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Fashion: Stuff dreams are made of


Skincare: Apple works wonders 32 Style Spotting with Ammar Belal 34 The capital’s fashion week – a mega success 36 Films 40 Cuisine: Sahiwal’s delightful treats 42 Recipe 44 Glamstock


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Editor Injila Baqir Zeeshan Sub Editors Fatima Zehra Naqvi Sahar Iqbal Creative Head Babur Saghir Graphic Designers Javeria Mirza Sana Ahmed Atif Rafi Photographer Mohammad Amir Baba


Stuff Dreams are made of


For normal sk in

1 apple cored an d quartered. 2 tbs honey Drop the appl e pieces in a fo od processor an chop, add hone d y to it and refr ig erate for 10 min utes. Apply mix ture onto your face with a lig tapping motio ht n, until the ho ney feels sticky Leave it on for . 30 minutes and then rinse.

k For dry s


le with rated app g f o p ts 1 utter 1 tsp of b lk 1 egg yo ith 1 taoney d apple w te ra g f o 1 tsp of h h 1 tea oon 1 tablesp g yolk wit g e 1 t a e Mix one B ple mixof butter. ith the ap w e in b m ble spoon d co nd then honey an minutes a 0 2 r fo spoon of e fac best when ly to your sk results a m is h ture. App T r. cold wate rinse with . p e e re sl done befo

For o i


y ski 1 egg n white 1 Tb sp 1 tsp apple (gr at apric potato st ed) arch ot and Usin grind g the ed abov and e ma apply ke a on fa then mixtu ce fo rinse r re with warm 15 minut es water .

g skin

n For agi

ted) ple (gra p a n e e r 1g and (grated) arefully c r 1 carrot e th e utes m tog r 15 min is fo Mix the e c fa Th m on l water. put the ith coo oisw m h y s a skin b then w e th lp lthy ill he it a hea g mask w in iv g it and tening color.


This i and ea sy ap sf 1 tea s or all skin ple m types. p app ask le sau 1 tea s c e p may onnai Apply se th utes a eir mixtur e on f nd th a en wa sh wit ce for 20 m h coo l wate inr.

32 I February 06 - 12, 2011


pple is a most wonderous fruit. Available throughout the year, apple has properties that makes it one of the most recommended by all doctors, though an apple a day is supposed to keep them away. After a tiring day out, be it shopping or work, your skin deserves a lavish treatment. To keep skin fresh and glowing, apples can do wonders! They contain sugar, Tannin, organic acids and Pectin which nourish, moisten, soften and renew skin. So ladies now you can have a delightfully relaxing at your home. Try these apple masks and feel you skin breathe!

34 I February 06 - 12, 2011

34 I February 06 - 12, 2011

Kamiar Rokni

a mega

The capital’s fashion week


By Injila Baqir Zeeshan

he common thing amongst the participating designers of IFW was the lure and the binding force of Tariq Amin’s name. They all agree that Islamabad’s first ever fashion week owes their participation to Amin being the backbone of the event. On the whole it is being termed as a huge success, with foreign media swarming Serena Hotel for the four-day long event, which had prêt shows in the earlier part of the evening and

36 I February 06 - 12, 2011

success! couture shows, portraying Pakistan’s cultural side towards the end of each day. Local press and celebrities gathered together, midst many a bomb threat, to make the event truly memorable. More than a few eyebrows have been raised about the fact that some of the biggest labels like Sana Safinaz and HSY were not participating. Was it that they were not even approached or did they refuse to be a part of this venture? There is mix of opinions about the situation in this regard. Perhaps it was Tariq Amin’s unconventional approach that led to the scepticism of many. He boldly decided to select and train 60

new models from Lahore and Karachi. Shedding light on the topic Tariq Amin told Lounge that he had not personally invited anyone to be a part of this even if he had thrown some suggestions of names, Nilofer’s being one of them. He said that everyone who wanted to participate could have registered, but those who did end up being IFW’s part were the designers who have been catering to both prêt and couture. ‘Here, designers want to produce five outfits

each costing fifty lakhs, instead of trying to mass produce in order to meet the needs of the foreign buyer,’ he said. ‘If it had been upto me only, then I would have suggested names of some of my closest friends from the design fraternity such as Deepak Perwani or perhaps Rizwan Beyg!’ he claims. ‘The sole purpose of this show was to serve as a platform for the retail houses, which have never been brought forth in the limelight. And these brands are extremely happy with the response they have received by the foreign press and the buyers.’

February 06 - 12, 2011 I 37

But old and known faces were also seen at the shows of Kamiar Rokni, Nilofer Shahid, Rehana Saigol and Ammar Belal. AB’s show was as thrilling as was hoped by the audience. He won an award by the Fashion World Organisation and is all set to show in New York Fashion Week! When Amin was approached by Triple E, he was asked to serve as a consultant and organiser to come up with an entirely different idea for a fashion week from the sort that we have been seeing to date. ‘The previous fashion weeks were more of entertainment shows and society galas. In IFW, I have brought to the forefront those designers that have the capability to design for the west. It was never about how talented you are as a designer and how unaffordable each one of your outfits can be.’ There is a mix of opinion on whether Amin’s experimentation with the selection of the new faces for modeling met appreciation or not. Shaiyanne Malik, the Karachi based designer for one has been very vocal in appreciating Tariq Amin’s

38 I February 06 - 12, 2011

efforts. She was ecstatic with the entire event’s organisation and management. Kamiar’s collection was as stunning as expected. Talking to Lounge Kami said that his experience of IFW was nothing but a hundred percent satisfactory. ‘I thoroughly enjoyed being at the shows midst Islamabad audience, since so many of my clients are from the capital city. The management of the event and working with Tariq Amin has been very pleasurable for me.’ Kamiar put his collection titled, ‘Repertoire’ on the ramp, which was the best of the House of Kamiar Rokni. ‘For the first time, I showcased my men’s wear,’ he said. ‘Although it is too soon to say anything about getting international orders, but this show was mostly for boosting my appeal on the local fashion scene and that it has done marvelously,’ he summed up. Shafaq Habib’s jewellery pieces made mostly in gold and Turquoise were shown on the ramp with the models dressed as Egyptian Pharaohs. She met an astounding standing ovation from

the audience, all very well deserved for a jewellery artist of her talents. Rehana Saigol admitted to have departed completely from her former design philosophy while preparing the collection she wanted to bring to IFW. ‘Pakistani men and women have begun to imagine that colour means less of sophistication and have become afraid of experimenting with anything that is not in earthy tones.’ She successfully managed to achieve her goal of making everyone want to go back to interestingly used colour combinations, when the splash of beautiful colours exploded on the ramp. For the magnanimous grand finale, it was none other than the ruling empress of the ramp, Nilofer Shahid, who floored the audience with her round up of former collections including pieces from Khalil Gibran Collection, Umer Khayyam, Paris Collection and Noor Jehan Collection. She wanted the world to have a taste of exactly how stunning and breathtaking our designers’ work can be… a target achieved to the full.

In SAFMA this week

The Road to Guantanamo

The Road to Guantanamo tells the incredible story of how three young lads from Tipton ended up in the world’s most notorious maximumsecurity jail. Their case, which made international headlines, ended with them being released and found innocent of all charges, and now Britain’s most versatile director shows exactly how it all happened. The inner strength the three men found to survive an ordeal which is almost beyond imagination is a testament to the human spirit. The film also, cleverly, avoids making a political statement: while some of the antics of the Americans are clearly beyond the pale, some of them are shown in a positive and helpful light. If anything the picture’s message is about man’s inhumanity to man and it is mind-boggling to think that events such as these can occur in the 21st century. Watch it and enjoy it at SAFMA. By Sahar Iqbal


this movie on Feb 11, 2011 at SAFMA 177A, Shadmaan II at 7:00pm

40 I February 06 - 12, 2011


delightful treats By Muhammad Sohail Parvaiz

G ing fast well ian

lobalization also has had an i mp a c t on our e a t habits. Now we have foods from the US, as as Chinese and Italvarieties. In this craze

42 I February 06 - 12, 2011

for the foreign stuff, our indigenous varieties at local restaurants face neglect. During the course of travelling to most Punjabi urban centres, I have experienced some amazing food outlets, some of which may be downscale but offer really savoury food. In this piece, I would talk of Sahiwal, the dairy city of the country, and its eating places. Located on the Main Sadar Bazar, Bulbul Hotel is closing in on a century of business. Founded in 1914 by one Baland Buksh, nickname Bulbul, its specialty is chicken karahi and daal fry. The former beats Lahore’s karahi in taste and the latter cooked in the native white butter with little spices, is said to be light on the digestive system. The recipes have benefited Baland Buksh’s four grandsons, and their claim is that the food is exactly the same as it was around a hundred years ago. Whatever, their large clientele from Main

Multan Road is testimony to its quality. Coming back from Sahiwal without trying its milk products would not be right. Ghauri Milk Shop was set up by Gohar Khursheed 25 years ago and is rather well-known for its rabri wala dodh, dodh sodha and meetha dodh. It is located on Shami Shaheed Road, Ghauri Chowk and Nai Abadi. When I visited the place, it was full of people lined-up and waiting for their orders to be serviced. If you want to have the best barfi in Sahiwal you have to look for a shop by the name of Sardar Sweet Shop on Church Road. And right next to the prestigious Sahiwal Club, they have a poor man’s version in Sahiwal Club Restaurant. This is a comparatively new setup but they are famous for their Dhaka fish and chicken qeema. All in all quite a few delightful treats that you would like to partake when swinging by Sahiwal.


Celebrity’s favourite Zulfiqar J. Khan likes to make and eat Tiramisu

Chef Abdul Manan has worked with Royal Palm, World Fashion Cafe, Hot Wok Cafe in Lahore, Eye Television Network, ALite, Masala, Style360 and APlus, and also runs his own catering business by the name of Urban Gourmets.

Finger fish

Tiramisu Ingredients

2 egg yolks size 3 2 tbsp castor sugar 2 tsp vanilla essence plus 2 tbsp castor sugar (or you may use 2 tsp vanilla sugar) 14 ounces/400grams mascarpone cheese 4 tbsp strong black coffee 2 tbsp grape juice 20 sponge finger biscuits 2 tsp cocoa powder sieved


For Mocha Cream

Fish finger 1 kg Eggs 2, for coating Bread crumbs for coating Plain flour for coating Oil for deep frying


Marinade Salt 1 tsp Pepper 1 tsp Mustard paste 1 tsp Oregano 1tsp Paprika 1 tsp

Method Mix all marinade ingredients with fish and marinate for half an hour. Take each fish finger, coat it with flour, dip in egg wash, cover with bread crumbs, and arrange on a plate. Repeat with all fish fingers. Heat oil and fry fish fingers in batches so that fish cooks evenly. When crisp and golden, dish out and serve hot with dip of your choice.

44 I February 06 - 12, 2011

2 ounces/50gram plain chocolate 1 tbsp coffee essence 1/4 pint/150 ml double cream 1 tsp icing sugar sieved

Place the yolks, castor sugar and vanilla in a mixing bowl. Whisk until it is thick and creamy. Add cheese and fold in. Gradually add the remaining cheese, folding in gently to form a smooth, thick cream. Mix coffee and juice in a shallow dish. Dip the biscuits for a couple of seconds. They need to absorb the flavour but still remain firm enough to prevent them from disintegrating, so only dip a few at a time. Arrange alternate layers of biscuits and cheese mixture, finishing with cheese. Dust cocoa powder over and chill in refrigerator until set. Break chocolate into small pieces and place with coffee essence in heatproof pan over a pan of gently simmering water. Stir until smooth. Remove from pan and cool for 5 minutes. Whip the cream until just beginning to form soft peaks, then gradually fold it into the cooled chocolate mixture. Cover and chill 30 minutes. Top just before serving and dust lightly with the icing sugar.


Heavenly concoctions The inherent aesthetic sense in masses has, in this day and age, become more alive than ever. The need to doll up simple joys of life lends verve to a dull and drab way of life. Naveen Nooruddin, the enterprising lady behind The Box - NN Chocoloatier, is responsible for rendering a tangible existence to such artistic conceptions. The Box aims at making every experience a memorable one through its cosmic array of exquisite products. Be it for an engagement ceremony, a mehndi function, baby shower, birthday party, or a wedding trousseau, The Box showcases fine wrappings that can dispense as much delight as the gift itself. Its sister company, NN Chocolatier, breathes life into these priceless creations by replacing the good old ‘mithai’ with an assortment of homemade white, milk and dark chocolates. Sahar Iqbal

If you want to give someone special something special, then this Choco flora bouquet is perfect to make your gift extraordinary.

Add joy to your life with these fingerlicking-good, homemade milk chocolates, stylishly packed.

Take a trip to heaven with macrons, dates, milk chocolates and tasty lemon tarts.

This ‘Tower of delight’ is perfect for your taste and style.

The unique amalgamation of chocolate cookies, dates and homemade chocolates will have your friends drooling all over them.

These mouth-watering chocolates are packed in a fancy yet decent box. No wonder caramels are only a fad – and chocolate is forever.

Relish your occasions with dates and homemade milk chocolates. Order these delicious chocolates for your loved ones at: www.

46 I February 06 - 12, 2011

February 06 - 12, 2011




The ambition card Dec 22 - Jan 21

The physical change card Apr21 - May21

Red with Yellow are the colours for this week. There will be issues around relationships for you this week. Don’t try to overanalyse any undertones going on around you at the moment - particularly with a romantic partner. Things may not be what they seem. This time will pass, and you will understand the situation sooner or later. You will be able to handle anything that comes your way, and life has been a little dull lately anyway! You have a greater sensitivity toward the unconscious motives of others.

Yellow with blue are the colours for this week. A philosophical discussion may interrupt your work, but loosen up and enjoy the mental ride. You will get more out of it than you think. If everyone is involved then nobody minds, especially since you will probably find a way to relate all conversation to the job at hand. Intimate knowledge of an arcane subject makes you indispensable this week. You do seem to be vague about money than usual, maybe careless, and even irresponsible.

DUA/AQUARIUS The self-card Jan 21 - Feb 19 Yellow and pink are the colours for this week. This is a very creative time for you as your key card is Janoon (passion card). Your talent for expressing yourself will shine this week. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do at the office? Perhaps you need to take charge of a project. You have the creativity to do it. You have the diplomacy to handle it. Take advantage of this positive energy and make sure your input is heard. Being the charismatic Aquarius that you are, you may even attract crowds of listeners.

JAL/PISCES The sensitivity card Feb 20 - Mar 20 Yellow with light green are the colours for this week. The person who hesitates is lost, as your key card is Thehrao (patience card), so take action and the initiative with new projects. Creative endeavours will go well this week. Try not to let any obstacles change your plans; pursuing a solution will require patience and persistence. Once your tasks are done, spend a little quiet time with your thoughts. Focus in on the activities of companions who are going to make you feel good, in a quiet kind of way.

FIZA/ARIES The aura card Mar 21 - Apr 20 Yellow with lilac are the colours for this week. Everything seems to be black or white this week with nothing in between as the key card is Agni (fire card). Power struggles and ego clashes may abound among co-workers. If flexibility and logical thinking don’t work, stay out of the way and concentrate on the task at hand. Peace and quiet may be all you really need to get through it all. Your reasoning powers are especially keen at the moment, so use them.

48 I February 06 - 12, 2011

ASHIQ/GEMINI The love card May 22 - Jun 21

Yellow with violet are the colours for this week. Your card of the week is Fiza (aura card). Your ideas are unconventional. You will find the response you have been looking for – and a little extra. If at all possible, go on a small trip or excursion away from home. The week may feel somewhat electric. This is an excellent week to pay bills and visit your bank and make some deposits or reinvestments. Stone for the week is Amethyst – used for enhancement of intuition.

IRTIQA/CANCER The growth card

Jun 22 - Jul 23

Yellow with orange are the colours for this week. Watch out for the unavoidable authority figure this week as your key card is inverted Quwat (strength card). If someone you work for is being unreasonable, try to simply stay away, as the temptation to disagree may be somewhat overwhelming. If you don’t curb your desire to argue, results could be disastrous. Remember your goals and your intentions about your career. Charming conversations are still on the menu. Exchange philosophy with someone who doesn’t always agree with you.

QUWAT/LEO The strength card Jul 24 - Aug 23

Yellow with brown are the colours for this week. Agree to disagree with others this week, but pick and choose your battles. If that’s impossible, try to be aware of both the strategy and the impulsive mood you may be in. Powerful passions are at work that may divert you from your steady course. Temper it all by recognising that the matter is probably trivial. It is a good time to begin something new and rewarding for your self, such as a diet or exercise program.

Tel: +92 (42) 35751231, 35710452 Websites:,

THEHRAO/VIRGO The patience card Aug 24 - Sep 23

Yellow with white is the colours for this week. This is a time for romance and for playing sports! You may find yourself acting completely over the top this week and you will be able to achieve many goals, as your key card is Janam (birth card). Your warmth, creativity, and optimism are all being expressed in their purest form. It’s a great week to apply your adventurous energy toward anything and everything – especially creative pursuits.

Celebrity Couples & Compatibility Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

SAHIR/LIBRA The magician card Sep 24 - Oct 23 Yellow with pink are the colours for this week. Patience will be needed this week as you may encounter some unforeseen obstacles and misunderstandings. Associates may try to draw you into things that don’t concern you. Keep plodding along and stay focused rather than running around in circles and dispersing your energy. Your diligence will pay off soon. You will find some peace, but total rest isn’t there to be had.

INTISHAR/SCORPIO The confusion card Oct 24 - Nov 22 Yellow with gray are the colours for this week. The friction could be caused by a disregard of other people’s values and ideas. A compromise is needed. Use your imagination and loony sense of humour to help you through. The situation can only get better; just take it in stride. If you’re having trouble making up your mind about something, it might be easier to just pass the decision off to someone else. Your imagination will reveal your destiny. It may be wise to try something completely different if things are not working in your career.

KISMET/SAGITTARIUS The luck card Nov 23 - Dec 21

Yellow with navy blue are the colours for this week. You may find it hard to make a decision, particularly if it involves your job. It’s a good time to examine what does or does not motivate you to work. You may wish to reevaluate your current systems and decide on a much more efficient way of doing things! Familiar pieces fit together in unfamiliar ways. You may be feeling romantic this week. Find ways to improve your personal life with your professional skill set and make plans for a special evening!

Jessica Biel March 3, 1982 Ely, Minnesota Unknown birth time Sun Sign: Pisces Moon Sign: Gemini or Cancer Justin Timberlake January 31, 1981 Memphis, Tennessee 6:30 pm Sun Sign: Aquarius Moon Sign: Sagittarius It’s been almost three years since pop star Justin Timberlake hooked up with actress Jessica Biel, and while rumours come and go about the two, could it be that this relationship for each of them is actually The One? Chances are good that Jessica and Justin will have lasting power, but not all the way to the altar. As it goes, with his Sagittarius Moon and Mars in Aquarius, Justin might not be the marrying type, as he thrives by knowing he has the freedom to prove his commitment in other ways other than a traditional marriage proposal. Jessica has a traditional point of view toward commitment and wants to have a more clearly defined, official role in Justin’s life. Ultimately, it may be this differing point of view that breaks them up.

Ask the Expert: Mariam Aftab is a renowned healer offering self-help courses and counselling services. Readers can send in their questions regarding any problems at

Q: My name is Asim and my date of birth is December 18. Please tell me about my business as I am facing lots of problems. A: Your hard time has elapsed so by the grace of God your work will settle now. m Aftab Maria

February 06 - 12, 2011 I 49

6th February 2010 - Lounge Weekly - Pakistan Today  
6th February 2010 - Lounge Weekly - Pakistan Today  

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