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3 ideas 3 solutions




solutions Three new products, three individual Th approaches to innovation. All three appro challenging in terms of technical dechalleng sign and lighting qualities.

The function of a floor lamp is to provide constant comfortable reading light while softly illuminating its surroundings. Snow represents an innovative lighting concept. With its design and light distribution, Snow is a floor lamp, a table lamp, even a pendant - all in one. Snow illuminates a room. Gives new character and ambience to the room. Louise Campbell has again seen light from yet another angle. Louise Campbell Industrial designer graduating from the Danish School of Art and Design in 1995. Since then, she has established herself as one of Denmark’s foremost designers. Louise Campbell has received a number of awards and grants, the prestigious Finn Juhl Architecture Prize among them.


louise campbell

Snow in a smoke chamber

snow lighting idea

The light source emitting read-

advanced production process that

ing light rests in the inner cone,

shapes and joins the semi-parts

shielded by a dense swirl of

in one work process. Transparent

snowflakes. The snowflakes were

and with a superb finish, acrylic

hand-layered, one by one, into

is the perfect lighting material.

the final design, which was then

What is more, acrylic conducts

transferred to a screen print. Light

light - enabling even Snow’s matt

grows diffuse through the gra-

edges to be illuminated.

dually thickening layer of snowflakes. Lit or unlit, Snow’s contour remains clear, and as the snow-

Light source: Max. 1x40W reflector R50 E14 + max. 1x60W Globe G95 E27, 1x20W MR16 GX10 + 1x20W HIT G8,5.

flakes dissipate towards the cone

Material: Transparent serigraphed acrylic

openings, Snow takes on an ap-

(PMMA). Dimensions: Diameter 350mm,

pearance of weightlessness. The

height 1505mm, depth 842mm.

acrylic cone is the result of an

An organic element in the room, lightly hovering, yet with an insistent presence. Multidimensional with an intriguing depth whose mystique only increases when it is lit. Ross Lovegrove has rendered his interpretation of the Louis Poulsen lighting philosophy in materials and idiom alike. Ross Lovegrove. A famous pioneer of industrial design. At his Studio X in London’s Notting Hill, he has fully exploited the potential inherent in digital technology. In 2005, he won the World Technology Award for design, and his works have been showcased at MoMA in New York, the Pompidou Centre of Paris and the London Design Museum.


ross lovegrove

aeros lighting idea From a single central light source,

nates glare and hotspots. Aeros

the fixture distributes both soft

emits soft, controlled downlight.

light to the perforated shades and

A fixture that from its inception

effective, downwards task light.

integrated the entire lighting con-

A microscopic image of bone

cept in its deep-drawn aluminium

structure inspired the 3D die cut

globe and the subsequent 3D die

perforation. Millimetre precision

cut. Two processes merging to

creates a continuous, ultra-finely

create unity.

meshed grid that releases the perfect amount of light needed to illuminate Aeros mysteriously

Light source: Max. 75W QT ax-14 clear G9, 35W HIT G8,5, 75W QT ax-12 Clear GY6,35. Materials: Titanium-coloured anodised

and breathtakingly. At the same


time, the built-in reflector with its

723mm, height 220mm, height with wire

Fibonacci spiralling pattern elimi-


suspension 724mm.


Aeros in a smoke chamber

Simplicity is the formula for this circular fixture. The light source determines its shape, its function, the materials. The shape signals the illumination, and the illumination reinforces the shape. Foster + Partners launch a vision for tomorrow’s light source in the Louis Poulsen lighting universe. Foster + Partners. One of the most innovative architecture firms in the world today. Based in London with project offices worldwide. Over the past four decades the firm has pioneered a sustainable approach to architecture and ecology through a strikingly wide range of work, from urban master plans, public infrastructures, airports, civic and cultural buildings, offices and working places to private homes and product design. Foster + Partners has received 470 awards for excellence and won 86 national and international competitions.

foster + partners

F+P 550 in a smoke chamber

+p 550 lighting idea

LED ED is the challenge, technologi-

the upper glass shade. The double

ally and in terms of comfort. A cally

reector de reector system is an original de-

ght ssource putting designers to light


the test in terms of colour tem-

Innovative ideas gave rise to this

perature and light control when

all-new use-oriented LED product

it comes to indoor use. Each LED

for indoor lighting. LED harnessed

emits incredibly concentrated light

for people to use architecturally.

– equivalent of the light volumes of a 10W incandescent lamp, but from an area only 2 times 2 mil-

Light source: 30x1,1W LED. Materials: Shades in white opal glass. Housing in die cast aluminium with light guide in metallised,

limetres big. The F+P 550 pendant

high pressure moulded polycarbonate.

subdues the harsh light, distribu-

Dimensions: Diameter 550mm, height

ting it evenly downwards without


glare, while gently illuminating

Design: Louis Poulsen Lighting A/S. IMD 2009.04. We reserve the right for any misprints and ‘changes as a result of technical development or requirements from authorities. Itemno.: 5701026430.

3 ideas 3 solutions  

Three new products, three individual approaches to innovation. All three challenging in terms of technical design and lighting qualities.

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