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fter a two week hiatus, I am finally back to writing my weekly piece on the trials and tribulations of a fashion designer trying to get noticed in a country obsessed with drama. The excuse for my disappearance has to be the scary one eyed giant, better known as fashion week, that resurfaces twice a year, and forces me into that hiding place where none can find me. The 4th PFDC Sunsilk fashion week was held in Karachi from the 20th to the 23rd of October and yours truly showcased his collection as the finale show on Day 3. Showing in Karachi always reminds me of Rocky 4 when he goes to Russia to fight Drago on Christmas. The only difference is that by the end of the movie, all the Russians are cheering Rocky’s name whereas I only seem to inspire the sounds of silence along with scattered clapping and pseudo smiles. Every city has a certain identity when it comes to their mannerisms and body language. In this situation, I really do love the Punjabis for wearing their hearts on their sleeves and being the loud, obnoxious ‘jutts’ that

38 I November 06 - 12, 2011

Showing in Karachi always reminds me of Rocky 4 when he goes to Russia to fight Drago on Christmas. The only difference is that by the end of the movie, all the Russians are cheering Rocky’s name whereas I only seem to inspire the sounds of silence along with scattered clapping and pseudo smiles we are. The ‘Disco Inferno’ collection has to be my most well-rounded and mature collection to date. It mixed all the key ingredients of putting a successful collection together. With timeless disco hits reviving long lost memories of every adult in the audience, the collection paid homage to the iconic styles of John Travolta, Diane Keaton, and Bianca Jagger during their days at Studio 54. There were androgynous

blazers and trousers for my local corporate clientele. The Tunics with pants combos were loved by my local buyers at Ensemble and Modeville while the cocktail dresses and Kaftans at the end of the collection are perfect for my U.A.E market which enjoys that little flash in their wardrobe. Ammar Belal collections always get mixed reviews but they never go unnoticed. Over time I have made peace with the fact that if I want to be true to my signature aesthetic in a market like Pakistan, the price to pay will be that half of the audience might not be able to understand or relate to my vision. At the end of the day, the only advice I keep giving to myself and to the young designers is that you have to be true to yourself whenever you showcase your work as that is the only way you can stand by it with pride and confidence when it is critiqued. After all, would I rather be someone who is never even mentioned and gets crushed in between all the commercial giants of our fashion industry?

Top 5:

Iconic Handbags Hermes Birkin: The Birkin caused a frenzy when Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar toted the famous bag around for her first official trip to India. But the legendary bag has been causing tongues to wag for decades. Legend has it that in 1984 actress-singer Jane Birkin mentioned to the Hermes president that she was in desperate need of the perfect leather weekend bag and weeks later the Birkin was produced especially for her. The bag can be made with a variety of exotic skins and in a wide range of colours and is lined with matching goatskin. It takes weeks to produce just one bag, with one Hermes artisan working painstakingly on a single bag from start to finish. At one time the waiting list for a Birkin was more than 6 years. Chanel 2.55: The Chanel 2.55 bag is the most timeless handbag in the history of fashion. The quilted design and gold chain have become synonymous with classic chic. Coco Chanel created the bag when she wanted a more practical means of carrying her stuff around. The 2.55 was created in February of 1955, hence the name. Each bag is lined with burgundy leather, has the trademark double C ‘Mademoiselle Lock’ and intertwined leather and gold chain straps. The 2.55 is now available in a plethora of colours, designs and sizes - and is a favourite of celebs and socialites alike. Lady Dior: Lady Dior appeared in mid-1990, when the creative director of the House of Dior was Gianfranco Ferre. Princess Diana catapulted the bag to iconic status when she made numerous appearances with it. Her name, Lady Di, is engraved inside the bag. The style of the bag remains unchanged, cementing the fact that it will always remain a classic. The quilted pattern and short handles make this bag a symbol of luxury and signify a refined taste. The only adornment and decoration are the metal key chains: big letters D, I, O, R. The Lady Dior bag was originally offered in three colours: black, white and light pink but is now available in different skins and colours. Louis Vuitton Speedy: in 1930 Georges Vuitton, the son of Louis Vuitton, invented the signature “Keepall”, a long overnight bag, embellished with LV logos that was created for the elite to serve their travel needs. The LV brand immediately evoked prominence and wealth, and the Keepall became so popular t h a t Georges introduced a smaller bag resembling it after Audrey Hepburn requested a smaller more usable version, a couple of years later. The Speedy is undoubtedly one of the most popular bags in the world – available in a variety of prints and sizes and a favourite of women young and old. Gucci Jackie bag: Jacqueline Kennedy was the closest thing America had to royalty. The Jackie bag gained its name in the 1950’s when the ever so chic Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was photographed toting Gucci’s monogrammed Constance bag. One of the first hobo style bags, the original Jackie is complete with a leather strap and metal fasten closure, a leather shoulder strap and a roomy main compartment - making it perfect for the modern, working woman. The present-day Jackie bag has had some work done – with the addition of a rainbow of colours, tassels and visible stitching detail. 46 I November 06 - 12, 2011


Time to sacrifice By Sumeha Khalid


Kamiar Rokni (Fashion Designer) Sacrifice is about putting yourself in the shoes of others; those who are less fortunate than us always deserve our help. From my childhood, I remember a lot of blood on Eid. This year, I shall spend time with family and try to get some fresh air.

t’s Qurbani time and we are reminded once more about the importance of sacrifice. This Eid-ul-Azha we have decided to ask celebrities about what sacrifice means to them and also know about their childhood memories of the Namkeen Eid. They will tell us if they are doing something special this Eid.

Zhalay Sarhadi (Actor/ TV personality) Sacrifice means giving a chunk of what you earn to others in need. My childhood memories are many, though not very good ones as I love animals and their sacrifice on Eid used to traumatise me. I will be spending time with my loved ones this year. All the year around, work takes top priority and Eid is the only time we relax and spend quality time together.

Huma Adnan (Fashion designer) Sacrifice to me is to devote your time to someone who needs your attention. My childhood memories are numerous. I have always celebrated Eid-ul-Azha with my family. It’s always the same; we recite the kalma before the sacrifice is performed and then ensure that the meat is distributed amongst the poor and the relatives. This is followed by cooking or barbecuing the meat - thus the day has begun.

Urooj Asif (TV host / actor) The word sacrifice means letting go of all your worldly possessions as well as your desires. From childhood, I remember nothing specific! This year, I will be celebrating Eid with my family and friends. Faakhir Mahmood (Singer) Giving up your most precious possession is sacrifice. As a child, every Eid I used to accompany my father to buy the goat. That memory has stayed with me. This Eid I am teaching my two-year-old daughter

November 06 - 12, 2011 I 47

Zahra Saeed (Fashion designer) Being selfless in every way is a real sacrifice. I remember that as kids we used

Nida Azwer (Fashion designer) For me sacrifice is about making the choice to give up something meaningful in the hope of achieving something even better. As a child I recall, having to eat lots of freshly cooked meat! The flavour was a bit too strong for me and to this day I’m

what Qurbani is. We take her to see cows and goats and try to teach her what Eid-ulAzha is all about. On the work front, I will also be releasing my fourth album.

to feed the goats and play with them and then for years we were clueless as to why we were eating them for lunch. It was pretty traumatising once we all realised the truth. I will be going to the graveyard to visit my grandparents and then spend time with my family. That’s what we’ve always done for as long as I can remember but since I moved to the US, this is my first Eid-ul-Azha in Pakistan in 15 years so it will be nice.

weary of meat. Hopefully I’ll be going on a holiday soon.

Sania Maskatiya (Fashion designer) Sacrifice to me is doing the right thing, be it morally, ethically or socially, no matter how difficult it may be. As a child, every Eid I would watch the Qurbani at our house with my parents and cousins at the crack of dawn, followed by a breakfast feast with the entire family. This Eid is my baby’s first Eid-ul-Azha so it’s super special.

48 I November 06 - 12, 2011

Azmay Shahzada & Samia Shahzada (Shoe designers) Giving up something you cherish is sacrifice and also giving up sleep for my kids! As a child, buying the goats and feeding them was the most exciting bit. Naming the goats and playing with them… Then wondering where they went. Found that one out a little late. This year will be the usual - spending quality time with the family. Going through extra trouble to match the outfits of my kids with their cousins!


njum Mahmood of Architectural Associates Private Limited, creates spaces that are as unique as the people who live in them. Every client gets his or her own customplanned architecture, functionality and design. The premium materials and exacting craftsmanship are unmatched. It wouldn’t be wrong to say he is a brilliant architect who has been creating masterpieces since the time he was still studying at the National College of arts, Lahore. Lounge caught up with him for a talk: Tell us about the moment when you decided to enter this field. It was always clear what I wanted to do. I wanted to produce elegant, mature and timeless designs.

50 I November 06 - 12, 2011

What determined your passion for design? What field of design are you most interested in? My passion is to work on theme based projects, which involve an intense combination of art, architecture, interior and furnishings. Do you remember your first project? My own house was my first project! It was a real learning experience for me, as I had to manage the funds, prepare the concept, detailed drawings and supervise the project. It was the stepping-stone and since then I have never looked back. What project has given you the most satisfaction of all? Any project where I can tell a story is satisfying. Describe the way you work. I like to involve myself in each project till its completion. I sit with my clients and find out about their lifestyle. From there I make the basic conceptual layouts and visual concepts. Later I work in-coordination with my associates and sub-consultants. What are the most frustrating and the most rewarding aspects of your job? The most frustrating aspect of my job is dealing with labour and sub-

November 06 - 12, 2011 I 51

contractors. These days the hardest thing is to create a team. The most rewarding part is when one’s work is appreciated by the clients. Is design an art or a science? Our profession is a field of art but it involves scientific use of knowledge as well. What is your design philosophy? My design philosophy is to bring together both the external and internal living spaces. If you had a free hand, monetarily, what would you create? I would like to work on a traditional housea Haveli. What advice do you have for young designers or architects? They should prepare themselves for hard work and show dedication. They must work with a good organization for at least seven years before opening up their own business. There is no short cut for success!

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November 06 - 12, 2011 I 53

By Zahra Sohail

Diamonds are forever “Emerald as heavy as a golf course, ruby as dark as afterbirth, Diamond as white as sun on the sea...” ~Anne Sexton


e have always attempted to define and illustrate the beauty of a natural diamond in many ways. Attempts have been noble if not entirely successful because truth is; one cannot entirely capture the luster of a diamond in just a few sentences. Movies have been made, songs have been shared, novels have been written and even in these instances, justice has not been done. Such is the grandeur of God’s most precious creation on the face of the earth. About Solitaire Solitaire of UAE moved to Pakistan in April 2010 with a vision to become specialists in diamond jewelry in Lahore. An extravagant launch planned by the late Zareen Khalid, Solitaire managed to make 54 I November 06 - 12, 2011

For youngsters wanting to buy a ring on Mother’s Day to husbands looking for a present on anniversaries and special occasions, Solitaire has it all under one exquisite roof

Since the prices of gold have skyrocketed, modern day consumers are getting more inclined towards fine intricately designed pieces its mark at the very onset of their appearance in Pakistan. The Honorary Consulate of UAE along with the late Salman Taseer inaugurated the event. Solitaire has around 5 stores in Sharjah and Dubai and plans on becoming a global jewelry standing brand by expanding their philosophy across the East. ‘Diamonds are a status symbol’, says Tahir, General Manager at Solitaire Pakistan who is a qualified gemologist himself. His explicit elucidations of the 4 C’s of a diamond; carat, color, clarity and cut were extremely helpful in understanding the gist of diamond jewelry making for a layman and build the confidence of the customers in him. Solitaire is all about exclusivity in designs as their pieces are original. There are no replicas in any jewelry design hence making every piece exclusive in its being. Trends of jewelry designs ‘Modern day styles of jewelry making have revolutionized to a great extent especially with regards to occasions and festivity’ says Tahir. Newlywed brides prefer to wear exquisite, elegant designs complimented with precious and semi precious stones. Diamonds paired with an assortment of gemstones have become a must have for a contemporary bride. Since the price of gold has skyrocketed, modern day consumers are getting more inclined towards fine intricately

designed pieces. Solitaire’s jewelry has more practicality to it than any other jewelry store in town. Product Solitaire has a vast assortment of products ranging from diamond rings to earrings, pendants, bangles, necklace sets and nose pins. ‘We have the best prices in town’, exclaimed Tahir when asked about competitiveness in the current market scenario and how Solitaire is meeting with challenges. Solitaire claims to have jewelry catering to every segment of the society which fits well into their target market. For youngsters wanting to buy a ring on Mother’s Day to husbands looking for a present on anniversaries and special occasions, Solitaire has it all under one exquisite roof. ‘We are the biggest diamond jewelry store in Pakistan’, boasts Tahir. With plans of expansion in the near future across main cities of Pakistan, a confident and satisfied Tahir claimed to have carved Solitaire’s niche in the local jewelry market in Pakistan. Diamonds are forever and they will always be a woman’s best friend! No denying that, so all brides-to-be should rush to Solitaire MM Alam road to experience an aura of a lifetime marked by sheer hospitality and care.

November 06 - 12, 2011 I 55


Quick fixes for Eid

By Maheen Hassan


ue to our hectic schedules, most of us don’t find time to prepare for Eid! Lounge brings you some quick fixes which will take only a few minutes and are guaranteed to prep you up for Eid in a jiffy!

For hair

For hair that is unmanageable, dry and out of control, the fix is simple. Wash it with a couple of mugs of water to which has been added some lemon juice. This will help in getting control of the hair quickly. If your hair is oily, a quick fix can be found in using cologne. Sprinkle a little of the cologne on your hair brush and brush the hair nicely. The cologne will absorb the excess oil and the hair will start smelling fresh and nice.

For skin

Fix oily skin sprinkle talc on blotting paper and blot away the excess oil on the face. This should work. For other skin types, give yourself a quick scrub the herbal way. Take some sandalwood powder in a bowl and add some yogurt and half a ripe banana to it. Apply the same on the face, wait for ten minutes and then gently rub away with upward strokes using cold water to reveal fresh skin.

For eyes

Tired eyes can be brightened up quickly with used tea bags. Soak them in warm water and then squeeze out the water. Apply the tea bags on the eyes like pads. Wait for ten minutes to refresh your eyes. Tired eyes can also be refreshed with pure rose water (not the synthetic kind). Simply dip cotton wool in rose water and keep over the eyes for ten minutes. Puffy eyes can be quickly fixed with potato juice. Dip cotton wool in potato juice and apply over the eyes. Keep the pads on the eyes for a few minutes and find a quick fix to the problem.

For body odours

If you need to smell good quickly, pour some rose water in half a bucket of water and take a short bath. The lingering perfume should stay on for the next few hours. If your feet smell bad, sprinkle baking powder on your feet and wear cotton socks. The baking powder will mask the bad odour almost immediately.

Makeup fixes

Use a primer before your daily makeup routine. It helps to even out your skin allowing your foundation to glide on smoothly. You can also highlight your cheekbones with glitter dust and on top of your eyebrows so as to catch the light and illuminate your features. A dust of bronzer is perhaps the best of the quick skin 56 I November 06 - 12, 2011

fixes because it will leave you looking dewy, tan and feeling gorgeous. A great bronzer should not leave you looking orange but rather enhance your skin tone.

Skin exfoliation

For some uncommon quick skin fixes, try exfoliating with sugar to rid your skin of dead cells. Natural sugar will be soft and fine enough to scratch your skin but it will make it soft. It’s one of the best quick skin fixes. You can also try making a mask out of 1 cup of mayonnaise and 1 tbsp of olive oil, this may sound absurd but it is a great way to save on beauty products when you have natural things at home! Plus, the mayonnaise and the olive oil will create a paste that you can wash off after seven minutes to leave your skin feeling brand new!

For a dull complexion

If your complexion looks dull you should wet a facecloth with warm water and squeeze on lime juice. Press on to your face for a few minutes. Repeat it three to four times to make your skin glow.

For spots

If you have spots, pimples or blackheads on your face, rub on a paste of baking soda and water at night. The baking soda will dry it out by morning. If the scar is too visible use a concealer but don’t apply too much.

For chapped lips

If your lips are chapped you should exfoliate them: apply petroleum jelly or a face scrub to a soft toothbrush and gently rub on lips. Always apply lip balm.

Style Savvy

If you’re not a huge fan of all things floral, don’t sweat it… you can skip bouquets and elaborate floral stages and go instead forbeautifully decorated branches with minimum flowers.


Season Trends


he wedding season has arrived on our doorsteps, bringing with it numerous panic attacks and bouts of hysteria for brides to-be. We know that planning the event, not to mention the numerous dholkis and joras, can be one hectic ordeal. A piece of advice for stressing brides: take a step back from traditions this season and make the event your own! It really depends on the couple and what kind of a wedding they want, but the best way is to contact a wedding planner and employ their expertise. We got in touch with the Deventions (Event Management) team to get an inside scoop on what’s hot this wedding season. Here are few of the trends they suggested:

Yes, you can say NO to flowers!

If you’re not a huge fan of all things floral, don’t sweat it. There are lots of other options available and you can skip bouquets and elaborate floral stages and go instead with beautifully decorated branches with minimum flowers. You can also skip the flowers altogether by going with a stylish crystal décor or with coloured drape backgrounds.

It’s good luck to see the groom!

No, I’m not joking about this one, this is actually a great way to get over the pre-wedding jitters. Many couples are shunning the tradition of waiting to see each other until the ceremony. Having a few quiet moments together ahead of time can help settle your nerves and make for wonderfully intimate photos. It also gives you ample time for the vituals afterwards.

What’s on the menu?

Food is likely to be the biggest drain on your wallet so be sure to select items that you really enjoy. Couples are now moving away from the predictable chicken or beef and rice palaow menus. Deventions have created custom menus to reflect the couple’s preferences, often going with pastas, vegetable lasagna and assorted fruit salads.

The photography dilemma

It’s all about capturing those wonderful moments to cherish forever. A good photographer can capture the perfect moment with just a click. So be sure to employ a good photographer and have a detailed talk with him about your wedding photography and how you envision your wedding album.

November 06 - 12, 2011 I 57

58 I November 06 - 12, 2011

Weekly International Trend guide, Autumn / Winters 2011

Fashionista Fatima From the catwalks of Paris to the Fashion Houses of Milan, walking the streets of New York to the boutique lanes of London, Fatima Khan, fashion stylist, designer, graduate of NCA and The London School of Fashion is a self proclaimed Fashionista. Her unique aesthetic sense coupled with her experience as a fashion buyer/merchandiser for various Fashion Houses in London has helped to launch her as a fashion connoisseur par excellence. Meet her every Sunday and learn what’s hot on the high streets in the global fashion village as well as the season’s must-haves and how to wear them. “My aim is to give my Pakistani readers a heads up by providing them with key forecasts for the up coming season so they can welcome the season with a perfect wardrobe without necessarily paying designer prices”

Super Glam Looking into this year’s ‘Super Glam’ trend, I was blown away by the dresses on runway - they are truly stunning! Whether it’s your turn to glide down a red carpet, dazzle at a fundraiser, wow the paparazzi or just make a really big entrance - a dress that’s up to the occasion is critical. Waft into a room in a cloud of No. 5 and billowing silk chiffon by Dior, Valentino, Chloe or Elie Saab for the most disarmingly feminine way to wow a crowd. We all love a bit of night time glamour and this winter there is no better way than to embrace the super glam trend, teamed with some super high platforms. Knock your red carpet rivals off their perches by sporting a traffic-stopping shade of scarlet. Snake skin fabrics and glitter in silver are also great combinations. This great party trend should gear you up and see you all the way to the end-of- year party season. While Valentino predictably shines the most, Stéphane Rolland, Elie Saab and Michael Kors are also on fire this season.

Runway news

This fall 2011, it’s all about glam and opulence. As we’ve just seen from recent Milan and Paris runways, the upcoming trends we expect this fall are all glamorous, luxurious and rich. Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs top the list along with Valentino, Christian Dior, J. Mendel, Jenny Packham, Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta, Elie Saab, Chanel, Jason Wu. If a cocktail dress is more your thing, leave the LBD behind and look for intricate detail that will win you kudos among the fashion cognoscenti. Look to Christopher Kane, Proenza Schouler, Miu Miu, Erdem and Jason Wu for inspiration. A killer dress deserves a pair of knock-out shoes. Heels are a must - not just to pay the dress its due but to throw your posture into place and make legs look just that little bit longer. Tones of blush, nude and taupe flatter almost everyone, while metallics have a timeless glamour.




For my Pakistan...

If you want to jazz up your wardrobe this season and make sure that you stand out from the crowd -investing in some glam, stylish and sexy formal dresses that will surely do the trick. Bright colours are one of the biggest trends of the season so if you really do want to stand out, don’t shroud yourself in a drab black dress. Opt instead for a hot red, eye popping green or electric blue to really put yourself on the fashion radar. And who says you have to just stick to one colour? Colour blocking is big this season so feel free to go for a block coloured jacket to wear over your bright going out dress. Lace dresses are also making a major comeback, so if you’re looking for a classy, vintage style going out dress, opt for one of these lovely concoctions. In addition to the traditional black lace and white lace, you will also find a variety of colourful lace dresses on the rails this season. Another major trend for going out dresses is that of the maxi dress. This is a great style for more casual nights out, such as dinner parties, barbeques or fancy meals, as they suit most body shapes and are perfect for various occasions.



Key Inspirational Pieces

Here are some key pieces from international market so you can take the inspiration and translate the upcoming trends into your outfit

A. Lanvin B. Talbot Runhof C. Christian Dior

D. Elie Saab E. Stephane Rolland F. Michael Kors November 06 - 12, 2011 I 59

Jane’s Addiction – The Great Escape Artist Album Review


by Kunwar Khuldune Shahid


Track Picks: Broken People, Irresistible Force

ne feels that had Jane’s Addiction not got back together after their first dismemberment in 1991, we could’ve had one of those enigmatically mesmerizing stories – which we sort of had in the 90s – of how a band came, gave us two trend-setting leviathans of alternative rock in three years, crafted and popularized a whole new genre and then just vanished into thin air… However it wasn’t to be and just like in 2003 – with ‘Strays’ – the band is back again with their fourth studio album, in an effort to live up to the legacy they created with ‘Nothing’s Shocking’ (1988) and ‘Ritual de lo Habitual’ (1990), while keeping pace with the sound of contemporary rock. As it has turned out, it has been one of the classic anti-climatic “cake” and “too” cases… ‘The Great Escape Artist’ opens up with a robust intro “Underground”, backed up decently by “End to the Lies”. Both of them revolve around a torrential riff which is reminiscent of “Stop” in its grind and deceleration. “Curiosity Kills” has a noteworthy solo but Farrell’s vocals and the overall aura has gloom falling over the edges, creating an overwhelmingly misty feeling. “Irresistible Force” has the strut of the band’s apogee – the chorus and the groove is akin to their late 80s preeminence. Here’s when the album nose-dives into mediocrity. “I’ll Hit You Back” starts off at dawdling pace, but even after the bridge – when the double-time drums kick in – the rhythm fails to pluck an exciting chord. “Twisted Tales” was ostensibly meant to be a larger than life track, and while Navarro’s guitar line is praiseworthy, things don’t really fall into place in this one. Duff McKagan had a hand in “Ultimate Reason” – palpable in the fine bass intro – but the teamwork goes astray afterward, culminating in a tame effort. “Splash a Little Water on it”, on the other hand, has some vitality with Navarro’s classic solo work and gripping drums synthesizing a deep sound. “Broken People” sticks out as the track of the record. It has the magnetism that is the ethos of these fine musicians – although sporadic in this particular record. Navarro’s guitar line is meticulous and backed aptly by Farrell’s voice at its best. “Words Right Out of My Mouth” had a lot of potential to provide that high-tempo dramatic sending off, but once again the togetherness is missing and the just like the entire album the promising parts are untidily patched up to tarnish the overall execution. ‘The Great Escape Artist’ has made the band’s faithful wait eight long years – twenty years for those who cling onto the hope of seeing their champion rock artists recreate the magic of their musical acme – but it won’t satisfy Jane’s brigade. What further aggravates the lack of fulfillment is the fact that all the top ingredients, the moments of magic, the celebrated inspiration, the upmost dexterity of the band-mates is still there – but the tool that congregates those sparks is crucially absent. Hence the album is a paradigm of inviting portions whose sum falls imploringly short of the magnitude of the parts. November 06 06 -- 12, 12, 2011 2011 60 60 II November


Ra One for under 10 only! By Injila Baqir Zeeshan


he hype created over the last year, for Bollywood’s most expensive film to date, was enough for it to push its way into the profit range, without the necessity of proving to be a hit! SRK seems quite upset with the reviews though. Not his best work, and the same can be said about producer Sanjiv Chawla, but one thing that needs to be acknowledged is the magnanimous scale of Ra One. Even though it may be easy for the audience to forget at times, that they are watching a super-hero movie, it has brought some larger than life 3D effects to the screen. Sequences may remind you of old Hollywood hits, and the story remains weak, flitting around hopelessly somewhere at the marginal ends of the flying cars and men. One thing that’s crystal clear is the money spent on it, which shows more than anything else. I found myself wondering, if it was so difficult to come up with a gripping storyline that would have originality and hold the audience’s attention. As Ra One (the bad robot) and G one (SRK- the good one), battle through epic levels of a kid’s game, one might also faintly feel as if one is attending a class in physics. The humour may extract a smile or two from you, but that too only because you feel you have paid for the ticket or you are suddenly jolted upright from sleep by the clapping of the audience because SRK is flying cross-country, charged on electricity. Super amazing, G One, in one particular scene, has to try endlessly to get to the front of a fast-moving train, which Kareena is leading into a crash, as she smiles like a half-crazed, red-eyed maniac, an expression which is actually scarier

than all of Ra One’s antics! If you have 10 year olds, go for it, they might actually like it. A typical formula of action, romance, tragedy and comedy, the movie makes one cringe when it turns all moralistic and preachy. And if you never knew, it will also educate you to the dangers of smoking- an added plus! Songs might suddenly appear to catch you off guard, but Shafqat Amanat Ali has done a beautiful job of ‘Dildara’. As for Akon’s ‘Chamakchallo’, it is blasted into ruins by the atrociously hideous outfits of the dancers, who are into some unfathomable, ungraceful dance moves. It leaves one contemplating deep into the night, as to what kind of choreography was at play there. Gee, i wonder what Akon has to say. Ra One is a Gauri Khan production, and Shahrukh Khan had declared earlier that he was making the film for his son. On screen, the fiasco of a dad (SRK), a living, walking disaster, struggles to bond with his uber-cool son, who is a temperamental brat! The dad’s last catastrophic move leads to ending his own life, with the creation of Ra One. The father and son had barely bonded, only to be separated by death. Throughout the movie, the son is working his magic into the game and all the extremely complicated computers,

Super amazing G One, in one particular scene, has to try endlessly to get to the front of a fast-moving train, which Kareena is leading into a crash, as she smiles like a halfcrazed, red-eyed maniac, an expression which is actually scarier than all of Ra One’s antics! machines and fancy gadgetry. He is coming up with all the great ideas. If it was left up to him, he would have created a much better game! Inspirational! But only for those who want their children to be stuck playing PS games, indoors, leading them to child obesity and weak eyesight! Having vented a little for now, some parting words of quick advice: keep your expectations in check, and you might be able to get through, because I know you are going to watch it, if you haven’t already, even after reading this review. And that is exactly what makes Ra One a flop hit!

November 06 - 12, 2011 I 61

Hair Care

Nanokeratin treatment:

A way to make your hair healthy and strong


very girl knows that no amount of pricey cosmetics, fancy dresses or even naturally gifted features will do for your appearance what a healthy, strong and beautiful body of hair can. However, no one is free from bad hair days and to recover from bad hair days, one has to work extra hard to give ones hair the special care it warrants. The most common hair related problems are dry hair, brittle hair, dandruff and split ends. Keeping these in mind I decided to consult a hair professional to get some expert advice. For this purpose I contacted Toni & Guy’s hair expert Saeeda Mandviwalla. Saeeda gave me a wonderfully simple technique to keep hair looking healthy. She advised me that all young girls and boys out there who struggle with everyday hair issues to have the revolutionary Nanokeratin hair straightening, repairing and smoothing treatment done. I call this freedom hair - Wash and go. What does this treatment consist of? 1. We open up the cuticle of your hair and infuse it with Amino acids with absolutely no harmful formaldehydes that are in some other products.

62 I November 06 - 12, 2011

2. Seal the cuticle and coat the top layer with Nano keratin 3. Your hair will be shiny repaired, straight, and smooth This product has a health and

safety certificate from Europe so its totally safe to use. What is Nanokeratin System? The revolutionary Nanokeratin System redefines the natural state of your hair and creates an enduring blow-dry lasting up to 4 months. Nanokeratin System is the new generation of hair science. Based on nano-

molecular cashmere keratin particles, the Nanokeratin System therapy rejuvenates and smoothes hair, resulting in healthy, silky, frizz free hair and infinite natural style. The Nanokeratin System treatment enhances the vitality and flexibility of your hair. It is a distinctive formula based on nano-molecular, cashmere keratin particles infused with amino acids and a series of hand-selected vitamins and essential oils. Nanokeratin System serves to hydrate your hair and embed a protective shield against toxic environmental elements. Nanokeratin System has been designed to suit different hair types and colours and is especially beneficial for damaged hair. The International Nanokeratin System Laboratory is leading the global market in innovative cashmere keratin formula that is rooted in nature and ecologically certified. Time, Freedom, Poise: Perfect hair is now a proven science.


Wasabi- Japanese food on wheels By Sadiya Babar


We enjoyed the beef Teppanyaki (GYU) more when found out how reasonably priced it was. My husband and I are frequent Teppanyaki eaters, but this experience surpassed our expectations! It was phenomenal!

ast night we really wanted to eat Japanese but were too lazy to dress up and go all the way to the Mall Road where the only two Japanese restaurants in town are located. Then we remembered Wasabi, a new take away/ home delivery Japanese joint, strongly recommended by a friend. And I must say, Wasabi has tremendous potential being the only eatery that delivers Japanese food. Not taking any risks we ordered our regular at FujiyamaAssorted Sushi, Prawn Tempura and Teppanyaki among others. The delivery was on time and the food was fresh. The sushi included red snapper, salmon, prawn and cucumber maki. It was tasty, fresh and quite inexpensive compared to their competitors. I really loved the quality of the fish. To keep it fresh they delivered it laid out in ice! I’d say if you’re looking for quality sushi made with fresh ingredients, this is your place. We enjoyed the beef Teppanyaki (GYU) more when found out how reasonably priced it was. My husband and I are frequent Teppanyaki eaters, but this experience surpassed our expectations! It was phenomenal! Despite feeling completely full, it was impossible not to finish their sea food Teppanyaki. It had onion rings, cabbage, thinly sliced carrots, bean sprouts and generous portions of fish and prawn. The sea food was just perfect, tender, moist and rich in flavour. One thing that cannot be overlooked is their special Agemono Deep Fried Tempura. The prawn tempura had a great flavour. It was light, flaky and cooked just right. The katsu (crumbed fried chicken, fish and prawn) was a stand out, delivered crisp and hot. Their Yaki Udon noodles did not disappoint either, super fresh and delicious! But if you reside in the areas of Garden Town or Model Town, then you need to order at least an hour in advance- in fact a friend of mine reports the delivery took as long as an hour and forty

five minutes, a couple of times. This new entrant in the market is the brain child of Abdul Moeed Haider, a young entrepreneur who has a hotel management degree from Switzerland and relevant experience both abroad as well as in Pakistan. Wasabi is definitely a not-to-bemissed experience and with his innovative ideas, this enterprise is definitely here to stay. I can say with confidence that I have not had a dish which I did not like and the menu is worth exploring. I am really looking forward to ordering it again!

November 06 - 12, 2011 I 63

By Sadyia Babar

Malt Chocolate cake


asoom’s has the most and delicious c a k e s , indeed the yummiest, and pastries in town. While their savoury stuff like the pizza pockets and mini pizzas taste pretty darn good, they truly excel in the cake department. They have a wide variety of cakes Chocolate Fudge, Butter Scotch, Mocha Java, Chocolate Caramel and not to forget, their specialty, the divine Malt Chocolate cake.



1 box Betty Crocker cake mix 3 eggs ¼ cup oil 11/4 cup water 1 pack Betty Crocker chocolate frosting ½ cup Horlicks malt powder 2 chopped green chillies for garnishing 1 tbsp lemon juice 2 tbsp cream 1 tbsp grated ginger

1) Heat oven to 350°F or 175C. Grease 2 pans with a bit of oil and flour. 2) Bake Betty Crocker mix according to the instructions given on the back side of the box and pour equal amount of batter into prepared pans. Let them cool in the pan completely and then remove. 3) Beat the chocolate frosting and malt powder in a bowl for about 2 minutes. Cover the top of one layer with Malt Masoom’s Frosting, then place the second layer on top and frost that as well. Don’t forget to frost the sides! 4) Refrigerate for 2 hours before serving.

64 I November 06 - 12, 2011

price: Rs 1350

November 06 - 12, 2011 I 65


Eye protection in style


y sunglasses finally broke after much use/abuse this season. Sunglasses nowadays, are more of a fashion statement rather than something that protects your eyes from UV rays. I started the hunt for the stylish yet suitable pair of sunglasses, and found some useful pointers for every face type. Here are some exquisite pieces that are in fashion and easily available at any eyewear brand outlet in your city. Here is what you should keep in mind: • Angular/ square face: Try oval and round frames and avoid geometric and square shaped frames. • Oval face: Try square, rectangular and geometric shapes. Avoid Frames that are too large for your features. • Heart face: Try upswept styles like cat eye that emphasize the cheek bones. Avoid narrow frames that draw attention to eye line. • Round face: Try angular and geometric frames that sharpen facial features. Rectangular and horizontal styles make faces appear longer and thinner. Avoid small frames. Once you have determined the shape of your face and style next comes the brand you want to invest into. A good eyewear adds not only to your personality but also lasts longer so it is better to go for a quality product. In winters this will also help you accessorize fashionably. These are the top selling and stylish sunglasses of the top five international brands for ladies.

Sunglasses nowadays, are more of a fashion statement rather than something that protects your eyes from UV rays

Giorgio Armani 775/S Sunglasses

The Giorgio Armani sunglasses collection contains a wide assortment of boldly tailored frames, a collection of affluent styles that have an unmistakable appeal with frames for men and women.

D&G DD2192 Sunglasses D&G

Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses have fresh and unusual colors and frames shapes in its own unique and original sunglasses style.

Prada PR 28LS

Prada Sunglasses for men and women set trends with beautiful sun glasses styles that will get you noticed wherever you are. Prada Sunglasses - when only the best will do.

Gucci 2846 Sunglasses

The sunglasses provide a wide array of styles that appeal to a large variety of aesthetic sensibilities. Everything from nerdy-chic to high-end fashion styles are present, and their popularity is nearly unmatched.

Ray Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray-Ban sunglasses are unmistakable, and their popularity is nearly unmatched. This stylish Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer Sunglasses are the most popular Ray-Ban frame. 66 I November 06 - 12, 2011

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Lounge is Pakistan Todays weekly magazine. Published every Sunday, Lounge performs a roundup of the weeks latest events & reviews in Arts, E...

Lounge - 6th November  

Lounge is Pakistan Todays weekly magazine. Published every Sunday, Lounge performs a roundup of the weeks latest events & reviews in Arts, E...