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LSMSA students enjoyed a two-day Weekend Business Academy led by two students from Harvard University.

STUDENT ENRICHMENT FUND SUPPORTS STUDENTS IN WEEKEND BUSINESS ACADEMY designed to teach high school students the essentials of business leadership, the fundamentals of business and the pathway to entrepreneurship. After attending that academy, Liu and Joshi had the opportunity to apply to become a Harvard Student Agencies intern to set up a Weekend Business Academy for those who wish to pursue business and entrepreneurship. “We believed that presenting Weekend Business Academy provided students interested in business and entrepreneurship the opportunity to not only gain business skills, but the opportunity to showcase their knowledge,” Liu said. Students received financial support through the Student Enrichment Fund to assist with tuition for the weekend event.


Twenty-three students learned how to pitch business ideas, perform market research and generate investment during the Harvard Weekend Business Academy held Nov. 4–5 at LSMSA. “I chose to attend the Weekend Business Academy to learn more about the logistics of business and learn more about Harvard Business School,” said Samantha Wright, a senior from Crowley. “The weekend focused a lot on how to construct business ideas and market analysis.” Wright added that she has always looked more toward the marketing, so she was happy to break out of her bubble and explore the entrepreneurial and analytic side. “This definitely has me feeling more prepared for college and graduate school, as I plan on pursuing a career in business,” she said. Jordan Byrd, a junior from Denham Springs, chose to attend the academy due to his interest in economics. “During the weekend activities, I learned interesting startup techniques such as using a SWOT diagram and how to make a pitch,” said Byrd. “I found this information beneficial primarily because it is similar to what I would want to do in my future.” Amy Liu, a senior from Alexandria, and Vrat Joshi, a junior from Natchitoches, both attended the Summer Business Academy at Harvard this summer. The Summer Business Academy was a week-long course

Bryson Landry (’18), Samantha Wright (’18), David Peters and Alvaro Carvajal (’18) work on a project during the Harvard Weekend Business Academy.


The Gift, Spring 2018 issue  

The Gift, Spring 2018 issue