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Louise Ashley

Seen and heard is a collaborative project based on visual typography. This was the product of a research lead brief that required the outcome to be a collaborative effort. Through planning, researching and some major setbacks I joined with a singer/ song writer who agreed to join with me to create some visual typography pieces

that would reflect her lyrics and be heard through the type. We worked together to make 6 pieces, all different in appearance and meaning. Its message is to be read, heard and felt as the writer intended it to. We create a collection which is fun, interesting and a cross between creative writing, storytelling and graphic design.


The brief specifications pushed me to initially start research on what collaboration truly is, how each person plays their part and how the work is shared and processed through a journey of development and constant evaluation. In understanding this research lead to in depth analysis of possible disciplines I could link with, it was a process of evaluating my own skill sets and my own process of working and then other industries or skills that I would like to obtain or work with.

Once I had found creative writing as a potential partnership I started to look into previous work done by designers with poetry and typography. I also looked into poetry itself and the flow and construction of poems to help me understand what I would be working with. Contacting people to work with was a lengthy process of looking at work and analysing if collaboration would work well, then in proposing to them the project. I was lead to a song writer who kindly offered to work with

me in creating some visual pieces. Research followed through into: graphics, word definitions, emotional gestures, and the meaning behind the lyrics themselves. This helped generate pieces that held meaning and were designed with reflective elements to engage and expand the words, giving the audience more to imagine and think about.


Within the initial stages of this project I had set up a proposal to integrate with creative writing, but before I looked for people to work with I was approached by an engineer who had a proposition for me, this project was to work together to set up a company and brand it based on theories of nostalgia and market research. This project was in its research stages when the time scale needed was out of my ability and I had to leave it and quickly go back to finding another collaborator. That’s when creative writing came back into the foreground; I quickly looked for people to work with based on their work and availability. I then was introduced to Nike Jemiyo a singer and song writer from London who was interested in working towards some visual

poetry pieces. We discussed her music and the background to the songs, what they meant to her and the motives for writing them, to give the words more meaning to me. She chose the verses and words that she felt most impacting and strong and I designed the pieces based on the meaning and each words definition or tone. This was in a very short space of time due to the prior hurdle, but we worked well and agreed on what was best for the pieces to visually voice the messages. Communication was no problem and the outcomes could have benefited more time to be refined but the current designs are reflective and fun, and lead us to learn about different disciplines and their way of working.


Through research and collaborating with Nike this project developed quickly from the knowledge and skills shared. In being open to another artistic form I had to use research as a tool to help me understand the creative writing side of the project, this helped draw relations to design and to guide the choices made when visualising them. Through my research into visual poetry I was able to expand my knowledge and ideas for typographic

layouts, as well as inspiration from graphic design posters and books. Throughout the whole project our aim was to make the message and voice of the words themselves more powerful and visual in the reader’s mind, so our main focus was to engage the viewer by giving the words a metaphoric appearance through fonts and colours, to stimulate imagination and enabling them to read a tone of voice.

Through discussion our proposal was simple to layout and fun to join together on both sharing information about each part of the process, and seeing the outcome as two skills as one was an interesting transition that works well and with refinement will be successful in its intensions.

Seen and Heard Collaboration  

Seen and heard is a collaborative project based on visual typography. Through planning, researching and some major setbacks I joined with a...

Seen and Heard Collaboration  

Seen and heard is a collaborative project based on visual typography. Through planning, researching and some major setbacks I joined with a...