold with five mats on each print! 17”x19” each and ready to hang. Donated by Arvon and Lu Marcotte, Apple Tree Arts and Framing


Religious “Oragami Owl” Necklace Tell your personal story with this customizable “living” locket. Religious charms are included with this “Origami Owl,” one of a kind necklace. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Infant’s Christening Bracelet This is the perfect baptismal gift for a new parent. Handmade by Patrice Wulf, this dainty infant christening bracelet is made of sterling silver, genuine pearls and adorned with a tiny crucifix. Sure to become a family heirloom. Includes a 1” extension chain. Donated by Patrice Wulf


Handmade Copper Earrings Delicate hoop earrings are handmade of hammered copper by Patrice Wulf and feature a genuine carnelian bead dangle. Sure to darken with age and become even more beautiful over time. Donated by Patrice Wulf


Stained Glass Wooden Cross “For we walk by faith and not by sight,” 2 Corinthians 5:7, is painted on this wooden plaque with a blue stained glass cross. Donated by Shawn Stukenholtz 23


Stationery Box Beautiful wooden box filled with stationery is etched with “I will sing to the Lord” on the lid. Donated by Shawn Stukenholtz


Rosary from Rome Blessed by the Pope! This rosary has medallions depicting the different basilicas from around Rome as the “Our Father” beads between the decade beads made of iridescent crystals. Blessed in April 2016 by Pope Francis! Donated by Laurence and Sally DuBois


Wooden Rosary Blessed by the Pope! This brown wooden rosary was blessed by Pope Francis in April 2016. “May we be strengthened by His presence in the hour of our death” is inscribed upon the medallion. Donated by Laurence and Sally DuBois


Gift Certificate to Dietze Music Use this $25 gift certificate to Dietze Music toward the tune up of your child’s band instrument or for you to spend on your favorite CD! Donated by Dietze Music


Nativity Set This five-piece nativity set includes 10” statues of the Holy Family and the three wise men. Beautifully colored with intricate details. Donated by Gloria Deo, Lincoln


Infinity Scarf Lovely burgundy and gold infinity scarf is sure to be a beautiful accent to your outfit. Donated by Village Designs, Auburn


Landscape Oil Painting This beautiful original landscape painting by Katy Huberman depicts a river scene. Framed in gold, it is 31”x25” in size. Donated by Leroy and Valerie Able


“Breezy Beach Day” Framed Print Perfect for the den or family room, this print of the ocean is 24”x18” and framed in a satin finish silver frame. Donated by Arvon and Lu Marcotte, Apple Tree Arts and Framing


Pope Francis Print Sure to bring blessings to any home, this print of Pope Francis is framed in gold. Donated by St. Benedict’s Church


Madison+Barret Tassel Necklace This very trendy tassel necklace is made of brown beads with a purple tassel. Lovely with any outfit! Donated by Madison and Barrett, Kelsey Vogel



Madison+Barrett Bracelets Be totally in style with this three piece stackable bracelet set in red, black and white beads. Donated by Madison and Barrett, Kelsey Vogel


Papal Seal Pendant This is a Papal Seal pendant is handmade from Murano glass by the Terzo Millennio which is a 3rd Millennium organization of Italian churches and parishioners who assist in welcoming Pilgrims to the Holy Places in Italy, The Vatican and Rome. It was blessed by the Papal Audience on Feb 22, 2017. Donated by John and Heather Austin



Party Time! Bidding on this section closes at 8:50 p.m. 301.

Melted Glass Beer Bottle Décor These beer bottles have been melted flat and hung on metal wire. Great décor for the man cave or bar area of your home. Twenty-nine different bottles to choose from! Donated by Jason and Kim Esser 301a.

Bacardi Mojito


Michelob Dunkel Weisse




Michelob Golden Light


Budweiser American Ale


Michelob Light


Budweiser Select


Michelob Light


Burning Sky Scottish Ale


Michelob Original


Busch Light


Michelob Pale Ale


Corona Light


Michelob Ultra


Czechvar Lager


Miller Lite


Fat Tire Amber New Belgium




Goose Island Honkers Ale-Chicago


Rolling Rock


Heilemans’s Old Style


Smithwicks Imported Irish Ale


Hop Hound Amber Wheat


Staropramen Prague


Leinekugels Classic Amber




Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat


Third Stone Brown


Long Hammer India Pale Ale


Merlot Display Plate and Coasters Lovely merlot ceramic plate with display stand and four “Wine a Bit” ceramic coasters – great for entertaining! Donated by Lu and Arvon Marcotte


Wine and Flour Sack “Wine” Towels Enjoy this bottle of 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Predator Wine with a juicy steak then clean up with these two flour sack towels! Donated by Lu and Arvon Marcotte and Friends of Lourdes


Mr. and Mrs. Claus Mr. and Mrs. Claus matching wine glasses set the mood for this basket which includes a “Sparkle and Shine” Yankee candle, four extra-absorbent microfiber snowflake towels and even a small bottle of Champagne! Merry Christmas! Donated by Ron and Marybeth Grundman


Wine and Holder Start with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and add a wooden wine glass holder and two hand-painted wine glasses – your evening is now complete! Donated by Friends of Lourdes



Tomato Platter This Sausalito brand platter from Pottery Barn would make a wonderful kitchen display or put it to use serving your favorite meal! Donated by Rosie Marcotte


Sausalito Bowl Pasta anyone? This bright yellow bowl from Pottery Barn’s Sausalito line would look fantastic as a decorative item or use it to serve your favorite pasta dish! Donated by Rosie Marcotte


Good Wine and Friends Plaque This wooden sign reads “Thank you for many things, but mostly for Good Wine and Exquisite Friends.” 14”x20” in size. Donated by Laurence and Sally DuBois


Ice Bucket and Drink Bucket Start your summer out right by keeping all of your beverages cool – fill the blue metal ice bucket with all the ice you need and the drink bucket with your favorite drinks. Donated by Rosie Marcotte


Whistler Classic Soda Not simply a modern version of the soda from the 1950’s, IT IS the same recipe used in the 1950’s soda! Pure cane sugar, filtered watered, and a HUGE variety of flavors all bottled using a 1952 vintage bottling line. Donated by Laurence and Sally DuBois


Rossini and Plaque Basket This basket has a bottle of Strawberry-Raspberry Rossini, Ghiradelli chocolate and an inspirational plaque. A great way to end your work-day! Donated by Terry and Misy Fulton


Tulip Dish This light blue tulip-shaped dish would be fantastic on your dining room table filled with fruit. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Basket of Fun! The perfect basket of goodies for any woman on your gift list: Ghirardelli chocolate, peach Bellini, and a Mother Theresa inspirational plaque. Donated by Terry and Misy Fulton


Whiskey Run Creek Gift Basket An assortment of wine from Whiskey Run Creek, cheese and meats, as well as a gift certificate good for a wine tasting at this wonderful local winery, are included in this gift basket. Donated by Whiskey Run Creek

L E G RAND F INANCIAL Independent Firm David M. LeGrand Financial Advisor

402-873-7477 1720 S 11th St. Nebraska City, NE


Proud to support The Lourdes Event 2017 27


Distillery Tour for Four at Patriarch Distillers Get ready for an evening of fun at the Patriarch Distillers in LaVista. Patriarch Distillers is a true, small-batch distillery where they make Solider Valley True American Whiskey and Vodka. Included in your evening are three tastings per person, four cocktails and two bottles of vodka. Expires 6/16/2017. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Moscow Mule Basket This basket includes four Moscow Mule copper mugs by Old Dutch International, four Thirsty Stone coasters, Skyy Vodka, Premium Ginger Beer, Simple Syrup, and all the little touches to make your toddy tasty! Donated by Arbor Vitae Chiropractic, Tyler and Kelly Mason


Outdoor Party Beverage Tub This galvanized, rust-resistant tub has a removable liner and serving tray, 9.25 gallon capacity, and shouts summer fun! Donated by Duane and Hope Weninger


For the Beer Lover Basket This basket contains a six pack of Two-Hearted Ale, size XL Corona t-shirt and a “beer hammer” bottle opener and ice crusher. Donated by Friends of Lourdes, Jason and Kim Esser, Lu and Arvon Marcotte


Wine Basket from the Gigstad Reserve Enjoy three bottles of wine from the Gigstad Vineyard: Doc’s Kimmel Apple Sweet, California Red 2015, and Apple Cherry. This basket includes some chocolate to round out your sipping experience. Donated by Jim and Tammie Gigstad


Bartender University These adorable minis will teach you how to craft your own cocktails like a pro! Includes cocktail mixers, recipe booklet, and more. No alcohol included. Donated by Duane and Hope Weninger


Riesling Basket Everyone’s favorite Reisling, Members Mark, and four chalkboard painted wine glasses you can wash and write on over and over – a fun and practical way to share a bottle of wine! Donated by Duane and Hope Weninger


Collapsible Red Husker Cooler This cooler is perfect for your next tailgate! Collapsible, convenient cooler comes filled with a case of Bud Light. Donated by Arvon and Lu Marcotte


Irish Cream Liqueur and Glasses Sip some Original Ryan’s Irish Style Liqueur in this set of four glasses. Perfect for after dinner! Donated by Jason and Kim Esser, Duane and Hope Weninger


Kimmel Orchard Basket This basket from Kimmel Orchard is filled with a selection of their locally bottled wines and sauces. Perfect for summer grilling or sitting on the back porch and relaxing with friends. Donated by Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard


Mystery Basket Are your ready to take a walk on the wild side? This mystery basket has a $100 value so no matter what, you are walking away with some fun! Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Crown Royal and Glassware Here’s a bottle of everyone’s favorite whiskey, Crown Royal, and four, 10-ounce highball glasses. Donated by Mike and Janelle Gress, Duane and Hope Weninger



For the Family! Bidding on this section closes at 9:20 p.m.


One Year Subscription to the News Press Keep up with all the local news with this one year subscription for the News Press, Nebraska’s oldest newspaper. Valid through March 30, 2018. Donated by Nebraska City News Press


Lourdes Little Girl’s Cheer Set Your little girl will be ready to cheer on the Knights with this size XS cheer skirt, a set of blue and white pom pons, glitter hair bow and youth small “Blue Crew” shirt. GO KNIGHTS! Donated by Lacie Bruns-Morris


Durham Museum Family Pass Come visit the Durham Museum with this family pass good for two adults and up to four children. Expires 4/1/2018. Donated by The Durham Museum


Christmas Book Collection A collection of wonderful Christmas-themed stories perfect for Advent season and beyond. Donated by Dan and Kay DeFreece


Ceramic Apple Plate Large 12”x15” ceramic apple plate, perfect for serving those fall caramel apples! Donated by Lu and Arvon Marcotte


Oral-B 5000 Pro Rechargeable Toothbrush This Oral B “Smart Series” electric toothbrush has triple pressure sensor, waterproof handle, two minute timer and Bluetooth connectivity powered by Braun. Donated by Dr. Molly McNeely, DDS


Fall Wreath This decorative 13” wreath would look great on a wall or tabletop. Brown tones with cranberries. Donated by Lu and Arvon Marcotte


St. Francis Statue Beautiful copper-colored resin statue of the patron saint of nature stands 21” tall and features St. Francis with a dog resting at his feet. Good for both indoor and outdoor use. Donated by Dave and Kate Roberts


Pink Princess Basket Perfect for your little princess, this basket includes Barbara Beery’s “Pink Princess” party cookbook, complete with pink cupcake holders, princess cupcake recipes, pink straws, pink cupcake mix and more! Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Yesterday’s Kitchen In keeping with the 1950’s theme, here are a host of old-fashioned type paperback cookbooks: Momma’s in the Kitchen Weird and Wonderful Home Cooking 1900-1950; Aunt Barb’s Bread Book; Log Cabin Cooking; Secrets of the Great Old-Timey Cooks; Lost Art of Pie Making; Take Two and Butter ‘Em While They’re Hot; Old-Time Farmhouse Cooking. Donated by Friends of Lourdes



Venetian Needlepoint Lace Tablecloth Straight from Italy, this beautiful, hand-woven, Venetian needlepoint lace tablecloth is sure to become a family heirloom. Use it daily or save for those special occasions. 106”x68” in size. Donated by Tony and Ruth Mudd


Hand Held Shower Massager Select one of these two Thera-Shower hand-held shower massagers with ten settings to relax! Comes with a shower head mounting bracket, 6’ reach hose, Chrome-2 Aromatherapy cartridges and five water filtration cartridges. Donated by Lu and Arvon Marcotte 412a. 412b.

Hand Held Shower Massager A Hand Held Shower Massager B


“Bless This House” This vintage looking 18”x6” wooden plaque in burgundy and brown has “Bless this House” on it. Perfect for any kitchen! Donated by Ron and Marybeth Grundman


Pink Crocheted Baby Blanket This beautiful crocheted baby blanket was made by former St. John’s principal, Linda Isaacson. Great shower gift, gift for that special new baby or your grandchild. Donated by Linda Isaacson


3-D Frame Bookends Select one of these two sets of beautiful 3-D Frame bookends in dark stain. Holds pictures or memorabilia on both sides of the bookends. Made by Jordan Mark. Donated by Lu and Arvon Marcotte 415a. 415b.

3-D Frame Bookends A 3-D Frame Bookends B


Choose Lunch for a Day Help the lunch staff select an entrée, veggies and fruit for a day in May of 2017. Will it be chili and cinnamon rolls (everyone’s favorite) or something else? Winner must meet with lunch staff prior to April 20, 2017 and menu must meet all government regulations and school cost guidelines. Donated by Your Friendly Lunch Staff


Superman Twin Comforter and Wall Clings Set up your young man’s bedroom with this reversible Superman comforter. The comforter has Superman on one side and his logo on the other. Comes with giant vinyl superhero wall clings! Donated by Anonymous


Ceramic Angel with Holy Family Celebrate the reason for the season with this Holy Family figurine. Oversized angel protects the Holy Family in her wings. Display it as part of your Nativity setting for a warm touch of Christmas spirit. Donated by John and Kathy Gawart



Christmas Joy Sign Handmade by one of our alumni, Lauren Galardi (2009), this sign is made of wood and has the word Joy painted on it and is adorned with silver ornaments. Donated by Lauren Galardi


Creighton University $1000 Scholarship Creighton University will award this $1000 scholarship for one year ($500 per semester) to a Lourdes Central Catholic graduate. Student must enroll as a freshman in 2017, 2018 or 2019. Does not apply for a currently enrolled student and has no cash value. Donated by Creighton University


Instant Pot – 5 Quart Cooker The hottest craze in the kitchen is the Instant Pot! This five quart, multi-functional pressure cooker is everything from a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, sauté/browner, yogurt maker, steamer and warmer. Donated by Herb Lavigne and Donna Barry


Memory Foam Neck Pillow This neck pillow is just what you need! Special design contours help support your neck and massages neck and shoulders! Great for home, office or travel. Donated by Lu and Arvon Marcotte


$50 Gift Card for Dennis Uniform Get ready for next year with new polos from Dennis Uniform with this $50 gift certificate. Donated by Dennis Uniform


Taco/Nacho Wildtree Basket This basket includes Wildtree taco blend, guacamole seasoning, tortilla chips, a colander and slotted spatula - perfect for making snacks when you want to stay in and watch a movie. Donated by Chris and Tammy Bando


Natural Ionic Crystal Salt Table Lamp Himalayan rock salt lamp is made from a translucent crystal and once lit it emits negative ions that make any room feel welcoming. 15 watt bulb included. Donated by Lu and Arvon Marcotte


Nostalgic Popcorn Popper Head back to the 50’s with some homemade buttered popcorn! This tabletop popper makes 10 cups at a time, has vented windows and a built in stirring system. Donated by Herb Lavigne and Donna Barry


Quilting Fat Quarters Twelve fat quarters to get your next quilting project started! This beautiful color selection is sure to make something special. Donated by The Fabric Fairy, Auburn



Christmas Wreath This beautiful red netting wreath is adorned with round and peppermint ornaments. Tuck this gem away for the next Christmas season. Donated by Jan O’Neil


Easter Spring Wreath Your wall or door will be ready for spring with this adorable wreath done in Easter colors – complete with a bunny and eggs! Donated by Jan O’Neil


Halloween Wreath This wreath is perfect on your door to greet all the trick-or-treaters! Beautifully done with black wire mesh and pumpkin adornments. Donated by Jan O’Neil


One-Hour Massage Release some stress from your life with this one-hour massage from Nebraska City Chiropractic. Donated by Nebraska City Chiropractic


Nebraska Scentsy Mini-Warmer Big spirit in a smaller size, this Scentsy warmer features the Big Red team logo. Your favorite fragrance and your favorite team! Donated by Marcia Galardi


Sunglass Basket Designer sunglasses and case, car visor clip, cleaning spray and cloth. Donated by Lifetime Vision Center


Dry Cleaning Gift Certificates These two gift certificates to The Cleaners, Auburn, are valued at $25 each for a total of $50 in dry cleaning. No more ironing! Donated by The Cleaners, Auburn


One Year of Prayer Be truly blessed by this one year of prayers! Beginning March 19th, the Franciscan Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother will pray for you and your family’s needs for one full year. Included are special religious items to adorn your house. Donated by The Franciscan Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother


Henry Doorly Zoo Tickets Visit the new African Grasslands with these four day passes to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. Expires 1/3/2018. Donated by the Henry Doorly Zoo


Overnight Stay at Lied Lodge Enjoy an overnight stay, breakfast for two and dinner for two at the Lied Lodge in Nebraska City. Perfect for a weekend get-away! Donated by Lied Lodge and Conference Center at Arbor Day Farm


Lincoln Children’s Zoo This is a family fun pack for four! Present the certificate at the front gate and receive free admission and train rides. 2017 season only. Donated by Lincoln Children’s Zoo


Couples Retreat One couple will have the opportunity to spend time together for an entire weekend in beautiful Irene, South Dakota. Located only three hours from Nebraska City in beautiful rolling hills, your weekend at the Broom Tree Retreat is sure to be a restful break. Reservations required, expires 6/30/2018. Donated by Broom Tree Retreat and Conference Center



Wildtree! Get your Grill On! This kit contains recipes and all the Wildtree spices to create 10 freezer meals for your family! No more “what’s for dinner” when you are prepped and ready with this variety of meals. Donated by Mary Pargett, Wildtree consultant


Periwinkle Pattern Quilt This beautiful quilt is 84”x94” and done in mauve and gold blocks. The quilt is hand pieced and then machine quilted by Betty Wilmes, mother of Mark, Mike and Jay Wilmes – all graduates of Lourdes! Donated by Betty Wilmes


Capture Your Memories! Do you have pictures that you would like to have in a family or graduation video? This auction item provides the chance to choose 50-100 of your digital photographs that will be set to music and put into a video for your family! You will receive 2 copies of the DVD. If the purchaser would like this video for Graduation this year (2017), they just need to get the pictures to Emily Meyer by April 14th and the video will be ready by Graduation. Donated by Emily and Brett Meyer


Temecula Olive Oil Tony and Ruth Mudd traveled to Temecula, Italy and brought back this Roasted Garlic Olive Oil and Gourmet Dipping Vinegar. Great marinade or grab your favorite crusty Italian bread and “just dip it!” Donated by Tony and Ruth Mudd


Tooth Whitening Kits Smile! Get ready for senior pictures or that special event with one of these two teeth whitening kits. Done in the privacy of your own home, friends will be amazed at the results. Donated by Dr. Duane Miller Dentistry 444a. 444b.

Teeth Whitening Kit A Teeth Whitening Kit B


Sonic Toothbrush Take care of your pearly whites with this Sonicare Diamond Clean Electric Toothbrush. The ultimate in plaque removal, it boasts healthier gums in two weeks. Donated by Nebraska City Dental, Dr. William Einerson, D.D.S.


Tux Rental for Prom 2018 Look your best for the 2018 prom with this certificate for one tuxedo rental from Pantorium Cleaners. Please note that this rental is good for 2018 only. Donated by Pantorium Cleaners


Weekend of Boarding for Any Size Dog This certificate is good for one weekend of boarding (up to three nights) for any size dog at Arbor Valley Animal Clinic. Includes play times and a boarding bath! Expires 12/30/2017. Donated by Arbor Valley Animal Clinic, Jim and Tammie Gigstad

Bonded • Licensed • Insured Commercial • Residential • Farm Electrical Wiring

Office: 402-873-4694

Grain Handling

Cell: 402-209-0788 Nebraska City, NE 68410



$400 Gift Certificate for Senior Pictures Calling all parents of the Class of 2018! This gift certificate is worth $400 toward your senior pictures. Done by the talented Mandy Hall at Mandy Hall Photography in Auburn, these pictures are sure to capture your child’s last year of high school beautifully! Donated by Mandy Hall Photography


Floral Leather Purse Genuine leather purse adorned with multi-colored flowers is too cute for words! Inside pockets capture those small items and a shoulder strap makes it hands-free! Donated by Sheldon’s for Women


Hair Care Basket This hair care basket is filled with Kenra products: Color Maintenance shampoo and conditioner, dry shampoo, volume spray and high definition spray. Donated by Andrea’s Cut Above


Garden Gnome Scentsy Perfect for spring and to make you smile, the Garden Scentsy gnome comes complete with a Blue Grotto scented aroma bar. Donated by Marcia Galardi, Scentsy Consultant


Apron and Nostalgic 1950’s Tote Bag This 1950’s décor apron and tote bag comes with grill tongs, spatula and fork – the 50’s car motif rocks! Donated by Shelly and Ross Klameth


Walker You never know when you may need this sit/stand walker with brakes. Donated by U-Save Pharmacy


Foot Spa and Lotion Relax and recover with this Conair foot spa with bubbles, massage and heat! Pamper your feet with this Mary Kay Mint Bliss energizing lotion for feet and legs. Donated by Julie and Scott Martinosky


Psalm 23:4 Wooden Cross Plaque This handmade wooden cross wall plaque is etched with Psalm 23:4, “I will fear no evil for Jesus is with me.” Donated by Bryan and Shawn Stukenholtz


Lourdes Football Game Basket Cozy up at a football game with this Knight plaid blanket, cashmere blend infinity scarf and blue/black cotton gloves to keep you warm as you cheer on the Knights! Donated by Mike and Janelle Gress


Morley’s Maple Syrup Located two miles east of the village of Luck, Wisconsin is Morley’s Maple Syrup. Owners John and Crystal Morley tapped their first trees on their home site and now tap over 8000 trees a year. Pure maple syrup at its finest. Donated by Laurence and Sally DuBois


Manicure Treat yourself to one manicure at Creative Hair and Nails Salon in Auburn. Be ready for that special outing! Donated by Creative Hair and Nails, Auburn


Car Wash Tokens Head on over to the Auburn Super Suds Car Wash and use a couple of these tokens to clean your car for spring! Located at 1518 N 19th Street in Auburn. Donated by Auburn Super Suds



Trunk Cooler/Organizer It’s a perfect time to “sort the junk in your trunk!” This trunk cooler or organizer comes stocked with household and car necessities. Donated by Mike and Janelle Gress


Shower Caddy Basket This shower caddy is filled with beautiful blue and white items: fabric shower curtain, fluffy white towels and washcloths, bath mat, hand lotion pump, cup and holder in gorgeous blue and silver. Donated by Adam and Jennifer Howard


Heart Wall Plaque This heart wall plaque would be great for a little girl’s room or to decorate your door for Valentine’s Day. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Chalk Board Leash Holder Hang this repurposed wooden cupboard door, painted with chalk paint and ready to receive your messages, by your back door. Two adorable hooks on either side to hang your dog’s leashes! Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Metal Chicken Bucket Full of Fun! This bucket is full of cute vintage chicken décor and more. Apron, jars, chicken coloring book, cutting board – all ready to decorate your kitchen! Donated by Ron and Marybeth Grundman


Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow Chiropractic #1 recommended pillow is the Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow! Provides neck pain relief and improved sleep, jumbo size at 20”x28” and hypoallergenic! Donated by Auburn Chiropractic


Floral Wreath Grapevine wreath adorned with burlap and burgundy florals. Includes a one-of-a-kind “Farmer’s Wife” t-shirt. Size XL. Donated by Farmer’s Wife, Auburn


Rusk Straight Iron and More This hair care basket includes an 11” Rusk STR8 Iron, gel polish, brilliant gloss spray and deep clay mask. Services expire 8/1/2017. Donated by Curl Up and Dye


Family Rules Art Six Family Rules canvas prints you can display individually or as a grouping. Donated by Laurence and Sally DuBois



3 Months of Tanning and Bronzer Get that summer glow with this package that includes three (3) months of tanning and a bottle of Tanlicious Bronzer. Donated by LaReese’s Salon


$100 Gift Certificate to Pan Asian Grill and Babysitting Enjoy a great sushi meal at the Pan Asian Grill in Lincoln all the while knowing that your children are being expertly cared for by experienced babysitter, Olivia Weninger! This certificate is good for $100 of dining and four hours of babysitting. Donated by Borns Financial Planning, Inc. and Olivia Weninger


One Month of Unlimited Tanning This certificate for one month of tanning is perfect to get ready for prom or that special event. Donated by The Hair Factory


1950’s Nostalgic Basket This basket is a walk down memory lane; includes a beautiful tea pot, shamrock stitched quilt and “Whiz-Bang Wonders” book from the good ole’ days. Donated by Morton Place Senior Living


Coffee Basket For the true coffee connoisseur, this basket contains Café DuMonde French Roast Coffee, Chicory Coffee, Stroopwafels (Dutch waffles) filled with caramel as well as many other items to make your coffee time special. Donated by Duane and Shelli Stuhr


Wildtree Grilling Basket Fire up the barbecue and get grilling. These Wildtree products will flavor anything you want to put over the coals. Includes: Herb grilling seasoning, rodeo rub, hickory smoked grapeseed oil, Cactus Pete’s Agave BBQ sauce, rancher steak rub, food platter, grilling utensils and Wildtree recipes. Donated by Tammy Bando and Heidi Bernard


One Night Staycation Need to get away from the kids for the night? Have family coming in for the weekend? Use this gift certificate for a one-night stay at the Nebraska City Best Western Hotel and relax. Includes pool use, subject to availability, expires 9/30/2017. Donated by Nebraska City Best Western Hotel


Laptop Tray Sturdy laptop tray is great for working at home. 17.5”x12.6”x35” tall. Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Pizza Basket It’s a pizza party in a basket! This basket includes a pizza cutter, pizza stone, sauce, pepperoni, pizza flavored Pringles, rolling pin and towels. Everything you need to make pizza night a success. Donated by Lisa Whitten, Janie Ebmeier, Nicole Hall, Robin Heng, Nancy Baragary, Pam Epp, Brooke Chaney


Road Trip Basket From travel Bingo to travel Chess, sunscreen to earplugs, salty to sweet, chewing gum to hand sanitzer, and bottled water of course! This travel basket has got you covered. Donated by Amber Shawhan, Heidi Bernard, Jamie Matson, Heather Kleineweber, Misy Fulton, Dana Welch, Lacie Bruns-Morris, Janie Ebmeier


Wildtree Spaghetti Basket This Wildtree basket includes hearty spaghetti blend tomato sauce, pasta, a colander and a pasta server. Donated by Chris and Tammy Bando



Pink Plaque with Quote This 24”x17” plaque is hand painted with the adorable saying, “Tired of trying to cram her SPARKLY star-shaped self into a society’s beige square holes.” Donated by Friends of Lourdes


Christmas Hostess Basket Get ready for the holidays with this hostess basket filled with Christmas themed items - towels, snack plate and cheese spreaders. Donated by Dan and Kay DeFreece


Christmas Basket Too much to mention, this basket is full of Christmas items including four red velvet Christmas stockings, square plate, 2015 White House Ornament, and much, much more. Must see to appreciate. Donated by Arvon and Lu Marcotte, Dan and Kay DeFreece


Dorm Room Cookin’ This mini slow-cooker is perfect for the dorm room or apartment. Comes with broccoli cheddar soup mix to get you started. Donated by Village Designs, Auburn and Dan and Kay DeFreece


Coffee Basket River Moon French Roast beans, silver coffee mug and a coffee pod holder complete this basket. Smell the aroma! Donated by Mike and Janelle Gress, Duane and Hope Weninger


Slow Cooker and Apron Three quart capacity slow cooker and a handmade apron to help you stay clean in the kitchen. Donated by Terry and Misy Fulton, Barb DuBois (apron)


Dorm Room Package WOW! Your college freshman will be ready to tackle their first year with this generous dorm package. A gel mattress topper is a must to make those dorm mattresses comfortable; towels, hamper, power strip, extension cord, desk set, electric toothbrush, and a Crucifix to remind you of your roots! Donated by Dr. Scott and Jan O’Neil


Pampered Chef Baking Set Get ready for holiday baking with this amazing set of cookware - cookie sheets, rolling matt, glass bowl set, nylon turner, large mix and scrape, and a cranberry vine towel set. Donated by Carol Stehlik, Pampered Chef Consultant


Pampered Chef BBQ Set Here is the barbecue king’s best friend: barbecue tools and tool bag, great grilling recipes and several herb rubs and seasoning mixes. Donated by Carol Stehlik, Pampered Chef Consultant


Bundle of Cargill Meat Products This bundle of select meats from Cargill includes roast beef, turkey, tri-tips and more! Great products from a great local company. Donated by Cargill and Daren Box


Steak Box This package contains four each of 14 ounce boneless ribeye steaks, 12 ounce New York strip steaks, 8 ounce sirloin filets, 8 ounce filet mignon. Get ready to grill! Donated by Kayla Holmes (2007) and Piedmontese - The Healthier Beef Option



Class Projects Bidding on this section closes at 9:35 p.m.


Mrs. Kreifels’ Kindergarten Class of 2029: Alphabet Poster The entire kindergarten class has posed for the letters A-Z! Involving the expert help of Mary Pargett Photography, the alphabet has come to life! This is an heirloom piece to cherish for years to come! Class Project Chairs: Michelle Kreifels, MaryBeth Grundman and Hannah Wynn


Mrs. Gawart’s First Grade Class of 2028: Handcrafted Christmas Quilt! The First Grade project is a beautifully hand-crafted Christmas quilt. The students each decorated a quilt block with a Christmas theme and it is being handmade by Mikayla Meyer’s grandmother. It is accompanied by a Christmas table runner. Class Project Chairs: Kathy Gawart and Emily Meyer


Mrs. Harris’ Second Grade Class of 2027: Collage, Prayer Book and Blessed Rosaries This 2nd grade package includes a framed collage of their praying hands, a prayer book with prayers written personally by the second graders, two rosaries and a statue of the Blessed Mother which has received the blessing of Pope Francis at a Papal Audience with the help of Fr. Rolling and Heather and John Austin on February 22, 2017. This wood and silver bead rosary features the Shepherd's Cross of Papa Francesco and comes with a Holy Water from the Vatican. Class Project Chairs: Kate Roberts and Shawn Stukenholtz


Mrs. Martinosky’s Third Grade Class of 2026: “What I Want To Be When I Grow Up” Collage The 3rd grade students spent time at Mary Pargett Photography studio taking their picture with a banner stating “What they want to be when they grow.” Great sentimental testimonial to their future. Class Project Chairs: Victoria Watkins, Tammy Bando and Tara Bennett


Mrs. Dorman’s Fourth Grade Class of 2025: Fire Pit with Hand Decorated Tiles This fire pit has hand decorated tiles around the outside that were created by the 4th graders themselves! View the intricate artwork! This fire pit is packed with marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers…….everything you need to enjoy s’mores! Project Chairs: Jamie Matson and Lori Martin


Mrs. Carlton’s Fourth Grade Class of 2025: Cross Shadow Box A large cross shaped shadow box was made for the 4th grade students out of poplar wood with an aspen backing. The LARGE cross measures 25 inches x 17 inches that hangs on the wall. The students then created blocks for Holidays to go with the cross. Project Chairs: Kim Dorman and Chris and Connie Griephenstroph


Mrs. Box’s Fifth Grade Class of 2024: Patio Cooler Sided with Cedar and Insulated Cups Class Project Chairs: Daren Box, Brooke Chaney, Victoria Watkins 507A. Do you need a place to keep your drinks cold while you hang out on your patio or deck? We have the solution. A beautiful cedar deck cooler with a side table attached will be fun and functional. Hand crafted by Daren Box. 507B. This package is four insulated tumblers that are Knights “SPIRIT” cups! Head to games with these or just sit on the patio and enjoy your cool drink!



Sixth Grade Class of 2023: Coffee Package This basket is for the coffee connoisseur. It includes a Keurig Coffee Maker, biscotti, coffee syrups, coffee (of course) and more!!!! Class Project Chairs: Cindy Monson and Maureen Gygi


Seventh Grade Class of 2022: Spa Basket Enjoy a relaxing one hour massage by Jodie Kluthe, Massage Therapist at the Ambassador Wellness Center, Nebraska City; a manicure and pedicure and many “spa like amenities� are included in this basket. Class Project Chair: Maureen Chance


Eighth Grade Class of 2021: Wine and Home Goods Created by the parents of the 8th grade class, this includes a wooden wine side table, decorative wine baskets and Nebraska Wines and wine glasses. Class Project Chair: Heidi Bernard

Ninth Grade Class of 2020: Sky Diving (See Grand Auction) Class Project Chairs: Debi Baumert and Kay DeFreece 511.

Tenth Grade Class of 2019: PUNCH IT! Take a chance for $20 to win a great prize. All prizes are valued at over $20 from jewelry, to gift cards, to oil changes to movie night! We have a prize for you!! Twenty prizes total!!! Come find the PUNCH IT board and win a prize from two fabulous sophomore representatives!! Class Project Chairs: Bryan and Mary Wright and Victoria Watkins


Eleventh Grade Class of 2018 - Part One: Knights Gear (See Grand Auction for Part Two of the Eleventh Grade Project) Knights Blanket and Pillow: Cuddle up with this soft Knights emblem throw blanket that has soft fleece on one side and KNIGHTS on the other side! Class Project Chairs: Cathy Kassube and Debi Baumert


Twelfth Grade Class of 2017: Travel Basket This basket contains a Vera Bradley weekend bag, neck pillow, adorable bags for your headphones, eye glasses and more when you travel, eye mask, face wipes and so much more! This is for everyone who takes a weekend away or are hitting the skies! Class Project Chairs: Pam Gress, Fabiola Valdovino and Misy Fulton


Grand Auction 1. Fareway Box Side of Beef Here’s the beef!! Retailed at over $900.00 this boxed side of beef will feed your family all year! Fareway carries some of the best beef in Southeast Nebraska and you can own some tonight! You will get a variety of steaks, roasts, ground beef, flat round, knuckle sirloin, rib eye and more! Already boxed eliminates about 5% of the waste. Approximate weight 178 pounds. Donated by Todd and Theresa Walton and Fareway Meat Department 2. Weekend at the Elms Spa and Resort in Kansas City Enjoy a relaxing weekend at the luxurious Elms Spa and Resort in Kansas City for two nights. In an idyllic setting, a stay at The Elms Hotel & Spa in Excelsior Springs is characterized by the genuine, friendly hospitality delivered by their knowledgeable staff. For everything from scheduling spa treatments at the Spa at The Elms or arranging a romantic dinner in your room, to offering directions to the nearby wineries or securing you a tee time at a nearby golf course, their friendly staff can provide most anything upon request. Feel free to ask, and they'll be happy to help. Two nights, one room; sleeps four. Room includes a $300 spa credit, keepsake wine glasses, keepsake robes (2), a bottle of Elms wine, and valet Service. Make it a girls’ weekend or a romantic get away. Donated by Mrs. Ruth McCabe 3. Pizza and A Movie For those evenings where supper just isn’t coming together like you had planned, it’s Valentino’s pizza to the rescue! One large pizza per month for a year will give the head chef a little more down time. After you have eaten your fill, head on over to the Pioneer 3 Movie Theater and enjoy a movie on the big screen. This family pass allows your family (up to four people) to enjoy movies for a full year! Now that is entertainment at its best!! Donated by Nile and Mary Farris and The Pioneer 3 Theater 4. Dinner A Month For Two at El Portal Dine at everyone’s favorite Mexican restaurant! This certificate provides you with dinner for two once a month for a year! Not to exceed $20 total per visit. Donated by El Portal Restaurants 4A. Nebraska City El Portal 4B. Auburn El Portal 5. Dinner for up to 8 couples at the Keeping Room Enjoy an evening out with your friends with an excellent dinner, provided by the cooks listed below, at The Keeping Room in Nebraska City. Grilled Lobster Tails or Tri-Tip dinner (or equivalent) will be provided. Come spend some time at The Keeping Room which is a fusion of stylish antiques, holiday & home decor, unique fashion, fabulous food & drink and friendly atmosphere! Blackout dates during SeptemberDecember. Expires March 18, 2018 Donated by The Keeping Room Bryan and Kelly Bequette, Daren and Beth Box, Dan and Kay DeFreece and Tom and Cindy Gude 6. Great Wolf Lodge Weekend Get ready for some good, old-fashioned fun! This package includes a two night stay in a family suite with two queen beds, sofa sleeper and semi-private living area at the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City. Enjoy your day at the water park with the four included day passes. Shell gas card of $100 thrown in for your trip! The Great Wolf Lodge and Bernard Real Estate 40

7. Fit and Fabulous Give the whole family a place to get in shape with this one year membership to the Ambassador Rehab & Wellness Center! Take advantage of weight machines, aerobics, “Zumba,” basketball, swimming, yoga, fit kids classes and so much more! Donated by The Ambassador Rehab & Wellness Center 8. Mexican Dinner Ten lucky people will get to enjoy an authentic Mexican dinner prepared by Horacio and Emilia Perdomo. This meal is a one of a kind feast that we know you will enjoy! Donated by Fr. Mark Cyza and Horacio and Emilia Perdomo 9. Las Vegas Destination! 3 Days, 2 Nights stay for TWO! $500 worth of Casino benefits. You are on your way to experiencing a fantastic getaway for two! This FREE Las Vegs Plus package provides you with the freedom to enjoy the warm hospitality of several resorts in Las Vegas: Tropicana Resort & Casino, Gold Coast Casino, Circus Circus Hotel & Casino and The Orleans. $500 Casino Benefits included and $300.00 cash toward airfare. Expires 12/31/18 Donated by World Auto Sales Nebraska City 10. Become a Sonoma Winemaker This experience includes a three night in a standard room (1 King or 1 queen bed) at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa (currently ranked one of the top 25 Inns and Spas in Traveler Magazine). Daily breakfast for two; Intimate blending seminar for 2 at Imagery Estate Winery, in Sonoma; Tasting for 2 at Chateau St. Jean in Sonoma; Tour and tasting for 2 at Benziger Winery, Sonoma; and Round-trip coach class airfare for 2 from within the 48 contiguous U.S. to San Francisco or Oakland, CA. Must be booked a minimum of 60 days in advance. Reservations are subject to availability and hotel may be substituted for comparable or better property. Certificates cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed. All purchases are non-refundable. Packages cannot be resold. Ground transportation is not included. “The spa's inspiring architecture reveals pools, baths, and treatment areas unique in the West. It is a true spa, created in the grand European tradition and based on the benefits of the property's thermal mineral springs. Santé Restaurant is the Inn's premier dining room and has earned a national reputation for its outstanding food. Recipient of the prestigious AAA 4-Diamond award, Santé is the only restaurant in the Sonoma Valley to receive this accolade. Condé Nast Traveler said “it's worth a special trip just to eat here” and Gourmet Magazine calls the food “the best of the new Wine Country style.” It was recently one of the few hotel restaurants in the United States to be awarded a Michelin star rating.”” Donated by RockCreek Swine, Dave and Debbie Heng, Patrick Heng 11. Nebraska Skybox Tickets for the Opening game Nebraska vs. Arkansas State Get ready to rumble! Its four (4) tickets and one parking pass to the September 2, 2017 Nebraska vs. Arkansas State game. Provided are seats, parking pass right next to the stadium, and food and beverages for the game. The seats are in the North Skyline Skybox Suites and parking is in Lot 8, adjacent to Memorial Stadium. This is a fun group to watch a Husker game alongside! Donated by Jerry & Patti Gress, Joe & Marliss Miller, Scott & Kristin Miller, and Nebraska City Red 12. Knight of the Holy Grill Package Looking for a grill that grills AND smokes? Then purchase this Daniel Boone Model Green Mountain Grill package! This amazing grill uses pellets as it’s heat source, which is so much more flavorful than charcoal or gas. The grill has a peaked lid for stand-up chicken/rib racks, a meat probe with digital readout of food temps, venture-style firebox for cyclone combustion, Sense-Mate thermal sensor, “turbo” mode circuit board for even smoking/grilling in very cold weather. Pellets, grilling baskets, utensils, meat tray, hot pads and apron are also included to help you become a Knight of the Holy Grill. Donated by Kent & Cindy McGinnis


13. Cocktails Overlooking the River Bring 6 couples together with Fr. Mark Cyza and Fr. Michael McCabe and enjoy cocktails and heavy hors d’oeurves while taking in the amazing view overlooking the Missouri River. You and your friends will have lively conversation with a spectacular view! Donated by Jerry and Patti Gress 14. Duck Hunting or Ice Fishing for Two You and a friend can choose from duck hunting or an ice fishing trip to the Sandhill’s of Nebraska near Valentine. This will be guided by Dr. Rod McGinley, avid sportsman. Transportation, food and lodging will be provided. You are responsible for you own licensing. This will be a four day trip. It will be a trip that will beget fish stories. Donated by Dr. Rod McGinley 15. “Take a Flying Leap” Check one off the Bucket list when you and a friend soar into the wild blue yonder, only to jump out for an unforgettable experience in skydiving! There is nothing more energizing than free falling at over 120 mph from 10,000+ for 60 seconds or more! Your first skydive will be one of the most memorable moments in your life. Invite your friends to come watch. You must be in reasonable physical shape in order to jump and there is a weight limit (220 lbs. for men and 200 for women). You must be 19 years or older to jump. So grab a friend and bid on this one!! The jump is sponsored by Lincoln Sport Parachute Club and is done near Weeping Water. Expires 3/18/2018. Donated by The Freshman Class of 2020 16. Tequila Tasting Party Grab your amigos and join in the fun with this flavorful tequila tasting party for 10 people. You’ll learn about the tequila making process and sample some authentic 100% blue agave tequila brought here from Mexico by your hosts. Savory tequila beverages will be served along with a salsa bar and delicious appetizers. This is sure to be a fiesta to remember. Donated by Troy and Debi Baumert, Dan and Kay DeFreece, Tom and Cindy Gude, Joy and Teresa Johnson, Kent and Cindy McGinnis 17. Ohio State vs. Nebraska 4 Tickets and Tailgate! This is going to be a great game! Here are four tickets down front and some tailgating beforehand you won’t forget! These boys know how to grill some meat! Barbecue ribs, hotdogs, and more! Beverages are included during the tailgating. Don’t miss this day of Husker football and fun! Donated by Dave and Debbie Heng, RockCreek Swine, Tyler and Jamie Heng, Alex and Michaela Heng 18. NAPA Tool Box This tool box will separate the men from boys. In Lourdes blue (of course) it is monogrammed with “Knights Know How” and will be a treasure to pass down to the kids. The 41-Inch SE Series 8 Drawer Top Chest is a great addition to any garage. Features include ball bearing glides and EVA liners in every drawer. Other features include an HMC high security tubular locking mechanism. Gas struts allow the lid to open and close with ease. These units have a steel thickness of 1.0 mm. It sits on top the 11 drawer rolling cabinet. The 11 drawer rolling cabinet has high security tubular locking system, full length solid aluminum drawer handles, drawer liners and top mat included, four 5-inch x 2-inch casters, two casters swivel with wheel brake and two are fixed. It is also 41 inches tall. Donated by NAPA Auto Store and Joy and Teresa Johnson


19. One Week at St. Maarten Netherlands Condo Cross another thing off your bucket list. This beautiful timeshare condo is located on the Dutch side of St. Maarten which sits in the beautiful Caribbean. It is a country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Antilles and is part Dutch and French. It is served by The Princess Julianna International Airport. This Unit is a Studio with a kitchen and living room. It has a nice deck to sit out on and enjoy the views. The resort is a gated community which offers taxi service and a car rental. It also has elevators. They offer exercise in the pool area. Activities are abundant. You can snorkel right off the beach. There is an activity desk to help you set up all kinds of sports, jet skis, boot cruises, or Para sailing. This is for a one week stay, March 19-26th, 2018 only. The Flamingo Beach resort is in the Diamond Resort Family. Airfare is not included but there is $500.00 cash donated toward airfare! Start planning some fun in the sun now! Donated by Mike and Chris Koslosky, Airfare Cash Donated by Andrews Monument 20. “Soul2Soul” World Tour 2 Tickets You will be sitting in the 7th row to see the dynamic duo of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill! This concert is Sunday, September 17, 2017 and you could be the owner of two tickets on the ground floor! Included in this already great package is a $75.00 gift card to the Upstream Brewery. You’re night is set; just raise your hand and start bidding! Donated by Friends of Lourdes 21. Two Original Water Color Paintings by Laurine Kimmel Yes these are original water colors by Nebraska City’s own Laurine Kimmel. As a graduate of Nebraska City High School, Laurine developed a love for art and painting while attending the University of Nebraska and later as a schoolteacher. While helping her husband Richard build Kimmel Orchard, she continued to study and pursue her painting, gaining widespread national recognition for her watercolor series of old outhouses that she entitled “American Architecture.” Her paintings of life and work at the orchard and community leadership activities remained important to her until her death in 1993. These paintings are framed by Blum’s Framing in Nebraska City with glare free glass and her original handwriting is on the back of each painting. These paintings are part of the true history of Nebraska City. Donated by Marcia Brennan and Marliss Miller 22. Knights Monogrammed Stadium seats and more Be the envy of every Knights fan at all Knight activities this year! This package includes two monogrammed stadium chairs, a Thirty-One monogrammed soft side cooler, Thirty-One Knights monogrammed large tote, a 2017-18 Lourdes Family Activity Pass, and some Lourdes sunglasses! Of course snacks are in the tote! Donated by The Junior Class of 2018, Activity Pass Donated by LAA 23. Family and Children Photography Your precious children change daily. Mary will create a classic image of your child or of your family on location or in her Studio. A $500 Gift Certificate is yours to use and includes personal design consultation, session, image selection and your choice of products. Pick from a session album, enlargements, canvas prints and more. Donated by Mary Pargett Photography 24. H. Flynn Shirt a Month for a Year! Show your school spirit in a super-fun way! This package gives you the opportunity to design any piece of apparel once a month for a year. Start off the year in a volleyball or football shirt and move on to others as the seasons change. Donated by H. Flynn, Melanie Schnitzer


25. The Other White Meat! One-half hog grown naturally! This hog is raised with no antibiotics and not fed any animal by products. Processed at Pelican Meats, Johnson, NE. The buyer can expect approximately 100 lbs. of meat. The hog is raised by farmers David, Ethan, Ryan, Margaret and Joseph Roberts. The hog will be ready in July. Two halves will be auctioned. Donated by Friends of Lourdes and Dave and Kate Roberts 25A. Half Hog 25B. Half Hog 26. One Semester of Tuition Attention parents and grandparents! If your student is attending next year this is for you. You have to pay this bill, so why not bid on this and raise a little extra money for the school on top of that! What a great benefit for you and the school. This can be used for an elementary or middle/ high school student. Donated by Lourdes Central Catholic School 27. Student Parking Lot Space for a Year! Make your student feel special with a year of reserved parking at school! This spot will be dedicated for them and personalized! Donated by Lourdes Central Catholic School 28. Husker Suite Experience Are you ready to experience the Huskers in style? This package includes FOUR tickets to the Exclusive Husker Suite Experience in a luxury east stadium suite. This is for the September 16, 2017 game against Northern Illinois. This suite is one of only five private suites in Memorial Stadium offering exclusive access to the suite level. Indoor seating for those who enjoy climate control and covered/heated outdoor stadium seating to join in the Sea of Red fun! The six big screen TVs ensure you won’t miss a play or other games. There are only great views –no matter where you are in this suite. A pre-game tailgate in the popular parking lot 12, just outside the doors of the east stadium is included. Tailgate includes a gathering under a shaded tent to get you started sharing food and beverages, with additional dining fare and non-alcoholic drinks during the game. Commemorative game book and tickets to remember the amazing views and unique experience while cheering the Huskers on! Donated by J. Joe Ricketts and The Ricketts Family


Event History 1994 Endowment Dinner

Event 2004 “A Journey Under the Sea”

Fr. Lyle Johnson Arvon and Lu Marcotte Tom and Dorothy Funke Ed and Mary Mills Tom and Linda Lollman

Todd and Beth Hottovy Bob and Patrice Wulf

1995 Endowment Dinner

Event 2005 “Welcome to the Wild West” Bob and Patrice Wulf Dan and Lori Goodman

Fr. Lyle Johnson Arvon and Lu Marcotte Tom and Dorothy Funke Ed and Mary Mills Tom and Linda Lollman

Event 2006 “Making Our Dreams Come True”

1996 Endowment Dinner

Mike and Lana Gilson Mark and Dotti Easter Lynn and Sharon Heng Duane and Shelli Stuhr

Fr. Mathew Eickhoff Arvon and Lu Marcotte Tom and Dorothy Funke Ed and Mary Mills Tom and Linda Lollman

1998 Endowment Dinner

Dan and Lori Goodman Mike and Lana Gilson Mark and Dotti Easter

Event 2007 “All for the Glory of God”

Event 2008 “Knights of the Round Table” Lynn and Sharon Heng Duane and Shelli Stuhr

Fr. Mathew Eickhoff Laurence and Sally DuBois Steve and Teresa Chamley Arvon and Lu Marcotte

2009 forward coordinated by Sally DuBois

1999 “A Knight In Paradise”

Event 2009 “Wild About Lourdes! A Night in the Jungle”

Fr. Michael McCabe Steve and Teresa Chamley Laurence and Sally DuBois Joe and Marliss Miller Rebecca Engle Tina Layman Valerie Able

Event 2000 “All that Jazz” Leroy and Valerie Able Tom and Tina Layman

Event 2001 “The Masquerade” Tom and Tina Layman Don and Jackie Loseke



Event 2010 “Escape to Italy” Event 2011 “An Enchanted Forest” Event 2012 “Roaring Twenties” Event 2013 “A Knight in Wonderland” Event 2014 “Boots and Bling” Event 2015 “Run for the Roses” Event 2016 “Nautical Nights” Event 2017 “Those Fabulous Fifties”

Event 2002 “A Time to Celebrate” Don and Jackie Loseke Bill and Joan Kreifels

Event 2003 “An Evening Under the Stars” Bill and Joan Kreifels Todd and Beth Hottovy


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Our Donors Rosie Marcotte Margaret’s Gifts Jerome and Suzanne Martin Scott and Julie Martinosky Tyler and Kelly Mason Jamie Matson Fr. Michael McCabe Mrs. Ruth McCabe McDonald’s Dr. Rod McGinley Kent and Cindy McGinnis Dr. Molly McNeely, DDS Mead Lumber Mercer’s Do It Best Emily and Brett Meyer Dr. Duane Miller Dentistry Joe and Marliss Miller Soctt and Kristin Miller Mary Mills Morton Place Senior Living Tony and Ruth Mudd NAPA Auto Store Nebraska City Best Western Hotel Nebraska City Chiropractic Nebraska City Dental Nebraska City Medical Clinic Nebraska City News Press Nebraska City Physical Therapy Nebraska City Red Omaha Community Playhouse Omaha Symphony Dr. Scott and Jan O’Neil Orscheln’s Farm and Home Ottemann Photography John and Allysyn Paap Paap’s Fishing Shop Pantorium Cleaners Papio Fun Park Mary Pargett Pargett Photography Horacio and Emilia Perdomo Peterson Detailing Peterson Mortuary Piedmontese-The Healthier Beef Option Pine Lake Golf and Tennis Club Pioneer 3 Theater Gabby Ragland The Ricketts Family J. Joe Ricketts Dave and Kate Roberts RockCreek Swine Runza Rustic Cuff SAAP Brothers Sack Lumber, Auburn Schlitterbahn Amber Shawhan

Melanie Schnitzer Sheldon’s for Women Slattery Vintage Estates Brett and Tina Smith Todd and Terry Smith Snapdragon Florals St. Benedict’s Church St. Mary’s Christian Mothers Carol Stehlik Duane and Shelli Stuhr Bryan and Shawn Stukenholtz Erin Stukenholtz-Bolender Table Creek Golf Course The Cleaners, Auburn The Durham Museum The Fabric Fairy, Auburn The Hair Factory The Rose Theatre The Spirit of Brownville Thurman’s Bike and Sport The Toddy Shop U-Save Pharmacy Valentino’s Village Designs, Auburn Wal-Mart Todd and Theresa Walton Dana Welch Duane and Hope Weninger Olivia Weninger Wenzel Hardware Whiskey Run Creek Julia White Lisa Whitten Wildwood Golf Course Betty Wilmes Gerry and Susie Wirth Woodland Hills Golf Course World Auto Sales Patrice Wulf The Senior Class of 2017 The Junior Class of 2018 The Sophomore Class of 2019 The Freshman Class of 2020 The Eighth Grade Class of 2021 The Seventh Grade Class of 2022 The Sixth Grade Class of 2023 Mrs. Box’s Fifth Grade Class Mrs. Carlton’s Fourth Grade Class Mrs. Dorman’s Fourth Grade Class Mrs. Martinosky’s Third Grade Class Mrs. Harris’ Second Grade Class Mrs. Gawart’s First Grade Class Mrs. Kreifels’ Kindergarten Class


Tonight’s Runners PINK LADIES


Cloey Allgood

Andrew Aldana

Logan Bakula

Jack Bakula

Aubrey Bando

Sam Baumert

Ashley Bargary

Colton Davis

Reagan Bassinger

Jackson Esser

Libby Baumert

Colter Fulton

Laura Box

Jack Funke

Renee Box

Alex Gress

Addison DeFreece

Brock Hogeland

Chloe DuBois

Colby Howard

Izzie Fedoris

Mason Lee

Libby Fulton

James Mason

Maggie Funke

Ben Miller

Marissa Galardi

Hayden Miller

Althea Gay

Kaden Olson

Anna Gigstad

Luke Partsch

Cara Goodman

Daniel Perdoma

Jacey Kreifels

Ethan Roberts

Renee Marcotte

Ivan Valdovino

Piper Monson

Quinten Vasa

Karinne Olson Lettie Rodriguez Reagan Stanley Alivia Stuhr Halli Whitten Heaven Winscott

We deeply regret any errors or omissions that may have occurred. Your shining example of generosity is appreciated. We hope you had a wonderful evening. 48

“Prayer is nothing but that oneness with Christ. As scripture says in St. Paul, ‘I live no longer but Christ lives in me.’ Christ prays in me, Christ thinks in me, Christ looks through my eyes, Christ speaks through my words, Christ works with my hands, Christ walks with my feet, Christ loves with my heart.” St. Teresa of Calcutta

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