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Right: Dr. Jason Anderson and Coach Jacob Spielbauer talk game strategy with the LSMSA flag football team during a timeout. LSMSA students are all smiles after winning SLAMT.

Members of the ultimate frisbee team enjoy a laugh during SLAMT competition.

LSMSA fans cheer for the Eagles from the sideline.

SLAMT TROPHY RETURNS TO NATCHITOCHES The beauty of any competition lies not in quantifiable results, but rather in its ability to push participants beyond what they may accomplish without the challenge of an adversary. This is, perhaps, never more evident than during SLAMT, the annual team sport tournament held between LSMSA and its sister schools. March 2–4 saw LSMSA students pushing themselves to their fullest on the field and the court, playing sports like ultimate frisbee, flag football, soccer, tennis, volleyball and basketball. This year’s tournament began with the arrival of the Arkansas School for Math, Science, and the Arts and the Texas Academy of Math and Science on Friday night, jumping immediately into individual tournaments in chess, billiards and pingpong, as well as a spirited pep rally led by LSMSA cheerleaders.

On Saturday morning, LSMSA began a day of dominance in the gym, where the Eagles volleyball and basketball teams combined to win five out of six contests. Meanwhile, LSMSA went an even 3–3 on Eagle Field, led by the soccer team after impressive wins over both opponents. At the same time, the tennis courts saw a hotly contested second-place finish by the Eagles who were narrowly defeated by TAMS in its only first-place finish of the day. The drama was at its highest at the end of the day, when the LSMSA boys’ basketball team battled TAMS. The game came down to the final 30 seconds, when the Eagles hit two free throws to tie the game and a lay-up to take the lead with less than five seconds remaining. The win locked the Eagles into first place, bringing the trophy home to nest for the first time in three years.

PROJECT POLIO HOSTS 5K RACE TO RAISE MONEY “It served many purposes, and because of the positive feedback

a 5K race hosted by members of Project Polio, a nonprofit that

we received, we plan to make this an annual event.”

fights polio around the world.

clinics in rural areas.

“A 5K was a great way to bring the LSMSA community to-

Members raised more than $3,000 to support international

gether and a fantastic way to raise funding for our nonprofit,” said

Vrat Joshi, a junior from Natchitoches and organizer of the event.

they will be provided to families immediately,” Joshi said.


More than 50 LSMSA students, faculty and staff participated in

“All the funds will be used to buy oral polio vaccinations, and


The Gift, Spring 2018 issue  

The Gift, Spring 2018 issue