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Audience figures for TV factual programmes Viewing figures BBC 1- Africa- 7.52 million (9) Channel 4- One born every minute- 2.96 million viewers (1) Channel 4- Super size vs. super skinny- 1.84 (11) Channel 5- Ice road truckers- 1.35 (1.60) Most of these documentaries have made it in the top ten viewing figures over this week. Even though our documentary is not similar to these ones in terms of content and production, we still know that there will be an audience for our documentary. We can see that because factual programmes like Africa gets over seven and a half million views there should definitely be people be interested in our documentary. Our documentary is different to these because we do not have the same budget and our documentary tackles a different subject to these documentaries.

Documentary viewing figures  

This is a list of documentary viewing figures in the last week.

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