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DirectBuy Huntsville is a leading home improvement and furnishings club that offers merchandise at manufacturer-direct prices without the traditional retail mark-up. Currently, it has more than 120 locations throughout the United States and Canada. DirectBuy even provides its members with reviews of the best products and home decoration ideas.

Offering a Smart Shopping Experience By delivering quality products and reliable service for many years, DirectBuy of Huntsville has provided many consumers a smarter, fairer way of shopping. The store presents its members for nearly everything in and around their homes. Their offerings range from furnishings, home improvement, and flooring, to entertainment and outdoor.

Introducing Millions of Quality, Branded Products DirectBuy of Huntsville gives consumers significant savings on more than a million goods, furniture, and appliances. Their members can choose from over 700 quality brands in the US and 500 in Canada straight from manufacturers and their authorized suppliers. Their Wide Range of Products:          

Furniture Appliances Electronics Flooring & Tile Lighting & Fans Outdoor Jewelry and Apparel Infant and Youth Sport & Recreation Home Décor and Accessories

Consumers can have significant savings off the national average on indoor and outdoor furniture, appliances, and decorations.

Their Passion The company believes that the consumer’s home should be a comfortable place. It is where they dine, work, sleep, and enjoy with the family. Direct Buy of Huntsville also aims to inspire beautiful decorations for every room, effortless entertainment for every event, and thoughtful gifts for everyone. Clients can find it in Direct Buy stores, through their catalogs and website.

Staying Connected with Members When a person becomes a member of Direct Buy Huntsville, they become part of the family. From the moment they walk through the company’s showroom doors, the company will warmly greet the new members and provide them with the current product index for the consumer’s convenience.

Knowledge in the Business The company’s experienced customer service representatives are always available and ready to help. They are proud that their customer service can answer any question and resolve any concern their consumers may have.

Offering Reliable Design Service Consumers are welcome to browse the store’s beautiful displays without interruption. The company offers design services to assist consumers in designing a bathroom and kitchen, or in decorating any living area with balance and style. The store’s personnel are glad to help consumers in any way they can. Direct Buy of Huntsville offers great products and prices to fit the budget of their members. It is a place where consumers can find chic furnishing styles and high quality items. The store’s products are a brilliant example of excellent contemporary yet traditional designs. The company makes sure that everyone's expectations are met and that their products meet the highest standards of quality.

Direct Buy of Huntsville Providing Luxury to Every Home  

DirectBuy Huntsville is a leading home improvement and furnishings club that offers merchandise at manufacturer-direct prices without the tr...

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