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Volume 3, Issue 1

July 28, 2016

Are You Ready for LUC 2016!?!

SirsiDynix BLUEcloud Campus Update

LOUIS Members Recognized at LUC 2016

Tips for Live Tweeting at LUC

A MARC Record Cleanup Project: Removing Unwanted Spaces

Favorite Conference Presentation Award

Symphony Upgrade Around the Corner

Driving Student-centered Initiatives: Loyola University New Orleans and the University of New Orleans Pilot LOUIS’ Curriculum Driven Acquisitions (CDA) Program

Usage Statistics: the Oldest Unsolved “Problem”, an Update


Are You Ready for LUC 2016!?! by Jaime Barrilleaux, LOUIS The 2016 LOUIS Users Conference (LUC) will be held at the C. B. Pennington Jr. Conference Center at Pennington Biomedical Research Center, in Baton Rouge, on October 5-6, 2016. ing. And new to the conference this year are We are very excited about this year’s confer- two lightning talks. We also have breakout ence. We have the Vice President of Product sessions covering a wide range of topics, inManagement at OCLC as the keynote speak- cluding affordable learning, information literer in our opening session. We’re also excited acy, library systems, and more. to welcome the managing director of the Open Textbook Network as a special guest speaker for a general session. You can learn more about them on page two.

Something else that is a little different this year is a Q&A room set up so that you can have a designated space to network with the vendors attending the conference, as well as LOUIS team members. Signage will be postThe opening session will also feature an awards ceremony, where the consortium will ed indicating who is where and when they are available. You can visit for a quick chat, recognize the exceptional work of its members. See the article on page three for more ask questions about products and services, or troubleshoot issues. details! We’ll also have plenty of fun photo opportuWe’ve got an exciting line up of programs this year! We have a number of panel discus- nities, and a GoPro on the loose. We want to see your winning smiles—especially when we sions, including a general session on licensCommunicate. Cooperate. Collaborate.

Volume 3, Issue 1

roll out the red carpet for our User Appreciation Party on Wednesday.

registration will run from September 1— September 30, 2016.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to our sponsors, who help make this possible. We’d also like to thank those sponsors providing door prizes: Credo, SirsiDynix, and STATRef.

Visit the LUC 2016 Event site at luc2016 to learn more and register for the conference! We hope to see you there!

Registration is now open. Regular registration will continue through August 31, 2016. Late

LUC 2016 Keynote Speaker Mary Sauer-Games joined OCLC in September 2014 as Vice President of Product Management. She came to OCLC from the American Psychological Association, where she was Senior Director, managing PsycINFO database products and leading an organization of 70 staff. From 2002 to February 2014, she was Vice President, Product Management–Humanities, STM and Dissertations at ProQuest, a leading global information provider. Before that, from 1999 through 2002, she was Vice President, Prod-

uct Management, at the Gale Group, a major reference and education publisher of electronic databases and textbooks. She also previously held positions at Mullen Advertising, R. L. Polk and Company, and Data Resources, Inc., all in Detroit, Michigan. An active participant in publishing and information technology communities, Mary has served on boards with the National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) and CrossRef. She has also been active on a regional board of the March of Dimes. Mary holds a Master’s of Business Administration degree from University of Michigan– Dearborn and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Kalamazoo College.

LUC 2016 Special Guest Speaker Formerly the Associate University Librarian at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Sarah Cohen joined the Open Textbook Network to foster libraries’ strategic role in advancing access, discovery, and engagement with open text2

books. Sarah is the Managing Director of the Open Textbook Network and a two-time award winner of the Association of College and Research Libraries Excellence in Academic Libraries Award.

July 28, 2016

LOUIS Members Recognized at LUC 2016 by Jo Ann Palermo, LSU The Awards Committee has been hard at work over the last few months! We’ve been researching, proposing, and refining award descriptions and criteria so that LOUIS members can be recognized for all of their hard work! We came up with a total of twelve award categories (see the list below) that we think covers a wide range of activities, and recognizes all levels of service, within the library. The call for nominations will go out on August 3, 2016. Nominations will be due by August 15, 2016. The committee will then meet to review each nomination and determine the winner for each category. The winners will be notified soon after and the awards will be presented at LUC 2016. Award Categories:        

  

Best Customized System Best Outreach Program Career Achievement Discussion List Guru Favorite Learning with LOUIS Leader in Librarianship Library Guru Library of the Year Most Interesting Item Outstanding Early Career Librarian Social Media Guru

Award Committee: Jo Ann Palermo (Chair), Cynthia Blaschke, Shanna Clevenger, Sarah Dauterive, Andrea Hebert, Megan Lowe, Tasha McClain, and Marty Miller

Had an outstanding year? Let us recognize your hard work! Watch for the call!

Learning with LOUIS Upcoming Webinars:  September: Back to Basics Focus on EDS  October: Online, In Class, Engaged: Comparing and Contrasting Embedded Librarian Experiences at LSU If you have an idea for a topic, would like to contribute a tutorial, or would like to lead a webinar, email Jaime Barrilleaux at today! You can also share topics of interest with us via social media. Just tag your post with the hashtag #LearningwithLOUIS.

If you'd like to participate in future webinars, check the LOUIS Events Calendar, follow us on Facebook or Twitter and look for updates with the tag #LearningwithLOUIS, or subscribe to email notifications. The video migration is complete and all Learning with LOUIS recordings are now available on our Vimeo channel!


Volume 3, Issue 1

Tips for Live Tweeting at LUC by Lucy Rosenbloom, Loyola

conference hashtag (#louisuc16), using hashtags such as #HigherEd, #OER, Connecting on social media adds an additional #librarytech, or #critlib allows you to particiway to engage with each other at conferences. pate in ongoing conversations beyond the conAs we prepare for LUC, now is a great time to ference. create a personal Twitter account and join the conversation. Here are some tips for tweeting 4. “top” vs. “all” tweets. When you search for the conference hashtag the results that are at a conference: displayed first are the top tweets. Top tweets 1. Familiarize yourself with the Twitter are the ones that the most people have enapp. Twitter has a mobile site, but using the gaged with. If you would like to see every app makes it easier to take advantage of all of tweet that includes the hashtag, click “all the features on your phone. In addition, if you tweets” (or “live” if on a desktop computer) have another Twitter account that you manand you will see results sorted in chronological age, the app enables you to use both accounts order. on the same device. 5. Don’t want to be glued to your phone 2. Tweet quotes from the presentation. during a session? Between presentations is To make sure you are quoting the speaker’s a good time to catch up on what other atwords accurately, write it down first and then tendees have been tweeting. Quickly searchtake your time composing your tweet. It helps ing the conference hashtag gives you inforto look up the presenter’s Twitter handle bemation from the sessions you weren’t able to fore the session so you can quickly mention attend. Read through for something that grabs them (@presenter, for example) in the tweet. your attention and comment or retweet it. 3. Add another hashtag. In addition to the

Excited about LUC 2016 now!?! Tell us about it. Join the conversation! #louisuc16 Favorite Conference Presentation Award This award is a live-action award! Votes will be cast at LUC 2016 through social media and tagging. It will be awarded at the conclusion of the LUC 2016 conference. Each presenter that is participating will provide a designated hashtag for their presentation. The presentation with the most votes will be awarded Favorite Conference Presentation for LUC 2016! 4

Attendees will cast their votes by posting to either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (or all three!) with the presentation hashtag and the official conference vote hashtag (#louisuc16vote). Votes will not be counted if the hashtags are not included in the posts.

July 28, 2016

E l e c t ro n i c Re s o u rc e s U p d at e Plum Print Widget Coming to EDS EBSCO will automatically add the Plum Print Widget to customers’ EDS profile in early August. Customers must opt out by Thursday, July 28, 2016. If you are unable to opt out before the deadline, you should contact Support at any time to have the widget removed.

The widget is an artifact-level widget that helps users measure the research impact of an article. The widget provides a visual display of metrics from the following five categories: usage, captures, mentions, social media, and citations.

by ZeeZee Zamin, LOUIS

Under Consideration:  APA Style Central  Cambridge Books Online  CCH Accounting Research Manager  Statista New Mini-consortia:  R2 Digital Library

SAGE Knowledge Usage Reports

New Titles and Platform

If you have previously purchased SAGE Knowledge content, usages reports are now available through Secure Center. Historic reports, dating back to January 2014, are available via a link found at the top of the new reports page.

New titles have been added to this platform in the last quarter. Updated MARC records are now available and can be downloaded via the new platform. Log into your the Secure Center account today.

IPv6 Authentication If your institution is moving from IPv4 to IPv6 IP addresses, don’t forget to let LOUIS and your vendors know! However, most vendors are unable to configure access with a mixed bag of IP addresses, so you should wait until all of your IP addresses are in the IPv6 format.

WorldShare Collection Manager OCLC is integrating a number of cataloging services into WorldShare Collection Manager. OCLC has multiple dates scheduled for a one-hour webinar on what to expect with this integration. You can find the schedule on their website at portfolios/cataloging-and-metadata/worldshare-collection-manager/courses/data-synccollections.en.html.

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Volume 3, Issue 1

Driving Student-centered Initiatives: Loyola University New Orleans and the University of New Orleans Pilot LOUIS’ Curriculum Driven Acquisitions (CDA) Program. An interview with Laurie Phillips, Associate Dean, Loyola University New Orleans & Lindsey Reno, Acquisitions Librarian, University of New Orleans by Teri Gallaway, LOUIS As part of LOUIS’ ongoing Affordable Learning LOUISiana (ALL) initiative to reduce the cost of educational materials for students, LOUIS found that locating and licensing eBooks appropriate for library purchase was a tricky process that resulted in libraries being hesitant to utilize Board of Regents funding. Through assessment of the first round of ALL completed projects, LOUIS identified the need to improve eBook acquisitions workflows for the benefit of libraries as a priority.

at Monroe, and Louisiana State University at Alexandria. LOUIS is also hard at work at systemizing a process to find overlap between your bookstore lists and current catalog holdings. This is a means to identify items to place on reserve prior to the semester, as well as a mechanism to track how library collections support student learning. Read below about how the pilot sites were involved in the project and contact us to start your own fall implementations. Tell us a little about your involvement in the YBP curriculum driven acquisitions (CDA) project?

LP: I’ve been involved with helping LOUIS set up the technical parts so other libraries can do this seamlessly. That part is fun. Using what I know Along with our new partner, EBSCO’s Yankee Book about GOBI and cataloging and reserves and Peddler (YBP), and most notably our Regional pulling that all together. I’ve also been working Sales Manager, Joann Moore, LOUIS developed a with our faculty and the data to determine the streamlined acquisitions process for identifying, best fit for our participation in the pilot. We’re a purchasing, and delivering eBooks that are used in fairly small university so there is a lot of one-onthe classroom. Subsequently LOUIS launched a one conversation. I feel a little bit like an curriculum driven acquisitions (CDA) program to Affordable Learning evangelist! assist sites with identifying matches between their bookstore adoption lists and the world of eBooks LR: My official title is Acquisitions Librarian, but I that are available for library purchase with library- am also the Cataloging Librarian. I am a relative friendly licensing terms. Loyola University and the newcomer to cataloging, just since the retirement University of New Orleans served as pilot sites for of our Principle Cataloger in January. So, I’m implementation and assisted LOUIS with ironing responsible for oversight of purchasing and out the kinks in a workflow for navigating the cataloging of our CDA titles. I also handle the selection of eBook suppliers, comparing faculty approval of license agreements. assigned print textbook ISBNs against available Are there any aspects of the CDA setup that eBook version, directly purchasing those materials had an impact on your current acquisitions, with Regents funds on a deposit account, and cataloging, circulation or other workflows? creating custom MARC tags to make the materials LP: Not really. We were already buying e-books easy for students to retrieve in e-library and the through GOBI, so I already had a workflow for EBSCO discovery system. ordering and catalog. We have agreements with a Next steps for the project involve bringing on our lot more e-book vendors now, set up for this second round of participants including Baton program, so more choices. That means our Rouge Community College, University of Louisiana


July 28, 2016

liaisons have to be up to speed when they’re buying e-books that aren’t textbooks. I did change some of our e-book settings to allow for optimum textbook availability. LR: We hadn’t done much individual e-book purchasing up to this point, so we had to set-up new procedures and workflows for both acquisitions and cataloging. What were the most challenging aspects to get your projects completed? LP: Getting the information about textbook adoptions. I eventually had to gather it myself, but it’s actually been really helpful to do that because the information I gathered is consistent (yeah, I’m a cataloging nerd) and I’m much more familiar with our textbooks and what our faculty are doing with textbooks. The other challenge was sorting out which textbooks would offer the best ROI for this stage of the project. It took a while to get enrollments and prices straight. LR: We don’t get MARC records from YBP, so trying to design a workflow for cataloging, when there is no physical item, has been tricky. It’s easy for titles to fall through the cracks. What value will this project have to your campus? LP: It has already gotten our faculty and our deans talking about saving money for students. They are excited about the project and ready to do all they can to help. Nearly all of our students are financially challenged, so anything we can do to save money for them is a great thing. LR: We have saved our students thousands of dollars just over these last few months of the program. After attending a session at ALA annual, where presenters reported that many students have to choose between textbooks and food, and that many universities have installed campus food banks as a result, I was even more proud of our participation in this program.

How would you like to see the CDA program grow and improve? LP: I think, after we see how the pilot goes, and can show how it really works for students, I’ll be excited to be able to offer it to even more courses. We were also thrilled with the added benefit of having the textbooks run against our library catalog. We are currently replacing lost books and getting ready to put all of those books on reserve preemptively. This will save our students money and will save us a lot of hassle at the beginning of the school year. LR: As always, more funding, as well as more stable funding, would be wonderful. What advice do you have for others that are interested in participating in the CDA program? LP: Go for it! Those of us who are working on it are happy to answer questions and help you through it. LR: Work toward getting a textbook list from your campus book store. Some book stores are more cooperative than others, but it saves a huge amount of work, once you get that list. GOBI’s alternate format search allows one to search for many ISBN’s simultaneously, and makes light work out of a process that would normally be long and repetitive.

Want to get involved? Contact Teri at today!


Volume 3, Issue 1

SirsiDynix BLUEcloud Campus Update by Cathy Sicard, LOUIS

use these new products.

SirsiDynix describes BLUEcloud Campus as “a next-generation library services platform that brings all your resources and staff tools to the cloud. With powerful apps for discovery, resource management, and fulfillment, you can efficiently run your library and spend more time on what matters most: connecting your users to the materials they need.” The products in this suite that LOUIS is setting up for sites include MobileCirc, BLUEcloud Cataloging, BLUEcloud Analytics, BookMyne, Enterprise, and BLUEcloud eRM.

Other products that are part of BLUEcloud Campus, such as Enterprise discovery and BLUEcloud ERM, will be piloted by sites on a voluntary basis. These pilots will be underway in the coming weeks. We’re hoping that Enterprise will deliver the integration between the Symphony ILS and EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) that we’ve all been anxiously awaiting, such as power empowerment services and reserves functionality.

All LOUIS sites that have the SirsiDynix Symphony ILS have been setup in BLUEcloud Central (the landing page and administrative hub) with MobileCirc. The LOUIS team has been reaching out to sites to provide more information on MobileCirc. The LOUIS team and SirsiDynix are actively working to setup BLUEcloud Cataloging, BLUEcloud Analytics, and BookMyne for all interested sites. We’re looking forward to receiving feedback from these sites as they


If any of the BLUEcloud products interest your site, and you’re interested in having them made available to your library, contact the LOUIS team via Footprints to put in your request. The LOUIS Users Conference will be a great place for LOUIS users to interact and share what they’ve learned about these new products. We hope you’ll be there to share and learn!

July 28, 2016

A MARC Record Cleanup Project: Removing Unwanted Spaces by John Guillory, LOUIS Natalie Palermo (LSU Law) opened a lowpriority Footprint to remove unwanted spaces in their marc records. The LOUIS team was able to identify those tags that contained data with unwanted spaces. Here is a sample of different tags to illustrate the problem: 130: \aQuarterly National Accounts Comptes nationaux trimestriels (Online) 130: \aHistorika : e Romana (Online)

Studi di Storia Greca

245: \aThe large international firm in developing countries;|bthe petroleum industry 245: \aThe politics of Federal courts :\blower courts in the United States 245: \aAn analysis of the apprehension activities of the New York City Police Department 490: \aNew York University. Stokes Foundation. James Stokes lectureship on politics 650: \aSavings and loan associations\zUnited

States\xGovernment deposits.

guarantee of

710: \aNetherlands\tOvergangswet ruimtelijke ordening en volkshuisvesting. What was the magnitude of the problem? There were 133 1xx tags that contained spaces; 20,565 245 tags contained spaces; 495 2xx tags contained spaces; 553 4xx tags contained spaces; 395 6xx tags contained spaces; 425 7xx tags contained spaces; and 214 8xx tags contained spaces. This was a low-priority problem because in no way did the presence of spaces cause search or index errors—the spaces are ignored. But the spaces displayed in eLibrary and EDS. There was no way to identify the cause of the problem. Anecdotally, Natalie recalled that they had been there for a long time and was never worried about it because she knew it didn’t cause strange search results. LOUIS staff wrote a script that removed the spaces. If you encounter data oddities in the course of your work please don’t hesitate to open a Footprint about it. We’re happy to investigate.


Volume 3, Issue 1

Symphony Upgrade Around the Corner by Mark Witteman, LOUIS

River Parishes Community College  South Louisiana Community College Its time for the latest SirsiDynix Symphony  University of Holy Cross upgrade, which means a few new features and Monday August 1: fixes for WorkFlows are heading your way.  Baton Rouge Community College The LOUIS team is working with SirsiDynix to  Bossier Parish Community College upgrade to Symphony version on your  Delta Community College production systems. The test system upgrades  Fletcher Technical Community College were completed in early June, leaving every  Grambling State University library time to test the upgrade.  Louisiana State University  Louisiana State University at Alexandria On the day of your upgrade, Symphony will be  Louisiana State University in Shreveport down from midnight until the completion of the  LSU Center for Energy Studies upgrade. This will be our first upgrade in the  LSU Law Center SirsiDynix hosted "SaaS" (Software as a Service)  McNeese State University environment, so we are not certain how long it will  Northwestern State University of Louisiana take. Rest assured, we will strive for the briefest Tuesday August 2: possible downtime.  Delgado Community College The upgrade schedule is as follows.  Southeastern Louisiana University Friday July 29:  Southern University  Centenary College of Louisiana  Southern University at New Orleans  Louisiana State University at Eunice  Southern University at Shreveport  Louisiana Tech University  Southern University Law Center  Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium  Sowela Technical Community College  Loyola University New Orleans  University of Louisiana at Lafayette  Nicholls State University  University of Louisiana at Monroe  Northshore Technical Community College  University of New Orleans  Nunez Community College  Xavier University of Louisiana  Our Lady of the Lake College 

Symphony Features List Wizard name size modifiable The font size of toolbar text (wizard names) can now be modified using the Font Settings control under the Desktop options of the Preferences menu. The font and font size of the toolbar text is controlled by the Menu Text option. Error message during WorkFlows login Previously, most WorkFlows user would get this message during login: "Failed to update file: custom wizards. Notify your system administrator." This has been fixed.


July 28, 2016 Matching records based on indexed tag number

Consortium membership

"[M]atching records based on indexed tag numbers is significantly more accurate than it was previously. For detailed information on how SirsiDynix Symphony now matches on indexed MARC tag numbers, see the "Indexed Tag Matching" topic of the WorkFlows Online Help."

The Consortium Membership feature allows a consortium or multi-library system to replicate its structure within WorkFlows as well as control how call numbers and items are grouped together in the call number/item tree for each of its libraries. For more information about this feature, see the "Getting Started: Consortium Membership" help topic of the Inventory Item wizard wrongly updates an item's WorkFlows Online Help or the SirsiDynix Symphony Last Activity Date Consortium Membership Guide. The WorkFlows Inventory Item wizard was incorrectly Preferred ID updating the Last Activity Date. This has been fixed. A new ID, Preferred ID, has been added to the Value in "Email to Individual(s)" field being selection of user identification fields in SirsiDynix removed when saving changes to a report Symphony. SirsiDynix Symphony stores each user's If a user made a change to an existing report that was preferred ID encrypted in the database and requires scheduled to email results using the "Email to that the value be no fewer than eight (8) characters Individual(s)" option, WorkFlows would remove the and no more than 254 characters long. Libraries can value from the "Email to Individual(s)" option when the choose whatever type of value to store in this field as user saved the change to the report. long as the field contains no restricted characters (a list of the restricted characters for the preferred ID can be MobileCirc transaction statistics found in the "Privilege Tab" topic of the WorkFlows The "Statistics Log" report now generates complete Online Help). statistical information for MobileCirc transactions. For more information about the preferred ID, see the Permalinks created from a details page showing "Privilege Tab" topic of the WorkFlows Online Help. only items from the HERE library WorkFlows not displaying Print Preview window Permalinks created from a details page previously only for the Print Custom Labels report showed items from the HERE library in the resulting In SirsiDynix Symphony 3.5, WorkFlows would not web page. This has been fixed. display the Print Preview window for printing labels Shadowed Location policies displaying in dropusing the Print Custom Labels (Printlabels) report. This down lists has been fixed. Previously, shadowed Location policies were displaying in SirsiDynix e-Library drop-down lists. This has been fixed.

Renew User wizard closes unexpectedly when renewing reserve items while reserve desk is closed

SirsiDynix Symphony placing holding information in the wrong MARC tag if the expected prediction record's enumeration value is set correctly

Previously, if a user attempted to renew an item on reserve and the reserve desk was closed at the time, the Renew User wizard would close unexpectedly. This Beginning with SirsiDynix Symphony 3.4.1 Service Pack has been fixed. 5, Symphony would place holding information in the 866 MARC tag instead of the 863 tag for serial records if the expected prediction record's enumeration value did not have a space between the name label and the numeric value (for example, V.1), which is in fact the correct format for enumerations in the MARC21 standard. This has been fixed.


Volume 3, Issue 1

Usage Statistics: the Oldest Unsolved “Problem”, an Update by John Guillory, LOUIS

expected by this time in the industry that I would have as many SUSHI clients as there are simple, Over the course of my career at LOUIS I have open source word processors! And I expected to eaves-dropped on many conversations about have these clients up and running within a few collecting statistics. I can sum up those hours, or at least would know that the setup conversations this way: “collecting e-resource process was either over my head or within reach. statistics are a pain, and there’s still almost no An additional component to the application might easy solutions.” I wondered: can this still be true include a way to slice and dice the data to make in 2016? I had heard a few buzz words but really I meaningful, maybe even novel, combinations and didn’t know anything about the topic. In addition, present these combinations in graphical ways. I was asked during a visit to a LOUIS member What I found were two buggy clients and one library to logon to EBSCOAdmin and explain the large open source application, CORAL, that I statistical measures presented on the page. I soon downloaded and installed with great difficulty, to had to admit that I didn’t know what anything on discover that it required more time and attention the page meant! During an awkward pause, the to populate with vendor, contract, SUSHI librarian mentioned that she knew that EBSCO connectors, licenses and more. While CORAL was offered webinars on how to understand the the clear winner, LOUIS is no longer in the statistical measures and would contact EBSCO to business of hosting server applications. About this schedule that webinar. Given these experiences I time, I learned to my surprise that SIRSIDynix is decided to update my almost zero understanding using CORAL as the foundation of a hosted on the topic. Briefly, here’s the most important product offering called ERM, Electronic Resource things I learned and what LOUIS is currently Management. ERM is currently in pilot with LSU, investigating in this area. LSU Law, LOUIS, and other libraries around the world. More promising hosted applications include One problem is standardizing what the e-resource LibAnalytics by Springshare, and Plum Analytics statistics measure. This problem is addressed by by EBSCO. Counter, an organization working within industry to report usage in a consistent manner. This is It is no longer cost-effective to develop and host often referred to as “counter compliance.” In short solutions locally when it comes to managing eI learned that the problem of standard measures resource applications. Fortunately, gathering, is solved! You can visit their website and learn organizing, and presenting e-resource statistics more about counter reporting. has reached a mature state available in Regardless of the format of statistics, you still have to get them from the vendor site to your PC; and this presents the second, and from my experience, most difficult problem. Getting the stats manually is not complicated but it is very labor intensive. This problem is solved by vendors who have implemented the SUSHI protocol (Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative), an interface to their statistics on the vendor’s remote server. This requires, of course, a SUSHI client application that runs on your PC. I


applications that industry leaders have the resources to develop, maintain and offer as hosted solutions. LOUIS staff have been spending time learning about these products and the way they can interface with Blue Cloud Analytics to display both domains of statistics, Symphony and eresources, in meaningful ways.

July 28, 2016

COSUGI16 by Teri Mojgani, Xavier

cloud are custom made for their own kind. One day at lunch, I found myself with only public liImagine if you will, 700 adults sitting in a darkbrarians from various parts of the US and Canada. ened ballroom at 9 AM with laser pointers aimed While there are obvious differences, there were at the ceiling, testing them out. The laser pointers also striking similarities to my academic library were distributed as we entered the opening sesexperience. sion of COSUGI 16 and used throughout that session for informal surveys. Last year at COSUGI 15, The days were full – from about 8:15 to 4:15 eveit was flashing BLUEcloud bracelets. SirsiDynix ry day. With a smorgasbord of 90 sessions ofmay be the brains behind our ILSs but they sure fered, each day one was able to pile up a plate know how to have fun! AND the COSUGI board filled with information relevant to her situation. knows how to throw a good party which they did To get information about the new features in on the first evening of the conference with a Great as well as future updates, I attended a Gatsby Party. Charleston. Fun. Dress up. Good presentation, “Coming Soon to Your Symphony food. System.” I found the presentation on training, “A Self-sufficient Staff,” immediately useful. I includI’m fortunate to have a Director who believes in ed specific self-paced Symphony and ILLiad goals the value of conference attendance to impact the in the recently completed annual reviews for my institution. So, as backup systems administrator, staff. Previously, I recommended such but it was I’ve been able to attend COSUGI twice. Last year, rarely done. While I’ve mentioned only a couple most sessions were over my head. This year, I unof examples, I’m fairly certain that I’ll be able to derstood more of the geek talk and was able to apply more ably features that I already use as well attend sessions important to my daily life as a lias new techniques and information acquired at brarian, Head of Circulation Services. I was seekCOSUGI16. ing information that would not only serve me and our library in our routine duties but that would COSUGI16 was about making connections. As listretch and extend our knowledge. COSUGI pro- brarians, every day we strive to connect our livides a forum for learning from many sources brary users with the information they seek. Last SirsiDynix personnel, library staff peers, system week, I was able to connect the conference with administrators. my everyday life. I had an early morning meeting with my renovation contractor. About 12 feet up I enjoy doing my reports and discovering new on an exterior wall he needed to point something methods for ferreting out the information I need out to his crew. None of them had the lasers they for them. So I can hardly wait to try out BLUEusually work with. This librarian whipped out her cloud Analytics for connecting information and crekeys with the SirsiDynix laser pointer and saved ating even better monthly reports as well as stelthe day. Boy, were they impressed! lar annual reports to “wow” administration. That’s baby stuff for the powerful BLUEcloud Analytics I hope to be in Utah which will revolutionize the way cataloguing is next year for COSUGI17 done. Although there’s a rather steep learning and would love to see curve, eventually it will be rather useful throughmore of my colleagues out the library. there. COSUGI16 provided something for everyone. Each type of library can feel that SirsiDynix and BLUE-


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