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Evaluation of advert questionnaire Overview of the results I had for my questionnaire.

Result charts- Timing

This is a pie chart of one of the questions about the timing of the advert. I can see that the majority of people who filled out my questionnaires thought that my advert was too long, a few people thought it was a good length and no one thought it was too short.

From the information I have learned I know that shouldn’t make the advert longer but aim to cut it down to between thirty seconds or a minute.

Results charts- Professionalism

Above are some results from the questionnaire this one is about how professional my advert looks. The results show me the majority of people did think my advert looks professional but there are 30% of people didn’t think it looked professional.

I can learn from the results that maybe I should make an effort to make it look a bit more professional however it isn’t a main concern.

Results Charts- Soundtrack

Another example of results is above about the soundtrack questions, I can see that 80% of people liked the soundtrack to my advert so I don’t need to worry about changing it when I comes to re editing because it works with my advert.

Results charts- Product

In this result chart we can see that everyone who filled out the questionnaire could clearly see what product I was advertising so I didn’t need to go back and re film more of the product.

Questionnaire feedback

This is some of the feedback I got through my questionnaire, this is really useful because I know how to improve it when it comes to re editing. One of the comments says that the soundtrack should be louder so I know that something I could work on, in the same comment it says that some of the shot should be more in focus so that is something I would have to re shoot. The acting appeared to be a problem because even though it isn’t a big deal it does make my advert look less professional.

Class feedback I received good feedback from when I showed my advert to the class some things I had to work on were improving the audio, colour correct some of the shots and just to make it shorter. When watching my advert back I thought that in my advert the combination of shots worked well. A lot of the information I got in the questionnaire I received in the class feedback however I got it in more detail, I agreed with the information I received in class room.

Questionnaire response analysis I found that the response to my questionnaire is really useful and I understand when I go back and look at my first draft. Most people responded positively to most of my questions however on the questions that didn’t helpful feedback was left and it was clear what they wanted to do when it came to re shooting and re editing. It was clear that people who viewed the advert wanted the timing to be shorter and some people wanted it to look more professional however I didn’t worry about the soundtrack, the range of shots and the narrative to the advert. With pretty much all the information I got in both the questionnaire and the class room feedback.

Questionnaire evaluation draft 2  

the second draft to the questionnaire evaluation, more added info.