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A comparative and analysesof a selection of advertisements produced for television.

Adverts usesdifferent techniques and are aimed at different audiences to sell their product to people viewing the advert on T.V. An example of a good and high budget advert is the Guinnessadvert it is extremely popular. The adverts target is aimed at males between the age of 25 and 40, the reason for this is becauseof the fact that the product they are selling is an alcoholic drink, The actors in the advert have to look older than 24 becausethey are in an advert selling alcohol. One persuasive technique the advert usesto sell the product is conformity, at the start of the ad there are three men who appear to be friends are drinking the same drink in a pub this gives us the idea that drink is social and can be drunk with friends. Another technique used is humour, this is used becauseof the fact that the advert is funny when seeing the men turn into cave men and into strange animals also popular jokes start with start with the line three men walk into a bar and this advert starts with three men in a bar. Inversion is also used as a persuasive strategy, People complained about the time it took for the beer to settle, so Guinnessgot this and turned it into there slogan “Good things come to those who wait.� Becausethe ad is high budget it is quite a long advert and usesa lot of different camera shots like there are extreme long shots used in the ad to show how the world is changing and going back in time as we see building and housesdisappear and close ups are used at the start and end of the ad to show the product. Mid shots and close ups are also used on the men to show how they were also changing and going backwards in evolution. Both non-diegetic and diegetic sounds are used in the ads, there is a song in the back of the ad throughout the trailer also there are sounds in the advert like the ice freezing and animal noises. There is no dialogue in the ad so all through the advert the only way we can tell what the men are feeling is through there facial expressions, at the start they seem happy while drinking but as the ad goeson we see that they get more confused. An advert that is completely different to the Guinnessadvert is the Cillit bang advert. One reason why it is completely different to the other ad is the budget, the Cillit bang had a very low budget and is aimed at a different audience becauseit was aimed at adults who needed to clean there place where they lived also possibly mothers becausethey are testing it out in a woman who has children home. Becauseit is tested out in a house with children could mean that maternal and paternal love is used as a persuasive technique saying that the cleaning product

should be brought so that kids grow up in clean homes. There were high angle shots in the advert when they were testing the Cillit bang on sinks and bathtubs; this is done so we can see clearly how effective the product is at cleaning. The advert starts with a close up of Barry Scott’s face and the goesto a mid shot of him speaking to a woman, the camera has done this to show they are talking, close ups are also used to show the product when being held up by Barry. At the end of the ad it shows a close up of the Cillit bang on the right of the screen with the background in shallow focus to make the product stand out more. Diegetic sound and non-diegetic sound was used in the ad there was a loud tune playing that looped all through advert. High key lighting was used so it seemslike natural daylight. Lighting was also placed so when a surface was clean it shined and sparkled. All of the colours in the house were dull and plain so when the product was shown in its bright pink bottle it really stood out, this was done so it becomeseye caching easier to remember. The screen at one point In the advert was divided up it to four sections so we could see what surfacesthe Cillit bang could clean, also some transitions were done with the screen spins out in a clock motion to show that it doesn’t take too long to work. Becausethe budget is much smaller than the Guinnessadvert there are drastic changesthat affect everything like editing, sound ect. Another example of a high budget advert is the Honda ‘hate something’ ad. The advert is aimed at Reformers becausethe ad is telling people that they should look after the planet and stop pollution and that they can do this by buying the car. Another audience this advert is aimed it is people 40 plus, people who lived through the 60s becausethe advert is like a tribute to the 60s era were people were more environmentally friendly and all for looking after the planet, also the small engine hovering through the ad is like the yellow submarine from the Beatles who were massive in the 60s, this is also an example of a persuasive strategy of nostalgia. Another use of persuasive strategy is used in the Honda advert is humour, watching the all the beaten up engines being destroyed throughout the ad by all the different animals is funny to watch and makes people remember the product and there for are more likely to buy it, also the animals destroying the engines also goes back the idea of looking after the planet. All the way through the advert it pans following the bad old engines to nice clean engines like it is telling a story and it goes from bad to good. The advert uses both diegetic and non-diegetic sounds, there is a happy joyful song playing in the background throughout the ad and the diegetic sounds are animal’s noises, there is no diegetic speaking in the ad. In the ad it is all animated and it is full of bright colours and objects to draw our

attention, the only thing in the ad that is not bright and sticks out are the old engines again going back to the idea of being Eco friendly also the ad is easy to remember becauseof the colours and the song. Another persuasive strategy used is maternal and paternal love because people don’t want there children growing up in a world full op pollution and poverty, they want the children to live in a world that they grew up in. The Cresta bear advert is also an animation like the Honda advert however there are many differences between them. The advert was aimed at children becauseof the cartoon character used that was a cool polar bear wearing sunglasses,a persuasive strategy was also used here called celebrity endorsement becausekids would want to be like the polar bear and pretend to be him as a joke. Another technique used is humour, watching the polar bear go from being chilled and relaxed to mad and crazy after drinking the Cresta is funny to watch. It is a low budget ad becauseit is 2d drawn animation. There were not too many camera shots all the way through the ad there was a long shot of the bear so we can see his whole body and how relaxed he is, there is a close up of him after he takes a sip of the drink so we can see what his facial expression is and at the end of the ad there is a close up of the drink. Diegetic and non diegetic sound is in the ad, the bear speaks at the start and also makes loads of strange sound effects when he has a drink. Nondiegetic sound is in the ad at the end when there is a voice over that talks about the different flavors also this voice is not the voice of the polar bear so the voice must be aimed at parents watching the ad. The advert is in black and white throughout the ad and there is nothing really eye catching expect the drink that is bright and colorful it is really eye catching. The only props that were used were the bears sunglasses,these wear used to make the polar bear look cooler. An example of another high budget advert is the Iceland adverts with Kerry Katona in them. The fact that it has Kerry Katona in it shows that the advert uses celebrity endorsement as a persuasive technique. The advert has three celebrities in it Kerry Katona, Colean Nolan and Jason Donovan and Kerry and Colean are both famous single mothers so the could suggest the use of maternal and paternal love as a persuasive strategy. The target audience for the ad is people S.O.CD2 and E becauseof the low price of food in the shop and also it was aimed at single mothers becausethey can relate to Kerry and Colean. Another persuasive strategy used is avarice becauseit shows nice food that looks like luxury but people don’t need it also conformity is used becauseit shows a party and people getting along really well. Diegetic

sound is all the way through becauseit has people singing all the way the advert and it was an old Christmas song so it could be nostalgia for some people. The advert usesa lot bright Christmas colours through the ad and it also usesa lot of purple becauseits a rich colour and a luxury colour so it makes the food look really good but at a cheap price. At the beginning of the advert there is a zoom out from the garden to inside the house to set the scene and to show that it is cold and snowing also the camera pans a lot to show that there is a party and there is a lot going on. The camera also goes from people’s faces to show that they are happy to a close up of the food to show that they are grabbing the food and enjoying it. Every time there was a close up of the food it also showed the price to show how cheap the prices of the food was.

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