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DirectBuy of Memphis is one of the top home improvement and furniture clubs with direct insider prices. For a long time, the club has been helping families in the area save on home improvement projects and household needs. DirectBuy of Memphis makes every effort to ensure that members have a fulfilling and enjoyable shopping experience.

The Qualities of a Green Home

With the growing concern for the environment and natural calamities happening all over the world, isn’t it time to commune with nature once again? Everyone wants to save the world, but people don’t have to join some fad-driven organizations to do it. They can do it in their own little ways by starting with their own homes. The greenest alternative for aremodeling project is not to demolish everything,as it will produce junks that will contribute to nature’s burden. How will you make this project possible? Here are a few simple steps:


Homeowners should replace old windows with new and efficient ones. These can regulate heat inside their homes. They can also change the window shades if they don’t intend to buy new ones.


Homeowners can improve the quality of the air they breathe by using paints that contain low volatile organic compounds. They should avoid using paint that contains strong chemicals that may be bad for their health. They can regulate humidity inside their homes by using a dehumidifier from DirectBuy Memphis.


Most homeowners don’twant to change their furnishings every three or five years. They can do this by getting durable furniture pieces that last a long time. Doing so will reduce the number of waste that end up in landfills.


Homeowners should get energy-efficient appliances if they’re looking to replace existing ones. LCD or LED TVs and other devices that don’t consume too much electricity are good examples of these appliances. Homeowners can save money on their energy bills and eventually help save the world, in their own little ways. These tips provided by Memphis Direct Buy show that saving the world does not mean homeowners have to make drastic changes in their lifestyle. They can shop at a local DirectBuy home improvement club near their area to enjoy big discounts on their purchases.

Directbuy of memphis helping families save on home improvement projects  
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