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Independent Student Journalism Matters. A Letter to the U of L Family Recently we learned that the University administration plans to end badly needed financial support for the only independent student media company on campus, The Louisville Cardinal Inc. This is a mistake. Most of us are former staff members at The Cardinal and we believe we have a valuable perspective on why this decision is in error. Others of us are professional journalists with first-hand knowledge of The Cardinal’s value as an incubator of talent, and also as an on-campus source of accountability for our city’s only research university. Some people in the University community may not fully understand The Cardinal’s value to the school and its students. The newspaper is a working laboratory where students gain professional experience with each weekly publication. Alumni of The Cardinal, including those who pursued careers outside of journalism, feel that our time in its newsroom was among the most valuable experiences we had during our time at the University. The Cardinal is the only substantial learning opportunity the University provides for those students wishing to study journalism, a subject of increasing importance in our chaotic times. The University’s journalism curriculum is very limited. The Communication faculty is supportive of The Cardinal but has other priorities. And now the University, recoiling from financial scandals and facing budget cuts, has decided to end a venerable arrangement through which the Office of the President and the Provost’s office have purchased a total of $60,000 in advance advertising from The Cardinal annually. The ad buy has been reduced this year to $20,000, and the acting provost, Dr. Dale Billingsley, has informed Cardinal editors it will be zero next year. That decision is a significant threat to the survival of The Cardinal. Like all newspapers, The Cardinal must meet the challenge of operating amid rapidly declining revenue from print advertising. However, the University sends the wrong message by ending its modest-but-crucial financial support for the only independent media voice on campus. Previous administrations approved the indirect funding of The Cardinal because they believed it was worthwhile to have a viable, student-run newspaper. Current University leaders are expressing different values. We purchased this advertisement to share our view with the U of L community and we urge the provost, who himself has long been a source of wisdom and encouragement dating from his years as a valued English professor, to reconsider his decision. Josh Abner, Editor, 2004 Communications Director, Jefferson County Attorney

Stephen George, News Editor, 2003 Executive Editor, Louisville Public Media

Tony and Susan Lococo Trinity High School’s The ECHO

Ann Kalayil Abrams, Arts Editor, 1996 Communications Specialist, Louisville Water Co.

Steven Von Gerlachter Senior Digital Strategist, Scoppechio

Kathy Bishop Lynch, Editor, 2009 Corporate Review & Compliance, Humana

Brian Andrew Archibald

Lyndsey Gilpin, Editor, 2010 Freelance Journalist

Tony Matkey, Photographer

David Barhost Loren Reni Beard, Editor, 1999 Quality Assurance, CreoSalus Dug Begley, News Editor, 1995, 1996 Reporter, The Houston Chronicle Mallory Bilger, Editor, 2005 Steve Bittenbender, Editor, 1998 Freelance Journalist Beth Blakely, Arts Editor, 1993 VP, Talent Relations, Vibrant Nation Chris Brown, Editor, 2006, 2007 Scientist Paul Buckman, Staff Writer Former Senior Supervising Producer, NBC News Jordan S. Carroll, Focus Editor Associate Director, UC-Davis ModLab Mark Clark, Managing Editor, 1988 Author Curtis Creekmore, Managing Editor, 2007 Massachusetts General Hospital

Lane Gold, Sports Editor, 1996 President/CEO, Tri State Office Interiors Tracy Green, Features Editor, 2006 Nina Greipel, Staff Photographer, 1995-1999 Freelance Journalist/Pastry Chef Ed Hammerbeck, Staff Writer, 1993 Senior Application Developer Ken Hardin, Editor, 1989 Internet/Business Consultant Gregory Harris, Arts Editor, 1989 Quality Manager Consultant Holly Hinson, Arts Editor Freelance Writer,

Liz Palmer and James Miller Annie Moore, Online Sports Editor, 2014 Digital Producer, WAVE 3 News Dr. Tom Pace, News Editor, 1991 Associate English Professor, John Carroll University Pam Platt Former Opinion Page Editor, The Courier-Journal Jennifer Recktenwald, Arts Editor, 1994 Nonprofit Consultant Sarah Rohleder, Creative Director, 2016 Speed Art Museum Tim Sanford, News Editor, 1993 Cary Stemle, Board Member, 2000-2008

Rae Hodge, Editor, 2013 Capital Bureau Chief, The Daily Line

Allison M. Strickland, Managing Editor, 2005 Strategic Consultant, Humana

A. Holland Houston, Kentucky Kernel Family Lawyer, LEO Weekly Columnist

George Taylor, Jr., Editor, 1994 Owner, Taylor Advertising

Hannah Hundley, Managing Editor, 2011 Grace English School, Guatemala

Michael A. Tynan, Editor, 2000

Larry D. Croom, Editor, 1985

Brett Jager, Sports Reporter, 2008 Digital Content Lead, United Way of Greater Cincinnati

Michael Cunningham, Sports Editor, 1997 NBA Writer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Michael Kennedy, Editor, 2010 Sr. Data Analyst, Humana

Dr. Margaret D’Silva, Board Member, 1996-2006 U of L Professor of Communication

Scott Koloms, Asstistant New Editor, 1994 President, Facilities Management Services PBC

Stephanie Davidson Davidson Grant Management, LLC

Loraine Lawson, Editor, 1993 Freelance Writer and Teacher

Timothy D. Easley, Photo Editor, 1985 Contract Photographer, The Associated Press

Michael Lindenberger, Editor, 1995, 1996 Editorial Writer, The Dallas Morning News

Jim Wampler, Editor, 1991 Project Manager, Goodman Games Charles Westmoreland, Editor, 2005 Managing Editor, Columbia Daily Tribune Ron Whitehead, Former U of L Faculty Poet Emory Williamson, Editor, 2007, 2008 Community Foundation of Louisville Adeline Wilson, Copy Editor, 2016 Editorial Assistant, SAGE Publishing Deborah Yetter, Editor, 1977 Reporter, The Courier-Journal

Sept. 26, 2017; Vol. 92, Issue No. 6  
Sept. 26, 2017; Vol. 92, Issue No. 6