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DirectBuy is a membership-shopping club with over 100 locations throughout the United States. Their main headquarters is located in Merrillville, Indiana and is the largest franchisers of membership shopping centers in North America. Individuals will just pay a membership fee, and then entitles them to buy products directly from the manufacturer with affordable prices. As they offer manufacturer-direct products, they provide wholesale prices on household products. Thousands of members pay confidential dealer prices, with no hidden markup. Members can also get the manufacturer’s full warranty whenever available. Many families are satisfied members as they get to buy quality products at affordable prices. Bedroom enhancements, for one, have been a demanding category for those who want to enlighten their haven. Transforming bedroom spaces into paradise DirectBuy has truly helped many people in terms of transforming bedroom spaces. With these products, customers can wake up every day with smiles on their faces. They can also sleep peacefully, as they know that the club helps them save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Comfort is their priority Comfort is important when designing a bedroom. That is why the company offers a wide selection of beds and mattresses that invite consumers to lie down and forget theirtroubles. Customers can choose from over a hundred different latex foam mattresses with massaging options and organic materials. They also offer the latest trends in bedroom accessories for children and infants at affordable prices.

Every product has its own style The company’s store has dozens of styles. Whether it’s about a country or city feel, customers can find it in the shop. Their products usually comprises of natural woods, laminate, or metal suitable for every bedroom style. Customers can also emphasize their bedroom style as DirectBuy offers hardwood, carpet, lamps, ceiling fans, sconces, and chandeliers. Different storage options The company has also different options when it comes to dressers, armoires, vanity tables, and nightstands for sale. Customers can choose from brass hardware, clawed feet, or a plantation lingerie chest. These products are great for holding books, flashlights, batteries, glass cases, and other items that are necessaryduring emergencies. DirectBuy treats their customers not just a club member, but also a family. They give each customer the power to buy what they want at prices normally not available to the public. Product details and prices can be found at

DirectBuy: Creating Paradise with Affordable Prices  

DirectBuyis a membership-shopping club with over 100 locations throughout the United States. Their main headquarters is located in Merrillvi...