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Want to stand out? Try the trendy henna eyebrows! Henna is one of the most commonly available natural dyes used by used by men and women to dye their hair and at times it is also part of auspicious occasions such as weddings and religious functions where it considered auspicious to paint the hands and legs of women with henna and now even men try it. The best part of using henna is that it produces no side effects on the skin and gives a natural shine to the hair and skin. So here is the lowdown on henna eyebrow!

 Materials Required:   

Two small pieces of kitchen wrap Shea butter to put on the kitchen wrap on your face Organic henna of your choice. Make a thick paste with warm water and if you want you can add cassia powder to get a darker color. A Q-tip brush to apply the paste effectively.

 Step 1: Preparation of the paste

Since it is going to be near the eyes, make sure the paste is thick enough and it doesn’t drip. Mix it well and ensure that there are no lumps and as mentioned earlier add some cassia or amla powder to get a darker color and to make it long lasting. If you are a lover of burgundy hue, then go for indigo dye and mix it in the henna.  Step 2: Prep the eyebrows for the coloring process Use a bit of shampoo and face wash to wash your eyebrows and use the alcohol wipes to clean them completely. Apply the shea butter around the eyebrows but ensure that it doesn’t touch them.  Step 3: Application of the henna Finally the time has come to get those beautiful henna eyebrow Brisbane! With the help of a Q-tip brush start applying towards the growth of the eyebrows and with the help of circular motion, apply it well and spread it towards the base of brow hair. Repeat till you get a thick coat on the brows.  Step 4: Covering up session Use a piece of a kitchen wrap and place it gently on the eyebrows. After you have ensures that it has nicely stuck to the skin, smoothen it lightly and make sure there are no air bubbles.  Step 5: The wait begins I know how it is difficult to see those beautiful henna eyebrows Brisbane but as they say the sweet is the fruit of patience. It might take up to four hours for the henna to work its magic on your brows. The ones who opt for overnight session, it is recommended to go for several shorter session instead of one long one till they get the desired hue of henna.  Step 6: Removal process of the henna Peel off the kitchen wrap and use the warm water to wash off the henna. Pat dry and apply some shea butter or henna after care balm if you have it before you get them wet.

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Want to stand out try the trendy henna eyebrows docx  
Want to stand out try the trendy henna eyebrows docx