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Colours affect your mood more than you can imagine. Each colour has its significance and if used in the right place, can bring positive results. The human brain receives each hue in different light. Soft and warm tones of colours create a cosy and comfortable effect while bright and stronger accents of a colour can stimulate energy, both positive and negative. It's true that you spend most of your waking hours at work; and work can be exhausting at times. If you want to give a project your best; certain colours can work as a catalyst for you to be more productive at work. Here are some of the best colours

Surprised to see pink? Subtle shade of pink can work great to make your creative juices flow. This light shade of pink can work for organizations such as companies that work in the social service, advertising and marketing companies, who work towards the creative side.

Grass green or light green are great colours to keep you going all day. This colour is relaxing and is the best for those who work individually, such as writers and editors. Green prevents you from falling off to sleep in the middle of your work as it gives you energy but at a different level as compared to bright colours.

Shades of white are the most traditional yet contemporary colours for any workplace. These colours go well with wooden furniture, in fact all kinds of office decor which helps to set up the place easily, without much thinking on the interior and colour combinations. This colour is also great for small office spaces as it makes the space open up and look big.

This shade of blue works amazingly well for offices as it has a calming effect on the senses. This is perfect to keep you actively focused at your job for hours. Strong shades of blue can assist in clear thinking, which every person at work needs to perform better. You can enhance the look of the office with complementary tones of blue such as navy blue, night blue and dark blue.

Even though this shade suits chocolate the best, it can also do well as a wall paint colour for an office. This colour represents firmness, concentration and reliability. It enables you to concentrate well on your tasks and works well for surroundings where people need to focus on complex projects such as designing a house, an aircraft, and other such tasks that require high involvement from an individual.

Violet signifies comfort and luxury. It works great for those in the creative field as it enhances and ignites imagination and creativity. Although, you need to be careful with selecting the right shade, as even a little change here or there can create an entirely reverse effect.

So when you decide to paint your office walls make sure you choose the best one that suits your requirements. There are many companies and paint distributors that offer commercial paint colours at affordable prices. They have a variety of paint colours to choose from; they also offer shade customisation if you don't like one from their standard palette. Also, companies have started making environmental friendly paints that are breathe-easy and long lasting. For more information on affordable and commercial wall paints, log on to

6 Best Lucky Colours for Your Workplace  

In this PDF you will find out the 6 best paint colors for your workplace and which color you must use to paint your walls.