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PARENTS HOST MATRICULATION RECEPTION DURING CONNECTIONS WEEKEND In a twist on the traditional Connections Weekend Picnic, the LSMSA Parents’ Council hosted a reception for students and their families following Matriculation Ceremony on Oct. 14. “When Matriculation Ceremony had to be rescheduled because of Hurricane Harvey, we decided to turn our Saturday picnic into a reception for the entire LSMSA community so that families could enjoy celebrating together after Matriculation,” said Patrice Moulton, Parents’ Council president. The courtyard near the HSB was filled with autumn decorations, and parents from all over the state provided bundt cakes for the more than 500 guests. Students also got to enjoy one of the newest Parents’ Council traditions, a free T-shirt to celebrate Connections Weekend.

Parents pause for a group photo while setting up for the Matriculation Reception.

Kelly Miller, mother of Emma Miller (’18), serves cake to students at the Matriculation Ceremony reception.

Song Le Jeune (’19), Marcus Shallow (’18), McKenzie Davis (’18), and Adreanna Queen (’18) enjoy the festive atmosphere in the courtyard during the reception.


Crystal Evans, Shirley Dobson, Bonnie Rutledge, Annie Mitchell, and Pam Moore enjoy lunch together at the NCPTT.

LSMSA parents provide breakfast in the teachers lounge during Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week.

Tommie Durr and Mark Judson visit with Dr. Charlie Jones during the luncheon on Friday.


The Parents’ Council sponsored its annual Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week at LSMSA in early February. Faculty and staff arrived on campus on Monday morning to find that parents spruced up the teachers’ lounge, restocked coffee and snacks, and provided breakfast. Local merchants sponsored breakfast throughout the rest of the week, and, on Thursday, students delivered gifts to faculty and staff in their offices. The highlight of the week was the Friday luncheon held at the National Center for Preservation Technology Training. Faculty and staff enjoyed an opportunity to get off LSMSA’s campus for lunch and were showered with door prizes donated by parents and local businesses.


The Gift, Spring 2018 issue  

The Gift, Spring 2018 issue