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Colour Trends for Fall By Amara Javed

Every season Pantone, the authority of colour trend prediction, comes out with a list of 10 colours which will dominate the fashion world. Five of the colours predicted for Fall 2011 have been showing up all over the place – from outfits to accessories - and all of them are perfect for us subcontinental fashionistas.

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Mustard yellow: Every year around this time mustard yellow starts to make appearances. This is one of the colours that epitomizes autumn, it oozes warmth and is a perfect shade for Pakistani skin tones.

Cobalt Blue: this has been a favourite of red carpet stylists for the majority of this year. Cobalt blue is bright without overbearing, and the best thing of all? Eastern outfits in this look divine; there are few things as gorgeous as a flowing cobalt kameez.


Honeysuckle: Pantone introduced honeysuckle as it’s colour of the year for 2011. For a long time the fashion world stayed away from shades of pink but this gorgeous tone has won the hearts of even the most frigid of fashionistas. A bright shade like this is just what any autumn wardrobe needs – an instant pick me up.


Teal: Turquoise is one of the most popular colours in Pakistan, but this season its cousin teal is edging its way in. Deep teal is one of the most sensuous jewel tones around – just take a look at recent Gucci collections to understand.


Nude: My personal favourite trend has to be nude. This colour is utterly feminine, and who doesn’t love that? A perfect canvas on which to add on colour and personality with the right accessories, you can never go wrong choosing nude.

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October 30 - November 05, 2011 I 45


An inspiring and accomplished multitasker


r Zarqa Taimur is a well-known figure in the UAE where she has lived for 15 years. She is recognized there for her philanthropic work, setting up free medical camps for poor workers every month, arranging funding for low income Pakistani schools and improving the image of Pakistan in the international community. She is also known in Pakistan for her regular appearances on Nadia Khan Show from Dubai. Dr Zarqa has now returned home and has set up a practice in Aesthetic and Wellness Medicine in Lahore. We visited her clinic and were taken aback by the number of international certificates and gold medals awarded to her. Q. Who is your favourite personality?

A. These days, Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi.

Q. Why did you come back to Pakistan?

A. Because I missed living here. I missed my family and friends, missed the weather, missed not telling people to take care of Pakistan, missed helping our own lot improve and most of all, missed the feeling of being home. Q. What do you enjoy the most?

unimportant ones.

Q. Who is your favourite politician?

My children, who know how to manipulate both parents to get what they want. Q. Favourite Comedian?

A.Dare I say the politicians of Pakistan?

Q. What do you say about other clinics in the same business?

A.They are like clinics and businesses anywhere else in the world. Each caters to a particular market and their products and services sell because there is a demand for it. To improve the standard in this field, we need to raise awareness among the population which will drive the service providers to raise the bar.

Q. You have lived and worked in 4 different continents of the world. What do you think is needed to improve medical services in Pakistan?

I am keen to promote ethical and regulated practice in Pakistan. The medical community serves the people but like everything else, it is manipulated by vested interests. I would really like to organize the existing medical bodies better so they not only serve the medical community better, but also look after the interests of patients.

A. Spending time with family and friends.

Q. Favourite movie star?

A. Reading about Sufism and travelling.

Q. Your favourite designer bag?

Q. What is your favourite activity?

Q.You are an Aesthetic physician, Wellness Consultant, Certified Life coach, Motivational Speaker, Social Activist and of course, wife and mother. How do you juggle these copious roles in your life?

A. Multitasking is the order of the day - but I enjoy it particularly because it breaks the monotony. I do, though, tend to focus on one project at a time. One very good tip someone gave me was to dedicate one day of the week to each person in my life, and I have found that this approach works. Q. Your business is shared by you and your husband. Who makes the decisions?

A. He makes all the important decisions, I make the 46 I October 30 - November 05, 2011

A. Alim online!

A. My all time favorite- a good fake Louis Vuitton!

Q. Describe your average day?

A.Extremely busy. I get up with the kids to send them off to school, pray, eat and then set off for the gym. Come back and shower and spend most of the day at the clinic. I do sneak out for socializing on and off. Finally, I’m back at home around early evening to spend the evening sorting out homework and gripes! I am an early riser so I sleep early too. A usually like to read for 30 minutes each day and frequently just do something totally different to break the monotony.

Q. If you were to die today what would be your regret?

A.I would be too busy looking forward to the excitement of the final journey to worry about regrets!

PFDC - The Fashion Powerhouse


By Sumeha Khalid

he PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW) has garnered the reputation of being the biggest and most respected fashion weeks of the plethora of fashion weeks that have taken over the Pakistani fashion scene in recent years. Spearheaded by the visionary Sehyr Saigol, Chairperson, this was the fourth PFDC Sunsilk Fasion Week. However, this time around the team of Pakistan Fashion Design Council took it a step further by collaborating with Expo Pakistan and TDAP making it a part of the trade event being held simultaneously at the same venue - Expo Centre. PSFW brought some of the most coveted names in the fashion industry along with new comers who have an edge over their contemporaries in sense of creativity and a futuristic bent of mind. The participating designers were Ammar Belal, Ayesha Hashwani, FNK Asia, HSY, Khaadi Khaas, Maria B, Adnan Pardesy, Akif Mehmood, Mohsin Ali, Muse, Nickie & Nina, Nida Azwer, students of PIFD, Sania Maskatiya, the house of Kamiar Rokini, Yahsir Waheed, Zaheer Abbas, Zainab Sajid and newcomers Zonia, M Irfan Ali, Batur and Hammad-ur-Rehman. The four-day event was structured into two acts featuring three ramp shows in each act. And so the biggest and the most touted PSFW took off with a bang. Foreign buyers, media personalities and fashionistas could be seen dotting the venue. Ramp queen Iraj stepped out opening the PSFW officially in a hippie chic Maria B outfit. Maria B sent down the runway her prêt-à-porter collection entitled Neo Natives. One saw a lot of bell bottoms as well as skinnies paired with bellowing tops with frills added in some cases. Aqua, red and beige were the dominant colours in the 70s inspired collection. Morning show host Shaista Wahidi and designers Yousaf Bashir Qureshi and Rizwanullah walked the ramp for Maria. Aurora Luminescence – The Glowing Murk by designer Zonia

Anwaar was just passable. She sure could have done better. Zaheer Abbas showed his Myth, which was a treat. For this collection Abbas had drawn inspiration from elements of art and architecture along with Roman sculptures. Sheer offwhite silks and rusts dominated the ramp bearing testimony to the designer’s graceful simplicity fused with creativity. Nadia Hussain dressed in a long shirt and tunic teamed with chooridars elicited oohs and aahs from the crowd. A sure winner. This was followed by Nida Azwer and her jungle-inspired Foliaceous. The audience was treated to an interesting, wearable line in silks, linens and cottons with foliage ad-ons. Definitely a collection that can find a way in your wardrobe. Students of Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design [PIFD] created a stir with the funky futuristic separates they sent on the catwalk.

It’s time our haphazard fashion weeks take a cue from PSFW and learn a trick or two to whip up a classy affair

48 I October 30 - November 05, 2011

Farwa Zaheer, Ridah Syed, Rubab Haider, Maryam Jaleel, Asma Iqbal, Komal Afridi, Safa Tariq and Saba Ijaz showcased their individual pieces and capsule collections. While the attire was eye-catching, the accessories were captivating; belts, boxed shaped tops, and puppet headgear made for great entertainment. The students of PIFD are much better designers than their seasoned counterparts. Mast Patang by Akif Mahmood was a joyous and festive fusion line with embroidered tunics, French styled jackets and waistcoats thrown over dresses and tops. One could see a lot of scarlet,

yellow and purple in a variety of fabric like chiffon, velvet and viscose in the Mast Malang collection. Day 2 of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was opened by Nickie & Nina’s prêt line Sous-Marine. The designers had employed pure fabrics such as raw silk, organza and crepe de chine for their clean and minimalistic line that had been accentuated with chain and pearl embellishments. Zainab Sajid made her debut at PSFW with her line Hala-Lujah. Sajid’s collection incorporated chiffons and silks with a focus on cuts and drape with a flowy silhouette accentuated with motifs and Kashi work borrowed from the pottery of Hala. Mohsin Ali’s collection entitled Drawing the Line was a comment on the despondent state of the country. It was a dark and funky line with the designer showing there’s still hope through his meaningful creations and presentation. Sania Maskatiya’s The Dilkash Collection was fun ‘n funky – comprising of jumpsuits, loose, flowy dresses speaking volumes about the designer’s creative craftsmanship. Humaima Mallick walked the ramp for Maskatiya. Newbie M Irfan Ali’s Marachay was a passable 3D collection; while Huma Adnan of FNK Asia made a statement with her Suzani line. In pure cottons, linen and velvets the silhouette boasted draped inner suits with structured outer jackets. Day 3 showcased an eclectic mix of fashion by Adnan Pardesy, Batur and Yahsir Waheed all of whom sent forth psychedelic and fun collections. Khaadi Khaas’ The City Within was a predominantly black and white collection laying emphasis on print, pleated fabric and irregular hemlines. Hammad-Ur-Rehman presented his debut women’s wear collection Zarrkhanam which was quite OTT with its elaborate use of gold and maroon. Ammar Belal struck a chord with his Disco Inferno. Reviving the disco fever of the 1970’s, Ammar brought to life the fashion trends of the 70s – flared trousers and floral suits for men, smart pants and slinky dresses for women. Boho chic at its best with music to match, bringing back the Saturday Night Fever days. The overall effect of the scintillating presentation was electrifying. The best show by far with all the right ingredients. Sabina Pasha, Nadia Hussian and Iraj looked magnificent in AB’s creations. While Muse and Republic entertained the audience with their regular presentation, on Day 4 of PSFW, it was

The House of Kamiar Rokini that won over the evening with the eye-popping, candy coloured minimalistic line titled The Modernist. It seemed as if one was transported to London Fashion week where models in sleek colourful creations sashayed down the runway. Kami can definitely give the goras stiff competition with his offbeat Modernist line. Way to go Kami! Ayesha F Hashwani’s angelic white and sexy swirls gave off a whiff of freshness accentuated with splashes of colours and gold and silver ad-ons. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin whipped up a glamourous line in scarlet, blue and sorbet shades. Ball gowns, dresses, saris for women and suits for men had been crafted in a variety of pure fabrics. PSFW concluded with a finale show in aid of the Red Crescent, entitled The Red Collection where 24 designers fashioned their outfits without the use of embellishments. The designers contributing ranged from many labels who showcased at the week alongside others who did not participate namely Sublime by Sara Shahid, Sadaf Malaterre, Sana Safinaz, Nomi Ansari, Ali Xeeshan and Fahad Hussayn. The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was produced by Catwalk Productions and styled by Sabs The Salon and Khawar Riaz while Selina Rashid of Lotus and her capable team did a good job of managing the media and PR. It’s time our haphazard fashion weeks take a cue from PSFW and learn a trick or two to whip up a classy affair. The next installment of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week will once again take shape in Lahore.

October 30 - November 05, 2011 I 49


f all good things come to those who wait then the couple, who met as architecture students at National College of Arts ended up building their dream house after 25 years of marriage. Walking into the house of Anjum Mahmood and Rubbina Bashir one thing was evident that they had applied their wealth of experience to design a stunning, meticulously crafted home. An artist at heart, Anjum Mahmood started his archichtural practice with a pad and coloured pencils, but now owns his own company by the name of Tufftiles where dreams are translated into living spaces. His better half Rubbina bashir works for Punjad government as the director Architect. The dymanic duo don’t do anything by half measures and their house is no exception. One thing was very evident that Quality is not an act; it’s a habit for them.

50 I October 30 - November 05, 2011

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52 I October 30 - November 05, 2011

Weekly International Trend guide, Autumn / Winters 2011

Fashionista Fatima From the catwalks of Paris to the Fashion Houses of Milan, walking the streets of New York to the boutique lanes of London, Fatima Khan, fashion stylist, designer, graduate of NCA and The London School of Fashion is a self proclaimed Fashionista. Her unique aesthetic sense coupled with her experience as a fashion buyer/merchandiser for various Fashion Houses in London has helped to launch her as a fashion connoisseur par excellence. Meet her every Sunday and learn what’s hot on the high streets in the global fashion village as well as the season’s must-haves and how to wear them. “My aim is to give my Pakistani readers a heads up by providing them with key forecasts for the up coming season so they can welcome the season with a perfect wardrobe without necessarily paying designer prices”

Neutral Hues Why nude is the new statement colour

A real fashionista always plans her wardrobe beforehand. Designers have already shown their collections for winters 2011 so why not start working on some impressive looks, which your girlfriends will later look at enviously? Trend forecasting is like a cycle, last season was all bright so designers turned all nude this season. It’s all about fashion neutrals, khaki, gold, olive, ecrus, beige, mix them all up and you’ve got the new way to wear neutrals. Dump the shocking pinks, yellows and oranges. Go for neutrals, especially khaki, to make a style statement. You can also call it a year of safari look, safari pockets, hats and trousers in khaki. 1970s fashion is coming back. Neutral shades like sand, grey and ivory will also be in.


Runway news


Sophisticated, feminine and chic, soft nudes glided down the catwalks of Cerruti, Hermes and Reed Krakoff leaving a cool, calm breeze. This trend is the antithesis of colour blocking and acid brights, but in no way a wash out. It might not be the most child friendly, but neutral loose tailored trousers, chiffon pleat skirts and embroidered cotton dresses are the uniform for those wanting to look effortlessly chic this season. At Bottega Veneta, the palette was understated, light grey and sandy beige, with flashes of metallic green, only giving way to watermelon red for evening wear. I won’t say there is going to be one particular colour that would be popular but a lot of neutral colours will do the round. Some colours like watermelon red, fluorescent pink, lime green, mauve, bottle green and maroon will also be popular as seen at BCBG Max Mara, ElieTahari, Brioni, Angelo Marani&Mugler.


For my Pakistan...

Winter is yet to set in, but in case you are planning way ahead, here’s what to wear next season. Experiment with what’s already in your closet & add few new pieces, like a linen jacket or espadrilles, to pull the look together. Layer & mix different fabrics & shades of nude to give your outfit a new dimension. A leather top looks great under a loose blazer with crop trousers. Also neutrals are great for putting a more sophisticated twist on the colour-blocking trend with the help of reds, pinks & oranges. If you think soft hues are dull there is another great trend for you to choose, “bright details”. Add bright accessories to your look, like scarves, bags or hats. Go for one vibrant item that will become the focus of your attire. Too many vivid colours in one look in summer are playful but in winter, look vulgar. Be smart to keep the balance


Key Inspirational Pieces

Here are some key pieces from international market so you can take the inspiration and translate the upcoming trends into your outfit . A. Alice & Olivia Asher gathered skirt trench, £395, B. Chanel rare side chain shoulder bag £1,310 C. Christian Louboutin Pique Cire ankle boots £551 D. River Island Pleated Skirt £35 E. Top shop Shirt £38 F. Jane Norman Gold Bangles £28

October 30 - November 05, 2011 I 53


The sling back heels that I offer in my collection are very well-suited for summers in Pakistan. With a moderate heel and peep toe in the front, they are cool, comfortable and the perfect choice for the modern working woman

Isma Meer: Tempting all Shoe-aholics


By Ayesha Nasir

irls can go to any lengths to quench their craze for pretty shoes. The Pakistani-born London designer, Isma Meer creates what she refers to as jewellery for the feet. One of the few Pakistani brands which are well known abroad, Isma Meer products are luxurious and high-end in terms of the materials used, the quality of the leather and the distinctive designs. tIsma Meer sells from London, Dubai, and Karachi where she stocks at the Saniya Maskatiya flagship outlet and Labels.

Q. What inspired you to start designing shoes?

A. Like most women, I have a passion for shoes and hand bags. As a little girl I would use my mother’s clip on earrings to dress up my pumps and create different looks. I wanted to address a shortfall in the Pakistani market by introducing a luxury footwear brand. I believed that women should have access to high quality, genuine leather, and structured footwear at reasonable prices. In hot climates, it’s important to not wear synthetic footwear as the skin cannot breath. Also people like myself that suffer from skin diseases like eczema, need natural footwear to avoid flare-ups. It was at that point that I went back to school to study fashion with a focus on shoe-design and shoe-making. I also took a course in jewellery making and have integrated this into my shoe and bag collections by creating more personalised 54 I October 30 - November 05, 2011


Q. Describe the first shoe you designed.

A. The first shoe I designed was actually a flat sandal. I designed and actually made the accessory during my jewellery making course and attached it to my sandals for the final presentation for my shoe making course.

Q. Tell us a little bit about your design process: do you start from a sketch or a thought or do you let the leather inspire you? A. I am inspired by materials, jewellery, trends and colours.

Q. The Isma Meer brand isn’t manufactured

manufactured in different parts of Asia and Europe. Why have you chosen not to opt for manufacturing in Pakistan?

A. I am inspired by my travels and my exposure to different cultures and materials. I use my Pakistani background and heritage and combine that into designs using materials procured from all over the world. I think that is what sets my brand apart from what is already available in the local market. No two pieces are the same. I challenge myself to create really exquisite, timeless pieces.

Q. Describe the average Isma Meer customer. A: I think the average Isma Meer customer is the modern, independent woman. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. She recognises quality and would rather invest in quality rather than quantity. She is classy and pragmatic!

Q. Besides Isma Meer, which shoes do you have in your closet?

A. Since I started my brand, I usually only wear my own brand of sandals and heels. However, I love my Chanel ballet flats and I take them everywhere I go. I also love my Converse Sneakers and Tods driving shoes.

Q. What is the one essential day bag you feel all women should have?

A. The essential day bag all women should have is an over sized clutch in a taupe or a beige. Its the perfect bag for a woman as it makes the transition from day to night very effortless. I have one such clutch - the large Manila Clutch in my collection in a taupe, ostrich skin that is a classic and timeless piece!

Q. Tell us about how your shoes are jewelry for the feet?

A. I say its jewellery for the feet, because just like in the design process for fine jewellery, I am inspired by materials, stones and colours to create the perfect mould to showcase the feet effectively. I want women across the globe, even if they are restricted in expressing themselves through their attire, to make a statement by wearing a beautiful pair of embellished shoes or carrying a wonderful brightly coloured, clutch bag.

Q. All your shoes have names: how do you go about naming them? A. Every shoe and hand bag I design has a background and a personality! I name them so people can identify with a particular style or a design. It’s an insight into my ethos behind the design process for each piece.

Q. Which of your shoes is your personal favourite?

A. That’s a really hard question for me! It’s like asking a mother to pick a favourite child, because I feel protective about every single piece in my collection. I guess a fair statement would be, that, as I look at the first piece I

designed and then I look at the most recent one, I am filled with a sense of pride with regards to how the brand has evolved. We have managed to and continue to work out the kinks and create a better and better product for our customers.

Q. How many shoes and bags do you own? A. TOO MANY!

Q. Tell us about the Isma Meer handbags range: what materials do you use for your bags?

A. The HandBag range is very exclusive. I sell these to my private clients only. This is because they are one of pieces and made to order in most cases. The materials used are a combination of calf skin and exotics like python, ostrich, crocodile, lizard and sting-ray.

Q. Where do you see the Isma Meer brand in five years?

A. It’s hard for me to see where I will be in the next sixmonths, let alone five years from now! I will say that starting this company has been a huge learning curve for me in all aspects of my life. In five years I hope to have a better grip on all this.

Q. Are you more of a bag person or a shoe woman?

A. Definitely a shoe person. I love handbags too! But in terms of frequency of purchase, it’s definitely shoes over hand bags.

Q. Is it challenging to run a business in Pakistan sitting out of the country? A. I do reside in London, but spend half my time in Pakistan, so I am not too far away from my market for long periods of time. For example in December, I will be in Pakistan to launch Isma Meer’s National Tour. It is definitely a challenge to work from afar at times, but I work with very good people, whom I trust and I feel they have my best interest at heart.

Q. Previously we only had women designing clothes, but now we have women-owned accessory brands. What do you think of this new trend? A. I think it’s great! It just shows you the progression that has taken place in the accessories field in Pakistan. Also it’s so good for customers to have options in the local market!

Q. Where do you think the fashion industry in Pakistan is headed?

A. I think Pakistani workmanship is stunning. There is so much talent in Pakistan and for that reason it is really making a huge statement in the international fashion arena. It’s such a positive export of what Pakistanis represent on a global scale! October 30 - November 05, 2011 I 55


By Sadyia Babar


Mutton Hari Mirch

(Boneless mutton cubes, prepared with green chilies, herbs & creamy sauce) Ingredients

¼ cup oil ½ kg boneless mutton ¼ tsp haldi 1 tsp garam masala 1 tsp salt 3 onions cut in slices 1 chopped tomato 1 tsp ginger paste 1 tsp garlic paste 1 cup yogurt ½ cup chopped spinach 1tbsp chopped mint leaves 1 tbsp chopped methi 1 cup chopped coriander 10 chopped green chillies

2 chopped green chillies for garnishing 1 tbsp lemon juice 2 tbsp cream 1 tbsp grated ginger


abaq is a great restaurant in town w h i c h of fers authentic desi cuisine especially when you’re craving for some scrumptious Pakistani food. Tabaq’s menu features an impressive selection of top quality B.B.Q and special continental and international dishes, full of flavour and zest.

Tabaq’s price: Rs595 plus tax Our cost: Rs325 approx

1) Blend all the greens and yogurt together and keep aside. 2) Marinate mutton in this green mixture for about two hours. Add salt, haldi and garam masala in it too. 3) Take oil in a pan and add onions, tomato, ginger and garlic. Cook it until golden brown. 4) Reduce the heat and add the mutton and the masala. Cover and cook on a slow fire until the mutton is tender and the oil separates. 5) Add lemon juice and cream and cook it for another two minutes. 6) Garnish it with chopped green chillies and grated ginger. Serve hot

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Lounge is Pakistan Todays weekly magazine. Published every Sunday, Lounge performs a roundup of the weeks latest events & reviews in Arts, E...

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