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Recollection is an amazing process, which allows us to achieve everything we do day in and day out. Our memory stores all our daily functions from walking to professional skills, it conserves past experiences and has the ability to piece together images to form imagination. Bethink is a project that looks into how memories are stored, recalled and used, giving us the ability to look back, act in the present, and imagine a future. It is a research based investigation into the science, philosophy, and the real experience of such a complex and fascinating element to our being. The first of two outcomes is a collection of interactive posters, which convey a message about how memories are stored and lay dormant in our minds, but at any given moment can be recalled and brought forth into the present, these memories then fade back until they are next recalled. The posters contain a collection of places and journeys recollected by various people, covered with a block of black Thermochromic ink that disappears with hand heat, when toughed the ink changes from black to transparent revealing the images underneath, then as it cools back to room temperature the ink once again covers the image until it is touched upon again – like memories. The second outcome is a small publication that gives an insight into different perspectives on memory, from scientific facts and philosophy to poetry, this variety of information is supported with photography and visual elements throughout. It is a collection of information to enhance the viewer’s knowledge of memory and consideration of such an incredible ability.

Bethink Project Folio Sheets  
Bethink Project Folio Sheets  

Bethink is my third year final major project outcome, it looks into how memories are stored, recalled and used, giving us the ability to loo...