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Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza goes global HSY, Asifa & Nabeel, Maria B, Nickie n Nina, Ayesha Ibrahim, Gulzeb, Asim Jofa, Shazia, Ambreen Khan, Truhpae and Faiza Samee showcased their latest collections at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington London.

38 I july 10 - 16, 2011

Roman holiday


veryone hates Mondays. The start of a new workweek has most of us squirming when we get out of the bed. This Monday has to be at the top of my hate list. It is my first day at work after being in Italy for a week. I had gone for my childhood friend’s wedding to Geneva and then traveled with another one of my best friends Faisal to Rome and Florence. I have traveled to Italy many times but it was for business. This time I truly fell in love with the magic of Italy that you can only discover when you get lost wandering along the ancient cobblestone alleys of Rome. I decided to share my memories of the best places in Rome with you:

1. Vatican City Museum & Sistine Chapel To say that this is one of the most beautiful places in the world in terms of art would be an understatement. I took the tour with a guide, which I strongly recommend considering the massive crowds present there. Whether you are an art lover or not, the work inside the Vatican museum is truly jaw dropping. I had seen pictures and read up about it but actually walking through the rooms in the Vatican Museum that were painted by greats like Raphael & Michelangelo held me in awe. The tour culminated in the Sistine Chapel which I can tell you lives up to all the hype it has ever created. The big surprise is that the most famous Michelangelo painting, ‘The creation of Adam’, is not necessarily the best of his work, but it is the wall behind the alter, with ‘The Last Judgment’ which is truly magnificent. 2. Colosseum W h e n I walked t h r o u g h the massive

48 I july 10 - 16, 2011

I didn’t throw the three coins for good luck and be a part of the myth that that you will certainly return to Rome since I knew that it would take a lot more that three Euros to book a flight to Italy from Pakistan structure of the Colosseum, I couldn’t help but constantly be amazed at the sophistication of the architecture and design that it showcases being present so many centuries ago. The most amazing part was the network of underground trap doors and pulley systems beneath the main arena, which were used for putting up and taking down of various

luxury design houses and attracts tourists. The church above the steps gives you one of the best views of the city. 5. Pantheon The Pantheon has to be that unique church which is so well preserved that you instantly fall in love with it. It is definitely a must in Rome and listening to a beautiful woman play Italian classics on an accordion with the Pantheon in the background is truly magical. props and sets during competitions. The inner structure, which is still standing today, is truly a technical marvel in design and innovation.

6. Trevi Fountain One of the most romantic places in Rome has to be the Trevi Fountain. The sculptures of Oceanus and the Tritons

3. The Forum The ruins of the Forum are pretty worn down, they are still a magnificent experience to walk through and get an idea of the scale of the structures of ancient Rome. I suggest at least three hours to stroll down and listen to the audio guide. There are some truly magical spots that are tucked away in this place which also provide some of the best views of the Colosseum.

in the fountain are truly magnificent. I didn’t throw the three coins for good luck and be a part of the myth that that you will certainly return to Rome since I knew that it would take a lot more that three Euros to book a flight to Italy from Pakistan in the near future. You can instead find the best gelato nearby for three Euros.

4. Spanish Steps & Shopping If you are in Italy you have access to some of the best brands in the world. Italian men are somewhat similar in height and proportion to us and one can always find our size in everything instead of the giant sizes we get while shopping in America. The area around the Spanish Steps has all the biggest

end up making it to this district situated on the other side of the Tibre River. If you want to get the flavour of locals in Rome then you have to spend one evening in this area walking around in the residential parts and ancient narrow alleyways. I was lucky to have a friend from Rome who showed us this area and really got us acquainted with the local Italian lifestyle. A few days here will want to make you switch lives with someone and move here. If I was going to Rome for a prolonged period, Trastevere is the place I would choose to rent an apartment and live. 9. Monti District One of the best places I discovered in Rome was the tiny Monti district, which is ideal for the local retail that this city has to offer. I don’t believe in buying international luxury brands from a place that has so much talent when it comes to art and fashion. I ended up discovering small boutique stores with local roman startup brands which had the designers and seamstresses manufacturing and designing stuff right next to their racks as they introduced us to their creations. It was truly an inspiring experience for a designer like me to see that kind of commitment and passion being nurtured into such an emotional environment. For feedback and comments:

7. Piazza Navona This has to be my favourite Piazza in Rome. It is a bit touristy but the best time to go there is very late at night when you can just sit by the fountain of four rivers, with stunning architecture in the backdrop by Borromini all by yourself and enjoy this beautiful place in its full glory. 8. Trastevere Many people who visit Rome never july 10 - 16, 2011 I 49

Top 5: Go neon By Amara Javed


his year is all about colour and the brighter the better. Neon shades of blue, pink, yellow and green have dominated runways, red carpets and pretty much everything in life. This isn’t a throwback to the grotesquely garish trend of the 1980s; today’s neon trend is sleek, chic and at times minimalistic.

Get in on the action by following any of these tips: 1. Lips and nails:

Rihanna started rocking bright yellow nails at events as early as 2009. The trend didn’t catch on until this year, when it showed up on various starlets and fashionistas and thus as always became a trend which the others seemed to follow as well. The runways were teeming with bright pink, purple and orange lips – adding a high-impact pop to an otherwise bare face.

2. Home Décor:

Add some life to your home with pops of colour. A solid neon couch, contrasting cushions on white furniture or a painted wall can be focal pieces in any room of your house. Khaadi and Haroon’s are the go-to places for high quality, fun pieces for your home.

3. Shoes:

Looking for the perfect summer look? Go for a white chikan-kari suit and bright sandals, substitute the chikankari for chiffon and the sandals for some stilettos for an evening look.

5. Accessories:

If you aren’t daring enough to don an allneon outfit, go the minimalistic route and add a bit of neon here and there. When paired with a neutral outfit, a belt, a necklace, a clutch can make stylish statement

50 I july 10 - 16, 2011

4. Clothes:

Who would’ve thought that neon colours would be the biggest red carpet trend of the year? From hot pink to lime green and brilliant turquoise are the colours that most of the designers are working on these days. On this side of the world, an inyour-face tunic with skinnies or a white churidaar will do the trick. Bright lawn prints are in vogue this year.

Weekly International Trend guide, spring / Summer 2011

Fashionista Fatima

From the catwalks of Paris to the Fashion Houses of Milan, walking the streets of New York to the boutique lanes of London, Fatima Khan, fashion stylist, designer, graduate of NCA and The London School of Fashion is a true Fashionista. Her unique aesthetic sense coupled with her experience as a fashion buyer/merchandiser for various Fashion Houses in London has helped to launch herself as a fashion connoisseur par excellence.

Flower power and oversized corsages The staple Spring/ Summer trend is back and yet it has a bolder look. No surprises for guessing that florals will be big yet again for SS11. The touch that makes them exciting this time around is a new element of hyper-reality. We won’t be wearing flowery prints but oversized corsages, petals, embellished foliage and sewn on bouquets. A pastel palette, an abundance of ruffles and bows and floral prints combined for a trend fit for a modern day princess. Fans of romantic fashion are well placed for sartorial success among the candied sweetness of the SS11 catwalks, where light silks, taffetas and chiffons mingled with pretty lace, crochet, crystal embellishment and florals. Oriental structures, 70s pansy prints and tropical neon plants are just a few of the floral patterns for this season. While the usual girly suspects are available in cutesy day dresses, there are also some sophisticated statement prints that could take centre stage. The trend has already trickled down and the high street is awash with different varieties.

Runway news

Most of SS11 fashion shows have showcased florals yet again and fashion is in full bloom with ditsy florals, super-sized blooms, oriental orchids, vintage buds, abstract petals, or cottage roses from an English country garden. The spring catwalks were bursting with pretty petals adorning everything from separates to handbags and shoes. The catwalk styling clashed blooms with other florals with brilliant effect to make a statement. Jonathan Saunders has gone graphic with his florals while Stella McCartney has opted for oversized life-like flowers. The list of brands flaunting flower power on runway is Dior, Erdem, Cacharel, Christopher Kane, Peter Som, Marchesa, Alberta Ferretti, Chanel, Mulberry, Julien MacDonald and D&G.

For my Pakistan

This is the third season of this popular trend so be a little bold this festival season in abundance of ruffles, floating fringing, beautiful bows and cute crochet to create a perfect look. Make sure you team bold floral tops, skirts and trousers with unadorned pieces, so you don’t crowd the print. Embellish your ensembles with real roses, peonies, hydrangeas, ferns, and ivy to keep it fresh and bold. Flowing dresses strewn with blossoms and cinched with raffia belts is the ‘it’ look. Fresh, colourful and peppy designs like motif of flowers on platform shoes as well as on delicate bags and raffia accessories are hot under the sun.

Key inspirational pieces

Here are some key pieces from international market so you can take the inspiration and translate the upcoming trends into your outfit

A. Floral sandals, £39.99, Zara B. Floral embroidered jacket. £160.00 C. Paul Smith Faylynne Bag. £199.95 D. Flower detail sandals River Island. £79.99 E. Floral printed dress black & ivory from House of Fraser. £70.00 F. Paul Smith black & pink silk floral dress. £157.00 G. Silk Cashmere floral print scarf £138 H. Top Shop floral jeans. £45

52 I july 10 - 16, 2011

Style savvy

Vintage fashion comebacks


By Nadia Farooq

intage fashion is a term that refers to a style or mode of a past era. In the recent few months there has been a grand comeback of Vintage fashion, worldwide as well as here in Pakistan. Mostly the era of 70’s and 60’s has inspired the fashion industry and experts are of the opinion that Vintage is here to stay for a while. If you haven’t yet found a classic vintage piece yet it’s time to go shopping! These are the top five vintage pieces of the year

• Skinny tights and dress

Take a look of the sixties photos and you will find the ladies wearing tights and knee length dresses. Now take a look at the latest brand shop near you and you will find that the fashion has again returned.

• Classic high heel pumps

Nothing is as graceful as the high heeled pumps whether they are peep toes or stilettos. They have been in fashion since the Victorian age but now the classic high heel pumps are back.

• Wayfarer sunglasses

These sunglasses are associated with the retro fashion and are all the rage nowadays. The very famous style of Wayfarer’s is the Ray ban style, available in black and brown.

• The blunt bangs

The hairstyle of the sixties is as blunt as you can get. We see many local celebrities like Mathira, Meesha Shafi, Mehreen Raheel and Sanam Bloch sporting them.

54 I july 10 - 16, 2011

• Neon nail paints

Get funky with your hands! This particular fashion came in the Hippie 70’s era which was all about colours.


How to cut skin tan

Who needs sunscreen when you can use natural herbs to prevent sunburn or too much tan?

By Nadia Farooq


onstant exposure to the sun, day in and day out, makes our skin darker and darker. Now we can’t all live like vampires and go out only during the night so we apply sunscreen and face the heat. But sometimes even the sunscreens let you down. So I say who needs sunscreen when you can use natural herbs to prevent sunburn or too much tan? Herbs and even some household items is the key to keeping your skin and complexion flawlessly glowing; they are natural and reliable. So the next time you feel a reddish burn, go home and try these! • This face pack not only removes tan but also brings shine to the skin in 10-15 minutes. Mix 1 tablespoon of milk powder, 1 tablespoon of honey,

56 I july 10 - 16, 2011

1 tablespoon of lemon juice, and ½ tablespoon of almond oil. Apply on face and wash off after 10-15 minutes. • If you are a fruit lover take a banana and add some milk to make a paste of it, apply on skin for 20 minutes and then wash the face with lukewarm water. • Make a mixture of banana, honey and lemon juice and apply the paste for 10 minutes to get flawless smooth and tan free skin! Lemon juice is a great toner for tanned skin. • Mix glycerin, lemon juice and rose water in equal amounts and apply it on skin. Keep the mixture on for 20 minutes. It will keep your s k i n

healthy and smooth. It is most effective when done at night before bed. • Grate cucumber and add honey to make a paste. Keep it on for 15 minutes and enjoy the cooling effect. • To remove a tan from the hands, apply a paste of sunflower oil, lemon juice and sugar for 15-20 minutes and then wash with cold water. • For darkened feet: soak feet in water containing some lemon juice for 10-15 minutes. • For darkened neck: Apply a mixture of lemon and cucumber juice (equal amount) with 1/8 teaspoon of turmeric powder. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

Hair shine at Sana & Sara


polluted environment and low nourishment causes lots of damage. Hair can be your shining glory or the bane of your existence. Sana & Sara Salon offers different hair treatments that can make your hair look stronger and nourished. One of them is the protein treatment that can make your hair healthy.

Why protein treatment?

A protein treatment for hair is essential if your hair is damaged or if you have split ends. Protein helps to rebuild hair strands by filling in the hair shaft, which adds strength and resilience to your hair. Since your hair is made from 100% keratin, (which is protein), protein is a must-have. Without it, your hair can become dry, brittle, You can apply protein treatment on your hair for three different reasons: it strengthens the hair, repairs the outer layer, and promotes new growth. Protein treatment supports and adds to the keratin protein that is already found in the hair. This adds elasticity and strength to the hair that helps fight shedding and breakage.

The process:

Thoroughly clean the hair with a clarifying shampoo. This will remove any buildup that has accumulated from using other products. To get the best out of the treatment, we saturate wet or dry hair and let it sit for about 20 minutes. For better results, we cover the head with a plastic cap or wet towel. You can also sit under a hooded dryer to help the treatment work. There are several protein treatments on the market. Not all hair is the same; what works great for some people’s hair may make your hair unmanageable. Try out a couple of them before sticking with the one that works best with your hair. That is why there are different types of protein treatments: hydrolyzed human hair keratin, hydrolyzed keratin protein, silk, animal, vegetable, wheat, and collagen protein. After applying the protein mixture, rinse it once, apply the conditioner on it then wash your hair properly. 58 I july 10 - 16, 2011


Open mic night – Yet more talent in Pakistan


By Sikander Ahmad Khan

fter the huge success of The Knowledge Factory’s first Open Mic Night last month, a second event was held on the 1st of July to continue this tradition of promoting talent on a platform where anyone can come up and take the stage for seven minutes and showcase their talent to a discerning audience. That the crowd was entertained by all this talent under one roof is a testament to the fact that our country is abundant in talent and a unique programme of this nature must be encouraged by those running this country. The performances included a mix of unique musical performances and diverse theatrical acts. The small but effervescent crowd applauded with enthusiasm as Junaid Akram and Shah Fahad used a mix of humour and subtle sarcasm to entertain the audience. Waqas Amjad Sethi enthralled the audience by delivering a prologue with sitar music in the background. Other riveting pieces of poetry and prose were also beautifully read out by Sahar Haq and Anum Nadeem. There were several musical performances, including one by the band Oz which performed after three years, making it all the more memorable. Muneeb Hassan Wyne won the applause of the audience by doing a cover of the song Khushfehmi by Mauj. Rahim Khan from Peshawar once again beguiled the audience with his mesmerizing voice and Ahsan Akram Cheema displayed an amazing improvisation on the sitar. Saad Sultan and his dry sense of humour and incredible writing was another star of the evening and Muhammad Fazli gave an unforgettable performance with his Arab Blues. What really baffled the audience was a performance by an eight-year-old, who covered a Mehdi Hassan song with an air of confidence that was truly plausible. Abeer Sheikh added diversity to the evening by doing an amazing cover of a Radiohead song. Faizan Arshad, accompanied by Kamran Khan on the harmonium, displayed his vocals in an intense way that left the audience speechless. A very talented group from NCA, ‘We are Pakistan’ including Huzefa Ali, Sanwal Tariq and Saba Qureshi, stole the show with an interesting and intense radio theatrical skit with eerie lighting and some amazing sound effects. Omair Rana also took the stage and read out an inspiring piece that he had himself written and earned an overwhelming response from the audience. It was all in all a fabulous evening with some great talent and many people out there are already waiting anxiously for the next Open Mic night that is due to be held on 31st July and promises even more unique talent. 60 I july 10 - 16, 2011

After the huge success of The Knowledge Factory’s first Open Mic Night last month, a second event was held on the 1st of July to continue this tradition of promoting talent on a platform where anyone can come up and take the stage for seven minutes

With its in-house stitching facility, consumers have the option of custom-made orders as well as neatly altered outfits, all under one roof

Fashion Avenue – latest multi brand fashion hub

By Asad Zaidi


he idea behind this concept is to give the consumer the best in couture and prêt from Pakistan as well as abroad at excellent prices. There are quite a few multi brand stores in the country but there is hardly any focus on quality – this is where Fashion Avenue comes in, with the entire focus being quality. All designers within the store are selected on the basis of quality and those that have themed collections only, both couture and prêt. Prominently racked are themed dresses with a limited number of outfits per designer to display variety. More designers will be added on from time to time depending on consumer trends and demand. With its in-house stitching facility, consumers have the option of custom-made orders as well as neatly altered outfits, all under one roof. The stitching is top class in accordance with international standards with the best craftsmanship and boasts in built equipment. A fresh look is always a breather. The interior is classy yet trendy, artistic and spacious. Shoppers will love to stroll around looking at creations and checking out designs. Every minute detail has been taken into consideration from the choice of music being played, to the colours within the store – all designed to provide a great experience to the shopper. Fashion Avenue is located at 187 Y Block Commercial Area, DHA Lahore. Every client is dealt with a specially trained attendant. A small lounge where people can rest or discuss between shopping is right in the centre of the store. The lounge is equipped with the latest local and international fashion magazines and publications for the trendiest of customers to be well informed of current styles. The store will enter its expansion phase soon with a new branch of the concept opening doors at MM Alam Road within months from now. The two stores at aforementioned commercial hubs of the metropolis will cater to client needs giving easy access. Within the next two years, Fashion Avenue will go nationwide with stores and campaigns across major cities of the country – making it a brand recognized by everyone.

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10th July 2011 - Lounge  

Lounge is Pakistan Todays weekly magazine. Published every Sunday, Lounge performs a roundup of the weeks latest events & reviews in Arts, E...

10th July 2011 - Lounge  

Lounge is Pakistan Todays weekly magazine. Published every Sunday, Lounge performs a roundup of the weeks latest events & reviews in Arts, E...