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Modernity fused with the traditional

Gul Ahmed fall collection launch Gul Ahmed Textile Mills launched their much awaited Fall Winter Collection at Ideas by Gul Ahmed. Frieha Altaf, CEO of Catwalk Productions, thanked those present for taking time out to be part of the extravagant proceedings. The highlight of the show was a fashion walk by prominent models who dazzled the audience with breathtaking outfits from Gul Ahmed’s prêt à porter line. Photography: Asim Rehmani

06 I October 31 - November 06, 2010

Mehndi celebrations of Sundas & Hasan Saira and Faisal

Shahzad, Iman and QYT

Rabia, Rushana and Sehar Mehreen

Saad and Maheen

Momina and Nael

Cybil and Ather Nabeel and Hina 08 I October 31 - November 06, 2010

Trip to heaven via Lals! Lal Majid of Lals Chocolates launched her second outlet in Lahore in Y-Block, Defence, on October 24 amid much fanfare. The event, organised by J&S and aptly titled ‘A Chocolate Affair’, saw a breathtaking variety of chocolaty concoctions lavishly displayed for all visitors to indulge in at will. What proved to be a smart promotional plan for Lals turned out to be a complete treat for the senses of those who were lucky to be there to savour the sumptuous macarons, mousses, chocolate-covered nuts and the delightful chocolate fountain. So all you chocoholics, now you know the destination that will satisfy your ‘chocravings’! Fatima Zehra

Ali and Fatima Kasuri

A view of the buffet

Haani Mr and Mrs Rizwan Pasha

Mr and Mrs Shafi, Madiha and Afsara Amna Kardar

Lal, Carmella Conroy and Madiha

10 I October 31 - November 06, 2010

Doe’s niche clothing boutique launched Doe is a retail clothing line based on the concept of the niche clothing boutiques found in Europe. The idea is to get fashionable clothes to fashion forward women at affordable prices. Doe believes in being trendy yet exclusive, therefore no Doe dress or jacket will be made in mass quantities. Doe apparel ranges from casual everyday apparel to formal dresses and tops. This winter Doe is going to have numerous styles in jackets, sweaters, capes, gloves, and a lot more!

Siemens launches kitchen appliances boutique

Mrs Jahanzaib, Sidra, Sobia and Shazia

LSA CEO Mr Jahanzeb Baig and BSH MD Mr Joachim Henning Voss cutting the ribbon Electronics manufacturer Siemens launched a first of its kind kitchen appliances boutique on MM Alam Road, Lahore. Event Management: Bilal Mukhtar Events & PR

Khadija, Ali and Aneela

A view of the store’s interior Zara Sheikh 12 I October 31 - November 06, 2010

‘Vero Moda’ fashion show

Inauguration of Ravissant Wellness Lounge Daulat Rahimtoola of Ravissant Hair & Skin Care Salon Pakistan’s oldest professional salon - is considered to be a pioneer in the beauty business. When there was hardly any concept of a salon, Ms Rahimtoola came up with the unique idea of a place where women could be pampered. This brand has gone one step further by launching the Ravissant Wellness Lounge – an all-encompassing facility offering advisory services by cosmetic surgeons, psychologists and nutritionists. Sumeha Khalid

14 I October 31 - November 06, 2010

Shilpa Shetty

Diya Mirza

Bipasha Basu

Sushmita Sen

Bollywood celebrities were the star models at the model auditions for Vero Moda and Jack and Jones store launch in Mumbai.


Nadia Hussain

Having the devil’s own luck! By Sumaiha Khalid


adia had just returned after running some errands for her son when I reached her house. At the door, I was welcomed by her adorable poodle which accompanied me to the drawing room. Nadia had a watertight schedule as she had to rush off for a TV recording – ‘Jeetain Wasim Akram Kay Saath’ – in

a little while. As I sat, taking stock of my surroundings, in breezed Nadia Hussain decked up to the nines. She looked as gorgeous as ever with her hair gelled back, impeccable makeup and perfectly shaped red pouting lips. I could not help draw a parallel between the Nadia of today as opposed to the Nadia I had interviewed the first time some ten years ago. The girl standing elegantly in front of me had come a long way since her colt years and was now success personified. “Everybody dreams of success. It’s not all about money at October 31 - November 06, 2010 I 17

‘It’s not all about money at the end of the day. I think the feeling of success is a high that’s more important than the satisfaction of making big bucks anytime.’

Photos: Maram & Aabroo, Dresses: Deepak Perwani

the end of the day. I think the feeling of success is a high that’s more important than the satisfaction of making big bucks anytime. So if anyone tells me that I have been successful in my life then surely it makes me feel on top of the world!” “Success is something I had always desired and am thankful that I have achieved it,” said Nadia on the phenomenon we call success. Nadia started modelling while still studying for dentistry. After attaining her degree in medicine, she decided to pursue modelling as a career rather than what she had studied for. Slowly and gradually she became one of the A-listers before she decided to dabble in acting and later on hosting. Nevertheless, modelling remained her number one passion while acting was something she only took on if she could fit it in her schedule. While ruling the roost – in this case the ramp – Nadia met her hubby Atif and before we knew it Nadia had tied the knot. Soon afterwards, she was blessed with a baby boy and later on with a baby girl. Things could not be more perfect for this lucky girl – a loving husband, two beautiful kids and a roaring career. After becoming a super model, now she could be a super mom. However, Nadia wanted to do more, but what could that be, she wondered. That’s when she came up with the idea of launching her own footwear brand Fetish. She felt that the shoe industry was still an untapped market because whenever she went on a shoe shopping spree she could not find what she desired at any one shop. Rather, she had to check out all the shops before zeroing in on something acceptable. 18 I October 31 - November 06, 2010

It was around this time that some friends of hers, who made shoes for export purposes under the banner of Flitz came to a collaborative decision to make shoes under Nadia’s brand called Fetish. On what sets her designs apart from the plethora of other shoe brands, says Nadia, “I’m giving my clients designs that they will not find elsewhere in the market… designs which are exclusive to my exhibitions. My designs include nice big chunky stones with lots of diamontes; shoes which are apt for Eid, weddings and other such formal occasions.” Nadia continues on things that inspire her for her footwear designs. “I am often inspired by the latest trends in clothing both local and international. At times something clicks while surfing the net and at others I am simply struck by ideas that I translate into my footwear.” At present Nadia is only showing at exhibitions. There are no plans of stocking at any outlet. She has recently launched her footwear brand in Karachi and now plans are rife for an exhibition in Lahore in the coming week. “Fetish got a great response from people in Karachi,” interjects Nadia. “The fact is that something like this has never been done before at such a mega scale and women always want something different which is what we gave them. Although shoe designs cannot be much different however the element of exclusivity is what

Photo by Ismail at Studio Afzal

‘I’m giving my clients designs that they will not find elsewhere in the market… designs which are exclusive to my exhibitions’

we had promised our clients. “I would like to open up an outlet at some point in time but since I’m working on Fetish in collaboration with Flitz so we need to plan things together,” says the girl. She keeps an eye on the time as she is running late for her TV recording. It is admirable how the girl manages to juggle her personal and professional lives given the kind of impermeable schedule she maintains. One cannot help wonder, how she manages to do so. “To strike a balance you really need to be clear on your priorities and learn to organise your time as much as you can. But most importantly you have to be very active and

It is admirable how the girl manages to juggle her personal and professional lives given the kind of impermeable schedule she maintains on your toes the entire day,” she reveals. And active this girl certainly is, as she is now all set to woo her Lahore clientele with her footwear brand Fetish. And so ended our interview as she rushed off to her car, leaving me wondering what this super woman would do next! October 31 - November 06, 2010 I 19

Real makeovers for real women


assarat Misbah is a very talented beautician. She has the ability to transform any face to make it look appealing and charming. Her magical touch can do wonders for any woman belonging to any age group. Lounge brings you makeovers of real women and not just fashion models.

First we cleanse the skin with a moisturiser and cleanser.

As she has combination but ageing skin, we use loose powder after applying base to cover wrinkles.

We apply brown-black eye shadow to conceal puffiness; light brown eye shade is applied below the eyes to cover wrinkles.

Kajal and mascara enhance eye shape.

You are invited!

to send in your picture with a few words about yourself and you can

WIN A FREE MAKEOVER to be featured in this column. Just write to us on:

20 I October 31 - November 06, 2010

We apply blush-on to give a youthful look.

A deep shade of lipstick is applied to make the lips prominent. After makeover

Saim brings you the “Intoxicated Collection� for Fall 2010. He believes in giving women a perfect blend of Eastern and Western. His designs are funky yet elegant. Saim strives for modernity fused with the traditional. Chiffons are perfect for the season giving a sleek, chic and sensual look to the wearer of these beautiful designs.

Designer: Saim Photography: Yasir Saeed Hair & Makeup: Babloo Model: Zille Text: Injila Baqir Zeeshan


Of Tunno and his Bijnot Other than the stories told by old-timers like Allah Wasaya, we know nothing more of this once grand desert fortress

32 I October 31 - November 06, 2010

By Salman Rashid


he sun set and the blue welkin above turned a nameless colour – the same as the dunes around us. The lowing of cattle and the dongdong of their bells died down; and so too did the bleating of the goats. Only the occasional harsh bray of an ass broke the silence. But even an hour after sundown, it did not go completely dark for the stars above shone with a passion as though this was the last night they were ever going to shine. In the flat, featureless (low dunes are hardly features) desert the stars became visible just as they cleared the eastern horizon. And if one had the patience, one could sit through the night to chart each star’s arc clear across the velvet dome above. As evening progressed, spotted owls began to sound their churring calls as they swooped about after the various kinds of insects that prowl the desert at night. Still later, the little yelps of foxes, muted by the distance, could also be heard. Earlier, on the drive through the desert, we had surprised a couple of sand-coloured foxes en route. But without my Roberts’ book of mammals, I was unable to identify them. Above us, the wind soughed through the kundi tree under which our charpoys lay. The crisp evening

turned even cooler and due east the horizon glowed with the lights of some Indian town across the border. We had motored a hundred and twenty kilometres southeast across the Cholistan Desert from Derawar Fort to Bijnot. The Indian frontier was another twenty-five kilometres away and a hundred and fifty kilometres to the east lay Bikaner. Someone said the glow on the horizon was from the lights of that city. But that obviously was not true or we could also have seen the lights of Bahawalpur an equal distance to the north. Outside the little compound where we were bedded down, rose the ruined turrets and shattered walls of Bijnot Fort – one of the dozen or more dotted across the grey dunes of Cholistan. The annals of Jaisalmer, as recorded by James Tod, tell the story of a Bhatti prince called Tunno. In the course of his various adventures that do not concern this tale, Tunno acquired a vast hidden treasure with which he built a fort. Since the goddess Beejaseni had led him to the treasure, he called his fortress Beejnot after her. The year of construction is recorded in the annals as CE 757. The fort was held by the Rajputs for a full one thousand years until the 18th century. That was when the rising power of the Abbasi chieftains of Bahawalpur, b e g a n to eclipse that of the Rajputs in Cholistan. One by one, the fortresses of the

October 31 - November 06, 2010 I 33

desert fell to this doughty clan that claimed Arab descent. Bijnot was one among the last of the many that were taken by the Abbasis. Like the magnificent Derawar, Bijnot too must have been a mud-brick fort when it was built in the 8th century. Indeed, many ruined hulks sprinkled across the desert show that was how they built them in those long ago days. The Rajputs ceded Bijnot to the Abbasis. After more than two centuries of holding it, they in turn passed it on to the government after Bahawalpur was merged with Pakistan in 1956. As tensions grew between Pakistan and India, Bijnot Fort came to house a contingent of Pakistan Rangers. Seventy-year old Allah Wasaya of Bijnot who had dyed his whiskers and hair an unreal jet-black did not have anything to say about the 1965 war. But in the ‘Yahya war’ Indira bombed Bijnot Fort to pieces, he said. This was news for me. I hadn’t known the late Mrs Gandhi was a gunnery expert! She also sent planes to finish off the destruction she had started, he added. What Indira didn’t know, Allah Wasaya said, was that the rangers had fled even before the fort had come into the range of Indian field guns. And when the shelling began, the fort was empty. Shortly after the shelling started, the villagers also followed the example of the valiant rangers. Wasaya said that was just as well for as they fled west, they saw a dark pall rise above the desert: they knew their village had been taken and torched. For a full one year Indira’s army held Bijnot until Bhutto came around to redeem it to the rightful owners. When they got back, the fort of Bijnot was a ruin and nothing remained of their village. They had to build everything anew. Everything, save the fort – and that remains a wreck to this day. The sun was low in the west as I entered the fort from its main gate. The wooden jambs had been wrenched away from the arched 34 I October 31 - November 06, 2010

The annals of Jaisalmer, as opening – perhaps by Mrs Gandhi’s soldiers. recorded by James Tod, tell the Above the entrance was story of a Bhatti prince called the residence of the killadar – the keeper Tunno. In the course of his various of the fort. It was a adventures that do not concern spacious hall flanked by two smaller rooms and this tale, Tunno acquired a vast an open terrace that hidden treasure with which he looked in to the fort’s enceinte. Perhaps the built a fort killadar stood on this terrace to watch his men at drill. Flush with the east wall of the larger into the underground tanks. One still had room was a banister-less staircase leading up to water at the bottom, the other was dry. Both the roof where the flagstaff would have stood. were now domiciled by blue rock pigeons that Arched alcoves and doorways in unlikely places broke out of the hole in the top with a loud showed where rooms had once been. But Mrs clattering of wings as I approached. Gandhi’s bombs had turned roofs into rubble There are forts that defend ancient byways. and only the alcoves and doorways recalled the There are others that function as garrisons on bombed out rooms. turbulent borders. There are yet more that are Just inside of the entrance with the built to be safe havens in times of adversity. killadar’s quarters was a square of well- And there are those opulent forts – more constructed barracks. These and the elongated palaces than forts, that serve as royal seats. galleries running to either side of the gateway And in Cholistan there is, they tell me, a line reminded me of similar galleries in Kot Diji. of forts along the bed of the lost Hakra River. Their domed roofs and thick walls would have Dilettantes never tire of pointing out that all kept the desert heat at bay while the soldiers the forts in Cholistan are along the bed of the rested during the hottest part of the day. From Hakra. If that were true, this long-lost river the extent of these barracks that run around the would win a prize for being the most tortuously enceinte it could be said that this fort would serpentine river in the entire world. Tunno easily have housed some three or four hundred Bhatti’s Bijnot, obscure and remote, must armed soldiers. But now the interior of the fort surely have been built for no other purpose was a mess of rubble and badly damaged hulks. but to serve as a safe haven. Lying deep in the So extensive was the destruction from Indian heart of the Cholistan Desert, it only received bombardment that it was even difficult to form brief notice in Tod’s Annals and Antiquities of a picture of Bijnot Fort’s pristine glory. Rajasthan. No more. In the quadrant by the northeast corner And so other than the stories told by oldof the fort, were two cisterns covered over by timers like Allah Wasaya, we know nothing masonry. A round opening in the middle of more of this once grand desert fortress. the paving was the way the bucket could be Reduced now to a ruined hulk, it holds the lowered in to draw water. An opening to one secrets of history within its crumbling walls – side of this cistern was how rainwater washed perhaps never to give them up.


Insanity over jewels Only these words escaped from my colleague’s mouth in a trembling whimper, “Oh but the jewellery is worth more than a million rupees!”


t is never an easy task to have a photo shoot done when there is jewellery involved. And jewellery is almost always involved. As nervous as the jitterbug that I happen to be, the weight of jewellery becomes a little too much for me to handle. The magazine brought in a very sincere friend, to help me out in my panic stricken, shoot conducting ways. Sincere, she truly is, but my work has doubled. I end up trying to keep her calm, as she goes deeper into frenzy, while I shove precious jewellery pieces, into her handbag for a shoot. We are both sure, before each of our shoots, that this will be our last one. We would be robbed and shot dead this time for sure! And if you are even slightly aware of the gold rates, and have seen any jewellery shoots in magazines, you will be able to sympathize with me. During one cover shoot, my trusted colleague and I, sat in a famous photographer’s studio, waiting for the shoot to finish. For no matter who the jeweller sends along, to guard the items, eventually, the jewellery is the magazine’s responsibility. We had one of our famous film stars, modeling for us that day. The shoot ended. She still had the exorbitantly pricey diamond set on. Without taking it off, she sat in her car and asked the chauffeur to drive off, while we sat looking at her

open mouthed! As if struck by lightning, I was jolted out of my reverie. I started running after the car, yelling back at my colleague to wake up and come back me up. I was running in the middle of the road, in the scorching heat, producing unearthly yelps and cries, words and phrases which made no sense whatsoever at all. I mean, what can you possibly say in such a situation, “Hey, come back with my jewellery!” I couldn’t say that now could I? Half the town would have gathered to make sure, I never got it back. Or perhaps hollered some emphatic profanities, demanding for her to come back. The remaining half of the town would have gathered as well and then where would I be? I have a reputation to uphold, don’t I! How could I possibly have nasty, scandalous cussing words in my vocabulary? So there I was, dashing ahead, and yelping like a ridiculous dog. Quite bizarre! Her driver must have been some decent, God fearing man, for he finally stopped. If you expect that someone would have gotten out of the car, to try to figure out why a woman was running after them insanely on the road, you are wrong. If you expect that someone would have backed up the car a little bit, to find out what was happening, you are again very wrong. So without having the time to catch my breath, I sped towards the car. If you also expect that in the very least, a window would have then rolled a slit down, to see what the madwoman was trying to say, I will inform you, that it did not happen. I pounded hysterically on the window, to make the driver look in my direction. And then I shouted that he had to come back as we had to get the jewellery off, before they left. Yes, you would be right to expect that this also did not achieve any substantial results. At this point, my colleague joined me, breathless from running to catch up. She looked at me and said many things. I could hear words, but nothing she said

The writer runs a fashion quarterly magazine. Following are tidbits from her life as a disaster-prone fashion editor, whose job becomes more comic than glamourous at times!

made any sense in her fit of hysteria. Finally, I was able to get through to her that our precious diamond set was still in the car. And things could be brought under control. It was not too late. I demanded that the driver open the door locks. I must have seemed far more terrifying to him at that moment than his own boss sitting in the back seat, so he obliged. It was then that the actress deemed us, creepy crawlies, mere vermin slithering on the ground, worthy of communicating with. For she said, that she did not have the time to take off the set, and we must go and get it later, from her house. Our legs seemed to buckle from under us. Only these words escaped from my colleague’s mouth in a trembling whimper, “Oh but the jewellery is worth more than a million rupees!” I grabbed her, opened the car door, hurled her inside the car and told her to make them drive all the way back and then get the darned ornaments off. It was no rocket science to figure out that if the actress managed to successfully drive off with the diamonds, there was no getting them back, ever. When they had turned and started moving back towards the studio, I realized that I was left standing behind on the same road where every passerby had seen me in action in the last five minutes. It also occurred to me that a small crowd had gathered. But what most powerfully surfaced at that moment was the realisation that there was certainly lots of room in the car for one more, and what on earth was I doing standing there, mid July, in the middle of the day. Sighing but sticking my nose out proudly, I started walking, as if it was a casual stroll, in the park that I was thoroughly enjoying.

October 31 - November 06, 2010 I 35


Nukes and ‘greater India dream’

myth exposed


By Shamshad Ahmad

n an unlettered society where one rarely comes across people genuinely into writing or reading and where books are sold not by content but their weight as a waste paper commodity and where book stores are disappearing fast getting converted into video shops and burger stands, the arrival of every single new book by a Pakistani author is freshening expression of a resolve not to give up the book culture. No matter how many ‘kitab houses’ may have become ‘kabab houses’ to cater to the growing culinary appetite in our society, there is no dearth of publishing houses in Pakistan to keep apace with the undying quest for knowledge. It is an encouraging sign. Books on assorted subjects of general interest, especially literature and history, have been appearing in abundance. For some reason, nuclear and security-related issues have remained a no-go area for Pakistani researchers and academics. No wonder, we have not had any meaningful literature on India-Pakistan nuclear stand-off and its regional and global implications. The barrier of reticence, it seems, now stands crossed. Two recent research-based well-written and thoroughly referenced books, one on South Asian nuclear deterrence and the other on Indian nuclear deterrence, both authored by Pakistani writers of eminent credentials under the banner of Oxford University Press, make a seminal appearance on our otherwise murky scene of scholastic aridity. Both provide an insightful account of the historic as well as geo-political dynamics underpinning the nuclearization of this region. Professor Cheema’s book titled ‘Indian Nuclear Deterrence: Its Evolution, Development and Implications for South Asian Security’ is the first serious attempt at dissecting India’s nuclear ambitions rooted in its ‘Greater India’ dream. I am familiar with many books but this one is perhaps more comprehensive than any other book on this subject in terms of its timeframe (1947 until now) and the spectrum of issues involved ranging from the evolution and development of Indian nuclear program to its status-driven regional and global dimensions. It exposes, with documentary and other relevant evidence from diverse sources, how for 50 years, India sought with single-minded devotion the reenactment of the mythical ‘Maha Bharata’ (Greater India) concept. It sought to dominate its periphery and the entire India Ocean, as the first step towards recognition of India’s status as a global power. One is spontaneously reminded of Robert Oppenheimer, the arch developer of the “atom bomb” who after witnessing the power of the first nuclear explosion, called Trinity Test in New Mexico was so moved as to famously acclaim that the sight made him think of the lines from the Bhagavad-Gita, “If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the mighty one: now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” India “inducted” the nuclear dimension into the volatile security environment of South Asia by exploding the myth of a “Smiling Buddha” through its first nuclear test in 1974 which was hailed by the West as a “peaceful” nuclear test but in effect it was the “splendor of the mighty one” signalling to the world, “Now I have become death, the destroyer of world.” India demonstrated the “splendor of the mighty one” again in May 1998 leaving Pakistan with no choice but to respond in kind. Cheema’s book confirms the fallacy of conventional perspectives on the development of Indian nuclear deterrence – that the Indian nuclear programme entailed ‘exclusively peaceful uses’ during the Nehru era and

36 I October 31 - November 06, 2010

The book exposes, with documentary and other relevant evidence from diverse sources, how for 50 years, India sought with single-minded devotion the re-enactment of the mythical ‘Maha Bharata’ (Greater India) concept Title: ‘Indian Nuclear Deterrence: Its Evolution, Development and Implications for South Asian Security’ Author: Zafar Iqbal Cheema Publisher: Oxford University Press (2010) Price: Rs 995.00. Hardback, 500 pages, July2010

There is a lesson to be drawn from this book. Instead of unleashing a relentless nuclear arms race in our region, we in South Asia should be exploring how to harmonise our respective security doctrines the nuclear weapons capability was initiated by Shastri government after the first Chinese nuclear test in 1964. It offers incontrovertible evidence that Dr Homi Bhabha, the architect of Indian nuclear programme, formulated a nuclear weapons development strategy within the structural framework of the Indian civilian nuclear programme with Nehru’s approval. It thus also denotes how Indian nuclear pursuits compelled Pakistan to go nuclear in reciprocation. On their coming to power in New Delhi, the BJP sought to resurrect the legend of greater India and lost no time to implement its militaristic and communal agenda by a series of actions that only aggravated the security environment in our region. The BJP agenda publicly announced its intentions “to exercise the nuclear option and induct nuclear weapons, occupy Azad Kashmir and to demolish mosques to build Hindu temples.” I recall in April 1998, Pakistan’s prime minister addressed a letter to the G-8 heads of state and government drawing their attention to India’s threatening nuclear designs and the consequences that would ensue from its induction of nuclear weapons. India’s five nuclear tests on May 11 and 13, 1998 proved us completely right. India had unleashed on our borders blasts of every sort, namely, thermonuclear, boosted fission, tactical weapons. We knew at that time that peace was hanging by a slender thread in South Asia. In the absence of any assurances or security guarantees, we had no choice but to take measures to protect our freedom and independence. Our tests later in the month (May 28 and 30) were an act of self-defence; they established our minimum credible deterrence and in fact restored the regional strategic balance serving the larger interest of peace and stability in South Asia. Cheema’s book makes one thing clear. It was not Pakistan which “inducted” nuclear weapons into the volatile security environment of South Asia. We were compelled to do so. Since then, nuclear weapons are a reality in our region. They constitute an essential element of our security in the form of credible minimum deterrent. They also constitute a credible nuclear deterrent for India. It is this subject which Professor Cheema now focuses in some detail providing factual scholarly

material to understand and evaluate the South Asian nuclear deterrence model in its conceptual and operational detail through a Pakistani lens. The book’s central premise is that the BJP government decision to carry out nuclear tests in 1998 was not an “out of the box” development and was only step prefigured in a strategic continuum commenced during Nehru’s government. It suggests that the official declaration of India as a nuclear weapons state after the 1998 tests, its subsequent nuclear weaponisation programme and announcement of a draft nuclear doctrine in August 1999 were in effect willful furtherance of the earlier policies representing a clear strategic continuum. After having crossed the nuclear threshold, India has been seeking recognition by the international community as a nuclear weapon state, which it hoped, among other things, would entitle it to permanent membership of the UN Security Council and entry to the exclusive nuclear club. On our part, by demonstrating our capability, we were able to establish a strategic parity with India. Chapters 4 and 5 are devoted to a comparative study of the nuclear policies of India and Pakistan in terms of their threat perceptions and strategic compulsions and objectives. A comparative study of their command and control systems as well other core elements of India’s deterrence especially ballistic missile capability and its ABM system, its fissile material capability, nuclear weapon technology and warhead capability makes a useful account to understand the regional nuclear scenario. What becomes further clear from this analysis is that India’s development of a nuclear triad gives it an assured second strike capability, necessitating for Pakistan not to ignore the need for a dynamic concept in its own credible minimum deterrence in the face of India’s overbearing nuclear capability. Chapters 9 and 10 of the book offer a study of the development of nuclear deterrence and its implications for peace and security in the region. Chapter 10 specifically analyses the impact of conventional military asymmetry on strategic stability and Indian attempts of coercion and escalation dominance through threats of limited war, pre-emption and Cold Start strategy. The study, besides giving an insight into Indian nuclear command and

control structure, also analyses the attempted transformation of Indian military doctrine into a strategic nuclear doctrine with global outreach. Cheema reveals no secret by acknowledging that India justifies its sea-land and air-based nuclear capability to counter what it claims its perceived potential threat from China as well as Pakistan. But the fact of the matter is that India’s military potential has always remained Pakistan-specific, and despite Islamabad’s repeated offers of “mutual restraint and responsibility” it has shown no reciprocity. Pakistan has been pursuing since 1999 its proposal for a “strategic restraint regime” based on three inter-locking elements of conflict resolution, nuclear and ballistic restraint and conventional balance. There is a lesson to be drawn from this book. Instead of unleashing a relentless nuclear arms race in our region, we in South Asia should be exploring how to harmonize our respective security doctrines. Perhaps, the best course for India in this critical period of regional turmoil fuelled by a common threat of terrorism and militancy will be to accept Pakistan’s Strategic Restraint Regime proposal and also the offer of a No War Pact, which is even broader than India’s so-called No First Use doctrine, and encompasses both conventional and nuclear fields. Instead of raising the ante at bilateral level, we should be working together and coordinating our arms control and disarmament approaches in international forums like the Conference on Disarmament (CD).

The writer is a former Foreign Secretary.

Quote of the Week ‘‘A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men’’ - Roald Dahl October 31 - November 06, 2010 I 37

Julie P and the Stalking Hunk By Adiah Afraz


hey say home is a place a fellow goes to when he is tired of being nice to people. Ask my neighbour Julie P and she will tell you exactly how true it is. She complains that the only time she has a reasonably decent conversation with her husband is the time when he calls her from the office. The rest, according to her, is just grunts and groans. “So what exactly do you do when he comes back home?” I ask. “Nothing,” comes the reply. The husband grunts

Yes! There is such a thing as a stalking husband, and it is more common than you think. This type of husband does not want anything to do with the wife herself, but wants everything to do with what a wife does during the day

his hello, changes into a potato sack called boxers, munches on a few rotis, turns on the TV and voila! Three hours later he is snoring blissfully over the remote control, looking as peaceful as a swine flu in full swing. “So what do you do?” I ask. “I sulk,” comes the reply. Well, to be honest, sometimes Julie P does more than sulk. She prepares for battle! First she writes down all her grievances on a piece of paper, then she goes over them one by one, then she works up her anger by thinking moving thoughts about past misadventures of the husband’s deceased mother, then she holds all the tears back while ironing the potato sack and rolling the rotis. By the time the husband is back from work, Julie P is nothing but an aggrieved time bomb waiting to detonate. But despite all the aggression, Julie P essentially is a good wife. So the battle cry patiently waits till the potato sack is put on, the rotis are munched upon, and some cricket match is grunted upon. And then! Armed with Chanel no 5 and some ugly little truths about the dead mother, Julie P descends on the unsuspecting brute. It is

38 I October 31 - November 06, 2010

exactly at this particular juncture that a universal question raises itself with all its might: How do you fight with a snoring man who refuses to wake up even for a battle? Now why exactly does all of this happen, is a question that cannot be answered since psychoanalysing moody males is not within the scope of this column. However, why he calls her from the office all the time is a question that can be answered. And the answer lies in a mind boggling phenomenon called ‘The Stalking Husband Syndrome’. Yes! There is such a thing as a stalking husband, and it is more common than you think. This type of husband does not want anything to do with the wife herself, but wants everything to do with what a wife DOES during the day. Every day when he reaches the office after having eaten his boiled eggs, he calls his wife to ask if she went to sleep after he left. The wife (in this case our Julie P) who is peacefully scraping off the left over egg yolks, assures the husband that since he left her barely five minutes

ago and since she is talking to him on the phone at the very moment, he might safely conclude that she is not sleeping after all. This immensely pleases the stalker husband and he hangs up in jubilation. However, half an hour later when Julie P is actually dozing off, dreaming sweet dreams about a vacation in Vietnam, the phone rings again. This time the stalker husband goes into the romantic thoughtful mode and lovingly tells his darling wife in the most endearing terms to go catch some sleep. Julie P gushes and blushes at the attention, too overwhelmed to tell the husband that catching some sleep was exactly what she was doing when he called. You see, wives like Julie P are a little dense in the head, and that is why this sort of call puts them in such an exhilarated state of mind that they throw caution to the wind, and the bhindis in the bin, and dig in their savings to make gourmet meals for the ‘husbands-who-called’. At exactly noon time the husband calls again. This time he is calling to ask what the wife is cooking and why. After getting a penny by penny account of the recipe, the husband makes general enquiries about how much the vegetables cost that day, and why in the

hell is the wife spending Rs Fifteen minutes later while Julie P is still recovering from the 500 rupees on something investigation into the vegetable prices, the phone rings again. But that can easily be had at a no worries, this is a routine call that the husband makes every day restaurant for Rs 350. Fifteen minutes to remind July P that there are some children at school who need later while Julie P is to be picked up without being killed in the process. still recovering from the investigation into the vegetable prices, the phone rings again. But no worries, this is a routine call that the husband makes every day had been summoned by a frantic son-in-law to go 50 to remind July P that there are some children at school kilometres and see what Julie P was up to. who need to be picked up without being killed in the “What exactly does he want from me?” screams Julie process. Julie P again assures the husband that since she P. gave birth to those children, and since she picks them “Poor dear just wanted to see if you were taking a every day, she is sure to do it even today and that too nap like he told you. Why weren’t you picking up the without exchanging them with the Norwegian kids that phone?” enquires the mother. “How could I if I were live next door. The husband, however, is not reassured. taking a nap?” exclaims July P. Once back from school duty, Julie P, having grown “You shouldn’t be so hard on him Julie P,” wiser beyond belief, unhooks the phone, hides her cell admonishes the mother. “Men who care so much for phone under the mattress and happily prepares herself their wives are very hard to find. Be thankful and stop for an uninterrupted session in front of the TV. She is complaining.” not far gone into the intricacies of domestic intrigues So after saying a prayer of thanks, Julie P promptly when there is a frantic ringing of the door bell. Bleary stops complaining, sends mummy packing, irons the eyed and traumatised, she opens the door to an equally potato sack, puts the gourmet meal on the hot plate frenzied looking woman who upon closer inspection and starts waiting for the thoughtful hunk who prefers turns out to be Julie P’s mother. Ladies and Gentlemen, stalking over talking. After all home is a place that a the stalker husband is back in business. The mother, fellow goes to when he is tired of stalking people. who was preparing to have her dentures replaced, Cheers!!!!

October 31 - November 06, 2010 I 39


Myriad Flavours of dance Folk Dances of Pakistan


By Roshan Ara Bokhari

rich variety of cultural expression exists in Pakistan, whether it is language, literature, art, music or dance. In each region folk dances have a distinct style of their own depicting their lifestyle and their own way of showing joy, sorrow or any other feeling. Along the Mekran Coast the early Arab/African settlers brought their own style of folk dance which is still prevalent. After a hard day’s work the workers relax to the pulsating and hypnotic beat of the ‘Lewa’. The movements reflecting the undulating waves of the sea or the slow walk of the camel along the coast is vividly depicted in the movements of the ‘Lewa’. In Sind the most popular folk dance is what is known as the ‘Sindhi 40 I October 31 - November 06, 2010

The reaping of a good harvest, timely rain showers, a wedding, winning of a cricket match or any other joyful occasion is an excuse for the vibrant Punjabi to spontaneously burst forth into the Bhangra

Jhoomar’. Danced, as most dances are, on festive occasions it is replete with swaying and gentle movements danced to the popular strains of Sindhi songs like ‘Hey Jamalo’ and others. On moonlit nights and in addition to other occasions the girls, adorned with silver jewellery, add grace to the swaying movements and lyrical music. The ‘Dhamaal’ is performed at the shrine of saints, most popular is the shrine of Hazrat Shahbaz Qalandar made immortal by Nusrat Fateh Ali’s rendering of ‘Mast, Mast Shahbaz Qalandar’. The devotees at the shrine on hearing this music respond to the mood and work themselves into a frenzied state till they almost reach a state of ‘haal’

(semi-consciousness). As we approach the Cholistan desert the girls dressed in full long skirts dance happily with the boys to the clap of the ‘khartaal’. Twirling round and matching their movements to the sound of the ‘khartaal’, they make a pretty picture in their colourful clothes. Punjab is known for its vitality and vibrancy. The reaping of a good harvest, timely rain showers, a wedding, winning of a cricket match or any other joyful occasion is an excuse for the vibrant Punjabi to spontaneously burst forth

into the ‘Bhangra’. Expressed with free and uninhibited movements and danced to the compelling beat of the ‘dhol’ accompanied with the ‘chimta’, this dance with its catchy beat has gained in popularity. Pop bands round the world have successfully incorporated this rhythm into their music. The ‘Luddi’ and ‘Sammi’ are also danced frequently at Mehndis etc. Not only do the young dance and sing to the beat of the dholki but also the elders of the family happily join in when verses are specially sung about them. The ‘Dandia Ras’, danced to the rhythm of the beating of sticks get the young boys and girls to join in and make merry. In the Northern areas the robust Pathan dances the ‘Khattak’ showing his strength and vigour. Not content to just dance he also has to compete with his companion, each one trying to outdo the other in accomplishing more difficult steps. This martial race also does

this dance with swords, swirling and whirling the swords with dexterity and finesse. Another dance belonging to this area is the ‘Lakhtai’ which has softer movements and is danced with the flourish of colourful handkerchiefs. The women also partake in these folk dances, but privately in the confines of their homes at weddings and other joyful occasions. Travelling further into the North we enter the peaceful and beautiful Kailash Valley. The people here have a free and easy lifestyle, intermingling amongst the sexes is the norm and it is common to see young boys and girls walking hand in hand. Clad in their traditional black gowns and headdress decorated with sea shells and coloured flounces, they make a pretty sight dancing together in rows and going around in circles.

The ‘Sindhi Jhoomar’ is replete with swaying and gentle movements danced to the popular strains of Sindhi songs like ‘Hey Jamalo’ and others Baltistan dances reflect the easygoing and jovial nature of the people here. They enjoy life and indulge in being playful and teasing each other, happily whiling away their time. Pakistan has a rich tapestry of a variety of folk dances. The colourful costumes add to the flavour. The different instruments used in each region give each dance a distinction of its own. These dances have been preserved through time and are ageless and will continue to be danced in the times to come. October 31 - November 06, 2010 I 41


Chicken Scotch Eggs By Fatima Zehra

Eggs are a fabulous source of protein, vitamins and minerals and are more versatile than you may believe. So try your hand at these sumptuous scotch eggs and savour the rich flavour while getting a healthy supply of nutrients. But for those on calorie and fat-restricted diets, be careful.

Ingredients 6 eggs 8 oz minced chicken 1 tsp grated ginger 1 tbsp chopped chives or green part of spring onions 1 tsp mustard paste 1 oz plain flour 1 egg, lightly beaten ½ cup dry breadcrumbs Oil for deep frying Seasoning 42 I October 31 - November 06, 2010

Method - - - - - -

Boil the eggs for ten minutes. Place in a bowl of cold water and leave for five minutes. Mix the minced chicken with ginger, chives, mustard and seasoning. Shell the eggs and dust lightly with flour. Divide the mince mixture into six portions and using damp hands, mould the portions around each egg. Brush with beaten egg, roll in breadcrumbs and deep fry in batches until golden brown. Drain and serve whole or cut half with your choice of accompaniment such as fresh salad or a spicy dip.

Celebrity’s favourite

Rocky road

crunch bars

Preparation time: 30 minutes Cooking time: less than 10 minutes Makes 24

No one is ever going to complain about having one of these in their lunchbox, and they’re pretty handy to have around in a kitchen for a quick, snatched burst of energy at any time.

Ingredients 125g/4½oz soft unsalted butter 300g/10½oz best-quality dark chocolate, broken into pieces 3 tbsp golden syrup 200g/7¼oz rich tea biscuits 100g/3½oz mini marshmallows 2 tsp icing sugar, to dust

Method: Heat the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in a heavy-based saucepan over a gentle heat. Remove from the heat, scoop out about 125ml/4½fl oz of the melted mixture and set aside in a bowl. Place the biscuits into a plastic freezer bag and crush them with a rolling pin until some have turned to crumbs but there are still pieces of biscuit remaining. Fold the biscuit pieces and crumbs into the melted chocolate mixture in the saucepan, then add the marshmallows. Tip the mixture into a 24cm/9in square baking tin and smooth the top with a wet spatula. Pour over the reserved 125ml/4½fl oz of the melted chocolate mixture and smooth the top with a wet spatula. Refrigerate for about two hours or overnight. To serve, cut into 24 fingers and dust with icing sugar.

Annie Mansoor likes to cook jalapeno chicken.

Jalapeno chicken Ingredients 2 tsp ground cinnamon 2 tsp chili powder 1 tsp ground cumin 2 tsp salt 1 tsp black pepper 1 whole chicken, cut into pieces 1 cup chicken broth 2 tbsp honey 2 limes, juiced 1/2 jalapeno pepper, minced

Method Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. Lightly grease a medium baking sheet. In a small bowl, mix cinnamon, chili powder, cumin, salt, and pepper. Rub chicken pieces with the mixture, and arrange on the prepared baking sheet. In a medium saucepan over medium-high heat, blend chicken broth, honey, limejuice, and jalapeno. Cook and stir until thickened. Place chicken in the preheated oven and cook for about 15 minutes. Begin basting periodically with the chicken broth mixture. Continue cooking for 30 minutes or until the chicken is no longer pink and juices run clear.

October 31 - November 06, 2010 I 43

Films ‘Action Replay’

‘Golmaal 3’ Release Date: November 5, 2010 Director: Rohit Shetty Star cast: Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor ,Arshad Warsi, Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade ,Kunal Khemu, Mithun Chakraborty Genre: Comedy Synopsis: Bollywood’s first ever trilogy highlights the story of hatred between siblings within a family. One of nature’s masterpieces, this is a family that eats together, prays together, lives together, yet a family ‘that can’t stand each other’. This quirky, unique family will certainly deliver you some rib-tickling moments, ageless romance and some heartwarming scenes; a beautiful journey full of madness, love and excitement; a film with the perfect blend of just every emotion that will set in your heart with thrice the fun, thrice the magic, and thrice the laughter. ‘Golmaal 3’ it is!

Release Date: November 5, 2010 Director: Vipul Shah Star cast: Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Randhir Kapoor Genre: Drama Synopsis: Vipul Shah’s ‘Action Replayy’ is an unusual love story that unfolds backwards in time. Be ready to feel the magic of retro with this film which is based on a 1994 Gujarati play ‘Action Replay’, and is a time-travel comedy capturing Mumbai in the 1970s. Akshay and Aishwarya play a couple who are constantly fighting with each other but are able to rekindle love on their 33rd marriage anniversary.

‘For Coloured Girls’ Release date: November 5, 2010 Director: Tyler Perry Star cast: Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Phylicia Rashad, Jurnee Smollett and Kimberly Elise Genre: Comedy/drama Synopsis: ‘For Coloured Girls’ is based on Ntozake Shange’s awardwinning 1975 play, which consists of a series of poems performed through a cast of nameless women, known only by a colour. It deals with such subjects as love, abandonment, rape, and abortion. It later morphed into an Emmy Awardnominated television special and is still being performed around the world.

44 I October 31 - November 06, 2010

‘Fair Game’

Timeless Classic

Release Date: November 5, 2010 Director: Doug Liman Star cast: Naomi Watts, Sean Penn and Noah Emmerich Genre: Drama Synopsis: A suspense-filled glimpse into the dark corridors of political power, ‘Fair Game’ is a riveting action-thriller based on the autobiography of real-life undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame (Naomi Watts), whose career is destroyed and marriage strained to its limits when her covert identity is exposed by a politically motivated press leak. As a covert officer in the CIA’s Counter-Proliferation Division, Valerie leads an investigation into the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Valerie’s husband, diplomat Joe Wilson (Sean Penn), is drawn into the investigation to substantiate an alleged sale of enriched uranium from Niger. But when the administration ignores his findings and uses the issue to support the call to war, Joe writes a New York Times editorial outlining his conclusions and ignites a firestorm of controversy.

‘Dirty Dancing’ This 1987 romantic musical creates a feeling of vibrant nostalgia. As the film progresses, it forces one to delve into the past and reminisce “the good old days” of youth. Starring Jennifer Grey as Francis ‘Baby’ Houseman and Patrick Swayze as Johnny Castle, the film emerged as the winner of several awards. The plot revolves around a 17-year-old girl who has come to spend her vacation in New York as Catskill Rock when she accidentally comes across the staff workers dancing in full swing. Enraptured by the beauty and sexiness of the dance she rebels against her father and falls in love with the dance instructor (Swayze). The film is mostly remembered for its music including one of the best hits, ‘Time Of My Life’, that won the award for the Best Original Song. Although the film does not have a strong plot, the ‘dirty’ dancing with the hip-swaying, high kicks and lifts immortalises it in our hearts. When Broadway staged the musical organisers said, “Most of the audience will know the story well, very often by heart, and the great new pleasure we can give them is the sense that what they know and love is still in front of them, but by virtue of being here at this live performance, they are experiencing more of it in a more intense and personal way.” Energetic, exuberant, funny and sad, it is a film that makes one experience a multitude of emotions. Beenish Mahmood

‘Due Date’ Release date: November 5, 2010 Director: Todd Phillips Star cast: Robert Downey, Jr, Zach Galifianakis, Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan Genre: Comedy Synopsis: Peter Highman is an expectant first-time father whose wife’s due date is a mere five days away. As Peter hurries to catch a flight home from Atlanta to be at her side for the birth, his best intentions go completely awry when a chance encounter with aspiring actor Ethan Tremblay forces Peter to hitch a ride with Ethan - on what turns out to be a cross-country road trip that will ultimately destroy several cars, numerous friendships and Peter’s last nerve.

October 31 - November 06, 2010 I 45

Stars & starlets

Sonam, Deepika to end their cold war for ‘Koffee with Karan’ Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are known as bitter rivals in tinseltown. The two leading ladies of Bollywood have been avoiding each other for a long now. But now, the two beauties have decided to let go of their past and embrace a new friendship. Buzz has it that the divas will soon come together on Karan Johar’s famous TV show, ‘Koffee with Karan’. The animosity started a long time back when the two refused to shoot together for a fashion magazine. Speculation was that both the actresses share a sour relationship because of Ranbir Kapoor. Sonam was said to be very close to Ranbir during her debut movie ‘Saawariya’. However, Ranbir dumped Sonam for Deepika, his ladylove then and ex-girlfriend now. However, this time Karan Johar has succeeded to get Sonam and Deepika together for his show ‘Koffee with Karan’. Apparently, both of them agreed to bury the hatchet and join each other on the show.

Salman is my 4:00 am friend: Katrina Katrina Kaif might have been mum on Salman while they were dating, but now that the couple has gone separate ways she is coming out with all kinds of clarifications about their relationship. Talking about their relationship after the much hyped split, Katrina maintained that she is still very close to Salman and often takes career advice from him. “Salman and I talk or message each other at least once a day. He is my 4:00 am friend. When I was hospitalised, Salman was very much around. If I’m missing for something important that Salman has organised, there has to be a solid reason for it. Likewise, I know that if there is a script that both of us feel suits us best, we will do the film without an issue.”

Bebo wants no comparisons with Vidya Madhur Bhandarkar’s ambitious project ‘Heroine’ is in news for all the wrong reasons. Though the director was keen to work with Kareena Kapoor and the actress was also game for the project, there are apparently several matters that are yet to be settled. Now, we hear that the actress is not so keen to be part of the project for which she was reportedly very excited earlier on. The story doing the rounds is that Bebo is backing out from the project because she thinks that the film is very similar to Milan Luthria’s ‘The Dirty Picture’ which has Vidya Balan playing a siren from the south. Bebo came to know about the script of the film because she is close to Tusshar Kapoor, and his sister Ekta Kapoor is producing Milan’s film. Now Bollywood’s style diva wants to avoid any sort of comparisons with Vidya, who has earned her stripes for giving stellar performances in her last few films.

Hrithik, SRK bond in Berlin The Hrithik Roshan-Shah Rukh Khan bond gets stronger each day. Duggu may be travelling to Berlin to catch up with his good friend SRK. Duggu is very much at home with the ‘Don 2’ unit who are stationed in Berlin, since he is also working with Farhan Akhtar and company in ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’. From the looks of it, SRK’s bash in Berlin may turn out to be a very special affair, what with Karan Johar, Farhan Akhtar, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Hrithik Roshan and others joining in the revelry.

46 I October 31 - November 06, 2010


Glasses for


5 funglasses


fashion By: Sahar Iqbal

Glasses for


These glasses are available at: Optica in Lahore.

October 31 - November 06, 2010 I 47

October 31- November 06, 2010




The ambition card Dec 22 - Jan 21

The physical change card Apr21 - May21

Your spread shows that important messages might get delayed this week. You will rely on the support of others to execute your business plans. Your domestic scene will also be somewhat unpredictable. Your close friends will make commitments in your favour. Use your judgment before you sign up for any costly venture. Trouble seems to be brewing on the home front so take care of what you say. The colour of the week is green.

Be careful while travelling at night, as there is an indication of an accident in your spread. Restlessness is dangerous to your health. Some decisions might be forced upon you by people who don’t understand your concerns. You should learn to say no if you are not comfortable with certain things. Standing surety or a guarantee for others in legal matters should be avoided at all costs. Stone of the week is Emerald.



The self-card

The love card May 22 - Jun 21

Jan 21 - Feb 19

Your spread indicates that a spiritual person showers blessings and brings you peace of mind. Friends will bring in pleasure and extend you their support. Do not overspend on entertainment and recreation. Health of some elderly person in the family may cause some stress and anxiety. Educational activities will give you more knowledge and information, which you require. Relaxation is the key activity of the week. Communication will help you complete your tasks. The stone of the week is Tiger-Eye.

Spread indicates that this week is very good for property deals. Friends and family members are sympathetic. You will get uninterrupted time to concentrate on personal matters. A visit made in secret is rewarding. Be careful while driving – obey traffic signals otherwise you will regret it. Keep your temper well under control; avoid displaying a negative attitude. Working women can expect good news about finance. Emphasis is on your relationships in general. You can achieve great success by displaying your mental capacity.



The sensitivity card Feb 20 - Mar 20

The growth card

Your spread shows that children will demand more attention, but will behave in a highly supportive and caring manner. This week you need to relax and try to find happiness amongst close friends and family members. Wise investments will only fetch returns, so be sure where you put your hard-earned money. Make a list of what you want to do and try to stick to it. A stable and calm mind will help assess the circumstances. Colour of the week is sky blue.

Jun 22 - Jul 23

Your spread shows that a pending job will irritate you this week. Keep an eye on all that happens around you. Love affairs can develop probably through work. Focus on creativity and hobbies. You could experience minor problems in communication during this week. Educational matters will go well. You can expect guests at the end of this week. Extra expenses may arise in connection with pleasure and interests. Accomplishment of work is the key for this week.



The aura card Mar 21 - Apr 20

The strength card Jul 24 - Aug 23

Your spread is warning you to watch out for empty promises that may give you false hope. Your greatest enjoyment will come through meeting with a senior spiritual person. Unexpected gifts, presents or benefits come your way both at home and at workplace. Some misunderstanding with a relative or friend might upset you. As far as health is concerned, you will feel ill and tired. Relaxation is the best remedy to restore your health; consume sufficient calories to provide strength to your body.

48 I October 31 - November 06, 2010

Your spread says that you will have to be careful in allowing others to play on your sympathies. As it relates to passivity and moral weaknesses, you may have to resist the temptation to get involved in unsound schemes. This week meditation and positive affirmations are healthy therapies that balance and bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical worlds. This is a time of personal development for you, so keep an open mind and be willing to learn. You can learn through communications, study, siblings and travel.

Tel: +92 (42) 35751231, 35710452 Websites:,

THEHRAO/VIRGO The patience card Aug 24 - Sep 23

Celebrity Couple Compatibility Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Your spread indicates that relationships could be a bit problematic for the first part of the week. Temporary separation with loved ones or with close relatives is indicated in the spread, but this situation may come to an end very soon. The week is also tough for students. Fair and considerate attitude pay at work. A journey is necessary regarding your business and for your career. Those interesting in sports will find success. Patience is the key of the week.

SAHIR/LIBRA The magician card Sep 24 - Oct 23 Your spread indicates that a legal problem can frustrate you but try not to let yourself get defensive, impatient or argumentative. This problem will be resolved before long. Avoid social functions that are not up to your taste. Otherwise, you might be forced to agree on things which you generally avoid. Spiritual gains seem certain. Educational and communication activities are in your favour. Turquoise is the stone for this week.

INTISHAR/SCORPIO The confusion card Oct 24 - Nov 22 Your spread indicates that you are likely to be primarily focused on your personal values and possessions. Some positive new developments concerning your finances could turn out to surprise you. Try to remain open-minded and attentive to all the options that might be available to you. Time is very good to return a loan that you may have taken. Avoid too much public activity for the moment. New proposals will be lucrative, but require serious planning. Stone of the week is Topaz.

KISMET/SAGITTARIUS The luck card Nov 23 - Dec 21 Your spread shows that this is an excellent week to demonstrate your techniques and skills. Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams. You should start working on projects that will be good for your future. Expenditure will rise but a fresh inflow of funds takes care of your needs. Social activities that are offered will not be worth attending. There should be no special problem to deal with at home. Complete your tasks before time, it will be good for your career. Colour of the week is pink.

Keith Urban October 26, 1967 Whangorei, New Zealand 12:05 am Sun Sign: Scorpio Moon Sign: Cancer Nicole Kidman June 20 1967 Honolulu, Hawaii 12:05 pm Sun Sign: Gemini Moon Sign: Sagittarius When looking at Nicole and Keith’s relationship compatibility, sun signs tell only a very small part of the story. Nicole’s sign is Gemini, while Keith’s is Scorpio. This makes their general natures very different. Nicole has a lighter and more flexible nature; Geminis easily take on personas and lifestyles, and are generally facile actors for this reason. Nicole’s Moon is in Sagittarius, showing that her emotional nature is generally optimistic - she believes that life has abundant possibilities and it’s hard to keep her down for long. Keith is a Scorpio, with a much more intense nature, and his Mercury and Neptune are also in Scorpio. Scorpios are passionate about everything they do, and because Scorpio is a fixed sign their natures tend to be more entrenched and inflexible. His Moon falls in Leo, giving him a secret inner drive for fame and recognition. Keith has Mars in Capricorn, the sign of material success.

Ask the Expert: Mariam Aftab is a renowned healer offering self-help courses and counselling services. Readers can send in their questions regarding any problems at Q: I was born in March, 1989 and I am 21 years old. My name is Hamza and I want to ask you about my result. A: Your result will be good but if you work harder you can achieve even better results Aftab Mariam

October 31 - November 06, 2010 I 49

Dear AA, I recently found out that my wife is cheating on me and I have not been able to confront her as we have three children and I’m afraid she might leave us. She has always been an extremely headstrong person, but the situation has reached a point where I actually have no doubt that she would prefer to abandon us than try to make our marriage work. We have been married for ten years, but since last year things have not been the same and our relationship has deteriorated. She spends all her time away from home and the servants and I have to take care of the children. I really want to protect my children. Could you please provide me with some guidance? Concerned Father Dear Concerned Father, Fearing about the whole situation is not going to do you any good. What you fear about becomes real. You are already managing your children and house and the situation is also very clear in front of you. All I can see in you is a lack of courage. In any case, you and the children will be left alone if she walks out on you. My advice is that you must sit with her and talk to her very openly about every thing. Make her realise what she is doing and that you are aware of it; ask her what she wants. Be generous enough to tell her that you are still ready to work on your relationship for the sake of your children. Discussion will bring out a clear picture and may even compel her to rethink her priorities. So put yourself together and speak up. Dear AA, I am in my final year of A’ levels and I’m struggling to make a decision regarding whether to go abroad or stay in Pakistan for further studies. My father is very liberal and wants me to go to America and take advantage of their excellent educational facilities. However, my mother is skeptical and afraid that if I go, I will never come back or at least it would become difficult for me to settle in Pakistan after spending four years abroad. I have constantly been hearing both sides of the story, and I am unable to make a decision on my own. I’m curious to know what most girls my age are doing nowadays. If you have any advice for me, I would be very grateful! Double-minded

50 I October 31 - November 06, 2010

Dear Double-minded, Going abroad for studies is no longer a unique thing as countless youngsters are doing so. It’s a very good learning experience. You are lucky enough to get this opportunity. I would suggest that you avail it. I believe that these four years of studies will give you enough maturity and a much broader vision about life. Regarding your mother’s concerns, distances do not matter any longer as one can always keep in touch with one’s family and roots. Your mom can easily be in contact with you and wherever she feels that you are going off-track, she can pull your reigns. So just tell her not to worry and to let you explore the world out there. Dear AA, I am in a relationship with a boy who is three years younger than me. We are in our late twenties and as you can imagine, being a female in this society, my parents badly want me to get married. However, if I tell them that I want to marry a boy who is three years younger than me, they will either throw me out of the house or never speak to me again! The relationship I am in is very serious and both of us are committed to finding a way to spend our lives together. I want to find a way to somehow convince my parents without being shunned. Could you please help me? Hopelessly in love Dear Hopelessly in love, Three years of age difference does not matter as long as your partner is mature and educated enough to take up the responsibility. As you are very serious, you must sit and talk to your mother first and try to make her understand. You can give many examples from our religion and from the Holy Prophet’s (pbuh) life and convince her on this issue. But before talking to your mother I will advise you to first be sure about what your partner’s stance is. Ask him to talk to his family as well and see how willing his side is and how strong and mature he is to handle the situation. Once you do this you will get a very clear picture as to what steps you must take in future.

31st October, 2010 - Lounge Weekly - Pakistan Today  

Lounge is Pakistan Todays weekly magazine. Published every Sunday, Lounge performs a roundup of the weeks latest events & reviews in Arts, E...

31st October, 2010 - Lounge Weekly - Pakistan Today  

Lounge is Pakistan Todays weekly magazine. Published every Sunday, Lounge performs a roundup of the weeks latest events & reviews in Arts, E...