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Cerebrum Typeface Proposal

Cerebrum - Noun - Anatomy Origin - Latin meaning for Brain Definition - The large rounded structure of the brain occupying most of the cranial cavity, divided into two cerebral hemispheres that are joined at the bottom by the corpus callosum. It controls and integrates motor, sensory, and higher mental functions, such as thought, reason, emotion, and memory. This typeface is the visualisation of a stage in our thought process where thoughts may overlap or interlink. This is represented by the crossing over of each wire in the structure. Each thought is also represented by the start and end of each wire, the origins and end of each wire then creates the form of each character and number.

By using Rodondo as a typefaces template I was able to create the holes for my type by printing out the text and tracing the forms of each letter. After some testing stages I then proceeded to wire each letter form down by using silver plated copper wire cut with scissors and a small plyer to bend each wire piece into shape.

Each letter was created using the same process and shows the same technique of threading the wire through the foam board. The manipulation of their form allows the structures of each letter to be formed and the mixture of long, bending wires and short wires illustrates the conecpt of over linking ideas and also forms the letters without using a solid letter outline.

Cerebrum Regular The regular type weight represents a more regular thought process as the wires are not too cramped together in the structure, signifying how there is normal brain function and activity of the brain.

Cerebrum Bold The bold type weight represents a more vigorious thought process where the mind is more tense and stressed. There are more wires over lapping in this weight which visualises the higher activity of the brain.

Digitalising Cerebrum will allow the type face to be used across a range of digital applications. Visualised here is a concept of how Cerebrum may look once it has been converted to digital form. Notice the interlinks of the wires and the forms of the characters have stayed recognisable through the conversion. To progress from this concept; Lower Case, Bold and Italic forms of Cerebrum could be produced to accompany this Upper Case version of the type face.

The word ‘Cerebrum’, the name of the type face, has been used as an example of how the letters would look together as a digitally typed word. ‘Cerebrum’ is a good example word as it gives a good visual indication of how different types of letters will look once they have been converted into a digitally formatted type face with correct kerning and sizing techniques. Once the digital type face is developed there would be a possiblity of progressing the type further by including ligatures between certain characters. As Cerebrum is all upper case letters the ligatures will most likely only work between similar structured letters or double letters such as ‘ae’, seen opposite, or ‘oo’.

Celebrum Typeface Proposal Louis James Knight

Cerebrum Type Proposal  
Cerebrum Type Proposal  

The background to this project was to create a new typeface based from an anonymous booklet filled out by another member of my class. From t...